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Mulder's Creek Stories

Season one

1x01: Bump In The Night
1x02: The Missing
1x03: The Trouble With Turkeys
1x04: Dead Man Walking
1x05: Faded Photograph
1x06: The Gray in Red (Christmas)
1x07: Break
1x08: Aftermath
1x09: Three Strange Days
1x10: Fever Dreams
1x11: Flowers and Felonies
1x12: Bigfoot Birthday
1x13: The Road Not Taken
1x14: MiB
1x15: Liars' Club
1x16: It Came From The Closet
1x17: It's a Girl (season finale)

Season Two

2x01: Not Bliss
2x02: Moose Mayhem
2x03: Many Unhappy Returns
2x04: When We Are Seven
2x05: Rocket's Red Glare
2x06: Grave Secrets
2x07: Wail
2x08: New Mexico
2x09: Roswell
2x10: Roswell, Revelations
2x11: Pressing Issues
2x12: How We All Got Here

Mulder's Creek/ Starkweather fics crossover
Starkweather's Creek

I'm no longer posting fics on the OS due to lack of interest...mostly because old readers have left the boards in favor of 3F. So from now on they're on 3F. You might have to register to read.
2x13: Life's a Stage

Key to Theme Symbols:





Snark & Angst

Beyond The Truth Fics

This is a series of fics that sort of accidentally turned into a series. At first it was going to be the one story, but then it needed a follow up. And I've got a plot in mind for the third story... I can't resist. Anyway, they're post-season nine, hence the nifty new title I decided to give the group when I realized that there would be three or more stories.

01. Lost and Found
Depressed and on the run, Mulder and Scully find a way to regain pieces of their lost lives, but it's not easy.

02. High Stakes
Anita Blake (of the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novels) lends a hand solving a vampire case- while posing as a nanny in Mulder and Scully's home.

03.Elegy for Origin
While waiting for the birth of her first child, Reyes becomes obsessed with knowing where she comes from, and a case grabs everyone else's attention.

Miscellaneous X-Files Fics

Here we have stand-alone fics I've written/am writing. Yep, that's about all I have to say about them.

Doom Child (Mulder AU Babyfic challengefic)
In an alternate universe where "The Truth" never happened, Mulder returns to Scully and William. But he's not alone.

The Family G-Man co-written with FelineFemme
After a week's tragedies leaves Mulder loveless and friendless, he gets a second chance...can he save them this time?

Only Because He Needed Us (2012 challengefic)
Mulder and Scully have not spoken for 10 years. When they find out their son needs them, can they put aside differences long enough to weather the crisis?

Eros Mala (2004 Valentines challengefic)
Alternative Universe. Mulder mopes when Scully chooses another, but an afternoon in a bar gives him new ideas.

Mulder'a Other Baby
July 2004. Fireworks prompt Mulder to tell Scully his unbelievable secret

Tortured and Guilty (Halloween challengefic)
It's been six months...

Stories for Dead Children (Quick Challenge Bedtime fic - just a single post)
Being remembered soothes.

God! Stop Following Me around! (Write YOU into a casefile challengefic)
Agents Scully and Mulder are convinced that something, anything, is paranormal in my life. So they pester me about it. A lot.

But the Kite-String Broke
After their death the Lone Gunmen must decide if they want to be at peace or try their hands at being guardian angels.

All is Calm, All is Bright

A Christmas visitor helps Doggett come to terms with Luke's death.

The End is Near...and Purple
Snark alternative ending to the X-files. Something is hunting people down in DC. Something large. And Purple.

The Seventies Fashion Conspiracy
Mulder investigates a case on his own in the mid-90's

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