The complete first season

Bump In The Night (pilot) 33kb
A Halloween party at the twins' (Reyes and Skinner) house turns tragic, and Mulder, Scully and Fowley wander the woods looking for a murderer.

The Missing (1x02) 36kb
At Reyes' suggestion the gang volunteers to work with children in an after school program. When eight of them go missing, Mulder goes over his theory about his own missing sister.

The Trouble With Turkeys(1x03) 35kb
Mulder, Scully and Doggett escape Thanksgiving preparations by taking their traditional trip to the Berkshires. Back in Capeside, Reyes, Skinner and Fowley investigate sinister frozen turkeys.

Dead Man Walking(1x04) 36kb
Mulder deals with his parents unexpected news, and a person from Fowley's past shows up unexpectedly, leading her to question her sanity.

Faded Photograph(1x05) 31kb
A picture Mulder was told of was of a cousin isn't, and it leads him and Scully on an adventure to find the truth.

The Gray in Red(1x06) 32kb
Mulder knows that Santa Claus is an alien, but can he convince Scully?

Break(1x07) 40kb
Everyone suffers during the holidays.

Aftermath(1x08) 39kb
Everyone deals with Fowley's sudden departure, and Mulder holds a dark theory about his drivers' ed teacher.

Three Strange Days(1x09) 46kb
A ski trip goes off course, and strange events make everyone wonder if they're alone in building they pick to shelter them from a blizzard.

Fever Dreams(1x10) 35kb
Doing Bessie a favor leads to Scully becoming deathly ill. Mulder and Bessie spend a lot of time with her at the hospital as they both deal with fear and regret.

Flowers and Felonies (1x11) 41kb
Valentines' plans are hard enough to deal with since Scully's still ill and Skinner's heartbroken by his breakup, but tension grows when an ex-boyfriend stalks Doggett's older sister. Will anyone have a happy holiday?

Bigfoot Birthday (1x12) 38kb
What's the perfect birthday present for an afirmed skeptic like Doggett? His very own backyard paranormal incident. At least Mulder and Reyes think so.

The Road Not Taken (1x13) 39kb
A stranger offers Mulder a glimpse of a life in which Sam was never kidnapped. But is it any better?

M.i.B. (1x14) 39kb
Frohike interviews Scully and Mulder about the 'alien Santa Claus' and includes it on the LGM's e-zine. This prompts M.i.B. agents Jay and Vee to come to Capeside with two goals: deport the alien Gremmlic for illicit activities, and to mind-wipe Mulder and Scully.

Liars' Club (1x15) 39kb
Mulder and Reyes begin to show the strain of the secrets they're each keeping to themselves, which makes Scully and Doggett suspicious and resentful, but a trip to the Zoo helps put things into perspective.

It Came From the Closet (1x16) 37kb
Scully's nephew, Alexander, is afraid of something that he claims lives in his closet. It's just a little boy's imagination.isn't it?

It's a Girl (1x17, season finale) 41kb
Mulder's new sibling is born and that's not the day's biggest surprise.

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