Title: Snow Angels

Author: Angel
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Arthur Notes: Ok so I got this I idea from a dream I had. I woke up at six on a Sunday morning and was a little freaked out. Of course I had forgotten half the dream and I really needed to change it to get it to work for our little agents. I mean the 'original' version didn't even have them in it! And I kind of got carried away but I think I managed ok. So enjoy and please let me know what you think. Oh yeah... In my dream the ghosts ended up looking like the alien monsters from the Simpsons. You know the green slimy ones in those glass tubes. But don't worry I wouldn't do that to you! Or would I?.... No I wouldn't, don't worry!

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FBI Headquarters
Thursday Morning

Mulder slid a blurry picture between Scully and the file she was reading.

"What's this?" she asked picking it up and angling to get a better look from the desk lamp light.

"What does it look like?" Mulder asked leaning back against his desk crossing his arms over his chest and his feet at his ankles.

"It looks like a photographer messed up," she said lightly as she searched the faded image in the center of the photo, the outer edges were clear, showing the room to be old and rustic looking.

"It's a ghost," Mulder said matter of factly.

Scully looked up at him with an annoyed expression. "It's a film flare if anything."

"Ghost," he repeated.

"Film flare." She leaned back in her chair crossing her arms over her chest with a determined smirk.

Mulder fought the smile that played on his lips. "Well either way it doesn't matter because we are going to investigate it."

"The film flare? We are investigating a film flare?"

"No. We are investigating a series of hauntings in a cabin in upstate New York. It's along the Ontario Lake, lots of cabins for rent up there." He tossed her a couple more photos and papers, this time of the actual cabin and some interviews. "No one rents this cabin though, at least not often. Some people try, mostly teenagers looking for something more interesting then a weekend at the beachfront. The last group that did, one of the girls ended up in the hospital with post traumatic stress syndrome. But no one is renting in the winter any way."

"Mulder why exactly are we going here?"

"Well Scully," He handed more blurry photos over. "Every photo you have was taken in that cabin, there are about fifty right there, and more that we don't have I am sure, some of those photos are fifty years old. The 'story' goes that whoever stays there has some sort of dream like trance taken over them for a while where they do things that no one else remembers happening. The victims say they are gone for hours, while the others say they barely notice, if at all. This last girl said one of her friends tried to convince her to set herself on fire. Some of these visions are violent but most are perfectly normal, they don't even know it happened until they are told by their friends. But when one of these dreams go bad so to say, it involves the people trying to leave the cabin."

Scully cut him off. "Mulder you say this place is rented mostly by teenagers." He nodded so she went on. "Mulder what do you think these teenagers do when they are away from their parents? I'm sure they aren't playing Parcheesi."

Mulder sighed. "Scully, when I said that I only meant lately. Once this place got a name for itself most people didn't want to rent it. Except for paranormal freaks. Like myself." He winked at her. "Anyway the girl's system was clean of drugs. As you see in the report this has been happening for years and years. The cabin was built in the early 1900s. It's an old place that was purchased along with many others on the waterfront in about the 1930s. All these cabin have at least a mile between them and are also directly on the water. So as you can imagine this draws in many rich folks when summer rolls around. Ever been to upstate NY in the winter Scully?"

"No I don't think I've had the pleasure Mulder," she answered dryly.

"Well it ain't pretty. Lake effect snow in that area can drop a good fifteen inches on you over night. So you me and a small team of photographers will have the whole area to ourselves." He smiled happily.

"So explain these so called hauntings to me Mulder," Scully said dryly as she flipped through the papers.

"Well no one quite knows how it started. The house has been sold and remodeled many times. The papers have gotten lost in the shuffle. The only reason it is still used at all is because of its location among other cabins that are owned by a family business."

"Mulder the hauntings? These so called trance like states?"

"Ok ok I was just trying to work up a good plot line." He shook his head at her for ruining his fun. "People claim the first night they stay there everything is fine besides the usual feeling like they are being watched type of stuff, you know strange noises." He held up a hand to stop her before she spoke. "I will admit those things can be blamed on the subconscious. These people are expecting ghosts so they get their ghosts. It's starts to get interesting in the morning, apparently these ghosts don't go for the usual night hauntings." He stood and walked over to Scully's desk. After some searching he handed her some reports and interviews. "When these people disappear, for a lack of a better word, they often reappear in a different room of the house. They recall being in that room before they woke up. But no one knows how they got there."

"Mulder this is just a hoax." Scully tossed the papers back on to her desk.

Mulder frowned. "Well we are going anyway." He suddenly smiled smugly at her.

"Fine. When and how long?"

He glanced at his watch. "I'll meet you at the airport at gate 24 in two hours. And I don't know how long we'll be there. Maybe through the weekend."

Scully groaned. "Fine see you there. And if you tell me to pack my mittens I am calling in sick."

Mulder grinned at her as she walked out the office door.

Relvin Cabin Grounds
Ontario, New York
Thursday Afternoon

Mulder parked their rented Jeep Cherokee next to the truck an elderly man was leaning against. They both stepped out into the frigid air.

"I'm Agent Mulder and this is Scully. I suppose you are Charlie Roberts?" Mulder asked as they showed their badges.

"Yes I am. Nice to meet you both." He extended his hand to them.

"Wow Mulder look at those clouds." Scully pointed up at the bright blue sky filled with large white fluffily clouds.

"Those are lake effect clouds Miss Scully." Roberts said. "They are beautiful but let me tell you..." He laughed and shook his head. "In the morning you may have two feet of ice and snow on your doorstep or not a damn thing. But wait till you see the sun set. I won't say anything more; I'll let you see it for yourself. Come on it is damn cold out here. Help me with these bags will you." Roberts gestured to the back of the truck filled with grocery bags.

All three walked up to the door where Roberts fumbled nervously with the lock for a moment. "I had the electricity turned back on last night but the heat hasn't been turned up yet." He finally pushed the door open.

"Why didn't you turn it on when you got here instead of waiting in the cold?" Scully asked following him into the foyer. She looked around in awe. The cabin opened up to a large room with rustic style furniture and a large fireplace. Off the right was staircase to the upstairs. Roberts headed to the left into the kitchen.

"Miss," He said softly. "I don't come in this place alone." They set the bags down on a large oak table then Roberts turned to them. "This place gives me the creeps as it is, I don't give them a chance to pull any of their stunts on me."

"Them?" Scully asked with raised eyebrows.

"The ghosts," he stated simply. "No one has been in here for at least two months but everything is always in place so I'm sure you will be fine."

"What do you mean by everything is always in place?" Mulder chimed in.

"Do you see any dust in here?" They both looked around and shook their heads. "My wife and I started working here twenty years ago when she inherited it from her uncle. We did a little remodeling and renovating then. Other then that this place hasn't been cleaned in twenty years. Not a vacuum, not a broom, not a thing. Every time I walk in with renters it looks just the same." Both agents nodded for a moment looking around. "Well I need to get going, my grandchildren are coming up for the weekend. If you need me my number is by the phone; our house is about twenty miles down the road. Your cell phones won't work out here, they never do. If we do get snow I'm afraid the phone lines are always the first to go."

"Why's that?" Scully asked, a touch of nervousness in her voice.

"Too much extra water in the side streams and they flood, water then floods the phone lines. It usually takes a day or two for them to drain. In any case if the power goes out you should be plenty warm with the fireplace, all the wood is stored in the room over there. Don't be surprised if it does, it only takes a little ice to pull the lines down." He pointed to a small door at the far end of the kitchen. "And you've got more then enough food to last through the weekend, just put the perishables outside if you need to. And since the water is from a well you'll have no trouble there, just no hot water." He smiled and walked towards the door. "Let me know if I can do anything else for you." He nodded to them and shut the door.

"Well he certainty didn't want to stick around," Mulder noted as they watched him drive away.

"Oh come on Mulder! He has that spiel rehearsed. He is just trying to lure people into staying here."

Mulder turned to her and nodded. Then looked down at the floor in mock embarrassment. "Ok Scully you are right. This is all just a hoax. I just wanted to drag you out for a romantic weekend and try and win you over."

Scully rolled her eyes at him and turned the heat up on the thermostat. "Come on, Mulder, help me bring in our bags."

Once they had the bags in the house Mulder dragged her upstairs. "I want to look around up here." They reached the top of the stairs and looked down a hallway. "Boys on the left, girls on the right," he said opening the left door for himself.

Scully opened the door on her right and placed her bag down on one of the queen-sized beds. Both rooms were the same; two queen beds with dark wood frames, two matching dressers, thick quilts sat at the foot of each bed-just begging for Scully to wrap herself up in one with a cup of tea, it was quiet and rustic in the most modern of ways.

Scully walked back out and met Mulder looking into the bathroom at the end of the hall. It was large with a claw foot tub, pedestal sink and a large shag carpet in the center. Bright sunlight shone through on the one small window, distorted by the old style of textured glass. Scully stared out the bathroom window, only able to distinguish trees of sky by color, the details lost in the pebbled grained glass. She wished they weren't here on assignment, but on a weekend getaway. Finally able to forget about work and spend some time with her thoughts, if she even remembered how to do such a thing.

"Well this house doesn't look haunted," Mulder said to no one in particular.

"Mulder you sound disappointed!" She couldn't help but roll her eyes once again. "What did you want? Cobwebs and creaky boards?"

"No... I was just hoping there would at least be a basement or attic or something creepy."

Scully sighed loudly. "Mulder it is freezing up here." She took a hold of the sleeve of his sweater and pulled him down the stairs. "So when does the photo crew get here?"

Mulder glanced up at the clock on the mantel and he loaded wood into the fireplace. "Anytime now. One guy is a surveillance expert, I want every room recorded. And a woman who is a photographer. I want pictures, lots of them. No 'photo flares'. I want this place well documented."

"Wow Mulder you are really getting into this aren't you?"

He grinned over at her. "Are you kidding Scully? This is great!"

"Well I'm glad one of us is excited."

He stopped placing crumpled newspaper under the logs and sat back on his heels. "Come on Scully, it won't be that bad. You can spend the weekend sitting by the fire reading a book. I'll do all the work."

Scully laughed loudly. "Yeah sure, Mulder. I'll believe that when I see it."

He grinned again and threw a lit match into the fire. It immediately caught and lit the dimmed room with an orange glow. "Would ya look at that," he said proudly.

"Huh. What do you know...Maybe this place is haunted."

Mulder opened his mouth to speak but there was a knock at the door. Scully smiled sweetly at him and opened the door. Mulder jumped up to join her, brushing the soot off his hands.

"You must be one of the FBI agents." A young woman said as she stepped in.

"Yes I'm agent Scully this is Mulder."

"I'm Kathy Jones."

"And I'm David Grey." A middle aged man said as he walked in.

They all spoke for a moment about their backgrounds; they all had the same information about the house. Mulder seemed to be the only one that believed the place was haunted. But as usual that didn't deter him, only motivated to prove the others wrong.

"Hey you want to give me a hand with the monitors and I'll get everything set up?" Grey said to Mulder.

"Yeah." Mulder jumped up from the couch and pulled on his boots and coat.

"I'll get my camera's set up for you Agent Mulder. You wantmotion activated?" Jones asked.

"Yes. Heat activated also, if you can."

"No problem. Agent Scully could you give me a hand?"

"Sure." Scully pulled herself up from a chair and they all went to work. A few hours later the house was equipped with every camera type Mulder could get his hands on in every room, except the bathroom after Scully complained to Mulder enough.

"Mulder this place looks like the house in 'Poltergeist'," she whispered looking at the set of monitors in the main room; each room was displayed completely.

"Which one? There were three you know." He used his smart-ass tone.

Scully just looked at him not amused. She was hoping to do as Mulder said and spend some time reading. But relaxing with all these cameras on her at all times would be impossible.

Mulder smiled at her for a minute. "Come on, Scully. Put your coat on and come outside with me."

"Mulder it's freezing out there!" He gave her his lost puppy eyes and she sighed. "Fine I'll get my coat."

Moments later Mulder sat Scully down on the hood of their car after clearing away the snow. They looked out over the lake.

"Mulder why are we out here?" Scully shivered as the cold soaked through her jeans.

He pointed to the sky that had started to turn pink as the sun set. Scully tried to fight her smile but it didn't work. "I want you to enjoy at least one thing about this case," he said softly.

She turned to face him. "Mulder..." But she didn't know what to say so she just sighed and looked back out at the horizon. It was turning brighter pink and purple every minute. Then it started to snow big flakes.

They watched in silence for an hour as the sun turned the sky bright colors then faded to a deep dark blue.

Scully slowly turned to Mulder smiling softly. "That was really nice."

Mulder laughed and brushed a layer of snow from Scully's hair. "Yeah it was." He stared at her for a minute then slid off the hood and pulled her with him. "Wanna make some snow angels now?" He waggled his eyebrows at her.

"Snow angels?" She raised an eyebrow at him.

"Yeah. You know when you lay in the snow and move your-"

"Thank you Mulder I know what they are."

"Well then let's make some!" He grabbed her waist as she yelped in surprise as he threw her down into a pile of snow with him. They landed side by side facing each other.

"Mulder!" She yelled through laugher.

He pushed himself off of her and looked down smiling, both covered in snow. "Sorry Scully I couldn't resist." He grinned and pulled her to her feet.

Scully look down at their 'snow angels' they were nothing more the an indent in the snow from their bodies falling. "They certainly don't look like angels to me."

"You wanna try again?" he asked quickly.

Scully pointed a finger at him when he took a step towards her. "No way Mulder!"

"Aw you're no fun," he said grinning.

She shook her head and let out a long breath. "I'm freezing, let's go inside." She looked up at the sky, which had started to drop more flakes at a faster rate.

They both fumbled through the door covered in snow and ice. Scully couldn't help but blush at the looks that Grey and Jones were giving them.

"Anything?" Mulder gestured towards the monitors.

"Not a thing." Grey replied easing back into his chair.

Scully finished pulling off her wet layers of clothes and sat close to the fire with her knees pulled up to her chest. Mulder stared intently at the screens then frowned.

"We probably won't see anything until tonight anyway, it usually takes at least that long." He laid down on his stomach near the fire and started looking through the files for the umpteenth time that day.

"What exactly are you hoping to see?" Jones asked nervously from the corner of the room where she was adjusting settings of her cameras on a computer.

Mulder gave a little shrug. "This will be the first time anyone has officially documented the house. There have been a few curious ghost hunters." Mulder waved a chunk of papers in the air for a moment. "All of them say they have never witnessed anything like it. Most end up leaving within two days. I hope to stay longer then that."

Grey looked unconvinced. "Do you investigate things like this often?"

Mulder perked up. "Yeah actually Agent Scully and I have been working together for about six years on cases like this. We don't get many hauntings though, the only reason we are investigating this one is because of the girls condition and the history of the cabin."

Grey looked shocked. "The government pays you to do this?"

Mulder let out a sigh and refocused on the papers in front of him. Scully had to bite her lip to keep from laughing.

"Hey Scully have you seen that medical report?" Mulder asked shifting through a huge pile of papers.

"You know Mulder I have to work with these papers at some point. If you could keep them is some sort of order I would appreciate it." She picked up a pile and started to sort through them. "I honestly don't know how you work like this."

"Scully they are organized, you jut fail to see my logic in it."

Scully looked up at him with her 'you're crazy' look. "Here's your medical report Mulder." She handed over a packet.

He smiled sweetly. "What would I do without you?"

"Get your ass kicked by Skinner at every meeting," she said matter of factly.

"Whoa whoa! What was that?!" Grey sat up in his chair with a thud and turned to a monitor.

Mulder and Scully jumped up from the floor and moved behind Grey, looking over his shoulder.

"What did you see?" Scully asked starring at the monitor of the upstairs hallway.

"I don't really know, the screen shifted all of a sudden..." He slid his chair over to a computer screen and started typing information.

"A camera glitch?" Scully asked scanning the others quickly.

"I doubt it."

"Jones did you get anything over there?' Mulder asked looking up at her.

"Umm..." She typed into her own screen. "Nope, no temperature or movement changes activated any of my cameras." She leaned back in her chair and looked out the window again.

"Ok I got it." Grey pressed enter and replayed the screen. "I've slowed it down so maybe we can catch something."

The screen before them showed the empty hallway. Then slowly everything blurred and clicked back into place.

"What the..." Grey shook his head in confusion. "I'll slow it down as much as I can, it'll take me a minute though."

"Could something have been wrong with the tape to make that happen?" Scully asked looking over the other screens again.

"Not anything I know of." Grey typed frantically. "Ok here we go. This is as slow as I can get it."

The hallway came into view clearly. It then slowly tuned 360 degrees and stopped.

"Ooook..." Grey pressed replay. "The room turned completely around."

Mulder turned to Jones. "Your cameras; what kind of motion will they pick up?"

"Um... Someone needs to walk in front of them, something needs to move with a stationary background or foreground."

"So they wouldn't pick up anything if the whole area moved all at once right?"


"Wait a second Mulder," Scully said quickly. "Are you saying that the hallway upstairs just moved and we didn't feel anything?"

"Well in a sense yes," Scully started to say something but Mulder cut her off. "Maybe not the room itself, but maybe the... I don't know.... The aura of the room was changed."

"Are you saying that a room has an aura?" Scully asked very slowly.

Mulder's brow furrowed in thought. "No, but maybe a new aura-or energy entered the room changing it some how."

Scully rubbed her eyes with the heels of her hands as she went and sat back down in front the fire.


"Yes Mulder?" She turned her head to look at him.

"Do you have any thoughts on this?"

"Well let's see. As an FBI agent, I think that was a camera glitch despite what Grey says, no offense by the way. As a doctor, I think you are insane." She finished with a sweet smile and turned her attention back to the fire.

Mulder turned to Grey and Jones. "I'm sorry you'll have to excuse my partner, she is unable to think for herself so she must rely on the use of text book."

Scully stared at him in shock then mumbled something that sounded like asshole and turned around again.

Mulder turned to Grey again. "Can you get some still shots of that?"

"Yeah I think so." Grey and Jones looked between the two agents for a few minutes both starting to work.

The next few hours went by with all four examining still shot after still shot. Each one was a complete mirror image the room spun at a different angle.

Scully sat by the fire looking through interviews with little interest as Grey and Jones talked about better camera angles. Mulder sat heavily beside her.

"Truce?" he asked soft enough so the others couldn't hear.

She nodded. "I shouldn't have said that in front of them." She gestured to the back of the room.

"Me either." He smiled. "I brought you something."

Her eyebrows went up in interest. "Oh yeah...?"

He pulled a bag of marshmallows and two scourers from behind his back.

Scully smiled softly. "I haven't had toasted marshmallows in so long."

"Me either." He handed her a scourer and marshmallow. "Here hold this for a second." He handed her the other scourer and raked some burning coals to the front of the fire. "Perfect."

Scully placed her marshmallow over the bed of coals and Mulder did the same. They rotated them for sometime.

"Look at that," Mulder said proudly holding up his golden brown marshmallow. Scully looked over at hers just as it melted and slid into the soot.

"Oh no!" she cried laughing. "I could never toast these things right."

"Here." He held his carefully up to her lips.

She smiled at him and took a tentative bite. Her lips brushed his fingers for a long heartbeat.

The marshmallow was perfectly crispy outside and gooey inside. Addictively sweet. Scully couldn't help the appreciative noise she made at the taste. Mulder winked at her and popped the other half into his mouth.

"How'd you learn to do that so well?" she asked as he took her scourer and threw it to the side, then loaded another marshmallow onto his.

"Sam and I used to do this all the time." He smiled in memory. "She could never get it right either. Ow!" Scully elbowed him in the ribs. "Be nice or you don't get anymore," he teased.

"Oh sorry." Scully bit her lower lip to keep from smiling too much. She watched Mulder's profile as he carefully roasted another marshmallow. His face was lit red from the flames, his jaw slightly clenched in thought and a little smile played on his lips. In the background was a large picture window, she could see the snow falling heavily outside.

A moment later Mulder raised another marshmallow from the fire. "Two in a row." He pulled it carefully free of the scourer then held it to her mouth. She went to bite only half but he shoved the whole thing in.

"Mulder!" Came muffled from Scully's mouth as she choked down the marshmallow.

He laughed at her. "Sorry Scully I couldn't resist. I used to do that with Sam all the time too."

"Oh what a sweet brother you must have been." She joked as she wiped the stickiness from her lips.

He just grinned as he loaded on another marshmallow. They talked quietly as Mulder fed Scully marshmallows for at least an hour before she had to protest.

"Ok Mulder that's enough. I have so much sugar coursing through my system right now my head hurts."

He laughed nodding and eating his half of the last marshmallow. Mulder leaned back on his hands and looked over his shoulder at Grey and Jones. "Either of you want to head to bed? I'll take over for a while."

"I will." Jones said after she and Grey exchanged a glance.

Mulder nodded to her. "Hit the sack Scully. Grey and I will wake you when we want you two take over again."

Scully nodded and Mulder pulled her to her feet as he stood. "Sounds good Mulder, but don't go and get the munchies then pull your face off in the mirror ok?" she teased referring to a scene from "Poltergeist'.

Mulder leaned down to whisper in her ear. "Don't forget to change in the bathroom, Grey has had his eye on you all night." He pulled back suddenly with a sly grin. "Unless of course you want me to turn in so you two can have some 'alone time'."

Scully slapped his arm and walked away. "Good night Grey." She turned just as she was about to go up the stairs to smile at Mulder who winked at her.

Scully pulled the comforter up around her as Jones settled into the next bed.

"They can't hear us down there, can they?" Jones whispered.

"No it's just a video feed, no audio."

Jones rolled over on her side and propped herself up on one elbow. "You and Agent Mulder seem pretty close," she said with a smile.

Scully swallowed hard, she knew that look on Jones' face and she knew the conversation that was about to start if she didn't play her cards right. "Well we've been working together for a long time now. He's a very good friend of mine."

"Friend?" Jones didn't look convinced. "Come on! I saw you two eating marshmallows!"

Scully's face flushed. "We are just friends, honest."

Jones nodded but was still smiling knowingly. "He's a very sexy man." She noted.

Scully opened her mouth to say something but didn't know what to say.

Jones laughed a little. "Good night Scully."

"Good night," Scully whispered as she rolled over in bed.

Mulder sat down in Jones's chair in front of the monitors next to Grey.

"Wonder what those two are talking about." Grey gestured with a nod of his head towards the two women.

"Who knows." Mulder leaned back in his chair propping his feet up. He stared at the picture of Scully curled up in bed for a few moments. Scully sleeping, or close to it, was not a new sight to him. Countless times she has drifted off in plans, or cars, even in his hotel room as they went over case facts. But still, he could never get enough of such a vision. It was one of the few times Scully let herself relax and be open. Just moments ago she has been that way in front of the fire.

"You and Scully, you two... involved?" Grey asked cautiously, disrupting Mulder's train of thought.

Mulder looked over at him with a blank expression. "Romantically... No."

"She's pretty good looking isn't she?" Grey asked with a grin.

"Yeah she is. She's also one hell of an agent and doctor." He turned back to watching the women again.

"Another words, if I made a pass at her and she didn't agree with my motives she could beat the shit out of me then fix me up in a jiffy."

Mulder looked at him before laughing under his breath. "Yeah something like that."

Scully woke slowly. It took another slow minute to remember were she was. She had gotten used to the feeling of waking up in the dark and feeling lost and alone. It came with the job-and as it seemed, her life.

She slowly sat up looked at the clock, she had been asleep for a few hours. She slid out of bed and brought with her clothes to change into.

Minutes later she walked down the creaky wooden steps.

"Hey Scully," Mulder said as she walked into the main room.

She smiled at him. "Grey you can head out if you want, I'll take over."

"Glad to." He stood slowly and stretched. "Mulder you want me to wake Jones to replace you?"

"No, I'm fine thanks."

"Suit yourself." He waved a good bye and walked up the stairs.

Scully sat down and rolled the chair closer to the screens. "You tired?"

"Not really." Mulder smiled then looked in front of him again. "You don't move much when you sleep, Scully," he said softly, not really meaning to make the comment aloud.

"You were watching me?"

Mulder nodded then shook his head. He turned to her smiling. "I've been watching the whole damn house for hours now."

She nodded deciding it would be better to let the comment go then tread on unmarked territory. "Anything?"

"Nope... But Grey did say he thought you were hot.'

She raised her eyebrows at him in shock and question.

He nodded. "Don't worry, I put him his place."

"Jesus Mulder what did you say to him?"

He laughed. "I just told him there's a lot more to you then good looks."

Scully felt her cheeks blush. "Like what?" she whispered.

Mulder looked at her with amusement. "You really want me to tell you?"

Scully furrowed her brow. "No I don't think I do. Forget I asked."

Mulder chuckled and settled back into his chair some more.

They starred at the screens in a comfortable silence for a while.

They both saw it at the same time. Scully's room shifted, just like the hallway before. They both fell forward in their chairs to watch as Jones sat upright in bed.

Scully jumped out of her chair. "Watch the monitors Mulder." She yelled as she ran up the stairs to Jones. She burst through the door and threw the lights on. "Jones are you ok?"

She slowly looked up at Scully and nodded. "Yes I'm fine. What happened?"

"The room just shifted like the hallway did earlier."

Jones just nodded looking confused.

"Let's go down stairs and talk about it, ok?"

She nodded again.

"Change and I'll meet you down there?"

"Ok I'll be right there."

Scully nodded and walked across the hall and knocked on Grey's door.

"Come in." Came muffled through the wall.

"Grey it happened again, we're going to need you to get some still frames."

"Ok I'll be right there." He climbed out of bed looking very unhappy.

Scully closed his door and walked back down stairs.

"Is she ok?" Mulder swung around in his chair to look at Scully.

"Yeah I think so. She doesn't seem upset at all," Scully whispered as she sat back down next to him.


"I don't think so."

"You two can stop whispering about me now." Jones said smiling as she walked down the stairs. "I'm ok. It was just very strange." She pulled another chair up to the monitors.

"What did you see?" Mulder leaned forward resting his elbows on his knees.

"My boyfriend."

"Huh?" Mulder looked like he was disappointed she didn't see some glowing object hovering over her.

"My boyfriend," she repeated. "He walked in and said he was here to surprise me. We talked for a long time. Probably an hour or two. But it just wasn't right. It wasn't really him, so I realized I was having a dream like the other people who stayed in this cabin. It wasn't scary though. It was really nice actually."

Mulder sat back in his chair as Grey came down the stairs. "Grey you ne-"

"I know Scully already told me. I'll do it, just give me my chair."

Mulder stood and rolled the chair over to him. Then looked at Scully in annoyance.

Scully stared at Jones not knowing what to say next. "Mulder can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Yeah." He took her elbow and led her to the kitchen.

"Mulder what the hell is going on here?" She hissed.

Mulder let out a breath in thought. "I think when the room shifts, that's when these dreams happen. The ghosts are doing it. They are interacting with us. You heard her, she wasn't scared at all."

Scully stared at him in shock. "Mulder you have got to be kidding me!"

"Think about it Scully. Maybe there is just one ghost. Everything is so consistent it would make sense. Haunting this place and trying to keep people here by treating them well. Jones was missing her boyfriend so the ghost brought him here, so to say. It goes along with the other stories. People see someone they are close to and talk for a while."

Scully shook her head frantically. "No way Mulder. She was just dreaming, the camera glitch was a coincidence."

"Scully!" He leaned down to be right up to her face, his lips only an inch away from hers. "Listen to what I am saying."

"I am Mulder." She dropped her voice just as it was about to rise. "But listen to what I am saying. It was a coincidence, that is a camera glitch I don't care what Grey says."

"If you honestly think that Scully then why the hell did you run up to Jones so quickly?" He pulled away from her face and waited for an answer.

Scully took in a deep breath and clenched her jaw.

"Hey you two I've got the frames, you've got to see this!" Grey yelled from the other room.

Mulder and Scully exchanged looks saying they would argue later and walked into the other room.

"This is amazing!" Grey exclaimed. "In each shot I was able to get Jones is somewhere else in the room. And this blur right here." He tapped the screen with his pen. "I don't know what that is but it's not from my camera. It seems to follow Jones where ever she goes."

Mulder looked at Scully. "How's that for a film flare?"

Scully crossed her arms and stared at the screen.

Four hours later Scully sat on the couch with print outs, old and new, piled in her lap. Each one had a blurred area. It looked to her like the image was swirled together. The burred imaged was always the colors of its surroundings. But each one also seemed strangely similar in size and shape.

Mulder sat heavily on the couch beside her.

"Mulder you should go to bed. You haven't slept in over 24 hours."

He leaned back into the couch and closed his eyes. "No, I'm ok."

Scully reached over and placed the back of her hand on his forehead. "Mulder go to sleep, you're going to come down with a cold if you don't. I'll wake you up if anything happens. There's nothing for you to do right now anyway."

He slowly nodded then stood to go. "If anything happens," he repeated.

"Of course Mulder."

He walked up the stairs. He walked into his room and closed the door. He suddenly had the feeling he wasn't alone, slowly he turned around. "Oh god..." Mulder shut his eyes tightly and leaned back against the wooden door.

"It just happened again!" Grey yelled over to Scully.

"What? Where?" Scully jumped up from the couch and over to the monitors.

"My room. Look." He pointed at the screen to show Mulder leaning against the far wall with his knees drawn up to his chest. "He entered the room, the image moved and now he is there!"

"Hi Fox." A small voice called happily.

Mulder let out a shaky breath and opened his eyes. "You aren't real," he whispered to the young dark haired girl sitting on his bed.

"Fox come sit with me. I haven't seen you in so long." She flipped her braids over to the back of her shoulders.

Mulder shook his head. 'Not real. Not real.' He repeated over and over in his head. "Why are you doing this?" he asked softly.

The girl let out an annoyed sigh. "Fox will you just come over here and talk to me."

"You aren't Samantha," he said firmly.

The girl looked over at him with sad eyes. "Fox... Don't be mean to me."

Mulder shut his eyes quickly as tears fell to his cheeks. "I can't," he whispered to the room, his eyes still closed. "You don't understand, I can't talk to you like this."

"Don't you want to see me Fox? I know you miss me. Come talk to me for awhile."

Mulder opened his eyes and took a few steps closer to her. She smiled happily. But it wasn't the right smile. It wasn't quite right. It wasn't the smile he remembered. "Why do you do this?"

The girl smoothed her nightgown down. "Do what Fox? Why are you acting so strange? I know you want to see me."

He nodded. 'It knows our thoughts. It knows what we want and gives it to us.' "What do you want me to do for you?" He leaned up against the wall on the other side of the room, needing to keep distanced.

"I want you to talk to me. Don't you want to talk to me?"

"I do." He felt more tears slip down at the image of his sister sitting in front of him, seeming so real but not even close.

She smiled happily. "What do you want to talk about?" she asked excitedly.

Mulder swallowed hard. "You. I want to talk about you."

She shook her head in distaste. "I don't want to talk about me. Let's talk about you. Tell me something about you." She rocked back and forth, still seated, in childish excitement.

Mulder shook his head at her. "No. Tell me why you are here."

She looked annoyed. "Because I want to talk to you. That's why."

"How long have you been here?"

She stared unhappily at him. "Tell me about you. Tell me about what you like to do."

Mulder shut his eyes again. 'She looks so real. Don't let it get control of this. Don't.' Mulder opened his eyes and drew in a breath. "Tell me what you like to do." He countered.

"I like to talk," she answered sweetly. "I want to talk about your life."

"No, let's talk about your life. I want to see who you really are. You don't have to hide from me."

She crossed her arms. "I'm leaving now, you aren't being nice."

Mulder felt a twinge of pain in his soul. 'It's so good to see her again... But its not her.' "No lets talk." He slid down the wall to sit, pulling his knees up. "Tell me about you. Tell me why you are here."

"NO!" The little girl screamed.

Then she was gone. Just gone. Mulder looked at the bed in astonishment.

"Oh my God. Mulder!" Scully bolted for the stairs. She took them two at a time and threw open the door.

Mulder turned his head to look at her, tears in his eyes.

Scully walked over to him and kneeled down. "Are you ok?"

Mulder closed his eyes and nodded slowly. Tears slipped through his shut lids.

Scully reached up and wiped them away with the back of her fingers.

"Is everything ok?" Jones said from the door.

Scully turned to look at her. "Yeah. You and Grey get some still shots, we'll be down soon."

Jones nodded to Scully but didn't take her eyes off Mulder until she was in the hallway.

"I saw Sam," Mulder whispered.

Scully felt her heart break. "Oh Mulder. It wasn't really her."

He nodded. "I know. It looked like her, but her smile was wrong. It wasn't her smile." He paused for a moment. "I tried to talk to it. But it just wanted to talk about me. It knows what we want Scully. It knows what and who we want to see and it shows it to us. Tries to talk to us. About our lives. I think it's trapped here," he said in a hush. He bowed his head and rubbed his face with his hands.

"Come on Mulder, let's go downstairs. I want you to get some sleep."

He nodded and stood. They walked slowly downstairs. Mulder avoided the looks of the other two and laid down in front of the fire staring into the flames.

"I have those still shots for you Scully." Jones handed Scully some printouts.

Scully glanced through them. Each was Mulder in a different position with a blurred image near him. She nodded a thank you to Jones then walked over to Mulder. She handed him the pictures then grabbed a couple pillows and a blanket from the couch. She turned just in time to see Mulder throw the prints into the fire. She didn't say anything, just sat Indian style by his head, placing a pillow in her lap she pulled his shoulders around until his head rested down before her. She then tossed the blanket over his body.

"If had been anyone but her Scully," he whispered as he stared into the fire. "Anyone else and maybe I could have gotten some where."

"Go to sleep." She gently stroked his cheek as he faced the fire. He stared blankly a few more minutes before looking up at her. She gave him a small sad smile and smoothed his hair back from his forehead. His eyes closed slowly and Scully stroked his cheek with the back of her fingers.

"Oh God." Mulder let out in a breath.

Scully felt her heart break even more. No matter how hard she tried Scully didn't believe she would understand the pain Mulder went through losing his sister at such a young age, under such circumstances. But she knew it must be something horrible.

Mulder took a deep breath and rotated so he was on his side with his back to the fire. He buried his face into Scully's sweater. She felt her body flood with heat. Her skin tingled where his warm breath pushed through the fabric. Scully gently ran her fingers through his hair. In turn he nuzzled her stomach lightly. Scully felt her heart rate increase. Just then the lights went out and the room faded into an orange fire lit haze.

Muffled curses came from Jones and Grey in the background.

Mulder picked his head up and looked at Scully. "So much for video surveillance."

She nodded and rubbed the bridge of her nose as Mulder sat upright.

Mulder leaned forward and put his lips next to Scully's ear. "Do you believe me now Scully? Now that I have seen it for myself. Please if you are going to say I imagined all that because I am over tired I'd rather if you didn't say anything at all," he whispered.

Scully thought for a moment. Then she nodded her agreement.

Mulder shifted away from her slightly and set the pillows from her lap on the floor. He swung her legs to the side of him and she settled on the floor next to him. He silently pulled the blanket over her and set his forehead on her shoulder as he turned on to his side.

Scully pushed away any nervousness and questions in favor for giving Mulder the comfort he rarely asked for, but needed. Rolling onto her side she placed her head in the crook of his neck.

One another's heat quickly lulled them to sleep.

Scully slowly woke up to the feeling of someone running fingers through her hair. She shifted and opened her eyes to be greeted by a smiling Mulder. He continued to play with her hair leaning in close to her. Scully smiled up at him feeling safe and comforted.

"Did you sleep well?" she whispered.

He nodded. "Better then ever with you next to me."

Scully felt a blush rise in her cheeks. She would be the first to admit that things between her and Mulder had become emotional, they were close. Closer then Scully had ever been with anyone before. But she didn't think they had moved onto blatant comments like the one Mulder had just made.

"You are beautiful when you blush," Mulder said smiling as he touched her cheek.

'Smiling.' Scully thought as her own smile faded.

Scully stared at him for a moment. She felt her insides turn to ice. Slowly she sat up and his hand fell to her waist. She looked around the darkened room, the fire had long gone out. The snow had stopped outside and they were alone.

"Where are Grey and Jones?" she whispered hoarsely.

He just shrugged and kept smiling.

"Why's the fire out Mulder?"

He glanced over at the fireplace. "I couldn't get it started."

Scully clenched her jaw to keep from screaming. Wanting to scream out for the real Mulder. Wanting to wake up, or get out, she just wanted whatever this was to stop.

"Mulder?" she said firmly.

"Yeah?" He answered brightly. "Something wrong Scully?" He tipped his head to the side quizzically.

She shook her head. 'Try and talk. Figure out what is going on.' "What are you doing just sitting here Mulder?"

"I don't know. Let's talk about something, the power hasn't come back on yet."

"Ok. Let's talk about this cabin," she said smoothly as possible.

He shook his head. "That's not very interesting. Let's talk about us."

Scully pushed away slightly. "Ok. Let's go for a walk it has stopped snowing I'd like to go look around. We don't see this much snow in DC often." She went to stand up but he took her arm. She felt her body start to shake.

"No. We have to stay inside," he said firmly.

"I really want to walk around Mulder. We can talk outside." She stood quickly so he couldn't hold her down.

"No. I can't go outside."

'What?' Scully searched her memory of the pervious cases. 'People said the dreams went bad after trying to leave the cabin. Oh god I wish this would stop. Keep moving, don't get cornered. See what I can do while this whole thing is happening.' "Ok well I want to get a glass of water." She turned and walked toward the kitchen.

Mulder quickly jumped up. "I'll go with you."

Scully walked into the kitchen taking in her surroundings the whole time. Everything seemed in place, but it was too quiet. No one else was down stairs. No sound of anyone upstairs. No wind rattling the old windows, no ice breaking off of the trees. Nothing.

She glanced out the window, the ground was covered with bright smooth snow. She got her water and stood starring out the window at the motionless scenery, Mulder stood behind her.

"It's beautiful outside," she said with a fake smile, hoping it would pass.

Mulder furrowed his brow. "I guess so." Then he quickly added. "So Scully, lets talk."

Scully kept starring out the window as she spoke. "Ok... I like it better here then in DC. It's so quiet and calm. Everyone seems to be happy." She watched his expression in the window reflection as she deliberately said what she knew was making him angry.

He frowned. "DC.... is better. This place is lonely."

Scully turned to him then. "I like it." She walked towards the front door after setting down her glass.

"Where are you going?" he asked panicked. "I thought we were going to talk?"

"We will. I just want to look at the snow."

"I told you! Don't go out there!"

Scully jumped at the harsh tone. "Mulder I just want to look around for a moment."

She reached for the doorknob.

"I said no! I can't leave!" He quickly moved in front of her.

Scully doubled over in pain as a force hit her stomach and pushed her back against the kitchen wall. She slid down the wall, sitting on the ground as she looked up and realized she was alone again. 'Mulder' was gone.

"Mulder!" She yelled out.

She heard a scuffle in the other room and voices.

"Scully?" Mulder crouched down beside her. "Scully are you ok?"

She was shaking and holding an arm over her stomach where she was struck.

"I think so." She nodded when she realized it was definitely the real Mulder. "It came as you," she whispered as the others entered the room.

"She's ok," Mulder said turning towards the others.

"I think we should leave." Jones said nervously.

"I agree with Jones." Grey nodded his head eagerly.

Mulder's jaw clenched. "We can't yet." He gestured to the window were the snow was coming down heavy as it had been during Scully's dream. "The power is out which means there must be a lot of ice out there. I don't think we could get anywhere. No one is around for 20 miles and nothing has been plowed. I'm not about to try and walk any place."

"Damn it!" Grey hissed as he and Jones walked out of the room.

Mulder turned back to Scully. "You ok?"

"You already asked me that," she said sitting forward.

He nodded a little. "What happened?"

Scully took a deep breath. "I woke up and you... it, whatever, was there. No one else. The snow had stopped. It wanted to talk to me. I tried to get it to talk about the cabin but it got angry. I remembered that people had problems when they wanted to go outside so I tried to go for a walk. It got really mad at me Mulder. Then it pushed me or hit me or something, then I woke up."

"Wait a second, hit you?!" Mulder looked confused.

She swallowed. "Yeah. On my stomach, just sort of pushed me back. It didn't actually touch me. I mean I didn't feel a hand or anything. Just this...energy, for a lack of a better word. Mulder I don't know." She shook her head.

Mulder ran his hands through his hair. "Come with me over to the fire, I want to take a look at you." He pulled her to her feet and led her to the main room where it was brighter.

"Mulder it doesn't hurt any more. I'm fine, really."

"Sit down, Scully," he said gently.

She let out an exasperated sigh but sat.

He gently pushed her so she was laying back. "Your stomach?"

She nodded.

He looked away from her face and lifted her sweater away. A look of shock and worry filled his face. "Oh my god..."

"Mulder? What is it?" Scully tensed.

He shook his head. "Jones I need you to take pictures of this."


He looked up at her face. "Scully... You have the word 'burn' welted on your stomach."

"What?" she breathed out. Sitting up on her elbows Scully looked down at her body. In large irregular capital letters was the word 'burn' in swollen red welts. Her heart jumped to her throat.

"Oh my god!" Jones exclaimed as she took repeated pictures of Scully.

"How the hell did that happen?" Grey asked over Jones's shoulder.

Mulder shook his head. " I don't know. Scully does it hurt?" He ran his fingers over her stomach.

Scully couldn't help but shiver at the contact. "No it's ok."

Mulder sat back on his heels and rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. "Ok... No one goes anywhere alone from now on. Just stay together, at least that way we will know when someone moves rooms."

"Is this thing getting violent?" Jones asked in a hushed tone.

Scully shook her head. "It was my fault, I pushed it. I think if it happens again just go along with it. It only wants to talk. Try to stay in the same room and just wait it out."

They all nodded in agreement.

Mulder stood and pulled Scully with him. "Come on, let's get you cleaned up." He took a lit candle off the mantle and directed her up the stairs.

Scully was led to the bathroom in a confused haze. Mulder shut the door behind them and placed the candle on the window ledge. Scully leaned against the sink.

"You sure you're ok?" Mulder asked standing in front of her.

Scully stared at the floor and nodded.

"Scully," he whispered softly. He placed a hand on each side of her face and forced her to look up at him as he massaged her cheeks with his thumbs.

Scully shut her eyes and a few tears dripped down her cheeks, he caught them with his thumbs and pulled her against his chest and kissed the crown of her head. Scully resisted only for a moment then wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her face into the taught muscles of his chest. His arms slowly wrapped her in a living security blanket.

A minute or two later Mulder pulled away. "I want to clean that just in case."

She nodded her agreement.

Mulder looked confused for a moment. "Sit up here." He took a hold of her waist and lifted her easily to sit on the sink behind her. They were now eye level. He took a small towel and wet it with the cool water from the tap.

Scully unbuttoned her jeans and folded the top over slightly. Mulder raised his eyebrows in question. "I don't want them to get wet."

He nodded in understanding and lifted her sweater slightly. "Why don't you take that off too." He suggested.

This time Scully raised her eyebrows but she did it anyway, tossing the sweater to the floor. Leaving her in a red satin bra and jeans undone exposing matching panties.

"Red." Mulder commented as he rung out the towel. "Very erotic." He winked at her.

Scully flushed and bit her lower lip. 'He's just trying to lighten the mood.' She told herself as she forced herself not to squirm.

Mulder pushed up his sleeves and gently placed the towel against her abdomen. "The swelling is already going down a little," he whispered despite they were the only two in the room.

Scully nodded still biting her lip. The air felt charged with sexual tension. She gasped as Mulder placed a hand on her lower back to steady her on her perch. His familiar touch was completely different against her bare skin.

"Did I hurt you?" he asked easing the pressure up on the towel.

Scully shook her head and licked her lips. Mulder stared into her eyes. Flickering shadows played on both their faces. All they could hear was each other's breathing. Scully slowly placed her hands on Mulder's shoulders, he pulled her a little closer on the edge of the sink, placing the towel next to her on the ledge. Scully slowly leaned closer to him, inches from his lips. Her eyes slipped closed as he moved the rest of the way in. Their lips met fully with gentle pressure. Scully let out a breath and opened herself to him. His tongue slipped lightly onto hers. He tasted deep and clean, his skin smelled slightly of smoke. Scully pulled his body against hers. Mulder used the hand on her back to hold her firmly to him while the other stroked the side of her thigh pulling it up onto his hip. Scully pulled back slightly and placed her hands on his hips. Slowly they pushed up under his sweater. She pulled away far enough to pull it over his head then met his lips with fury.

After a moment Mulder pulled back breathless. He searched her face for a moment. "This is really happening," he stated in a hoarse whisper.

Scully nodded. "I want it to happen." She breathed out.

"So do I." Mulder pulled her hips up against his, pressing his erection to her core.

Scully moaned deep in her throat at this almost forgotten sensation. Mulder swallowed that moan eagerly with his lips as he pulled her from the edge of the sink. She wrapped her thighs around his waist and her arms around his neck as he turned and lowered her to the soft shag carpet behind them. Scully kept her body wrapped around his as his hands slid to her back and unclipped her bra. She released his neck so he could pull the garment from her body. His lips left hers and went immediately to her breast. His tongue circles her nipple before he took it in his mouth. Another deep moan escaped Scully. Mulder pulled away and came up to her face placing a finger over her lips.

"Shh... We have to be quiet," he whispered to her.

Suddenly remembering there were other people downstairs Scully nodded.

He nodded to her with a slight smile and moved to her other breast. The whole time she bit her lip to keep from moaning.

Mulder's hands began to travel to her already undone jeans. He placed his hands on her hips beneath the satin of her panties in a wordless request. Scully raised her hip as an answer. He quickly slid them down her body, ridding her of the rest of her clothing. He returned to her face and kissed her passionately as his hands roamed her body, eager with this newfound freedom.

Scully slid her hands down to the front of his jeans and undid the button and fly, pushing them and his boxers down as much as she could from that position. Mulder broke the kiss to pull them the rest of the way. He resettled in the valley of her legs and they both gasped at the sensation of skin against skin for the first time.

"Scully look at me," Mulder whispered.

It took a moment for her to force her eyes open. She looked at him for a moment before smiling.

He nodded to some unknown question and kissed her deeply. Slowly he slid a hand down between her body gently running his fingers over her swollen folds. She let out a muffled moan.

"Now," she whispered into his ear.

He nodded again and she raised her legs around his waist, crossing them at her ankles. Mulder angled himself over her and in one smooth motion filled her body. Scully arched her head back and gasped at the sudden sensation.

"Shh..." Mulder reminded her as he began a slow even rhythm.

"Easier said then done." She panted out.

She felt Mulder's body shake over her as he laughed. Scully meet his thrusts as her breathing became harsh and strained.

"Mulder..." She let out in a pleading tone.

In a quick motion he turned them both on their sides, pulling her thigh high over his hip then holding her back to thrust deep into her.

Scully grabbed the back of his neck digging her nail into the soft flesh.

Mulder felt her body start to tense and he pulled her lips to his. They swallow each other's screams as they came together.

They lay for some time gasping for air before Scully pulled her leg from over Mulder and he withdrew from her. "Mulder we need to go back down there." Scully suddenly remembered where they were.

Mulder shook his head quickly to rouse himself and started tossing Scully her clothes.

"Scully that really just happened right? I mean...it's really you right?" Mulder asked as he pulled his shirt over his head then watched her intently.

Scully nodded. "Yeah it's me."

Mulder smiled a cocky smile. "Good." Standing on wobbly legs he picked up the candle. "Ready to go?"

Scully looked herself up and down for a moment. "Yeah I think so."

Mulder opened the door for her to walk through. Just as she was about to step out the door her grabbed her arm and turned her to face the bathroom again. "Look Scully we made rug angels." He gestured proudly towards the shag carpet with a large long imprint in the center.

Scully's eyes went wide and walked over refluffing it with her foot.

"Aw but Scully it looked really nice."

Scully grabbed his arm and pulled him into the hallway both laughing quietly. They both jumped in shock when the candle lit the hallway and with it a man standing at the far end, holding a burning cigarette in his hand.

"Mulder?" she whispered leaning back into him to make sure he was still there.

"Not him Scully. He looks too pleasant."

Scully knew it wasn't him to begin with, there was no reason for him to be here. "If I wasn't so scared I would find that comment funny," she said hushed.

"We want to help you," Mulder said softly. "But you have to promise not to hurt anyone."

The man didn't say anything, he just stared at them.

Mulder reached in front of Scully and lifted her shirt to show the marks. "Why did you do this?"

"No one ever wants to talk." The man dropped a lit cigarette to the floor, it smoldered before landing.

"We will talk. But we have to talk about you. Tell us why you did this to her," Mulder said gesturing to Scully's stomach.

The man lit a cigarette and let it drop it to the floor immediately, it went out before landing.

Scully took a deep breath. She didn't know what to say to him. She looked up at Mulder who looked as lost for words as she was.

The man continued to a light a cigarette and let it fall unsmoked.

"What do you want to burn? I know you didn't want to hurt Scully. She talked to you, she was nice to you. Why did you hurt her? What do you want to burn?"

"Burn it all," he said in a flat voice. Then was gone.

Scully jumped at his disappearance and looked up at Mulder again. "What was that about?"

He shook his head and led her downstairs.

"We just had another visit from our friend." Mulder announced.

Jones jumped up. "You did? What happened?"

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I don't understand what it meant. Said 'Burn it all' and left." Scully sat tiredly onto the couch.

"Who was it this time?" Grey asked without enthusiasm.

Mulder placed a blanket over Scully's shoulders and sat down beside her and leaned his elbows on his knees. "A person we know from work. Always smoking a cigarette..," Mulder trailed off looking into the fire.

"I don't know about the rest of you, but I plan on leaving as soon as the snow lets up in the morning." Jones said hushed.

Grey nodded. "Me too."

Mulder sat back against the couch in thought.

"Don't tell me you two are going to stay! Look what it did to Scully! What the hell is it going to do next?" Grey asked throwing another log in the fire sending sparks onto the rug in front of the bricks.

"No we are going to leave too, Mulder. We aren't staying here," Scully said firmly.

Mulder was focusing on the fire. "Scully it wants us to burn the house down," he said softly.

"What?!" She hissed at him.

"'Burn it all'. It's trapped here. Has been for years. Tries to keep people with it so it isn't alone. Scully did you see how, no matter how many times he lit the cigarette it would smolder before hitting the ground?"

"In my dream, or whatever it is, the fire had gone out," she whispered.

Mulder nodded.

"That doesn't mean we should burn the cabin Mulder!" Scully shook her head frantically.

Mulder just nodded and walked to the front door where he pulled on his boots and coat and stepped outside without a word.

Scully made a groan of aggravation and followed him out. She found him leaning up against the snow covered jeep starring out at the lake. "Mulder? You want to tell me why you just walked out?" She stood in front of him.

"Scully tell me if I am wrong. But didn't we just go from an innocent wound cleaning to having sex on the bathroom floor with barely a word about it?"

Scully didn't know what to say so she just nodded and looked down at the snow.

"I'll admit I was turned on a little by that. But not the extreme that we would have sex.... You said you wanted that?"

Scully blushed. "Mulder... I don't know what to say."

"Well I do."

Scully looked up at him with surprise.

"We were both aroused by the situation. What ever that thing that is haunting that house figured that out. It certainty didn't force us into that, but maybe.... I don't know maybe took away some of our fears." He stopped for a moment. "Shit! We were having a dream I mean it actually did happen but we were having one of those dreams. Didn't you notice how the others didn't think we were gone for very long?" Scully nodded quickly. "I'm not trying to gloat or anything but I honor myself on being more then a 15 second kinda guy."

Scully rubbed her face with her hands. "I... I don't know what to say." She paused and took a deep breath. "But that does make more sense then us just... um..."

"Started doing the naked pretzel," Mulder supplied.

Scully just looked at him.

He let out a long breath. "Well in my opinion we should leave that out of the case file."

She nodded quickly. "Yeah I don't think we need to try and explain this to Skinner if not necessary. Um... " She laughed at her sudden embarrassment. "I don't really know what to say about all that."

Mulder laughed softly. "It was pretty good." He smiled wickedly and winked.

Scully opened her mouth to say something but only managed to blush and laugh. "Mulder... I don't think that's the point."

He grinned then shrugged. "Ok... We need to figured out what to do next."

Scully nodded quickly, grateful for a change of subject. "Mulder can you explain to me why you want to set this place on fire please?"

"It's a hunch."

"Mulder I can't tell Skinner we decided to burn down a cabin because of a hunch!" Scully said as she quickly started to lose her temper.

"Listen... Let's just forget I said anything about that right now. We should go inside before something happens to Grey and Jones." Mulder turned and walked away from her.

Scully let out a long cleansing breath and followed him inside. She was shaking the snow off her boots just as she heard a spark and Grey curse.


Scully and Mulder looked over at him where he stood by the monitors. A low hum started through the room.

"Is that the power?" Mulder asked straining to hear.

"Shit! Yeah I think so. The circuits are over loading on all my cameras."

They all jumped at a large crackling sound from upstairs.

"Do you smell smoke?" Jones asked cautiously.

Mulder grabbed Scully's arm. "Everyone get out!"

"We should try to put it out!" Scully tried to pull away from his grasp just as another crack and spark set the camera in the kitchen to flames.

Jones and Grey ran to the door and pulled on their boots and coats as Mulder pulled Scully the rest of the way out the door.

"Mulder! We can't just let it burn!" She struggled but he wouldn't let her go.

"Scully we can't stop it, look!" He pointed to the second story once out by the cars. Jones and Scully's room was completely engulfed in flames.

"The wires must have all overheated when the power came on, the old wiring couldn't hold the power." Grey sad thoughtfully as he shielded his eyes from the bright flames.

"The wood is so old and dry it probably caught in a second." Jones spoke up. "We can't even call the fire department with our cell phones."

Scully looked over at Mulder. Then shook her head and walked away.

Early the next morning in DC

Scully leaned back against her couch with her carton of Mint Chip ice cream. Picking up the remote she channel surfed for a few minutes before she heard a knock at the door.

Scully closed her eyes for a moment. She already knew who it was and already knew why he was here. After a completely silent plane ride back she knew he was just planning on what he wanted to say, so did she.

"Did I wake you?" Mulder asked leaning up against the door jam when she opened it for him.

Scully shook her head and held up her container of ice cream as proof. "Come on in." She swung the door the rest of the way open and stepped aside.

Mulder stepped in and sat on the couch. "Um, Scully I think we should talk," he said trying to cover up the shaking in his voice.

Scully nodded and sat down on the opposite side of the couch after putting her ice cream back in the freezer.

Suddenly Mulder let out a tight laugh. "I can't remember the last time I felt so uncomfortable."

"Listen Mulder," Scully said quickly. "We can just forget that whole thing happened. I mean we both agree it was because of.... Whatever that thing was. So we can just move on. Forget."

Mulder looked at her for a moment then turned away and let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. "Just forget about it?"


Suddenly Mulder stood up and started to pace in front of the couch. "Scully... I don't know if I can just forget about it-"

"Mulder we don't really have a choice. We can't let something like this stand in the way of our partnership," Scully interrupted.

Mulder knelt in front of her. "I'm not talking about working together."

"You aren't?" she asked around the lump in her throat.

He shook his head. "No. I don't think anything can stand in the way of how we work. Nothing has so far... I'm talking about us."


He nodded. "Us."

"I wasn't aware there was an us." Scully couldn't keep the bitterness from her voice.

"Well maybe there was we just didn't know it." He sat back on his heels and rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. "Think about it Scully. That ghost, or whatever, showed up what we wanted to see, gave us what we wanted. It obviously was able to get into our head and see what was closest to us. I mean it knew what Sam should look like."

"I didn't want to see Cancerman," Scully informed softly. "And I doubt you did either."

Mulder stood up nodding. "Ok... Look I'm sorry Scully." He walked towards the door. "We'll just forget about it, that makes the most sense. I'll see you Monday morning."

Scully jumped up quickly. "Mulder wait... Don't walk away."

He stopped and slowly turned to face her. "Scully I don't know what you want me to say, or do. I just know that thing gave us, showed us, what we really wanted. I don't think I can just forget about it. But I'll try if that is what you want."

She walked up to him in long solid strides then reached up and pulled his face to hers and kissed him deeply. Mulder froze for a moment before he returned the kiss and wrapped his arms around her waist.

He pulled away after a few moments due to lack of oxygen. Searching her eyes for awhile he tried to find words.

"I lied," she whispered hoarsely.


"I don't want to forget." He pulled her down and kissed him hard.

He pulled away laughing after a moment. "So... Scully you want to make some sheet angels?"

Smiling with anticipation Scully bit her lip and nodded.

Mulder nodded with her for a moment before kissing her passionately as he backed her towards her bedroom.


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