Werewolves and Shapeshifters

Angular Momentum by Kel
"I have been on the bridge that spans two worlds, the link between all souls by which we cross into our own true nature." -- Fox Mulder, "The Blessing Way."

The Blackthorn Tree II: Around the Dear Ruin by Maureen S. O'Brien
This story is a sequel to "The Blackthorn Tree I: Believe Me"

Bright City, Dark Prey by Craig S.
The discovery of a severed leg in the Chicago gangland leads to Mulder's belief in a urban werewolf.

Changes by Red Wolf
Shift sequel. Jordan has to face a nightmare from her past, she requests Mulder and Scully to help her track down a killer.

Child of Darkness, Child of Light by Hilary J. Doda
This's a sequel to "...lest a Beast I Become"

Christmas in (Haven) Maine by Neoxphile and Faerax
Mulder and Scully take the kids on a pre-Christmas vacation in Haven, Maine just in time to be stranded on an island after a massive ice storm. Then it gets really scary...

Cry Wolfe by Alasdair T. McLean
Mulder and Scully are ordered to investigate the case of a missing boy in Portland, Orgeon, but not all is as it seems.

Curses! by Laurel
Alex has a lycanthropic disorder. In plain English he's a werewolf. Walter and Mulder try to cope with his behavior.

Darane Svatura by Katrinka
On their first case back with the X-Files, Mulder and Scully come face to face with the cause of Mulder's curse.

Denial is Not a River in Egypt by H Lynn
Explores the events that might have occurred between Folie a Deux and The End. Mulder and Scully are investigating a series of odd deaths in Devil's Lake, Wisconsin, when evidence begins to point to an unlikely subject; a wolf from American Indian legend.

Driven By You by Katrinka
Mulder gets into trouble after confronting someone whom resembles Krycek.

Evil, My Way by stellar_dust
Spike meets a frightened little girl during his flight from Sunnydale.

Feline Affliction series by Teresa Horne, Sarah M. Margaret, and Sneakers
Mulder has disappeared, and Scully has adopted a new feline friend. But is it just another cat?

Ferotica by Holmes
M/Sk/Sc threesome delights in a magical AU.

Here Kitty Kitty by mlb
Skinner gets turned into a cat. What more can I say?

Humans, Spirits, Magick, and Aliens by BakurasLoyalServant
What happens when the YuGiOh! Gang are a pack of werewolves, and one has lost his powers? Why, the X-Files come to play!

Hunt for the Werewolf by Donnilee
An old college friend of Mulder's is in danger and while working the case, they are made to see how much they are missing and where they'll end up if they don't give in to their love for one another.

In Wolf's Clothing by aka "Jake"
"A manitou overtakes a man by night, not by full moon. But when its blood lust builds to an uncontrollable level, a man changes to a sickening creature. It kills, releasing the savage energy. The man returns to his true self, unaware of what has happened. The cycle begins anew the next day." - Ish in "Shapes"

Jade by Aries
A long time ago in a land far, far away, there lived a handsome genie prince who, much to his father's consternation had a fascination for humans. This fascination turns to obsession and then true love when one day an amazingly beautiful human catches his eye. As if you couldn't guess, the path to happiness is hardly a smooth one and the star-crossed lovers must endure much pain before they can earn the key to the land of eternal bliss.

Johnny Lee by Brandon D. Ray
A meditation on love and dragons.

...Lest a Beast I Become by Hillary
The discovery of an X-File previously hidden from sight, leads Mulder and Scully to a meeting with one of the earlier X-Files investigators.

Long Dark Night by Lacadiva
Scully wolf. Mulder dinner.

Loup Garou by Shael
The ongoing adventures of Alex Krycek and his werewolf lover.

Lycanthropy by DBKate
Strange things happen to Mulder and Scully after a suspect's attack.

Nocturne by MsBrooklyn
I what would happen if somebody finally decided to investigate all of those bizarre Vincent-attacks in New York City. And wouldn't it be cool if that somebody turned out to be Mulder and Scully? So, what we have here is a Beauty and the Beast/X-Files cross-over (God help us all).

Not With A Whisper by frogdoggie
Mulder and Scully revisit some familiar Wisconsin friends and then confront some familiar foes as well. Wisconsin Death Trip sequel.

Of Priests and Beasts by Alex W.

Pepper by David Hearne
Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate a werewolf in a small Alabama town. Along the way they encounter a deadly werewolf hunter and the best chili in the South.

Pin-Striped by Gryphonrhi
Werewolves, sure. Werebears? Okay, Norse myth, sure. Only the Lone Gunmen would investigate a were-skunk.

Puppy Love by Vickie Moseley
Not your usual Valentine's Day story. Here be werewolves.

Second Skin by Shael
Agent Mulder is kidnapped by a stranger who has an unusual request for him. She wants Mulder to kill her and tells him the reason why - she believes she is a werewolf. But is she? There is a bit of romance at the end, but no sex. Um, I guess it would be PG for slight language and themes.

Shaggy Dog by A Gentleman Of Leisure
After the destruction of Sunnydale, an old friend returns to look for the Slayer and her friends.

Shift by Red Wolf
Mulder hears about a werewolf sighting and drags a reluctant Scully into the boondocks to investigate.

Sibbekunde Geheim by Katrinka
The team go over some rocky times as Scully tries to doctor Mulder back to health.

Soldiergirl by Wintersong
Bill Scully has an unusual Christmas gift for his sister.

Strays by mlb
It's Mulder and Scully's turn to experience feline life.

That Tight-Assed Cat by Manik
An "enchanted" Skinner moves in with Scully, much to Mulder's chagrin.

That's All by Virtie
Scully is granted a wish on Halloween.

War of the Legends 01 by Donnilee
Mulder and Scully investigate a series of bizarre killings and run into much more than they bargained for..

War of the Legends 02 by Donnilee
Mulder and Scully learn who they can trust and who they can't. They need to choose a side and the wrong one could cost them their lives.

War of the Legends 03 by Donnilee
War is about to erupt and allegiances change. Can Mulder and Scully untangle the webs of deceit before it's too late?

War of the Legends 04 by Donnilee
Dissention in the Clan ranks threatens the fragile victory of the vampires over the werewolves. Meanwhile, Mulder and Scully get their hands on the lycanthropes research. Could it be the answer to their prayers?

War of the Legends 05 by Donnilee
Mulder and Scully struggle to help the Clan and Tribe find common ground while they try to find out if their research can advance medical science.

Wrapping Up Wolf Lake by Angela W.
Mulder and Scully, now married, investigate some weird happenings in a small town in the Pacific Northwest at the request of Seattle Police Lieutenant John Kanin.

Wisconsin Death Trip by frogdoggie
Mulder and Scully travel to Wisconsin to investigate some cattle mutilations. Their discovery of the cause behind the mutilations soon proves to be something very terrifying.

The Wolf Never Sleeps by mad martha
A dead FBI Agent, a clairvoyant with a secret, a mad vampire and a God-fearing werewolf. (With a cast like this it should be funny, but it isn't.)

The Wolfman Cometh by Polly
Another nice trip to the forest

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