Title: These Walls
Author: Sophie Skinner
Category: DSR, Drabble/"Halloween"/ October Fanfic Challenge
Rating: PG13 to be safe
Feedback: any feedback to: sophieskinner1013@outlook.com

Summary: Dana Scully stuck in a haunted house with John Doggett

Author's Notes: Set during season 8

"I'm glad you're here," John announced to his partner over the deafening screams of terror.

The reportedly haunted room was sealed shut, trapping them. The walls shifted and contorted into outlines of the anguished faces of the missing teenagers as the floor groaned and shook.

Guns drawn, sat back to back in the very center of the room on the dusty floorboards, the agents awaited backup.

The screams became pleas for help. Despite being frozen with fear- Dana laughed at John's comment. "You realize this is Halloween night?"

"You think I forgot?" John demanded, unable to help laughing with her.

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