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Mulder’s Creek Episode Guide

Season one

Bump in the Night

As Halloween approaches, some Capesiders are entangled in unrequited love (Scully likes Mulder who only notices Fowley) while others concern themselves with the planning of a last minute Halloween party. To complete the spookiness of a Halloween night, the gang finds themselves with a corpse on the twins’ front lawn and a possible murder suspect roaming the property.


The Missing

Reyes signs everyone up to work with little kids after school as an extra curricular activity. Fowley rejects Mulder’s advances, and Scully has a heart to heart talk with Skinner on the nature of young love. Eight of the children from the activity disappear, leading Mulder to rethink his theory about his own sister’s kidnapping.


The Trouble with Turkeys

Mulder, Scully and Doggett escape Thanksgiving preparations by taking their traditional trip to the Berkshires, where they experience the joy of car troubles. Back in Capeside Reyes, Skinner and Fowley investigate sinister frozen turkeys. The Learys announce that they’re expecting a baby in the spring.


Dead Man Walking

Mulder tries to deal with the news of his impending sibling. Fowley’s dead boyfriend shows up, whole and healthy, which makes her question her sanity. Doggett gets angry when Mulder inadvertently uses Scully in an attempt to gain Fowley’s notice.


Faded Photograph

A picture that Mulder had grown up being lead to believe was a picture of his cousin turns out not to be her. So, following a holiday concert, he and Scully take a trip on their day off to the place it was taken. There, they look for clues about Sam’s whereabouts.


The Gray in Red

Mulder tries to convince Scully that Santa Claus is not only real, but also an alien. He does succeed in getting her to join him in a Christmas Eve vigil to watch for him. They see…something. The lone Gunmen and Fowley see ghosts, and Scully kisses Mulder under the mistletoe.


Mulder meets his older cousin Arden for the first time and discovers that he finally has a familial ally in his search to discover the truth about his sister’s disappearance. Scully has a quiet Christmas at home, and Doggett has a more hectic one. Skinner and Reyes visit their mother with disastrous consequences, and a strange couple forces Fowley to leave with them.


Scully worries about the effect that Fowley’s leaving with have on Mulder and Reyes, which leads her to attempt to befriend Reyes. Reyes talks to Spender about what happened to Fowley, and what is going to happen to her in the long run. Mulder becomes convinced that his driver’s ed instructor is a murderer. Reyes starts getting e-mail from Flindley.


Three Strange Days

Mr. Leary and Mr. McPhee plan a ski trip, that everyone but Scully is eager to go on. They send the kids ahead, which results in an unexpected blizzard throwing them off course, and stranding them in an old ski lodge. Strange things happen over the three days they’re there, leading to arguments over whether the person playing the tricks is human or spirit.


Fever Dreams

Scully does Bessie a favor that leads to Scully becoming deathly ill. Mulder and Bessie spend a lot of time with her at the hospital as they both deal with fear and regret. Scully, who is sleeping most of the time, inhabits a strange dreamscape. Reyes tries to get Skinner to do something other than dwell on his recent breakup.


Flowers and Felonies

A new boy at school, Reed, who also starts to work at the Ice House, catches Skinner’s eye until Skinner decides that the boy is a jerk. Doggett’s sister deals with a stalker with her brothers’ help, and Sheriff Witter makes everyone learn how to handle guns. And Mulder makes Valentines’ day special for Scully, even though she can’t go to the dance.


Bigfoot Birthday

In attempts to surprise Doggett for his birthday, Reyes and Mulder enlist the help of the Gunmen to convince Doggett that there’s a Bigfoot in his neighborhood. Mulder and Scully get revenge on Doggett for all his insinuations that they’d make a cute couple, by letting him wonder if they are one instead of telling him they are. Skinner still can’t stand Reed, and Reyes gets increasingly disturbing reports from Flindley. Mulder gets a letter from the reporter who covered a story about Sam’s kidnapping.


The Road Not Taken

Everyone is stuck doing a grade-wide poetry assignment, and Reyes is blown off by Spender when she tries to share her concerns about Fowley’s safety. Mulder goes to the Boston Museum of Science to meet with the reporter to talk about Sam’s kidnapping, and instead ends up being shown an alternative history of his own life, a life in which Sam is never taken. Things in this reality turn out little better, and are just a different brand of misery.



Frohike interviews Scully and Mulder about the "alien Santa Claus" and includes it on their e-zine. This prompts MiB agents Jay and Vee to come to Capeside with two goals: deport the alien Gremmlic for illicit activities, and to mind-wipe Mulder and Scully. Reed makes an effort to be nicer to Skinner, Reyes worries that she’s no longer hearing from Flindley, and Mulder learns more about the four other children of Candling employees who were kidnapped around the time Sam was.


Liars’ Club

Mulder and Reyes begin to show the strain of the secrets they’re each keeping to themselves, which makes Scully and Doggett suspicious and resentful. A field trip to the zoo has assigned partners. It pairs Scully and Doggett, who, after they snipe at each other and convince Krycek to do something stupid for a girl, share their unease about their significant others; Reed and Skinner who discuss past and future relationships; and Mulder and Reyes who unburden themselves a little to each other.


It Came From the Closet

Mulder doesn’t mind that his birthday is overlooked. Alexander wakes up nightly complaining of monsters in his room. Doggett is upset when his family members repeatedly ask about his sex life and make assumptions about whether or not he’ll follow the family tradition of becoming a cop. Mulder and Reyes figure out who Spender really is, and he and Scully discover what’s in Alex’s closet. Sort of.


It’s a Girl

Mulder worries if he’ll love the baby. Skinner makes everyone hike a mountain, Reed finally meets everyone, and Krycek and Sandy who weren’t invited tag along, then get in to trouble. Doggett talks to Kresh about their dad’s expectations for his future, and why Kresh himself became a cop. With the Gunmen’s help, Reyes discovers who Flindley really is. Mulder’s brother, Price, is born, and long lost Sam is unexpectedly returned to her family.

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