This is an iFAQ: inFrequently Asked Questions. I wonít flatter myself and think that there are enough readers to have the questions be frequently wondered at.

Warning: iFAQ might contain spoilers for people who have not yet seen the entire 5th season of Dawsonís Creek, and ninth season of The X-files. Also, the MC finale section will also have spoilers for that episode. You were warned.

Season One

General Plot information

Q. Why are the stories written in the present tense?

A. This is a virtual show, so each episode is basically a transcript of what is happening. Since when someone asks us what is happening, we answer in the present tense " he's opening the door!" it's more natural and immediate for the stories to be in the present tense.

Q. How can Kresh and Doggett be brothers?

A. It amuses me to have Kresh be Doggettís brother, rather than use Dougie. As for how a white character is related to a "black" one, episode sixteen answers that question. Scullyís nephew, Alexander (a direct import from the DC world) is mulatto too, so thereís already a precedent for that sort of relationship.

Q. Why is Skinner gay?

A. Short answer: because Jack on Dawsonís Creek is. The longer answer is that I didnít want Reyes and Doggett to be the sibling pair, so I decided on Skinner as being Reyesí twin. And, then, since Andieís brother Jack isÖ

Q. Why are Reyes and Skinner twins? Jack and Andie arenít.

A. Because the fact that Jack is older and in the same grade as his sister was annoying and confusing. I like the idea of them being twins better.

Q. Why are Mr. Leary, Mr. Brooks, and Spender alive? Their corresponding DC characters arenít.

A. It suits my needs better to have them alive. As you might have noticed, Iíve taken a fair amount of liberty with the timeline otherwise- like Alexanderís age, when the Learysí added to their family, and Krycekís existence in Capeside at a younger age- anyway, so why let a pesky little thing like a death on one of the inspiring shows interfere with my agenda?

Q. What about CSM and the Lone Gun Men?

A. See above.

Q. How did you know Spender was still alive?

A. I didnít. At the time, I thought I was veering wildly from both the world of DC and XF. I had no idea otherwise until the XF " William" episode. That was a weird coincidence.


Q. Are the pictures real?

A. Sure are. The pictures are of the X-files cast, but when they were younger.

Q. Are they edited?

A. Yes. Some more than others. First they were all color photos to begin with(except of DD and MR) and I made them black and white to go with the yearbook theme. As for individual edits:

DD: I cut another person, some woman who was draped over his shoulder, out of the photo.

MR: I cropped her photo slightly, made a mirror image of it, and removed a lock of hair that was across her forehead.

AG: I cropped another person out of the photo without otherwise altering the photo

GA: Gillianís hair was blond in the original photo, so I darkened the hair to what red looks like in black and white.

RP: I removed a police badge and an epaulet from the photo, and touched up the photo to remove lines from his face.

MP: I also removed lines from his face, and gave him some hair. Johnny Lee Miller was the hair-donor. The effect I was going for is of someone you can tell is destined to sooner or later be parted from their hair. How successful I was is a matter of opinion.

NB: Nedís hair is blond, but it came out dark in black and white, so I lightened it a bit.

Q. Who is Reedís stand in?

A. Ned Brower. Heís an occasional actor (recurring minor character Eliot on this season of Dawsonís Creek) and a drummer from a band called Rodney. Apparently heís also a model, but I havenít seen any of his work. Heís exactly who I had in mind when creating, Reed, soÖ


Q. Why donít you include the song lyrics in the episodes?

A. To be perfectly frank, I hate song lyrics being inserted into stories because they break up plot continuity. I tend to skip over them entirely, and I was even hesitant to include a short poem in episode 1 x 14 for the same reason.

Q. Why are all the songs alternative?

A. As a genre, I dislike country music, but I like a few songs. You might eventually see a country song or two (perhaps Deanna Carter, Leeane Womack, or some other female artist) eventually, if I ever come across one I think fits the mood of an episode. As for Rap and R&BÖThe only songs I like are by The Outcast and Eminim, and I doubt either will ever be appropriate.

Q. Can I download the songs?

A. I donít see why not. Some are more obscure than others, though, so it might be hard to find them.

Q. Is there a Mulderís Creek soundtrack?

A. Ha. Actually, yes, but itís a make it yourself sort of deal. Volume one has the theme song and songs from episodes 1-5, and volume two has songs from episodes 7-12. Episode six is Christmas music, so itís not included. Presumably volume three will contain the songs from the rest of the episodes, presuming I get around to making the cd. You should personalize your own cds, though, if you like. Good luck finding the songs, though, I had to rip a few from cds to get them.

MC Season One Finale

Q. Why did you call the finale " Itís a girl" when Mulderís mom had a boy?

A. The baby isnít the character the title refers to.

Q. How could you name an innocent baby Price?

A. I happen to like the name, and I actually knew a toddler with that name. The significance of Priceís name will be a theme explored in season two.

Q. How could the season end with Reed and Skinner just being friends?

A. My tolerance for happy, functioning, couples is limited.

Q. What really happened to Fowley? And why did Spender lie to Reyes?

A. Read season two to find out.

Q. Is it really Sam?

A. Though I greatly admire Chris Carterís creation, I dislike how his answers are no answer at all in many cases, so Iíll be straight with you. Yes, itís Sam. Not a clone, not some other girl named SamÖthe girl is Mulderís long lost sister.

Season Two

Q. Why is Reed and Krycek's band named Beer Is Not A Sex Crime?

A. Once upon a time a troll on one of my favorite message boards made this very interesting retort to an comparison between underage sex and under age drinking. They said "isn't" but I perfer "is not". Scroll down to FeFe's post if you'd like to see the inspiration for yourself =)

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