Halloween Parties and Costume Balls

Aloha Puttytat by DFantum
Mulder, Scully and a wild Halloween party.

Before They Were Stars by Who Cares

Behind the Mask by Fiona MacDonald
In answer to the Halloween Mask challenge - a silly story about a fairy tale come true

Dynamic Duo by Unknown
This is a response to the "Masks" Halloween challenge

Happy Halloween by QLTiersky
When they're forced to go to the Annual Halloween party, they decide to make the best of it.

Halloween Party (An ATF Untold Story) by Donna
An untold ATF story

I'd Know You Anywhere by Yonada
Mulder and Scully go to a costume party. Can they find each other, and when they do will they know it?

Inebriation Series 4: Cuervo Gold by Barenaked Bostonian
Mulder and Scully go to a Halloween party? With the Gunmen? Yes and yes, but it's believeable! With tequila, now we're getting somewhere!

Invitations by AKA Kelly
Mulder and Scully are invited separately to a Halloween party, and don't end up going together. Were they invited by Skinner to a regular Bureau party? Or is it something more?

Last Dance by Why Incision
Bert is evil.

Life Is a Masquerade by Anne Elliott
The mask makes the man.

Lions, and Tigers, and Aliens, Oh My by Red Badger 83
Set post Never Again. Mulder and Scully attend a Halloween party. They've had a few drinks and begin talking to each other without knowing it's the other.

Mask of the Green Death by Steph
See the Title - very silly Halloween stuff involving a mask.

Masked Moments by J. Ackerson
A Halloween party at the Smithsonian takes a bizarre twist, leading Mulder and Scully to do some reminiscing and introspection.

Masquerade by D. A. Prewitt
Scully attends a Halloween masquerade ball and the night proves to be one she will never forget.

Masquerade by Jen

Music of the Night by Spooky's Kat
It's Scully's birthday, and Mulder's her date to the FBI costume ball. Together they compose their own music..hint hint...

Over Her Shoulder by Suzanne L. Feld
When Mulder thinks Scully's costume party dress is haunted, he simply has to convince her of that fact.

Removing the Masks by Amy C.
Mulder hopes that a costume party will reveal how Scully feels about him.

the Resurrection series: II. Evoke by Neoxphile
We'd be lying if we said we had no idea what lead up to the events on Halloween night.

Something Wicked This Way Comes by Cassie C
Halloween goes terribly wrong for Mulder and Scully when an unknown force taunts and terrorizes them.

Taking Off the Mask by Brandy
I have decided to stop lurking and take up Rhondda Lakes' challenge. In keeping with the Halloween theme, our favorite agents are going to the First Annual FBI Masquerade Ball.

Unmasquerade by Rhondda Lake
He had to choose one of the masked women. But for what?

Vampire Series IV. Vampire's Ball by Jennifer Lyon
Jason invites Mulder and Scully to a Halloween Party -- Vampire-style. (the rest of this series can be found under "vampires")

The Witching Hour by Peach
ggett goes into the closet with Alex and Walter. What else's a guy to do on Halloween at a costume party?

Who Was That Masked Man? by Melody
All are not who they appear to be at the Annual Masquerade Ball.

Z Is For Zero by Donnilee
An FBI ball, two understanding colleagues, a misunderstanding, a fight and some soul searching. Oh, and course, ... the naked pretzel.

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