Mulder's Creek Episode Guide 2

This episode guide contains spoilers for the entire second season so far!!!!

Mulder’s Creek Episode Guide

Season two



Not Bliss


Mulder’s friends deal with the fact that until this point they didn’t really believe that Sam existed. Mulder adjusts to being an older sibling to a new baby and a sister that won’t speak. Their parents claim to have no idea where she’s been most of her life.  Mulder finally remembers exactly what happened the night Sam was kidnapped.


Moose Mayhem


Reyes turns the tables on “Flindley” in their e-mail discussions and Doggett spends quality time with his Dad and brother. Something causes animals all over Capeside to act strangely and attack people. Krycek and his prom date are two of the victims. An overheard conversation led Mulder to believe that his father’s workplace is involved, so he, Doggett and Scully investigate. Due mostly to Doggett’s help, a former Candling employee is found to be performing unethical experiments, which is what has cause the animals to go crazy. Scully ends up with one of the abused animals, a tiny Finnish Spitz puppy she names Fox.


Many Unhappy Returns


Fowley returns to Capeside from Europe, and almost immediately is on the outs with Reyes who feels that it’s her duty as a friend to reveal Spender’s betrayal. At the same time Scully and Bessie’s father escapes from jail, and the sisters have to turn him in when he returns to their home. Bessie is upset about it, and Scully is not. Mulder’s parents put more pressure on Sam to talk, and Mulder accidentally makes the situation worse while playing with baby Price.



When We Are Seven


Scully mopes, depressed that she and Bessie aren’t speaking because Bessie can’t comprehend how she could hate their father. Fowley mopes, depressed about her fights with Spender and Reyes. She and Mulder bring a fountain to a neighbor, which she is convinced is the fountain of youth. When that turns out not to be the case, Grams devises a game that lets them be seven years old again, at least for a few minutes. Fowley and Reyes begin to patch up their friendship.


Rocket’s Red Glare


Since their parents mean business, and want to keep Sam out of special ed classes in the fall, they hire a speech therapist for her. All the girls, except Sam, think that the young man, Zane, is a hottie. Fowley and Reyes’ plan to speak to Spender is foiled when they learn he’s out of town until the day after July 4th.  Skinner learns that Reed and Krycek are in a band together, and the band’s dubious name is “Beer is not a Sex Crime.”  Mulder and Scully talk about whether or not her fears of another terrorist attack are justified, and speculate about the future of their relationship.  Kresh makes a special effort to freak Doggett out, and Sam finally speaks for the first time when she and Mulder attend a fireworks display.


Grave Secrets


Fowley and Reyes confront Spender about the e-mails and stories, and he’s evasive. He finally agrees to meet him in a cave, where the girls make a horrific discovery: his body. No one can figure out how he’s been seen by hundreds of people since he’s obviously been dead since he was presumed drowned the summer before. Mulder learns from his unwitting aunt that his parents lied about not knowing in advance that Sam was coming back.




Krycek reveals that he’s arranged a gig for the band. Scully spends a hellish afternoon chaperoning a farm trip with Alex’s preschool class. Fowley meets a kind old man who is estranged from his family and being plagued by something that fits a banshee’s description. He helps her learn that not everyone she cares for will die, and that it’s never too late to fix problems in your life. Sam finally gives Mulder some details of her life up until that point, and assures him that she was not abused while being raised in a NM school amongst children who are “different.”


New Mexico


Two of Doggett’s siblings scheme to avoid an afternoon with one of their eldest sisters. Reyes begs Scully to help her help Fowley, and Scully reluctantly agrees. Mulder takes advantage of the fact that his parents are out of town, and sets off across the country with Sam, while refusing to tell her where they’re going. Back in town Beer Is Not A Sex Crime has its first show, and Reyes and Scully encourage Fowley to try to find someone who will help her get over Spender’s death.




Once in Roswell, NM, the place where Sam grew up, Mulder schemes to break into the school to gather information on what has been done to his sister, and brother. With a little help from humans and aliens who live there, he’s able to gather the files on his family as well as on Spender Morgan and Sam’s speech therapist. Back in Capeside Zane flirts with Fowley, afterwards Scully and Reyes demand details that she’s reluctant to give.


Roswell, Revelations


Yeah right. Coming soon  =)

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