Title: Jinniyah in a Rug
Author: Azure Roze
Date: May 15, 2000
Classification: PG-13, and a little, teeny bit of MSR
Spoilers: The last wish is the same as in the show, I liked it too much to change that one.
Archive: Sure, just tell me.
Disclaimer: They're not mine! ::sniffle::

Summary: A new angle on Mulder's wishes.

This is my first attempt at an X-File fanfic (though, not my first story), I just couldn't resist it after seeing this episode.

"Make a wish," she had said simply. Easier said then done, Mulder thought to himself. The jinniyah he had discovered in Scully's and his current X-File, had just told him he now had three wishes. Three wishes... and a world of possibilities. He leaned back in his chair, propping his feet up on his desk. Scully had left and Jenn sat in a chair across from him, looking bored. The jewel at the corner of her eye sparkled in the light, dully. He could tell Scully didn't approve of this. He was rather nervous about it himself, after seeing all the horrible ends the other wishmakers had come to. But it was to good an opprotunity to pass up. He could have anything he wanted--anything. Hmm... he sihed thoughtfully and Jenn glanced to him.

"Make up your mind yet?" She asked, with the same bored air about her. Her attitude was really starting to get on Mulder's nerves, but he could understand it. 500 years of granting wishes and lying in a rug--you'd get grumpy, too.

Mulder sighed again and looked to her.

"No, I haven't..."

She just shrugged. "Well, take your time. I don't have anywhere to go," She smirked slightly, slipping her sunglasses back on.

Well, he could wish for a better apartment, Mulder mused. But then, he didn't really mind his little apartment. He was happy with anyplace he could put his feet up, muse over an X-File, and munch on some sunflower seeds. He didn't really want any money. Hmm... he could swear he almost felt a lightbulb flash on over his head as he stood abruptly.

"Samantha!" A wide, boyish grin broke out over his face as he looked to Jenn. She just looked at him blankly.

"For my first wish--I wish for my sister, Samantha, back," he said, folding his arms and looking at her expectantly, still grinning.

"Done," she said simply. Almost exactly then, there was a knock at his office door. Mulder fairly ran to the door, throwing it open. A young woman stood there, long dark brown hair hung about her tired face, and Mulder felt his gaze drop... to her stomach. She was obviously pregnant, and the way she was dressed reminded Mulder of farm girls. A worn, faded dress that stretched across her swollen belly.

"Um... Samantha?" He asked hesitantly.

"Yes, it's me, Fox... long time, no see," she said with a faint smile.

"Well, come in," he said, suddenly remembering himself. He led her into the office, helping her lower herself into a chair by Jenn.

"Hey," Samantha smiled at Jenn. Jenn nodded in response, nudging her sunglasses farther up the bridge of her nose. Mulder sat down in his chair, folding her hands nervously on the desk and looking to Samantha.

"Well... what's been happening with you?" He asked, clearing his throat and avoiding looking to her stomach.

"Oh, this and that... I'm living in a nice place in the country now, got married about a year, or so ago." She grinned and stroked her hand gently across her large belly. "This will be my second child. My first is a little angel... Jerimiah Jr." She frowned, glancing at the clock. "Whom I should really be getting back to... Jerimiah will have to go to work soon."

"Right, I didn't think of that," Mulder said faintly. He shook himself and rose from his desk, reaching for the phone.

"I'll book you a flight to--" He glanced at her blankly, not even knowing where she lived.

"Arkansas," She replied.

"Of course... Arkansas," Mulder said, dialing the number to the airport. After he had booked her a flight and a cab, Mulder moved around the desk to help her up from the chair. She smiled at him. "I'm really sorry I can't stay longer, Fox. Maybe you can come up and visit sometime." He nodded, "I'll do that sometime. We'll tak more then."

She put a hand gently on his arm. "Don't worry... I'm very happy now, Fox." He finally smiled slightly and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Have a safe flight," he said as he guided her to the door. Once she was gone, he closed the door and leaned back against it with a heavy sigh.

Jenn raised an eyebrow, looking to him. "Something wrong?"

Mulder shook his head slowly. "I don't know... I think I just somehow expected her to be the same little girl she was when she left."

Jenn shrugged. "Ah, well, can't have everything. Have you decided on your next wish?"

Mulder rubbed his forehead tiredly. "I'd forgotten all about the other ones..." He sat down heavily in his chair again, leaning back and settling down to figure out his next wish... hopefully, one that would go better.

The minutes crawled by as Mulder pondered his next wish. He wanted this one to be perfect. Perfect... perfect... Scully. He looked up to Jenn.

"I wish--that Scully would realize her true feelings toward me."

Jenn sighed, leaning back in her chair. "Done."

The door flew open, revealing Scully. She looked like something out of one of those old, black and white movies, leaning against the door jamb seductively. Her jacket hung over her shoulder, hooked loosely upon her finger.

"Well, hello there, stranger," she said with a giggle, showing a rare flash of white teeth. She pushed off of the door jamb, moving smoothly over to him. She swayed her hips sensually, her blue eyes bright as they looked at him. She reached his desk, and moving past Jenn, who looked fairly bored, and slightly disguisted, she crawled over the desk, scattering papers on the floor.

Mulder couldn't erase the wide grin on his face, and it only seemed to make Scully happier. She giggled and leaned closer, pressing her lips softly to his. It was the best kiss Mulder had ever experienced. They forgot Jenn as the kiss went on, and Scully slid down off the desk and into his lap. It felt like the most natural thing in the world. Finally, a few breathless minutes later, they broke apart to find Jenn gazing away at a far corner boredly. Scully cleared her throat and tried to regain some of her usual proffesional composure. Though, sitting in Mulder's lap with her jacket off, and her lipstick smeared lightly over his still grinning lips wasn't helping much.

"Well, that looks like one wish that may go well," Jenn said, still not looking at them, indifferently. Mulder chuckled, nuzzling Scully's hair gently.

"Do I get to call you Dana now?" He asked Scully quietly with another of his boyish grins.

"Only if I get to call you a fox--er, Fox," she said with a wide grin in return.

"Of course," he said, then tore his gaze back to Jenn, realizing she was being ignored.

"Well... I suppose I should make my third wish now," he said thoughtfully.

"Take your time," Jenn replied, folding her arms. Mulder tried not to laugh as he was reminded of "I Drea, of Jeannie" again. God, he was in a great mood now. Scully snuggled close in his lap probably had something to do with that. Almost let his mind wander there. Scully later, he scolded himself. Get this wish out of the way first, then you'll have all the time in the world. Would that be a good wish? All the time in the world? Immortality, perhaps. No... he had seen what that was doing for Jenn. Only 500 years and she was already bored and bitter. That gave him an idea though...

"I wish--that you were free from being a jinniyah, that you were human again," he said slowly, looking at her for a reaction. She merely blinked for a moment, in complete surprise. "Done..." She murmured quietly and she slipped off her sunglasses as the jewel at the corner of her eye faded, erasing the mark of jinniyah. No more "prison tattoo" as she had put it earlier. She brushed her fingers lightly across the spot, feeling the naked skin now there instead.

Slowly, she smiled, blinking back tears.

"Thank you. That's probably the best wish I've ever granted," she said, still smiling. It was nice to actually see her smile for once, Mulder thought with satisfaction. She got up from her chair, straightening her jacket.

"Well, if you'll excuse me.. I've got things to do, places to go," she said, her smile widening.

"Have a good time," Mulder said, smiling as she folded her sunglasses, putting them in her pocket. Then with a rather relieved sigh, she walked out the door.

Before it closed fully, it was pushed open by Skinner... who blinked at seeing Scully, still in Mulder's lap.

"Hey, Skin Man!" Mulder said cheerfully, as Scully buried her face in his shoulder, embarrased.

"Agent Mulder... you do know this against rules," he said, putting on a stern look.

Mulder blinked innocently. "So?"

Skinner shrugged with a grin. "So, nothing. Have fun." He gave a little wave and stepped back out, closing the door behind him. A moment later, the door reopened and he poked his head back in.

"Oh, by the way... as I was coming to say in the first place, I want a report of your case on my desk in a few hours."

"I thought you wanted us to have fun..." Mulder said, with puppy-dog eyes.

"Work before fun," Skinner said with a grin, and then his head disappeared again, the door closing. Mulder found Scully to be shaking with contained laughter, her face still buried against his shoulder. He lightly kissed her hair.

"Come on, Agent Scully. Let's go make that report." He winked playfully as she looked up to him.

"Then, we'll go have some fun."


I hope you enjoyed that... I had a hard time deciding on what wishes to do exactly, I had quite a few ideas. *grin* Still might use them, so watch out.

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