Title: Knots
Author: Erica Miszti
Rating - NC-17 (for sexual content). MSR ( no doubt about it)
A good time for the disclaimer - Mulder & Scully aren't mine (I'm sorry if they're tired I just couldn't stop them once I'd started them), they're property of those greater and wiser than us all: Chris Carter, 1013 productions, Fox Broadcasting and (best of all) David Duchovny (wait while I put my tongue back in) and (the best actress I've seen in one hell of a long time) Gillian Anderson. Is that enough grovelling? Oh yeah - I ain't getting paid for this and I'm into infringing people's copryrights (weird kinky stuff that I try to avoid). There are two other characters and one of them is mine (for a good reason - it's not tough to work out) - the copyright on the other is a bit more difficult to assign to a person. I guess it belongs to him.

Summary - M&S have just finished a case and are spending their last night in a hotel before they go back to DC, when a little witch gets in a tampers with things.

Note: This is nothing to do with my "Secrets" stories - it's just a little light relief for a tired brain.

It's a small piece with big pretentions - so excuse the last scene of the story, the demon on my shoulder just couldn't let it rest.

Mulder sank slowly down onto the bed, removing his shirt as he did so. The bed was too thin and too short for him, but it was a bed as opposed to a futon. Sinking his head into his pillow he sighed a deep sigh. He could still hear *her* moving around next door. Scully - his partner & his best friend. The most incredible woman he had ever met.

Dispelling thoughts along these lines - as he always did - Mulder reached out towards the bedside cabinet and grasped the mug of warm milk which had been sitting there. He had not asked for warm milk, a member of the hotel staff - a kind of pretty, blue eyed brunette with a sharp English accent - had appeared in his doorway to tell him it was a complimentary special. She'd smiled at him sweetly as she'd handed him the mug and she'd let their fingers touch. Their eyes had met for a moment and he'd seen something strange stir in the midnight blue depths, but it was gone before he could be sure that he'd really seen it. If it hadn't of been for the knowledge that Scully was in the room next door then Mulder might have asked the girl out for a drink. Somehow it felt dishonest - so he didn't. He didn't want to examine these thoughts about Scully too closely for fear of what he might find. Mulder had not planned on drinking the milk but maybe it would help banish the disquieting thoughts. He threw the drink back in one long gulp.

Scully looked warily down at the sagging bed with it's evil looking nylon sheets. Sleep was the furthest thing from her mind. Picking up her complimentary mug of warm milk she walked to her bag and pulled out the file on the case they had just completed. They were going back to Washington tomorrow. Scully sat down on the edge of the bed and took a deep draft from the mug. The drink was warm and over sweet but it didn't taste too bad, so she drank some more and set about reading through the file - framing her final report in her mind. She yawned. The words on the page blurred out of focus and she had to strain to see. Sleep was staking a claim in her mind but she tried to fight it, not believing that she could suddenly be *so* tired. Scully fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

Mulder grimaced from the taste of the milk. It was disgusting. He needed a glass of water to rid himself of the foul taste. He tried to stand up, suppressing a yawn as he did so, but his knees buckled and he fell back onto the bed. Within seconds Mulder was asleep.

Scully was very comfortable and lovely and warm. The pillow under her head was too firm so she twisted about trying to loosen it up. "Um, Scully? Could you stop doing that or we're gonna have a problem." Mulder's voice was soft and low in her ear.

"Go away Mulder." She murmured before realization sank in. Her eyes snapped open. Awareness set in as she saw the broad expanse of bare flesh before her. She had to crane her neck up to look at him. "What's going on?" She demanded and tried to pull away from him.

She made it back only a few inches. Her wrists were tied together around his neck, his arms were tied around her waist. Her legs were tied around his left leg and his were tied behind hers. With the position their legs were tied in Scully was now only too aware of the problem which her squirming had caused. He was only wearing his boxers. A slow curl of heat began in her stomach.

Mulder's first thought as he had emerged from sleep was that this would be what it would be like to be drowning in Scully. Her smell was all around him - he knew it so well, it had teased his nostrils on many an occasion. Then he had become aware of the sensation of a warm female body lying curled up against him. Slowly opening his eyes he had seen the mop of unruly red hair splayed across his chest. He had woken completely to realise that they were tied together and there was no way that he could move without waking her up. That was fine - he'd made it fine by thinking about things which were a total turn off: pizza, Disneyland, sweaty socks. Then she had started squirming and all his good work was blown in an instant. God, she smelt good.

"What's going on?" She demanded again, keeping very still this time.

God, he smelt good.

"As far as I can tell," He answered her. "we're in a basement." She looked around - still keeping still. It did look like they were in a basement - that was a helpful piece of information given their present circumstances!

"Why are we nearly-naked and tied up?" She asked, avoiding looking him in the eye, but finding that looking at his chest instead was not a help.

"Um...I don't know." He conceded. Scully did look him in the eye then.

"The milk." She said. "Drugged - right."

"Spot on Watson. And, look.." He gestured downwards. Scully's eyebrows rose sky high. He smiled devilishly. "What a dirty mind you have Scully! That's not what I meant. I meant the pink dust we seem to be covered in."

Scully did look down and saw that they were both covered in the stuff. "What is it?" She asked curiously, looking back up at him. He was looking downwards - at her cleavage. "Mulder!" She exclaimed indignantly, denying the moist feeling between her thighs. His eyes flew up to hers.

"I was just admiring your underwear Scully. I pictured you wearing white silk - like you were on that first case we went on together. You remember, when you came into my room dressed, well, more or less as you are now. Except I like this green silk better." Scully was speechless. She stared up into his eyes. He was totally serious.

"You imagine me in my underwear?" She asked quietly. He had the grace to look shame-faced.

"More often than you'd believe." He admitted with a slight smile. "I can't really deny right now that I want you Scully. It would be a blatant lie." Scully was more than aware of that, she had been pretending to ignore *that*. "I guess it's a little less obvious how you feel. Maybe if I do, this," He moved so that his thigh was against her crotch. "I'll get a better idea."

My God, she was aroused. He had not been expecting her to be. His eyes locked with hers. Yes, there was a stirring of desire in their azure blue depths. Her thighs tightened around his, holding him firmly against her. He had been lying on his back with her above him but now he moved so that she lay under him. She did not utter a word of protest. Her nipples were hard against his chest.

"If you want me not to proceed then tell me now Scully." He told her desperately.

"Mulder." She began with a smile. "We're tied up. How far can you go?" That much was true. Neither of them had their hands free and their legs were tied into an extremely uncomfortably position - but it was one hell of a challenge she was throwing out.

"You sure that you want to find out?" He challenged in return.

"Well. I'm kind of tied up at the moment but I'll see what I can do." She smiled a smile which hit him right in the groin.

"Ha, ha, Scully." He ground out. "Can we be totally serious?"

"I doubt it." She countered with uncharacteristic humour.

"Come on. Are you sure? I mean it Scully. I want you so bad but this situation is hardly normal. We don't even know what's going on here."

"Shut up and kiss me Mulder before I die." How could he resist?

Scully could not believe what she was doing. Her eyes fixed on Mulder's lower lip and she could not look away. She was aware that he was talking about something. The way his mouth moved fascinated her. Why was it so far away? His skin was hot and rough against hers. His chest was pressed tightly against her breasts. She rubbed herself against him. God, what an incredible sensation. She'd wanted to try that for ages.

"Dana.." He breathed and his mouth was on hers. They could not have been closer - they were skin to skin from neck to ankles. Their legs rubbed against each other - wrapping around - creating any friction they could. Their kiss deepened as they tasted and explored the secrets of each other mouths. Mulder's fingers moved up and down her spine, causing her to shiver deliciously. His hands moved under the elastic of her panties - his long fingers caressing and stroking as far as they could reach. Scully's fingers returned the compliment as best they could. They played in the hair at the nape of his neck, light and teasing at the top of his spine. Their lips broke apart so that they could breathe. They both gulped in air desperately before their mouths met again. Mulder strained to reach higher and found the clasp of her bra. He concentrated hard to try and undo it. Their mouths broke apart as Scully started laughing.

"You're tickling me!" She protested. He ducked his head down and put it against her chest, this gave his some more leverage on the clasp. Scully raised her arms to try and help him and suddenly he was free. They both stopped all movement and stared into each others eyes as they realised what had happened.

Mulder knew how to get them out of these bindings.

"Lift your arms above your head." He told her and she did it. "Now slide downwards." She smiled seductively at him.

"If that's what you want." She replied. Mulder - who had been jolted out of his desire with realization of how to untie them - was very turned on again. She put her head against his chest and slid downwards. She moved deliberately slowly, letting her hair brush over him as she did so. Her fingers trailed in the wake of her body. Then her top half was free of him.

"Now what do we do?" She asked leaning back. They still had to lie down because of the awkward position of their legs. Her hands had moved up to play on his chest. Their hands were cuffed together so there was no way for them to undo them - but their legs were tied with rope. Mulder reached down to try and undo his legs, which were tied at the ankles behind hers. This meant that he had to twist around her body. Scully let her hands wander over his back, along his spine. He struggled with the binding awkwardly - handicapped by the cuffs and by her persistent attentions.

"Scully - please, you're not helping."

"Hurry up Mulder." She told him - not even pausing in her explorations. How he got it loose was a mystery to him. He managed to slip his left leg from between hers and moved away a few metres. She lay there watching him watching her.

Her eyes moved over him hungrily. Now nearly all of his body was exposed to her. She became aware that her legs were still tied together.

"Untie me Mulder." She told him and watched him shake his head slowly.

"I don't think I will yet." He said in a low voice. "I like having you at my mercy." He crawled back over to her. His hand moved to the clasp of her bra. This time it fell away easily to rest on her forearms, where it could go no further. Pushing it away he lowered his mouth to her breast. Scully arched her spine to force herself better into his mouth. Her hands grabbed hold of his hair and held him against her. She groaned as he licked and sucked. He switched his attention to the other breast - nipping gently at the puckered flesh. His moved up her body, licking and kissing as he went. Their mouths met and moved against each other. She traced the outline of his full lower lip with her tongue as she had so often longed to do. He pressed his mouth harder against her in a brutal possessive kiss. They let go and lay against each other with their faces pressed into the others neck. Scully licked the spot where she felt his frantic pulse beating.

"I want you now - untie me." She ordered softly into his ear. This time he did as she told him to - but he did it *his* way. He sank down by her feet and licked next to her ankle bone, just next to the rope knot. Scully jumped at the sensation and sat up - so he did it again. His hands explored up the inside of her legs. They traced lightly up her calves, along the back of her knees and between her thighs. He reached the juncture of her thighs and felt the heat and moisture between. She tightened her muscles to hold him against her. His eyes flashed up to hers and they locked as his fingers began to move over the damp silk. Scully swallowed with difficulty. Her mouth fell open into a gasp. Mulder crawled forward - keeping his hand where it was - and kissed her.

He drew back to look at her. Her cheeks were flushed. Her eyes were closed in ecstasy. Her mouth was parted, her tongue darted out to moisten her lips. His lips were suddenly very dry. Worried that this was out of control, he withdrew his hand from between her thighs. Her eyes snapped open.

"What do you want me to do?" He asked her.

"You were doing well enough on your own just then." She replied.

"I meant, do you want me to stop?"

"No way! Don't you dare stop now." She looked up at him with longing in her eyes. "Make love to me Mulder. Please. I want you to and I know that *you* want to."

"But what about...?"

"Mulder! No buts. Not now. We've spent too much time thinking about this over the years. We've wasted so much time. Make love to me."

<Why was he resisting?> - he asked himself again. He reached down and untied her. As soon as she was free her thighs fell open and he removed first her underwear then his own. Then she was encouraging him to crawl up towards her. Kneeling between her open legs Mulder was overcome with a new emotion.

"I love you." He exclaimed in surprise. She sat up and faced him.

"Raise your arms." She ordered and he complied. She slid in between them again and placed her arms around his neck. They were back where they had started - with one vital difference. Scully lay back down, drawing him on top of her. Their bodies touched intimately. Scully licked her lips and kissed him deeply. He settled himself against her, but stopped at her entrance. He lifted his mouth from her and looked deeply into her eyes.

"I love you." He repeated with real feeling. She smiled.

"I love you too." He grinned and buried his face in her neck, where he kissed and licked at her skin. She repeated her words over and over into his ear. Then he moved and buried himself inside her. Scully wrapped her legs around his hips and held him there. Gently she bit his neck. He pressed harder in response and she dug her nails into him as the sensation overtook her. Their movements became frenzied, their breath came faster and their muscles tensed. When the end came they both saw stars. The tension snapped and they fell to ground together exhausted.

"No!" Someone yelled *very* loudly. Mulder slammed into unwelcome consciousness. "No. No. No. This was *not* supposed to happen." Blinking sharply several times Mulder sat up. A blond man towered over them with an extremely angry expression on his face. Mulder became aware of their state of undress and tried to wake Scully. She was in a deep contented sleep and didn't want to wake up. Finally she opened her eyes and looked up - straight at the new arrival.

"Ah!!" She screamed, as she tried to move away from Mulder - then remembered that she was naked and scooted back to hide behind his body.

"What have you done?" The man demanded. "You've ruined everything!" He stormed out of the room and slammed the door.

"What was all that about?" Scully asked sarcastically, as she gathered up her underwear. Mulder replaced his boxers and lay on his back looking thoughtful. His eyes followed Scully as she moved around.

"I don't know. Maybe he didn't like the idea of us making love." Scully re-dressed herself with difficulty (her hands were still cuffed together) and sat down next to him so that he could do up the clasp on her bra. His hands lingered on her back much longer than was necessary.

"I don't like this at all." He said, as she turned around to face him.

"That wasn't the impression I got." She replied with a bright smile. He returned her smile with a leer.

"Oh I enjoyed that." His expression grew serious and he gestured towards the door. "I meant that man's reaction. Don't you think that he looked kind of familiar?" He shrugged. "I can't place him." He sniffed and his nose crinkled in disgust. "What's that smell?" A sweet odour had begun to fill the room and, now that they listened carefully, there was a faint hiss of gas.

Scully blinked rapidly as her vision began to blur. She saw Mulder jump up and run to an air vent, but she could not move. "Scully!" He called from very far away. He rushed back over to her, in time to catch her as her body went limp.

Scully collapsed into his arms. "Scully?" He questioned, he could hardly see her. His eyelids were closing. For a second he knew who the man was and why he'd reacted that way. Mulder had seen the face of God. Then the thought slipped from his mind along with all trace of consciousness.

Scully yawned and woke up. She was lying in her motel bed. She looked around her in concern. <Was it all a dream?> She was alone in her motel room. As she stood up, a small shower of pink dust fell onto the bedclothes. She reached down and rubbed some between her fingers. It was the same dust that she remembered from her dream - if it was a dream. She put on her burgundy robe, gathered some of the dust on a piece of tissue, and went to see Mulder.

Mulder was woken up by the knock on the door. He looked about him in surprise. He was in his motel room and was covered in pink dust. <Was it all a dream?> He was tormented by the thought that he'd forgotten something important - which was a new sensation to him given his photographic memory. He stood up and went to answer the door. It was Scully - she didn't seem to be wearing much under her robe. How would he ever see her the same way again?

<Damn. He could have at least put something on before he answered the door.> Scully took a deep breath and held up the piece of tissue paper with the dust on.

"I found this in my bed." She told him.

"Tell me about it - I'm covered in the stuff." He stated, gesturing.

He looked up at her sheepishly. "I don't know how to ask this Scully, but, uh.." He looked at his feet, and screwed his face up as he fought for the words. Scully smiled - he was cute when he was embarrassed.

"Did anything *weird* happen to you last night?" As he turned his head she saw a small bite mark on his neck - she blushed.

"If you're asking if it was a dream or not - then I think that it *was* real." He swung around to look at her, his eyes were intense. "What do we do now?" She asked. Mulder smiled and shrugged.

"Well....this sounds to me like an X-file." He replied pretending to be serious, but it looked as if he was fighting not to laugh.

"We're gonna *have* to investigate." Scully said in a serious voice - then she smiled.

"It all started when I got into bed." Mulder said, gesturing to the bed.

"We'll have to start there then." Scully agreed and walked past him, brushing against him as she did so. Mulder shut the door firmly behind them.

The blond man stepped out of the shadows and looked at the door for a long moment. He pulled the pile of bound paper out of his bag - read the title with a sigh - and threw it into a nearby wastebasket. He glanced up at the sound of a light footfall and found himself face to face with a dark haired woman. Her blue eyes flashed at him.

"You did this!" He said accusingly.

"You have to know that it was inevitable." She replied, her voice was tinted by a distinct English accent.

"I've avoided it this long." He sniped. "I *could* have carried on."

"Yes. You could have." She acknowledged.

"Who are you?" He demanded.

"One of many." She smiled slyly.

"It didn't have to happen this way."

"No, it could have happened any of a thousand ways and it has - in a thousand different realities. What was all that business with the pink dust and the gas? Didn't you know that you couldn't stop it. It was inevitable."

"No." He said shaking his head, there was an edge of fear in his voice.

"You can't fight us." She said quietly and pointed to the closed door.

"You can't fight them. Don't you see that your creation has gone beyond you?"

"No! I still have to power to end it all."

"Once maybe - but not now." She smiled. "We don't want to fight you. You've given us our stories."

"But what did all this mean?"

"You tied them into knots - and I freed them!" She held out her hand to him. He stared at it for a moment, then placed his hand within hers and they walked together away down the dimly lit corridor.

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