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Title: Thanksgiving Day
Author: Krystine
Written: December 1998
Disclaimer: I don't own 'em, I don't claim to either. They belong to Surfer Boy, and 1013.
Dedication: This one is for all you guys who read it. Hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving! :o)
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Summary: Mulder reluctantly accepts a Thanksgiving invitation at the Scullys' only to learn he has one more thing in common with his partner than he thought.

Now, without further adieu....

I absolutely *despise* family gatherings. I don't hate my family per se, its just being with them for extended periods of time is just not my cup of tea. I consider myself the "odd ball" in the family. I just don't quite fit in anywhere, I never did and I guess I never will. My theory is that's just the way it was meant to be. For some inexplicable reason, I'm always sick during family gatherings...maybe just the thought of having to *attempt* to socialize makes me ill...I don't know. Right now, I'm searching through my purse looking for some Advil Cold
Sinus and my packet of tissues. Dammit...where are they?...cellphone...gun...badge...mints...wallet....ah hah!! Bingo!! I excuse myself from the conversation that I just wasn't even *attempting* to pay attention to and head to the bathroom. While I'm touching up my make-up (deliberately trying to waste time) my phone rings...Jesus Christ, what now?

"Scully." I deadpan.

"Scully, its me...where are you?"

"I'm at Thanksgiving dinner at my mother's house having an absolutely terrible time, why?"

"That bad, huh? Well, I was hoping you'd stop by my place later for some turkey pot pie...I ordered in from Boston Market."

"Mulder, put that microwaved junk in your refrigerator and come over here. My mother won't mind, and you will give me someone other that my Aunt Leslie from Canada who thinks that I'm secretly engaged, to talk to."

"I don't want to intrude" he was cut off.

"Trust me Mulder, your *NOT* intruding...I'm inviting. Get over here soon, okay? I have to go now...I'm sitting in the bathroom talking to you...I think people are getting suspicious that I have split personalities or something."

"Okay. See you soon Scully."

"Oh and one more thing Mulder. While your at dinner...its Dana...there are way too many Scully's here for you to call me that."

"No problem."

Mulder and Scully hung up their phones. Scully went back out into the living room to wait for Mulder to arrive, on the way she stopped and told her mother of the newest guest.

"Dana, you should have asked him sooner! But don't worry, there's plenty of food for him."

"I'm sorry, Mom, it was kind of an impromptu invitation."

"Don't worry about it, Dana."

Dana went into the living room when she heard the doorbell rang. She answered the door and was quite relieved to see it was Mulder, and not another relative from hell.

"Hey Mulder come in."

"Thanks, *Dana* I'm glad you invited me."

"Dinner should be in about twenty minutes Mulder, make yourself comfortable. Oh, first you *must* meet my relatives from hell!"

Mulder laughed quietly as he was led over to the couch full of relatives.

"Dana, who is this handsome young man?" Aunt Leslie inquired.

"Aunt Leslie, Uncle Glenn, this is Fox Mulder, my partner in the FBI. Mulder, Aunt Leslie and Uncle Glenn."

Mulder extended his hand, "Pleased to meet you."

"The pleasure is all ours," Aunt Leslie reciprocated.

Dana and Mulder sat down on the empty love seat in the far side of the room.

"Mulder, thank God you came. I think I may have had to kill myself if I had to be alone with them anymore tonight."

"Trust me Scully, I know the feeling. I never did fit in quite right in family things at my house."

"Same here Mulder, same here. Ever since I was little, I was always the outsider. I could never figure out why though."

Just then, Mrs. Scully cut in on their conversation, "DINNER!"

Mulder and Scully walked into the dining room and were seated next to each other near the head of the table. Dinner went smoothly, nothing was spilt or broken so all was good.

After dinner, Mulder and Scully decided to go for a walk around the block. The two put on their coats and headed out the door.

"Thank you for inviting me Dana, I had a really good time. The food was much better than my turkey pot pie would have been." Mulder said with a smile.

"Don't mention it, Mulder. If you hadn't called me, I would be sitting on the couch listening to Uncle Glenn's tales of how he would walk to work twenty-two point five miles a day, both ways. That was just something I was not looking forward too." Scully said while shaking her head.

They were silent for a few minutes. Mulder took Scully's hand in his. She looked up at him and realized that it had begun to snow.

"Look Mulder, its snowing! I love the snow! Bill, Missy, Charlie, and I used to make snowmen and have snowball fights...boys against girls. Girls always won though." she said.

"Snow's magical you know, Dana. I have several X-Files to back that up you know."

"How did I know that was coming?"

"Must be woman's intuition."

They had arrived at the Scully's front door again. Mulder bent down and gently kissed Scully on the lips, then embraced her.

"I've been waiting to do that for a long time you know, Dana...a very long time."

"Me too, Mulder."

"Let's go inside before we freeze, okay?"

"Yeah...good idea."

They went inside and shed their snow-covered coats and brushed the snow out of their hair. When they had finished, dessert was being served. The two walked into the dining room and enjoyed coffee and lemon meringue pie. After dessert, they resumed their earlier position on the love seat, and watched the end of the football game that was on.

By the time the game was over, Dana and Mulder were asleep. Dana with her head on Mulder's shoulder and Mulder with his head on Dana's. Mrs. Scully took her camera and snapped a shot of the two asleep.

"Talk about a Kodak moment," she murmured as she covered them with the afghan that was on the couch.

The End...or is it? if you are interested in future parts, let me know and I'll see what I can do!

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