Scully and Mulder Consider Getting a Pet

Title: Scully and Mulder Consider Getting a Pet
Author: Neoxphile
Catagory: flash fic

Summary: One day Mulder and Scully consider pet ownership

One day Mulder looked around their apartment and realized it was too clean. He knew Scully was barren, so they couldn't have a kid, but thought a pet might give the place that lived-in feel he was missing.

"Wanna get a pet?" he asked.

"What kind?" Scully asked.

"Dunno, maybe something that would match your hair. If you wanted a dog we could get a Finnish Spitz or a Irish Setter. Or we could get an orangutan."

"I'd love of those!" Scully exclaimed. "But don't they throw shit too?"

He shrugged. "I don't know. I guess we'll have to go to the zoo and find out," Mulder told her.

When they got there none of the orangutans threw any shit at anyone. They were happy, until the zookeeper refused to sell them one.

So they sat on a bench, pouting for a while, thinking that if they'd been in the syndicate they'd have been sold one. But Mulder's face brighten after a while.

"Hey Scully, wanna go watch the monkeys do it?"

She nodded yes, so they did. And it was noiser than they expected.

The End

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