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So... There are Christmas fic archives, but has anyone tried collecting Thanksgiving fics before?

[External Link] Acceptance by Ragnarok_n_roll
Scully comes out to her family at Thanksgiving and talks it out with Mulder afterwards. Hipster Mulder / Punk Scully AU

Across the Distance by LostinOblivion
Thanksgiving story. Set in season 9, Scully gets a much needed surprise at her family's dinner.

And For All Of You To Share It With by Pattie
It's 2005, the second time Mulder and Scully enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with Doggett and Reyes. So, with William and Meg in tow, they venture out to Washington and find more than friendship.

And She Was Thankful by xxaerogirliexx
It has been a wonderful Thanksgiving day at the Mulder household.

Anthony: book two - Small World by Clare Skinner
Anthony and Walt Skinner slowly adjust to life without Clare. But as Walt struggles to regain his equilibrium, will he lapse into complacency and fail to remember the danger that still abounds?

As Book II - Thanksgiving by Dri
Being together is just the beginning.

[External Link] Avoidable Feast by ScullyLovesQueequeg
Scully struggles to ask Mulder to come over for Thanksgiving, because she feels she's pushing the relationship too fast.

Barbecue Series 4: A Quiet Thank You by Susan Proto
Mulder is talked into spending a quiet Thanksgiving with Scully and Maggie, along with some others in need of a place to give their thanks.

Battling Hearts, Crumbling Allegiances by Rockenpnay
Two Agents, the Doggett family, and Thanksgiving. Warning: DSR.

Beyond The Truth series: 4.5 Thanksgiving Confessions by Neoxphile
Family and friends have dinner and some eye opening conversations.

Blue Thanksgiving by Allyson
Thanksgiving, after Melissa's death.

Blood Ties 6: Strange Bedfellows by Dawn
What happens when the person you despise becomes your only hope for saving someone that you love? Grey McKenzie and Bill Scully are about to find out.

[External Link] Bubbly Thanks by greekowl87
A little imagining of Mulder and Scully's thanksgivings from 1997 till 2017. Happy Turkey Day.

Burned Turkey by Christina
Another ruined holiday-or is it?

Calm Before the Storm by Eileen Whipple
Scully suspected this a year ago but was proven wrong. Now, the discovery of two young girls is going to change her life forever.

Can't He Help Me Unpack? by Pattie
A pregnant Monica Reyes is quite upset that her husband, John Doggett isn't helping her unpack in their new apartment.

A Change of Seasons by Jo-Ann Lassiter
A search for a mythical beast in the woods of Pennsylvania takes an alarming turn for the worse when Mulder's minor injury escalates into a life-threatening disease.

[External Link] Charity by SpyderScully
Scully doesn't want Mulder to be alone on Thanksgiving.

[External Link] Chicago Leaves by WPAdmirer
The further adventures of Walter and John over Thanksgiving.

Chicago Redeemed by WPAdmirer
Skinner is stuck in Chicago for Thanksgiving. A chance meeting with John Carter leads to dinner, conversation, eventually a kiss - and promises of more?

Cockeyed Optimist by Tess
Lately, the good days seemed to come with more frequency.

[External Link]Cold Turkey by Baroness_Blixen
Thanksgiving. Stranded on a case. How does that go?

Coming Together by DKScully
After the good news of Scully's remission, her family strives to have the most wonderful Thanksgiving ever and it may mean many revelations for everyone...including Mulder.

Compromised - What I'm Thankful For by Amazon X
It's Thanksgiving, and time to count your blessings. (slash)

Crystal Thanksgiving by Jolene D
Thanksgiving Dinner at the Scullys.

Dark Meat by Martin Ross
Witches and ghosts and marauding turkeys. Yes, it's Thanksgiving.

A Day In The Life 40. Super Thanksgiving by Girlie_girl7
Scully is recovering from necrotizing fasciitis

A Day To Give Thanks by D'Muse
Mulder sits alone on Thanksgiving, pondering the effects of the Ephesian case on his life.

Debrouiller by Tess

Defector of a Kind by Rory D.
This story takes place around Thanksgiving time, 1995

[External Link] Denny's: Home for the Holidays by daoniesidhe
Langly's cooking. Run for your lives.

Diamonds in the Rough by Amazon X
Walter finds what someone else has lost.

[External Link] Don't Know Much About History by nowwhateinstein
Thank God for ice storms, Boston Market, and Harrison Ford.

Empty Place Settings by salliejohns and Shoshana
Thanksgiving at the Scully house.

The Erin Series 7. Gossip Rides Again by RaEnright
These stories feature Mulder's teenage cousin, Erin.

The Fallout by Pattie
Two weeks before Thanksgiving, Mulder and Scully are sent to Minnesota to investigate a mysterious hair loss epidemic.

Family by Kalynn
Mulder and Scully during Thanksgiving.

Fate of Time by Kristy Anderson
Kind of an "all things" paradigm for Mulder-what if he had taken a different road? How many things in life are fated and how many are just variables that can change? If you knew these possibilities, how would it change your current life?

The Fear Place by Deb L.
Revelations and regrets help bridge the emotional abyss between a son and mother. A look at Mulder through Scully's eyes.

Fiiive Apple Piiies by RhymePhile
A Thanksgiving apple pie, sort of.

Firelight 03 - Be Thankful by Ewa
It's Thanksgiving.

First Timer Blues by Kathy Foote
Skinner offers to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

[External Link]Flannel Pajamas by mldrgrl
A sequel to For This We Give Thanks

[External Link] Food, Football and Friends by Traci
It's Thanksgiving and two agents have nowhere to be but with each other

[External Link] For This, We Give Thanks by mldrgrl
What Thanksgiving was like during season 10

Fox and Dana 11. Forgiveness by Jo Ann Medrano
What happens when Mulder tells Scully to call him 'Fox'. OE PS

Fox and Dana 27. Decisions by Jo Ann Medrano
What happens when Mulder tells Scully to call him 'Fox'.

Give Thanks by Danceronpointe
Mulder is having Thanksgiving on his own - but what will change that?

[External Link]Giving Thanks by agoodwoman

Giving Thanks by DFaonxa
On Thanksgiving Day and the anniversary of Samantha's disappearance, Mulder tells Scully about his meeting with his sister.

[External Link] Giving Thanks by Orithain
Thanksgiving dinner M/K style.

Giving Thanks by Vickie Moseley
Just a little Thanksgiving story.

Great Men Universe: part one by The Phile Formerly Known as Soapie
A very, very old Krycek in 2065 wants to kill the new President Mulder in order to make the Mulders suffer. To do so he goes back in time to kill the man's father, eighteen-year-old Scott Scully, Mulder and Scully's son who was born without their knowledge via test-tube in '95. But unexpectedly, Scott gets sent back to 1998 where he must deal with our Mulder and Scully, teen angst, two Kryceks bent on killing him, and the arrival of the Fox Mulder and Samantha Scully (Scott's twin) from the future, to save him.

Greatest Gift of All by Kris
Scully and Skinner's relationship hits a rocky patch.

Happy Thanksgiving by Ghostshipper
Mulder prepares to spend another Thanksgiving alone, until...

Holiday Journal: Thanksgiving by Sammi M.
It's Turkey time and our two favorite agents drag Hunter to Thanksgiving dinner at Mrs. Scully's. Dinner isn't all it's cracked up to be as a budding relationship grows stronger, old issues come to the table, a new presence is felt and a case intrudes.

Hollow Day by Kel
1973. Think Watergate. Think oil embargo. Think Samantha.

Home II - Giving Thanks by Tess
It's time to give thanks for what they have.

[External Link]hot chocolate and kraft macaroni by skuls
Mulder, Scully, and Emily accidentally spend Thanksgiving together.

How to Fake an Orgasm by Punk and Sab
Mulder, Scully, and the other woman.

Incidents and Accidents by Tanja
Dana Scully and Fox Mulder meet at Oxford, and it's hate at first sight, or isn't it ...?

The Invitation by trycee
What happens when Scully invites Mulder to be with her and her family at Thanksgiving?

I Still Have Plans to Go to Mexico by MJ and JiM

In Wolf's Clothing by Maria M
Mulder in a contemplative mood. Set during the 5th season episode Detour.

Iniquity by Vickie Moseley
While still working on Domestic Terrorism, Scully takes a vacation and Mulder finds himself doing a profile.

It's Hard To Be Thankful by Neoxphile
Thanksgiving is supposed to be one word, but what if you've given and are having a hard time being thankful?

Life Cycles VI: Thanksgiving Friends by Susan Proto
Mulder and Scully decide to have a Thanksgiving holiday get-together for their friends, so everyone will be familiar with one another at their December wedding. Problems arise when Mulder realizes he needs to make a very important choice and feels insecure because he's uncertain as to how that choice will be received.

Little Girl series: 03 Little Girl Grows Up by Natasha Luepke

Lullaby by Juliettt
This takes place Thanksgiving 1995 and assumes Mulder's safe return from the boxcar.

Male Bonding by David Stoddard-Hunt
She'd always hoped the men in her life would get along, but maybe not this well...

Man to Man Talk: 07 Thanksgiving by Girlie_girl7
Mulder continues his chat with his son.

Memory's Grace by Laika
Mulder spends Thanksgiving with Scully, facing his own alienation.

Memory's Grace II: Strange Fire by Laika
A continuation of Memory's Grace, from Scully's perspective. (link also contains stories 3-5 in the series)

Mulder's Creek: The Trouble With Turkeys by Neoxphile
Mulder, Scully and Doggett escape Thanksgiving preparations by taking their traditional trip to the Berkshires. Back in Capeside, Reyes, Skinner and Fowley investigate sinister frozen turkeys.

Mulder's Thanksgiving Dinner by Girlie_girl7
Mulder tries to prepare a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner for Scully and in usual Mulder fashion; all hell breaks loose.

Never For You by LMControl
Living, loving...and learning to let go. Set in the future, post-episodic series finale, the X-Files are closed permanently, due to unforeseen circumstances. Facing the dissolution of the partnership, Mulder and Scully go their separate ways trying to find a future, unable to see past their history. All the while, evil forces surround them in Washington that threaten the very existence of our nation's most prized possession...Democracy.

A 1997 Thanksgiving Tale by Laura Capozzola
he extended Mulder family celebrates a typical American Thanksgiving...well, as typical as you can expect for Fox Mulder. KF

[External Link]One Warm Spark by ScullyGolightly
Smut ensues over Thanksgiving break.

Operation PS2 by Kathy Foote
Who knew so much strategy went into planning a shopping trip.

PAAB I: The Holiday Season by D. Street
When Scully's mother invites Skinner to her home for the holidays, he expects to discover a new level to Mulder and Scully's relationship... never realizing he's about to start a relationship of his own.

The Park by C and Me
A little conversation.

[External Link] Piles of Leaves by skuls
A small family looks for a home.

Playing House by mercury_999
Mulder and Scully get snowed in with her twin 'tornadic' nephews over Thanksgiving weekend.

[External Link] Pumpkin Pie by storybycorey
Just a quickie in the guest room during Thanksgiving dinner at Bill's house.

Ravens and Crows by Dryad
Bill sticks his oar in - not without just cause.

Relic of Tough Weather by Jesemie's Evil Twin
"It is a real chill out. The fall crisp comes."

Sammie and Me by MatineeMad
It's the first Thanksgiving since Mulder and Scully were teamed together. She is eager to get together with her family, but Mulder only sees it as a remembrance of how long Samantha has been gone.

Seasons 04. Tho'they With Winter Meet by Jude Dettmann
As the Thanksgiving holidays approach Walter Skinner takes his fiancee to Washington DC to meet the FBI Director and begin to plan a life together. But Alex Krycek has other plans for the Assistant Director's fiancee.

[External Link] Side-Effects May Include by yours_truly
Thanksgiving of 2012: "How do you feel?" she asked him.
He stroked his thumbs over the skin above his eyebrows. "Hung over. Like I told you I would."

The Sins of the Father by MD1016
Just your run-of-the-mill Thanksgiving at the Scully house, Bill's POV.

Small Lives Awake by Jesemie's Evil Twin
Thanksgiving, 2000.

Something To Be Thankful For by xfilesfanatic
Even in the most difficult times, there is always something to be thankful for. A Thanksgiving fic from Mulder's and Scully's points of view.

[External Link] Such Devoted Sisters by Naraht
Special Agent Samantha Mulder spends Thanksgiving with the Scully family.

Terra Firma V: Semper Fidelis by Malibu Sunset
This story picks up more than a year after Vita Nova ended. Two kids now, and all the chaos that brings.

[External Link]thankful by softnow
happy thanksgiving, babes.

[External Link] Thankful by all_these_ghosts
He thinks about kissing her, here on the couch in her mother's dimly lit living room. "Happy Thanksgiving, Scully, " he says instead.

[External Link] A Thankful Morning by ATTHS
Mulder, Scully, and Faith sit together in the dawn of their first Thanksgiving together as a family.

Thanksgiving by Agent D.Scully
Thanksgiving day traffic seems to conspire against a man desperate to get there on time.

Thanksgiving by andreakayy
Mulder gets Scully the best Thanksgiving present ever...and his name is William.

[External Link] Thanksgiving by grey853
Mulder and Walter share a Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving by hellogoodbye57
The third story in the X-Files series I've been working on. Mulder and Scully spend Thanksgiving with her family.

[External Link]Thanksgiving by joely_jo
Mulder and Scully's first night in the Unremarkable House.

[External Link] Thanksgiving: Chance Meeting by maddiec24
alter Skinner meets someone he knows in an unexpected place.

[External Link]Thanksgiving: Indescribable Blessings by maddiec24 & mrs_sweetpeach
alter and Alex celebrate Thanksgiving and their first year together.

The Thanksgiving Date by Trycee
Maggie has met a new man. Scully and her brother's are not thrilled about it. Mulder is not thrilled about dealing with her brothers.

Thanksgiving Day by Krystine
Mulder reluctantly accepts a Thanksgiving invitation at the Scullys' only to learn he has one more thing in common with his partner than he thought.

Thanksgiving Day by Lolabeegood
A day in the life of Fox Mulder while living in long-term isolation.

[External Link] Thanksgiving Feast? by LisaDuncansTwin
What's unusual about a holiday spent with someone you love and hate at the same time?

Thanksgiving Plans by ZuesStorag
All those posts about Mulder's Thanksgiving got me to thinking and produced this.

Thanksgiving, Scully Style by defiaureve
Mulder spends Thanksgiving with Scully and her mother.

Thanksgiving With The Gunmen by brutongaster32
Langly's cool hair, Frohike's cooking, and Byer's way of eating sauerkraut! What more could you want in a story? Oh, and there is some Fox, too.

Thanksgiving with the Mothers by Angela W.
Newlyweds Fox Mulder and Dana Scully spend Thanksgiving with both their mothers.

Thanksguesting by Angela W.
A lonely guy and Thanksgiving Day

[External Link] This Can't Be How You Imagined by This_ape_writes
A case takes Mulder and Scully's Thanksgiving to a diner in New Mexico with a mute waitress and a drawing competition.

This Is The Way Thanksgiving Should Be by Pattie
Scully invites someone who is lonely to a family Thanksgiving.

A Tradition of Giving Thanks by Jacquie LaVa and Tess
'Some holiday traditions don't begin at home...'

A Traditional Mulder Thanksgiving by Mary Kleinsmith
When Scully is at loose ends on Thanksgiving, Mulder treats her to a look at his past.

Trouver L'Amour un Jour de Fete: Action de Grace by KassandraXF
MSR need I say more

[External Link]Trust by gillianaunofficial
Mulder and Scully are visiting Scully's family for Thanksgiving, uncomfortableness and fighting arises. Set S7. Also M&S are engaged... That's kinda important.

Turkey 101 by Kathy Foote
Mulder and Scully reminisce about Thanksgiving past.

[External Link] Turkey, Ham, Mashpotatoes by swanhearttruly
The two are lost in the forest and then things happen on A cold night on Thanksgiving...

[External Link] Turkey TV Dinner by orphan_account
It gets lonely on Thanksgiving when you're estranged.

Unexpected by Unruhe and Lywendre
Skinner visits Scully to look for Mulder on Thanksgiving day...

The Unbroken Circle by Trycee
Set before Scully's father's death, this is the last time the entire family is together for a holiday and there is tension between them, as are with most families.

[External Link]Until Tonight; Until tonight. by Edie_Rone
On Thanksgiving eve, many years after she'd quit the Bureau and moved on with her life, a widowed Dana Scully remembers the man she'd tried to forget.

[External Link] up (where the world won't let us down) by agenderleadingplayer
it's them, in a diner, hot cocoa and broken heaters. it's them, on thanksgiving, and that's it.

[External Link] Waffle House Thanksgiving by skuls
"I missed you."

We Gather Together by devout2David
Somehow, Mulder and Scully have Thanksgiving dinner with William, but things never seem to go as everyone planned.

We Gather Together: an Exaiphnes Vignette by Rachel
Tim and Mulder head to Connecticut for the Thanksgiving holiday. (slash)

[External Link]Well-Intentioned Phone Call by Minuete
Scully calls Mulder to invite him over for Thanksgiving dinner. Set some time after EBE episode for TLG appearance.

What They're Thankful For by Teliko. x3
Mulder and Scully spend Thanksgiving with Scully's family.

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