Title: Mulder's Creek: 01 Bump In The Night
Author: Neoxphile
Author Email: neoxphile@aol.com
Rating: PG-13
Category: Crossover (X-Files/Dawson's Creek)
Keywords: Alternate universe
Pairings: Mulder/Fowley UST, Scully/Mulder UST
Crossover Info: Dawson's Creek
Spoilers: X-Files seasons 1-8, Dawson's Creek Seasons 1-4
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership to the characters, except those I've created, as they belong to Chris Carter and Kevin Williamson

Summary: As Halloween approaches, some Capesiders are entangled in unrequited love (Scully likes Mulder who only notices Fowley) while others concern themselves with the planning of a last minute Halloween party. To complete the spookiness of a Halloween night, the gang finds themselves with a corpse on the twins' front lawn and a possible murder suspect roaming the property.

Author's Note: To see how the crossover works, read this first. I didn't realize back in 2001 that this crossover is stuctured very differently from the majority, so the link will explain who the characters are.

Mulder's Creek: Bump in the Night

Opening Scene-

Mulder and Scully sit on his bed, watching E.T.

"Now that, that's what I'm talking about," Mulder says, gesturing to the TV screen.

"You've got to be kidding me." Her eyes narrowed in disbelief, she unconsciously throttles the baby alien doll on Mulder's bed.

"No, it's true!"

"You're trying to tell me that ET broke into this house and stole your sister?"

"Yes. Or rather an alien who closely resembled him did."

"Mulder, you don't have a sister. I've known you since we were five. You've never had a sister."

"I've told you a thousand times, it happened when I was four and she was a baby."

"And your parents have never once mentioned her in the 11 years I've known them, nor kept any pictures of her?"

"They don't like to think about it."

"You're delusion, Mulder."

Mulder sighs and returns his gaze to the TV.

Theme song -"Stranded" by Plumb

At the High School-

Mulder and Scully are putting their books in their lockers when Skinner and Reyes walk up to them.

"Guess what! Guess what!" Reyes exclaims happily.

"What?" Mulder asks, giving Skinner a look that asks- is she on her meds? Skinner, understanding this, nods.

Reyes doesn't notice the silent conversation and says "It took some doing, but we convinced Dad to let Skinner and I have a Halloween party. You'll come right?" she asks, looking slightly less excited and a little nervous.

"Of course," Scully quickly answers for the two of them. She and Reyes aren't the best of friends, but she hates to see that look of teetering self-esteem on Reyes' face. Mulder smiles brightly at them both. Scully has no idea why.


"Hey, have you seen Fowley and Doggett? We're planning to invite them too," Skinner says, brushing his hair out of his eyes.

Before Mulder or Scully can reply, Krycek, walks up and gives them a smirk "Did I hear something about a party?"

Reyes gives him a dirty look and says "Yes, but you're not on the guest list."

Krycek gives her his best hurt look "Are you still holding the E incident against me? I was a perfect gentleman as I recall, given your...incapacitated state."

"Thanks only to my brother and Doggett as I recall," Reyes growls.

Doggett sneaks up behind her and puts his hand over her eyes. "Guess who?"

"Um...is it the handsome guy I'm dating?"

Doggett uncovers her eyes. "Hey, I thought I was the only one you were dating!" he says laughing gruffly.

"You are!" she says and playfully punches his shoulder.

Scully rolls her eyes, and looks away only to see Fowley approaching. Her expression turns icy when she notices Mulder's eyes lock on Fowley. Jealousy that she tries to quickly smother wells up when Mulder waves Fowley over.

"What are we talking about today?" Fowley asks.

"The Halloween party that Skinner and I are having. You and Doggett are both invited, of course."

"Great, I love the chance to dress up," Fowley chirps.

I'll bet, Scully thinks unkindly.

"What about you, Mulder, you going to be there?" Doggett asks.

"Of course, wouldn't miss it. Why do you ask?"

"I don't know, Mulder, I sort of thought you have other plans."


"Like sitting in a pumpkin patch waiting for the great pumpkin to come."

"Very funny."

"You do believe in some pretty strange stuff," Doggett says.

Mulder looks annoyed. Doggett is his oldest friend, but he never takes anything Mulder believes in seriously.

First bell rings, and Mr. CSM, the history teacher, shoots them disapproving looks because they don't immediately dash off to class. "You will never learn the truth by lolly-gagging in the hallways. Get to class." Mr. CSM himself coughs and walks to the teachers' smoking lounge for a quick cigarette before his first class.

Not wanting to be caught in the hallway at the final bell, the group goes their separate ways, and Sully wanders to her art class trying to think of a costume that will make her look more stunning than Fowley.

4pm at the docks-

Fowley sits on one of the docks looking out at the water. Mulder notices her there alone and walks up to talk to her.

"Why so glum, Fowley? You look like your dog just ran away."

"I don't have a dog. I've just been...thinking."

"About what? Nothing pleasant, I take it."

"I was thinking about Spender."

"Spender? Why?"

"Come on, Mulder, he died right here. And I saw it. It's hard to get past feeling guilty ever time I walk by here."

"He fell in and drowned. It was an accident, and it's not like you pushed him, you were just there."

"Just there helping him get so drunk that he thought hanging out here after dark was a good idea."

"Fowley, don't beat yourself up over this."

Fowley stares off and starts talking as if she hadn't heard him. "Sometimes when I'm here I get this feeling like I'm going to turn around and find him standing there behind me."

"Now you're starting to sound like Reyes."

"Well before you book me the room next to hers for a summer of crazy camp, let me assure you that I don't really believe he'll be there. It's just a feeling, that's all."

Mulder smiles at her. "So, you want to come over tonight? Scully and I are watching Silence of the Lambs."

"Ohhh, a movie about a psycho. I met enough of them when I was living in NY, sorry. Besides, Grams is throwing a dinner party for the church league, and I'm expected to put in an appearance."

"Well, if you can slip away and decide you can stand a little Lecter, the offer is still open."


4:30 p.m., at the Ice House-

Scully and Skinner bus tables while Scully's sister Bessie prepares food in the kitchen for the dinner rush.

Skinner holds up a slightly coffee stained $10 dollar bill. "Looks like someone was happy with our service."

"A happy customer is a repeat customer!" Bessie sings from the next room.

"Bat ears," Scully whispers.

"So I guess we'll split it three ways," Skinner says loudly, and grins at Scully.

A few minutes later Skinner follows Scully out back for their break, the last one they could possibly get in before thongs of people started showing up.

"Skinner, do you think I'm as pretty as Fowley?" she asks, self-consciously playing with a lock of hair.

"Before I risk an answer, explain to me why exactly I was chosen to give an opinion on the matter."

Scully throws up her hands. "You're a guy, you have eyes."

"I'm glad to know I meet your exacting criteria."

"Well?" she asks, putting a hand on her hip.

"Well, you're both very pretty in different ways."

"That's all you're going to say?"

"Hey, I calls 'em like I sees 'em."

"Thanks, I guess. Hey, can you do me a favor?"

"Name it."

"Convince your sister that she needs to know what Fowley is going to wear. If she asks about me, tell her you're getting the secret out of me."

"And I'm doing this why?"

"I need to know what the competition is wearing in order to pick a costume accordingly." Skinner gives a world-weary sigh and goes back inside.

5pm Costume Shop-

Reyes is joyfully looking for a costume, while dragging Doggett, who posses reluctance, up and down the aisles.

"Romeo and Juliet."

"That couple from Natural Born Killers," Doggett counters.

Reyes grimaces. "Fred and Wilma."

"Siskle and Ebert."

"Siskle is dead."

"Then you can be him."

"Rob and Laura Petrie."

"That's been done to death. Mortica and Gomez Adams."

Reyes eyes lit up. "Oh! That has possibilities. Let's do that."

"Sure. Now, am I going to be Mortica, or are you?"


Twenty minutes later they had reserved the costumes and were on the way out the door.

"Finally!" Doggett exclaims. "Now we can go home."

"Not so fast. We need to go to the party store and buy supplies."

"Oh boy."

The next day, at the high school-

Mulder is on his way to his 5th period class when Krycek dashes up to him.

"So Mulder, inquiring minds want to know."

"Know what?"

"Which of the lovely ladies you're taking with you to the party."

"You mean the one you're not invited to?"

"That's moot. And you're ducking the issue. Which girl is going to be on your arm Halloween night?"

Mulder looks bemused, he hasn't thought about bringing anyone. "I don't know," he said honestly.

"Well, I hope I'm the first person who gets the 411 on the issue."

"Fat chance. Aren't you supposed to be stalking someone right now or something?"

"Nah, not until 7th."

Mulder shakes his head and goes to history.

That night-

Mulder and Doggett do a little late fishing at the creek. Doggett has caught half a dozen choggies (catfish) but Mulder keeps losing his before he gets a chance to reel them in.

"Man, what's up? You usually fish twice as well as I do, and tonight all you've caught is a plant. It's a nice enough plant, but...what's eating you?"

"Well, I ran into Krycek this afternoon-"

"That guy. What a jerk. But you were saying?"

"And he asked me if I was going to take Fowley or Scully to the party," Mulder finishes.

Doggett baits his hook and cast before asking, "So? Why would the question bother you? I'd just of told him to mind his own business."

"I did, basically. But I hadn't thought about who to bring. Who am I supposed to bring, anyway?"

"I dunno, which one do you want to bring?"

"I...You know I like Fowley, but I don't know if she'd say yes if I asked her. And I sort of feel like I should go with Scully since we've always done something at Halloween..." Mulder trails off helplessly, and shrugs.

"Mulder, there's only one thing you can do in a situation like this."

"What?" Mulder asks semi-eagerly.

"Go stag. That way no one gets hurt, and neither girl is more mad at you than the other. If they ask why, say you didn't think this was the sort of party you take a date to."

"Doggett, you're a genius."

"But sadly, so few people understand my vast intellect."

Mulder grins, and actually reels in a fish this time, to go along with the nice enough plant.

10pm that night at the Potter house-

Scully picks up the phone. We only hear her side of the conversation.

"Hello, Potter residence, Scully speaking, who's calling? Oh, hi Skinner, what's up?" she pauses to listen. "That's great. I knew if anyone could convince your sister to find out...she's going as what? You're kidding, right? Oh, that's weird. Thanks for letting me know. See you tomorrow."

Scully hangs up the phone and smiles as she goes to get ready for bed.

4:30pm Halloween night at the McPhee residence-

Reyes and Doggett finish carving pumpkins while Skinner drapes fake cobwebs around the house. Mr. McPhee walks into the living room.

"Reyes, I'm impressed. You and Skinner have done a great job."

"Thanks, Dad." She holds up her pumpkin, which had a dripping face carved into it, up for him to see. "What do you think?"

"It's spooky looking. Now, you and your brother know I don't want any drinking going on here, right?"

"Of course."

"All right then. I need to go to the office, but if you need me just give me a call," he says as he walks out the door.

"You know, you and Skinner are pretty lucky to have a dad who trust you. My dad, he doesn't trust me as far as he could throw me. That's why he's always got Kersh tailing me."

"And here I thought it was brotherly love that prompted Kersh to look out for you."

"Nope, it's love of kissing Dad's butt. All done." He puts down his pumpkin and gets up to wash his hands. "I think it's time to get dressed, don't you?"

Two hours later-

Skinner answers the door.

"Cool, Mulder, great alien costume. Where'd you find it?"

"Mom helped me make it. I showed her a bunch of pictures of grays, and that's all she needed to go by," Mulder says, peering through the huge eye-holes in the costume.

"Well, we all knew she was talented."

"That uniform looks real," Mulder says, admiring Skinner's army outfit.

"It used to be my dad's." Just then the doorbell rings again, and this time it's Fowley.

"Wow. You're a green M&M. Sweet!" Skinner exclaims. Mulder just nods slightly surprised, but more wondering where Scully is. Fowley doesn't seem to notice that he hasn't really noticed her.

Fifteen minutes later Reyes is trying to get people to do the Monster Mash when the doorbell rings again. Mulder jumps up and says "I'll get it." If there is anything that he hates more than the Monster Mash, he doesn't know what it is.

He opens the door, to find Krycek in a Toga. Mulder frowns at him. "Hey, you weren't invited. Oh my God..." Scully comes in right behind him, dressed as little Red Riding Hood. A very grown up one at that, with a lacy short skirt under the red velvet hood, which she pushes back as she walks inside.

Krycek leers at her. "Thanks for distracting from my party crashing, Red. Maybe I should have come as the big bad wolf." He practically purrs. Until Scully punches him in the chest.

"Don't call me Red," she growls in his ear, and turns to join the party. Mulder trails behind her, finally remembering to shut his mouth. Krycek just winces and rubs the spot where she punched him.

All eyes are on Scully, until the power suddenly goes out and a blood curdling scream is heard from outside. Only the glow of the numerous Jack O Lanterns shows the shocked look on every face.

Then an insistent pounding on the door begins. At first no one moves, but then Skinner walks up to the door. There's a groan of protest from the others when he reaches for the doorknob, but he decides to peek out the side window instead. Eyes widened in alarm when he opens the door, but there's a collective sigh of relief when Byers, Langly and Frohike, who are dressed as star trek characters, stumble through the doorway. "Shut it, shut it shut it!" Byers nearly screams. Langly who is the closest, nearly falls over himself in his haste to shut the door.

Reyes looks pale, but she bravely asks "What's out there?" She also decides this is a bad time to note that the older boys are an hour late to the party.

Frohike's eyes looked wild. "It's terrible. There's a dead girl out on the lawn." Mulder thinks he must really be shaken, the senior usually took every opportunity to hit on Scully, and he hasn't even seemed to notice what she is wearing.

"Are you...are you sure? Maybe it's just a person playing a prank ," Reyes says.

"I've never seen someone fake having their throat ripped out quite that well," Byers says with a shudder.

"Who did it?" Doggett asks.

"I'm not sure we're looking so much for a who as a what," Langly says.

"Who's the girl?"

"We didn't look long enough to find out," Langly says a bit defensively.

"Well, one us is going to have to figure out who she is. Was," Reyes says.

"Yeah. And Mulder, you need to find whatever it was that killed her," Frohike says.

Mulder looks startled. "Me? Why me?"

"You're the one who knows the most about this supernatural stuff."

"We don't even know it's something supernatural. I'm a brave enough guy, but I'm not going out there all alone. What if it's just some psycho with a knife? It's too dangerous," says Mulder.

"He's right," says Scully. "We should split up into teams."

Mulder stares at her, this wasn't exactly what he has in mind. Unfortunately, it seems he's the only one who thinks that this should be a matter left to the police.

"Ok," says Reyes, the natural born delegator. "I think Scully is right. Skinner, Doggett and I will try to find out who the dead girl is. Krycek will stay here and call the cops, then go home. Langly, Byers, and Frohike will look for this thing to the north of the house, and Scully, Mulder and Fowley will check to the south."

It's hard to tell who looks more thrilled by the prospect, Scully or Fowley. Everyone else looks scared still, but they agree to Reyes plan.

As Mulder, Scully and Fowley prepare to go outside, Mulder hears Krycek say "Some guys have all the luck," rather forlornly, and, for once, Frohike nods sympathetically.

At the last minute Mulder decides to leave his mask behind. As it is, he thinks, it's going to be weird enough for an alien, an M&M and Little Red Riding Hood to be roaming around the woods looking for god knows what. When they're outside Mulder peers into the dark in both directions.

He muses aloud, "South is..."

Both girls immediately point to the right. He's too stunned that they agree on something to even be offended that they didn't let him try to figure it out on his own. The piece of property that the McPhees own is inordinately large for the Cape, mostly wooded, so they know there's a lot of ground to cover. They trudge off in the correct direction, listening carefully for...anything.

Out on the front lawn Doggett, Skinner, and Reyes shine flashlights on the still body of the girl. Reyes looks sad. "I know who this is."

"Who?" Doggett asks.

"Nina Smith, she was a seventh grader. Her older brother is in our grade."

"Dave?" Skinner asks.

"Yeah," Reyes agrees.

"Oh man...this is going to kill him. He's one of those guys that is totally involved in their families," Doggett says, suddenly remembering seeing Dave play with his younger siblings.

"Yeah, we better go see if Krycek called the police like I told him to," Reyes says, shaking her head one last time.

Meanwhile, Scully spots a small family cemetery. "Looks like the previous owners buried their loved ones out here."

"Way previous," Mulder says. "I bet it hasn't been used since the 1800's."

Scully nods her agreement. "I think we should check it out."

Mulder follows her, and thinks he sees a flicker of movement behind one of the headstones. He runs towards it, and doesn't realize that Fowley hasn't been following them until he hears a scream behind them. He and Scully whirl around, and run as fast as they can, hoping it's not too late.

Kersh stands over the dead girl and shakes his head. "They were afraid that this was going to happen."

"Who was afraid that what was going to happen?" Doggett asks.

"The cops were, since this is obviously the result of a wolf attack."

"You think wolves did this?"

"Yup, that's what I'm trying to tell you little brother."

"I admit to not having a history of good grades, but even I know there hasn't been a wolf spotted around here since before any of us standing here were born. So how could it be a wolf??" Doggett asks in frustration.

"The zoo."

"The zoo? You've losing me here, Kersh."

"About four hours ago the Franklin Zoo reported that someone broke in and freed some wolves."

"So you think that this girl here was killed by a Franklin zoo wolf."

"Right," Kersh says, in a tone one would take with a slow child.

"How fast can you run, Kersh?"

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Just answer the question."

"I dunno, around eight miles an hour."

"For how long?"

"An hour."

"So, if a grown man can only run eight miles, do you really believe a wolf can cover 75 miles in four hours?"

"Well..." Kersh looks sort of embarrassed. "It's still the most logical possibility," he insists stubbornly.

"And Mulder thinks an over-reliance on logic is my problem..." Doggett says ruefully. Leaving Kersh to poke at the body, he turns to see Reyes on the steps, pointing a finger at Krycek.

"I don't care if you wore anything under your toga or not, and I certainly don't want to see. Get the hell off my steps and go home!"

Doggett takes a menacing step towards Krycek, who then holds up his hands in a gesture of surrender and walks off, still smirking.

"Did you hear something?" Byers asks. They are deep into the north woods themselves, and Byers jumps every time one of them steps on a branch.

"For the thousandth time, it's only our feet," Frohike says exasperatedly.

"We're perfectly safe as long as we stay together. It's statistically..." Langly trails off as they hear a large crash behind them. The bushes tremble as something heads straight for them.

"Oh my God, that must be Fowley!" Mulder yelps, as if repeating the blindingly obvious is helpful in the situation.

"Mulder, I thought you were both right behind me," Scully says, obviously bewildered that they're no longer a trio.

"So did I. I guess when we ran towards those grave stones, she didn't." He looks around, as if hoping he's wrong.

"Let's go! We'll do a lot better looking for her than standing here talking about it. Come on!"

"I thought you didn't like her," Mulder asks, looking perplexed.

"For God's sake, Mulder! There's a big difference between not liking someone and wanting them to get their throat ripped out. I thought you'd be able to tell the difference," Scully says, stunned that he'd think she'd be less concerned than he is.

"Uh...the scream came from that direction," he says, point the flashlight with one hand, and grabbing hers with his free hand.

Scully can't but help to feel a mix of joy and dismay as his fingers wrap around her smaller ones- if only it meant something to him too. But as they stumble through the over-growth, she knows it doesn't. They're just keeping close to try to find the girl he wants before it's too late.

Frohike grabs for a large stick, but Langly and Byers seem frozen with fear. Frohike pulls the stick above his head as the bushes part, prepared to bash whatever is on the other side. That is, until the bushes croak "help." He lets the stick fall from his fingers as Fowley falls towards him. Langly and Byers look greatly embarrassed and run over to try to help her to her feet.

"Don't!" she moans. "I think my ankle is broken." So they help her sit instead.

"What happened?" Frohike asks, as he takes off his coat and drapes it around her, secretly glad to have been the only one to think it was getting cold out.

"I..I...Do you realize you're heading north instead of south?" They shrug; they got turned around several times. "I was with Scully and Mulder, and I saw something behind me. Before I got a chance to tell them, they were running towards a little graveyard. I can't quite explain why, but I decided to look for whatever it was myself. I didn't find it, but I did find a big root to trip over. It was too cold to lie there and wait for someone to help, so I decided to crawl back towards the house..."

"I'm glad you found us, even if you did scare the crap out of us," Langly says.

"We'll help you back to the house and call an ambulance," says Byers. "If you can point out the right direction that is." Fowley grits her teeth and points.

"Stop," Scully whispers, yanking on Mulder's hand. Before he can say a word she holds a finger to her lips, then continued to whisper. "There's something over there."

He peers deeply into the woods and at last sees a flicker of movement. He leans towards Scully and cups his hand around his mouth. "Do you think it's Fowley?"

She shakes her head. He struggles for a moment, should they look for Fowley, who hasn't screamed again and might be dead, or follow her probable assailant? At last logic wins over feelings, and he whispers "I think we better find out who that is." They begin to advance on the figure as quietly as they can.

Kersh gets a report that the missing wolf has been picked up 30 miles from there, so he's concerned that whatever is in the woods is more dangerous than he originally thought. As soon as he can get away from the body- after the coroner's office sends someone for it, he orders everyone into the McPhee house, which fortunately has power again, to wait with Fowley for the ambulance to arrive.

He sighs in frustration when he realizes that his brother's best friend and the girl they hang out with are unaccounted for. "You kids stay in here, no matter what. If not, I might be able to manufacture a few underage drinking charges." He threatens them.

"But no one has been drinking!" Doggett protests.

"I'm sure that will make a difference to your parents," Kersh says flippantly. "All I'm asking is that you stay inside and watch horror movies and eat snacks while I go looking for the other two kids. I'm sure you can handle it." Knowing that Kersh is just looking out for their safety, the reluctantly agree.

Kersh checks his gun before he starts out to find Mulder and Scully. He gives the Jack O' Lanterns a dirty look, and is reminded how much he hates Halloween.

The person they're following, if it's a person, is so far ahead of them that they stop whispering, they figure that as long as he/she/it is in sight, that's good enough.

"I hope she'll forgive me for not keeping looking for her. If she's still alive that is. I mean the first time we heard a scream like that, there ended up being a dead girl on Skinner and Reyes front yard. This does make more sense though, right? It's not as if we know where she even is, and the responsible party is right in front of us..." Mulder rambles on nervously.

Since Scully doesn't know of anything reassuring to say to him, she decides to distract him instead, even though it's not a conversation she wants to have. "So, you really like her. Why?"

"It's hard to explain. She's not like anyone else I know... Of course I know other girls who are pretty and smart, but she believes in all my silliness, and that's a heady sort of thing. But she doesn't even seem to notice that I'm interested in her. She just sees me as a friend, and it kills me. Why am I telling you? It's not like you can relate," he sighs.

Scully is glad for the dark, because of it he can't see the expression on her face.

Suddenly, the person they are following notices them, and begins to run. They follow suit, and crash through the underbrush after the fleeing figure.

Kersh hears the sounds of rushing feet and yells "Stop!" but no one does. Instead someone runs into him and almost knocks him over.

As soon as he sees the blood on the person who almost knocks him over, he pulls out his cuffs and begins reading the person their rights. Scully and Mulder come out of the woods a moment later, and Kersh glares at them; he'll read them the riot act next.

11:05pm Halloween Night, Mulder's room-

Mulder hangs up the phone as Scully climbs in his window.

"Hey, I just got off the phone with Doggett. Kersh told him that the guy we chased to him was the one who killed Nina. It was her ex-boyfriend, and he was more than a little bitter about their break up. Kersh was partly right about what he said to Doggett about the wolves, though, the boyfriend confessed to having heard that news report so he tried to make it look like a wolf had killed her."

"I'm glad that we were wrong about him hurting Fowley. I guess breaking an ankle is a good reason for a blood-curdling scream, too," Scully says.

"Yeah. She got to go home about an hour ago. She says we should sign her cast tomorrow."


"You know, there's something I've been meaning to tell you..." Mulder says with a wicked grin.

"What?" Scully asks, curious about the look she's getting.

Mulder starts to sing off-key and reaches for her "Hey there little red riding hood, you sure as looking good. You're everything the big bad wolf could want...." and dissolves into laughs as she giggles and tries to squirm away from his tickling.

If either of them had looked through the open window just then, they would have seen a wolf howling on a hill under the full moon.

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