Title: Mulder's Creek: 25. New Mexico
Author: Neoxphile
Author Email: neoxphile@aol.com
Rated: PG
Category: C
Keywords: XF/Dawson's Creek crossover. Alternate universe.
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership to the characters, except those I've created, as they belong to Chris Carter and Kevin Williamson

Summary: Reed and Krycek's band, Beer Is Not A Sex Crime, has its first gig, but Mulder misses it when he takes his sister back to New Mexico.

Opening scene-

Price lays sprawled on his stomach on Mulder's bed. He lifts his head up so he can watch his older brother, who is putting something on his desk. Mulder notices this and turns to the baby with a smile.

"Hey, you're getting good at that." Price doesn't respond with words, of course, but does look at Mulder. "I bet you'll be sitting up on your own in no time, then walking a few months later. I guess I'll have to put a lot of my stuff up on the shelves when you're mobile. "Price demonstrates one of his other new skills, and grants Mulder a toothless smile.

Mulder kneels down by the bed in Price's line of sight, and continues to talk to him. "Mom says you're too little to understand what I say, but I know you're a little genius." He's rewarded with another baby smile. "Sam's a genius, and I'm a genius, so you must be one too, right? The genes run in the family." Price gurgles with what Mulder considers to be assent. "See? I knew you understand what I've been telling you. "

Mulder traces the pattern on the back of the baby's sleeper. "So...do you like trains, or what? Sure, the engine matches the blue of your eyes, but doesn't it get old having no say in what you wear? Mom dresses you in things with trains and cars on them all the time, but maybe you'd like blocks better." Price gurgles again. "You have a silly brother, don't you, Price? Oh yes you do!" Mulder says, scooping Price up and wondering how long it will be before his brother starts to laugh. He just hopes that a biting sense of humor doesn't come along with the genes for intelligence, since it'd be nice to have someone who isn't sarcastic in his life.

Theme song -"Stranded" by Plumb

Sunday, 10am, Witter home-

The door to Doggett's room opens slowly. Doggett, who is half awake, curls more tightly into a ball and is glad that he's facing the wall.


A hand pokes his shoulder.

Doggett squeezes his eyes even more tightly closed.


Someone sits on the foot of his bed and bounces.

Doggett breathes deeply and evenly, and doesn't open his eyes.

"Doggett." One hand grabs his foot and another begins tickling it.

"Ahhhh!" Doggett sits up with a shocked look on his face.

Gretchen gives him a sweet smile. "Does pretending to sleep actually fool Mom and Dad?"

"Every weekend," Doggett moans. "What do you want?"

"If you'll look at your clock, you'll see that it's so late that most people have already joined humanity."

"So?" Doggett grumbles. "I like sleeping."

"So I thought that today would be a good day to go fishing. I'm only going to be home for a few more weeks and- "

"Save the guilt trip. I'll go with you," Doggett says, heaving himself out of bed.

"Oh good. See you downstairs," Gretchen says, bounding out of the room.

Doggett shakes his head and rubs his eyes. He then grabs for a pair of khaki shorts and a dark blue t-shirt. Five minutes later he's a presentable as he has the energy to be.

Once he's in the living room, he notices that Kersh is home and whistling a happy tune. "Hey, Kersh, do you have today off?" he asks.

"As a matter of fact I do."

"How are you going to spend a hard-earned day off?" he asks without a trace of sarcasm, since he really does think his brother is over-worked.

"I'm going fishing," Kersh says with a grin.

"Hey that's funny, because-" Doggett stops when Gretchen walks into the room.

Kersh holds up his car keys and lets them jangle. "Everyone ready to go?"

Doggett follows his older siblings with a confused look on his face, still trying to figure out what he'd gotten himself into.

Noon, Leary home-

While the parents aren't watching, Sam flicks part of her egg salad sandwich across the table at Mulder. He grimaces and is about to retaliate when he notices that his father is looking at him. He guiltily lets his hand drop back to the side of his plate.

Mrs. Leary smiles at them both, which makes Mulder nervous. Mr. Leary clears his throat and says, "We have something we wanted to talk to you both about."

Mulder braces himself. Well, he thinks, it can't be that they're having another baby since Price is only three months old, and we're not having turkey dinner with friends. If Sam has any suspicions, she keeps them to herself.

Mrs. Leary says, "I've been offered a job covering a huge arts festival for two weeks. The station is doing an exclusive on it, and it's supposed to be a fairly big deal. "

"That sounds great, Mom," Mulder says, wonder why his mother's reporting counted as news. At least of a family variety, anyway.

"It's in New York, and your Dad is coming with me," she concludes.


"Your Aunt Gwen has agreed to take Price while we're gone, so you won't have to worry about him. Mulder, do you think you could handle taking care of the house with your sister," Mulder thinks it's nice that he said 'with' instead of 'and' as not to wound Sam's nearly teenage dignity. "While we're gone?" Mr. Leary asks.

"I think I can handle it. Sam will be a big help, right?" Mulder asks, and Sam nods.

"I'm glad to hear that," Mrs. Leary says. " We'll leave money for food and such of course."

"Ok," Mulder replies.

"Did I tell you we're leaving tomorrow?" Mrs. Leary asks. Mulder just shakes his head with a surprised look on his face.

12:30pm, The Weathervane-

The waitress smiles as she places the plates on the table. Doggett gives his food a quizzical look. "I don't get it."

"We're having lunch," Kersh helpfully explains.

"I understand that," Doggett snaps, glaring at Kersh. "What I don't understand is why Gretchen asked me to go fishing if we were only going to lunch."

"There are fish here," Gretchen says, gesturing with her hand. "On our plates, even."

Doggett sighs in defeat. "You just cooked this up between you to drive me crazy," he says mournfully.

"Too late," Kersh shoots back gleefully.

"We're not trying to drive you crazy, Doggett. We're saving you!" Gretchen exclaims.

"From what?" Doggett plaintively asks.

"From a fate worse than death," Kersh intones. Gretchen swats at him.

"Kerry is on vacation. She called mom this morning and threatened to bring the kids over for lunch," Gretchen explains.

Doggett shudders. "Thank you for sparing me from putting up with Sis and the no-neck monsters. But why?" he asks, looking at his brother.

Kersh gives him a friendly cuff on the shoulder. "Even I like you too much to allow you to be subjected to that."

"Thanks. I think. What was the cover story?" Doggett asks.

"You and I promised last week that we'd go with Kersh today to keep him company while he fished. We're sorry, but we can't break a promise."

"Won't the lack of fish tip her off? I suppose we could bring home the leftovers, but the breading will probably give us away."

"The fishing gear is in the trunk. We'll go after lunch," Kersh says.

"The deviousness of this whole afternoon is a little scary," Doggett says in awe.

Gretchen pats his hand. "We expect great things from you in the future too." Doggett grins at his older siblings.

Monday11am, Leary home-

" ...make sure you lock both doors if neither of you is going to be in the house, don't let your sister stay up past midnight, and double check that the stove is off when you're done with it," Mrs. Leary says, then pauses for breath for the first time in fifteen minutes.

If I let Sam stay up past midnight will she turn into a gremlin? Mulder wonders, but doesn't ask. "Mom, when have you known me to use the stove? We'll stick to using the microwave only. And we'll be safer for it," Mulder assures her.

She nods, but Mulder worries that she might cry again when she turns her shiny eyes towards Sam. She had already burst into tears once that morning, right after Gwen left the house with baby Price on her shoulder.

At first Mulder had figured that Price would be the only one of them that would be hard for her to leave for two weeks, since he was just an infant and most mothers found it hard to leave their new babies. But then he realized that though Sam was quite a big girl, their mother hadn't had her much longer. He represses his sigh as his mother gathers his sister into her arms, and worries about how she'll take it in two years when he's off to college for the first time.

"You be a good girl and mind your brother, ok?"

"Ok," Sam says. She'd added a few words to what she was willing to say, much to the delight of their parents.

"I'm so sorry that I'm not going to be here for your birthday. I tried to get them to let me leave for the day, but it's just not possible. Daddy and I will have to make a big deal of it when we get back," she says in a sad tone, making Mulder feel bad for her since she looks so heart-brokenly guilty.

"Don't worry, Mom, I've got something in mind to make her birthday special while you're gone," Mulder says, trying to cheer them both up.

"That's sweet of you Mulder."

After a few more lectures and hugs, their parents leave Mulder and Sam standing at the window waving.

"You were just saying that to make Mom feel better, right?" Sam asks.

"Of course not. I'm not going to let your first birthday go by without being a memorable one," Mulder says with a grin.

"It's not my first birthday, I'm going to be thirteen, after all." Sam objects.

"Ok, first one with us, then," Mulder corrects himself. "I've actually got to go do something related to it right now, so try not to destroy the house, ok?"

"Ha." Sam flops onto the couch and gives him a sour look.

Tuesday Capeside town beach, 4pm-

Scully lets her ankle trail back and forth in the water as she props herself up with her arms behind her on the dock. Reyes, on the other hand, is sitting up straight so her legs are in the water up to her knees. They'd swam most of the afternoon and are too tired to swim any longer, but too hot to leave the water entirely.

"We seem to be doing this a lot lately." Scully remarks, turning her head slowly to look at Reyes. Her sunglasses slip on her nose, so she makes a quick grab for them.

"It's summer, it's what we crazy kids do." Reyes' sunglasses stay firmly on. "You should put on more sunscreen, you're starting to burn."

Scully sighs and grabs the bottle up off of the dock. "They claim this crap is waterproof. I should sue."

"Hey why not, it's probably make a good school project for the fall," Reyes agrees. "I've been meaning to talk to you about something, but I don't think you'll like it..."

"So it has something to do with Fowley?" Scully asks with a tilt of her head.

If Reyes wasn't wearing sunglasses, Scully would be able to see her blink in surprise. "Wow, you're good."

Scully shrugs. "Nah. Barring you shockingly confessing that you have designs on my boyfriend, I can't think of anything else you'd ever bring up that I'd object to."

"Do you still hate her?"

"I never hated her! It was just... extreme dislike," Scully says defensively.

Behind her shades Reyes rolls her eyes. "Ok, whatever. Do you still dislike her to great extremes?"

"No, I no longer have any reason to. To be perfectly honest, I haven't given her a lot of thought since she came back. I do feel bad about what happened with Spender, though. She must be lonely."

"Exactly!" Reyes exclaims.

"Exactly what?" Scully asks, sounding bewildered.

"Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. Anyway, what I really want is to enlist your help on a project."

"Which is...?"

"Helping Fowley get over Spender. There are a lot of nice single guys, we've just got to help her find one that'll take her mind off of her grieving. "

"I don't know...people don't usually like it when others decide to meddle with their personal lives-"

"Meddle? You're saying I meddle?" Reyes sputters.

Scully ignores her interruption. "-and it takes a long time to get over the death of someone you love. You must know that from experience." Scully adds, thinking of Reyes' older brother, Tim.

"I'm not saying that we're going to set her up on a blind date or anything, but find a likely guy and give her a nudge in the right direction. It can't hurt, right?"

"It can't hurt as long as you promise me that you'll back off if she gets upset with us. I don't think having her pissed off at me would be a step in the right direction if I ever want her and Ito be able to be on friendly terms," Scully says firmly.

"Oh sure, if she tells us to butt out we do immediately, no arguing," Reyes readily agrees.

"All right. If I think of anyone who might be a good match for her, I'll let you know," Scully reluctantly tells her.

"Great! What do you say to asking her to come with us to the mall tonight?"

"Don't push it." Scully growls, then shrieks when a Reyes splashes water at her with one foot.

Thursday 8pm, Leary home-

Mulder pushes "send" then closes out the web browser once the confirmed page pops up. He walks out of his room and listens at the top of the stairs, checking to see if Sam is still playing a video game. When he decides that she is, he goes back into his room.

His closet is neater than usual, so he's able to find what he wants rather quickly. Only one thing falls on him as he wrestles the oversized backpack out of the closet. He'd gotten the bag for Christmas his Freshman year, to use on overnight school skiing trips. It had been hanging in his closet since they got back from their aborted ski trip in January. While he isn't planning to use it for skiing, of course, it's very roomy, which is what he needs

He hunts through his dresser for several days' worth of socks, underwear, t-shirts and shorts, and throws them into the bag. He adds a pair of jeans and a hoodie for good measure, just in case things get cooler than he anticipates. Once he'd put his stuff in the bag he checks again on what Sam is doing before carrying the backpack into her room.

He throws in a similar selection of clothes into the backpack for her, and looks around the room for the book she's reading and the stuffed bear she won't admit that she'd been sleeping with for the past three months. Since there is still room he adds a couple of more books for each of them and the book-lights that their parents have recently given them.

Right before he goes down stairs he remembers that he needs something from the attic, so he puts in a huge effort to go up the quietly and quickly. Once he's got what he needs he buries it under his own clothes.

Sam looks up him with interest when she sees the backpack. "Nice bag, Mulder. Going camping?"

Mulder shakes his head. "Remember that I said I wanted to do something special for your birthday?"

"Yeah, but it's not for days yet," Sam objects.

Mulder adjusts the backpack before saying, "I know, but we need to go right now for the surprise."

Sam gives him a suspicious look. "You're not going to tell me anything, are you?"

"Nope. Check to make sure the back door is locked and the stove is off, ok?"

"But we haven't used the back door or the stove," Sam objects.

"I know, but we promised Mom," Mulder tells her with a beatific smile.

Sam sighs deeply and turns off her game. Mulder pats his pocket to make sure that the note he wrote is in it, and grabs his cell phone.

When Sam comes back she gives him pleading eyes. "Will you at least give me a hint about where we're going?"

"First we're going to Scully's house to drop off a note," Mulder tells her. "Hopefully without getting caught by her and Bessie while we do it."

"And then?"

"And then the adventure begins," Mulder tells her with a grin, which she does not return.

8:30 pm , somewhere near Scully's house-

Mulder is able to tape the note to Scully's door without arousing anyone's notice. He'd been afraid that Fox might have heard and started barking, but the puppy had been quiet. As he walks away he wonders if four-month-old puppies sleep as much as three-month-old infants.

Sam trails after him as he walks along the road. "Mulder, what are we doing? It's dark out, why are we walking? I don't like walking in the dark." She shivers despite the warmth of the night air.

Mulder gives her shoulder a reassuring pat. "We won't be walking much farther, don't worry."

"Don't worry. Easy for you to say since you actually know what's going on," Sam snaps.

Five minutes later a large well-lit building comes into sight. It's surrounded by a huge parking lot that is flanked by sternly worded signs that forbid parking. Sam shakes her head and is even less thrilled when she figures out where it is that they've walked to.

Mulder, ignoring the frown on his sister's face, strides up to the counter and speaks politely to the bored looking woman. "Two tickets to Manchester, New Hampshire please."

"That'll be twenty-five fifty," she responds, sounding as bored as she looks. Mulder slides the money over the counter, and is handed two white and orange tickets. "The bus leaves in twenty minutes, boarding begins in five."

"Thanks," Mulder tells her, going back to Sam.

"What's in Manchester, Mulder?" Sam asks, taking her ticket.

Mulder is surprised that she isn't argumentative about it. He begins to sense that below her irritation she's actually curious about what he has in mind, maybe even a little excited. "Truthfully? Not a whole lot, which is sort of sad since it's one of the state's largest cities. It's a starting point, though."

"Ok, whatever." Sam sighs and takes her ticket from him.

Mulder shrugs off the bag, and pulls the book-lights and their books from it before closing the bag up again. By the time the bag is back on his shoulder a man in a blue uniform opens the door to the bus saying "Capeside Massachusetts to Manchester, New Hampshire. Please leave bags on the sidewalk for storage before boarding the bus."

Mulder herds Sam in front of him, and they have their choice of seats since there are only three other people waiting to get on the bus. "Do you want the window, Sam?" Mulder asks her.

Sam gives him a suspicious look. "You want me to sit by the window so you can protect me from strangers?" The look on his face suggests that the thought did occur to him, but it doesn't linger.

"I thought you might prefer it. Sue me for trying to be nice," Mulder says with a pout.

"Thanks," Sam says, plunking herself down on the window seat and taking her book from him. Mulder sits next to her and opens his own book.

The bus is full fifteen minutes later, and pulls away from the bus station.

12am, Manchester, NH-

Mulder wakes Sam up, and he coaxes her off the bus and into another building. She's bleary-eyed but walks without stumbling. Mulder himself is wide awake, and her realization of that doesn't do much to improve her mood. Mulder tells her that she can take a seat, which she collapses into gratefully. She yawns and only half hears the conversation Mulder has at the counter.

"Hi, I ordered tickets online. Here's my confirmation code," he tells the man, sliding a piece of paper across the counter towards him.

"Thanks, this makes it easier on me," the man remarks, before turning to type at his computer. A moment later a set of tickets are printed out. "Here you go. Your flight leaves in one hour."

"Thanks a lot, sir," Mulder says while scooping up the tickets.

"We're in an airport," Sam accuses him.

"Yes, I know."

"We live an hour from an airport. Why did we take a bus to an airport three hours from home?"

"Because the airline we're taking doesn't fly out of Boston, it flies out of Manchester. If we got a flight out of Boston it would have cost nine hundred dollars, which I can't afford. Coming up here to take this flight costs two hundred and fifty," Mulder explains.

"Ok, yeah, nine hundred is a lot of money. But where did you get two-hundred and fifty dollars?"

"You know how I go to the video store and help people? They pay me for that for some reason."

Sam punches him in the shoulder. "You are such a jerk."

"People keep telling me that," Mulder tells her with a wry smile.

"Are you going to tell me where we're going yet?"

"Nah, I think I'll let you figure it out on your own. Do you want something from Dunkin Donuts? I'm having a coffee and a couple of donuts."

Sam is about to wave off the offer when her stomach growls. "Yes. Two donuts, one blueberry and one honey dip, and chocolate milk please."

"Ok, I'll be right back."

By the time Mulder gets back she's already asleep again. He feels bad waking her, but decides that she can sleep during the flight. "Wakeup, Sam."

She wakes up and takes her food. "Thanks." She nearly does sound thankful.

Forty-five minutes later they're sitting in the plane. Mulder has defeated her best efforts to discover where they're going, because he wouldn't let her have her ticket, and covered her eyes when she tried to read the terminal screens.

As they're buckling their seatbelts the captain makes an announcement. "...thank you for flying Southwestern flight 208 from Manchester, New Hampshire to New Mexico."

Sam turns to Mulder with wide eyes. "This is your idea of a good birthday present?"

"Yup. This might be the only chance to give you something that matters: The truth."

"I hope you know what you're doing, Mulder." Sam sighs and leans back in her seat so she can look out the window at the darkness.

5am , Albuquerque , New Mexico-

Mulder picks up his backpack from the luggage carousel and takes Sam's hand so they don't get separated in the airport.

Sam looks up at him with sad eyes. "No more planes or buses or even trains, please Mulder."

"Not right now. There's supposed to be a motel right nearby so we'll crash there for a few hours, ok? Sleeping during the day probably won't do a lot for jet-lag, but we'll feel better after sleeping."

Sam is too tired to respond, but docilely follows Mulder while he makes arrangements to check into a hotel. They're checked in quickly and go up to their room. Sam collapses on one of the beds and kicks off her shoes. "Mulder, how did you get the room? I thought you had to be eighteen to rent a room. "

"At some places you're supposed to be, but I think they only give you trouble if you pay cash. Most people assume that you're over 18 if you have a debit card." Mulder holds up a blue piece of plastic. "Our bank is just progressive enough to let you get them at sixteen. They didn't even ask me for ID. "

He might have continued his explanation if he didn't realize that Sam is sleeping soundly on the top of the blankets. He smiles to himself and pulls the covers up over her before going into the bathroom to change.

When he comes back and climbs into his own bed he looks over at his sister's sleeping form and feels sad. He'd give a lot to have Scully here with him, too. His last thoughts before drifting off are clouded with ghosts, a lodge, and the feel of Scully wrapping her arms around him for comfort as he drifts in and out of nightmares.

Friday 8am, Leary home-

Zane gives Scully a quizzical look as he notices her waiting on the steps. She stands up and smiles weakly. "You're Zane, right?" she asks, although she already knows the answer.

"That's right."

"Good . Mulder must have stopped by my house early this morning, because he left me a note. Apparently he and Sam went to spend the week at his Aunt's house. "Scully tells him.

"Mr . and Mrs. Leary said that Samantha would be looked after by Mulder this week, so that there was no reason not to continue her sessions in their absence. And Mulder didn't say that anything had changed when I was here Wednesday." Zane says, sounding confused.

Scully shrugs. "I think that they decided that they'd feel better at their Aunt's house. In Mulder's defense, I've tasted his cooking, and I don't think that anyone could survive an entire week on it." Scully says, remembering that Home ec had been an all-around disaster for Mulder.

"Well, thanks for letting me know that they're not here. It'll keep me from wasting time checking back for them," Zane says, sounding a bit annoyed to Scully.

"You're welcome." Scully smiles. "Hey, do you like live music?"

"Sure, why?" Zane asks.

"My friend Reed's band is playing at Pete's Pocket's tonight, and he sort of asked me to spread the word. It's their first show, so they're worried that no one will come. I figured that you're young, and probably like music, so you might like the heads up."

"Thanks . I'll probably drop by and check it out," Zane tells her, thinking of his utter lack of weekend plans.

"Great. Maybe I'll see you there." Scully says, getting an idea that she can't wait to share with Reyes. She watches as he gets into his car and drives off.

7pm , Pete's Pockets-

The brand new dance floor at Pete's Pockets is crowded as the very first band to ever grace the stage comes out with the guitars. The drum kit was put up hours before, so Craig is empty-handed as he heads for it.

Krycek grabs the microphone and gives the audience his sexiest smile. "Hi, we're Beer Is Not A Sex Crime, and we want to thank you for coming out tonight to see us!"

There's an appreciative roar from the crowd as the band begins to play. Reed, looking unexpectedly calm, takes his place before the microphone and begins to sing.

I still remember you dressed in gray
working undercover for the CIA
You were cursing Silber, living in Back Bay
Sailing on the Charles when I heard you say

Reyes turns to Fowley with a look on her face that Fowley doesn't like. "What?"

"Um...We sort of wanted you to come here with us tonight because of a guy," Reyes mumbles.

"What guy?"

"Sam's therapist, Zane. We met him a while back, remember?" Scully says, hoping that if she says little Reyes will be the main target of Fowley's ire.

Let's go down
To normal town
Let's go down
To normal town
Right down

"We know you think he's cute, and he's single," Reyes explains.

Fowley is flustered. "How do you know I think he's cute?" she counters.

"You have eyes," Scully and Reyes reply at the same time.


Down, down, down, down
Down, down, down, down

"What do you have to lose by trying to talk to him? It's not like you'll see him every day if things don't work out."

"That's true..." Fowley says still sounding doubtful.

Reyes pokes Fowley in the side. "I think he's over there!" she says, pointing into the corner. Fowley struggles to see through the densely packed people.

I washed you lover and scrubbed your face
Running from Miss Porter's you showed up one day
From a flat in South End where you made me strong
You said, "We're burning out at both ends"
So I came along.

"Oh, I see him. Don't you?" Scully asks. Fowley shrugs, then catches sight of him.

"I see him now," Fowley admits.

Let's go down
To normal town
Let's go down
To normal town
Right down.

Down, down, down, down
Down, down, down, down

"Go talk to him!" They urge her. She frowns at them, but decides that they're right. He's a pretty safe person to talk to, because unlike their male classmates, he won't be around daily to make her think of rejection if he's not interested. Which he probably isn't, she tells herself with a sigh.

Hey! Wouldn't it be great to never worry about your future never asking why? Hey! Hey? In a subdivision watching television and our lives go by.

Zane notices that a pretty, dark-haired girl is making her way through the crowd. He's surprised when he realizes that she seems to be heading right for him. She looks vaguely familiar, and it finally occurs to him that he has seen her before, at the Leary's house.

"Great song, huh?" she asks, looking a little shy, which amuses him since she was bold enough to come up to him.

"Yeah...friends of yours?" he asks.

Let's go down
To normal town
Let's go down
To normal town
Right down.

Down, down, down, down
Down, down, down, down

She shakes her head. "Friend of friends. I was gone most of the time that Reed has lived here," she says loudly, hoping to be heard over the music. 

Let's go down
To normal town
Let's go down
To normal town
Right down.

Down, down, down, down
Down, down, down, down

"Where were you?" Zane asks.

"Europe!" Fowley shouts over the applause as the song ends.

"World traveler, huh?" Zane quips.

"Technically, I suppose. My parents and I are sort of estranged, and they insisted on taking me with them for six months," Fowley says, relieved that the sounds of the crowd have quieted to a dull roar between songs.

"You don't sound very happy about that," Zane comments.

Reyes and Scully stare across the crowd room looking amused. They sing along with the next song, laughing.

From day to day I know I'm in all your conversations
You never have anything good to say about me
That's ok, because everyone's entitled to their own opinions
Cause everyone's a critic, and even on your best days
Someone's got something bad to say

"Residual bitterness. I was happy enough in Capeside before they made me an offer I couldn't refuse," she says with a wry smile.

"That's the first time I've hear someone say something good about this town while sober."

Fowley tilts her head to one side. "You don't like it here, then?"

They finally notice that the group has launched into another cover when Reed and Krycek are singing the chorus.

When push comes to shove
You've got to hold on
You've got to be strong

And look for that light from above
Cause everyone's out to bring you down
And if you can't keep your head up
Then you're lost

"It's all right. It's just sort of lonely when you're from out of town, you know?" Zane asks, turning his brown eyes back towards her.

"Sure. Once you meet someone nice it'll be less lonely then," Fowley says innocently.

"You think so?" Zane asks with a smile. Fowley blushes because she hadn't meant to flirt, but he obviously thinks she had.

Everyone has to pay a price no matter what we sacrifice
I hope it's worth it nothing's for certain

7:30pm Roswell, New Mexico-

Since they were exhausted, Mulder and Sam end up sleeping until two in the afternoon. They miss the nearest bus by one hour, so they're told that they'll have to wait for three hours for the next one. Mulder is annoyed, but Sam thinks that it's a wonderful opportunity to do what most girls love to do: go shopping. Mulder first thinks to object, but quickly decides that being dragged shopping by someone he himself has dragged across the country is something he had better suck up and deal with. He does, however, talk Sam out of buying things that have "NM" printed across them, by reminding her that their parents aren't supposed to know where they are. She instead buys herself her own backpack to store all her purchases in, explaining that if their parents ask he can claim that he took her to do back to school shopping.

At 3pm they boarded their last bus west. The bus eventually comes to a stop in the middle of a small desert town. Passengers begin to disembark without needing to be told to do so. Once they get off the bus, Sam and Mulder yawn and stretch their arms skywards. Sam rubs her eyes with the back of one fist and looks at her brother. "Well, now what?"

Mulder points to a restaurant that has a fake UFO stuck through the side of it. "I think we should go there and grab a bite to eat. Then we can ask one of the locals to recommend a nice, not too expensive, place to stay."

Sam shrugs and follows him.


Produced by CC, KW and Neoxphile

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This episode of Mulder's Creek featured music from:

Better Than Ezra ("Normal Town")

Trik Turner   (“Sacrifice”)

Econoline Crush (“You don't Know What It's Like”)

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