Title: Trick Or Treat
Author: 'tite chatte
Written: February 1998
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance
Spoilers: None
Keywords: Skinner / Other romance
Disclaimer: Walter Skinner belongs to the great and wonderful Chris Carter. I have borrowed him without permission, and I will return him. Unharmed, but oh so much happier! Any other characters are mine, they are copyrighted to Le Mascarade Productions, and you will meet them again, I hope.

Summary: Skinner and the new head of the FBI lab have a late night meeting on Halloween.

Author's notes: This is the first piece of FanFic I have ever written. All comments welcome at above e-mail addy. This was to be a stand alone piece, and still is, but now I have also turned it into a series. Please enjoy. :)

Warning : This story is NC-17, if you are under 18, and / or easily offend, please do both of us a favor, and go away!

Journal entry, 31st October.

Today started out as a pretty normal day. Got up, showered, got dressed, and then went to work. Had a late meeting with Skinner after work.

Oh yes, the one thing that happened differently today, I just had the best sex of my life with Skinner! In his office! Oh My God I just had sex with my boss! On his desk! I still can't believe what has happened!

In order to believe this myself, I have to start at the beginning. The day started out just like any other. It was a little different being as it was Halloween. I going to meet Aniette and Chris after work, we were going to go to a big costume party in Georgetown together. Since I had to work till 5:30pm and the party started at 6:00, I decided to take my costume with me and change after work. That was big mistake number one.

It was a typical day in the labs of the FBI. As I went about my work, I noticed that people where leaving more and more things undone before leaving early. They knew that I would finish up everything. Ever since I was put in charge of the lab, it was that way. They didn't like the fact that I had been given Pendrell's job after his death. But I have bitched enough about that.

But back to my amazing evening. For once I didn't mind, it gave me a chance to put on my costume. This was going to the year that I was going to make Chris eat his words. Every year he gives me a hard time about my costume, so what if I always wear my lab coat with the blood stains. Most people think it is cool. But no, not Chris, 'Halloween is a day to be something different, not a day to wear your work clothes.' blah, blah, blah. So this year I was going to make him eat his words, big mistake numb

I was just starting to leave when it happened, the phone rang. I looked at the clock, it was after 5:30 so there should have been no one in the lab. I *could* have let it ring. But no I picked it up and answered it. Big mistake number three.

It was AD Skinner on the line, he was working late and didn't understand something on a report from the lab, and could I send someone down to his office ASAP. 'Shit, shit, shit' I thought. I tried explaining that I was the only one left and that I was just about to leave for the day. I'll never forget what he said, 'If it's the overtime, I'll make sure you get it. I need you in here, now.' Did he ever, more then we both knew.

I took a deep breath and told him I would be right there. I grabbed the phone and called Chris to let him know not to wait for me. I told him that I would meet them at the party. Then I looked around to find something to cover up what I had on. My lab coat was too short, so that left my trench coat. Great, now I really looked like a slut. Oh well, just make it stays closed I told myself, I didn't even think about the fuck-me-shoes I had on. Just took a deep breath and went down to Skinner's office. B

As he untied the belt he said to me, 'I have been wanting to do this ever since you walked though that door.' As my coat opened, he let out a soft whistle, 'Who let you into my dreams?'

I just smiled at him. I wanted him so much, I always have, I never thought I would ever get this close to him.

We just stared at each other for a moment. Then he placed a hand on either side of my face. it was so amazing to me, he looked deep into my eyes, 'I know that this is going fast, but I can't help myself. I have never wanted a woman this badly before. If you don't want me also now is the time to say so.'

I just stood there in shock. Me, little old mousy me, I was standing there in the arms of the one man every woman in the building wanted. It was like all my fantasies were coming true. I knew that if I didn't say anything it could turn into the best night of my life, so I didn't, and it was.

When I didn't say anything, he slowly slid his hands up the sides of my face into my hair. Gently he ran them through my hair, and down my neck to my shoulders. He placed his hands under the edges of my coat and slowly slid it off my shoulders and down my arms, to fall into a puddle at our feet. As his hands skimmed down my arms, barely touching me, I felt my nipples harden in anticipation of what was still to come.

He put his hands on my waist and pulled me closer to him. when I was close enough he leaned forward slightly and softly kissed me. Just the touch of his lips was enough to make me let out a small gasp of pleasure. As my mouth opened I felt his tongue softy stroke across my lips. I put my hands on his shoulders, and stepped even closer to him. I opened my mouth more for him, and ran my tongue across his. When I returned his kiss, is when I think he knew, that I wanted him just as much as he wanted me.

He looked at me with one eyebrow raised, 'Should I even ask, why?' he said. That was all it took, and I started to laugh. That just made the eyebrow go higher. I stepped back a little and explained why I was dressed the way I was.

Then I asked him why, why this was happening. When he told me he had always wanted me, but never thought he could act on it, I melted. I put my hands on his chest and ran my finger nails across his nipples. When he quickly inhaled, I leaned over and whispered in his ear, 'What's stopping you now?'

That was all it took, the next thing I knew I was the one sitting on the desk. He reached out and slowly unbuttoned my top, and then slid it off of me. When my top was off, I reached out, undid his tie and shirt. He then helped me slip it off of him. My eyes widened when I got a good look at his chest. Never had I seen such a perfect man. I leaned my head forward and softly licked his nipple, when it hardened and his hand tightened in my hair I had to smile. I raised my head and looked up at his fac

He quickly flicked the clasp open and then he raised his head so that I could watch his tongue lightly run across my erect nipple. When I felt it as well as saw it, the pleasure was so strong I arched my back. When I did that he then sucked my nipple into his mouth and lightly bit down. That just made me arch more and let out tiny scream. When he heard the scream he raised his

The next thing I knew he was on his knees in front of me, he placed a hand on each of my thighs. I lay down and tried to find something on the desk to hold on to, then I felt it, his tongue. His tongue slowly licking my navel ring, then over to my tattoo, lightly tracing each flower, then softly down my stomach, down across my pelvis, then. Oh my god, I think I started coming as soon as he touched my clit. I have had men go down on me before, but never anyone who enjoyed it as much as he did.

As soon as his tongue was on my clit I started coming. When he felt that I was, he quickly put one of his fingers up inside me, and started sucking on my clit. That's when I screamed his name.

I have never felt anything like that in my life! The more I came and screamed his name, the more he sucked and licked and fingered me, till I felt like I would never stop coming. After my fourth orgasm I lost count, then he started slowing down, till he was just lightly kissing me. It gave me a chance to catch my breath.

Then he slowly stood up, I just lay there covered in sweat, panting, and trembling. He reached for his belt buckle and then stopped. I raised myself up and reached for him. As he came into my arms, I asked him what was wrong. He kissed me and told me that he did have any condoms with him. I softly laughed and told him not to worry about it since I was on the pill and had just had a full physical, two weeks before and had passed all tests.

With that I reached for his belt myself. I stood up and as we kissed, I undid his pants and wrapped my hand around his erection. When I did he moaned into my mouth for a change. As we kissed I could taste myself on his lips and tongue, for one it didn't bother me.

I ended our kiss and gently pushed him down into the chair, then kneeled in front of him. I leaned forward, and started to kiss and bite his neck, then kissed my way down his chest. When I reached his navel I stopped and sat back on my heels. the sight before was unbelievable, a slight gleam of sweat was all over his beautiful chest. He just stared back at me, while breathing heavily. I quickly bent and untied his shoes. Then quickly pulled them and his socks off. I had him stand up and helped him ou

I leaned forward and took him in my hands. I ran my tongue up his shaft, to the tip where I licked off a small drop of his pre-come. I opened my mouth and slowly slid my lips and tongue and teeth down the length of his hard cock. As I closed my mouth and sucked on him gently, I could feel his body tense up, I could tell he want to just grab me, but he didn't. That just made me

Suddenly he pulled away from me, and pulled me up so that I was standing in his arms. He held my head and kissed me harder then before. While we were kissing, he backed me up so that the edge of the desk hit the back of my legs. He put one hand down on the desk and lowered us to the surface. When I was again laying on his desk he raised one of my legs around his hip and plunged into me with one surge. I gasped in surprised, he slowly pulled out and then the pleasure hit me as he quickly pushed back

When he returned with my clothes, I started to got dressed, while he started to put papers and files in to his briefcase. As I got dressed I decided to put back on the bra, thong and nylons from my costume, but not the heels! When I was done I turned to find him shaking his head. I put a hand on my hip and ask him what was wrong, I had to laugh when he told me it was because h

He gathered up his things and put on his suit coat and trench coat, and then helped me into mine. As we walked out of his office, he was back to being my boss and my heart sank.

When we reached the parking garage he walked me to my car and as I was about to get in he stopped me. I looked at him with all of my questions in my eyes. He leaned down and softly kissed me. When he pulled back, he asked me if I wanted to join him for the rest of the weekend, at his place.

Oh course I said yes. I just had to write this down. So now that I'm done I'm off to his place. So journal, this is it till Sunday night. PS: I wonder if Chris and Aniette had a good time at the party?

Title: Trick Or Treat 2: The Highwayman and The Lady
Author: 'tite chatte
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance
Spoilers: None
Keywords: Scully / Other romance
Disclaimer: Dana Scully and Fox Mulder belong to Chris Carter. I borrowed them without his permission. I am sorry, but I had to, he won't return my calls. :) I am returning them unharmed, but happier. All other characters are copyrighted to Le Mascarade Productions.

Summary: Scully fullfills a dream of her's at a costume ball on Halloween.

Author's notes: This is part two of my now, soon to be, 6 part series. I need to thank some people. Without them, I never would have written this one ( or the others! )To Guinevere, Steve Dallas, Xylen, and X-Phile of the North, thank you so much for all your kind words.

Warning: This story is NC-17, if you are under 18 and / or easily offend, please go away now.

October 31st.

"What the hell am I doing here?" Chris asked himself for the tenth time. He slipped his glass of rye whiskey and scanned the ballroom to see if he could spot either Lynn or Aniette. As he looked around the room, he thought "When I find them, I'm going to kill them . Making me come to this party, wearing this dumb costume. That is the last time I let two women pick out my costume."

He was dressed as a 17th century highwayman. He was dressed in black from head to toe. His tawny blonde hair was pulled back and hidden under a black tricorn hat. And over his hazel eyes he had a small black mask. As he looked at all the Star Wars characters and political figure costumes, he felt even sillier with his tight black pants, knee high riding boots, antique pistol tucked though his belt, an sword hanging by his side.

He started to walk though the crowd determined to find Aniette and make her leave or leave her without a ride. That was when he spotted her. He stopped in his tracks, there in front of him was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

She was a vision straight out of his dreams. Petite, with flaming red hair, and flashing blue-green eyes. And top it off her costume was a perfect counterpart to his. She was dressed as a perfect 17th century lady. Hair swept up on top of her head, covered with a small feathered hat. Her dress was a long white brocade gown. Long and flowing from her small waist, as his eyes traveled up her body from the tip of her slippers to the top of her head, he took in all of her costume, from the small slippers

"Damn it Mulder, how could you do this to me? You promised me that you would wear a costume. Now I look like a fool with you. Why did I ever say that I would come to this thing with you?"

"You came to have a good time, now that you're better you need this and you know it. And what do you mean about my costume? I have one on, you saw the movie, just call me Agent M tonight."

"Okay, fine Agent M, that's it. I'm leaving." With that she started for the door. Chris knew that was something special about her and he knew that he had to stop her from leaving. If he didn't he would regret it forever.

He quickly made his way to the door. As she reached it, he stepped in front of her. She looked up at him and arched her brow in question. He bowed and smiled at her, as he took one of her hands in his, he said "Stand and deliver my lady. As you have stole my heart, please allow me to at least steal a dance." With that he bent his head and kissed her hand.

She looked at him and softly laughed. With a small curtsey and a smile, she said, "With pleasure my gallant thief. Please lead the way." With another bow, Chris took her arm in his and lead her to the dance floor.

As they reached the dance floor, Chris thanked the heavens that they were playing a slow song and he would be able to hold her in his arms. As they moved around the floor, fitting together perfectly, Chris looked down at her, "Milady, I feel as we know each other, but we don't. Pray tell take pity on this poor soul. What is thy name, lovely lady?"

She looked up at him and smiled, "Oh you poor soul, to pine for want of a lady's name. Tis Dana, my good thief. Pray tell what is thy name, sir?"

"Chris, my lady Chris......" As he was about her his last name, she reached up and placed her finger gently on his lips.

"Shh, my good thief. no last names please. This has always been a fantasy of mine, please help me make it come true. For tonight I will just be the Lady Dana, and you will the man who sweeps me off my feet. Is that all right?"

Chris brought them to a stop in the middle of the dance floor. He doffed his hat and bowed to her, "If it will bring a smile to your lovely face and put a laugh in your voice, then your wish is my command." He cupped her cheek in his hand, and said softly "If it will make you happy, Dana, then this night is whatever you wish." He placed his hat back on his head, gathered her in his arms and waltzed her around the dance floor.

As the evening went on, everything seemed to be touched by magic. When they were on the dance floor, the DJ only played slow songs. When they weren't dancing, they were at ease with each other. They talked and laughed at each other's jokes.

As they danced to Chris's favorite song, he felt a sudden urge to kiss her. He slowly came to a stop at the edge of the dance floor. He placed his hand under her chin and raised her face to his, as he lowered his head to hers, he watched her close her eyes, and slightly open her mouth. As their lips meet, Chris closed his eyes and gave into their kiss. As he wrapped his arms around her, and felt her petite body pressed up against his, he could feel both of their passions building. He dimly realized t

Chris just stared at her, "You mean, you didn't mind? I mean, we, you, ......."

Dana placed her hand on the back of his neck and brought his head down to hers. She whispered in his ear, "Chris, if you hadn't kissed me, I was about to kiss you. I'm not sure how to say this. So the direct way is the way to say it." She took a deep breath and said, "I have a room here for the night, would you care to join me upstairs?"

Chris just stood there for a moment in shock, this was every man's fantasy, a beautiful woman, was inviting him up to her room. He thought about it for just a second, then said, "Milady, I am honored that you asked me. I would love to join you upstairs." With that he leaned down and kissed her again, as their kiss deepened and deepened, they pulled away from each other, and at the same time said, "We should leave now."

They made their way out of the ballroom and headed for the elevator. As they rode up in the elevator, Chris just held her in his arms. He thought about what would happen when they got to her room. He wanted to make love to her so badly and he didn't know anything about her. But for some reason it felt right, like they were to be together tonight. When the elevator came to a stop on her floor, they stepped into the hallway. Chris looked down at her, "Dana, I know that this was your idea, but if you ha

Chris nodded and bent his head to softly kiss her. He put his hand out and she handed him the card key for the room. He opened the door and let her enter first.

As she came to a stop in the center of the room, he stopped first to get rid of the props of his costume, he pulled off the hat, gun, and sword, and toss them onto a chair. Then he walked up behind her. He placed his hands on her shoulders and pulled her back to him and softly kissed her on her neck, he softly nipped his teeth on her earlobe and whispered, "Dana, this night is for you, tell me what you what. Tell me what your fantasy man would do."

She took a deep breath, "Well, mmmm, that feels nice. To tell you the truth, my fantasy man has always been in charge." As Chris softly kissed her neck over and over again, Dana let out a tiny gasp, "I will leave it up to you Chris, I just want you to make love to me."

"Milady, that would be my pleasure, but first I think you wearing too much. May I?"

Dana nodded her head, and Chris first reached for the hat she had on, he unpinned it and tossed it on the chair with his. He then slowly unpinned her hair, running his hands though it. Softly massaging her scalp, where the pins had dug in. He ran his hands down her scalp to the base of her head and gently pressed his thumbs on her pressure points, when she let out a small groan of pleasure he smiled, and worked his hands down to her neck and shoulders.

As he massaged her shoulders he could feel her really relax. The more she relaxed, he started to work his way to the hook closures of her dress. He leaned over her and softly bit the spot on her neck right where her neck flows into her shoulder, he grinned against her skin, as he felt her shudder, "Dana, I have to ask, have the hell did you get into this thing? These hooks are so small."

She laughed, "I had to get dressed at the costume shop, to tell you the truth, I wasn't sure how I was going to get out of it."

By this time Chris, had finished unhooking her. As he placed his hands under the edge of the dress and started to slide it off of her shoulders, he sucked in his breath when he saw how she was dressed under it. As the dress slid down her arms, she pulled her hands out of the sleeves. When her hands were free, Chris quickly pushed it down over her hips. It fell to her feet, and Dana raised her feet out of it and kicked it aside.

Chris stepped back and turned her around. He looked her up and down and let out his breath slowly, "Dana that has to be the wickedest outfit I have ever seen." She was standing there in front of him, in a pale pink lace corset, with it she was wearing a garter belt and white nylons, and a white lace thong. With her diamond choker, gloves, shoes and mask still on, she looked like the perfect courtesan.

Chris took one of her hands in his and slowly started to peel off her gloves. Then the other one. When her gloves were off, he knelt at her feet to help her from her shoes. He then slowly slid his hands up her legs to unhook her nylons. He rolled them down her legs, kissing her skin as it was exposed. He kissed his way back up her legs, and unhooked the garter belt from around her waist. He tossed it aside and reached for the waistband of her thong. As he slowly slid them down her legs, he had to smi

He stood up and pulled Dana to him. He bent at his knees and swept her up in his arms, and carried her to the bed. As he laid her on the four poster bed, he stepped back slightly to gaze down at her.

As she lay there, red hair spread out on the pillows, Chris couldn't believe how beautiful she was. He sat down next to her, and softly caressed her cheek with the back of his hand, "Dana, you are so beautiful and so damn sexy. I hope I can give you as much pleasure as you deserve."

"Chris, all ready you have given me so much." She reached up and pulled his head pulled down hers and lightly ran her tongue across his lips and lightly bit his bottom lip. As he gasped at the pleasure, she slipped her tongue into his mouth. He reached and grasped her head and deepened their kiss, as she pressed her body up against his, they both moaned with the pleasure. He moved so that he was laying next to her on the bed. He ran his hands down from her hair, down her neck, to her breasts.

As he slowly ended their kiss, he kissed his way from her mouth, across her cheek, to her ear. He lightly bit her earlobe, and whispered in her ear, "Dana, I want to taste you. I want to feel you come and taste it in my mouth. I want to hear you moan and maybe even scream for me." At that Dana let out a soft moan, when Chris heard it he left out a soft chuckle. "Yes, Dana just like that."

He slid down the bed slightly, and reached for her. He pulled them both up to a sitting position, "I love the corset milady, but I want to see all of you." With that he turned so he was sitting behind her, he quickly undid the hooks, and let it fall from her body. As it did he saw that she had a stunning tattoo on her lower back. He traced it with his fingers, "Dana, I have to say this is very sexy on you. Very sexy."

He stood up and laid her back down on the bed so that her knees were right on the edge of the bed. He looked down at her then sank to his knees in front of her. He ran his hands up her thighs and slowly spread her legs. He lightly ran the edge of his thumb across her clit, and enjoyed watching her arch her back at the pleasure. He leaned forward and lightly kissed his way from her knee, up the inside of her thigh. When he reached her lips he parted them slightly with his thumbs, and placed his mouth

Chris could feel her muscles pulsing around his finger, he sucked a little harder on her, and slowly moved his finger in and out of her. That started another orgasm for her, as she started to climax again, he moved his hand faster and faster. The more he did, the more she climaxed. They were coming so fast and so suddenly that it seemed that she was having one long nonstop org

Slowly, very slowly, Chris stopped sucking on her so that he was just licking her, he also slowed down his hand so that when he slipped his finger out of her it wasn't a shock to her.

He raised his head from her and laid his cheek on her stomach for a moment so that she could catch her breath. As he lay there, he heard Dana whisper something. He raised his head and looked at her, she said it again. "Chris there are condoms in a basket on the dresser." At this Chris raised his eyebrow at her, she softly laughed, "It's a good hotel, they think of everything. Please, get one. I want to feel you inside me."

At that Chris quickly stood and went to get one. He placed it on the nightstand next to the bed, then started to get out of his clothes. As he disrobed in front of her, Dana slid back on the bed, and raised herself on her elbows to get a better look.

Once he was out of his clothes, Dana sat up and reached for one of the condoms. She quickly opened the package, and sheathed him in it. When it was on, she reached for him, and pulled him to her. As they lay back on the bed, she pulled his mouth to hers. As they kissed she wrapped her legs around him, and he slowly slid into her.

The feeling of him sliding into her, filling her completely, sent her off into another orgasm. Chris just held himself still in her as she found her release again. When it had subsided, he started to move in and out of her. The feeling of her muscles gripping him and the feel of her nails in his back, almost sent him over the edge.

He held back, this night was for her. He wanted to be able to really watch her next one, so in one quick motion he rolled them over so that she was on top. As she settled on top of him, he couldn't believe how erotic she looked.

Her hair was a messy red cloud around her head, and with the mask over her eyes, it was so mysterious, that he felt himself grow even harder inside her. She sat up on his knees, and arched her back, so that he went even deeper into her. When she felt how deep he was she started to come again. This time he couldn't hold back, when he saw the look in her eyes and felt her muscles start to pulse, he grabbed her hips, and started to pump into her. He reached his climax seconds after hers. As he climaxed,

As he rubbed her back, he said, "Shh, sleep a bit Dana, we both need the rest." They both closed their eyes and quickly fell asleep in each other's arms.

Chris awoke due to coolness of the room. He stretched out his arm for Dana, and only found empty space. He quickly sat up and scanned the room. What he saw confirmed it, she was gone.

All of her things were gone and on the pillow was a note and a blood red rose. The note said, 'Chris, thank you it was wonderful and I will remember you always. I just couldn't face you. Please try and understand. Dana.'

Chris jumped from the bed and quickly threw on his clothes. Maybe if he hurried he could still catch her.

When he reached the lobby, he rushed over to the doorman, "Excuse me sir, have you seen a beautiful redhead, leave here recently?" The doorman nodded, "About 10 minutes ago, sir. You just missed her." Chris nodded his thanks and started back to the ballroom to find Aniette. It was passed time that they left.

As he walked into the ballroom, he was amazed to find the party still in full swing. He made a complete circuit of the ballroom and still no Aniette. He stepped out doors out into the gardens, and gazed up at the stars. As he did he raised the rose and breathed deeply of it's scent.

As he was lost in thoughts of Dana, he was aware dimly of someone calling his name. He turned quickly hoping it was Dana. When turned he saw Aniette running towards him.

She ran up to him, "Chris, I'm so glad to see you. Did you have a good time at the party? I am so sorry I disappeared like that."

Chris just stared at her, "Wait slow down, what do you mean you disappeared? I disappeared on you. I just returned to the party."

They stared at each other and started to laugh. Chris said "You mean?" Aniette just nodded, and said "You too?"

When he nodded they both laughed harder. Then Chris said "Poor Lynn, this was all her idea, and what happens? You and I have the most amazing night. And she gets stuck at work with Skinner. Come on I'll give you a ride home, and tell you all about the Lady Dana."The end???????

Title: Trick Or Treat 3: Agent M To The Rescue
Author: 'tite chatte
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance
Spoilers: None
Keywords: Mulder / Other romance
Disclaimers: Fox Mulder and Dana Scully don't belong to me. They belong to Chris Carter. I have used them without permission, and am very, very sorry, but they are much happier now. Also used without permission, are the lyrics for "That Bug Bit Me." By The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. To them, I have to say thank you for one of the best albums I have ever heard! All other characters are copyrighted to Le Mascarade Productions.

Summary: It's Halloween and Mulder is ditched by Scully, but never fear. He makes a new "friend".

Author's notes: This part three of a planned six part series. Again I have to thank some people, to Guinevere, Steve Dallas, Xylen, and X-Phile of the North, thank you all so much. To the real Aniette, thank you for being the best friend I have ever had. Sorry about the tequila ; )

Warning: This story is NC-17. If you are under 18, and / or easily offend, please do us both a favor, don't read it.

October 31st.

As she stood in the ballroom, Aniette again cursed her bad luck. "Damn why does this shit always happened to me? This day started out bad and has just slid right into shitty. I still can't believe the costume shop couldn't find my costume and I had to come in this." She looked down at the black suit she was wearing with a sigh. "Man I hate costumes based on movies. But to top it off, Lynn is a no show, and Chris has vanished. I bet he's hiding in the men's room." She laughed, "I still can't believe he wore what we picked out for him. Well I better go find him before he decides to get revenge by leaving me here."

As she started though the ballroom to find him, suddenly she some jerk who didn't even say sorry, ran into her. As she turned to call after him, she thought to herself, 'Nice ass, too bad he was a jerk.' Then she called, "Excuse me, rude much?" And she turned and ran smack dab into the chest of her ex-boyfriend. 'Shit, and double shit.' She thought.

She looked up at him and though clenched teeth said, "Hi Jack, so how are you?" As he looked down on her, he just smiled. "Great, Aniette, just great." He looked up and down, "So are you here by yourself?" Aniette just clenched her teeth harder, she didn't want him to know that she was. But what other choice did she have. She felt trapped and she darted her eyes around the room, for some kind of escape.

That was when she saw him. The jerk who had run into her. When she got a good look at the costume he was wearing, she got a very wicked idea. She turned back to her ex and said sweetly, "Why matter of fact Jack, I'm not. Excuse me, I see my date looking for me now."

With that she turned and walked up to the tall handsome man, dressed in a similar costume. When she reached him she pulled his head down to hers and kissed him deeply. When she came up for air, she hissed at him, "Sorry about that. But you owed me for being rude. I'm hiding from an asshole ex-boyfriend, play along, please. By the way, I'm Aniette. Just call me Agent A."

Mulder just stood there stunned. At first his evening had seemed to be headed for total disaster. Scully had gotten super pissed at him and had taken off. He had been searching the ballroom for her, and had run into the woman who was now pressed up against him like a second skin. And that kiss she had laid on him, He was just about to tell her to get lost, when he got a good look at her.

She was as petite as Scully, but as fair as Scully was, she was dark. "She has to Spanish" he thought, with olive colored skin and deep chestnut brown hair. She was looking up at him with the darkest brown eyes he had ever seen.

Then he got a look at the guy she was trying to hide from, there was something about him that made Mulder want to go along with her game. He bent his head so that it looked as if he was kissing her neck, "Okay, I'll play along, for a bit." he whispered in her ear. "By the way, I'm Mulder, Agent M for the night."

Out the corner of his eye he saw her ex get closer. He leaned again so he could lightly lick the rim of her ear just to get a reaction from her. Boy did he ever. He didn't think she could get closer, but she did.

As Jack walked up to them, Mulder wrapped his arm around Aniette and started to lead her towards the dance floor. Jack tried to step in their path but Mulder just stepped around him. When Jack again stepped in their path, Mulder stopped and looked at him, "Thank you, but no thank you. I'm flattered, but I'm with someone. Plus you really aren't my type."

With that he again stepped around him and lead Aniette out to the dance floor. The whole time Aniette was trying not to laugh at the look Jack had gotten on his face at Mulder's remark.

When they reached the dance floor, Mulder took her in his arm for a nice slow place, and some quick questions. As they started to dance, all of a sudden the song changed from a nice slow ballad by 'Jewel' to a fast ska-punk song by 'The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.' They came to a stop, and looked at each other and laughed. They both shrugged, like oh well, and started to dance to it.

As they danced, Mulder was a little upset that he had not gotten a chance to talk to her, but when he saw what a great dancer she was he decided to not worry about it, and just relax and enjoy himself. He couldn't remember the last time he had danced. Much less dance with such a beautiful woman.

While they danced, Aniette couldn't stop thinking that something was wrong with this picture. "Okay, he's good looking, is a great dancer, and is funny. So why the hell he here alone?" She decided that the safest thing to do was finish the dance, somehow ditch this guy, find Chris and get the hell out of here. Then the song ended and segued into her favorite band, 'Save Ferris.' "Oh, cool" she thought "more ska" It seemed that the more they danced, the more the DJ played ska and ska-punk. Then finally there was a slow song. They looked at each other and nodded and walked off the dance floor.

As Mulder was about to ask her if she wanted to get a drink, Aniette stepped up to him and hugged him.

"Oh Agent M. Thank you for saving me from the scum of this ballroom. You were such a huge help. I don't see him, so again thank you." With that she kissed his cheek and turned and walked off.

Mulder just stood there in shock and watched her walk off. As she walked away from him, he thought to himself, "Why the fuck, am I not surprised. Women." With that thought he turned the other way and went in search of a bar. What neither of them had noticed was Jack standing behind a potted plant watching them. He left his spot behind the plant and went off in the direction that Aniette had gone.

As she walked around the ballroom looking for Chris, Aniette again ran into to Jack again, literally. When her drink spilled down the front of his costume, he looked down at her and sneered, "Still a klutz I see." Aniette rolled her eyes and just started to turn away from him. She just wasn't into dealing with him tonight.

As she turned from him she spotted Mulder standing right in front of her, with his back to her. She took a deep breath and walked right up to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. Then she said really loudly, "There you are sweetheart. I have been looking all over for you." Then softly so only he could hear she whispered, "Mulder, I'm so sorry. I had no choice. Dance with me again? Please."

Mulder was about to say no, get lost, when he looked down into her beautiful brown eyes. One look from her and he was lost again. He nodded his head and she lead them to the dance floor. They were having a great time dancing to another Mighty Mighty Bosstones song, when the song lyrics registered in his brain. 'That bug bit me, I'll admit \ Stunned - it took a while to hit \ But when it hit me \ I was bit, Shit, I came clean with it.' He cringed inwardly as the lyrics hit home.

He thought to himself, "Of course, a song about the 'love bug' or in my case lust bug." When the song came to an end, Aniette again thanked him and then disappeared. As Mulder, again, stood there staring after her, he swore that he was going to avoid her for the rest of the night, and try and have a good evening.

About an hour, and three shots of tequila, later. He ran into Aniette again. He was walking down a hallway just off of the ballroom, when she stepped out of a empty room, right into his arms. As they both tried to steady themselves, she started to laugh. "Okay this starting to just be too weird. I can't seem to get away from either Jack or you. I can't even hide from you."

Mulder just stood there for a moment, "Wait a minute. You were hiding from me?" When she nodded, he asked, "Why?"

"Well, let's see, should I start at the beginning. A - I was rude to you, B - I used you, C- I was rude to you again, and D - you are just too good looking, to be here by yourself. By the way, why are you?"

Mulder was amazed, she had been avoiding him, because he was good looking? That made no sense. Then it hit him she had asked him a question. "Oh, I'm by myself, because I don't have time in my life for fun, so a friend dragged me here, then ditched me. So why are you here alone?"

Aniette laughed, "I was ditched too. So what now?" As she said she saw Jack, coming out of the ballroom. He was looking around for her luckily he had spotted them yet. She let a groan and turned to try and get away quickly. As she turned, Mulder stopped her.

"Hey now. Now what's wrong? I thought we were finally talking." He was not dealing with this well anymore. "Mulder, I'm really sorry, but I just spotted Jack and I wanted to get away before he spotted me, too."

He glanced down the hallway, and saw the jerk down at the other end, luckily he was still looking the other way. "Okay, I will help you out again, but you have to follow my lead. Okay?" She nodded. Mulder quickly looked down the hallway, "Ah, good" he thought, "he just spotted us."

Mulder turned Aniette so that she had her back to the door she had just come out of. He pinned her up against the door, and looked down at her. With a bit of a wolfish grin he said, "Trust me." With that he kissed her with all of the frustration he had been feeling since she had kissed him the first time.

At first Aniette, was shocked, but once she realized what a wonderful kisser he was, she relaxed and let it happen. When Mulder felt her relax, and wrap her arms around him, he smiled inside and deepened their kiss. Aniette shivered as she felt him deepen their kiss, and ran his hands up her sides to lightly caress her.

She sighed into his mouth and ran her hands up and down his back. She was amazed to feel how muscled he was. She could feel him getting hard, and part of her mind was saying, "Stop this, this is crazy." The other, smarter, part was screaming "Oh yeah! Go for it!" So she did.

The next thing Mulder knew was that she was lightly caressing him though the front of his pants, just as he felt her reach for his zipper, he also felt a hand on his shoulder. A hand that was trying to spin him around.

Mulder let himself relax, and slowly ended their kiss. He turned and of course standing there was Jack.

Jack glared at Mulder, "What the hell is going on here?" he asked. Mulder just looked at him in disbelief. "Listen buddy, I don't know what your problem is, but what the hell is it to you? Really, I have already told you that you aren't my type." With that comment, Jack grabbed Mulder by the shirtfront, and snarled in his face, "Listen asshole, you really don't want to fuck with me."

Mulder just raised his eyebrow, "Well, besides the incompatible body parts, why not?" At that Jack just tightened his grip.

Mulder looked at Aniette and her kiss swollen mouth and realized that he wanted her now. "Okay, I have much better things to do, and I am really sick of this shit." With that he hauled off and punched Jack as hard as he could. Down he went, as he was just hitting the floor, Mulder had already gotten Aniette though the door, into the empty room. He slammed the door behind him and locked it. He leaned back against it, cocked his finger at her, and said," Okay now where were we?"

When she just stood there and stared at him, he reached out and pulled her to him. "What happened to the women who was about to undo my fly in a hallway? I want you Aniette and you want me too. I don't do things like this, and I can tell you don't either. But right now I think, I want to stop thinking and make love to you." With that said he reached for her tie, and undid it. With it undone, he reached for her hair and pulled it out of the rubberband that was holding it back.

He slowly opened the first button of her shirt, and as he reached for the next one, he said "Aniette, I want you. You know that, you felt how hard I am. I think you want me too." At this she nodded, "Good." He smiled and finished unbuttoning her shirt. he cupped her breasts in his hands, and pulled the edge of her bra down so that he could play with her nipples. He watched them tighten and could feel her breast swell in his hands.

He leaned back against the door to get a good look at her. She stood there in front of him, with her a hair down, and kiss swollen lips. The look of her man's styled suit, unbuttoned and hanging open with her breasts exposed, was so sexy to him. "I'll never be able to look at a black suit the same way again." He thought.

While he was studying her, Aniette was busy undoing his shirt and tie. When she had them undone, she pressed herself up against him and pulled his head down for a long, deep kiss. As they kissed she started to slide his shirt and jacket from his shoulders, but when they reached his wrists, they get stuck. She had forgotten to unbutton his cuffs.

As he tried to pull them back up enough to unbutton them. Aniette got a sly little smile on her face, she grabbed the cuffs and pulled hard enough that the buttons flew off. "There that's better." She quickly pulled the shirt and jacket the rest of the way off. As much as she was enjoying this, the idea having sex standing up just didn't appeal to her.

She quickly looked around the room, and spied a stack of exercise mats on the floor . She grabbed him but the belt and dragged him to the mats. When they reached them she gently pushed him so that he fell on them. As he lay there, she looked down on him, she sank to her knees next to him, and leaned forward to kiss him.

She kissed his mouth, lightly licking and biting his lips, she slowly made her way over the his ear, as she slowly licked, and nibbled his ear, she whispered, "I want to make it up to you. I want to make up for ditching you all night." With that she bit down on his earlobe, just enough to hit that fine line between pleasure and pain.

She stood up and just stood there for a moment. Both of them could hear the music coming from the ballroom. They both recognized the song. It was "Sex" by Berlin.

As she stood there listening to the song, she started to move to the beat of the music. She had always wanted to do this for a man, now was her chance.

She started to slowly remove her clothes to the beat, she kicked her shoes off and slowly peeled off her jacket then her shirt. She was standing there in her bra and black trousers. She reached for her belt and slowly undid it, as she pulled the belt out of the loops.

Mulder couldn't believe his luck, he love this kind of thing, and this one was turning into the best lap dance he had ever seen.

When she had her belt out, she reached for the zipper of her pants. She undid it and they quickly slid to her feet. She kicked them out of the way, and was standing there in a white lace bra and matching thong. She reached for her bra hook and as she took it off toss at him. Next she reached for the waistband of her thong and slid them down her legs.

When she was done and standing there naked in front of him, his heart skipped a beat. Never had he seen such a perfect shape. She was stunning.

She again sank to her knees this time, at his feet. She slowly removed his shoes, and then socks. She ran her hands up the inside of his legs, loving the feel of his muscles. She made her way up to his belt, and slowly, very slowly teased it open. When his belt was opened she reached for his zipper. She slowly slid it opened, caressing his rock hard erection the whole time. She finished and had him raise his hips, she quickly pulled off his trousers, leaving him laying there in his silk boxers.

She slid her naked body up his and took his head in her hands. She looked in his eyes deeply, "Mulder, you have no idea how much I want you. How much I am enjoying this." He raised his head and bit her bottom lip, "I think I do. I'm enjoying it also."

Aniette sat back on her heels to get a good look at the man laying beneath her. She placed her hands on his chest, then her mouth followed. When she took one of his nipples in her mouth and lightly bit it, he let out a moan from somewhere deep in his chest. She smiled and started to suck on it a little, a little pressure, then a lot, then back to a little. The whole time making Mulder moan and groan with the pleasure.

She reached down and started to stroke him though his boxers in rhythm to her sucking his nipple. He was so close to coming, he reached up and flipped her onto her back. As she looked up at him with hooded eyes, she asked him, "What's wrong? Didn't you like that?"

He bent his head and bit her on the neck, and growled out, "You know I did, you witch. But I want to be down inside of you when I come, not in you hand. Besides, it's your turn now."

With that he slid down her body. When he was kneeling between her thighs, he reached out and lightly stroked his fingers lightly down the edges on her lips. When he saw how wet she already was, he smiled. He softly rubbed his thumb against her clit just enough to make her arch her back a little, as soon as she did, he stopped. She opened her eyes and looked into his eyes. He could see the question there, "I want to bring you just to the edge, but when you come I want to be inside you. I want to feel your muscles tight around me as you come."

He reached out and lightly rubbed his thumb against her again while he said this. Slowly he inserted one finger in her so that he still also had his thumb on her clit. Very slowly and gently, he moved his finger in and out of her. while he did this his thumb was going up and down on her clit. Aniette could feel her orgasm building, just as she arched her back again, and could feel it starting, he stopped.

Her eyes flew open and she glared at him. He just sat down on his heels, and looked back at her. "Mulder, please make love to me. I want to feel you inside of me. Deep inside of me, pounding into me as I come over and over again. Please, now!" The look on her face and the words she was saying was all it took.

Before her last words were out of her mouth, he quickly lay himself on her and surged into her with one thrust. He captured her head between his hands, and kissed her, deeply, forcefully. As he held himself still inside of her, he could feel her inter muscles grip him tightly.

He could feel her orgasm building so, slowly he pulled out, and then quickly surged back into her, again and again. At the feeling of him pumping into her, Aniette couldn't stop a scream from escaping her mouth as she climaxed. Then again, she was coming so hard, as he pounded into her again and again. She couldn't stop calling his name over and over again. He raised himself up on his arms, to watch her face as she came again.

As he looked deep into her eyes, he heard her whisper, "I want to feel you come. I want to feel you fill me. I want you to let go." She wrapped her legs tight around his hips, and dug her nails into his back. "Now, Mulder, oh my god, NOW!" She arched her back as she had another orgasm, and as that one hit her, Mulder couldn't hold back. With one final thrust, he let out a strained cry, as he came.

As he gently collapsed on her, she wrapped her arms around him and held him close. They lay there dozing in each other's arms.

After a bit, they felt a chill, so Mulder stood up to grab his boxers and Aniette's blouse for her. When they were semi-covered, he sat back down and pulled her back into his arms. As he did, he noticed that she was moving very carefully, and got concerned. "Aniette, umm, are you okay? I didn't hurt you, did I?"

She softly laughed and hugged him, "No, I am just feeling a bit sticky is all. I think I'm going to get dressed and find the ladies room." She stood up and looked around, "Now, if I could just find all my clothes."

Mulder laughed and stood up to help her. They took awhile to get dressed as they kept stopping to kiss and hold each other. When they were finally back in their clothes, Aniette walked over to him, and hugged him tightly. She looked up at him and smiled, "Meet ya back here?"

Mulder leaned down and kissed her, "No, met me at the ballroom. I have to tell someone I'm leaving. That is if I can find them."

Aniette looked up at him, "You're leaving?" Mulder laughed, "Yes, I am, and so are you. That is if you want to."

Aniette nodded, "I would really like that. I'll met you at the ballroom." With a long kiss she said goodbye, and left the room to find a bathroom, quickly.

After Aniette left the room Mulder spent a few minutes to see if he could find the buttons from his shirt, when he could only find one he gave up and left the room to see if he could find Scully. He was very surprised to see her coming out of the elevator dressed in jeans, carrying her costume over her arm. When she saw him, she ran over to him.

"Mulder, I'm really sorry I ditched you like that, I really am. Right now I need your help. I need a ride home, right now. Please."

Mulder couldn't turn her down, even though he knew Aniette was going to be waiting for him. He thought about it, "Okay Scully, I just have to leave a note for a friend." He quickly wrote out a note, 'Aniette, forgive me. My friend needed a ride home. I should be back in about 45 minutes. If you don't want to wait for me here, please call me on my cell phone 555 - 0199. And I will met you anywhere you want. Missing you already, Mulder.'

They walked over the cloakroom attendant, and Mulder told her that he was to met someone there. "Could you make sure she gets this note? It is very, very important." The girl nodded and Mulder gave her a big tip for her help. "Now just remember, she is about 5'4" and is in a black suit just like mine. Her name is Aniette."

With that done, he walked Scully outside, and had the valet get his car. As he was helping Scully into the car, Aniette came out of the restroom.

As she walked though the lobby, something caught her eye, she quickly turned and saw Mulder helping a very beautiful red head into his car. Aniette stood there stunned, "What an asshole. Why are men such shits?" She thought about it for a minute, "Oh well, at least he was damn good in bed."

With that she fixed her tie, put on her sunglasses and went to get a drink and find Chris, in that order. She went straight into the ballroom looking for the nearest bar, never once hearing the cloakroom attendant calling her name.

As she stood at the bar and took another shot of tequila, she saw Chris head though the ballroom, and out the doors to the garden.

She followed him and called out his name a few times. When he finally turned to look at her, she ran towards him.

She ran up to him, "Chris, I'm so glad to see you. Did you have a good time at the party? I am so sorry I disappeared like that."

He just stared at her, "Wait, slow down, what do you mean you disappeared? I disappeared on you. I just returned to the party."

They stared at each other and started to laugh. Chris said "You mean?" Aniette nodded, and said "You too?"

When he nodded, they both laughed harder. Then Chris said, "Poor Lynn. This was all her idea, and what happens? You and I have the most amazing night, and she gets stuck at work with Skinner. Come on, I'll give you a ride home, and tell you all about the Lady Dana."

Aniette nodded and linked her arm in his, "But only if I can tell you how Jack showed up and how Agent M come to the rescue."The end?????

Title: Trick Or Treat 4: The Unmasking
Author: 'tite chattee
Rating: R - for language and implied sexual acts.
Category: S (story)
Spoilers: None
Keywords: Scully / Other ; Mulder / Other ; Skinner / Other Romance
Disclaimer: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, and Walter Skinner belong to FOX and 1013 Productions. They are borrowed without permission. (Sorry!)

Author's notes: This is part four of a six part series. All comments and remarks welcome at above e-mail addy. Again I have to thank my wonderful fellow X-Philes. Thank you everyone who told me that I needed to keep writing. You are the best. Aniette Bishop, Chris Cable and Lynn Frost belong to Le Mascarade Productions. Sammy Nelson belongs to Southren Cross Enterprises.

Monday 3 November

6:00 AM

As the alarm went off, Lynn tried to bury herself deeper under the covers. But someone kept trying to pull them off of her. Finally she stuck her head out and glared at the man standing at the foot of the bed. He was standing there already showered and dressed for the day. She was starting to get mad at him, when she noticed that he was holding a mug of coffee. She quickly sat up and reached for it. He just laughed and held it out of her reach. "First you need to get up and get going. You told me to wake you at 6:00am and it is now 6:15am, by the way, how do you sleep though two alarms?"

Lynn just glared at him some more, because she knew that he was right, but she really wanted that coffee. "Walt, please let me have the coffee, just one sip and then I promise I'll get up."

He smiled down at her, "Lynn, as soon as you get your sweet ass out of bed, then you can have the coffee. But not until then."

Lynn stretched and laughed, "Orders, now, hmm? Well I guess that is what I get for sleeping with the boss." With that she threw the covers off and stood up.

As she stood naked in front of him, he reached out and with his free hand, pulled her to him for a deep, hungry kiss. When he finally pulled away from her, he thrust the cup of coffee in her hands and steered her towards the bathroom, "Lynn, take your shower now. Before I make us both late for work." She laughed and stepped into the bathroom for a quick shower.

About 20 minutes later she came bounding down the stairs. Showered, and dressed ready for work. He looked up from his second cup of coffee amazed that she was ready, already.

When Lynn saw the look on his face, she laughed, "What's the matter? Are you not used to a woman who can get ready in 20 minutes?"

As she walked into the kitchen for some more coffee, she heard him say, "No, my ex-wife used to take forever, always made us late for everything."

Lynn called over her shoulder, "Well don't worry about that with me. I hate to be late for things." As she was talking, he walked into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around her to give her a quick hug. She leaned back into him for just a second then went back to fixing her coffee. He reached into the cupboard above her head and took down a large travel mug.

He handed it to her, "Here, put it into this, I just heard on the news that traffic is worse then normal. So we should get going." He started to turn away, then turned back to her. "Lynn, how would you like to have dinner with me tonight? You could pick somethings up at your place, then met me back here. How does that sound?"

Lynn looked up at him, "Walt that sounds wonderful. Tell you what, I'll even make dinner, okay?"

"That's sounds perfect, here let me give you a key, just in case I have to work later the you." He handed her his spare house key, and a piece of paper with both the garage code and the alarm code.

He watched her put them both in her briefcase. Then he grabbed his and as they started out the door, he stopped her for one more kiss. "See you later. One thing, please understand if I seem different at work today."

"Different how? Are you going to screw me in your office in front of everyone this time? Or are you just going to be my boss? Walt, you are too good of an AD to let sleeping with me change you at work. I think it would bother me only if you did treat me differently. Don't worry, I'm a big girl, I can handle this."

With that she kissed him on the cheek and walked out the door and down the hall. He just stood there staring after her, when she reached the stairwell door, she turned and waved at him. As he walked to the elevator, he just shook his head and thought 'Fourteen flights of stairs, she's nuts. But she does have a tight ass.'

Monday 3 November
11:00 am

"Aniette, her lab is down this way I tell you." Chris said as he walked down another hallway. Aniette just stood there and stared after him.

"Chris, that's what you said at the last three hallways. Why don't you just admit you are lost, and ask someone? If you don't, I will, I really want to see her and find out what happened to her this weekend."

Chris stopped and whirled around, "Oh my god! I forgot to tell you." he slapped himself on the forehead, "I can't believe I forgot." He started laughing, and kept saying over and over again "I can't believe I didn't tell you." After the fourth or fifth time Aniette couldn't take it anymore, she shoved her partner up against the closest wall.

"Okay, Cable, that's it. What the hell is so fucking funny?" Chris just looked down on his partner and finally got control enough to say, "I was worried about Lynn, so I went to her apartment to check on her. She wasn't home, but her journal was open on the table."

Aniette stepped back so that she could look right at him, "Cable, don't tell me that you read her journal." Chris looked down at her, "Okay Bishop, I won't tell. But that means I also won't tell you how Lynn spent Friday night, and with who."

Aniette glared at him and hit him in the arm, "Okay that's it, fess up now!"

"Okay, okay, shit you didn't have to hit me. Okay, I read her journal, wait do not hit me again. Well it seems that Lynn was a very bad girl, or good, depending on how you look at it." He saw the punch headed for his head, and ducked. "Hey now Bishop, knock it off or I am not going to tell who Lynn had sex with Friday night, and all weekend."

Aniette had just pulled her hand back to punch him again, when she heard 'sex' and 'Lynn had' in the same sentence. Her hand dropped and her mouth dropped open. Chris reached out and closed it, "Wait save that till I tell you who it was." He leaned over and softly whispered, "It was AD Walter Skinner, in his office, on his desk." He quickly clamped his hand over her mouth before she could yell anything. Chris stood there with her like that for a moment.

"Okay, Aniette, I'm going to take my hand away. You have to promise me that you will not yell, curse, scream, laugh, or anything. Do you understand me?" She nodded her head and he moved his hand. She just stood there staring at dumbfounded.

Just then a guard walked past and asked if they needed any help. Chris nodded, "Yes, could you tell which way Agent Lynn Frost's office is?" The guard nodded and pointed down the hallway that Chris had been headed down.

As they walked down to Lynn's office, Chris heard Aniette whisper, "Skinner? Skinner and Lynn? Mr. Freeze and Frostbite? On a desk? Oh my god!" They were both still laughing when they walked up to the lab.

As they reached the lab, they could already hear the music coming from Lynn's office at the back of the lab. They could hear it clearly, though the closed door. They looked at each other, if Lynn was playing music that loud it could mean only one thing, they looked at each other and said it at the same time, "Yep, she had sex."

Laughing they started back towards her office, when all of sudden some piss-ant, young agent jumped in their way.

"Hi there. I'm Agent Johnson. How can I help you two today?" Aniette and Chris glanced at each other, they both knew that this was Lynn's assistant, the assistant who wanted Lynn's position as head of the labs. Aniette decided to handle it.

"Thank you, but we are here to see Agent Frost." She went to walk around him, but he stepped in her way again.

"I'm sorry, but that wouldn't be a good idea right now. See Agent frost has left strict orders not to be disturbed." He leaned closer and lowered his voice, "She is so on the warpath. She lost four major reports, that must be turned in today. She is blaming everyone else so it would be better to just leave her alone right now."

He straighten back up and said, "Now then, if you really need some lab work done right now, I would be more then happy to help you. What is it you need done?"

That was it, Chris couldn't take anymore, he leaned in really close and in a really low voice said, "Listen you little shit. That happens to be your boss and my best friend that you are talking trash about. Now let's make a deal, you find those reports that you hid and I won't blow a hole though your head. Comprehend? Good, I thought you might, now get the fuck out of my way." Chris and Aniette both were amazed at how quickly he moved out of their way.

As they reached Lynn's door there was a split second of silence as the CD player changed to a new CD. As The Mighty Mighty Bosstones started, Aniette let out a groan. Chris gave her a funny look, "What's up with you? I thought The Bosstones were your fave group?"

Aniette blushed, and said, "Well remember I told you I danced a lot on Friday night." Chris nodded, "Well let's just say I could do without The Bosstones." Chris was starting to laugh when Aniette, said, "And if you laugh, I will shot you."

He knew then that she was still upset about Friday night. He thought to himself, "If I ever find that fucker, I will give him a whole new way of looking at this, see how he likes the view up his ass. No body treats my partner like that and gets away with it."

To Aniette he said, "Come on forget about that asshole, come on let's scare the shit out of Frost. You know she is most likely hunched over her keyboard or a microscope, with the music this loud she won't hear us."

Aniette was standing there shaking her head no, "Oh, come on. It has been too long since any of us got to play a trick on each other, what with her being here and us being in San Diego. Come on, it will be fun, plus it will sort of make up for her ditching us Friday night." At that Aniette nodded her head and agreed.

They slowly opened the door, and there she was, hunched over her keyboard, moving in her seat in time to the music. She never knew what was coming when all of sudden Chris reached out and dropped his hand on her shoulder.

She must of jumped two feet out her chair and the scream that she let out, well when she whirled around Aniette was still holding her ears. Lynn was just about to read the riot act to whoever had come into her office, when she had told everyone to stay out, then she saw who was standing in front of her.

She let out another scream, this one more of a squeal. "Oh my god! Cool you're here." She went around her desk, to give both of them hugs, "Oh my. Bishop look at you, when did you cut your hair? Oh my god, Cable. Where's the goatee." She hugged them both again, laughing the whole time. She reached for the remote for the CD player and quickly turned it down.

Just then there was a knock on the frame of her open office door. They all turned to look at the person. Standing there in the open door was Agent Johnson, Lynn walked over to him and snarled out "What? I told to stay away from me today. I have to fix your mistakes. Now get out of my sight before, well before I really lose my temper."

Chris leaned over and whispered to Aniette, "Nice to see Frost has not lost her bite." They both started to chuckle, till a look for Lynn stopped them both.

Lynn turned back to Johnson, "Okay Agent Johnson, what part of go away, do you have trouble with." He took a deep breath, and held out the reports he was holding. "Agent Frost, I found the missing reports I thought that you would want them."

Lynn took the reports, and started to turn away from him, but then turned back, "Agent Johnson, just so you know the way I work, I should tell you a few things. First, I will not stand for back stabbing. If you have a problem with me, tell me and I will find another place for you. Second, don't ever 'try' and lose my reports again. I always make backup copies and it will never work. It will just bite you in the ass. Now since you returned these, I will not send in the reprimand I was going to. Now, is there anything else you need, or should you be getting back to work?" He nodded at her and turned and went back into the lab.

Lynn turned back to Chris and Aniette, "Come on you two, have a seat. Tell me what's up, and how do you like being back in DC?" Chris and Aniette both sat down and with a glance at each other decided to give her a hard time for missing the party Friday night.

Chris sat back in the chair and tipped it back on it's two hind legs, and let Aniette do the talking, he was afraid he would say something about Skinner if he talked.

Aniette looked Lynn right in the eyes and said, "Well it's been great, except for the fact that our best friend stood us up Friday night and then didn't return our phone calls all weekend. We were so worried about you Frost, what happened? Were you okay? The last we heard from you was when you called Chris here and told him you would be late to the party. What happened?"

Lynn looked down at her desk, she couldn't look at her best friend and lie at the same time, "Well like I told Chris, I had a meeting with AD Skinner late Friday night. After our I was just too tried to go to the party, so I skipped it, I am so sorry."

Chris let out a little snort at this, Lynn just looked at him, and then went on, "Well, then this weekend I went out to Crystal City for the day on Saturday, Aniette I found a great little second hand shop. I'll have to take you out there this weekend, you'll love it. Then on Sunday I just laid around all day. I'm sorry that I missed your calls. I would have loved to have seen both of you."

At this Chris let out another snort. Lynn turned her head to look at him, "Cable, do you have something lodged in your nose, or do you have something to say to me?"

Chris just looked back at her, he wanted so bad to tell her he knew the truth, but he didn't want to embarrass her.

"Sorry about that Frost, must have been something lodged in my nose. Ah, it seems better now. So your weekend was boring?" She nodded, but blushed lightly at the same time.

Chris got an evil smile on his face, "Oh really? You poor thing, stuck in a boring, dull, mindnuming, meeting with AD Skinner, while Bishop and I had a great time at the party. That's okay, you won't have enjoyed it. Everyone had really amazing costumes on. And we all know you just wear that old labcoat of yours. Just so you know, I did wear that great costume you picked out for me."

At that Lynn's head snapped up, "You did? Oh Bishop tell me you got a picture of him in it."

Aniette just smiled, "Pictures, oh man, Frost. I am so sorry. I was so busy, I totally forgot."

Lynn looked at her in surprise, "Busy? So it was a good party? You had a good time?"

Aniette and Chris glanced at each other, and smiled slyly. Chris looked at her, "Try a great party, and great time. It's really too bad that you missed it for a dull evening. Kind of ironic isn't it, we didn't want to go to the party, but did and had a great time. You wanted to go, but missed it for a dull meeting with your dull boss. It's really a shame, you might of had the kind of luck that Bishop and I had. As weird as this sounds, as outlandish as this sounds, we both got lucky. We both had a one night stand, and of all of us that needed it most, you missed the party." Chris hated teasing her like that, but he wanted her to tell them the truth, and he could tell she was close.

Lynn was boiling inside, 'How dare he. He knows that it has been a while for me, but I can't tell him, I just can't.' so instead out loud she said, "Both of you? Oh wow. That is amazing. Wow, that is just, oh my! That is cool."

Chris know she was about to break if she was talking like that, "Yeah, it was amazing. Even you, in your lame costume would have had some luck." The "even you" was all it took, Lynn lost it.

She jumped up out her chair, and got right in Chris's face. "You know what Cable? Bite me, K? I will have you know that my costume wasn't "lame" at all! In fact, I finally did it. For years I have talked about dressing as an erotic dancer, well I did! Friday night I was dressed like that, and I got laid too. Except mine was more then a one night stand. I spent the weekend with him, so there you ass. God, you piss me off so much sometimes. Tell me again why you are my best friend?"

Chris smiled at her, the smile that always seemed to pull his ass out of fires.

" 'Cuz, I put up with your shit?" He quickly ducked to avoid a flying book, "Just kidding! So are you going to tell us who it was, or do we have to guess?"

Lynn stood there behind her desk, with her hands on her hips, and glared at him, "Cable, first things first, wipe that stupid ass grin off your face, it won't work this time. Now as for who it was, I can't tell you. So ya'll can guess if ya want to."

Chris back in the chair again, and smiled even wider. "Did you realize that when you are mad your accent starts to come back? So I have to guess, huh? Well this should be very simple. You have given me all the clues I need to figure it out."

He raised his hand and started ticking the clues off on his fingers, "Clue one, you can't tell us who he is. Which means that he is in a delicate situation somehow. Clue two, you never made it to the party, so it must be someone from this building. You are not one to pick someone up off the street, plus it goes with clue three. Clue three, knowing that you were going to change here, added to the other two, adds up to someone you work with. I know you would never with Johnson out there, so I think I have it narrowed it down."

Lynn looked at him, "Oh, you think you know, do you? So tell me, Mr. Cable, who was it?"

Chris laughed, "Well my dear Miss Frost, I do believe that it was AD Skinner, in this building, maybe even in his office, and ..........."

He quickly broke off, as he ducked another flying book. As he looked up to check for more he watched Lynn sink into her chair.

"Shit! Oh my god. Cable how in the hell did you figure that out? Oh my, if you did, everyone else will too. Oh no, shit I am dead, as an agent." With that she leaned forward, and dropped her head onto her desk.

Aniette looked at the top of Lynn's head, then looked over at Chris. Instead of being concerned for Lynn, he had a smug grin on his face. That pissed her off to no end.

She reached over and smacked him upside the back of his head, "You ass! Frost, don't buy his shit for one more minute. He didn't guess anything, he went to your place yesterday to check on you. He found your journal and read it."

Lynn slowly raised her head off of the desk, and started to reach for the vase on her desk. "Give me one good reason not to throw this at your head. How dare you read my journal? What the hell was your reasoning to do that?"

Chris hunched down his chair, in all the years that he had known them, never had they been this mad at him, and never both at the same time. "Frost. Lynn, just put the vase down and I will tell you. I was really worried about you, we both were. You never showed up at the party, and you never called either of us to tell us why. So yesterday, I went to your place. You didn't answer the door so I let myself in. I saw your journal on the coffee table, and I know that you write in it every day, you have since before the Academy. I picked it up to glance at the date, but when I saw it was dated Friday I was concerned, so I scanned though it, to see if it gave me any clues to where you were. Boy did it ever! By the way Frost, when did you get a navel ring?"

Lynn blushed beet red, and was just picking up the vase to throw it when her office phone rang. She set it back down and grabbed the phone, answering it "Labs."

"Good morning, Agent Frost. This Kim from AD Skinner's office, he was wondering if you could bring the toxicology report for case number RB-556902 down to his office in, say approximately 15 minutes."

"That would be great. I have the report right here in front of me. Please let him know that I will be there shortly."

"Wonderful Agent Frost. I will let the AD know." As Lynn hung up the phone, she was just opening her mouth to yell at Chris again, when his phone rang. 'Saved by the phone he thought.' He flipped open his cell phone and said, "Yeah, what?"

The voice at the other end said, "Agent Cable? This is AD Skinner. I need you and Agent Bishop in my office in 15 minutes. I hope that won't be a problem. See you here." and with that he hung up.

Chris and Lynn just stared at each other for a minute, then Lynn spoke first. "I can't talk about this now. I have to deliver a report in 15 minutes. I will talk to you later about this Cable. I understand why you did it, but it still bugs me. Okay?"

Chris nodded, "I understand. It's all right, Bishop and I have to go anyway. That was a call to be in a meeting in 15 minutes."

As soon as he said 15 minutes, they both knew that it was the same meeting. As Lynn let out a groan, Chris started to laugh.

Aniette looked at both of them as they were nuts. Then when Lynn said, "Cable you say anything, and I will hurt you." She figured out that it must be a meeting in Skinner's office. She looked at Chris, and asked him, "His office? The office?" When Chris just nodded, she started to laugh too.

Lynn buried her head in her hands, and just groaned as they laughed. Finally she stood up, and said, "Come on you too. Let's get this over with." She grabbed the files off of her desk and headed out the door, with Chris and Aniette trailing behind her, laughing and elbowing each other.

As they reached Skinner's office, she stopped and hissed at them, "Okay that's it. Knock it off and act like grown ups. Shit, you are FBI agents for Christ's sake. Deal with it, and if you don't, heaven help me I'll shoot you both. You know I don't miss with a gun." They both nodded and sort of stopped laughing that is till they saw Skinner sitting behind his desk. That was all it took and they both started to giggle again.

By this time Lynn had already walked into the room, and was being introduced to the other agents in the room. Skinner introduced them, then saw Chris and Aniette in the doorway.

"Agent Bishop, Agent Cable, please come in I would like you to meet the agents you will be working with here in DC. Agent Scully and Agent........."

He never got to say Mulder, because just then Aniette saw him, and saw red, as in red hair. "Mulder, you asshole! What the hell are you doing here?" At the same time she was also pulling her gun, Chris saw it out of the corner of his eye, and quickly stopped her. "No, Bishop, you can't shot him." He looked Mulder up and down, "Let me do it."

Mulder was just staring at her, then he lost it too, "Why the fuck, are you calling me an asshole? You are the one who didn't call." He started for her, but Scully reached out and stopped him. "Mulder, you need to calm down."

Aniette turned to her, "Stay out of this, okay? What do you mean call? You are the one who left with another women, her!"

By this time Skinner, had shut his office door and was standing between the two sets of agents. "Would someone please tell me why the hell, I have agents, screaming at each other? Not to mention pulling guns on each other. Agent Bishop, would you care to start?"

Aniette looked at him, "I am very sorry sir. I lost control and I'm sorry about that, but I would rather not go into it."

Skinner nodded, and said, "Agent Mulder, would you like to discuss what just happened here?"

Mulder shook his head, "No, sir. This is really between the two of us. I am sorry that it caused a scene, here."

Skinner nodded again, and went to sit back down behind his desk. "Please if you would all take a seat, Agent Frost has the toxicology reports back on the victims."

As Aniette and Mulder took their seats, Chris and Scully were staring at each other. Chris thought that there was something about her very familiar. Then she turned her head slightly and he saw her earrings, they were the same starburst design, that Dana had been wearing Friday night. His mouth fell open with shock, "Dana? Is that you?"

Her head snapped around to look at him, "Chris? Oh my god, no." Mulder and Aniette stood up and at the same time he said, "That's Chris?" she asked, "That's Dana?"

Lynn was sitting on the edge of Skinner's desk loving every second of it. 'Serves them right. After all the grief they gave me.'

Meanwhile Skinner had stood up again, and had slammed his hands down on his desk. "Okay that's it I want some answers. Now. Mulder you start first, just the bare details, all right?"

Mulder took a deep breath, "All right sir. We all met, but not really, at a costume party Friday night. Scully met Chris.."

Chris spoke up for across the room, "Cable, just Cable to you."

Mulder looked at him, "Fine, whatever. So Scully met Cable over there, and I met Aniette. One thing lead to another for all of us, but things did not end well. So there you have it."

Skinner folded his arms over his chest, "So you mean to tell me that I now have agents working together, that have slept together?" They all nodded. "Great, just great. Now what do we do? You all know the policy on employee dating. It is only allowed if you don't work together. I am going to have to assign other agents to this case. I can't have the four of you working together."

Chris muttered under his breath, "But it's okay for you though." Skinner glanced at Lynn quickly, then turned to Chris, "Excuse me Agent Cable, did you say something?"

Chris gulped hard, "No, sir. I didn't. But, please don't reassign this case. We can work this out. I think it was just a communication problem."

"Fine, what ever it was, I will give the four of you a chance to work this out. Now. Am I understood?" They all nodded, "Fine, then I also think that this meeting can wait till tomorrow, so now I want all of you to get the hell out of my office."

They all quickly stood and started to leave. As they were walking out the door, he called out, "Agent Frost, I would like you to stay for just a moment more."

Lynn stopped at the door, "All right sir." She shut the door and turned to look at him. She knew he had heard Chris, and would say something about what he had said. She leaned back against the door, "Yes sir, what can I do for you?"

Skinner stood up from his chair and walked over to her. He placed a hand on either side of her on the door, and leaned in close, "Well you could start by kissing me." He then hungrily claimed her mouth with his.

When he finally pulled away, they were both very aroused, "Mmm, that may not have been such a good idea after all, but I have been wanting to do that since you walked in that door." He leaned back a little to get a better look at her, "We have to talk, you know."

Lynn leaned back against the door again, and looked up at him, "About what? Us?"

Skinner took her hand and led her one of the chairs in front of his desk, then he sat down on the edge of it. "About us and also about your friendship with Cable and Bishop. I had read your file and theirs also. I know that the three of you went to the Academy together, and are still best friends. I have to ask, did you tell them about us?"

"No Walt. I would never do that to you, to us. I will be honest with you, they do know, but they had figured it out. They know me well enough that when I told them I was with someone all weekend, they put everything together."

Skinner folded his arms across his chest, and was silent for a moment, "Lynn, you know how important it is that no one finds out about us. Can you trust them not to tell anyone?"

"There is only one person I trust more then them, and I haven't seen him in over 5 years. So to answer your question, yes I trust them. In fact, I trust them more then I trust you. They are my friends and have been for years now, you are my boss. Yes, my lover too, but I know that you will always be my boss first. Okay?"

"Okay. I can deal with that. So, if you don't mind me asking, who's the person you trust more then anyone?"

"The man I was going to marry. Things didn't work out, we had grown apart. But luckily we did stay friends. I know still that if I ever needed him he would be there for me. But enough of my past. I really should get back to work, so that I can leave on time tonight. I have a special dinner to cook." She stood up out of her chair, and hugged him and kissed him lightly, "So what time should I have it ready?"

Skinner stood up also, and kissed her back, "I understand about your past, I feel the same about mine. I should be there about 7:00pm, is that all right?"

Lynn smiled, "Sounds perfect. I'll see you there." She softly kissed him goodbye and left his office.

As she walked own the hallway to her office, she didn't see either Aniette or Chris, and she started to worry a bit about them. 'I wonder what happened.' she thought to herself.

Just then she saw Aniette and Mulder coming out of one of the elevators. Lynn took one look at them and knew that they had worked things out. Aniette no longer was wearing lipstick, and Mulder's hair was a mess, and his tie was half undone.

They didn't see her, and went the other way done the hallway. Lynn smiled and thought, 'Now if Chris and Dana can just work things out also. Problem solved.'

As she continued down the hallway to her office she wondered at the changes that just one night had caused to her life and the lives of her best friends.

She thought 'It is strange how things happen. How turning right instead of left can change your life. Imagine if they had stayed in California, or even, shudder, if I had married Sammy five years ago. Our lives would be so different now.'

Just then she ran into Scully, coming out of her office. Scully hadn't seen her due to the fact that she was trying to button up her blouse.

They looked at each other for a moment, then Scully blushed slightly and said, "Agent Frost. I look forward to working with you and Agents Bishop and Cable."

Lynn thought to herself, 'Yeah right, all of us. Really.' But what she said was, "Agent Scully, I look forward to it also."

As Scully nodded and then hurried, Lynn looked into her office. Chris was sitting in her chair with his feet on her desk. She stood there in the doorway and stared at him. He had the smug smile back on his face and was humming under his breath.

Lynn stepped into her office and said, "Please tell me you didn't do what I think you just did. Not on my desk."

Chris stood up and started to walk out of her office, as he reached her side, he leaned over to whisper some thing to her. "Well you of all people should know what it's like. Plus after reading your journal, I knew I had to try it."

Lynn reached back and hit, him, "You shit, you told me you just scanned it!"

"So, sue me, I lied. I have always wondered about you. Now I know." and with that he went running form her office before she could hit him again.

She went into her office and sank into a chair, "What a day, and it is only noon," she said out loud. She turned and booted up her computer and went to work so that she would be able to leave on time.

For the first time in a long time she had plans after work. Also for the first time in a long she didn't look at the picture of her with Sammy and his squadron.

To be continued...

Title: Trick Or Treat 5: Whiskey and Love On The Rocks
Authors: 'tite chatte and Steve Dallas
Rating: R - for violence and obscenities
Category: T - comedy / action
Spoilers: None
Disclaimers: Walter Skinner and Fox Mulder belong to FOX and 1013 productions, and are used without permission. Aniette Bishop and Lynn Frost belong to Le Mascarade Productions. Nathan Williams and Samuel Nelson are copyright of Southern Cross Enterprises. Lyrics from "Goodbye" and Lies" by Save Ferris, are used without permission.

Summary: Skinner and his new girlfriend Lynn Frost break up. To top it off for her, she has to deal with her past.

'tite chatte's author's notes: Once again this story is dedicated to Guinevere, Xylen, and XPN, thank you for being my friends, and asking for more of my writing.

To Our Editor: Xylen (I can't thank you enough!!!)Also to the real Aniette, thank you for being the best friend I've ever had. And to Steve Dallas, thank you for letting me borrow Sammy and Nate, also thank you for helping me became a better writer. When I wrote my part of this story I knew that music would be a big part of the story. The music is by a new band, Save Ferris, the CD is "It Means Everything. "

Steve Dallas author's notes: I never actually planned on contributing to any of 'tite chatte's stories. I had fooled around with the idea of having a character or two of my creation somehow involved in part 5 of her series but I didn't plan on having them play such an integral role. Yet here are two of them, in all their "glory."

December 19th, 1997

"That bastard! That fucking bastard! How fucking dare him walk out like that, without even a fucking goodbye!" She yelled as she threw her wine glass across her new apartment. The sound it made as it broke against the wall, was so satisfying, she reached for the others that were on the bar in front of her. She started throwing them one right after another.

She was just throwing the last one, when Aniette walked into their apartment, when she saw what was going on she started screaming, "Frost! What the hell do you think you are doing? Shit, those were my favorite wine glasses!" Aniette looked around the apartment, there was a pile of her favorite crystal against one wall, and what looked like a pile of clothes in the fireplace. "Lynn, what's going on here?"

Lynn sank down to the floor, and leaned her head back against the wall, "Oh Aniette. I am so sorry about your glasses. I was so angry, I had to throw something, and they were the closest thing to me."

Aniette pulled a chair over and sat down facing her, "Lynn you didn't answer me. What happened here? I haven't seen you do anything like this in a really long time. The last time you trashed a place like this, was when you and Sammy broke up. Oh no, don't tell me."

Lynn looked up at her, "Yep, Skinner is history. What an asshole! Remind me, why do we put up with men's shit?"

Aniette looked at her and shrugged, "Well we do, because sometimes they take out the trash and can sometimes make us happy in bed."

Lynn started to laugh, a laugh that quickly started to turn to tears, "Oh Aniette, I made such a mess of things with him. I thought that this would be easier now that I am working at Quantico. But nope, no such luck. After two months of sleeping together, and now no longer working together, you would think he would want to go public with our relationship. But he won't. I asked him to go to the Christmas Ball with me and he said no. Just flat, no. Told me 'it wouldn't look right. ' So I told him if we could not go out in public as a couple, that it was over between us. Needless to say that was it. He just stood up, said 'okay' and walked out the door. He didn't even fucking say goodbye. He's so lucky I wasn't wearing my gun today."

Aniette leaned forward and hugged her, "What a shit! Oh well, look on the bright side, at least you don't work together anymore."

"I know, that's the only good thing about all of this. I just wish I had better luck with the men I fall in love with. First Sammy, now Walt. I am starting to think I am cursed."

"Lynn that is silly, you are not cursed. You fall for the right men, but just at the wrong times. Sammy and you could have worked out if it had been a different time in both of your lives. Now as for Skinner, well I think you both just took things too fast. If he isn't willing to 'date' you as well as sleep with you, well you don't need him"

"I know, I know. You are so right. But it still hurts a lot. Shit, I'm really sorry about the apartment, but you know what, I still really want to trash something."

"Tell you what, let's go to the gym and you can kick the shit out of a weight bag, then I'll take you to dive you like so much and get you hammered. How does that sound?"

"The gym and then you in Neville's? Sounds great, just let me grab my bag, and we are out of here. "X*X*X*X*X*X*X

Three hours they were sitting in Lynn's favorite booth at Neville's and she was on her fourth lemondrop shot, while Aniette was still nursing her first Heineken.

Lynn shot back the vodka, and signaled for another from their waitress. When she came to the table, she didn't have Lynn's vodka. Instead she was carrying a bottle of rye whiskey. She set it down on the table with a thump. Both Lynn and Aniette looked at her questionably. "I know that you didn't order this, but some big guy over there in the corner said to give this to you. Said you would understand."

Lynn understood too well, she was trying to leave the booth when Aniette grabbed her arm. Aniette looked at their waitress, "Hey Cin, do me a favor, get Lynn here a few more lemondrops, K?" Cin nodded and walked off.

Meanwhile Lynn was still trying to get out of the booth, but Aniette wouldn't let go of her arm, "Shit Frost would you relax, it's not Sammy. Cin said it was a big guy."

Lynn looked at Aniette as if she was crazy, "Bishop have you taken a good look at Cin, an elf would be big to her, she so fucking petite! Now I don't care if it is Sammy or not. After the day I have had, I really can't put up with any of those fuckers from the 'Fighting 5th'"

Just then she heard a deep southern voice say, "Now, now Lynn is that anyway for a lady to talk about an old friend who just wants to buy you a drink. "

Lynn looked up to see the last person in the world she expected, Nate Williams. "Nate, whoever said I was a fucking lady? You of all people should know better then that. Now as for a drink with an old 'friend', I wouldn't really call us friends any longer, if we ever were really."

Nate quickly slid into the booth next to her so that she won't be able to leave. Just then Cin came back with her drinks, as she set them in front of Lynn, Nate said, "Lynnie, you know that next to the guys you were my best friend. " He picked up one of the vodka shots, and said "When did you start drinking this crap?"

Lynn turned to him and snarled out, "Nate get one thing straight right now, don't ever fucking call me Lynnie. I hate that shit. Do it again, and I blow your fucking head off. Do you understand me?"

Nate understood, Lynn was the only person he knew that was good with a gun as Sammy was, but then Sammy had taught her.

"Second, the only reason I ever drank that rye shit was because it was all you assholes ever had!"

He shrugged off the assholes remark and grabbed the bottle of rye, "So 'Ette do you still drink rye?" Aniette nodded and he poured them both a shot, and passed one to her. He held his up and said, "To old friends. " and clinked his glass with Aniette's. Lynn just looked at them both and just shot her drink back.

"Cut the 'old friends' crap Williams. What are you doing here? But more important, what the hell do you want?"

"Lynn I'm hurt. What makes you think I want something?"

"Because I know you too well, Williams. You always want something. There has never been a time in my life that you have shown up and didn't want something. So either spit it out, or let me leave."

"Fine, have it your way. Yes I do need something from you. I need to get close to someone, and since you are working at Quantico again, you are in a position to help me out."

"First thing, who is it and why? Second thing, why should I help you? Third thing, how the fuck did you know I was back at Quantico?"

"I keep tabs on you. You still owe me."

"Fuck you Williams, I don't owe you jack shit. Now you didn't answer my question. Who's the target and why?"

"The target is a gentleman by the name of Falsone. " Lynn turned and looked at him in shock, she couldn't believe who he had just named. "Ah, I see you know the name. The why is none of your business. I have my reasons. Now will you help me or not?"

"Christ Nate, you don't ask for much do you? There is no way in hell I could get you any where near Falsone."

Just then Aniette spoke up, "Yes there is one way. The Christmas Ball next week, he is there every year."

Lynn looked at Aniette, and her eyes lit up. She slowly got an evil smile on her face. "Nate I'll make a deal with you. I'll get you into the ball, I can get the invitations, you will have to get your own ID's though."

"That would work, but how do I know that there is more to your deal?"

"Because, my dear, there is. I know that you always work in teams of least two, which works out perfectly, because Aniette and I will be posing as your dates. Nate, make Sammy your teammate on this one or we have no deal. "

"Sammy? No way Lynn. Any other one of the guys, but not Sammy."

"Yes, Sammy, or no deal Nate. If it wasn't for me you would pick him anyway, he is your best shot. So it's either him or I walk now. What's it going to be."

Nate sat back in the booth and thought it over for a minute, "Deal. I'll bring Sammy. What night is this Ball?"

"It's next Tuesday night, the 23rd. I'll have your invitations waiting for you at the door. We will meet you here at 7:30pm, all right?" Nate nodded, "Now, let me out of here."

He stood up and she quickly left. Aniette stayed seated, she wanted to talk to Nate before she left. He sat back and asked her. "What the hell is going on? That is not the Lynn Frost I remember."

"No, Nate she's not. She has changed a lot in the last two years since you saw her last. You picked a hell of a day to ask her a favor like that. In the past five years, she has had her heart broken by two men. One was Sammy and you helped with that one. The second man was the only man she has loved since Sammy, and he broke her heart just today. I guess I should warn you, the man that broke her heart today is going to be at that ball, so if I were you I'd watch out. You know how she can be. By the way, for me at least, it's good to see you again" With that she stood up and walked over and kissed him on the cheek, "I have to go after her, see ya next week." With that she walked out leaving him sitting at the table wondering if he hadn't just made the biggest mistake of his career.

December 23rd, 1997

Samuel Nelson sat in the passenger seat of Nate's 1997 Camaro Z28, contemplating a career change. He had better things to do than sit in this car with Nathan Williams outside of the J. Edgar Hoover Building a few days before Christmas. He glanced at his watch: 6:30 p. m. . 'Shit,' he thought to himself, 'when are we ever going to get this over with?' He took a sip of coffee from his styrofoam cup and reluctantly gulped it down. He pressed the button to lower the window on his side of the car and threw the cup out onto the street.

"What the hell are you doing?" Williams asked him. As much as he liked working with Sammy he could never help but feel annoyed at him. Maybe it was because of Nelson's arrogance.

Williams knew Sammy for seven years already but Sammy was still his same old self, life in the "big league" never changed him. His features didn't make him look like the military type either, slim with a small mouth, brown eyes and slicked-back black hair. But he could use a firearm like no other.

"What does it look like?" Nelson said. "Throwing out a coffee cup." Nelson could never get over how dumb Williams could be. He might be the head honcho of the Fighting 5th but he could still be as dumb as an ox. Yet Sammy would never actually say that to his face. Any guy who is over six feet tall, well-built and with a southern accent to boot was not someone to be trifled with. Sammy glanced at his watch again: 6:31 p. m. .

"Nate, when the hell are we going to get this show on the road? I'm sick of cold coffee, I'm sick of sitting here in silence 'cause you're too fucking quiet, and I'm sick of your John Hiatt CD's already. And to top it off my legs are falling asleep from sitting in the same position for the past three hours. Why don't we just go in and shoot the son of a bitch?"

Williams turned to look at Nelson, brown eyes glaring. "Yeah, we'll walk right into the middle of the party and shoot him in front of fifty people. Screw the plan. Hell, why don't we just blow up the building too? It will be like 'Die Hard. '" Williams took his coffee, sipped it, and gulped. He pressed a button and lowered his window, allowing him to throw the cup outside onto the pavement.

"You know, there's a fifty dollar fine for doing that," Sammy said with a grin.

"They can bill me." Williams glanced at his own watch and looked out the windshield.

"Are you all set for tonight?" he asked Nelson. "I think so. It's going to be hard to see Lynn again." Lynn Frost was not only a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but she was also his ex-fiancee. Although Nelson had been dating his girlfriend for the past four years, he still couldn't help but have feelings for Lynn. Maybe it was because she was such a flirt, and how she could lure men into doing anything for her.

"It's only for a few hours, Sam. Don't worry about it." But deep inside Nathan was worried. If Nelson didn't concentrate on the mission this could go to hell in a big way. "Tell me what we're doing tonight."

"We go to the party as Federal Agents, we meet up with Aniette and Lynn, we track down Falsone and as quietly as possible retire him. Is the nutshell version good enough?" Sammy asked Williams.

"Good enough for me." They sat in silence for a few minutes until Nelson spoke up again. "Are we getting paid for this?"




Long pause.

"Why not?"

"Personal reasons."

"'Personal reasons?' What did he do, scratch your 'Vette?"

"No, Falsone is a Jumper."

"'A Jumper?' What the fuck is that? Does that mean he's suicidal or something?"

"No, not really suicidal. I can't tell you what it means but if we don't get rid of him then we're gonna be in a world of hurt."

"Thanks, that explains nothing."

"You're very welcome," said with a grin.

"Then why the hell am I here? What did I do to deserve this detail?" That's what always pissed Sammy off about Nate. He always held grudges, and if you made him angry somehow he wouldn't forget it.

"Let's see, you blew up my truck, you broke my 'Perfectly Good Guitar' CD--"Sammy interrupted him. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, I didn't blow up your fucking truck. That was a bomb. Not my fault some sicko wanted me and Dez out of the picture."

"You didn't even replace that CD."

"Should I have? The truck blows up, the CD cracks, shit like that happens. Okay, maybe not trucks exploding but you get the idea. But there's no way I'm replacing that disc, you can buy your own honky-tonk shit."

"John Hiatt is not 'honky-tonk shit. ' He's a damn good writer, a lot better than the crap you listen to."

"And what crap would that be?" Sammy knew where this was heading and was relishing every moment.

"Your rock and roll shit. I mean all you ever do is talk about Van Halen--"

"Hey, Eddie Van Halen is a great guitarist, the best guitarist there is. The best guitarist ever, get over it."

"But still, it's loud, it's rude. . ."

"Define rude."

"Okay, men talking about screwing women, swearing all the time. . ."

"Oh, and country isn't sexist? Jesus, have you seen how the female singers dress these days? They want men to respect them and treat them like ladies so they go and dress in mini-skirts and tight shirts."

"Who ever said John Hiatt was country? He's not. Not really country but he's not honky-tonk."

"You didn't answer me about the women comment."

"Oh right. Okay, you got me there. I dunno, it's a marketing scheme I guess."

"'Whose boobs have your boots been under. . . '"

"It's "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under' smart ass."

"Whatever. Now I'm not complaining that they dress like that, that's Kool and the Gang. I have no problem with seeing some tight asses. What gets me is that whole 'I'm a woman, respect me' stuff and then they go dress like some prostitute. I don't figure it."

"You're sure in a sour mood today." That would get Nelson going for sure.

"What the hell does that mean?" Williams was really pushing his buttons today and it was beginning to get to Nelson. He was just sick of this whole deal, wanted nothing to do with it. 'Maybe I could quit and work for the Postal Service,' he thought to himself.

Williams turned to face Nelson again. He knew something was really bothering his partner and he knew it was Lynn. He'd have to try to straighten this shit out now.

"It's Lynn, isn't it."

Sammy didn't say anything. He didn't want to, not in front of Williams. Maybe Dez or Melenchuk, but not Nate.

"Sammy, look into my eyes." Nelson looked directly at Nate's brown eyes. "If there's something bothering you I want to hear it right now. I can't afford to have this turn into a cluster fuck because you have old feelings for her. I'm sure you do, but you'll just have to concentrate on the mission." Really long pause.

"Christ man, she's so fucking good looking! I mean I love Mary-Anne, but Lynn. . . did you do this on purpose?"

"What do you mean?"

"I know I've pissed you off, but you know what happened between the two of us a couple of years back. If you're doing this to torture me you can fuck right off."

"Yes, you have pissed me off. That's one of the reasons. I also chose you because you're the best shot and I might need that in any given situation. To be honest I wasn't thinking about you and Lynn, but now that you mention it there is some regret in that decision. But you have to put that behind you, as do I. Hell, I think she's hot, Aniette is hot, but what we need to do is focus on the job at hand. We go in, we kill that piece of shit and then we get the fuck out of Dodge." Williams continued to stare at Nelson. If this mission wasn't successful there would be hell to pay.

Nelson continued to look into his eyes, then lowered his head. "I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For acting like an ass. For thinking with my dick instead of my head. I'll be okay."

"You're not an ass. A smart ass maybe, but not an ass. Let's just get this fucking thing over with, okay?"

Nelson looked up at Williams. "'Kay. But before we go in I have just one question."

"What's that?"

"Are the drinks free at the party?"

The Christmas party was quite crowded. From what Williams could gather there must have been a few hundred people, most of them already half drunk or getting there. Getting past security was no big feat thanks to the fake identification badges Melenchuk had made for them. But if people asked them too many questions they'd be in a world of hurt, so Williams wanted to make sure the only people they stayed in contact with were Frost and Bishop.

Williams and Nelson, wearing tuxedos, made their way through the large crowd, "excusing" themselves and bumping into people as they made their way to the most important part of the mission: the bar.

"I'll have one rye, ice, and one rye and Coke," Williams told the bartender. "Certainly," he replied. Moments later he handed Williams the two drinks, Williams passing the rye and Coke to Nelson. Nelson took a sip from his plastic cup and coughed.

"Jesus, what the hell is this shit?" Nelson said. He wiped his mouth with his left hand.

"Jack Daniels," said the bartender. "Why?"

"He asked for rye, not this corn-holed inbred shit." The bartender just shrugged.

Williams and Nelson began walking back to the entrance where they were supposed to meet Lynn and Aniette. "I tell ya, it's the fucking FBI and what do they have for rye? Jack Daniels. It isn't even fucking rye! It's this distilled Deliverance shit. They could have had some Crown Royal or even Five Star but no, they have to have JD. This shit tastes like sewer water."

"Sammy, just shut the fuck up, okay?"

"Yeah, whatever."

Moments later, after making their way through the loud but friendly crowd, the two men made it to the entrance, Nelson seeming a little twitchy.

"'The waaaiting is the hardest part. . . '" sang Nelson quietly.

"What was that?"

"Nothing, just muttering to myself."

"So what else is new?" Williams said with a grin. Nelson just glared at Williams, thinking 'I swear, just one more comment. . . '

Nelson was about to say something to Williams when he saw them: Lynn Frost and Aniette Bishop.

As soon as he saw them he forgot what he had been about to say to Williams, instead he said, "Nate, about what you said in the car. Well there's hot and then there's what just walked though that door." Williams just nodded, then slammed back his drink.

As Aniette and Lynn stood there, just inside the doorway of the ballroom, they were a study in contrasts. Everything about them seemed to be opposites, from their coloring, to their choice in dresses.

Aniette with her dark chestnut brown hair and olive colored skin, was stunning in a simple dress of white satin. Her outfit was very simple and classy, from the simple sheath style, of an almost tank-top style top, to how it just hugged her body down to the tops of her white satin shoes. Combined with the long white gloves she had on, the whole look was very classy, but very sexy.

Standing next to her, Lynn was her almost exact opposite. Where Aniette had her dark hair down loose around her shoulders, Lynn had her light red hair up in a tight french twist, with just a few of her long curls hang down loose around her face, and down her back.

The other difference was their dresses, where Aniette's was white satin, semi-low cut in the front and sleeveless and Lynn's was black velvet, with a high collar, and a jacket with long sleeves, so that she was covered from neck to ankle. She even had on black gloves so that you couldn't even see her hands.

When Nate and Sammy saw how Lynn was dressed they both breathed a sigh of relief. As the two women walked over to them, Aniette was the first to reach them, as she did she held out her arms to give Nate a hug. He quickly set his glass down so that he could hug her back. As Lynn walked up to them, she just nodded at Sammy. When Nate and Aniette were done hugging, she stepped in front of him and turned around.

Over her shoulder she said very quietly, "It is warmer in here then I thought it would be, Nate since your hands are free, would you be kind enough to help me off with my jacket."

Nate nodded, and reached out to help her. As the jacket started to slide off her shoulders, warning bells started to go off in his head, but it was too late, her jacket was now all the way off.

He softly swore "damn" under his breath when he got a good look at the back of her dress, or rather the complete lack of any back. The high collar front of her dress went around her neck, but other then that there was absolutely nothing else covering her back all the way down to her hips. A blind man could tell she had nothing on but that dress.

'I'm going straight to Hell,' thought Nelson.

That was when he dropped his drink. It wasn't something he had planned on doing, it wasn't even something he was consciously aware of at the time. A few days later he would be telling the other members how it happened, how it seemed to happen in slow motion. He caught a glimpse of her backside and the drink just fell out of his hand, whether because he let go or was gripping it too hard would still be unknown to him.

As it started to fall he saw it slowly fall straight down to the floor, watching it on its decent, unable to do anything. Finally it connected with the hardwood and when it did the Jack Daniels, Coke and ice flew straight up towards his face which was looking down at the plastic cup he dropped. This wasn't so bad but it also went all over the front of his $2000 tuxedo. "Aw fuck," he said softly to himself.

Williams leaned in towards Nelson. "Hey Sam, did you drop that or did Mr. Johnson pop up and do it for you," he said with a grin.

Lynn smiled as she heard what Nate said to Sammy. She slowly turned around and walked over to him. As she stood in front of him, she reached out and slowly ran her gloved hand lightly down his cheek.

As she did, Sammy realized that she was wearing his favorite perfume. As he took a deep breath, Lynn leaned in even closer to him and whispered in his ear, "What's the matter Sammy? Has it been too long since you got some? Or is it just the fact that you know I don't have a damn thing on under this dress, just the way you always liked me?"

She stepped back and looked him up and down, "You might want to go clean up, wouldn't want that spot on your shirt to turn to a stain."

She turned her back to him, "Come on Aniette I don't know about you, but I really need a drink or three." with that she started across the room towards the bar.

As they watched her go, Aniette turned to Nate, and grabbed Lynn's jacket out of his hands, "I told you to watch out. I should go after her, we'll met you in ten minutes." then she went off to try and stop her best friend from self-destructing. *X*X*X*X*X*X*X*

Inside the washroom of the hotel, Nelson was washing his face off with a towel. There were a few more to the left of him, these were used to dry off his tux. The lighting wasn't very bright in the room where the party was being held so not too many people would notice. But he was still pissed.

"I don't get it. Women go on and on about how men don't appreciate them, and when we do appreciate them they start screaming bloody murder like it's all news to them."

"There's a difference between appreciating them and leering at them."

"What do you know?" Sammy finished wiping his face. Williams was leaning against one of the walls, arms crossed. "Christ, now I'll have a fucking Coke stain on the front of this thing."

"Hey, it's not my fault, I didn't drop the fucking cup."

Nelson turned to Williams. "I think it is your fucking fault."

"What do you mean?"

"You knew Goddamn well Lynn was going to wear something like that. In fact, I think the reason I'm here in the first place is because she wants me here, not you."


Sammy cut him off. "No, you listen Nathan. You want to kill this fucker Falsone, that's fine. You need someone to come along with you, that's fine too. But I have a feeling the only reason I'm here is because she wanted me here and that she wouldn't let you nail Falsone unless I came along. Right?"

Williams was silent.


"Okay, I admit it, that's why you're here." Silence.

Sammy continued staring at Williams. "Why am I not fucking surprised?"

"Don't fucking yell at me!"

"What the fuck do you want me to do? Forgive and forget? Jesus Christ, Nate she's got nothing on beneath that dress. Nothing. I'd ask where she's hiding her gun but I don't want to know."

"I'm sorry, okay? But this was the only way I could get to Falsone. Believe me, if we don't kill him we're all fucked."


"A bad man."

Williams brushed himself off and walked out the door, leaving Nelson to think of his words.

Lynn and Aniette were walking back across the room to met up with Nate and Sammy, when Aniette spotted Skinner walking into the ballroom. She trying to keep walking, hoping that Lynn hadn't spotted him also, but she had.

Lynn stopped dead in her tracks, she wanted him here, but part of her had hoped that he wouldn't show. Now that he was here, and she saw him again, she remembered the pain he had caused her.

Just then out of the corner of her eye, she spotted Sammy looking for her. She turned her head to look at him fully, and as she did she remembered the pain of knowing him too. That's when she knew that she had to go though with her plan. She thought to herself, "Fuck 'em both."

She turned back, so that she was looking right at Skinner. He spotted her then, and started to walk towards her. As soon as he did, she turned and with an evil gleam in her eye walked right up to Sammy. When she reached him and the others, she shocked them all, by wrapping her arms around him and kissing him as deeply as she could. As soon as he started to return her kiss, she ended it.

He was starting to lean in to kiss her again, when Nate tapped him on the shoulder, "Knock it off you two, Falsone just walked in. Time for the show. Sammy go check and make sure the band has the right setlist."

Sammy nodded and walked off, anything, any excuse would work right now to get him away from Lynn. "Shit" he thought, "This is harder than I thought it would be."

Lynn watched Sammy walk off and then turned to Nate, "Show? What show?" she asked.

Nate smiled at her, "We need a distraction, and thanks to the fact that the band needs a singer, and that dress, you are it. I sure hope you remember all those swing style songs you used to like to sing."

Just as Lynn was opening her to mouth to argue with him, Aniette stepped between them, "Well whatever you are going to do, you better do it fast. Skinner is headed this way, and he looks pissed."

Lynn looked at her, "Shit Bishop, how can you tell? He always looks pissed. Well Nate, I guess I have no choice, once again you have me trapped in your web. Don't you ever get sick of playing spider to everyone else's fly?" She turned to walk away, but was stopped by him grabbing her arm.

"Listen to me Lynn, I think if anyone is a spider tonight, it's you. A black widow. I am warning you now, stop playing with Sammy's mind. Or there is going to be hell to pay."

Lynn just glared at him till he let go of her arm, "It's not his mind I'm in the mood to play with, thank you. Now listen to me, back off Williams. You are here, close to your target, thanks to me. Leave me alone so you can do your job. Or you're right, there will be hell to pay, and you will be the one paying. Now excuse me, unless you want me to have to deal with Skinner right now." She turned and quickly slipped away just as Skinner walked up.

As he started to go after her, Aniette stepped in front of him, "Good evening sir. I was not expecting to see you here. "

He stopped and looked down at her, "Good evening Agent Bishop. I am here due to the fact that it is a mandatory function for me. I am surprised to see you and Agent Frost here." He looked Nate up and down and then turned back to Aniette, "I haven't seen Agent Mulder. Is he here with you?"

Aniette just smiled at him, "No, he's not, as you know sir. He and Agent Scully are still out of town. May I introduce you to Agent Williams, an old friend from San Diego. Luckily for me he was in town so I didn't have to come alone. "

Skinner glared at her, "But you aren't really alone, now are you? I saw Special Agent Frost with you. I need to speak with her. Do you know where she is?

Just as Aniette was about to tell him no, the band came on stage and they started to lower the house lights. As the lights lowered, Nate quickly slipped away. .

On the stage, the band leader walked over to the mike, "Good evening ladies and gentlemen. We have a special treat for you tonight. Our regular singer has taken ill, but luckily for us, one of your own has stepped in the full the void. Please welcome, Special Agent Lynn Frost."

There was a sort of stunned silence in the room, then a smattering of polite applause. Skinner just stood there stunned as Lynn walked out onto the stage.

As she walked out, the band leader stopped her and handed her a copy of the setlist, the songs she was to sing and in what order. She looked down and read over them quickly, as she did, she wasn't surprised to see that they were all 'Save Ferris' songs. Sammy knew that was all she really liked to sing, and there were so many fast, fun songs they were the perfect cover for what he and Nate had to do.

Lynn walked to the mike, and waited for the applause to stop, "Thank you very much for that. I hope you all enjoy the music. For our first song I would like you to welcome a good friend of mine, who's going to help me out."

When the band started in on the first bars of "Superspy", Sammy walked out and over to the other mike. As they started to sing together, Nate was making his way around the room to where Falsone was standing, staring at Lynn.

As the song came to an end, Lynn and the band quickly started up again, this time with "The World Is New". As she sang, Sammy quietly slipped away, to meet up with Williams.

As the band started their next song, Williams wondered how he was going to get Falsone out of the ballroom with causing a scene, when he spotted Aniette walking up to him. She whispered something to him, and pointed to a door that lead out of the ballroom to an empty storage room. Falsone nodded and head out of the ballroom.

As Aniette walked past him, Williams reached out and stopped her, he hissed at her, "What did you say to him?"

Aniette looked up at him and giggled, "I told him he had a phone call. I knew you had to get him out of this room."

Williams hugged her quickly, "Thank you Aniette, it really does help me out."

As he started out of the room after Falsone, the band finished up their song, and the ballroom went wild with cheering. As he stepped though the doorway, they started another song, a remake of the song, "Come on Eileen. " *X*X*X*X*X*X*X*

As Williams stepped into the room Falsone was standing in, Falsone had his back turned but quickly turned around when Williams spoke. "Hi Falsone."

Falsone whirled around, and put his right hand inside his suit, about to pull out a gun.

"Do that and you're a fucking grease spot," said Nelson, who was now standing behind Falsone, two Glock 22's with silencers pointed straight at him.

Falsone turned to see who was behind him, and when he saw Nelson, he slowly took his hand back out of his suit coat.

'How the hell did he get there so quietly?' thought Williams, as he too pointed his gun at Falsone.

When Falsone turned back to Williams he was facing a Smith & Wesson 1076 10mm handgun, the hammer already pulled back. "How does it feel to be staring at the barrel of a gun instead of the other way around, punk?" asked Williams.

Falsone seemed unfazed, he was actually laughing. "If you kill me Nate you're in big trouble, you know that? Tyler will kill you."

"Fuck Tyler, and fuck you."

"They know where you are, Nathan. They're coming for you."

Nelson had a look of puzzlement on his face. "Who's Tyler, Nate? Who's coming for you?"

Williams ignored him. "So? Let them come, see if I give a shit. They're pretty pathetic if it's taken them this long for them to find me."

"Kill me and they'll be on you like that." Falsone snapped his fingers. "So go ahead, shoot me, see if I care."

"Fine," said Williams. That was when Nelson pumped four 9mm rounds into Falsone, the only noise coming from the slides from both guns. Falsone collapsed to the floor, blood everywhere.

"That was easy. Now what?" asked Nelson, holstering his Glocks. They'd either have to seal off this room or clean it up very quickly before some numbnuts security guard came upon the body.

"Now we start cleaning."

Lynn spotted Sammy and Nate as soon as they walked back into the ballroom. When she did, she signaled the band to go right into "Lies" from "Little Differences" As she started to sing the lines of the song, she made eye contact with Sammy, and while she looked him right in the eyes, poured her heart and all the pain in it, into the words of the song.

"When the situation occurred, You quickly hid behind your words.
I opened up my eyes and soon I realized that it's too late,
my love has turned to hate. And there's nothing left for you and your lies."

As she sang the last note, she saw in his eyes that he finaly understood what this night had been about for her.

Sammy, bowed his head and knew that it was finely over, forever, between himself and Lynn. Maybe now they could try and be friends again. He was looking forward to it. He raised his head as the applause of the crowd died down and he heard her speak.

"Thank you, thank you. You have been a great crowd, as my last song of the night I would like to sing the perfect song. . . . . "Goodbye"," she said and started to sing.

As Lynn sang, Sammy could hear the pain and the rage in her voice and he knew that this time, she was singing for Skinner, and him alone.

" 'Cause you can't hide the truth. I can see what's behind those eyes.
Tongue so twisted from tellin' lies. You might think your strong,
but you better not treat me wrong.
Or else I'll say so long. . . . . . . . . . .
Goodbye: I never want to see you again.
Goodbye: I don't even want to be your friend.
So long: now we've reached the end. Time for me to turn that bend.
When time has run away and there's no need for me to stay.
And lose myself to you.
And be abused by you.
I don't need the pain from your mind games.
When you try them again, I won't be there for them to work. . . . Anymore.."

As her last note rang out in the room, she turned and walked off the stage. Sammy quickly hurried though the ballroom to make she was okay.

When she was backstage, Lynn wondered at herself, wondered what had gotten in to her so that would stand there and sing those words while staring into Skinner's eyes. She knew she had to get out of there, and quickly. She was looking around for her jacket and purse, when she heard his voice.

"Looking for these, Agent Frost?" she turned and he was standing there in the shadows, holding her things. He stepped out into the light, and when she saw the look on his face, she had to stop herself from stepping away from him, but she held her ground and held her chin high.

"I'm surprised to see you here, Sir. I would have thought you would have stayed far away from me tonight. I mean how would it look?"

She knew she had hit home with that one when he flinched and took a deep breath. "Listen Lynn, we need to talk."

"Talk? What the fuck do we have to talk about, I think you said it all when you walked out of my apartment without a word." Then she spotted Sammy standing there behind Skinner. "Now, if you'll excuse me, Sir. Might I have my things back, my date is waiting for me."

As soon as she said the words, Skinner saw red. He knew that what he had done had been wrong, and he had been planning on telling her tonight that he was sorry and that he loved her. But instead of the romantic evening he had planned, it turned out she was already over him.

As he handed them to her, he said, "Yeah, I saw your date. Can I ask you, did your bed even get cold before you replaced me?"

Lynn was about to reply to him, when Sammy spoke up first, standing behind Skinner. "That's pretty classy, did you learn how to speak like that when you were being butt-fucked in gym class?"

Skinner turned quickly to face Nelson, who was standing with his arms crossed, a shit-eating grin on his face.

Skinner looked down at Nelson, eyes narrowed behind his glasses. "So, you must be her little squeeze. The FBI must really be lowering their standards to let a punk like you in. But I need to know, is she really a good fuck or does she fake for you too?" He knew what he was saying was wrong, but he wanted to hurt her as much as he was hurting.

Nelson continued to stare up at Skinner, the shit-eating grin still on his face. "At least I got mine up."

"Alright, you little shit, I'm gonna wipe your fucking ass all over this floor."

"Sure, but *I* need to know, can you wipe yours?" Skinner took a step towards Nelson when Lynn stepped between the two, a look of anger on her face.

"Okay, that's it you two. I am tried of listening to both of you and your shit, I'm so out of here, and by the way, fuck ya both." As Lynn stormed away towards the exit, both men turned to watch her leave.

"What the fuck is up with her?" asked Nelson, eyes wide in surprise.

"What else do you expect from that cunt?" asked Skinner with an evil grin.

Nelson whirled quickly and cranked Skinner right in the face with his right hand, blood from Skinner's nose pouring all over the place. He put his hand up to his bloody nose, then his knees buckled and he collapsed to the floor.

Nelson looked down at the unconscious body. "Asshole, no one calls her that, and I mean no one." He was just pulling back his foot to kick him for good measure, when Nate and Aniette walked backstage.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Williams walked over and looked at Nelson, then down at Skinner. "Holy shit. What the hell got into you? You just punched out the Assistant Director of the FBI. Why?"

"We got into it over Lynn, she took off and then he called her the c-word." Williams looked at Nelson when he heard that, and when Sammy nodded, Williams was the one to kick him, hard.

Aniette just stood there for a moment, then said "Come on you two, we should be going before someone sees us with him, like this. After everything else, you don't want to get caught for this."

Williams looked at her, "You're right. Okay ramblers, let's get ramblin. ' Sammy, you said Lynn took off, right?" Sammy nodded, "Okay Aniette I guess that's means we need to give you a ride home then. "

As Nate pulled up in front of Aniette and Lynn's, he knew something was wrong right away: the front door was busted in. He pulled the Camaro into the parking lot, lights off, and coasted to a stop. He turned the car off, pulled out his Smith & Wesson and chambered a round. Nelson pulled out both Glocks, and removed the silencers. Then he put in brand new clips, pulling the slides back on each piece. "Let's rock and roll."

All three stepped out of the vehicle, their breath visible in the night air.

"Do you really think something happened to Lynn?" asked Aniette, a hint of nervousness in her voice.

"Maybe, maybe not, but we don't screw around," said Williams, gesturing with his head to Nelson. "Ready?"

"Willing and able."

They walked to the door of the apartment, wood splinters everywhere.

"Hello, Amway?" asked Nelson. There was no light from beyond the door.

"On three." Nelson nodded. Williams counted to three, then kicked open the door. Nelson dove in and did a somersault, both guns ready, Williams stepping to his right as soon as he entered, gun in firing position.

"Where's the light switch?" he whispered to Aniette, still standing outside.

"Right behind you, on the wall." A moment later the lights in the apartment were turned on, and that's when Aniette screamed. Williams turned to her, covered her mouth with his left hand and wrapped his other arm around her. "Jesus Christ," said Nelson softly.

There was blood everywhere. On the rug, on the sofa, on the walls. . . but what caught Williams' attention was one word, written in blood: 'remember.'

"Jesus Christ," said Nelson, now standing, "What does it mean?"

"Only one person could have done this." Nelson looked at Williams, waiting for the answer.



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