4 by Jason Cleaver

Adventures in Sunnydale by Angel Brown
A crossover between X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Ahhh! Real Vampires! by LuvPotionNo9
When Mulder finds out Scully might be a vampire, he freaks! Find out how he handles it in: Ahhh! Real Vampires!

Beer, Eveningwear, and Vampires by Caroline McKenna
Mulder's ex-wife returns and is in immediate danger. Mulder is forced to make some choices between a life he used to have and the one he dreams of. Meanwhile, Scully deals with her own personal demonsjealousy and denial.

Beyond The Truth series: II. High Stakes by Neoxphile
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter (from the Laurell Hamilton novels) poses as a nanny in Mulder and Scully's home, so she can learn more about a vampire problem in the DC area.

Blood and Roses II: A Winter of Roses by Hope
The government has always had its ugly little secrets, but this time one of the secrets is loose- and talking to Mulder and Scully.

Blood of My Blood by Claire
After four years of hell, Scully returns to Mulder and their son Sean.

Blood of My Blood II: The Ties That Bind by Claire
To stop the vampires, Mulder and Scully make a deal with one of them.

Blood of My Blood III: Touchstones by Claire
To get back what was taken from them.

Blood Thirst by Mrs.SpookyScully
Mulder and Scully are on a case with vampires who have the ability to jump into another person and control them.

Bruised and Bloody by Vickie Moseley
Two agents, one pizza delivery vampire and a wooden chair leg. Post episode thoughts from Bad Blood.

Child of Darkness, Child of Light by Hilary
Another connection to 1950s agent Cauthorn (find first fic under "werewolves")

Colton's Ladder by Alasdair T. McLean
When the Special Investigator based at the British Embassy in Washington DC is murdered by a serial killer Will McCormack is dispatched to investigate. Assistant Director Skinner assigns Agents Mulder and Scully to assist him, but there is one small problem: the investigating agent is Tom Colton.

Comme Si' Bella by marianne the insomniac
A snow storm holds them in Casper after a case in another very small town. Strange things happen and not only a jealous Mulder gets caught up. Are there vampires?

Conquests by D. L. Powers

The Darkness in Him by ML
The darkness in him was drawn to the darkness in her. An alternate view of the events during and after "3".

Deputy Dan by Vickie Moseley
It's Halloween night and Mulder and Scully get caught up in a manhunt.

Dirty Minds by Neoxphile
On New Years day 2006, Mulder and Scully's visit to Bon Temps Louisiana alarms some locals. (X-Files/Sookie Stackhouse crossover)

Encounter with the Undead by Mary Kleinsmith
An acquaintance from the past comes back to haunt Mulder and threaten his happiness with Scully. (No, it's not a ghost!)

Embraced by Shawen A. Greer
When faced with unspeakable evil, sometimes love is your only hope. (written in response to a challenge to write an MSR story where Mulder is a vampire)

Embracing by X-Phan
X-Files/Kindred: The Embraced crossover. "A choice is made, a gift bestowed, and all that follows after"

Embracing the Future by X-Phan
Embracing sequel. A friend in need, a debt repaid, and the continuous adventure of love.

Eternity in Your Arms by Piper Sargasso
Alternate reality of my "This Mortal Coil" universe, but can be read as a standalone. Scully finds Mulder outside a vampire-fetish club.

Evil, My Way by stellar_dust
Spike meets a frightened little girl during his flight from Sunnydale.

Fatherhood 2002 by Xanthe
It isn't easy being a sci-fi dad these days...

Four Days by Sister Moon

Girl's Night Out 2 by Weyer
An assassian, a Slayer, some weird women, a cult and a demon make for an interesting vacation.

Halloween Night Horror by FBIAgent
It's Halloween Night and Mulder convinces Scully to go trick or treating. But neither of them have any idea what they are in for.

Hiding Backwards I. Tonight I Was by Brighid
Even dying, she had never sounded this fragile.

Hiding Backwards II. To The Bone by Brighid
Death would have been too easy. Mulder gets help, and sees things through to their unnatural conclusion.

Hiding Backwards III. Atrocities Done by Brighid
Life, such that it is, must go on. Mulder deals with his new world, and the sins of the old one.

Left Turn at Albuquerque by Evil Little Dog
Mulder's on a vampire hunt. Scully just wants to go home.

Life Sucks, Bite Me by Aris
Mulder and Scully investigate a murder that Mulder thinks might have something to do with vampires. He's right. As usual.

Magistellus by Kelli Rocherolle
Mulder and Scully investigate vampires... maybe.

A Metallic Taste by Lili Blue
As Scully is about to make big changes in her life, something out of the ordinary happens to Mulder that forces him to make HUGE changes in his.

A Metallic Taste 02 - The Past is a Pebble in my Shoe by Lili Blue
Scully, the mortal, struggles in the world of Mulder, the Vampire.

A Metallic Taste 03 - The Future is a Mistress Hard to Please by Lili Blue
Last and final part in the "Metallic taste" series. Mulder has now on his conscience the future of Dana, fledgling Vampire.

Nocte Eterna by Michael A.
A multiple murder in Chicago conforms with identical murders stretching back over the past hundred and fifty years around the world. While all this is happening, Scully finds out that she has cancer.

Now It's Dark series by Jennifer-Oksana
The death of one life leads to the birth of the next.

The Old Ones by Benji The Vampire Confuser
First Season Buffy. The mysterious ailments of "The Witch" and a panicked answering machine message from a Bronze patron spark an FBI investigation of Sunnydale California. Guess who's coming to dinner?

Ruby by Aris
Well, there's this dead guy, but that's not important. It's the atmosphere, that's all, and Scully's problem, which is what you really want to hear about, isn't it?

A Sacrifice For The Cause by Starway Man
One of the Slayerettes is infected with the blood of a Mohra demon, and the chase is on by Angel, the FBI and others. Angel plus Mohra demon plus FBI plus green-blooded Slayerette equals trouble.

Shards of Time by Genetic Mosaic
Mulder has died. Scully goes back in time to prevent it. Both were vampires. Can she prevent his death and save her greatest friend and her lover in the process? And how exactly will she face Doggett? Set in beginning of Season 8, She leaves FBI.

Something in the Blood by FelineFemme
While a few may be familiar with “The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire”, I decided to take a whirl – meshing the world of Sherlock Holmes with the X-Files.

The Soul Chronicles by Hardra6
Angel and his crew team up with Scully and hers to track down an elusive Vampire FBI agent

Statistical Anomaly by A Gentleman Of Leisure
What prompted the Initiative come to Sunnydale?

The Strange Night of Dana Scully by Erin M. Blair
A flock of vampires? A tuxedo shirt? Dana Scully's not having a fun night, but will Mulder bring her some fun?

Summer Rains series by Sara QueeQueg
What would happen if you had a love potion and you were a vampire? Mulder and Scully find out what the government has been doing with DNA taken from people without their knowledge or consent.

Sunnydale CA by Heidiwax
Mulder and Scully Arrive in Sunnydale to checkout some unusual weather patterns and stumble upon more than they bargain for.

This Mortal Coil by Piper Sargasso
What does this mean?"
"It's exactly what it looks like, Scully. This is why I don't want you to find me."
"A vampire, " I whispered, stunned and disbelieving.

Townsend by Cancergirl
Mulder and Scully stumble upon a town under the control of a charismatic vampire.

Trinity's Children by devout2David
This takes place after the episode "3" and two years after Scully has returned to Mulder and the X-Files. While investigating the murder of friend's daughter from Scully's past, Mulder's own past comes back to haunt him.

Trusting One Another by KaThErInE-AnNa
Mulder and Scully cross paths with the crew of Buffy (Buffy, Willow, Angel, Giles etc...) to investigate. Investigate what? Take a wild guess. What Else? Vamps!

Under the Rose by bugs
The Christmas holidays are always so stressful. 1994 is even more so for Dana Scully, bringing painful memories, a perplexing Mulder, and vampires.

Vampire Series I. Promises to Keep by Jennifer Lyon
Mulder and Scully investigate a series of murders involving blood loss and must face the vampiric killer with the aid of a very surprising ally.

Vampire Series II. Vampire's Kiss by Jennifer Lyon
Several vampires have gone missing in Washington, DC and a worried Jason goes to Mulder and Scully for aid. Their investigation soon indicates that a very familiar evil is behind their disappearances.

Vampire Series III. Interlude with a Vampire by Jennifer Lyon
A short piece of erotica involving Mulder, Scully and Jason.

Vampire Series IV. Vampire's Ball by Jennifer Lyon
Jason invites Mulder and Scully to a Halloween Party -- Vampire-style.

Vampire Series V. Night Hunter by Jennifer Lyon
Jason is drawn into one of Mulder and Scully's investigations with dangerous consequences.

A Vampire's Tale 01 - Steeped in Blood by Donnilee
mysterious man manipulates the lives of Mulder and Scully. Is he their benefactor, or their enemy?

A Vampire's Tale 02 - Trail of Blood by Donnilee
old blood drinker comes to settle a score and Alex is the pawn. Will his master pay the price?

A Vampire's Tale 03 - Blood Red Rose by Donnilee
Gareth and Krycek discover a vampire creating a legion of blood drinkers with a vile plan, forcing Gareth to unwillingly assume the mantle of 'King of the Vampires.'

A Vampire's Tale 04 - Undead Rules by Donnilee
Gareth assumes his role as King of the Vampires, and he and Alex begin training the fledglings to survive in the real world.

A Vampire's Tale 05 - Blood Exchange by Donnilee
Gareth searches for the remaining vampires in the world and has to make some difficult decisions.

A Vampire's Tale 06 - A Covenant of Blood by Donnilee
Dissention in the Clan ranks threatens the fragile victory of the vampires over the werewolves. Meanwhile, Mulder and Scully get their hands on the lycanthropes research. Could it be the answer to their prayers?

Vampires by Doty
An X-File that involves vampires.

Vesparys by Nynaeve
Two demons wreak havoc. Mulder and Scully chase down the "X-File" only to discover someone else knows a little something about this sort of "unexplained phenomena".

Waiting For Morning by Brighid
I am surprised when he shows up at my door, past midnight, edgy and fine-drawn and holding a bottle of wine.

Walls series by Saraid

Welcome to the Hellmouth, Scully by Sapphire

When Belief is Awakened by Moonshadow
BTVS/XF fic. Mulder and Scully investigate an alarming death rate in a small town in California. Can we guess what happens?

The X-Factor by Teresa and Ashley
A bored vampire ropes in a hapless FBI agent to stir up his town. Because Mulder is the agent in question, things don't turn out like they should.

X-Files Just Dessert by spookysister7
A stakeout for vampires ends badly, will Scully and Mulder survive?

An X-Halloween by apckrfan
Mulder, still presumed dead, gets word from the Gunmen of an entire town, old and young alike; turning into their costumes on All Hallow's Eve and sends for Scully to help him investigate.

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