Title: Soulbound
Author: Wildafox0619
E-mail: wildafox0619@yahoo.fr
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Rating: G
Category: MSR-CD
Spoilers: Field trip
Disclaimer: Not mine; XF characters belong to 1013 Productions. Summary: Nope

Notes: Written for the Die Another Way Haven 500 words challenge. Visit my website: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/wildafox0619/

Scully was sitting next to Mulder's coffin. He was dead and nobody believed her when she said that it was the fungus that digested him. She started to cry, sobbing violently.

When her tears subsided, she fell asleep on Mulder's bed.

She was awaken by a bright light. She opened her eyes and found herself in the middle of a clearing. She stood and saw a gathering of people not far from her. A redheaded woman got out of the crowd and went to her smiling.


"Missy..it's impossible. You are..."

"My body is dead but not my soul. I was sent with the others to welcome you."

"I was asleep near Mulder's" She tried to explain, stunned to Melissa's presence.

She stopped when a little blond girl came to her. She was speechless when she recognized her.



She ran into her open arms. Scully embraced her little girl, refusing to analyze why she was able to see and to touch her deceased sister and daughter. Emily seemed healthy and smelled of baby powder. Scully was delighted because she was sure she was dreaming. Nothing else could explain was she was seeing and feeling.

Melissa stayed near her sister and niece, surrounded by a shinning halo. She waved to someone in the crowd and a man came to them.

Scully didn't see him, she felt him as if her soul was aware of who it was. She put Emily back on her feet and fell on the ground under the emotion.



He knelt beside her and took her face between his hands. Their eyes met and she saw everything: friendship, trust, respect and love. There were no walls hiding his feelings and she suspected.

It was the same for her because he smiled tenderly. "Yes my love, there's no barrier here. You can't hide from me. I'm seeing through you and you can see through me."

"Where are we, Mulder? I was asleep in your bed, next to your coffin and now we are here together, I am dreaming."

"It's not a dream."

"A hallucination?"


She gazed deeply in his hazel depth and understood. "I am dead?!?"

"And the crowd goes wild! One point for Dana Scully!"

"When did I die?" she protested. "How did I die? It's not possible!"

"You died from grief. Your heart was broken and you died while asleep in Mulder's bed. You couldn't live without him and your destiny was to be with him," Melissa explained. "Your love was so strong that your body stopped to

function altogether."

"But the truth and Samantha?" she asked torn between her family and her duties.

Mulder took her hand and helped her to stand. Emily took his other hand and they went toward the people waiting for them. One woman came to meet them. It was Samantha Mulder.

Walter Skinner found two corpses in the mud. They were in a tight embrace and it made no doubt that it was his two rogue agents. Their earthly lives were over but their soul would live eternally.

The end

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