Title: "Once upon a time..."
Author: Scully's Evil Sister
Written: February 2001
Category: An X-files version of Sleeping Beauty, MSR, H
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Summary: A beautiful princess, three lone gun fairies, an evil witch and a handsome prince. Sounds like a fairy tale to me. Now are you all sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin...

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a princess called Dana Scully. She lived a happy life in a little cottage in the forest with the three lone gun fairies, never realising that she was in fact a princess. For sixteen years ago she had been taken away from the castle and her parents, King William and Queen Margaret, and placed in the care of the good lone gun fairies; Byers, Langley and Frohike.

As the fairies brought up their young charge they watched her grow up in a beautiful young woman, both fair of face and temperament. She was honourable, good and kind and the fairies were proud of her. Comfortable in their simple, new life it became easy to forget The Truth, the Truth that was Out There.

But to forget the reason for Princess Dana's new identity as Dana Rose could cost her life. The evil witch, Maleficent Fowley, had placed a spell on her that by the time of her sixteenth birthday, she would prick her finger and fall into a deep sleep for eternity. She could only awaken if the spell were broken by true love's kiss. But Princess Dana knew none of this, to her she was simply Dana Rose, whose parents had been tragically abducted when she was born.

Although Dana Rose was happy with her life and really loved her 'uncles' who had brought her up, she felt somehow that there was something missing. In her dreams she was visited by a handsome young prince but she never discovered his name. She kept this from her uncles because although she wanted to believe, she could find no rational scientific explanation for the belief that the man she saw once upon a dream was out there somewhere. And so it came to pass that the only time Dana Rose spoke of her dream prince was with her animal friends in the forest.

As the young princess' sixteenth birthday drew near, Byers, Langley and Frohike began to make preparations for her return to the castle. They used the time Dana Rose spent in the forest to make an outfit fit for Princess Scully. It was to be a black power suit with stacked heels to match, for although the princess was blessed with beauty she was not blessed with height.

Finally the happy day of Dana Rose's sixteenth birthday came. It was marked with great celebration in both the forest cottage and in her father's kingdom for today was the day their princess would be returned to them.

For sixteen years Maleficent Fowley had searched for the young princess in vain. But she had long ago hatched an evil plan to make sure that there would be no chance of her escaping. During the christening celebrations where the spell was cast, she had implanted a chip into the child's neck. Whenever she were to re-enter her father's palace, a warning would sound in Maleficent Fowley's dark domain and so the witch would speed to the castle to exact her terrible curse.

Meanwhile, in the castle of King William of Georgetown the jubilation continued. A huge feast of iced tea and sunflower seeds was held in the princess' honour. But while the festivities continued no one noticed a large bee enter the great hall. The princess let out a slight cry and then, as the alien virus started to take hold, Maleficent's curse began to unfold. The princess fell to the floor and into a deep slumber.

The entire castle looked on in horror and grief. The lone gun fairies acted quickly and placed the whole court under a spell and so silence fell heavily as immediately all within the castle walls fell asleep.

But alas for Maleficent Fowley, help was at hand. A handsome young prince by the name of Fox Mulder was headed for the palace. He did not know why but had been told, by a mysterious old forester who called himself Deep Throat, that there he would find the girl who appeared in his dreams. The prince faced many perils as he tried to enter the castle. He proved himself to be brave and true as he fought the flukemen, Jersey Devils and shape-shifters. Upon entering the great hall, his eyes fell on the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. It was she who he had seen in his dreams. The noble prince knelt down beside Princess Dana and placed a small, chaste kiss upon her perfect red lips. At this the princess' eyes fluttered open and she began to awake. They gazed into each other's eyes for what seemed like eternity, as the spell was broken all over the castle. The celebrations were resumed as the Prince and Princess announced that they were to be married.

And so it was that King Mulder (as he had never really liked the name Fox) and Queen Dana ruled over the kingdoms of Georgetown and Alexandria. There was much laughter and merriment and so they lived happily ever after.

The End!

Author's Notes: I really have no excuse for this piece of sentimentalism but the sad truth of the matter is that this is totally how I see the world! There should always be a happy ever after. Maybe I'll grow up one day but until then Disney rocks! (Oh and Rachy if you're out there I do realise that Disney didn't write the original Sleeping Beauty but I can't remember who it was and anyway I never read the original. It was the Disney film that I loved :))

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