Abner by Anonymous
Mulder and Scully are assigned to investigate a possible serial killing in a small, very suburban neighborhood.

About Voodoo and Other Possibilities by Vibienne
This has been written for the SHODDS fan-fiction challenge

All Hallow's Eve by Windsinger
Driving back to Washington on Halloween evening Mulder and Scully see strange lights in the sky over rural Maryland, stop to investigate, and find themselves spending a night they will not soon forget.

All Hallow's Eve II. Extreme Unction by Windsinger
Mulder and Scully return to the Halloween bonfire dance they visited in 1995 and run up against a very menacing figure. Bad things happen after that.

All Hallow's Eve III. All Xmas Eve by Windsinger
Mulder and Scully with the help of friends make a break for freedom.

All Hallow's Eve IV. Miracle by Windsinger
Tannis, a young witch, is invited to a certain Halloween party by a certain good-looking FBI agent in hopes that she can prevent tragedy sweeping up our heros once again.

Ascending by IfIQuitNowTheyWin
One can take them away from the FBI, but the weird and magical are still following Mulder and Scully around. This time, all the way to San Francisco , and there may be a good reason...

The Bates Witch by Xenith
Mulder falls afoul of a witch's curse while investigating the mysterious death of a scuba diver in swim fins and tank, found unscorched in the middle of a burned out meadow, miles from water.

Black Magic by MrsSpooky_DKS
11 teenage girls enter a cornfield. Only 9 come back out alive.

The Blair Witch File by RetroSkater
XF/Blair Witch Project crossover.

The Blair Witch Files by R.J.C.
Before the 1999 Summer Movie season began, Agents Scully and Mulder had a bit of a distraction caused by a certain bootleg video...

The Blair Witch Project: Mulder's on the Case by Raye
The man just can't help himself. Major spoilers for TBWP.

Blood and Roses by Hope
Four teenagers are dead, and all the clues lead Mulder and Scully to a "love potion" gone awry.

Bokor Holiday by The Stinker
Mulder takes it upon himself to save Scully from a voodoo curse, but ends up needing saving himself.

Boomerang by Winfree
This time out our heroes are confronted with murder and witchcraft in the Bureau. And Mulder is confronted with someone from his past.

The Brixton Witch by Kel and msk
A hoax? A haunting? Only Goody Barton knows for sure.

Burkittsville by eponine119
There's something in the woods...

Burned At The Stake by trycee
Mulder and Scully are investigating a modern day Witch who was burned at the stake, an old patient of Hannibal's. The woman's ghost has been seen since her death bursting into flames to horrified on-lookers. Mulder and Scully seek to solve her murder.

Centenarian by Black Orchid and Halo 5
Is an old woman with extraordinary powers the link between a string of murders and extraterrestrial occurrences in a rural Louisiana town, or is a serial killer to blame for the gruesome deaths?

Charmed to Meet You by Scully854
Mulder and Scully go to California to solve a murder and are helped by the Charmed Ones.

Charming X-Files by Caleigh R.
Mulder and Scully go to San Francisco to get information on a certain Prue Halliwell that Special Agent Andy Trudeau apparently protected by destroying evidence. There, they find the Charmed ones.

A Djinn and a Witch by Samantha Mulder
Scully practices her witchcraft, visits Samantha, and . . .what's a djinn?

Embers by syntax6
Mulder and Scully investigate a series of arsons.

Enchantress by daydreamer
Skinner has an encounter with a mysterious woman.

Enchantress: 02 The Lighthouse by daydreamer
While taking some mandated leave time, Skinner meets a mysterious woman.

Enchantress: 03 The Pool by daydreamer
Skinner. Mysterious woman. Woods and water.

Enchantress: 04 Falling by daydreamer
Skinner has yet another experience with a mysterious woman.

The Fire Eternal by Marisa Golini
Mulder convinces Scully to try hypnotic regression to see if they've had a past life together. It turns out that Scully was a healer suspected of being a witch and Mulder was a witch hunter...

The Final series: Goin' Down South by David Hearne
Mulder and Scully go to a town called Final, Mississippi to investigate a crime that apparently did *not* happen.

The Final series: Headin' Back South by David Hearne
This story is a sequel to "Goin' Down South."

The Final series: Gone To Florida by David Hearne
the final story in the "Final" series

Flashing Lights by TCS1121
"Scully, I've seen enough to last a lifetime."

Formerly Blair by Cornflake Girl
Mulder and Scully go looking for the three college students who disappeared in 1994.

The Goddes Dana by Husain
Mulder drags Scully away for a vacation... they meet a wacky group of witch women who think Scully is an impostor Goddess.... they stir trouble.

Gris-Gris by Nicola Simpson

Hoodoo by Paperky
The agents go to the Deep South to look into unexplained random acts of violence. They find a secret that cannot be kept from an unsuspecting world any longer and struggle to control an evil that manipulates an unfortunate mans destiny for it's own ends.

Hubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble by Reefgirl
Agent's Doggett and Scully got to San Francisco to investigate the murder of Wiccans, on the way they meet the Halliwell sisters.

Inhibitions by RPcrazy
On a case in Salem, Massachusetts Special Agent John Doggett is behaving bizarrely and it is Agent Reyes job to find out why.

Knots by Erica Miszti
M&S have just finished a case and are spending their last night in a hotel before they go back to DC, when a little witch gets in a tampers with things.

La Verite Nous Sauvera by Jacquie LaVa and Tess
Three women are the victims of black magick and Scully may be next. This time the truth really will save her, because even the smallest white lie could end her life. Now she and Mulder race to unravel the mystery and break the spell before it's too late

Loss of Time by Emania1224
Scully wonders what would happen if she told Mulder how she feels, but is afraid of the consequences-until she finds a modern day witch who just might be able to help her find out.

More Black Magic by Rachel Wilder
Scully and the Lonegunmen deal with the fall-out of Diana's damage to Mulder. An authorized follow-up to "That Ole Black Magic" by Vickie Moseley

My Arms Stretch Triumphant on Top of a Mountain by AltarGirl2
While on "vacation" Scully and Mulder discover a coven of witches, the Gold Dust Woman, and a thousand other mystical and beautiful mysteries...

New England Magic by Catmom
How Scully SHOULD have answered that proposal.

"Once upon a time..." by Scully's Evil Sister
A beautiful princess, three lone gun fairies, an evil witch and a handsome prince. Sounds like a fairy tale to me. Now are you all sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin...

Renaissance de Mal by Satchie
Evil never dies; it merely changes form.

Rude Awakening by Mic2
Interesting doctors and nurses, a couple of unusual trauma cases, an intriguing case, a little bit of voodoo magic, and you got yourself an X-File.

Scully and Mulder Project by Divalicious Pink
Mulder and Scully go on a witch hunt of there own.

Sins Of The Fathers by Danny

Sisters Under The Skin by Amanda Jeanne

Soul On Fire by Robin
Mulder and Scully speak to the only person willing to stand up and talk after a night of violence against a young woman accused of witchcraft.

Spooked by Suzanne Bickerstaffe and "Melody"
A clerk-typist tells the story of her experiences with Mulder and Scully, on loan to the VCU to investigate a serial murder case involving witchcraft and past horrors.

Standin' at the Crossroads by frogdoggie
Mulder, Scully and Skinner travel to Maine on a case that proves to be a very dangerous and then deadly, X-File.

That Ole Black Magic by Vickie Moseley
The Lonegunmen find out some more about Diana Fowley and tell Scully.

Through the Fire by jordan

Unfamiliar by Stephen A
A small town wants to lynch an old woman. Mulder thinks it's a witch hunt but soon finds out it's much more than that agter there's a murder. Strange creatures are lurking in sheep's clothing and they come to a nasty end.

Weret-hekau by Khyber
Post-ep for "Theef." "Big magic... only needs to believe in you. And trust me, it believes in you."

When in LA by Echo126
After years, Fox decides to visit his cousin, Piper Halliwell, in LA. But what are his reasons?

Wicked Witchcraft by Thirteen Cats
'Cause it's witchcraft, wicked witchcraft, and although I know it's strictly taboo, when you arouse the need in me, my heart says "Yes, indeed!" in me, "Proceed with what you're leading me to....!"

Wish List by Lani D
Scully and Mulder investigate a neighborhood overtaken by a witch.

The Witch And The Muggle by PhileyX
Mulder and Scully magically find themselves in Hogwarts and meet all the lovely characters that have held the world spellbound. But why and how did they get there? And how do they get back to their own world? (Harry Potter crossover)

Witch Hunt by CobraGirl
During a search for the Blair witch, Mulder and Scully discover that the greatest threats often come from within...

The Witch Hunter by Annette Gisby
What did they know of witchcraft? They were just superstitious.

The Witching Hour, X-Files Edition by RussianWolf7
Part of a three part drabble. The first line is from Anne Rice. A short little thing with MSR hints.

X-FILE #67584: LOVEBUG by Elyce
An enchantress creates a magic potion which releases a person's innermost emotions... but when Mulder and Scully get a dose, their lives will never be the same again.

The X-Witch Project by Stacy Q.
Mulder goes looking for the three missing students

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