Title: Invitations (G Version)
Author: AKA Kelly
Written: October 1996
The Disclaimers: The X-Files are Copyright ect ect, to Chris Carter and his company 10/13. Hey I'm a fellow Libra, I understand things like this. <G> I am just Borrowing Chris's characters, Mulder, Scully, Pendrell, Skinner and others. No way any shape or form am I making any type of money off of this story. Any other Characters I use that you are not familiar with are mine.
The Spoilers: I'm sorry to say to all you people, who don't like M&S romance.... This is one of them. Pure M&S Romantic situations here. This is also a Story about M&S, No X-File... Or is there an X-File lurking in a background? Who Knows...
The Ratings: This Version Is Rated G. No naughty words, no gratuitous

The Summary: To answer Rhoni's Halloween Challenge: I will attempt at my *First* Fan Fiction. Mulder and Scully are invited separately to a Halloween Party, and don't end up going together. Were they invited by Skinner to a regular Bureau party? Or is it something more?

OK ok, I will take the challenge of the MASKS. From Rhondda Lake... Yes. Me. A person with no Integrity, taking a challenge.

October 25, Friday
X-Files Department

Mulder sat at his desk, mulling over some of the paperwork. Scully had called in sick, she had the flu, and didn't want to give it to anyone else. At least that is what she had told him. There was shuffling outside the closed door, an envelope was slid underneath it. Mulder got up, ran to the door and opened it. Looked from one end of the hall to the other, no one in sight. He looked down and saw the envelope, with FOX typed on it. Frowning, Mulder picked up the envelope and opened it. He read it:



Mulder looked at the invitation quizzically, folded it up and tucked it into his pocket. He was going to think about it. It was probably an office party, and they wanted to spook out the "Spooky" one. Well, it wasn't working. Mulder went back to the paperwork again. There was something nagging him about the invitation though, how come there wasn't one inviting Scully? Only he and Skinner knew she called in sick. Unless Skinner put the invite under the door, which is highly unlikely.


Scully sneezed and looked at her clock. 2:01pm. She got out of bed, put on her robe and slippers and shuffled into her living room and turned on the TV. She then walked into the kitchen and started to make coffee. She felt miserable, and wished that she hadn't run out of DayQuil, then she could be at work with Mulder, watching his reactions to revelations. No, she has to be sick and tired, without company at home. Even her mom was out of town, visiting friends. She poured a cup of coffee, and shuffled into her living room and turned up the television. One of those corny soap operas was on, a man and woman were kissing, the woman suddenly pulled away saying they couldn't do this, because of them being partners, it's not good getting emotionally involved with one another. Scully rolled her eyes and changed the channel, "That never happens in real life." She mumbled to herself. She continued to change the channel when a knock on her door made her jump. "Who is it?" she asked, and she got up, walked over to the door and looked out the peep hole, no one was there, she looked at the floor and a little white envelope was half way in her apartment. She picked it up, and typed clearly was her name, DANA. She opened it carefully and read the typed out message:



Scully opened the door and looked up and down the hallway, no one. She pulled her robe around her closer and went back into her apartment. Shuffling back to the couch she sat down, grabbed a tissue and blew her nose. It isn't the first time she had a mysterious invite given to her. She thought about the invitation and decided that she would show up just to see what it was like. Taking her coffee she sipped and watched the TV and started to doze off. Thinking the whole time about what sort of costume would look good on her.

October 28th Monday morning 10:18

Scully walked into the office, happy and quite healthy. She looked about and saw Mulder examining a photograph of a road. "Running a little late, aren't we Scully?" he asked as he still examined the photo.

"I'm only a few minutes late. I had to pick something up on my way in." she sat down and started to look through the papers on her desk from last Friday. Mulder stopped looking at the photo and looked at her.

"Feeling better I hope? Or did you just want a three day weekend?"

"I'm feeling better thank you for asking. And I had a 24 hour bug, nothing but sneezing and coughing."

Mulder nodded. "You just stayed home and kept well all day Friday?"

"Yes I did. What is with the third degree Mulder?"

He looked at her innocently, "I'm not giving you the third degree. Just a little worried about my partners well fare."

"I am fine. I just had the Flu, I got better."

He had a little quip of a smile, "Did you get anything strange on Friday?"

"Oh, so you are the one who gave me that?"

"Gave you what?" he asked, not quite knowing what she meant.

"You should know, since you gave it to me," she said calmly

"Scully, believe me when I tell you; I haven't been to your apartment since last Tuesday."

She looked skeptical. "Ok Mulder. Forget I even mentioned anything."

Mulder sat down and contemplated what Scully was talking about. Did she get flowers or something? Was Pendrell getting braver in his obsession with Dana? Is Pendrell sending her flowers or love letters now and being anonymous?

Scully looked at Mulder and knew he was puzzled by the "it" she was talking about. Maybe he wasn't the one who gave her an invite, maybe she should show it to him and see what his reaction was. Then she thought that "what if," it was a guy wanting to go out on a date with her. A guy who admired her, maybe it wasn't Mulder who sent it at all.

The rest of the day went without incident. Neither Scully nor Mulder mentioned the invitation to one another. The rest of the week went fine, until Thursday.

October 31, Thursday
Halloween Day
Lunch time

Scully stared at the thing that Mulder had on his plate. "What is that supposed to be Mulder?" She pointed at the miniature sized pumpkin that was sitting on it.

"Scully haven't you ever seen a salad before?" he lifted the top of the pumpkin off the bottom and a salad was in the hulled out gourd. "Quite clever really." He mumbled as he continued to eat.

Scully looked at her lunch that she had made herself and suddenly had a craving for the salad Mulder was eating. She was about to ask him for a bite when he asked her something.

"What was that Mulder?"

"I said, are you doing anything tonight?" He repeated himself.

Scully was taken back with this question, and before she could even think, she blurted out the wrong answer. "Yes, I have plans tonight. I'm going to a party." She bit her tongue when she saw the expression on his face.

"Oh, I see. I was going to go to a party myself and I was just wondering if you could accompany me." to her, he sounded forlorned. "I guess I'll be able to get someone to go out with me before the day is over."

She attempted to give him a reassuring smile. "I'm sure you will have no problem getting a date." she caught herself thinking 'over my dead body.' She looked at his salad again, and didn't feel like eating anything anymore. "um, if you will excuse me." She got up from the table really quick, and left the cafeteria.

Mulder was a little surprised as well as upset that Scully had plans to go out. He was hoping to at least take her to the silly costume party he was invited to. He wondered if Scully would go out with Pendrell, if Pendrell had the guts to even ask her. Wondering why Scully left so suddenly. Mulder finished his salad and left to look for her.

In the Parking Garage: 1:04 PM

Scully was examining her costume and looked at the mask. Decorated with colorful peacock feathers, it was an extravagant mask. It should be, since she paid enough for it. It is something no one would expect her to wear. She looked at the colorful gown that she bought to match the mask. She wanted to look like one of those elegant ladies for the costume party. Nothing like turning a few heads, she thought. She closed the trunk with a thump, and gone back into the building.

A figure came out from behind a concrete pillar and walked over to Scully's car and opened up the trunk. Picking up the dress the figure slipped an envelope within the folds of the it. Quickly, the figure closed the trunk and walked off, looking at the entrance warily.

Mulder was in the office looking in his desk drawer. He picked up the mask that hid his face completely. It was one of those novelty executioner masks that hid the wearers face. He looked at it for the longest time, and he was about to put it on when he heard Scully at the door. He fumbled to hide it from her view. When she came in, she looked tired walked over and sat in her chair without saying anything.

"You all right?" he asked her while continuing to stuff the mask into his drawer.

She looked up. "I'm ok, just thinking about my sister, and how we used to enjoy Halloween when we were younger."

"You Scully, believing in ghosts and goblins." He sat back in his chair. "I just don't see you as the type of child to have gone 'trick or treating.' Little Scully with a bag full of sweets."

October 31 Halloween Night 7:00pm Scully's Apartment

Scully struggled with the clasp on the back of her dress, she couldn't believe how tight it was. She struggled to get the clasp to hook, when there was a knock on the door. Giving up in the clasp she walked over to the door looked out the hole and her neighbor was there. Scully grabbed a handful of candy, and opened the door.

"Hello, Mrs. Lyonell." She looked at the little girl dressed as a princess standing next to Mrs. Lyonell. "Hello, aren't you the cutest?" She smiled and placed the candy in the bag that the little girl was holding out.

Mrs. Lyonell smiled. "Well, aren't we looking nice Dana. Are you going out to a costume party tonight? Going to find your knight in shining armor? Finally settle down and raise a few of these?" she placed a hand on her child.

Scully laughed. "Mrs. Lyonell, you are starting to sound like my mother."

"Dana, you know that young man that comes over at all hours is almost perfect material to settle down with. Now don't tell me you have never considered him?" She smiled knowingly.

"I... uh, I can't Mrs. Lyonell, he's my partner. It's against company policy." She stuttered and made her hair fall into her face to keep Mrs. Lyonell from seeing the crimson on her cheeks.

Mrs. Lyonell smiled and nodded. "Ok Dana. I will not pry into your private life." She stirred her daughter away.

The little girl waved at Scully. "Bye bye, thank you."

Scully smiled after the girl and sighed, then closed the door. She continued to work with the clasp on her dress it finally hooked. Scully flexed her arms, and went to look in the mirror. The fabric rustled as she moved; it looked like an expensive ball gown. She moved around again and an envelope fell to the floor. She picked it up, it had been typed like the invitation. Opening it up she looked at the message.



A chill coursed up and down Dana's back. This was too weird for her taste. She almost took her dress off, and decided to stay home. Then the thought of Mulder probably having a date tonight to some party, was enough to encourage her to go and have a good time by herself.

October 31 Halloween Night 7:00pm Mulder's Apartment

Mulder dressed in a pair of black jeans and buttoned up a black shirt. He considered his collection of ties and frowned. He decided that a tie wasn't fitting for this party since he will be wearing a mask that hid his face, not much to impress the women. He grabbed the cape that he borrowed from one of the Lone Gunmen. He didn't understand why he had to sign it out though. He tied on the cape and looked at himself in the mirror. Nodding with satisfaction, he reached over and grabbed the mask to put it on. The hood was colored red and in front of his face was some sort of mesh, that hid his face completely.

He took another glance at himself in the mirror and seemed satisfied. He left his apartment, locking the door behind him.

From Catnel@geocities.com Thu Oct 31 19:34:06 1996 disclaimer in Part one

October 31 Halloween Night 7:45pm The Hilton

Scully walked into the Hilton, a few people stopped what they were doing and looked at her in awe. Her mask fit on her face beautifully, she looked from one part of the lobby to the other.

The manager approached her, "M'am, for which party are you attending?" he asked politely. Scully handed him her invitation, he nodded. "Oh yes, come this way M'am." He held out his arm for her to take. She blushed, and was glad that she wore a mask. She took his arm and allowed him to escort her to the party.

"Thanks. I'm probably over dressed," she said nervously.

"No M'am, you are just lovely." The manager replied.

He took her to a ballroom and opened one of the double doors for her. She looked at the huge room, and gasped. The place was huge a huge chandelier huge a shone it's brilliance in rainbow colors. There was one thing that made Scully stop in her tracks. She was the only one in the whole ball room. She turned towards the manager only to see that he had already left and closed the door. There was a table was at the end of the ballroom. She approached it. A vast array of snacks was arranged upon it. A large punchbowl in the middle of it, filled with red punch and little orange slices floated lazily around in it. She stirred it with the ladle, and looked at the swirling slices. Ladling some into a cup, she looked about the large ballroom and frowned. "Some exciting party this is."

"It sure is isn't it?" A woman's voice said right beside Scully.

She jumped almost spilling the punch all over herself. "What? Where did you come from?" Scully looked at the stranger dressed as a mummy. She couldn't even see the person's face amidst all the bandages.

"I was here when you came in. I'm surprised you came so early. You must be a very punctual person?" Scully recognized the voice vaguely, but couldn't place it. "Ah look someone else has arrived." The woman moved quickly to the door that was opening.

Scully was about to ask her if she had sent the invitation to her, and slipped the note into her dress. When she saw a large group of people walk into the room. It looked to be about a dozen of people all dressed in nice looking costumes, some elaborate, some very simple. There was a plethora of different masks.

A man about her height approached her, his costume resembled The Phantom of the Opera. "Hello, how are you doing this evening?" he asked her. She immediately recognized his voice. Pendrell.

"Pendrell? Is that you?" she asked trying to keep from laughing.

"Is that you Scully? I, um, I mean, you look great. I didn't even know it was you." he looked about. "So, where is Mulder?"

"He isn't here. I don't think he was invited or he was, but went somewhere else." She looked about to see if anyone else was around that she knew. Some reason she wanted to get away from Pendrell. "Is this some sort of office party?" she asked boldly.

Pendrell shrugged. "I don't know, I just got this mystery invitation. I think a lot of people in the office did."

Mulder walked into the Hotel and looked at a few people in costume being led by the manager. He followed them, and they were led to a large ballroom. Mulder shook his head when he looked at how some of the people were dressed. A woman dressed as a mummy, walked up to him and handed him an envelope. She then disappeared into the crowd, he looked about to find her but couldn't. Turning the envelope in his hand he looked at the typed words.


Mulder crumpled up the paper, he proceed to the refreshments. When he was in sight of the table he looked at the woman standing there talking to a man a little shorter than her. Who ever she was she looked beautiful. He was determined to meet her, but then stopped a thought came into his mind about Scully. Shaking any guilty thoughts from his head he approached the woman.

"Pardon me," he said as he moved in between the man and the woman. Pretending to get some punch. "Sorry about that." He stepped back and admired the woman, he felt bad that he couldn't see her face.

Scully looked up at the man with the hood and cape and smiled. "Are you supposed to be an executioner?" Glancing at Pendrell, she saw him walk away. Thinking that he may have seen someone else, she sighed in relief.

"Yes, you might say that. Just call me the Executioner." Scully couldn't hear his voice well because of the noise of the milling crowd, the sounds seem to bounce off the walls.

Music started playing in the background, and Scully looked at the clock on the wall. It stood out and she thought it didn't match the decor, but she didn't care. It was 8:34 and she looked down to see that this man had his hand extended out to her.

"Do you care to dance?" She looked at his hand and drawing a deep breath she took it. His hand was firm, and vaguely familiar. "The bane of all dances, the slow dance," he said as he pulled her close. She didn't pull away in fact enjoyed the attention. She also was glad she wore heels otherwise she'd have had to stand on her toes to be at least a reasonable height to this man.

They danced through, she didn't know how many songs. Maybe it was only three, but when he took her to the side to get something to drink, she looked at the clock and was amazed; 10:23. "Wow, I never danced that long in my life." Sighing she sat next to him.

He took her hand. "Well, you are very light on your feet. You have a lot of grace, reminds me of someone I know." He lifted the mask up barely, to take a drink, and let it fall. Scully couldn't tell who he was, not even his voice sounded familiar, she reasoned that it could be the noise or that his mask kept his voice from coming out clearly.

After resting Scully suddenly realized that her feet started to hurt. she bent over to examine her foot. "Oh, that hurts." She massaged it, and it relieved the pain a little.

"I'm sorry if I stepped on your toes too many times." Mulder reached out and touched the feathers on her mask. "I sometimes lose my cool demeanor when I'm around beautiful women."

Scully stopped massaging her foot, and looked up at the man. "What did you say?" she wanted more than ever to see behind that mask.

"I said that you're beautiful. That you look just stunning in that dress." He was surprised that this woman had never heard a compliment like that before.

"How would you know that I don't look stunning any other time? You haven't even asked my name, and I don't even know yours." She took the offensive. Her eyes and her lips were the only things of her face he could see. They had a distinctive look, almost like Scully.

The revelation almost caused Mulder to drop his cup. It was Scully behind that peacock mask. Of all the women in this room, he had sought out Scully! Almost timidly he got up and was about to walk away when she touched his arm. 'oh man.' he thought.

"What's the matter? Where are you going?" She sounded so alone, it almost literally melted his heart.

"No where." He cleared his throat, and put out his hand.

"I can't dance anymore."

"I'm not asking you to dance, just come with me." He felt her take his hand and he led her out onto one of the balconies. Where the night was cool, and he could take a breather from his revelation of who he was dancing with for the past two hours. Putting his hands on the railing he sighed heavily.

Scully placed her hand on his back, "What is the matter? Are you sick? Maybe I can help." She stroked his back and felt him shiver. "Are you cold?"

He didn't say anything. Now he knew it was Scully, he could hear her voice more clearly. He was trying hard not to give himself away by answering. In reply to her queries he shook his head.

"Do you want me to leave?" she asked, trying not to sound hurt by rejection. "If you do I'll just go back and..." He touched her shoulders gently.

"No," he said, trying to disguise his voice as best as he can. "No. Please stay."

Scully looked at him, thinking his voice really sounded familiar. a fleeting thought came to her mind that it was Mulder. "That's all right. I'll stay with you until Midnight."

Mulder took her hand and looked at it for a moment. He wanted to tell her to come home with him, as soon as possible. He wanted to just rip her mask off, then his, and kiss her. Passionately, deeply. He restrained himself. Instead he decided to lead her back into the ball room where he could hide his voice among the other party participants.

When they returned the party was practically in full swing, Scully looked out across the sea of people and none of them she recognized until she saw the woman in the mummy outfit. "Come on, I need to talk to that woman." She tugged on him and he looked up and saw the same woman, but didn't need to be persuaded to follow.

They both pushed their way through the crowd to find the woman but ended up losing her. Scully looked about and saw that she was separated from the man in the executioner outfit. She turned a couple of times and ended face to face with Pendrell in his phantom of the opera outfit. "Hello again. May I have this dance?" He bowed and extended his hand. She reluctantly took it.

"Just one dance. I was separated from someone." She professed, as he swung her around and held her close. She trying to crane her neck to see if she could view the man in the hood.

"Relax, you act like I've got a disease or something." Pendrell mumbled, as he squeezed her closer to him. She seemed to relax in his arms when a tapping was on his shoulder. Pendrell looked up at a man dressed all in black, the one who cut in front of him earlier.

"May I cut in?" Mulder smiled behind the mask, he knew that was Pendrell, and he practically laughed at his attempts to gain Scully for his own. Seeing the slight curve to her lips gave the impression that she was glad to see him, even though she didn't know his name.

Pendrell frowned and held her close. "Why don't you go dance with someone else? I'm sure a bunch of other women would be glad to dance with you." He practically pushed Scully away from the darkly dressed man.

She felt the push and got upset. "Pendrell, that's quite enough." She pushed him away. "You don't own me. What do you think I am, a toy just to be shoved around? Grow up." She stormed away leaving both men standing in the middle of the floor.

"Good going." Mulder mumbled, and he left Pendrell standing there with his eyes wide with surprise and discovery. He heard Mulder's voice clearly and he almost passed out right then and there. He was fighting with Mulder to dance with Scully. All he succeeded in doing was making her mad at him.


11:40PM women's lavatory

Scully sat on one of the fancy couches that the hotels put in the waiting area of the women's lavatory, her mask lay beside her. She was just sitting there thinking about what was happened to her on the dance floor. Why is she having so much trouble handling two men?

The door opened and the woman dressed as the mummy walked in. "Oh, hello!" she said cheerfully. "I didn't expect to see you in here. I saw you with that lovely tall man and thought that he was just perfect for you. Aren't you have at least a little bit of fun?"

"Fun?" She looked at the woman. "Being fought over by two grown men is supposed to be fun?"

"Now now Dana, you shouldn't be upset." The woman stopped when she saw the look on Scully's face. "What?"

"You invited me to this party. Who is the man in the executioner's mask? How did you know where I lived? Who are you?"

"Dana, do you really want to know who that man is, or do you just want to wait fifteen more minutes? I have my ways of knowing where people live. In time you will know who I am." She winked at her and swiftly left before Scully had a chance to ask another question.

Getting up Scully went over to a mirror and put her mask back on. Arranging the feathers as to hide her hair a little better she looked from one angle to another and nodded. "All I have to do is survive fifteen more minutes."

Mulder paced outside the ladies room and kept looking at the door. No one came in or out the whole time Scully dwelled within. He never saw the woman in the mummy costume go in or come out. The door opened and she emerged, and for some reason, Mulder's heart skipped a beat. He walked up to her and held out his hands. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to upset you." She nodded.

"It's my fault, I was just overwhelmed." She sighed.

Shaking his head he took her hand. "No, never say it's your fault. It isn't your fault that you're so beautiful that no man could keep from asking you to dance with him."

She felt herself blush at the compliment, she was glad that the mask hid it. She unconsciously bowed her head forward. She felt his hand on her chin forcing her to look up.

"If only I could kiss you right now," he whispered.

"Why don't you," she said almost inaudibly, as he pulled her to him.

"I'll take that as an invitation." He started to take off his hood when he was bumped from behind.

"Excuse me." said a man dressed with a vampire mask on. "They are going to announce the unmasking ceremony." He then ran off to tell more people.

Mulder looked around, "How about we have our own little unmasking ceremony? Out there?" He pointed to the balcony, she nodded shyly.

He led her out to the balcony and sat down on one of the benches. She followed suit never taking her eyes off of him.

Pendrell watched them both sitting down on the bench, he felt jealous. If only he was the one sitting with Scully. He frowned when Mulder took off Scully's mask and started to pat down her red hair gently.

"As beautiful as always." he sighed as he stroked her hair.

She hesitated before taking his mask off, her hands poised in midair. She was hoping that whoever was under this mask was Mulder. She licked her lips in anticipation, and she slid the hood off of him. Her heart almost leaped to her throat when she saw his deep hazel eyes. Before she had the time to say anything, he was kissing her. She fell into the kiss, and wrapped her arms around him. Pulling her closer to him they kissed for what seemed like an hour.

Pendrell watched them, and looked at the floor of the ball room and saw the reflection of the mystery host. He looked up at the woman in the mummy outfit. "It was inevitable, they belong to one another. You had no chance." She started to leave.

"Who are you and how would you know what is best for her?" He looked after her, and she turned to him and took off her mummy mask. She looked a little bit like Scully.

"Because, I know what is best for my sister." She winked at Pendrell, and disappeared into the crowd of people who were all taking off their masks. He looked back to where Scully and Mulder were kissing, and was surprised that they had left without his knowledge.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

They walked quickly through the crowd of people. They had their masks on again and they rushed out the double doors before the clock struck midnight. When they finally made it out of the party and to the lobby of the hotel. Scully sighed in relief. "I feel like Cinderella trying to get away before her coach turned into a pumpkin."

"Yes," Mulder agreed. "Only one thing is different. The magic doesn't end at midnight." He took off his mask, she followed suit. He smiled when he saw the crimson on her cheeks. "I like seeing you blush," he whispered as he pulled her to him to kiss again. Reluctantly he broke the kiss and went over to the main desk.

"One room." He put down a card, and looked back at Scully standing in her beautiful dress. He imagined taking the dress off of her slowly.

"Sir," The manager interrupted Mulder's thoughts. "You're a Mr. Mulder right?" Mulder nodded. "Sir, your room has already been paid and prepared."

"You're kidding right?" Mulder blinked.

"We don't kid sir. Your room is the Presidential Suite." He handed Mulder the key. "Do you have any bags?"

Mulder shook his head slowly as he looked at the key perplexed. "Um, no. Thanks." He turned from the desk and smiled warmly at Dana as he approached her.

Putting his arm around her to take her to the elevators he looked behind him to see if they were being followed. No one showed their face, as they stood in the elevator and the doors slowly closed. Smiling, She turned to Mulder but saw a bewildered look on his face. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." He shook the room key, she grabbed his hand, and pulled him to her.

Morning 10 am November 1, 1996 Bedroom of the Presidential Suite

Scully was wrapped in the sheets, asleep. A smile on her face. Mulder put his fingers through her hair gently as not to disturb her. He looked at the his watch that he had left on the night stand even though he didn't remember placing it there. Ten o'clock. He was glad that their work never checked up on them. He looked about the bedroom and saw how nice the place was, he was suddenly curious as to who made a reservation in his name for it, who paid for it? He slipped from the bed without disturbing Scully, who moaned contentedly in the bed and rolled over.

He went into the bathroom, and found a nice robe that usually came in nice rooms like the one he was in now. He covered himself up and went to explore the rest of the hotel suite. Opening the double doors from the bedroom revealed a nice living area, plush carpets, and even a dining area, he stopped and looked at the dining area better. The table was set and ready, next to it was a cart of breakfast food. He heard the door creak behind him and he turned around to see Scully looking at him.

"Morning." She smiled as she put her hand through her messy nest of hair. He couldn't help thinking that she looked beautiful even when her hair was a mess. She pulled the robe she found closer to her body. "Oh breakfast, you are so sweet." She moved past him and at down at the table and started to dish her self a plate. "I am so hungry." She mumbled as she took a bite out of a biscuit.

Mulder not wanting to cause suspicion on her part went over and sat opposite of her and decided to join her in eating. He took a bite of some fruit and looked at his glass of water and almost choked.

"What's the matter?" She got up to assist him and he waved her away.

He took a breath. "No no. I'm ok." He took the glass of water and downed it, making sure not to swallow the thing that was sitting inside the glass. He put his napkin up to his lips and spat the thing out into it. "Don't you just find it annoying when something goes down the wrong way?" He announce as if to dismiss his choking episode.

Scully nodded and started to eat some of the scrambled eggs that were on her plate. Mulder looked down at the ring that was in his glass and wondered how it got there. He had thought he left it in his safe at home. It was the ring his grandmother gave him, to give to the woman who he was planning to marry. No one knew about the ring, except his mother, but she was still sick in the hospital. His hand shook visibly, and Scully looked at the haunted expression on his face. "Are you sure you're ok?" She placed her hand on top of his. He regained his composure.

"I'm fine." He took her hand and kissed it. "You look so lovely this morning Dana. I would give anything to wake up with you over and over again." He thought about what he just said and it sounded like a proposal. He shook his head to try and clear it. When there was a knock on the door and they both jumped.

"Who is it?" Dana called out.

"It's just the maid, I know this was reserved for the weekend, but I need to know if you have enough towels." Scully got up from her seat and went to the door. Opening it she looked at a woman dressed in a blue maid uniform.

"Sure, we'll take about four towels." She took the towels from the maid and closed the door. "For the whole weekend Mulder?" She smiled. In answer all he could do was shrug. She walked over to him. "You know I meant what I said last night." He looked up at her in surprise.

He couldn't say anything as he held the ring tightly.

"Aren't you going to say anything?" she demanded.

"Yes," he said as he got off his chair took her hand and kneeled in front of her. "Dana Scully. Will you marry me?"

She let the towels that she held drop to the floor.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

OK THAT'S IT! I'm leaving it like that.

The next Series of My stories will be called. INVITATIONS : INVESTIGATIONS Which Mulder will attempt to try and find out who is behind all of this.


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