Imaginary Characters

As you may or may not have noticed, some of the characters in Mulder's Creek don't exist in the worlds of Dawson's Creek or The X-files. I made some up, so here's a listing of them so there's no confusion. This section contains spoilers.

This list has been updated to include season two characters as well.
Significant characters: Season One

Arden Leary- Mulder's college student cousin from CA. The one person in the Leary family, besides Mulder, who admits their own vested interest in finding out what happened to baby Sam.

Reed Lane- Skinner's friend and coworker, who harbors unrequited feelings for him.

Price Willem Leary ( Formerly know as UBL)- Though their ages will be similar, Price is not a alter-ego for Lilly Leary. Lilly was a joyful sign of her parents remarriage, and Price most definitely isn’t. Besides, Lilly is Dawson’s only sibling, as Samantha is Mulder’s so…Though they’re both babies, they’re not the same character. You’ll have to trust me on this.

Significant characters: Season Two

If you're not all caught up yet, you might want to stop scrolling down now.

Zane Archer - Sam's speech therapist, who is considered drool-worthy by the young women of Capeside. But does he have a secret past that connects him to Sam?

Daden Valentine- Sam's new best friend.

Minor characters
Though some might reoccur (like the kids from 1 x 02) a bit, I'm only listing their introduction.

1 x 01
Nina and Dave Smith; Nina's ex-boyfriend

1 x 02
The Librarian; all the children

1 x 03
Mrs Gladace Smith- no relation to Nina and Dave.

1 x 08
Mr. Long

1 x 09
The old man at the cabin

1 x 11

1 x 13
Thadeus Quinn; "Stan"

1 x 14
MiB agent Vee

There are also various town folk like teachers and doctors that are so insignificant they have no names.

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