Title: In the Middle of Nowhere
Author: Ghostshipper
Written: November 1997
Rating: G
Category: VR
Spoilers: Detour. Actually though, it'd make more sense if you DID see it.
Disclaimer: To those of you who bothered to read this Mulder and Scully are not mine. They are the creation of Chris Carter, the genius who also created "Millenium". (Though that show doesn't appeal to me, no offense Millenium fans.) M&S are property of the Fox Network and Ten-Thirteen Productions.

Summary: Continues what should've happened in the woods that night in "Detour"...

I'm a helpless romantic, I'll tell you that. Any 'Shipper haters can go elsewhere, thankyouverymuch!

"Scully, there's another verse," Mulder mumbled into the darkness.

"Mulder, am I keeping you awake?" Scully suddenly felt very tired. They were in the middle of the woods somewhere and Mulder was hurt by what he called a "Moth Man." He'd rest his head on her lap and asked her to sing a song.

"I just need to hear your voice." His voice was pleading and she knew he wouldn't take no for an answer.

Scully took a deep breath and continued Joy to the World. "If I were the King of the world, tell you what I'd do,I'd throw away the cars and he bars and the wars, and make sweet love to you..."

She prepared for a Mulderesque joke about the last line but none came.

"Mulder?" she whispered. He had drifted off into a deep deep. She breathed a sigh of relief. In situations like these it was so hard to not throw herself at him and lay her heart on the line. She was in love with him. She accepted it as a fact and that made her feel better. But it was no consolation to her loneliness. She knew for a long time that she had feelings for him that were far from professional, but she was convinced that her personal fantasy would never come true. Nor would she allow it. Their relationship was the best thing that ever happened to her, and she wasn't about to throw their friendship away. Yet, there were these nights, when she believed. In them.

Scully glanced down at her sleeping partner. ::God, he's beautiful,:: she thought. His silky brown hair was tossled but it only made him more desirable. Making sure not to wake him, she wrapped her arms around him and put her cheek against his. He was so cold, she could feel his energy dying away. It only made her hug him tighter. Oh, how she wished he loved her half as much as she loved him. Wished his kisses in the hospital were something more than just friendly. Wished he really wanted to snuggle in a sleeping bag naked with her.

But they were just his jokes. He unconsiously flirted with her a lot and each remark left her more confused than before. Him and his mind games, she thought bitterly. He can read me like a book and expects me to be able to do the same.

::Maybe you can::, a voice inside suddenly spoke to her. Maybe you've been so convinced that he'll never care for you romantically that you've dismissed the possibility that maybe he DOES.

When did she get so head over heels in love? Was it the first time she set her eyes on him, with his sexy glasses? Or was it the hazel eyes looking at her so gently when she ended up in a hospital after her "abduction"? Could it be the first time he kissed her on the forehead when she told him she had cancer? It almost didn't matter. She'll always love him. Now and forever, even if she'll never be able to tell him.

He stirred and she lifted her head off his body quickly. Was it her imagination or was he smiling? He looked like such a little boy. Lost, yet unafraid, as if he knew about everything that was coming.

Just then Mulder's voice interrupted her thoughts. "Scully," he murmured in his sleep. "Stay."

Scully kissed him on the cheek. "I'll be with you always."

~The End~

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"Well, Mulder, if it starts raining sleeping bags you could get lucky."
-Dana Scully in "Detour".

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