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Season one episodes- The complete first season consisting of seventeen episodes

Season two episodes- The current season's episodes

First time reader information- An introduction to Mulder’s Creek, which explains what these stories are about, as well as gives a key to understanding which X-files characters and Dawson’s Creek characters correspond to which Mulder’s Creek Characters.

Imaginary Characters- A description of major Mulder’s Creek exclusive characters and a listing of minor ones. Contains season one spoilers!!

About the author- self explanatory

Past polls- Check the results of past months’ polls, and vote in those still open

MC music- Lyrics to the music featured in Mulder’s Creek episodes

MC pictures- Check out what the Mulder’s Creek gang looks like, approximately

iFAQ- Infrequently asked questions

Crossover story links- Links to other pages featuring stories that crossover with either the X-files or Dawson’s Creek

Episode guide- Brief descriptions of past episodes. Season one completed, season two partially done.


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