Title: XF Halloween Challenge: Mulder's Halloween Challenge
Author: Anonymous
Legal stuff:M
S and Skinner and Smoking man are the property of Chris Carter, Fox, and 1013 Productions. Everyone else you recognize are theirs too. The rest are the product of my very own weird imagination. Any resemblance with actual event are of course, improbable, and are not coincidence.

Author's Note: I'm taking up this Halloween challenge and make this up during my accounting exam because it is impossible. The story sort of uncontrollably evolved itself and the mask now only plays a little part of the story. Mind you, this is very very silly.

Scully opened the door of their basement office. Nobody was there. Shit, why am I doing this? She began to regret as she ran up and down the building and came down to open the door for the thirteenth times in half an hour. Shouldn't take up the stupid Mulder's Halloween challenge. Wearing a witch costume and a black mask, she looked at the clock frustratingly. Only half an hour left before twelve.

Basically, Mulder's Halloween challenge was a simple hide and seek game with people wearing masks Mulder was the white vampire and Scully was the black witch. The black witch had to run around and catch the white vampire. The white vampire would left various masks all over the place, which supposedly, would indicate the place vampire hide, the coffin.

And now I can't even find the mask that supposed to be easy to find. She turned off her flashlight and sat on the floor, frustrated. And then, she saw it. A mask was under the desk. It was a mask of a man with a reading glasses on. Hell, he better didn't hide in...there. Scully thought instantly. Not the men's room.

Mulder hid well in his hiding place. Scully would never thought of it. Although it was extremely uncomfortable, he was the winner. The only trouble was...how would he get out.

Scully stood in front of the two doors. No one would be in there. It's late and they suppose to go home. She tried to convince herself. She looked around. Nobody was there. She took a big deep breath before strode into the men's room.


Hell, it was Skinner. How come he is still here?

She turned around. Her face was flushed.

"I think you're...supposed to be...next door."

Scully nodded embarrassed. She escaped quickly to the door. Then, she realized one thing.

Skinner was in a vampire costume.

Scully stared at his vampire costume.

Skinner smiled embarrassingly.

"No, this." He gestured to the coat. "Is a game they have every year. The ADs become vampires and... The deputies are...Frakensteins and the Director himself would be...a ghost. The assistants are the ghostbusters. The assistants would busted everybody. They haven't caught me yet. Great game."

Now, it was Skinner's turn to stare.

"I thought you already have enough of mutants and ghosts thorough the year."

"This is Mulder's idea. We dress up and play hide and seek...with some complication." Scully left out the mask part because even she didn't get it.

"So, you tried to find him in here."

Scully could only nod.

Skinner walked to the door, turned around and asked, "You cheat?"


"Do you cheat in games?"

"What do you mean?"

"Come with me. There is a way around your problem but we better be quick. I don't want to get caught."

She was led to his office. Skinner quickly reached his computer and boot it up. Scully stared at him confusingly. She turned around and saw another mask was left behind the door. She advanced toward the mask. It was a cat mask, the paper one children do in kindergarten. She flipped the mask over. Mulder's signature was on it. Now, that's difficult. What on earth a man and a cat had in common. She mused until when was interrupted by Skinner. "What's this?"

"A new program installed. It can track where the agents are and it is how all the ADs and DADs find the agents out. Say bye bye to the excuse: 'I didn't hear the page' or 'I didn't know you were looking for me.'" Skinner chuckled. "There is just no place to hide in this building."

Scully was...startled. Why is everybody so eccentric today, including Skinner and possibly, me. May be it is the spell of Halloween. "You're spying on us!"

"See how it can be used to help you to win this little game of yours." Skinner typed "MULDER, Fox." and pressed "ENTER." The screen instantly changed: "Searching for MULDER, Fox."

Then it showed the location.

Both Skinner and Scully were astounded. They left their seats quietly, walked silently to their target. Scully took a big breath and then took the cushion out of the couch. Mulder was lying in there.

"Cheater!" he shouted.

"Agent Mulder, would you care to explain to me what are you doing in my couch?" Skinner, the co-conspirator, came into defense for Scully.

"It is not a couch. It's a coffin."

Mulder stretched out his hand and Scully tried to pull him out.

"Gotcha." He smirked and pulled Scully into the coffin and at the same time, someone knocked on the door.

"You guys may just have to stay there for a while longer," Skinner said as he put the cushion back and opened the door with his vampire costume while Mulder and Scully, of course, were having a good time in the couch.

Skinner was just having as much fun as those two. He found himself with Smoking Man in a vampire costume.

Now, this is weird.

"Who's that?" Mulder asked.

"I don't know. I hope it is not his girlfriend."

"It's okay if they don't make love on the couch," Mulder continued.

Strangely, Smoking Man, as he was called by everybody, just cast a few glance to the vampire AD and the funny cat and old man mask on the floor before he walked in.

And he walked, to Skinner's horror, to the couch and prepared to sit on it.

"Mulder, could you feel the increased pressure from above?"

"I think someone put his fat ass on top of us."

"Good interpretation."

"Sorry, You can't..."he stammered.

The Smoking Man misunderstood and ignored him. He continued to smoke and suddenly he could feel the couch was moving like those massage chairs. He looked at the couch he sat on eerily. Nothing was moving. Halloween Midnight Syndrome, he told himself.

"Can you smell it?" Mulder asked.

"Smell what?"


"Not him." Scully thought she would fainted away.

Skinner was not listening at all. Observing the man putting his weight on the couch, he could only pray silently that by the time Smoking Man left, they were no crushed to mince.

"What are you doing, Mulder? You are pushing me."

"I'm trying to shift myself down."

"Why do you want to do that?"

"I have a funny feeling that I am kissing the son of a bitch's ass and I think there is a necessity to change my current position to retain the dignity of my lips."

"Mulder, you sound like a politician."

"The later part is modified from a Press Conference speech."

The couch rolled again. This time it was so violent that it actually made the Smoking Man stood up. The couple immediately quiet down.

The Smoking eyed the AD and the couch.

"That's all, Skinner."

Then moved to the door.

But not before the ghostbusters.

"Gotcha, Skin..." The team stopped cold, there was no worst thing then busted the wrong man. They colored his entire body with their "magic gun", including his cigarette which was pink and purple now. He walked off frustrated, dumping the cigarette on the floor.

"This is some marksmanship. Think I should enrolled all of you to the retraining course," Skinner managed to say it with a straight face. "He does look like a vampire," said his deputy. Now, Skinner couldn't stop laughing and he, well, temporarily forgotten the couch and drove himself back home.

Meanwhile, of course, there is lots of things Mulder and Scully could do inside that couch. No...not that, it was not spacious enough. They could, for example, talk about the masks.

"Mulder, what those two masks mean, anyway?"

"The man, of course, is Skinner."

Scully couldn't help but giggle.

"And the cat, you think for a minute and you would get it."

"Mulder, cats either sit on the couch or under the couch. They don't sit *inside* the couch."

"Anyway, I win."

Scully felt something hard was stucking her hips.

"Mulder, have you got your gun with you?"

"No," he said innocently.

Scully suddenly realised what the gun was.

"Pull it off."

"I can't."

It certainly was a long night.

The End

How do they get out from the couch. Who cares anyway? Did CC tell you how Mulder get out from that metal box?

For those of you who're too curious and are coming to paranoid. Skinner would remembered it tomorrow when he saw his couch rolling again.

Only wish my own Halloween is that fun.

The End.

And that's all I have to say about that.
---Forrest Gump

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