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Title: Trouver L'Amour un Jour de Fete: Action de Grace
Author: KassandraXF
Disclaimer: yakkety yak! Blah blah blah! You know it. Why are you even Reading this? But if you don't know it, I offer it: no copyright Infringement intended, belongs to cc, 10/13, fox and whoever else owns It. But I don't.

It's a long title but I love it anyhow! Thanks to Martine who thought It up for me! Thank you thank you thank you! This is a thanksgiving Story. Not much thanksgiving in it I'm afraid. This is a sequel to Trick or treat which was the start of the 'Trouve L'amour Un Jour De Fete' series.

MSR MSR MSR MSR MSR MSR MSR MSR MSR MSR need I say more. Nothing Physical though so minors read away...

Dedicated to Martine who helped me with the title

"So what are you planning to do for Thanksgiving?" Scully broached the subject carefully, she'd be alone this year because Maggie Scully would be with her brother and his family this Thanksgiving.

"Probably getting some take out and falling asleep in front of the TV." Mulder didn't look up from the files on his desk.

"What's new? You do that anyhow..." she exhaled slowly, "Wanna come over and spend Thanksgiving dinner with me? Mom's out of town and..."

Mulder looked up at her, interested, "Sure, why not, you know how to prepare turkey?"

"It only comes from years and years of helping Mom prepare it for the family. So are you coming?" She asked, trying not to look or sound anxious.

"I already said 'sure'."

"Great! Now, where did that file go? The one on Eva Gladek? You know, that teen who claimed that she was a witch?" Scully walked over to Mulder's desk and shuffled a couple papers around, "Really, Mulder, how do you work like this?"

Shrugging in response, he pondered on the 13 year old girl who managed to 'bind' her soul to her friend's, "So, I guess you didn't believe in Eva's story."

"Eva was a nice girl, but what she claimed..."

"But she managed to prove it, you saw how she lit the candle, how she and her friend were able to communicate with telepathy."

"Mulder, it doesn't happen." Scully smiled for a minute, "She's Catholic you know, she says that God doesn't mind her doing that, being a witch. I always thought that it was against the Christian religion."

"Actually, witchcraft was originally used for 'good' purposes. Bad witchcraft isn't witchcraft at all but a mixture of Satanism and Voodoo. And witchcraft, otherwise known as wicca, is a very old religion, older than Christianity and perhaps Judaism. There's a theory that Christianity and Wicca went hand in hand for many centuries. Wiccans don't really 'worship' but they do think that nature is capable of anything, and they also think that humankind can use the powers that nature has."

"and you think that Eva and other wiccans use that power."

"Why not?"

"Mulder, I highly doubt that Eva was a witch. She's your everyday, procrastinating good student, who loves the occult with a passion, whose friend got her into wicca, and now she's trying to prove it with an elaborate set up. And you go running, which is exactly what she wanted. It's just the attention she wants and you gave it to her."

"She's not the kind to make it conspicuous, she seemed secretive, as if she didn't want anybody to know about it..."

"How do you know?"

"How do you know that she doesn't have the powers, maybe she does!" Mulder challenged, leaning back on his chair and folding his hands under his head.

"Then why don't I have it, why don't you have it?"

"Because she, in some way, has learned to channel it."

"Channel it... OK, Mulder." She smiled endearingly.

"According to Eva you need a initiating chant..."

"The 'Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell' one?" Scully rummaged in the file of the Gladek case and leafed through some papers, searching for it.

"Yeah, that one. I wonder what she meant by binding souls?"

"Who said anything on binding souls?"

"Eva and Karol did."

"I'm positive that they did, and while they were at it they also learned how to make a broom fly."

"Well, Eva did say that she and Karol obtained levitation powers."

"What possessed them to take up Witchcraft in the first place is my question. Now excuse me, I gotta type up the field report..."

"Sorry Scully, looks like you'll have to wait, I'm using it now." Mulder leaned forward and reached for the file, Scully, anticipating this, moved away, out of his reach, "Mulder, it's 3 o'clock, I don't know about you but I haven't anything to eat since last night's dinner and a cup of coffee this morning. Would you mind going to the deli and getting me a salad and a ice tea? I'll be done with the report when you get back and you can have it." She asked, walking to her desk.

"Ice tea, Scully? Must be love..." Mulder paused and Scully gave him a 'look'. He continued, "If I can't change your mind about UFO's, I'm glad I at least altered your tastes..."

"Nope, I still don't like sunflower seeds." Scully turned on the computer and started to type, hardly noticing Mulder going out the door to get lunch.

"OK, OK, turkey's ready, table's set, apartment does not look like a tornado blew through it, I'm dressed fine, Oh My God, the candle's about to fall!" Scully rushed to the table and steadied the burning beige candle before the it wobbled over the edge. Scully took a quick glance at the mirror and made sure she looked OK, the dark red sweater looked darker than it really was in the semidarkness as with the rest of her outfit which was casual. Well, so Scully wasn't exactly the best cook; the bread came out kind of pale but the lights were nice dimmed anyways. She ran her hand through her hair quickly and was about to sit down and read a bit when the doorbell rang. She hurried to open it and there was Mulder standing with his hand behind his back.

"Hey Mulder, whatcha got in your hand? Flowers?" She teased.

"You're psychic, Scully." He handed her a dozen of blood red roses on a green fern with baby's breath. Scully smiled a surprised smile and accepted them.

"wow...thanks Mulder, I wasn't really expecting any flowers from you." Scully remarked as she opened and closed the cabinet doors in her kitchen looking for a vase.

" 'Welcome." Mulder took a quick glance at the room and saw the picturesque table in the middle of the room with candles on it, "Hey, Scully, when do we eat?"

"In a minute, just dump your coat anywhere...."Scully shouted from the kitchen. She emerged a minute later with a vase filled with lovely red roses and she was beaming. Smiling, she set the vase down on the low table in front of the couch, "Thanks, Mulder, they're beautiful." She lowered her gaze from his eyes to his chest, "I thought as much, no tie?"

"Yeah, right." He looked back at the table, "Table looks great, bread looks great, where's the turkey?"

"Mulder, take it easy! Gosh, you've been living on fast food way too long! I swear Mulder, if you ever marry anybody, marry somebody who knows how to cook to make up for all the, ahem, food you've taken in for the many years?" She took Mulder by the arm and led him to the table.

"Sit down, Mulder, I'll get the turkey."

The dinner went quickly enough, for both were hungry. After that, Scully asked if Mulder would like a glass of red wine.

"No, that's OK, I only drink when there are killer cockroaches from outer space or when I'm under a sygyzy."

"Or when there happens to be a fairly attractive entomologist named Bambi or a bleached blond 'Detective White'."

"No, I did not drink with Bambi, I drank with that scientist guy, Dr Ivanov. And I was drinking before Det. White came in. I have a question for you, it's bothered me for some time.." Mulder's face looked serious but Scully picked out the twinkle in his eyes.

"Really?" Scully asked looking equally serious.

"Yeah, since when do you smoke?"

"Smoke?" Scully was confused for a minute, "Oh, wait, how did you know I was smoking in Comity?"

"Scully, you're breath smelled like Cancerman's."

"Thanks..."Scully rolled her eyes, "So I guess that means no wine nor cigarettes."


"How did you like the dinner?"

"It was great."

"Glad you liked it."


"Mulder, does this seem awkward to you?"

"Scully, how many times do we actually have dinner without a case to discuss?"

She smiled, "Well, there's a first for everything. A first case, a first alien abduction, a first trick or treating experience...oh, by the way! Sarah says 'hi'."

"That little spy, how was she when you sitted last week?"

"She was great, as was Bobby, and she and Bobby were in another of their fights."

"Really, what is it this time?" Mulder looked vaguely interested, he had taken a liking to Sarah. Especially after she decided to play spy; somewhere in a corner of his mind, he respected her for being able to be inconspicuous about creeping down the stairs and sneaking up on them though she was just 6 or so. It was bred upon his experience on being an FBI agent. He had known many that could not be inconspicuous for their lives and a 6 year old surpassed quite a few of them. It also reminded him of Samantha, who also as a child, loved to play spy.

"Well, they were hotly debating whether there were bogeymen or not." Scully chuckled, "She was trying to scare Bobby and kept on saying that there were bogeymen under his bed that would get him when he was asleep. At first, he was adamant about it, arguing that there was no such thing but when she persisted, he buckled and would not go to sleep. And Sarah, began to believe what she was claiming so she was scared out of her wits. Thus, two sleepless children, were clinging on to me for a good part of the evening."

"And which perspective did you take on this?"

"The motherly/scientific route. In other words: 'There's no such thing as bogeymen and they won't get you as long as I'm here with you.'"

"You know, Chris is right, you'd make a great mom. But unfortunately, you cannot guarantee that there are no ghosts." This comment made Scully blush slightly, she remembered what Chris said after the time Mulder and herself went to baby sit. Uppermost on her mind, though, was the kiss they had shared. They hadn't talked about it and it did not seem that there was going to be a encore on it. The agents just went on with their lives the next day, not saying anything about the kiss. But Sarah and Bobby did come up in their conversations now and then. And that was enough of a reminder.

"Don't start on me, Mulder, I've had enough of that matronly talk from Mom and Chris. They've got my bridal and baby shower planned already. Hell, I even know what motif they'll have for my retirement home that I'll share with my future husband...If indeed I get married." She sighed slightly.

"I wouldn't worry, you're still young."

"You're making yourself out to be 90 years old. You're still young too." She ceased for a second, "Funny, you know when I was in medical school, marriage was still a choice, a very open one in fact. But ever since I was recruited by the FBI, that door just shut. I just can't imagine myself married anymore. I'm too used to the schedule we run. Up and at 'em at any given moment of the day. Flying off to Oregon on one day, shooting you at another, chasing UFO's at one moment, and getting abducted in the other. If I were to get married, have kids, that schedule would no longer be possible. Tell you the truth, I kinda like the schedule we run. And if I were to 'domesticate' myself, I would probably quit the x-files....Well, maybe not but running a family would take a lot out of the x-files and the x-files would take a lot out of running a family. I just have no idea how I would maneuver both at the same time." Closing her eyes, she frowned slightly.

"I've never really thought about getting married. After Sam was taken, I didn't really think of anything else but finding her. One of the only times I thought of marriage when I was at Oxford and I met Phoebe. It's a great thing I came to my senses in time before I proposed." He jested bitterly.

It was quiet for a few minutes after Mulder's comment on Phoebe Green but Scully spoke up, "She hurt you a lot didn't she?"

"You don't know how much, Scully. I wasn't the only one though, she had every other guy in that place wrapped around her finger. She did the same to all of them. Picked them up and dropped 'em when she got bored. Believe me, she got bored pretty easily."

Scully empathized with him, her love life hadn't been a great success either. She knew what it was like. Reaching out, she took Mulder's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze and held it. He reacted in turn by squeezing it back. Both looked up at one another. Mulder's eyes were a dark piney green and in his eyes you could see the reflection of the dancing flame of the candle. Her eyes were still a light blue and they flame was also dancing in her eyes as well. But in both pairs of eyes, something was lacking; there was no stiff professionalism. No longer regarding the other as a work partner, it was more of a look that best friends would hold. But something in their eyes said it was more than a friendship, it was much more. Something deep, pure and sacred.

Both asked themselves, "Is it love?"

They did not need an answer; they knew already.


The End

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