Title: Mulder's Creek: 32. Possession I
Author: Neoxphile
Author Email: neoxphile@aol.com
Rated: PG
Category: C
Keywords: XF/Dawson's Creek crossover. Alternate universe.
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership to the characters, except those I've created, as they belong to Chris Carter and Kevin Williamson

Summary: Mulder and Scully reconcile just in time for the prom... and to be cajoled into being part of the prom committee.

Opening scene-

Mulder rolls his eyes when he sees what his mother has dressed Price in. He didn't even know such an outfit came in that size. A yellow slicker comes down to Price's knees and tiny red rain boots go so far up his shins that you can barely tell that he's wearing pants. Price doesn't seem impressed by the yellow hat tied to his head, and is busily whining as he tries to pull it off.

"Mom...he can't even walk yet, what does he need boots for?"

"He can stand," she replies in a reasonable tone.

"So you think that I'm going to carry him outside and stand him in a puddle?"

"Mulder, just put your coat on."

"Aww, Mom..."

"Put it on, Mulder. I want both my little boys dry and warm," she says sweetly.

He sighs and grabs his raincoat. At least his is nylon and blue, not yellow or vinyl. "For someone having a favor done, you sure are pushy," he remarks . It wasn't his idea to take his brother shopping, she'd begged him to, pleading a headache...which seems to be improving already.

"That's how moms are."

He's still frowning as they head for the car. Whoever said that April showers bring May flowers should have been smacked for their irritating enthusiasm. So far the only day it hasn't rained was his birthday.

Gale is watching from the door, so he waits until she closes it to whip the stupid hat off of Price's head.

"That's better, isn't it?" Price gives him a toothy smile, so he obviously appreciates the gesture. "I know moms and dads are supposed to know what's best for their kids..."

Mulder trails off, and faces forward in the driver's seat. Did his parents really know what was best, particularly for this little son of theirs? All at once he can imagine the arguments that he'll have with them on Price's behalf when Price is much older. The thought both saddens and scares him.

Looking over his shoulder, he says," But don't you worry, Brat. Sam and I won't let them do anything bad to you."

When Price squeals his name and claps his hands, Mulder feels better. He throws the car into drive, and they're off, away from their parents. For half a second, he wonders if this will be a pattern between them, driving away.

Theme song -"Stranded" by Plumb

Great Bay Mental Health

Wednesday Afternoon-

There's a model skull on the desk, three framed diplomas from schools that are either far away or made up, six red books, five yellow books, three green books and eleven blue books in the bookcase, a plant on the window sill, and one doctor who's staring at Fowley since she isn't really looking at him. But since he hasn't said a word to her yet, she's too nervous to look at him.

Finally, he speaks. "When your grandmother made this appointment for you, she mentioned that you were experiencing some difficulties."

"Yes. Either my dead boyfriend has been haunting me for the past four months, or I'm going crazy."

There. She's said it. She doesn't feel much better, though. That's disappointing.

"I see. Let's talk about when this happens. Is it the same every time, or does something different happen each time?"

"It's the same every time. I see him right before I go to bed."

"Ok... Can you describe your pre-bedtime routine, please?"

Fowley wants to shout at him that she doesn't see any point in this, but he's the trained professional... "I get undressed and put on my PJs. Then I go downstairs and get a glass of water and take my pill. After that I got to the bathroom, brush my teeth, wash my face, and return to my room. And he's always there, waiting." The doctor nods, so she goes on to explain how she realized that she was crazy. "At first I thought he was breaking into the house but then I realized that he's always there too quickly-"

The doctor cuts her off, seeming not to be very interested in her theory. " You said you take a pill. A pill for what?"

"Oh. To help me sleep. I stopped sleeping normally when my friend Reyes and I discovered my boyfriend's body during the summer."

"A sleeping pill?"

"Yeah. Ambien."

"How long have you been taking it?"

"Since the beginning of December."

"I see... How long do you think usually passes between the time you swallow the pill and you go into your room for the night?"

Feeling very confused, Fowley has trouble figuring that out for a minute. " Ten minutes, maybe?"

The doctor nods again, which is beginning to annoy her. "When your MD prescribed Ambien to you, did he explain to you that an usual, but not rare, side affect to that particular drug is hallucinations?"

"I think I would have remembered her saying something like that-" Fowley stops to think for a moment. "Wait, do you think that the sleeping pill is causing me to see him?"

He gives her a slightly encouraging look. "While I can't answer that question with certainty at this point, it is a place to start. Is it possible that the drug is causing you to hallucinate that you see him? Undoubtedly. However, we won't know that for certain until we try stopping the medication and see if you continue to see him or not."

"That would be wonderful... but how am I going to sleep without it? The doctor prescribed it because I wasn't sleeping more than 3 or 4 hours at a time."

"Before you leave today, I'll give you some literature on non-chemical methods of curing insomnia. Something like self-hypnosis often works, but it's not seen as efficient as medicating, so many MDs don't explore those possibilities."

"That sounds great."

It really does. For the first time in months Fowley feels like she might not be losing her mind after all, and it feels wonderful.

Hallway of Capeside high

Friday between 5th and 6th periods-

"Doggett, do you know what's coming up?"

He gives Reyes a wary glance. She's looking at him with the same look in her eyes that a cat does right before it pounces on a hapless mouse. "Am I a man or am I a mouse?" He wonders aloud, to her bafflement. Before she can ask him what he means, he asks," What?"

"The prom."

"I noticed the posters," he tells her with a slight nod of the head. She looks like she's expecting him to say more, but he doesn't to tease her.

After letting her stew in a sulky silence for almost a minute, he asks her the question she's waiting for. "So... this prom, suppose we should go?"

Though she tries to match his casual attitude, her eyes give her away. "I think we ought to. They say people who don't regret it."

"Yeah... we wouldn't want to set ourselves up for a lifetime of regret. I suppose this means that I'm going to have to wear a tux though."

"People might point and laugh if you don't."

"Since when am I afraid of pointing and laughing? Maybe I'll just not wear one to show them that I'm not afraid of a little humiliation."

"Doggett-" He can tell she wants to shout at him, but is desperately trying to hold her temper.

"But if it were you who wanted me to wear one, I might. I do care what you think."

"Please wear one."

"You've got it. Anything for you, Babe."

She raises an eyebrow. "Babe?"

"Just trying it out. I don't think it works. How about Kitten?"

"Really anything?"

Oh God, he thinks. "Um..."

"I think Mulder should ask Scully to the prom."

"What is that, 'rejection is good for the soul' or some other such trite theory?"

"We don't know that she'd say no."

"No, but there's better chance that she would than saying yes. How about you do something for me. Promise not to interfere."

"But Doggett-"

"But nothing, Kitten. Match making doesn't usually lead to anything good. Let's worry about you and I enjoying the prom, and leave everyone else to sort things out for themselves."

Reyes sighs. "I guess..."

He throws his arm around her. "That's a girl. I wonder if they make a patch."

"For what?"

"To cure people of a match making addiction."

She pushes him away, but she doesn't look too upset. "Right in the isle with the smart ass patches."

"What, and rid myself of my best feature?"

"The world would weep. And Doggett? Don't call me Kitten."

Capeside High

Last period-

Mulder notices that Krycek is sneering in his direction. Deciding that he'd rather get things over with, he asks " What?"

"Just lookin' at these signs, and thinking."

Krycek nods in the direction of the signs that Doggett and Reyes had been talking about earlier in the day.

"You were thinking? Congratulations, we all had faith in you that you'd form a thought some day."

"Funny. I was thinking about who I was going to ask to the prom, actually."

"Are you going with Sandy again? You made a nice couple last year." Mulder finds himself saying, though he has no idea how those polite words got into his brain.

"Nah. Sandy said she doesn't want to see me any more. I don't know why."

"She smartened up, apparently. Now she's only as dumb as a stick. I suppose that's an improvement over a rock, since a stick is alive."

Krycek ignores him. "I was thinking of asking Scully to go with me, actually."

Mulder's eyes widen in surprise. "Are you insane? She can't stand you! She'd never go to the prom with you."

"I don't know, Mulder, when we were in that play this winter, I think there was chemistry between her and I."

"That was a stage kiss." Mulder scoffs.

"Sure it was." Krycek laughs and walks away.

Frustration builds up in Mulder as thought about that kiss again. An unpleasant thought sobers him: does he even have the right to try to scare Krycek off?

Leary home

Saturday night-

"Mulder, that paint shop program you have, you can use it to edit pictures, right?"


"It's not supposed be good as photoshop, though." Sam frowns a little.

"I know. But photoshop costs six times as much, and mom and dad won't buy it."

"Yeah... do you think you could put your program on my computer, though?"

"I guess so. "

"Good, 'cause we're learning how to do things to pictures in my computer class, and I want to try some stuff with pictures I got off the internet."

"G-rated ones, I hope." Mulder smirks.

"Nah. I found pictures of slutty beaches and erect forests."

"Sam!" She grins at him, apparently pleased to have gotten that reaction.

Then she completely changes the subject. "How old were you when you decided that you liked Scully?"

"Scully and I are not dating," he points out.

"I know, but you used to. How old?"

"Sixteen, I think. I liked Fowley before that, though." Mulder gives her a suspicious look. "Why?"

When her cheeks pink he realizes that whatever she's hiding, it's not a plan like Reyes' constant scheming to get them back together. "I was just wondering..." Sam mumbles.

"Uh huh."

"We're too young now, but someday Daden's gonna be my boyfriend."

"Oh really?" A smile plays at the corner of his lips, because he wonders if any girls had ever thought that about him when he was thirteen.

"Yup. It's destiny. Just like you and Scully."

And look at how well that worked out, he thinks.

Main street

Sunday afternoon-

Fowley is looking into a window of a store, trying to figure out if her grandmother is in there, when a hand touches her shoulder. She leaps forward and lets out an undignified little shriek of fright, all thoughts of the pesky clerk she wants to avoid flee. When she turns around, she sees Zane standing there, trying to control his mirth.

"I don't usually have that effect on women."

"Do you usually go sneaking up behind them?"

"Only if they're really cute."

She doesn't reply, just blushes.

"I haven't seen you around much. Is it because your grandmother likes me ok? I know that can be the kiss of death." His tone is still playful, but there's a bit of hurt in his eyes.

Fowley doesn't know what to say. "I was hallucinating my dead boyfriend for a few months, and that sort of took up a lot of my time" just doesn't have a good ring to it. Instead she settles on," You're not as persistent as I'd figured. That's sort of disappointing."

"I might seem like a suave Don Juan on the outside, but on the inside I'm a mess of insecurities."

"Aren't we all?" Her tone is sardonic, so he gives her a faintly puzzled look.

"Perhaps we ought to be insecure together then." He suggests. "Safety in numbers and all."

"I'm still seventeen," she reminds him.

He gives her a pensive look, then brightens. "But I believe that your birthday is in May, and this is April."

"That's true, my birthday is the seventh."

"Excellent. I've waited since July, I can surely wait another month for your undivided attention... It would be undivided, wouldn't it?"

"Yes. But what about you, no girlfriend still?"

He leans towards her and whispers," Apparently I'm 'difficult.' No one wants to put up with me. They just don't have complementary temperaments."

"And I do?" Her smile is wry.

"Well, I'm willing to find out, anyway, if you are. I'm going to bring you a birthday present, all right?"


He gives a flamboyant bow. "Until then my lady."

She watches him go, a look of mingled happiness and amusement on her face. Grams joins her, coming out of a different store than the one that Fowley had been looking in. "You look happier than I've seen you be in a long while."

"I am happier," Fowley admits.

"Good. Want to get ice cream before we go home?"

"I'd love to Grams." But even as she's answering, something occurs to her, and she vows to address it as soon as possible. Guilt will make sure she does.

Potter Home

Tuesday late afternoon-

Bessie doesn't recognize the girl standing there when she opens the door.

"Hi...is Scully home?"

"Yup, one minute."

Scully jumps when Bessie knocks on her door. She'd been doing homework, and felt like the knock was pulling her back from miles away.

"You scared me."

"Sorry. Listen, there's someone here to see you."


"I didn't get her name. She has dark hair, though."

"Oh, okay." Scully wonders who it could be, since Bessie would obviously recognize Reyes. When she gets outside, she's not sure she wants to stay.

"I'm sorry to drop by without warning, but I really need to talk to you." Fowley says. She looks as uncomfortable as Scully feels, which is the only reason Scully decides to hear her out.

"There's a picnic table out back."

Once they're both seated, across from each other, not next to one another, Fowley's mouth quirks in a half frown. "I don't usually like to talk to people about personal things, but I think you have a right to know what's going on."

Scully stares at her, wondering what she's come to confess.

This only flusters Fowley more. "I know you know that Reyes and I found Spender's...body over the summer. What you don't know is that after that I stopped being able to sleep. Every time I closed my eyes, I had nightmares. Over and over we found his skeleton, the clothes rotting off, his skull gleaming...

"This went on for months, until the beginning of December, when Grams had enough of trying home remedies, none of which helped. She had me see my doctor, and get a prescription for sleeping pills. And they worked great, I could sleep again."

Scully nods, wondering why Fowley had put such an emphasis on the word "December." " A lot of people swear by sleeping pills."

"Yeah... The other thing that happened in December is that Spender started to haunt me." Fowley won't look at her.


"He told me to do all sorts of things, and if I didn't, he'd spend hours yelling at me, calling me names... At first I tried to ignore him, but it got to be too hard to listen to him, so I started to do the things he wanted me to do. One of those things was to break you and Mulder up." She finally looks Scully in the eye.


"I don't know. I regret it now... Eventually, the things he wanted me to do made less and less sense. So I began to wonder if maybe I wasn't being haunted, but going crazy instead."

"Are you crazy?" Scully blurts out, then is horrified by her lack of tact.

Fowley doesn't seem to mind though. "I thought so, until a few days ago. I saw a shrink, and he told me that I'm not being haunted, or going crazy. One of the side effects of the sleeping pills I was taking is hallucinations, but only a tiny number of people have them. I was one of the lucky few."

"You were only imagining you saw Spender, then?"

"Yup. I haven't taken the sleeping pills in a week, and he hasn't come back. The nightmares are gone now too."

"Well, that's good, but why did you need to tell me this?" Scully asks.

"Don't you see? Mulder wasn't lying to you. He really didn't do anything to get me to kiss him. It was all me...I thought Spender wanted me to break the two of you up. If you need proof I can get the shrink to write you a letter about the hallucinations."

"No, that's ok. I believe you."

"I feel so bad, Scully. You two were such a good couple, and I ruined everything." To Scully's horror, she sees that Fowley's eyes are brimming with tears. "It's all my fault. I wish you would talk to him, because I can't stand to see you both suffering apart."

"Who says we're suffering?" Scully counters.

"Everyone. Neither of you so much have looked at anyone else the past four or five months, doesn't that tell you something? You can't move on, because you're not supposed to. You belong together."

"Maybe we would have broken up anyway."

"Maybe," Fowley agrees. "But I didn't give you the chance to find out."

"Does Mulder know that you're talking to me?"

"Like he would believe we'd talk without killing each other."

She has a point, Scully decides. "Thanks. It was brave of you to tell me all of this."

"Will you talk to Mulder then?" Fowley looks hopeful.

"I'll certainly think about it." Scully finds herself promising.

"Good. Like I said, I'm really sorry about this."

For once Scully thinks that the other girl is being sincere. It surprises her a little.

The Icehouse

Thursday Dinner-

Skinner is looking for a case of paper napkins in the store room, when he feels a tap on his shoulder. Glancing up, he sees that it's Reed.

"I didn't think you were scheduled for today."

"I'm not. I sort of wanted to talk to you."

"Oh? What about?"

"How political are you feeling?"

Reed looks slightly bashful, so that confuses Skinner. He has no clue what's going on. "It depends on the issue."

Reed looks even more flustered. "I was thinking that we ought to go to the prom. Together."

"To make a statement?" Skinner asks, raising an eyebrow. Reed squirms.

"That's part of it... the rest is because, well, I think that you might feel differently about me than you did when we first met."

"True. When I first met you, I thought you were a stuck-up pain in the butt. Now I know you were just shy."


"Oh." Skinner can't resist making Reed suffer for a moment longer, so he lets a pregnant pause build up before replying."I'd love to go to the prom with you."

"Great." Reed looks thrilled and shy both. "That's um, great."

"You know, though, you were right earlier. This is going to be seen as a 'statement'," Skinner warns.

Reed shrugs. "Let them think whatever they want. It's worth it."

When Skinner goes on break a little while later, he uses the phone to call home. "Hey Dad, is Reyes around? Ok thanks. Talk to you when I get home." He waits while Mr. Mcphee hands off the phone. "Hey sis, do I have news for you...Reed asked me to the prom...Yes really... Of course I said yes...Oh God, do I have to? Can't Scully be a fashion consultant for you?...Ah, yeah, I know what you mean. Ok, I will, but you can only go to three stores, then I'm picking out a tux and going home...take it or leave it. I've got to go, we'll talk at after I get home. Knowing you we'll talk for hours...You can't get mad at me for telling the truth!"

After Reyes makes an explanation about tact and hangs up on him, he uses the rest of his break to think about the prom.

It makes me sad to think
This could all be for nothing
I wish there was a way
For you to see inside me
I've never felt this way
About anyone or anything
Tell me

Standing alone against the wall, Mulder watches. Scully is wearing a slinky black dress and her hair is French braided with matching ribbons woven in. Her head is grown back and she's laughing at something. Krycek's arms are around her, holding her close.

Mulder grimaces as Krycek's hands wander towards Scully's butt. Krycek catches his eye and smears at him. He wishes of the floor were open up and swallow him. He never should've let Doggett and Reyes talking to coming. He doesn't along here, among the happy couples, and he knows it.

Scully finally notices him and smiles for a split second- just before kissing Krycek.

One word fills Mulder's mind as the kiss deepens. "Noooo..."

There's the tremor, and the floor in front of him begins to ripple. He's not sure if he ought to be glad that his wish is coming true, or frightened out of his mind. At first it seems like he's the only one who notices what's going on, but then there's a person reaching out to him. It's gotten dusty, and he can't tell who it is. Apparently doesn't matter, because the person grabs the shoulder and-

"Hey Mulder, wake up."

Before he opens his eyes, an unpleasant smell fills Mulder's nose. Dead fish.


"Have you not then sleeping at night or something? It's not like you to fall asleep on the way back from fishing."

That is it. He and Doggett are driving home from fishing. It's the first time they've gone in a while, and it has been fun.

"Yeah, and federal a rough few nights." Mulder gives Doggett a sidelong glance. "Do you think Scully would go to the prom with Krycek?"

Doggett snorts." Maybe after a lobotomy. Why do you ask?"

Mulder waves hand. "That's what my dream was about."

"Sounds more like a nightmare."

"Uh huh."

Besides the floor opening part, a dream had had an unpleasant realistic quality to it. But Doggett was right, there's no way that Scully would go to the prom with Krycek

Leary home

Thursday 10: 30pm-

"Mulder! Come downstairs!"

Mulder gives a puzzled frown. His father sounds annoyed, and he can't think of anything that he's done wrong today to make him upset. He turns off the tv and rushes down.

When he reaches the bottom of the stairs, Mitch is waiting with a stern look. " Visitors this time of night are not acceptable, Mulder. Please keep it brief."

"Visitors? What visitors?"

His father moves aside, and he sees Scully standing in the doorway. "Keep it brief." Mitch mutters, stomping up the stairs.

Scully looks apologetic. "I'm sorry to get you in trouble."

"It's ok," Mulder says, holding the door open so she can come in. "Um... is there something wrong?"


"Then, um..."

"I've been thinking about something for days, and I just couldn't stand it a second longer, so here I am. Bessie will probably kill me for being out this late on a school night, but I can't take it any more."

Mulder gives her a stricken look. This is when she tells me that she's going to the prom with Krycek, he thinks.

"Have you talked to Fowley this week?"

"We're in the same Art class, so I kind of have to. I mean, you can't share materials without occasionally asking for something."

Scully shakes her head. "That's not what I mean. Have you talked to her?"

"I don't think so. Not about anything important." Mulder looks puzzled.

"She told me what happened. In December." Mulder almost asks her what Fowley's version of the events is, but Scully continues to speak. "She told me that it wasn't anything you did. It wasn't your fault."

"Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that you finally believe it's not my fault, but why do you believe her? I told you it wasn't anything I'd done, and you didn't believe me."

"Because she didn't have anything to gain by lying to me. Because she told me that her doctor finally figured out that she was seeing Spender because a drug she'd been prescribed was making her see Spender."

"What? She saw Spender? Was he the one who told her to break us up?"

Scully nods. "She's sorry. God, Mulder, I don't think I've ever seen anyone who looked more sorry. So I guess we really can't blame her for what happened."

"Yeah, well..."

"Will you go to the prom with me?"

It takes a couple of seconds for his brain to process the question. "You want to go to prom?"

"This has been a stupid waste of four perfectly good months, Mulder. We shouldn't let a problem that we can't really blame anyone for steal any more time from us."

"Are you... do you just want to go to the prom, or are you talking about getting back together?" He stammers. "Not that prom isn't good-"

Instead of answering him, Scully stands on her toes and kisses him softly on the mouth. "Both, if you want to."

"I think I'd like to give it a shot." His voice is husky.

He's just about to draw her closer when they hear a squeal behind them. Whipping their heads back, they see Sam crouched on the stairs. "I told you it was destiny!" She giggles, then flees to her room.

Mulder rolls his eyes. "You heard that, it's destiny."

"She's quite a kid," Scully tells him with a smirk.

"Hey! Don't talk about your future sister-in-law that way!"

"Oh, not only are we going to the prom and dating again, we're going to get married too?" she asks archly.

"If you play your cards right."

"Good-night, Mulder." She kisses his cheek. "Thank you."

Mulder can barely sleep that night, because he keeps remembering what happened, half afraid that it's all going to be a dream when he wakes up. But he is awake.

Capeside High

Friday Lunch-

"Guess what," Scully says to Doggett, Reyes, Reed and Skinner at lunch. "Mulder and I are going to the prom."

Mulder says nothing, but turns a little pink since everyone has turned to look at him. Sensing that they're expecting an acknowledgment of some sort from him, he nods.

"This is so great!" Reyes says excitedly. "You know what this means, right?"

"We're all going to be wearing uncomfortable clothes," Mulder suggests.

"No, Mulder. We're all going to be wearing uncomfortable clothes together." Doggett corrects them.

"But they'll be pretty. Even if they are uncomfortable," Scully objects.

"I hate you all," Reyes complains. "What this means is that you all can be on prom committee with me."

"Un uh."

"No way."

"I don't know..."

Reyes puts her hands on her hips. "You're not thinking things through. Reed, Skinner, if you're on prom committee, it'll mean that no one can keep you from going to the prom. Scully, you'll have one more thing to put on your college activity under extra curricular activities." She then turns to look at Mulder and Doggett, both of who are smirking." And you two, do you know what one of the biggest responsiblies of the prom committee is?"

"Does it involve balloons?" Mulder asks.

"Naw, I bet we get to pick out which of the pretty glasses people get to keep afterwards. I vote for mugs, for the record. Manly mugs." Doggett declares.

Reyes looks unfazed. "The prom committee must visit the various locations they think might make a good location for the prom. During the last two periods of the school day."

"I'm in."

"Sign me up."

"I know quite a few places that might work."

Radford Castle

Tuesday after 5th period-

The building doesn't look much like a place to hold a prom. The paint is pealing, the sign is hanging crookedly from its posts, and the parking lot looks rather desolate.

"Nice taste your grandma's friend's got." Skinner teases Reed, who looks aghast.

"It might not be so bad," Reyes says, but they can all tell she's trying to be positive.

"I'm sure if we le-" Mulder trails off suddenly as a woman rushes out and approaches the car. At first he wonders if maybe it's not the right place after all, and she thinks that they're trespassing, but there's a smile on her face.

Doggett rolls down a window, and she peers in at them. "You must be the prom committee, come inside, please."

They follow her down the flagstone path, and she keeps up a steady stream of chatter. "This is so exciting, and you've caught us at just the right time too. We're remodeling." She seems to notice that Scully and Reed have just exchanged looks of disbelief. "The inside is done, but the outside is going to be done soon, now that we've got good weather. That's the problem, you see, you can't do out-doors remodeling in the winter. Long winter, don't you think..."

The inside looks vastly different than the outside. "It's beautiful."

"Thanks you, dear. We've been struggling to make it look exactly like it did three hundred years ago." The woman's voice holds a note of pride.

"Three hundred years ago?" Skinner sounds surprised. "I didn't know there were still any buildings that old in existence in this part of the country."

"This building used to be the home of a rather infamous baron who moved here from England right at the beginning of the seventeenth century. The tales they told about that man..." She shook her head.

"Tales like what?" Mulder asks a little too eagerly.

"No, I don't think it would be right to go about repeating nonsense."

"Yeah..." Skinner looks around the room. "I think I'd like to take some pictures, if you don't mind."

"By all means."

"Reed, come with me, I forgot the camera in the car."

"Now, would the rest of you like to see the dance floor?" she asks.

When she leads them to it, they look awed. "This is great," Reyes tells her.

"Why don't you try it out?" She invites.

The four of them walk on to the dance floor, and they all notice that something feels a little odd. Shrugging it off, they begin to dance. Doggett with Scully. Mulder with Reyes.


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