Title: The Witching Hour
Author: Peach
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek/Doggett
Warnings: This story contains m/m/m sexual relationship.
Rating: NC17
Date: 10/19/02
Archive: Ask, I might.
Website: http://us.geocities.com/peach1250/index.html
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Krycek, Doggett and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.

Summary: Doggett goes into the closet with Alex and Walter. What else's a guy to do on Halloween at a costume party?

Notes: Thanks to Josan as always. Part of the Ursus, Canis, and Rattus universe. This one is for Bill, thanks Honey for the info.

He woke to the sound of a cat's meow drifting in the window. He moaned as his head made itself known. They hadn't, had they? They must have from the pain that shot through his head as he raised it slightly to see the two lumps in bed with him.

A bandaged head was resting over his heart, while a head of slicked back hair rested on his groin. His legs were spread and captured between four others, one set around his thigh the other around an ankle.

He dropped his head back with a moan, rubbing his free hand over his face to find the hair was still attached. God, they hadn't even bothered to take off the makeup. He lay very still hoping to keep down the feeling of impending porcelain worship.

The cat howled again and he figured it was getting lucky. Not that he needed to complain, he'd gotten plenty lucky last night. More so than he'd expected when the night began.

He closed his eyes and concentrated on remembering what had happened last night.

"Walt, you need to hurry or we're going to be late."

"Hold your horses. Damn, why did I let you talk me into this costume?"

"Would you rather go as Daddy Warbucks?"

Walter watched in the mirror as the tall, thin vampire with blue eyes came into the bathroom. He applied the last layer of fake hair to his face as his lover John Doggett watched. They had gotten the makeup instructions for the wolfman face from a book Doggett had picked up when his son was still alive.

Of course, Alex's suggestions had nothing to do with it. He wouldn't be there to see them, right? But it was the thought that counted.

Walter growled, John chuckled as he watched the wolfman slowly rise and turn toward him. While he was sure everyone would know him at the party, they probably wouldn't recognize Walter until he spoke.

John drove because Walter was having a difficult time with the fake wolf claws. The party was in full swing when they got there. Both men ordered a drink and took in the many costumes floating around. There was another wolfman but he was wearing a mask that he kept hiking up so he could drink.

When Scully and Reyes came over and asked them to dance, they allowed themselves to be led onto the floor. Scully was dressed as a Nicole Kidman knockoff from Moulin Rouge. Reyes was dressed as a gypsy.

"Come on, Agent Doggett, and dance with me."

"That's Dracula to you, Agent Scully. After I drink your blood, will I be allowed to call you Dana?"

"I supposed then you may call me whatever you want."

She laughed as she pulled John out onto the floor. Reyes turned to Walter.

"'Even a man, who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms. And the autumn moon is bright.' Want to dance with a gypsy, tall, hairy and dangerous?" "I'd be honored, Agent Reyes."

"Please, call me Monica tonight."

"Then you must call me Walter or Walt."

He followed her onto the dance floor and they flowed with the music. He found her to be quite good at following her partner and they stayed on the floor dancing through the next number as well. He noticed that Scully had gone back to the alien who was leaning against the wall and John was now dancing with a mummy.

Walter stuffed down a growl as he saw the mummy's hand squeeze John's ass. The wiggle of said ass and the way John moved in closer to his partner sent Walter's blood pressure up. He would have denied being jealous, but he was.

John had been gracing his bed for the last six months. He had told himself they were together to make Alex happy. They both loved Alex but it was just sex between them.

But seeing him being so touchy feely with someone else was not setting well.

He ended the dance on the far side of the room and watched, shocked, as John left the room with the mummy. He tried to pretend he was upset about John cheating on Alex. They had made no promises but he just assumed that John was keeping it between the three of them as he was.

He didn't want to follow him. Didn't want to see with his own eyes. But the green-eyed monster drove him from the room. Just in time to see them go through a door down at the end of the long hallway. He tried to act nonchalant as he walked down the hallway, even though he was steaming.

The door was marked 'Linens' and he opened it slowly, afraid of what he would find. John was on his knees with a knife in his hand carefully slitting the strips of cloth wrapped around the mummy standing in front of him.

As Walter watched, a very erect cock was released from the confines of the wrappings and John immediately took it in his mouth. Neither man seemed to notice him. He backed out of the door and closed it quietly.

Leaning against the wall, he let the pain roll over him for a minute then turned and headed for the exit. He had just stepped outside and pulled in a deep breath of the chilly night air when his cell phone rang.



"Alex! It's good to hear your voice."

"Walter, where are you?"

"I'm at the Halloween party."

"I know that part. But where are you?"

"I'm just getting some air. We can talk a while if you want."

"What I want is for you to get your ass inside and find the linen closet on the east side of the ballroom and help John take care of me."

"You're here?"

"Yes, and I'm waiting for the big bad wolf to come and ravage me."

Walter was already moving back toward the door. He grabbed the handle and found that it had locked behind him.


"Yes, Walter, that's what I want you to do."

"The door's locked. I have to go around. Don't you dare come until I get there."

"I won't."

Alex closed the phone and looked down at the man whose tongue was running slowly along the large vein in his cock.

"He thought you were cheating on us."

"Yeah, I figured. Guess I should tell him that you guys keep me too well fucked for me to look elsewhere."

"You might try saying it a little more romantically than that."

John didn't answer; he just slipped his tongue underneath the foreskin on his lover's cock and rubbed it slowly around the head. Alex's bandaged head dropped back as he moaned. Sometimes it just wasn't fair how they both drove him insane doing things like that.

The quiet sound of the door opening brought Alex's head around. His uncovered lips smiled at the wolfman standing just inside the closed door. He held out the knife to Walter and grinned before he was kissed soundly.

Alex and John went still as Walter knelt behind Alex to slit the fabric so he could get to the opening his dick wanted to enter.


Since John's mouth was full, Alex spoke, "What is it, Walter?"

"I can't do jack with these claws."

John released Alex. "Here, let me. We can't leave the party this early so you need to keep them on."

Alex turned and John made a long slit so Walter could get to the object of his desire. Turning back when John was finished, Walter reached to grab the lube from the shelf.

"You'll have to put the condom on for me, Alex."

"You don't need one."

"Whoo hoo!"

John's pleasure was vocal as Walter pulled Alex back against him and kissed him breathless. Alex had confessed to them a month before that he had only been with them in the last year. He was the only other man John and Walter had been with; they were both sure they were clean but had been tested anyway. When their test had come back negative, they had stopped using condoms except when Alex was with them.

Now that Alex's test had come back, no more barriers between them. Since John and Walter had been monogamous in their marriages, they hadn't had to use them for years. Neither of them was fond of condoms, but they'd used them when Alex had come into their lives.

Walter finally released Alex's mouth and watched as John and Alex worked together to get his pants out of the way and his dick lubed up. John helped guide Walter into Alex and then turned back to the pleasure of sucking his lover.

Had anyone opened the door during the next half hour they would have found Dracula sitting on the floor, stroking his own cock with one hand while he used the other to hold onto the cock he was sucking. This while the wolfman was ramming into the mummy's ass. Said mummy being held upright by the wolfman as he gave himself up to the pleasure of being reamed and sucked at the same time.

Alex bit hard on his prosthesis to keep from screaming as John slipped the edge of his finger underneath the foreskin to rub around the head as he sucked one of Alex's balls into his mouth. Walter decided at that moment to go in deep and, using his legs to push up while pulling down on Alex's shoulders, he gave Alex every inch he had to offer.

Alex jerked as though an electric current had gone through his body. The first spurt of come was caught by John's hand. The second going into John's mouth as he let go of the ball he had been sucking on and covered the head of his lover's cock. John swallowed greedily as Walter pulled out against the resistance of as ass trying to keep him inside. Then Walter pushed back deep inside and gave up trying to hold back, allowing his come to flood his lover.

As soon as Alex had stopped shooting, John stood up, holding out his hand; he and Alex watched as Walter cleaned ever drop from it. Walter pulled out of Alex slowly and moved around him to stand in front. He held Alex as John took his place inside the still vibrating hole. Alex leaned heavily against Walter as John stroked in and out of his body.

"Alex, I can't tell you how fucking good this feels. Walter's come is so hot inside you. And not needing a glove gives a whole new feel to doing this."

Alex smiled against Walter's shoulder as he continued to pant. Walter and John shared a kiss as John pumped to his own climax. Then the three just stood holding onto each other for several long minutes.

"We'd better get back to the party." Walter didn't sound the least bit enthusiastic but he knew they couldn't just leave after such a short time there.

"Alex, how are you gonna get out of here?"

"There's some extra cloth on the shelf. You guys can wrap your toys back up. Besides, I didn't get to dance with Walter yet."

Walter grabbed a towel for clean up, then he and John re-wrapped their lover. Alex checked to make sure the hallway was clear. They managed to slip back into the party without encountering anyone in the hall.

Walter and John danced with Scully, Reyes and Kim. Also dancing with other women when asked. But they timed it so that one of them was with Alex for each dance. Walter actually found himself having a good time and loosened up enough to have a few drinks, knowing that his lovers would get him home.

By the time midnight had rolled around he was quite shit-faced. And became very amorous in the car on the way home. So much so that the lower part of the mummy was totally unwrapped by the time John pulled the car into the garage at his house.

Walter dimly remembered John and Alex laughing as they manhandled their drunk wolf into the house.

"Come on, Walter. We need to get inside, this damn garage is cold. Your mummy's nuts are freezing off."

"'S ok. I'll suck 'em for you. Get 'em nice and warm. And John can warm up your ass."

"Sounds like a good plan, Wolfman. Dracula doesn't mind getting his dinner from a delectable ass."

Walter snorted a laugh as John remained in character. Walter tried to leer at Alex but just couldn't pull it off.

"Gonna suck this mummy dry."

"This mummy won't mind that a bit. Just need to get upstairs."

They got Walter into the bedroom and he pulled Alex down with him onto the bed. John worked on getting Walter naked from the waist down as Walter managed, with the cooperation of the mummy, to get Alex's nuts to come back out to play.

Once he had Walter's pants out of the way he stripped off his own. None of them worried about getting the upper half naked. Alex let out a little yap as the one remaining claw Walter was wearing caught in his pubic hair. John grabbed Walter's hand and stripped off the claw.

John stood for a minute drinking in the sight of Alex kneeling over Walter's body as Walter sucked vigorously at the lovely dangles he was being offered. Walter's hands were trying to get under the bandages to Alex's nipples so he could play with them. Finally he gave up and reached up to try to pinch them with varying success through the bandages.

That must have worked because Alex arched his back into the touch and moaned. John joined them on the bed and decided to get Dracula's dinner. He nipped playfully at Alex's butt and smiled as Alex's cheeks tightened. As Walter continued to play with the toys he could reach, John ran his hands along the lovely cheeks in front of him.

Alex whimpered as John spread him and ran his tongue slowly over the small hole. Alex had never found anything to be better than being loved from both sides by the two men he was in love with. Walter sucked as John used his tongue to slip into Alex's body. Pulling back slightly he spoke to them.

"Walter, I can taste us in him. Alex, you don't know what a turn on it is for me, knowing we can bareback you from now on."

"That mean you want to try the other fantasy you told me about on the phone the other night?"

Walter let go of Alex's balls with a loud slurping noise.

"You guys had phone sex without me?"

"You were at your buddy's house, what's his face."

"Well, you could've recorded it for me, John. What fantasy?"

Alex smiled down at Walter.

"Why don't we just show you?"


Alex waited as John got up and then he moved to straddle Walter. Walter's head arched back as Alex's hot ass engulfed him. John's hand guiding the way and then moving lower to roll Walter's balls in their sac. Alex used his arm for support and began to move slowly up and down on Walter's big cock.

John watched as he coated his own cock with lube. Walter fumbled slightly but managed to get a firm grip on Alex's cock and jerked it in time to Alex's movements on him. He felt the bed shift but his eyes were closed as he concentrated on the feel of Alex in his hand.

Walter eyes flew open when he felt the pressure of John entering Alex with him. The feeling so intense as John's dick rubbed against his while making Alex feel even tighter than usual. Alex let out a noise that could only be described as keening.

"Alex, you ok?" John's voice held a note of concern as he went still, except for the hand rubbing slowly over Alex's hip.

"Fine...but I won't last long, especially if Walter keeps doing that thing."

"What thing?"

"He's doing that head rubbing thing." Alex's voice sounded strangled.

John smiled and began to move into and out of Alex. He and Walter had discovered one lazy Sunday afternoon just how sensitive the head of Alex's cock was. They had proceeded to tie him down and spent hours bringing him off. One of them holding his foreskin back while the other used plenty of spit and his fingers to rub round and round the glans. Of course, they had brought each other off as well, one hand for Alex, the second for their other lover.

Walter stayed still except for his busy fingers. The stimulation of John's dick rubbing against his as Alex's ass pulsed around them was all the stimulation he wanted. But when Alex's fingers found a nipple he bucked up, forcing more of his cock inside Alex.

Alex shrieked and his cock shot long ropes of come out to splatter on the shirt Walter was halfway wearing. Walter's heels pressed down on the bed as he tried to put even more of his body inside Alex, his cock emptying deep inside Alex's bowels.

John's face contorted as he tried to hold back his climax to ride out theirs but it didn't work. He cursed loudly, as he pumped hard and as deep as possible to add his come to Walter's.

That was the last thing Walter could remember. Obviously his lovers hadn't had the energy or desire to get them cleaned up. Normally Walter would have let them sleep until they woke on their own but his bladder was starting to complain and John's head resting on top of it wasn't helping.

"John, Alex, I need to get up. I've got to piss."

"Go ahead, we don't care." John mumbled as he shifted slightly.

"John, I don't think you want me to piss in your bed even if you don't mind me pissing on you. Please notice where your head is."

John's eyes opened reluctantly and he realized if Walter let go he's get it right in the face. He rolled over with a groan.

"Do you guys have to be so noisy? I'm trying to get my beauty sleep." Alex rolled away from them to the edge of the big bed.

Walter got up and staggered into the bathroom. He peed for what felt like hours and then turned on the shower. He was under the spray letting it beat down on his back and watching as the hair slowly came loose to fall and gather at the drain. He didn't even turn when the curtain was pulled back.

"Walt, here take these."

He let John deposit the aspirin on his tongue and drank the water that was held out to him. He moaned with appreciation when John joined him and began to massage the tight muscles in his shoulders. A couple of minutes later Alex slipped into the shower with them.

They stayed in the shower until the water began to cool, managing to get them all clean. The drain was cleared of hair several times before all of it was off Walter's face. Back in the bedroom they all pulled on sweats before going down to have coffee.

They sat in silence for a long time. Finally, Walter spoke.

"Alex, I'm glad you came to the party last night. That's the first one of those things I've ever enjoyed."

"What part did you like best?"

Alex was expecting him to say the part in the closet. Was shocked at the answer.

"Dancing with you in public. I just wish I could have danced with John, too."

"We could go to a gay club and dance. All three of us together."

John got up, left the room and they looked at each other puzzled until the sounds of music reached them from the living room. John came back into the room and crossed to Walter.

"May I have this dance?"

Walter nodded, then stood up to follow John back into the living room. Alex stood in the doorway watching as John's head rested on Walter's broad shoulder as they danced. It wasn't public but it was still good to see them like that. When the next song started they turned to him, motioning for him to join them.

They wrapped around Walter and the three danced, moving slowly against each other. When the music ended, they moved toward the stairs without a word. Walter and John changed the sheets on the bed while Alex lit incense to fill the room with the smell of sandalwood.

The lovemaking was slow and gentle, the three men joined in their hearts as well as bodies. When it was over, they slept only to wake later and make love again, this time with Walter in the middle.

Alex left them in the wee hours of the morning. He was tired but he knew he'd have time to sleep on the plane. And he'd have his pleasantly sore ass to remind him of the best Halloween of his life.


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