Title: TrUsTiNg OnE AnOtHeR
Author: KaThErInE-AnNa
Written: June 1998
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I am not the original writer of this story's characters. I used my love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The X-Files to make a story out of the characters. The characters in Buffy are owned and created by Joss Whedon and The X-Files characters belong to their creator Chris Carter. Twentieth Century Fox also owns both shows to a certain extent. Also featured in my story are the songs 'Say It' by Voices of Theory, 'All My Life' by K-Ci and JoJo, and At the Beginning by Richard Marx and Donna Lewis, which are used without permission. Please do not sue!
Classified: C

SuMmaRy:Mulder and Scully cross paths with the crew of Buffy (Buffy, Willow, Angel, Giles etc...) to investigate. Investigate what? Take a wild guess. What Else? Vamps!

Authors note: This is my first attempt at writing a fanfic. I hope you all will give me some feedback so I can have some courage to write another one and change the many mistakes I probably made. Thanks so much!

The long school corridors filled up with many teenagers as the bell rang.

It was the end of a long day at Sunnydale High School. Twoyoung girls stepped out of their classroom. One of the girls had blond shoulder length hair and the other girl had medium length brown-auburn type hair and was not as fashionable as her friend but was pretty. The blond haired girl's name was Buffy Summers and her friend's name was Willow Rosenburg.

They were special girls, though. They weren't as normal as they looked. Buffy was the vampire slayer. In each generation, there was one who would fight off the forces of evil and protect others. Buffy was the chosen one. Willow was her best friend who knew about Buffy's secret and she also helped Buffy in her fight against the undead.

Lately, though, there was no un-normal activity going on at Sunnydale, the home of the hellmouth, which was a mystical place with unusual powers. The two girls stepped out of their classroom to see the darkness of the skies. They were just watching a tape in Science and didn't notice how the weather had changed.

They stepped out to see the black clouds, which said "heavy rainfall"clearly. "I have patrol tonight! How am I supposed to patrol in this rain!" Buffy exclaimed like a whining child.

"Why don't we just get Giles to let you off the hook today?" asked Willow.

Buffy sighed. "You forgot didn't you? Remember Giles' thing about 'a vampire loves to come out in the rain catch a bite.' He hates the rain and I don't want to go out on a day like this!" whined Buffy.

"Oh yeah, I forgot," said Willow softly. As they got their books out of their lockers, they heard a crash. "It sounded like it came from the library!" exclaimed Willow. They ran to the library and burst opened the doors.

In front of them were 15 vampires that all had their backs facing Buffy and Willow. The vampires had captured about 40 people and were about to feed until they heard Buffy say, "Sure looks like you vampires really like rainy days. You can't wait just 3 more hours till sundown to grab a snack?" as she grabbed one of the vampires, kicked him and then put a stake through its heart.

"Now, who's next?" asked Buffy as 5 vampirescharged at her. She quickly glanced at the people held captive. They were all crying, shaking or moaning. She noticed Giles was gone but then suddenly remembered that he had gone out with Ms. Calender for the day. She quickly glanced back at the vampires that were charging at her when she heard a loud "Stop!"

A voice from the crowd said, "No one gets the Slayer's blood except me."

"Who the hell are you? !" yelled Buffy.

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kindsley and might I add, it is a pleasure to meet the slayer. I have heard so much about you."

"Likewise," said Buffy.

"I won't start with you, although I would love to, but I'd rather start with an adult, maybe someone you know," said Kindsley as he snapped his fingers.Two vampires came out dragging a man behind them. Buffy looked at the man and saw it was Principal Snyder, principal of Sunnydale High. He was a heartless man and wasn't very fond of his students, especially Buffy. He was shouting at them saying if he found out they were students he would expel them all.

He looked up and saw Buffy and yelled, "You! I knew you would be part of this! Summers, I will get rid of you once and for all after this."

Then Kindsley walked up to Principal Snyder and said, "We just need a snack. Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit," as he reached for Principal Snyder's neck.

As Kindsley was about to bite into Snyder's neck, three of his vampires turned into dust. "What the? ?" yelled Kindsley as Willow's head popped up from the shelf where she had killed them. Then Angel appeared from the doors. Angel was a 24two year-old vampire who regained his soul. He was now one of the good guys and was in love with Buffy.

"Angel!" Buffy yelled happily before a vampire tackled her. The three of them fought against the vampires and at the end the library was filled with dust. Only three vampires had gotten away, Kindsley among them.

"Impressive," said Buffy to Willow as they untied the people who were held captive.

As they untied Principal Snyder, he asked them, "Did I just see vampires?"

Willow replied, "Um? . No! Um? .. They were just? . Um? . um-"

"-a gang. Yes, they were a gang that dresses like vampires," Buffy finished lamely.

"Well I don't believe you! I saw vampires and you three knew how to kill them!" yelled Principal Snyder angrily, "I'm going to report thisto the authorities and Summers you are going to be questioned! And who are you! I know you're not a student here, otherwise you would be on my watch-out-for list!" he directed to Angel.

"Jeez, I'll take that as a thank you for saving your life," muttered Buffy as Principal Snyder huffily walked out of the library.

Principal Snyder walked down the corridor gruffly and went into his office and banged the door. "This is the last straw," he thought "The local police are not doing anything so I'll call...?"

He reached for his phone and dialed a few numbers. "Operator?" he asked, "Give me the number for the Federal Bureau of Investigation!"

The phone rang three times before a slim, redheaded woman walked into the room.

"Scully," she said as she looked through the mail on her desk.

"Is this Agent Dana Scully with the FBI?"

"Yes," she replied.

"You are one of the agents who investigate paranormal activity, right?" the voice asked.

"Yes, my partner and I have investigated several paranormal activity cases. May I ask who this is?" Scully asked. She was getting a little annoyed by the caller. Most callers were never that inquisitive about hers and Mulder's work.

"My name is Snyder. I am the Principal at Sunnydale High School in Sunnydale, California," he said.

Just then, Scully's partner entered the room. Special Agent Fox Mulder was a handsome man, tall and slim. "Who is it?" he mouthed as Scully replied, "The caller is a Mr. Snyder from Sunnydale, California."

"Mr. Snyder, what can I do for you?" she asked.

"I want someone to investigate something that happened in my school," he replied.

"Mr. Snyder, why are you calling me for your case. You could have the local police investigate the matter," asked Scully.

"The local police does nothing and I called another bureau office but they laughed as I told them my case and said that this case was for Mr.and Mrs. Spooky Mulder."

Scully winced at the nickname. She had been called many harsh names such as 'Ice Queen' before she entered the X-Files. From then, she was nicknamed Mrs. Spooky, which was Mulder's nickname from his old days.

"They gave your phone number to me and I decided to call you and your partner to try to investigate," Snyder told Scully.

"SO what is the immediate problem that you would like us to investigate?" asked Scully impatiently.

"There are vampires at my school," replied Snyder in his usual harsh manner.

Scully convinced herself that she would not like working with this man. "I will have to talk to my partner about taking the case, but I am sure he will not want to pass a case like this. I will contact you if and when my partner and I will arrive in Sunnydale. Good-bye," said Scully as she wrote a phone number on a piece of paper and hung up the phone.

"What's up Scully?" asked Mulder with a bit of a grin on his face. Mulder also looked anxious about the case. Only hearing one side of the conversation made him more intrigued in the case.

Scully had the usual skeptic face on and told him, "That was a Mr. Snyder on the phone saying that he saw vampires at his school."

"Did he really?" questioned Mulder.

"Yes, isn't that perplexing and funny at the same time?" asked Scully.

"It's sounds like an old X-File I read. Is the city Sunnydale, California?"

"Yes, how did you know that?" asked Scully.

"Well there was an old X-File is about a town named Sunnydale where there had been an outbreak of vampires and the FBI could never solve the case. They said the vampires just vanished into thin air after a few days," said Mulder excitedly.

"What? ! They just vanished into thin air? ! You've got to be kidding Mulder. It's not believable! Actually, thinking about the probability of vampires being out there is ridiculous!" exclaimed Scully.

Scully and Mulder had always had an interesting relationship. Not personally, but their relationship as partners. Scully had always been the one who always questioned about matters that couldn't be solved in the realm of science. Mulder was the one who a believed a probability that theywere not alone in the world and he also accepted the idea of other paranormal activities besides aliens.

Scully followed him because she believed in him, trusted in him, and she was intrigued by the idea that there waslife outside of Earth, although her scientific side told her that there was no way. Her first case with Mulder had so many unanswerable questions, she decided in stay with Mulder.

She was first assigned to work with Mulder 5 years ago in an assignment called the X-Files. The X-Files were cases that could not be solved by the bureau because they were all mainly about unexplainable phenomena. Agent Mulder had left the bureau mainstream to pursue the X-File. As Scullywas a medical doctor, she was asked by the superiors to 'debunk' thework of Agent Mulder. On the contrary, she was perplexed by her first case, she decided to stay with the X-Files and help Agent Mulder in his quest, which was to find out about his sister, who was abducted by some unknown force when he was 1two and she was 9.

"Scully, we are going to sunny California, to get a sun tans during the day and then hunt for vampires at night!" said Mulder as Scully shot him a grin.

"Do you think we will really see a real vampire?" asked Scully sarcastically.

"Have to keep your mind open Scully," said Mulder, as Scully took out her cell-phone and called the airline for some tickets to Sunnydale.

"You do all the paperwork this time Mulder. Skinner's going to love the idea that we're going to go find some vampires," said Scully sarcastically.

"Giles? Giles are you in there?" yelled Buffy outside of her watcher's house.

It was very unusual for her to go to his house. She tried to spend as less time with her not-so-hip watcher as she could. Rupert Gileswas a very solemn man who was a native of England. Giles's head poppedout of the crack of his door. "Oh Buffy, what's the matter?" asked Giles.

"Giles, we have a big dilemma. Oh sorry, did I wake you up?" said Buffy as she entered Giles's house.

"Well yes, no, well what's the matter?" asked Giles. He did look sleepy.

"Well, you know today was so dark and rainy and guess who came out to play at school?" asked Buffy.

"Oh dear God, not the vampires!" exclaimed Giles.

"Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!" said Buffy, "Well the vamps were about to have a suck fest in the library when Willow and I heard a crash and then went to go save the day.We met a new nasty vamp named Kindsley and he was, as usual, very ugly."Giles's eyes widened in amazement. "Guess what else Giles, at least 20 people saw us kill the vampires and Snyder is one of them," Buffy said angrily.

"God knows what he has done about it!" sighed Giles.

"Oh we do know what he did," said Buffy, "he called all of the people held captive and told us to meet him in the auditorium tomorrow night."

"Ever so why?" questioned Giles.

"He said he wanted us to all meet and give statements," said Buffy, "to the FBI!"

"Do you really believe him?" Scully asked Mulder during their flight from Washington D.C. to California. "

I don't know what to believe. That's why we're going out to Sunnydale to find out what is happening," said Mulder.

Scully gave Mulder a grin as they heard the pilot's voice come over the intercom. "Passengers, we are now descending over Sunnydale,California. Please make sure you have your safety belts on."

Scully and Mulder got off the plane and went to the terminal, which lead to the car rentals. Once they got out of the building, they were greeted by a heavy drizzling. The weather was not what they had expected. At this time around March, the weather was pretty mild and sometimes hot. They got into their Taurus and sped off.

"Everyone get in an orderly fashion now!" commanded Principal Snyder. "The agents will be here any minute and they will ask each one of you individually about the incident yesterday. I want you to give your complete statement and don't forget to tell them about the vampires," ordered Snyder.

Then the doors flew open and Buffy, Giles and Willow burst in. "You two are late! Summers, once they get here, I am going to tell them about how you killed the vampires! Mr. Giles, why are you here?" yelled Principal Snyder.

"Did he have a little too much coffee this morning," Buffy muttered.

"Um? Mr. Snyder, you really didn't see vampires did you?" asked Giles.

"Yes I did! You can ask anyone else in this room if they did too," said Snyder.

All the heads in the room nodded in unison. "Oh dear God," Giles muttered under his breath, out loud he said, "The FBI is coming to investigate this?"

"Yes, Mr.Giles, and if you don't mind, they will be here any minute."

Giles, Buffy and Willow were about to leave the room when they heard a "Summers! Rosenburg! You two have to stay! And where is your friend?" yelled Snyder. A dark expression appeared on Buffy's face as she and Willow ignored his question and took their seats in theline to 'give their statement'. Just then the auditorium doors opened.

The two people took out a little wallet from the pockets of their trenchcoats and the woman said, "I'm Special Agent Scully and this is Special Agent Mulder."

They both showed their identification as Principal Snyder walked to them and said, "You made it. Well these are the people who witnessed the vampires."

They lead each one of them one by one to the questioning. After most people had given their statements Scully said to Mulder "What do you think? All of their stories match but it is impossible for a normal person to change faces, isn't it?"

"Wait Scully, we have two more left. I think their stories are going to be good."

"There are the girls that killed them." Synder pointed at Buffy and Willow who were both sulking.

"Please follow us," Mulder said to the girls.

They got up and followed Scully with Mulder following them. Once they reached Principal Snyder's office, which was used as the questioning office, Mulder said, "You two must be Ms. Summers and Ms. Rosenburg."

Buffy and Willow just sat down. Willow was twitching in her seat, obviously very nervous. "Don't worry, we just have to ask you two a few questions," said Scully.

"Now can you tell us what happened after school on Tuesday,March 14?" asked Mulder. There was no answer from both girls.

"Girls, if you don't tell us what happened, we could hold it against you," Scully said softly.

"Will it be on our permanent record?" asked Willow frightened as Buffy gently tapped her.

"Yes, I'm afraid it will," answered Scully, "Not cooperating with the FBI is considered a crime, so is lying to an agent."

"Girls, did you see any vampires in the library on Tuesday, March 14?" asked Mulder gently.

"Yes? .uh, no? . um? .. Buffy?" stammered Willow.

"Okay, I think we have to separate these girls. Ms. Summers, will you wait outside for awhile?" asked Mulder.

Buffy stepped outside and Mulder and Scully questioned Willow.

"Did you see and kill a real vampire?" asked Mulder patiently. From the looks of it, he was getting a little aggravated.

Willow shifted her seat uncomfortably as she mumbled a soft "yes."

Scully raised an eyebrow as Mulder, who was fascinated, asked "how?"

"Well Sunnydale is a very unusual place. A lot of weird things happen here. You would have to ask Mr. Giles for all of the information though. I'm not supposed to say anything!" sobbed Willow.

"It's okay Willow. We won't say anything about you tellin gus the information," Scully said gently.

Willow took a few breaths and continued her tale "Here in Sunnydale, there is something called a Hell-Mouth and it has a lot of energy. That attracts the vampires here. In eachgeneration there is a slayer. She is the one with special powers which can defeat the evil. I am one of the helpers to the slayer, you might say." Willow looked at Scully and Mulder, scared. "I'm not supposed to say anything but I don't want a bad record. I've seen about you two on the net. I know you've been able to find a lot of weird things out in the past and you'll probably eventually find out, somehow."

"It's okay Willow. We won't say anything about what you have told us. We'll have to use it in our reports though," said Scully. Scully looked a little skeptical though.

"Willow, what do you mean by 'one of the helpers' And weren't there three of you that reportedly killed the vampires?" asked Mulder.

"There's another person who knows the slayer, Xander, and he is a helper. He's out of town right now. The other one is a friend. "

"Thank you Ms. Rosenburg, we'll contact you later," said Scully as she opened the door for Willow. Then suddenly Mulder heard Scully shout, "She's gone!"

"What? !" exclaimed Mulder, "who?"

"Buffy, she's gone!" yelled Scully as she went to go looked down the hallways. Mulder followed her. They went down a few corridors and saw a few students looking at them, but no Buffy in sight.

Scully ran past two doors with circle shaped windows onthem and as Mulder passed by, he saw Buffy in there, working out. "Scully," Mulder whispered. Scully came over and they looked through the windows to see Buffy hitting some punching bags with a middle-aged man holding them.

"Who trains in the library?" asked Scully as she got ready to open the door.

"Wait," said Mulder, "lets watch them for awhile."They watched Buffy do hand-to-hand combat with Giles for awhile and then saw Giles go into his office for something.

"What's he doing?" whispered Scully as Mulder put a hand to the window, telling her to watch. Scully saw Giles come out and her eyes widened.

"So Giles, what do you think the FBI agents did when they saw me gone?" asked Buffy as she picked out the old crossbow in the pile that Giles was holding.

He put the other wooden stakes on the table and hung the dummy on the wall. "I don't know, they're probably looking for you right now. Since they're not here right now, we can hope that they overlooked the library and went to look for you outside or at home," Giles said.

"Well, mom's out-of-town so they won't find anyone there. Do you really believe what Willow said about them, that Agent Mulder was the best annalist in the violent crime area and that Agent Scully had a specialty in forensics medicine. Willow even said that Agent Mulder graduated from Oxford! Can you believe that?" asked Buffy as she put the arrow in place on the crossbow.

"Well, let's hope they aren't as good as they are written about. I'm afraid, though, that if they are as good as they seem, your secret will be out," replied Giles

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Buffy as she aimed the crossbow and fired at the dummy.

"Good shot, right in the heart. What I mean is that if Special Agent Mulder is a good analyst and if Special Agent Scully is good in forensics, they can track a vampire in no time and thus proving that there really are vampires," replied Giles as he handed her a stake.

"Well, no worries. I won't say anything," Buffy said as she threw her stake and hit the dummy in the heart area.

"Can you believe it, Scully. They are training to kill vampires!" Mulder said grinning.

"No I can't Mulder. You expect me to believe that there are people running around, with fangs, and they suck up people's blood. Really, Mulder, did you believe Willow?" asked Scully.

"I don't know exactly what's going on but I read somewhere that vampires are dead people that run around feeding on blood. To get the real answers, we'll have to go in and talk to the killers of the undead. I'll also need you to do the autopsy on one of the corpse," said Mulder.

As Buffy picked up another stake, the doors flew open. "Who's there. Willow?" called Giles. Giles had his nose in another book, trying to find out about Kindsley. Buffy had gone in the office to sharpen some stakes so she didn't hear them enter either.

"Nice place you got here," Mulder said.

"Oh! Um? You scared me! Who are you? !" demanded Giles.

"Special Agent Dana Scully," Scully said as she pulled out her badge, "this is Special Agent Mulder."

Buffy heard Scully's voice from within the office. "Oh shit! They're going to question Giles because of how much timeI spend in here! Okay Buffy, get a grip. Just find a place to hide," Buffy said to herself as she hid behind the couch.

"We are investigating a case here in Sunnydale High School and were wondering if you could answersome questions for us," said Mulder.

"Um, yes? .. of course," said Giles.

"May I have a look around?" asked Scully. As Giles nodded, she picked up one of his books. "The Watcher Diary #7? What's this Mr. Giles?"

"Um? I was just doing some research," stammered Giles.

"What are these, Mr.Giles, aren't they stakes?" asked Mulder as he picked up one.

"Um..yes," answered Giles.

"Why do you have stakes on the research table, Mr.Giles? Why do you have a dummy out with two stakes in it's heart and why is Buffy hiding in your office?" asked Mulder, with a smile on his face.

"Um? . Buffy?" stammered Giles.

"Okay, I'm here," Buffy grouchily said with a frown on her face, "how'd you know I was here?"

"We were watching you two for the last, oh let's say, 30 minutes?" replied Mulder.

Then Giles asked, "Okay, who are you looking for? A special vampire, am I correct?"

Giles and Buffy looked at Mulder and Scully stunned and shocked. "Um," said Scully, referring back to her notes, "we are looking for a vampire named Kindsley, I presume."

"What! How do you two know this? !" demanded Buffy.

"Let us fully explain our investigation and we hope you will be of some help to us," said Scully. "We started this investigation when Mr. Snyder called us at our office and asked us to investigate something about a vampire sighting. Scully and I have done some investigations on paranormal activity so we decided we would come here and investigate.When we got here, we got very similar statements from all the people saying that they saw real vampires and that Ms. Summers, Ms. Rosenburg and a person whom Buffy called Angel killed all but three vampires. Buffy, we saw you training a few minutes ago."

"We know," said Mulder as Scully continued.

"We were told that the leader of the vampires was called by the name Kindsley. When we found out about you, Buffy, killing the vampires, we checked your record. You have a record of violence."

"It's because of the vampires isn't it?" asked Mulder.

"In school though, your grades aren't that high and we found out you spent a lot of time here in the library. We couldn't find anything on Angel though," said Scully

"You can't," mumbled Buffy.

"Why not?" asked Mulder.

"Because, he's not alive anymore."

"What? !" Scully and Mulder exclaimed in unison.

"I think now it's our turn to tell you our story," said Giles. "You see, Buffy is the slayer. She has to protect Sunnydale. Her job is to kill vampires that feed off the people. I am called the slayer's watcher. I have to guide her and help her train," said Giles, "We shouldn't tell you this but I know you will eventually find out. I heard about you back in England, Agent Mulder, being one of the best students at Oxford. I have great admiration of you. We might as well tell you because we might need some help, since you already witnessed some of Buffy's training, we hope we can count on you."

"Yes you can and you have also helped us very much by telling us about the slayer. We have had other cases similar to yours but unsolved. Now we know what is going on," said Mulder.

"You can't tell anyone about this!" exclaimed Buffy, "very few people know about me being the slayer and I want to keep it that way!"

"Okay, we'll help you if you agree for us to just put about you in our field reports. That's all. No one else would know. Only our superiors," said Scully.

"Are you sure they won't tell?" asked Buffy.

"Definitely," said Mulder.

"Since we have this all settled this out," said Giles, "let's start making preparations to as you say Buffy 'kick vampire butt'."

"Kindsley, what are we going to do about his slayer?" asked one of the vampires.

The three remaining vampires were inside a warehouse, resting from their narrow escape from Thursday. "Well today, we are going out there," Kindsley said as he got up and looked at his watch. "It will be 3 hours till sundown, we'll leave then," he said.

"What are we going to do up there? Are we going to kill some other people and raise our numbers?" asked one vampire.

"We're going up there," replied

Kindsley, "to kill that damn slayer, her watcher and her little friends, and we

will put a stake through Angelus's heart!"

"Mulder, do you really believe Mr. Giles and Buffy? What if they're lying?" asked Scully as they packed up a few stakes and crosses, just in case.

"Well, don't you believe them? Their stories seem ok and I can't think of any reason why they made us bring these," answered Mulder as he held up the stakes.

"Well I did the exam on one of the bodies known to be attacked by the vampires. All I found was that there was loss of all blood, which was unusual. I saw two puncture wounds which look like a bite," Scully told Mulder.

"This is turning into the Bad Blood case, except for the false teeth and killing people," said Mulder smiling as he thought back to their old case.

They had another case, which had led them to vampires, but the vampires wore false teeth. Mulder had killed one of them and then found the false teeth, which made Mulder and Scully believe that Mulder had put a stakethrough the heart of a real man and not a vampire and that he murdered the man. The man's parents sued the bureau, and Agent's Mulder and Scully for a large sum of $446 million dollars. In the end, they had found out that the man came back to live and really was a vampire, only his kindwore fake teeth.

It was to the contrary in this case. The vampires were tough, strong and had real fangs. They could change from a human face into a vampire andthey had no soul. They also could not come out into the sunlight, if they did, they would be burned. They were also killed, really killed, by a stake through the heart, and they turned into dust.

"Well let's go," said Buffy and Willow in unison. Mulder put their bags in the trunk and they all climbed into Mulder's rented Taurus and sped off to the graveyard.

As they were driving, Buffy told Giles, "You see Giles, this is the kind of car you should get. This is a grown up car. It looks nice and it drives faster than 15 miles per hour.

Mulder chuckled, "What kind of car do you have Mr. Giles?"

"A very, very old car," said Buffy.

"So where's the graveyard, Buffy?" asked Scully as she looked at her map.

"Turn right at this corner then go straight for about 3 blocks then turn a left," she replied as she out an arrow into her crossbow.

They all scrambled out of the car. Mulder and Scully looked around at the graveyard. From a distance, Mulder and Scully looked like they blended in with the graveyard. Their long black trench coats and their mild colored suits made them different from the girls. Buffy was wearing a soft blue shirt and brown colored slacks while Willow wore a red shirt and white overalls.

The graveyard was not very spooky. Actually it was a quaint old place. Buffy quietly walked into the graveyard and everyone else followed. They looked around the whole graveyard and kept careful watch. "What are we looking for?" asked Scully as she leaned against a tombstone. Suddenly shenoticed the engraving which read "Trust in those whom you know heart, body, and soul, and trust no one else."

"Beautiful night isn't it Scully?" asked Mulder as he came and stood beside her. She nodded her head as a shadowy figure illusively came out.

"Stop right there!" ordered Mulder as he and Scully aimed their guns.

Buffy ran to the figure and hugged him. "Angel!" she exclaimed.

"Is this the other guy you were telling us about? The Vampire?" asked Mulder as he and Scully put their guns back into their holsters.

"Yes, but he's a good vampire," said Willow.

"Who are these people?" asked Angel as he held on to Buffy.

"They're the FBI agents I told you about. You know, the ones investigating the whole vamp raid at school. Snyder called them in," said Buffy.

"You told them everything?" asked Angel, looking a bit worried.

"We won't say anything, and I doubt our superiors will really believe what we say," said Mulder. He and Scully grinned at each other thinking about the reaction Assistant Director Skinner, their superior, would give once they turned into their field reports.

"Well I think all of us should separate into groups of two: me and Willow, Agents Mulder and Scully, and Buffy and Angel," said Giles.

The three pairs split up as they headed off to look at the rest of the graveyard again. Then a piercing scream came from one direction, which yelled, "Buffy!"

Mulder and Scully followed the voice and drew out their guns. As they ran, they saw Buffy running to Willow and Giles who were held hostage by two vampires. They were about to bite into Willow and Giles when Mulder shot both of the vampires.

The vampires fell to their feet moaning in pain when Buffy came over and stabbed them with a stake. Scully exclaimed, "Oh my god!" as she rushed over and checked Willow and Giles for injuries. "Mulder did you see that or did I imagine it?" asked Scully.

"You did see a real vampire," replied Buffy, "and now we know there are more of them out here."

"How?" asked Mulder who was holding a shaken Scully.

"Most vampires don't just go out in twos. They probably branched off from a larger group," replied Giles as he tried to brush off the dust on his jacket.

Then came a soft clap from above. The group looked up to see who it was. Up perched on a gravestone was Kindsley, clapping. "Good show people. And now who might these people be?" asked Kindsley, referring to Scully and Mulder.

"He is as ugly as you said Buffy," said Scully.

"Oh, you're going to pay dearly for saying that," said Kindsley angrily as he whistled. Out of the shadows popped out 10 vampires.

"Oh god!" exclaimed Giles as he clutched his stake.

"Can we just use our own weapons?" asked Mulder.

"Fine, just as long as you stake them later," yelled Buffy. Mulder and Scully aimed their guns as 3 vampires headed toward them. Seeing that they had no choice, they each fired 6 bullets, hitting the vampires directly and effectively. The vampires fell and they looked at each other with an amused expression as they staked the vampires. Giles and Willow were struggling with the 3 vampires they had.

One put Giles into a headlock until they heard 'bang!' of Scully's gun. She had hit the vampire right on the head, while Mulder helped with the other vampires. Angel and Buffy had the hardest time, with 4 vampires on them. They punched, kicked and stabbed, getting blows back, until they were triumphant.

All of the attacking vampires were killed and the whole group surrounded the tombstone Kindsley was perched upon. "Come on Kindsley, scared to fight me?" yelled Buffy.

Mulder and Scully had their guns aimed directly at him when Buffy sent out a shot from her crossbow. Kindsley caught the arrow in time, right in front of his heart. "I'd love to stay and chat put I got to run. I'll deal with you later," he angrily yelled as he flew off the tombstone and made a mad dash for it.

"You're not going anywhere!" yelled Mulder as he aimed and fired his gun.

Kindsley was hit but not so much that he couldn't escape. Kindsley vanished into the dark shadows of the night.

"Oh well, at least we know he's in a lot of pain," said Buffy as they picked up their things and headed back to the car, "lets go and relax."

"Hey, lets go to the bronze," said Willow.

"What's the Bronze?" asked Mulder as he put their things in the car.

"It's a teen club on the bad side of town; a noisy place with weird teens and loud music. I hate it there," said Giles.

"Come on Giles, you know you like the coffee there," teased Buffy.

"What do you say Scully, want to go to the Bronze?" asked Mulder smiling.

"Okay, lets go. But if you party to much, I'll report you to Skinner," she replied grinning.

They all piled into the car and drove off. During their ride, Buffy asked, "So what are you going to tell Snyder? About the vamps and all?"

"We'll tell him the truth. We saw vampires, but can't prove it because they're all dust," said Mulder.

Scully said, "Mr. Snyder doesn't seem like a man who will believe anything except if he can't see them. He will probably be mad that we didn't capture one of them. So where do we turn now?"

The group entered the Bronze. There was a live band on the stage and the music was as loud as Giles had proclaimed. "Do you think it was a good idea to come?" Scully asked Mulder, yelling over the music.

"Let's just order some coffee," said Mulder.

They all sat down with their drinks and started to talk. "Wow the Bronze is so much nicer without Cordelia here," said Buffy.

"Who's Cordelia?" asked Scully as she added one sugar into her coffee.

"She's part of the 'We Kill Vampires' club. She sometimes is annoying though, popular girl and all," replied Buffy as Willow's eyebrow arched up. "Well she is only sometimes. She's homesick with a bad case of the cold, poor girl," said Buffy with a hint of sarcasm.

They talked for awhile about their lives on the Hellmouth and as workingon paranormal cases. The band went off stage for a break and CD replacements were put in. "Oh, I love this song! Angel, lets dance," Buffy said as they went to the dance floor among some other people. The soft words and tune of the song floated throughout the room.

"Am I giving enough
Is this all it should be?
When waters get rough
Will you still swim with me?
So afraid to come close
And maybe to slow
And maybe to much
For you to consume.

And I wanna to know if I could live inside your world
And I wanna know if I could give it to you girl
You know that I want to say it
You know that I need to say it
You know that I love to say it

Our love just goes on and on and on
You know that want to say it
You know that I need to say it
You know that I love to say it
My love just goes on and on and on"

The next day, Mulder and Scully booked flights to leave for Washington the next day. As they said, Principal Snyder never said a word about the vampires again. He was, as they predicted, angry that they had not captured a vampire for him to yell at. That night, Mulder, Scully, Buffy, Willow, Giles, Jenny, who was also known as Ms. Calendarand Angel went back to the Bronze for a 'fare-well party'. Mulder and Scully drank coffee as they watched Buffy and Angel and Willow and Oz, another one in the 'We Kill Vampires' club, dance for a long time.

Giles and Ms. Calendar left Mulder and Scully to dance and after a while, Mulder surprised Scully by asking her to dance. He led them to the dance floor and where everyone else was dancing. The words had significance to Scully and Mulder. "What do you think about this case Mulder?" asked Scully while they were dancing.

"Scully, we're here to have fun, not to talk about any case. If you say one more word about it, I'll kick your butt," said Mulder. They looked at each other, smiled and listened to the words of the song:

"Girl you're close to me just like my mother
close to me just like my father
close to me just like my sister
close to me just like my brother
you are the only one my everything
and for you this song I sing

All my life I prayed for someone like you
And I thank god that I finally found you
All my life I prayed for someone like you
And I pray that you do love me too
Yes I pray that you do love me too"

As the song ended, they stayed for one more song, which had deeper meaning. As they listened to the song and smiled at each other, knowing exactly what the song meant:

"We were strangers
Starting out on a journey
Never dreaming
What we'd have to go through
Now here we are
And I'm suddenly standing
At the beginning with you
No one told me I was going to find you
Unexpected what you did to my heart
When I lost hope
You were there to remind me
This is the start
We were strangers on a crazy adventure
Never dreaming
How our dreams would come true
Now here we stand
Unafraid of the future
At the beginning with you"

Scully ended her field report in this: "There is no evidence to prove the existence of vampires in Sunnydale or anywhere else in the world. What I can substantiate is seeing vampires and their physical selves turn into dust. Principal Snyder and the rest of the people at Sunnydale have now decided to forget everything, and are now denying any knowledge in the vampires. From my scientific standpoint, I cannot describe the bizarre nature in which three people died. Their whole body drained of their blood is an act only high-technology instruments, found only in hospitals, can do. The vampires turning into dust is another example, but that is unheard of and cannot be done.

Even with all of the evidence pointing toward unexplained phenomena, I still believe that denying scientific information would be giving up on the entire ideas mankind has taken so long to develop and discover. I have no explanation on the many events that have happened and right now, there is no other explanation aside for paranormal activity. X-File number 917RC1218 still remains unsolved."

As Scully finished her report, something came to her mind and faced Mulder who was waiting at the door for her. "What is it?" asked Mulder.

"I just remembered something I had read on a tombstone in Sunnydale. I remembered it because it reminded me of you and I knew you would like it."

"What?" he asked.

Scully replied, "Trust in those whom you know heart, body and soul, and trust no one else."

The End!

So what did you think? Oh yeah, about that Bad Blood thing, I swear I wrote this before that episode came on air. I just never got back to editing the story until now because of schoolwork and all. Then I just added that.

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