Marked Boys

As you may have already concluded, this fic has been postponed until after the final novel in the Harry Potter series is released in July of 2007. Check back this summer for this fic!

Title: Marked Boys - prologue posted 3-15-06

Author: Neoxphile

Timeline: Post-series (set fall of 2003)

Rating: R. Sex and violence, but neither overtly graphic.

Category: X-Files/Harry Potter crossover. Mulder-Scully romance, Harry-Hermione romance. Baby/kidfic.

Spoilers: through Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince and The X-Files season nine. Either you've read and seen up to that point, or don't mind being spoiled on one or both.

Author's Notes: Canon for the Harry Potter books 1-6 is acknowledged...other than the fact that I think Ron & Hermione's relationship is doomed in the long run no matter how hopefully HBP ended. As for the X-Files, canon through season nine but pretend "William" never happened. Since this is before book 7 (my prediction for release: June-July 2007) I may revise this fic after the last book comes out. Or not.

Summary: Dark wizards stalk the earth and alien presences clot the skies. A new prophecy concerning both surfaces, threatening the lives of William Mulder, and Harry and Hermione's unborn son.


Job's Needle, New Hampshire
One Late Night

Mulder woke to the sound of screaming. Not an adult's scream, but the panicked, angry howl of a very small child too young to convey their emotions more rationally. He threw himself out of bed, and ran the short distance to his children's bedroom. Flinging open the door only amplified the now hiccupy yell. William huddled silence but awake on his toddler bed. In the crib Bethany stood screaming, tears streaming down her face.

"Bethany, what's wrong?" Mulder asked gently, but his daughter didn't seem to notice that he was there.

Instead her eyes were fixed in the direction that he just realized that she was insistently pointing. Towards the window.

He made himself look too, and was badly startled when he first realized that the darkness was infused with an eerie green glow. The last thing he wanted to do was to step closer for a better look, but he knew he must, and did so.

Outside a disk sliced through the green sky. He yelped in surprise and stumbled back a couple of steps.


Not waiting for her to reply, Mulder lifted his daughter out of the crib. The little girl quieted, but still soaked his T-Shirt with tears. "Scully!"

William climbed off his low bed and threw himself at his mother as soon as the sleepy redhead appeared.

She yawned and asked, "What's going on?"

Mulder pointed at the window. "They're here."

Just as she focused her gaze there, another UFO buzzed through the small area visible through the window pane.

Scully gave a strangled gasp. "We need to call them, right away."

Mulder nodded, knowing immediately that she meant the parents of the other child. If it wasn't for them, Mulder wouldn't have known about the prophecy that threatened the life of the little boy holding out his arms to Scully in a mute request to be picked up.

After bending to honor the request, Scully straighten and gave Mulder a concerned look. "Do you think they'll make it here okay? Their baby..." She trailed off and looked outside again. "There might be dark wizards out there too."

"There might." He agreed. Bethany poked him in the eye with her elbow during an attempt to get a thumb in her mouth. Mulder winced. "But you know that they have other options than just driving over."

"None of them sound pleasant." She replied, long since having stopped protesting that the magic the younger couple claimed to possess couldn't possibly be real.

"Whatever gets them here safely." Mulder told her, carrying his daughter out of the room and towards the cordless phone.


Harry's son kicked his feet while being changed. "That's enough of that unless you want a bath." Harry chided the squirming infant. "And all three of us know how much you hate that."

His look softening, Harry gazed down at his son in wonder. "You're already getting so big! It seems like it'll only be moments before an owl arrives inviting you to go to Ho-"


Looking over his shoulder, Harry saw his young wife. He couldn't remember ever seeing her that pale before. "What's wrong, Hermione?"

"We need to go. Immediately." Coming forward, she took the baby from him, and hastily began to redress him.

This filled him with a deep and instantaneous dread; he'd been expecting something like this to happen for weeks. "What did they see? I mean, where did they-"

"The sky." She said. "I'm not sure they could identify the other."

"Yet." Harry said grimly.

"They've cleaned out their fireplace." Hermione told him, now bundling the baby into a maroon and gold blanket that Mrs. Weasley knitted for him.

"That's good." Harry told her. That would spare the baby the unpleasant sensations of side-along apparition.

"They're expecting us any time now." She added when he made no move to leave the room.

That seemed to him a fantastical statement. How could anyone anticipate anything on a night such as this, he wondered.

Hermione carried their son past him, and noticing that, he hurried to follow.

End Prologue

Check back later for chapter one!

Writing has taken the backseat to work since March =( I hope to make progress on this fic over the remainder of the summer, but in the meantime check out this Harry/Hermione video I made a while ago.
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