Title: Samantha's Closure
Author: Lakota
Date: April 2000
Category: VRA (Vignette, MSR, MulderAngst)
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Closure, End Game, Oubliette
Archive: Sure! Just let me know where it's going.
Disclaimer: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully and all characters are sole property of Chris Carter, Fox Broadcasting and 1013 Production. I am just borrowing them for a bit.

Summary: Mulder had his closure but did Samantha have hers?

Note: This short story is my interpretation of the conversation that would have happened if Samantha were able to speak to her brother after the hug.

My love is my Sins Sequels fanfics that I've written but when I saw Closure I felt that there had to be some closure for Samantha so I tried writing something other then what I've been writing. Hope you enjoy it, a bit sappy but what the heck...

Thanks to my many cyber friends, whom I couldn't be without. They are my inspiration and constantly behind me giving me the courage to keep on doing something I love but have no idea what I'm doing...

I see him walking towards me; tall and handsome, exactly how I expected him to look. He must be reaching 39 maybe even 40 years old now. The years look like they have been kind to him, at least physically, but if I remember right, mentally he probably still carries the world on his shoulders. Even at a young age of 8, I remember the panic look on his face, helpless watching me disappear in front of him. My screams for his help must be still engraved in his mind.

How can I tell him that I have been with him all these years, guiding him, protecting him, watching over him? Fox is being guided by one of my spirit friends, a little boy that recently arrived. I have the urge to have my brother hold me in his arms, like we did when we were children. I remember the stories he would read to me late at night when mom and dad thought we were sleeping. I remember the teasing; he loved to tease me. I will have to tell him about that. I can't hold back anymore, I have to run to him.

'Where am I? I can see children all around me. Amber Lynn, and this little boy that I saw in the empty building, I feel that it has to be Harold Piller's little boy. These innocent children that were taken from the warmth and security of their homes, ' Mulder thought walking towards the field. My heart aches to see these children, because behind all these children are the parents and siblings left behind. I can only imagine the hours of uncertainty that their anguished parents have been through. The unknown years, the years of searching for the lives that they created from their union and love together.

Without any words spoken, Mulder was guided up the slope, nearing the children at play. He looked around the field, paying attention to every child around him, watching them jump rope, playing ring-around-the-rosie, sitting on the ground blowing dandelions at each other. Mulder turned his head and caught site of a young girl in her early teens. His facial expression changed, and immediately felt a knot in the pit of his stomach when he recognized her, "Samantha, " he whispered softly.

Before he had time to collect his thoughts, she had embraced him, completely engulfing him with her arms. His arms still at his side, confused, trying desperately to reconcile the memories of the delicately pretty child with the present reality of the enchanting woman-child in his arms. He looked down at her, his eyes tearing, reluctant to return her embrace. 'She's not real, I'm dreaming all of this, ' his mind muddled, the emotions racing. She looked up at him, her hands cupping his cheeks, bringing him close to her. Words were not needed to show the love they had missed for the past 27 years. He brought her close to him, his fingers entwined in her hair, kissing the top of her head. After embracing for a few minutes, Samantha separated from his hold. Still in silence, she took his hand leading him to the far end of the grassy knoll where a single boulder was positioned under a weeping willow tree. She sat down first, then with a gentle tug coaxed Mulder to sit next to her.

"Do you want to believe that I'm here next to you. Fox? She asked him, placing her head against his shoulder. His first reaction was to flinch at her touch, uncertain at what he was feeling. "Fox, I want to talk to you, but before we can communicate I need for you to let me in. Believe in your heart that I am here sitting next to you; trust in me, " she softly said.

'I'm afraid to believe, ' he thought to himself, then smiled at the ironic phrase he had just contemplated.

"Dana is the one that says that Fox, not you" she teased. His face paled at her words. "I have been next to you all these years Fox, taking care of you. And may I say you have not made it easy for me, " she smiled. "But then again we were unfortunate to be brought into this world and raised by a couple that were in the middle of a major conspiracy. I don't have to tell you to open your heart because you have done that all your life with everyone. But what I'm asking you right now is to see through your heart, talk to me, I'm here right now. Fox, this will be the only time we will be able to do this, this is our only chance"

To add to the knot in his stomach was the tightening in his throat. He felt the constriction with every swallow that he took. He wanted to hold her, but he was afraid that the apparition he thought he was looking at would disappear. She told him to trust her, to take his chance because it would be their last. With the last words in his mind, he took every bit of his being, straightened up, and wrapped his arms around her. She looked up with a smile that melted away the pain and heartache that he had carried within his heart for eternity.

"Samantha, you are so beautiful, " he whispered.

"So are you, " she answered wrapping her arms around his waist holding him as tight as she could. He felt her, so he doubted that he was dreaming; she was there, along side of him. It was Scully who believed in God, not him, not in the same way that she believed; but right now what else could it be but the gift of a greater Being.

"You said you've been with me, I don't understand?"

"Fox, " she said separating from his embrace. "I've been your guardian angel."

"What happened to you, did they... did they hurt you?" his voice cracking at the thought of the tests.

"They did, Fox. That's why I had to leave. I tried so hard to be strong. I tried to endure every injection, every pill that upset my stomach to the point where I spent hours over the toilet bowl. When they first took me I was a child, they tricked me with toys, with promises that if I took one more pill they would send me home; and I believed them." She stood up walking in front of him, kneeling close to his knees, taking his hands in hers.

"Fox, there was this man that would visit me almost every day. He said that my parents had to go away for awhile and that they would take care of me. They kept on telling me to be patient because they would come back. I asked about you all the time. When the nights came I would curl in my bed and close my eyes. I would pretend that you were with me reading the books that you always read to me. Remember when mom and dad would tuck us in our own beds and then we would wait until we heard their door close. Either you would come to my room, or I would go to yours, so you could read to me, " she continued. "Fox, don't cry, those were good memories, " her fingers gently wiping the tears that were filling his eyes.

"I'm so sorry, " he cried.

"For what, why are you sorry?"

Mulder's head raised and he looked up at the night sky, trying desperately to hold the tears back, "Why didn't they take me, they should have taken me, " he choked.

"I'm glad they didn't. You have been an important part in a lot of lives Fox, it wasn't in the cards; you were kept here for a reason."

"A reason, what could that be?" he stifled a chuckle.

Samantha rose up from the kneeling position, and sat back on the boulder next to him. "Everyone has a mission in life and yours was to stay on Earth to help others. I have seen you time and time again help the underdog, try to fight for what you believe was right. Your politics are your own. You've never thrown in. The minute you do, their doctrines become yours and you can be held responsible." Mulder sprung to his feet, feeling chills run up and down his spine.

"Samantha, those were the exact words that Dad told me the... the day they killed him."

Samantha took a hold of his hand again, coaxing him to sit back next to her. "I know, big brother, I told you I've been with you all these years. Sit and listen to me carefully; my time is running out."

"I don't understand, what do you mean, time is running out?"

"I was allowed this precious time with you, Fox. Let me continue with what I need to say. I know you think your life has been worthless, but it hasn't. I pained for you when you were up against all odds searching for Amy Jacobs. You were the only one that understood Lucy Householder, it was because of you that Amy was saved, " Samantha continued.

"But Lucy died. Because of me, Lucy died, " his voice filled with remorse.

"Amy lived, Fox. Lucy had been through years of torment, with memories that she would never have been able to erase. Like me, she chose a different route. She chose to save Amy in her own way; come let me show you." With those words, Samantha stood up urging Mulder to follow her. "Look." Samantha walked close to the bed of roses at the other side and pointed to a group of women. There in the foreground stood Lucy, a smile on her face that he couldn't remember seeing before on her. The days spent with Lucy were a hazy memory, but she never smiled, the pain embossed in her face reflected all the years tormented by her kidnapper and then the years after reliving those tortured years. Lucy raised her head facing Mulder, her face beaming with happiness. She lifted her right hand to her lips, kissing her fingers and stretching her arm to Mulder, mouthing the words, "Thank you."

Samantha acknowledged Lucy with a smile then turned around facing her brother. "She's happy, Fox, like I am, like we all are, " her arms stretching out towards the whole field of spiritual beings in front of them.

Mulder turned his body towards his little sister, his right hand reaching for the side of her face, then moving it towards her hair, his fingers intertwined through thick chestnut- colored strands, her smile radiating with pride. "Samantha, years ago I was shown a young..." he started to say.

"A person who you thought was Samantha, they wanted you to believe she was me, but she wasn't Fox. They were using you; they were using your vulnerability to believe in what they were doing. Although some of it was true, the clones...but Fox, this isn't the time for that. They have played with your feelings for much too long. I was angry with Dad when he blamed you for choosing your partner over the person you believed to be Samantha. I saw the agony on your face standing on that bridge; wondering whether you were doing the right thing. You did Fox, you chose right."

Samantha took a hold of his hand that was still caressing her hair. She led him to the familiar bolder and sat down, encouraging him to sit next to her. "Fox, the night in the coffee shop, you're heart was breaking, knowing that Dana was in the hospital dying, you were willing to try anything for her. I wanted to heal your pain when that man, the smoking man brought you her again, telling you lies that she was your sister."

"They were playing me for a fool all these years, " he said angrily.

"No Fox, they didn't break you, you kept on with your belief; be proud of that, " she said, taking a hold of his chin, forcing him to look at her. "My time is running out...I have to leave you soon, but before I go there is something I need to make you realize. You haven't been alone, all through your growing up years; I've been with you. But most importantly you have been given a soul-mate that has been closer to you then you will ever know."

The confusion in his face was clearly visible, "Scully?" he questioned.

"Yes Fox. Everything happens for a reason, big brother, and Dana was given to you to keep you sane."

His unexpected laughter burst out, "She has kept me walking in a straight and narrow path, but... you know about Scully?"

Her half smile was apparent; "You still don't believe me that I've been by your side all this time? Big brother, you and Dana have been pussyfooting much too long. She was brought to you for what they thought was going to be your demise, but what they neglected to realize was that she became your savior. Fox, are you two blind or just plain stupid?"

"Samantha!" his voice shrieked.

"Seriously, Fox, what is it with you two. Seven years ago she was brought to you and for seven years both of you have taken care of each other. How many times has she risked her life for you and how many times have you done the same for her? You have been tormented all these years with loneliness that you thought you had. But you haven't been alone; she's more of a soul mate then anyone could ever wish to have. She loves you, Fox; she just doesn't know how to say it. And you love her too. You have nearly lost her more times than I care to count, what are you waiting for? Do you want it to be too late?" her harsh words penetrated his heart.

"I'm afraid to..." he started to say.

"Afraid to love or afraid to lose her?"

"Both, " his words barely above a whisper.

"Big brother, you won't ever be alone. I will always be with you, " Sam spoke gently grasping his hand into hers. "Right here, " she pointed out touching over his heart moving to his head, "and here. Dana has issues that she has to clear up in her past and when she does you will be there to help her. Open your arms to her and let her in. Don't be afraid to love, she's strong and she will not break, you are the only one she trusts and the only one that she wants to be with. I am setting you free, Fox, I want you to move on now. Although the years were taken away from us and we weren't able to grow up as brother and sister and do the things that siblings do, it's time to move on."

"No, " he anxiously said holding her hand tightly, "don't go, don't" His eyes teared up knowing that they were close to parting, maybe forever.

"We were given this opportunity and we have to be thankful for it. Not everyone gets this chance, " she stood up, still grasping his hand then led him across the field. In the distance he could see Scully searching for him.

"Will she be able to see you?" his voice barely audible.

"If she wants to, if she believes, " she whispered back to him.

"Samantha, don't leave me, please, " his voice quivered trying to choke back the lump on his throat.

"I love you Fox, trust in your belief, don't waver away from what you think is right. I will always be there with you and Dana. I will always take care of you, big brother, " she smiled taking him in her embrace.

"Mulder, where are you?" Scully's voice was heard through the dense forest. She neared the field when she froze to see a blue haze in front of her. She saw an outline of children in the field, 'What is this?' she questioned her face puzzled. "Mulder?" she said, looking at her partner standing about 20 feet away embracing a young beautiful girl. Her partner and this young person were holding each other tightly. Scully walked closer, feeling warmth around her, not noticing the entities surrounding her. "Samantha?" her voice shook, feeling shocked at what she thought she was seeing.

"Samantha, " Mulder cried, kissing her forehead as she vanished. He stood frozen, not being able to move; his eyes closed. He felt arms go around him and surprised, he quickly opened his eyes hoping that Samantha was still there. But it wasn't, Scully was there holding him. "I saw her, Scully, " he choked back his tears, "She..."

"I saw her too, " she whispered taking his head to her bosom.

He raised his head, looking around desperately for any sign of Samantha or the others, but there was none. The field was clear, nothing but grass, weeping willow trees and the boulder that they sat on.

"Come on, partner, Mr. Piller is waiting by the car, " Scully spoke taking him by the hand.

"She said she's been with me all along. Do you believe that, Scully?"

Scully was still holding his hand as they walked to the clearing towards the car, "Mulder so much has happened to you in the last couple of days..."

"You still don't believe me, " his tired voice spoke.

"I do Mulder, I vaguely saw an image, a blue haze of a young girl holding you, was that Samantha?" she asked, stopping and turning to face him.

A subtle smile appeared on his sullen face, "Yes. Scully, she told me things about me, about you, about us."

"About us?" she asked puzzled.

"Later Scully, I'll explain everything later. But right now I need to talk to Mr. Piller, tell him that his son is okay. He's with the others, with Samantha. He is happy and will never be hurt again. Samantha will never be hurt again."

"And you, Mulder, how are you?" she asked concerned.

"I'm fine... I'm free, " his voice cracking, the pain in his throat unbearable. He looked up at the night sky filled with stars as he swore he noticed one shining star that sparkled in the distance.

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