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Title: Incidents and Accidents
Author: Tanja
Written: 2000
Category: S,R
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none
Keywords: Mulder/Scully Romance, pre-Xfile
Disclaimer: Mulder and Scully aren't mine, they belong to CC, 1013 and Fox Networks. But thanks for lending them!

Summary: Dana Scully and Fox Mulder meet at Oxford, and it's hate at first sight, or isn't it ....?

Author's notes: First and most of all this story is dedicated to Traci. She was a big help again, especially with this story. I had a basic idea, but she came with a lot of other ideas, that made me write the story like it is now. Thanks Traci! You see, I got the story done after all ;-D. I just had to stop e-mailing you as you told me to. Can I e-mail you again now? There are two other people I would also like to dedicate this story to. First of all to Melina, who asked me to write a pre-xfiles story. It wasn't necessary to say that twice, since I love pre-xfiles stories myself a lot. Melina here it is! Hope you like the story. And the other person I'd like to dedicate this story to is my friend Randi. Just because she is who she is, and always listens to me whatever I'm saying! Hiya Ran :-D! Hope you don't mind that I used your name for the story :-D.

Oxford, England
JULY 25, 1985

Dana Scully was running. It was her first day at college and she was already late. Running to her class, she realized she would never make it on time.

Not looking where she was going she bumped into somebody, hard. The bag she was carrying fell on to the floor and the books that had been in the bag flew in all directions.

"Hey can't you watch where you're going!" she yelled, although she knew that it was her fault. She didn't care, she was in the mood to yell at everybody who dared to block her way right now. She looked up to see an all too familiar person staring at her.

"Oh it's you again." she snapped at him. This was the second time she had run into him. Two days ago she had bumped into him at the airport, while she was struggling with her luggage. Like her parents had already told her of course, she had taken too many books with her, but stubborn as she was she had insisted on taking them all. And now she had to deal with the consequences of her actions.

Instead of offering her a hand he had only watched as she struggled with her luggage, obviously highly amused by the whole situation. After she had shot him a very angry look, which clearly said "get lost jerk!" he had shrugged and walked away. Making one last remark about how women always had to carry their whole wardrobe with them when they were travelling, saying it loud enough for her to hear.

And now she had to bump into him again. Unfortunately it looked like he was studying at Oxford too. <Thank god that this is a big university> she thought. She started to pick up her books, he bent down to help her, but she didn't want his help.

"I'm perfectly capable of doing this myself!" she snapped.

He immediately stopped. "Whoa, Miss Spitfire, I'm only trying to help you here."

"Oh and since when did you become Mr. Helpful?"

"Excuse me?"

"You didn't seem to eager to help me at the airport, so I don't see why you would bother to pretend being helpful today!" After shooting him one last angry look, she quickly picked up the last books and walked away, not deigning to look at him.

That's why she didn't notice the intense way he looked at her as she walked away. "Funny little thing" he mumbled, <strange, but very interesting with those big blue eyes and beautiful red hair>. He wondered what her eyes would look like if she laughed, or if she .. <Stop it right there Fox Mulder> he said to himself <the girl obviously didn't like you, that much should be obvious by now>. But maybe that was also the reason why he found her so fascinating

He was used to girls that would look at him as if he was the most adoring creature on earth. Girls like his girlfriend Phoebe for instance. Before he could think more that same girlfriend came walking to him, yelling "Oh Fox, Fox darling wait for me." He sighed. Phoebe Green was the exact opposite of the girl that had just walked away from him very very angry. Her attention had been nice and flattering for a while, but now he was beginning to get a little irritated by it. She had the ability to look at him the whole time as if he was world wonder no. 8.

"Hi Phoebe," he sighed again, she didn't even notice, too busy talking about herself, while they walked to the lecture-room.

In the mean time Dana had found her lecture-room. Just before she wanted to walk in, another girl stood behind her. She had been running also. Dana smiled, obviously she was not the only one that was late.

"Hi I'm Randi," the other girl introduced herself, smiling.

"Hi I'm Dana" she smiled back. It was nice meeting other people, it would sure be nice to have a friend here. She remembered what her father had said before she had left "Take care of yourself Starbuck, and don't put your nose in those books of you the whole time, make friends and have a good time."

"Running late too?" Randi asked.

"Yes, I was already late and then I bumped into some jerk who thought it

was very funny that I was angry because my books were all over the ground thanks to him." It sounded so indignant that Randi laughed.

"It wasn't funny!"

"No I know, but the way you said it, made it sound like the man is Public Enemy number 1!"

Dana laughed. "Maybe you're right, but I still think he was a jerk!"

"Tell me everything about it later, let's go in now, before we're going to miss the whole hour. Mr. K. is not the easiest one if you're to late."

"You know him?"

"I was in his class last year, but I became ill, so I'm doing the first year again."

After that they walked into the class. One hour later class was finished and they walked out again.

When they were walking through the halls, on their way to another class (they had discovered that they were practically taking all the same courses), Fox Mulder came walking by. He grinned when he passed them "Hello Miss Spitfire"

She didn't even answer, just shot him an angry look again and walked away, Randi following her curiously.

"You know Fox Mulder?????"

"Oh that's his name?" she asked uninterested.

"Where do you know him from?"

"That's the jerk I was talking about."

"He's the one you bumped into?"



"What's so special about him?"

"Well nothing, only that every other girl at Oxford would have loved to bump into him! They would probably even thank him if they did."

"Sounds like he has a lot of admirers, but I sure am not one of them."

"Your choice, come on let's go to Science class."

Oxford College, England
August 16, 1985

Dana was lying on her bed, reading a book when Randi walked in with a few envelopes in her hand.

"Here's Mr. Mailman," she joked. Dana smiled, she had been lucky to find a friend as Randi. Randi handed her the envelopes. She took a quick look. One from her parents, one from Melissa, a postcard from Charlie and a letter

from her best friend Rob. She put the other's aside, and quickly opened Rob's letter.

She had know Rob since highschool. At first they had been dating, but both had been quick in realizing that they were a failure as a couple. But he

had become her best friend and through the years they had grown close, knowing everything about each other. He made her laugh, but she also knew that she could always talk to him when she was having problems.

Her eyes flew over the rules.

Dear Dana K.,

I just received your letter. Sounds like Oxford isn't too bad. Are you able to follow all the courses you wanted to follow?

Looks like you've already met some nice people. Now, is this guy really so bad, the way you wrote about him is as if there's nothing good about him. That's not like the Dana I know, that Dana was never so quick with her judgements, because you always thought that there was something good in every person. What happened with those ideas? Don't tell me you left them at home when you left for England.

Everything here is going very well. It took me a few weeks to get used to college, but it's okay now. I've made a few new friends, and .. you're not going to believe this .... do you remember Richard Jarvis? We were always making fun of him. He's actually a very nice guy, we talk a lot, although it's not like talking to you of course.

Okay I have to go now, write back soon. Miss you!


She smiled after reading the letter. Good old Rob, always the same. Joking, but also serious when he thought that it was necessary to tell her she was doing something the wrong way.

Randi had been waiting patiently until she had finished reading. "Good letter?" she asked.

"Hmmh, it's a letter from my best friend from Chicago."

"How long do you know her?"

"Him, and we've known each other since we were 15." She smiled and got up from the bed. "Come on, let's go to the shopping center, I have to run a few errands."

"Okay let's go."


Oxford England


After their trip to the shopping center Dana installed herself behind her desk, ready to write back to Rob.

Dear Robby,

Thanks for your letter! I'm still enjoying life in England. Yes I was able to get to all the courses I wanted to follow.

About that guy. I know I've never been quick with my judgements, but with him it's as if I can't help myself. I try to tell myself every time that I should just ignore him, but somehow I seem to run into him again and again. And before I know it, some ugly remark has already left my mouth before I can stop myself. Let's just say that he doesn't bring out the best in me.

I made a few new friends to. Randi is one of them, she's great. We have a lot of fun together. How is everybody in Chicago doing? I'll probably be

home with Thanksgiving, will you be there too? I'd love to see you again, I miss you!

Have to go study now, I hope to see you again soon.



She put the letter in an envelope, closed it and opened her study books with a sigh.

Oxford England
28 September, 1985

Dana was getting ready for a dinner party with Randi and a few other friends. A few weeks earlier she had met Nick. They had been going out for a couple of times already and she had enjoyed it. Today they were going out with a whole group of people.

A small knock on the door announced Randi's arrival. "Hi D., ready to go?"

"Sure am, come on let's go!"

After picking up the rest, they drove to the restaurant where the party was going to be. Somewhere during dinner while everybody was talking and laughing, Fox Mulder, Phoebe Green and a few other people walked into the restaurant.

He saw her and waved friendly. She hardly reacted, nodded only short. Nick looked at her. "I didn't know you knew Fox Mulder?'

She shrugged. "That's because I don't really know him. I only bumped into him once. Randi heard it and laughed. "And it was hate at first sight!"

"Oh" that was all Nick said. He smiled at Dana, she smiled back warmly while she continued her conversation with Randi. Nick just listened. He saw Fox Mulder looking at Dana a few times, with a look that showed interest. Interest in his girlfriend. That's why he put his arm around her shoulders possessively, she smiled and gave him a quick kiss.

Fox had followed the whole act, the guy was putting up, to tell him <This is my girlfriend, so hands off> he grinned. The guy wouldn't have to worry about anything. Dana Scully hated him. He had tried to talk to her a few times, but all his efforts had stranded. She had just ignored him. He had no idea why he was still so attracted to her.


The Day Before Thanksgiving
Mulder Residence, Chilmark

Fox arrived home after a long flight. He was welcomed by his mother.

"Hi Fox."

"Hi Mom, how are you?" He gave her a polite kiss on the cheek.

"Busy, busy, all the guests will arrive tomorrow."

"All the guests?" He wondered who she had invited.

"Yes, Jack and Nat are coming, oh and Aunt Janet and Rob and a few other

friends. Oh and Rob is bringing his girlfriend."

"Rob?" Rob was his nephew, they had practically grown up together, when they were 14, Rob's parents had divorced and Rob and his mother had moved to Chicago. He hadn't seen Rob for a long time, but they had been best friends, it would be good to see him again. After Sam had disappeared, Rob had been there for him, unlike his parents who had been too busy fighting.

"Yes, Rob. I thought you'd like to see him again, you two used to be so close."

"Yeah it'll be good to see him again. I'll go bring my luggage to my room okay?"

"You do that, darling."

He hated that word "Darling," there were only two people who called him that. His mother and Phoebe. For a moment he thought of Phoebe, but the thoughts were quickly replaced by the thoughts of a girl with big blue eyes and red hair. He smiled when he thought of her, too bad she still didn't want to have anything to do with him.

"Fox" his mother called from downstairs, bringing him out of his reveries.


"Could you go to the store to run me a few errands?"

Back to reality. "Okay mom." With a sigh he walked downstairs to do what his mother had asked him to do.

Thanksgiving Day
Mulder Residence

Fox came back from a long run through the woods and saw a car park in front of the house. Probably some of the guests he thought, while he walked to the car to greet them.

Three people got out of the car, one of them very familiar to Fox. She recognized him, because her laughing face changed within one second, into a look that showed disbelief and anger. All he could do was stare back at her.

"Fox!" His aunt greeted him, with a hug. He smiled and returned the hug, Aunt Janet had always been one of his favorite aunts.

"Hi Aunt Janet, it's good to see you again."

"You've grown" he grinned, typical Aunt Janet, of course he had grown, she hadn't seen him in five years or maybe even longer.

Now he was greeted by his nephew. "Fox, good to see you."

"Hi Rob, nice seeing you again."

"D. this is my nephew Fox Mulder. Fox this is Dana Scully."

An introduction wasn't really necessary, since they already knew each other very well. Dana found her voice back first. "We know each other" she said coolly.

Fox found his voice back to. "Yes, we know each other from school."

Rob didn't even notice the tension between them. He was enthusiastic to see his old best friend and his new best friend together. How could he know that they weren't exactly good friends? "Wow what a coincidence," he said. "This is going to be fun isn't it?"

"Absolutely," Dana mumbled sarcastically, soft enough so that Rob and his mother couldn't hear it, but loud enough for Fox to hear.

"Let's go inside, Mom has been waiting for you," Fox said and walked inside with them.

Mulder Residence
A Few Hours Later

Fox was in the kitchen to get a few drinks for the guests, when Dana walked in.

"Oh hello," was all she said, and she wanted to turn around again.

"Well good afternoon" he said.

"Look, I had no idea that you were going to be here. Rob just asked me to come with him, because he wanted to introduce me to his family. But if I had known that you were going to be here, I would have thought twice about coming."

"You always do that?"

She looked confused. "Do what?"

"Cheating on your boyfriends. Playing nice weather with Rob, while your other boyfriend is home in England?" He sounded angry now.

"I don't know what the hell you're talking about, but I do not cheat on my boyfriend," she hissed.

"Then what would you call it?" Their voices started to become louder with the minute.

"For your information, Rob is not my boyfriend. He is my best friend, that's why he took me with him." It started to become a fight.

Rob who had heard their voices came walking into the kitchen, to see if everything was alright.

"Is everything alright in here?"

"No, next time please tell me where we're going. If I had known that this jerk here is your nephew, I wouldn't have come." After that she stormed out of the kitchen, leaving Rob and Fox behind.

Rob looked in total shock at Fox. "Did I miss something?"

"No, just our usual fighting." Fox couldn't help it, he grinned.

"Usual fighting, you mean this is normal?"

"Well yes, she hates me since the moment we bumped into each other for the first time."

"Don't tell me you're that guy."

"That guy?"

"Yes, Dana told me a few times about a guy from school that she didn't like."

"That's probably me." Fox sighed.

"You hate her too?"

"No I don't. She's quite an interesting girl, very different from all those other girls I've ever met. Fascinating."

"Are you interested in her?" Rob smiled. They were perfect for each other. Fox was exactly Dana's type.

"Yes I am, but unfortunately she isn't."

"I wouldn't say that too quickly. You're exactly her type."

Fox laughed. "Sure, that's why she's always yelling at me. She hates me."

"She can be stubborn sometimes. Let me talk to her."

"As long as you don't tell her what I just told you. She'd kill me if she knew."

"She wouldn't, but I promise I won't tell." With that Rob walked out of the kitchen, to find out where his friend had gone. He found her in the garden, swinging. The swing had been Sam's once. It had never been taken out of the garden. He walked to her. She didn't even hear him coming, she was lost in her own thoughts.

"Sam always loved to swing. We had to push that damn swing all day."

She looked up when she heard his voice. He looked at her. "Are you still mad at me?"

"I wasn't angry at you, I am angry with him. Who's Sam?"

"She was Fox's sister."

"Was? Is she dead?"

He nodded. "She was kidnapped when she was eight years old. They never found her. We were 12 when it happened."

She was thinking, he could tell by the way she frowned her eyebrows. "That must have been a terrible time."

"It was, but that's not why I'm here. Why are you angry with Fox?"

"I don't know. It's just that he can be so, so..." She couldn't find the words.


"Yes, he just gets on my nerves the whole time. The way he always walks around, he thinks he's Mr. Wonderful or something like that. I don't see why the girls are always hanging around him, looking at him as if he's world wonder number 8," she blurted out.

Rob grinned. Yep, he was right. His friend didn't hate Fox Mulder. She was in love with him, but didn't want to admit it. This was her way of denying the facts. "You're jealous."

Now she looked at him as if he was crazy. "Jealous??!!??? You're nuts. Why the hell would I be jealous. He's a jerk!"

"Because you have a crush on him."

"Rob, really you must have been spending too much time with Richard Jarvis. You're starting to become just as crazy as him. There's no way that I'll ever like Fox Mulder, not ever!"

He shrugged. "Fine, whatever you say. Just know that I don't believe you. You'll realize sooner or later."

She gave up and sighed. "Let's drop this subject okay." She jumped of the swing and walked back to the house."

He followed her. "D. I'll drop the subject, just know one thing. Fox isn't what you think he is. He may look arrogant and detached to you, but sometimes things aren't what they look like. Things have happened in the past, things I don't want to talk about right now. Despite everything that has happened he remained the same person I've grown up with and for that I admire him." After that he walked into the living room. She stood there for another minute, thinking of what he had just said, ashamed of the way she had reacted. Then she entered the house to.

Mulder Residence

All the guests were seated around the dinner table, enjoying the Thanksgiving dinner. Dana was sitting between Fox and Rob. She had been thinking all afternoon about the words that Rob had said. The words kept

replaying in her mind.

<You're jealous. He may look arrogant and detached to you, but sometimes things aren't what they look like. Things have happened in the past ...>

She wondered what things had happened. She knew his sister had been kidnapped, but obviously there was more, but what? And what if Rob had been right. What if she was jealous? What if...? <Whoa, stop it right there Dana> she told herself <you might have been wrong about Fox Mulder, but there's no way you could be in love with him>. Why was it then that a little voice kept nagging her mind. <Or are you?> She ignored the little voice and concentrated on the turkey on her plate. Rob was talking to the person sitting next to him. Fox was also staring at his plate, not very interested talking to the person on his right, not even trying to start a conversation with her, because he thought she wouldn't talk back anyway.

At that moment Dana decided that she could at least try to start a conversation.

"You miss England?" was the only thing she could come up with to ask.

He looked up in surprise. She saw his surprise and almost felt guilty. Had she really been so rude to him, that he didn't even expect her to talk to him? She smiled.

"No not really, you?"

"A little, it's not like I'm missing school very much. But just the things around it."

"You miss Nick?"

She hadn't missed Nick at all, she hadn't even thought of him since she had left England, but she wasn't going to say that about her own boyfriend.

"Yes I do, you must miss Phoebe."

Not really actually, he thought it was a relief to be away from her for a while. But of course he didn't say that. "Yes. You didn't want to spend Thanksgiving with your family?"

"They weren't home, my father works for the navy, so Rob invited me to come with him."

Rob smiled when he finally saw them talking to each other.

Fox laughed. "And then you get stuck with me."

She blushed. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ..."

He stopped her. "Don't worry, I wasn't very helpful either."

"Yes but I..."

He stopped her again. "Never mind, let's forget about it okay?"

"Okay," she flashed him a smile.

<God, she's even more beautiful when she's smiling> he thought, then said to himself that he shouldn't push his luck too far. At least she was talking too him now instead of yelling.

The Next Morning

Dana was sitting on the couch, reading her favorite book "A tale of two cities," when Rob and Fox walked in.

"Don't tell me you're reading that book again." Rob said teasingly.

"What book are you reading?" Fox wanted to know.

Before she could answer, Rob said "A tale of two cities, she can't stop reading that book, I'm surprised it didn't fall apart yet."

"Hey I read that book too, it's a good book isn't it?"

She looked surprised. "You read it?"

"Yes, one of the best books I've ever read."

Now Rob looked at them both as if they were crazy, then changed the subject. "D. we're going to the lake, want to come?"

"Sure" she put down the book and got up from the couch.

On their way to the lake they were laughing and talking. Fox was amusing

Dana with stories about Rob when they grew up, while Rob was driving. He

was just explaining how they had once climbed in a tree and that after climbing in it, they didn't know how to get out of it. And that Rob had started to cry because he had been scared. Now Rob protested.

"I never cried."

"Oh come on, we were both scared." Fox laughed.

"Maybe you were, but I wasn't."

Dana laughed to, it was funny how they were both convinced they were right. Men. At that moment it happened. They were laughing, discussing and didn't see the other car coming. Dana saw it first, but then it was too late.

"Rob watch out!" she yelled, right before they hit the car and everything went black. A few minutes later, it seemed hours later, she heard somebody calling her name.


She moaned, her arm was hurting.

Again a voice called her name. "Dana?" It was Fox.

"Yes" It even hurt to talk.

"Are you alright?"

"I don't know, my arm hurts, but I think that's all. Are you?"

"Yeah I think so, but I am not so sure about Rob. He's unconscious and his head's bleeding.

"We have to get out of the car and get help. Can you move?" she asked, she hoped he could, because her arm was stuck under something.

"I think I can." He tried once and it didn't go, but when he tried again he was able to free himself and to get out of the car.

He opened the door on her side, which was pretty hard, because it was completely ruined, but somehow he succeeded in opening the door and pulling her out of the car.

She looked at him, he had a nasty cut above his eye that was bleeding.

"You're bleeding!"

"It's not that bad, come on we have to get Rob out of here."

The person who had been driving the other car had gotten out now too. He looked like he had a few bruises, but was doing fine otherwise. "Are you alright?"

"We are, but our friend isn't. We have to get him out of the car," Fox answered.

With the three of them they tried, without success. In the mean time other cars had stopped and somebody had called for help, because a police car and ambulance arrived.

The police was able to free Rob, but he was still unconscious. "Are you two family?" One of the officers asked them.

They only nodded. "What's wrong with him?" Fox asked, his arm around Dana who was shaking.

"We don't know yet, the paramedics are working on him right now."

"When will you know more?"

"When we get to the hospital. You two will have to be checked out too." The officer guided them to the car and asked his colleague to bring them to the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital they were brought to the ER. Dana's arm was bruised, but not broken and she had a few other bruises. Fox needed a few stitches and was pretty bruised also. When the doctor was checking him, he tightened with fear. The doctor didn't notice, but Dana saw how for one moment panic and fear flashed over his face, before he relaxed again. After they were checked, they were brought to the waiting room where Fox's mother and Rob's mother were waiting full of concern. While walking there she asked him if he was alright.

"I'm fine, a few bruises won't hurt me." He sounded far and distant. She wondered what had caused him to react the way he had.

"Fox honey, are you alright?" His mother embraced him, he immediately freed himself.

"I'm fine mom, how's Rob doing?" He pretended not to see the hurt on his mother's face when he ignored her concern.

"Are you alright Dana?" Rob's mother asked. She nodded. "And Rob?"

"They are operating him now. He has a lot of internal bleeding. We hope to know more soon."

There was not much more they could do but wait. After a while Fox got up and walked away.

"Fox where are you going?" his mother called after him.

He turned around shortly. "I don't know, out of here."

Dana thought for a moment, then got up to and said "I'm going to take a walk too."

He was almost out of the hospital when she reached him. "Fox wait for me"

He turned around and smiled when he saw her. They walked in silence for a while, then Dana asked. "Why were you so scared when the doctor was checking on you?"

"I hate hospitals."

"But that's not all is it?" I saw the far on your face when he touched, almost as if you were afraid that he was going to ..." she stopped, because she suddenly realized why he had been so scared "hit you" she finished softly. Somebody in his past must have hurt him, someone he had trusted and who had betrayed that trust. That's what Rob had meant when he said that things had happened in the past.

He looked at her, she saw the pain in his eyes.

"Who was it, Fox?"

"My father," came the soft answer, almost whispered.

"But why, I mean ..." she didn't know what to say. She thought of her own father, who loved his children, who would do anything for them, and who would do everything to prevent to prevent them from getting hurt.

He shrugged. "After Sam disappeared, everything changed. We used to be a normal family, but after that things were different. My parents were fighting all the time, my dad lost his temper very soon, it didn't matter what I did, sometimes just being there was enough to get him mad."

Her heart ached for him. "And your mother?"

"She didn't care, she was to lost in her own world. After a few years they divorced. Things were going a little bit better from then. But when I was 18 I left. I couldn't stay there any longer."

He had only been 12 years old, from one day to the other his safe little world had been turned upside down. He couldn't do anything to protect himself against his father, because he was too young. And the only person who could have protected him, didn't. So when he was old enough he had left, had gotten as far away as possible.

Tears were streaming down her face. He pulled her close to him. "Shh it's alright, everything is going to be alright."

"He hurt you, he didn't have the right to do that. What kind of father is that?"

"My father," he answered cynically.

"And Rob, did he know?"

"He did, but there wasn't much he could do about it either. He was there

for me, if he hadn't been there I don't know what I would have done."

She laughed through her tears. "That's Rob, always there for everybody."

He smiled against her hair. "Always"

"What if he's going to .." she didn't finish, but he understood.

"Now you listen to me. Rob's not going to die. He's a tough one. You'll see everything is going to be alright again."

"Promise?" She looked up at him with teary eyes.

"Promise." He didn't know why he did it, but he place a kiss on her nose

and grabbed her hand. "Come on let's go back."

"When they got back to the hospital, the doctor was just talking to Rob's mother. They had operated on him, and had been able to stop the internal bleeding. He wasn't even on intensive care and his situation was stable.

Fox looked at Dana. "See, told you so."

"Can we see him?" Fox asked.

"Only family," the doctor said.

"We're all family," Rob's mother answered.

"Okay but only one person at the same time."

After visiting Rob they drove back home to get some rest after all that had happened that day. After a few hours of trying to fall asleep Dana gave up, too much had happened, too many things to think about. She got out of her bed, quickly dressed in jeans and a sweater and walked outside, where she sat down on the swing. Lost in her thoughts she was swinging. She didn't hear somebody else walking into the garden, until he stood behind her.

"Couldn't sleep?"

She turned around and saw Fox standing there.

"No, you?"

"Me neither, want to take a walk?"

"Okay," she jumped from the swing and followed him.

"Are you cold?" he asked, when she shivered.

"No, not really" she shivered again.

"Here take my jacket before you get sick." He handed her his jacket, which she gladly accepted. He laughed after she had put it on, she drowned in it.

"What's so funny?" she demanded to know.

"You, too bad I don't have a camera with me," he teased her.

"Do I look stupid?" now she sounded worried.

"No, you look cute"

"Oh uhm thank you." Thank god it was dark outside, she knew she had to be blushing.

"So how long have you known Rob?" he asked her.

"Since we were 15, about four years."

"How did you two meet?"

"We dated for a few weeks, but we both realized pretty soon that we were a failure as a couple." She laughed.

"So you stayed friends."

"Yes, he's one of my best friends. You know what I miss most when I'm not at home?"

"Your family?"

"No, talking to Rob. Whenever I wanted to talk I could go to him and when I want to do that now I can't."

"You can call him."

"I know, but it's not the same."

"How about Nick?"

"Nick? He's sweet, but he isn't Rob either."

"You can talk to me if you want to," he offered.

"That's true, but I..."


"I don't know if I want you to be my friend."

He didn't understand, he thought that they had solved their problems. He looked hurt. "Why not?" The least she could do was give him a reason.

"Because if you were my friend I couldn't do this." She stood on tiptoes, leaned forward and softly kissed him. Then pulling back, waiting for his reaction.

A smile spread across his face. "Oh I see, well in that case I don't think I want to be your friend either." He pulled her back in his arms and kissed her tenderly. When he let go of her he grinned wickedly. "Do you have any idea how long I've wanted to do that?"

"So, why didn't you?"

"Because I was afraid you were going to hit me if I did."

"Oh," then "when did you?..."

"Fall in love with you?"


"The moment I saw you for the first time and you looked at me with those big blue eyes and a look that said 'get lost jerk, before I'm going to hurt you really bad.'"

"You're lying!"

"Honestly, I swear it was at that moment."

"You're crazy!"

"About you." He grinned and kissed her again. "So what about you?"

"I don't know exactly, probably during one of those moments that I was yelling at you again, but I was too busy convincing myself that I didn't

like you." She smiled and returned the kiss.

"They stood there for another half an hour, kissing, lost in each other.

Then they realized that it was time to go back. So they walked back hand- in-hand. In front of the house they kissed goodnight.

The Next Day

They were having breakfast with Fox's mother and Rob's mother. Both were beaming, but didn't say anything. The older women grinned at each other, they were so obvious in love. Every person would be stupid not to see it.

After breakfast Fox said that he was going to the hospital to visit Rob, quickly followed by Dana who said that she was coming with him. "You think they noticed?" Dana asked once they were outside.

"No I don't think so."

Inside his aunt and mother were laughing, because it had been so obvious.

Chilmark Hospital

Rob was lying in his hospital bed, staring at the walls. He was only lying there one day and he was already bored to death. The door opened and Dana walked in.

"Hey how are you feeling?" She smiled.

His face lightened when he saw her. "Hey, pretty good, considering the circumstances. Did Fox come with you?"

The smile disappeared from her face. "No, but do we really have to talk about him?"

"Oh no D., come on I thought you two put that behind you."

"You try to be nice to such a jerk!" She had a hard time not to laugh.

"Can't you at least give it a try?"

"No, I don't want to, I..." At that moment she stopped, because the door opened again and Fox walked in.

"Hey Rob."

"Hi Fox." Rob looked at Dana, who was giving it her best to look very angry.

"Oh it's you" was all she said.

"Dana!" Rob yelled.

"What?" she gave him an innocent look.

"You're being rude!"

That did it, she gave up and started to laugh. Fox laughed to. Rob missed the point, until Fox walked to Dana, put his arm around her shoulder and kissed her.

His eyes grew wide. "How??? Did you...???? I mean...? I don't understand how?"

"You're repeating yourself Rob." Fox grinned.

"Yeah well, that's because I don't understand. First you're fighting and now you're kissing her!"

They both grinned. "You told us to stop fighting didn't you?" Dana said.

"Well yes..."

"So we did, and we were finally smart enough to realize that we are in love."

"You mean you did," Fox said.

"What do you mean, I did?"

"Well I already knew that for a long time."

"Of course, and I..."

"Guys, not again!" Rob said laughing. They looked up from their discussion and laughed.. Sometimes hearts go their own way, and incidents and accidents have to happen to make you realize that.

The End

Title: Incidents and Accidents 2
Author: Tanja
Spoilers: none
Rating: PG
Keywords: MSR, pre-xfile

Summary: Back in England, after Thanksgiving, a few people aren't too happy when they find out about Fox and Dana's relationship. Disclaimer: They aren't mine. They belong to CC, 1013 and Fox Network.

Author's notes: I would like to dedicate this story to Traci and Joey. You both know why! If you don't, well ask me and I'll explain ;-D Have fun with the sequel to Incidents and accidents 1.

Back in England, back to school, back to normal life. Not completely of course, almost back to normal. With a sigh Dana Scully threw her luggage in the corner of her room.

The flight had been long, but wasn't as bad since Fox had been with her.

He had been sweet enough to change his flight, so that he could return with Dana. For which she had been very grateful, because she hated flying, especially when she was alone.

They had stayed in Chilmark for a week and a half and a lot of things had happened. The car accident and the discovery that they didn't hate each other at all.

Rob had been released the day before they went back to England. He was doing better day by day and it wouldn't take long before he would go back to Chicago with his mother. This time Fox did help her with her luggage.

He had picked up her suitcase, putting it down immediately again to ask her what the hell she was carrying with her. Stones? After which she had nicely informed him that there were only a few books in it.

And now they were home again, and she would have to go talk to Nick. Fox had just left to have a talk with Phoebe. Sighing she picked up the phone and dialed Nick's number. He was home and happy to hear she was back.

She said that she wanted to talk to him and they agreed to meet in the park.

In the mean time Fox had arrived at Phoebe's apartment. He knocked and waited. A few minutes later Phoebe opened the door, not wearing much more then a robe. "Oh hi Fox" she looked as if he had caught her at a bad time.

"Hi Phoebe, I, uhm, wanted to talk to you for a moment, can I come in?"

"Uhm can we talk about that later, I..." before she could say anything else, a man walked up behind her. "Phoebe, who...?" Then the man saw Fox "oh," he quickly walked back in.

"Fox, this isn't what it looks like," she started.

"It's okay Phoebe." he assured her. Boy, this was going to be the easy way out.

"It is?" she didn't understand his reaction. "Why?"

"Because I think it would be better if we don't see each other anymore."

"What! Why not?"

"Because I'm in love with somebody else."

"You're what!"

"I am in love with somebody else." He repeated.

"You can't!"

"Why not?"

"Because you're with me, that's cheating!" she ignored the fact that he had just caught her with somebody else. All she saw was a man who was choosing somebody else over her, and that was something she couldn't comprehend.

Fox looked at her in disbelief, then decided not even to try to explain the irony of her words.

"Do I know her?'" At least she wanted to know who this other woman was.

"Maybe, she's only been here since a few months."

"A junior??!!??"


"You're choosing a junior over me?"

"Yes Phoebe, in fact I am, and if you'll excuse me now, I have to go. Goodbye." With that he walked away, leaving behind a speechless Phoebe.

At the same time Dana had reached the park. Nick was already waiting for

her. He walked to her and wanted to kiss her. But she stopped him. A worried look came to his face.

"Is something wrong?"

"Let's sit down, I want to talk to you."

"Okay" They sat down on a bench in the park and Dana looked at him. He really was a nice guy, and she really didn't want to hurt him, but she had no choice. She wasn't in love with Nick, she loved Fox.

"Nick, I..." she paused for a moment. He looked at her expectantly. She looked away for a moment, so that she didn't have to look in his eyes. Then she took a deep breath and said "I'm in love with somebody else"

At first he didn't react at all. Worried how he was taking this she asked "Nick?"


"Did you hear what I said?"

"Yes, that you're in love with somebody else."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you. I didn't expect to fall in love with him, but it happened."

"When did it happen?"

"I was celebrating Thanksgiving with his family, and before I knew it,


"-was in love with him," Nick finished the sentence for her, with a faint smile.


"I don't think I know him, do I?"

"Uhm I think you do, he's also a student here at Oxford."

"Oh, who is it?"

"Fox Mulder."

He looked at her in disbelief. "You're in love with Fox Mulder????? I thought you hated him?"

"I told myself I did, but I guess I really didn't. I'm really sorry Nick."

"Don't be sorry. These things happen Dana. I guess I have no other choice but to accept the fact that you're in love with somebody else. I can't force you to stay with me, can I?"

"No, I'm afraid you can't, sorry."

He tried to give her a smile, but failed miserably. Dana got up from the bench, he probably wanted to be alone now. She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and walked away. Nick looked at her while she walked away.

"Fox Mulder is one lucky guy." He mumbled to himself.

Oxford, England
The Next Day

Dana was getting ready for her first class, when somebody knocked at the door. She opened it, to see a smiling Fox standing before her.

With one move she pulled him in and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him.

When they let go of each other he grinned. "Well good morning to you too."

"Morning." Her eyes danced brightly, while she laughed at him.

"So what if it hadn't been me?"

"Who else would it be this early?"

"A friend?"

"Nope, Randi is not coming back before tomorrow. So you see, it couldn't be anybody but you."

"Ready to go?"

"Yep, come on." She grabbed her bag and followed him outside. They walked to their lecture-rooms hand-in-hand. Not noticing the rumors that were going around. All they saw was each other.

Oxford, England
The Next Day

Dana was trying to study, when somebody knocked on her door. It couldn't be Fox, since he had just left a few minutes before.

She opened the door and saw Randi standing there, with a big smile on her face. "You're back!" She hugged her friend enthusiastically.

"Yep, just arrived a few hours ago."

"How was your holiday?"

"It was great, but how was yours?"


"So you probably heard everything about those rumors already?"

"No what rumors?" Dana hadn't heard anything.

"They're saying that Phoebe Greene is furious, because Fox Mulder dumped her for a junior!"

"Uhm Ran..." Randi didn't even hear it, she continued enthusiastically.

"They even say she was so mad, that she hit him so hard that he has a couple of nasty cuts and bruises!"

"She didn't."

"Well I didn't see him of course, but if I have to believe the rumors ..." Randi said significantly.

"No, I mean she didn't." Dana tried to explain to Randi. Now Randi finally listened.

"What do you mean, she didn't. You know more then I do?"

"Yes, he was involved in a car accident, that's why he has those cuts and bruises."

"Who told you that?"

"Nobody did, I was involved in that car accident too." It was silent for a moment. Randi tried to fit the pieces of the puzzle together, but failed in the end. "Where did this accident happen?"

"Chilmark, we were driving to the lake, Rob didn't see a car coming, and we hit it."

"Okay, that much I can understand, but what I don't understand is what you were doing in Chilmark." Randi sat down on the bed.

"Rob invited me to come with him to visit his family, Fox appeared to be his cousin."

Randi looked at her in complete disbelief, then started to laugh. "Well that must have been one hell of a vacation." She emphasized the word hell and grinned at her friend.

"Actually it was a great vacation, besides the car accident of course."

"So he wasn't that bad after all?"

"Uhm no not really, he's a nice guy." Before Dana could say anything else, Randi interrupted her "Hey that means that you must know who that new girlfriend of him is, was she there too?"

"I..." she wanted to answer, when somebody knocked at the door. She jumped from the bed to open it. "One moment Ran."

When she opened the door Fox stood there. She looked from Fox to Randi who was still sitting on the bed and couldn't see who was behind the door. And back from Randi to Fox. "Hi, did you forget something."

He grinned broadly. "Yeah, I think I did."

"What ..?" before she could ask what he had forgotten, he pulled her in his arms with one move. "This" he leaned down and kissed her. She tried to stop him, but gave in for a few minutes, until Randi stood behind them.

"Dana, who...?" she stopped when she saw her friend kissing somebody she didn't know. She couldn't immediately see who it was, but at least it wasn't Nick. At that moment the lovebirds let go of each other and Randi saw who had been the one kissing Dana. Her jaw dropped.

Dana who was still in Fox's arms grinned. "You're trying to catch flies, Ran?"

"I, I..... I.." Randi stammered. Dana smiled. "Fox this is my best friend Randi. Ran, this is Fox Mulder." she introduced them to each other.

Randi had found her voice back and they shook hands. "Hi Fox, nice meeting you" then significantly to Dana. "Ah now I see what you meant when you said nice." Dana blushed and smiled. "Yeah that nice."

"Well okay, I have some other things to do, so I'll leave you two alone now. Dana, I'll talk to you tonight okay?" She looked at her friend with a look that said <And I want to hear all the details then.

"Okay, I'll see you tonight Ran, bye."

After that Randi left. "Nice friend," Fox commented.

"Yeah she's great. So you already remembered what you forgot?" she asked seductively.

"Well uhm no. I think I'm going to need a lot of help before I remember again."

"Oh you do?"

"Hmmh." He grinned innocent.

"Well let's see what we can do about that," she said while she leaned in closer again.


The End

Title: Incidents and Accidents 3: Unexpected Endings
Author: Tanja
Rating: PG
Keywords: MSR, Pre-Xfile
Archiving: Gossamer always. Anywhere else, go ahead, but I'd love to know where.
Disclaimer: They are not mine, they belong to CC, 1013 and Fox Network.

Summary: Sometimes when you aren't prepared, life can take unexpected endings. Endings that can change lives.... for good.

Author's notes: After Incidents and Accidents 1 & 2 I had no idea that there was going to be a part 3. I hadn't even thought about it, until Melina suggested it, so thanks Melina. Warning, not really a happy part.

Dedication: Joey, a great friend, co-writer and beta-reader. Melina, a good friend and for suggesting a third part. Traci, for being a great friend and to Erin, a good friend and soon also co-writer :)

A Few Months Later

Randi walked into her friend's room "Good morning D...." She didn't finish, worried when she saw her friend lying on the bed, crying.

"Dana, what's wrong?" she quickly walked over to the bed, kneeling down.

Dana looked up, red-rimmed eyes, her hair all tousled and despair visible in her eyes. "I.... I..." she started to cry again.

"Dana?" Two heads looked up, hearing Fox's voice. He was immediately alarmed when he saw his girlfriend crying. He ran to her and pulled her in his arms.

That's when Randi decided to leave them alone. She would hear later what was wrong. She closed the door silently. They didn't even hear her leave, Dana still crying. Fox was too worried to even notice anything else but her.

It took another 15 minutes before she stopped crying. Fox stroked her hair tenderly, asking concerned. "What happened?" He knew something had to be really wrong. His girlfriend wasn't the type of girl to cry over everything. She would only cry when she was really upset. He had only seen it happen once, right after the car accident, when Rob's life had been in danger.

She looked up in his eyes, not knowing how to tell him what she had found out. He saw she was struggling to find the words.

"Did something happen with your family?" he tried to help.

She shook her head. "No, they're alright."

"Your study?" She shook her head again "No, it's nothing like that. I'm...." she paused "I'm pregnant," she whispered, her head hung down, avoiding to look at him.

He almost heaved a sigh of relief after she said it. He had been so scared that something was seriously wrong with her, that hearing her say she was pregnant, was only a relief.

He touched her cheek softly, to make her look at him. Their eyes locked, she was surprised to see relief and love in his eyes. She had expected shock instead.

"I'm sorry," she whispered.

"Don't," he answered.

"What?" she looked confused, not completely understanding what he meant.

"Don't apologize. It's not something to apologize for."

"Why not? It'll change everything. Our lives, our study..."

"I know some things will change, but we'll be okay Dana." He pulled her close to him.

She leaned against his chest, mumbling "Are you sure?"

"I promise. We'll get through this together Dana. Whatever choice you make we'll do it together."

"I want to keep the baby. I can't...." she didn't have to finish, he knew exactly what she meant.

"I know," was all he said and for now it was enough. Things would have to be discussed later, solutions had to be found, but right now it was enough.

Later That Day

Dana was lying on her bed. Fox had just left. At that moment there was a knock on the door and Randi walked in. Dana smiled when she saw her "hi Ran."

Randi sat down on the bed. "Hi D. are you alright?" Her voice sounded worried.

"Yeah I'm alright." She saw that her friend didn't believe her. "Really Ran, I'm okay."

"You want to tell me what was wrong? You weren't crying without a reason I assume?"

"No I wasn't. You're right, something was wrong." Dana was staring at the ground.


"Ran, I..... I'm pregnant." she looked at her expectantly, waiting for a reaction.

It took her friend a few minutes to react. "Oh god Dana, I'm so sorry." It was a normal reaction in this situation, but Dana smiled.

"Don't be sorry, everything's going to be alright."

"What are you going to do now?"

"I'm going to keep the baby," Dana said determined.

"Are you sure? I mean.... this isn't going to be easy D. Raising a child, your study. What did Fox say?"

"He said that everything was going to be alright."

"He agrees with your decision?"


"No doubts?"

"No. I was the one with doubts, not him. I should have known better. I should have known that he wouldn't run away. He said that whatever choice I made we would do it together."

"You're lucky to have such a boyfriend." Randi meant it, not every man would have reacted the way Fox had.

"I know." Dana smiled, all this had proven again how lucky she was to have Fox in her life.

That Night

Fox knocked and poked his head around the door. Dana looked up from her study book and smiled. "Hi."

"Hi yourself" he grinned. He sat down on the bed and motioned her to come sit next to him. She stood up and moved into his arms willingly.

They sat in silence for a while, until Fox spoke "Dana I want to ask you something and I want you to give me an honest answer, okay?"

"Okay" she looked up at him, wondering what he wanted to ask her.

"Dana you know how much I love you. You're the only person who really knows me. Until I met you, I didn't even know I was capable of loving somebody this much. I lost trust in people, you learned me how to trust again." He stopped for a moment, looking at her, seeing tears in her eyes, before he continued. "I guess what I want to say is, Dana will you marry me?"


"Of course, otherwise I wouldn't ask it, would I?"

"Fox, I don't want you to feel obliged to ask this, because I'm pregnant."

"Dana, I do not want to marry you, only because of the baby, but because I love you. I'll admit, it wouldn't have happened so soon otherwise, but I'm convinced it would have happened eventually. We're only doing it a little bit earlier." He looked at her expectantly.

She laughed through her tears "yes, I'd love to marry you." He tenderly wiped away the tears on her face and kissed her.

A Few Weeks Later

Time had gone by quickly as they had started to arrange things. The first thing they had done was tell their parents. Which hadn't been really easy, since they were in England and their family in the USA. There had only been two options, call them or write a letter.

In the end they had called. Of course their parents had been shocked at first, but in the end they had accepted their children's decision, there wasn't much of a choice.

They had decided to get married in the USA. It was only going to be a small wedding, with their family and Rob and Randi. When it was time for Spring Holiday, they flew home. It was only for a week. A week of introductions to family members, ending with the wedding the weekend before they left again. Even though it was nice to be home again, they were both glad when they were on their way back.

Tired of all the people asking if they were really sure. Saying they were still so young, asking how they were going to combine a baby with their study. In the end they had felt like wanting to run away screaming. The only reason they had been able to get through it, was because they had gone through it together.

Back in England, they moved into their own apartment and continued their study until the summer. They spend their summer in England, getting things ready for the baby, who would arrive around Thanksgiving. Secretly Dana hoped that the baby would be born on the day she and Fox had admitted their love for each other.

Rob flew to England and together with Randi they spend two weeks at the beach. After that, time passed quickly and before they knew it it was Thanksgiving. Dana got what she had hoped for, the baby was born on the day after Thanksgiving, exactly one year after they had got together in Chilmark. A healthy baby girl, named Samantha after the sister Fox had lost a long time ago.

They were happy. After some adjustments, they were perfectly able to combine Samantha, their marriage and their study. It took some planning, but they wouldn't want it any other way, they got so much in return. Samantha grew up to be a happy little baby, surrounded by the love and care of her parents, family and friends.

Life was perfect, sometimes they wondered if it would always be like this. The idea that it wouldn't, that it could change was scaring, and not thought about very often. They had no idea what the future would bring, were not prepared for something to change their happiness.

And when that did happen, they hadn't expected it, and in the end, it was what destroyed their happiness.

The End

Okay I know, I know, you didn't want such an ending. Please don't start throwing tomatoes at me now (ducking away), I promise the story will continue in part 4, which will be out soon. I'm not the kind of writer that likes unhappy endings. Although I have to admit, that what happened remains sad of course, and no I won't tell what it is yet, you'll see in part 4 (ducking again). Don't worry, there's also sunshine after the rain!


Title: Incidents and Accidents 4: Reliving the Past
Author: Tanja
Rating: PG
Keywords: MSR, kind of pre-xfile, Mulder Angst, Scully Angst
Disclaimer: You all know they're not mine, if so they would be happy together in the series, I'm not that stupid!

Summary: Mulder and Scully are reliving the past, Mulder gets some advice from a friend.

Author's notes: I hope this story hasn't become too sad, let me know what you think of it, coz I live for feedback!

Dedication: Joey my friend and for beta-reading this story and to my friends Melina, Traci, Kelly, Nessy and Randi.

"Sir, I'm sorry, but I can't," Dana Scully answered, when Skinner told them about their newest case. It would mean that they would be out of town for at least 4 days, which meant she wouldn't be able to take the day off tomorrow, as she had planned. She avoided looking at her partner.

A.D. Skinner didn't understand. He understood she had wanted to take the day off, but this case was really important. He needed his best agents on it and usually Agent Scully was very easy in switching her days, but this time it was different. This time she simply couldn't.

The day was too important, she couldn't spend this day in Mulder's presence. It was too painful, the day had too many memories, the rest of the year she was able to hide it, to forget, but once a year she couldn't. That was the day it had all happened, the day that had changed her life, for good.

"Are you sure you can't change it anymore?" Skinner tried one last time.

She shook her head, determined. "No Sir, I'm sorry, I just can't. You know that usually I would, but this is too important," she said it in a way, that he knew it had to be really important.

"I understand, I'll arrange two other agents to take over. You're dismissed," he told them. Scully quickly left the room. Mulder was almost out of the room, when Skinner called him back.

"Yes Sir?"

"Do you know why Agent Scully insisted on taking the day off?"

To his surprise he saw a flash of pain go over Mulder's face, before it disappeared again and he answered "Yes I do, but it's personal, sorry."

After that Mulder also left the room, leaving behind Skinner, who wondered what could be going on. He had no idea. In the end he tried to forget, but it kept nagging in his mind.

Scully went home early that day. After they had left Skinner's office, she and Mulder hadn't talked about the subject anymore. Coming home, she walked straight to her bedroom and opened a drawer, pulling out a box. It was a box in which she kept her things from England. Old photos from the two of them together, wedding pictures, pictures from Samantha from the first days after she was born, and from the two years after that. She looked through the pictures with a sad smile.

Than she found what she had been looking for, a letter from Fox. He had given it to her on the day she had left England, the day she had left him. She started to read it, although she could read the words from memory instead of tell the words, from the many times she had read them before.

Dear Dana,

Today you left, you walked out of my life. We never expected this day to come, never wanted it, but it was like we couldn't stop it. We pretended, telling ourselves that if time went by, the pain would go away. We thought our love was strong enough, to get through this together, but in the end we couldn't. I keep asking myself if we should have tried harder. Did we let go too soon? Deep in my heart I know we didn't, we tried so hard, so scared to lose what we had and we don't want to let go, but deep in our hearts we know we have no other choice but letting go. We have to move on with our lives, together we can't, there are too many memories, maybe alone we will be able to move on.

I fell for you the day we met on the airport, all you did was look at me with a look, that told me to get lost. I did, but somehow the thought of you kept playing in my head and in my heart. Never had I expected that 10 minutes could have such an impact on me. 10 minutes were enough to fall in love with you. I guess you could call it a classic case of "love at first sight." You just looked at me and walked away. I was attracted to you from the day we met. You just yelled at me or gave me one of your famous looks when you walked by. It only made you more interesting in my eyes.

I thought you didn't like me at all, until that Thanksgiving Holiday. Fate or luck, or whatever you'd call it, brought you to my house. I'll never forget the first minutes after that car accident. I was so scared that something would be seriously wrong, it were only 2 or 3 minutes before you answered, but they were terrifying. I was so relieved when you finally answered when I called your name. Since that holiday we were inseparable, 3 months later we found out you were pregnant with Samantha. Of course there was shock at first, but after that we were so happy. We realized it wasn't going to be easy, but that didn't stop us. Our family and friends were shocked, everybody kept asking us if we were sure, what we were going to do with our study and how we thought we were going to raise a child, but our decision was taken.

Our marriage and the birth of Samantha were the best two things that happened to me. We were so happy with the three of us, maybe too happy and when you're happy, you're not ready for something to destroy that. Sam was only 2 years old, she was starting to talk and she loved to go to the swimming pool. We had gone there many times before. We still don't know what happened exactly, but one moment she was there, the other she was gone. We found her, but it was too late. She died on our arms. It was nobody's fault, we weren't blaming each other, but that didn't make the pain less.

We tried to survive together, but we failed. There were no fights, our love was still as strong as it had always been, today on the you're leaving it still it. But it's also the reason we can't forget, we're holding on to memories, which makes the pain worse. Maybe alone it'll go better, although right now I don't know how. Right now the decision we took to make the pain less, is only making the pain worse. But it has to be the right decision, otherwise we wouldn't have taken it, would we? Maybe some day, when some time has passed, we will be able to be together again, without the pain for what we lost. For now I'll hold on to the memories and I hope you'll too. Please don't forget one thing, I love you, from the day we met, until the day we'll meet again.

Forever yours,

Tomorrow it would be exactly eight years since Samantha died. She would have been 10 by now. After Dana had left England, she had gone back home, where she finished the last 2 years of her study. After which she joined the FBI to teach at Quantico.

Of course, she had known that Fox worked for the FBI, too. He had talked about joining the FBI before. She heard the rumors about "Spooky" Mulder and she knew the real reasons for his obsession with the X-files. It was because of the Samantha's he had lost. To search for his sister, to run away from the pain of losing his daughter. But she couldn't go to see him, not yet, because she was still hurting.

Two years later there was no choice of seeing him or not, because she became his partner. She had been scared and anxious to see him again, not knowing what was going to happen.

In silent agreement they didn't talk about the past. They were not back together, but just working together, being in each other's presence and being friends, finally started to heal the wounds, the pain finally becoming less instead of more.

Scully knew about the rumors going around in the bureau, about her and Mulder sleeping together. They weren't, but what would people say when they knew they had been married in the past, even having a daughter they had lost.

She also knew that some day they would be together again, remembering the past and the memories without pain. In that knowledge she fell asleep that night, tear stains on her face.

The Next Day

Mulder was at work the next day, although there wasn't much work coming out of his hands. He was also reliving the past, memories of the life they had had, flowing through his head.

That's why he didn't hear his boss walking in. He only noticed him when Skinner stood in front of his desk. Skinner looked at his agent, who was holding a photo in his hand, which he couldn't see. And he was holding a ring in his other hand, it looked a lot like a wedding ring, but for as far as he knew Mulder had never been married, or had he?

"Sir, how can I help you?" Mulder interrupted Skinner's thoughts.

"Ehm..." Skinner had actually come down to see how Mulder was doing, the conversation of last night kept nagging in his mind. He couldn't help but wonder what the flash of pain on Mulder's face and the "it's personal, sorry" had meant. What did Mulder know about Scully's private life that had caused the look of pain on his face?

"You're working on a new case?"

"Not really, I'm finishing a report, why?"

Skinner pointed at the photo Mulder was holding in his hand. Mulder looked at it and again Skinner saw the look of pain go over his face.

"You want to talk about it?"

"It's personal, I...."

"Sometimes it helps to talk about it."

Mulder thought of that for a moment, maybe Skinner was right. Without saying a word, he handed him the picture. Skinner looked at the picture, it was a photo of a toddler, probably about two years old, smiling happily in the camera, with two big blue eyes, brown curls dancing around her face. He wondered who this was. "Who is the girl?"

"Samantha," Mulder answered softly.

"Your sister?"

"No, my.... my daughter."

"Your daughter?" Skinner echoed in surprise. He had expected anything but this.


"Were you married?"

"Yes, during college." Mulder stared at the picture, as he started to talk.

"We met at the airport for the first time, I fell in love with her. She hated me, I thought. Every time we saw each other, she gave me one of those angry looks. That changed during Thanksgiving. She came with her best friend, my nephew, to my house. Since that time we were together. Three months later we found out she was pregnant. We decided to keep the baby. Everybody told us we were crazy, but we knew what we were doing. Sam was born 8 months later and we were so happy. Everybody loved her, she made everybody smile." Mulder smiled at the memory.

"What happened?" Skinner hardly dared to ask. He knew something really bad must have happened, something that had destroyed the family happiness. Otherwise Mulder would still be married today.

"She died. The week before we had celebrated her 2nd birthday. We were in the swimming pool, Sam loved to swim. Suddenly she was gone, we searched, but when we found her it was too late. She died."

"And your marriage?"

"After Sam died we were hurting. We loved each other, but it couldn't save us. We were holding on too strongly to memories of the past, instead of looking at the future. We couldn't move on and we knew we had to say goodbye, we hoped that in that way we would be able to move on."

"You divorced?"

"Yes, but the decision we took to make the pain less, only made the pain worse. We still couldn't move on."

"You saw her again?"

"Yes, a few years later we met again."

"But you didn't get back together and before you knew it she was gone again." Skinner assumed that Mulder was talking about Phoebe Green. He had met the woman only once, when she was working on a case in the USA, together with the FBI. He hadn't liked her, but obviously Mulder had loved her a lot, so much that he was still hurting today.

"No, she didn't leave, we were only still hurting. We were able to be in each other's presence again, it healed the wounds, but we didn't get back together."

Skinner didn't understand anymore, had Phoebe Green stayed in the USA?

"I thought Phoebe went back to England after that case?"

"Phoebe?" Now Mulder looked surprised.

"Yes. You were married to her, weren't you?"

"No, we dated for a while, but I forgot all about her the moment I met Dana."

"Dana?" Skinner was so taken by Mulder's story and he always called Scully by her last name, so he didn't immediately realize Mulder was talking about his partner.

Mulder opened the drawer of his desk and took out another picture. One of Mulder with his arms around Scully, who was holding Samantha. The picture had been taken on Samantha's last birthday, before everything had changed. On the picture they were laughing happily. He handed the picture to Skinner who took it.

His jaw dropped when he looked at it "But this is Scully...."

Mulder nodded. "Yes."

"You two were married?"

Mulder nodded again.

"But you've never talked about it, or are you back together?"

Mulder shook his head. "No, we're not, working together, being friends, healed the wounds. I guess we're scared to cross that line, too afraid that it'll open the wounds. That it will bring back all the old pain."

"But you do love her."

"Yes, of course, but..."

"Then go talk to her, you two have lost enough already, don't wait until you're going to loose even more."

Mulder looked at his boss, who was looking at him friendly. And thought about what he had just told him.

"You're right, thanks Sir."

"You're welcome, just don't wait too long."

"I promise, I won't." Mulder answered, before Skinner stood up and left the room. Not much later after that Mulder also left, to go talk to Scully. Time had come to relive the past.


The End

No, don't worry there will be a 5th part, which will probably be the last part, the story will have a happy ending. I started it happy, don't ask me why I changed it into an unhappy story, but it'll be happy again, they've been through enough.

Title: Incidents and Accidents 5: Learning to Live Again
Author : Tanja
Rating: PG
Keywords: MSR
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Not mine, they belong to CC, 1013 and Fox Network.

Summary: Mulder and Scully close the chapter of their past.

Dedication: Joey my friend and for beta-reading this story and to Traci, also a great friend.

Mulder drove to Scully's apartment. Skinner had been right, they had waited long enough, it was time to stop living in the past, time to look to the future. They would never forget Samantha, but that didn't mean they couldn't move on.

He took the stairs two steps at once, and knocked on Scully's door. It took her a few minutes to open the door, he saw she had been crying, the tear stains were still on her face. She tried to avoid his eyes "Mulder?"

He stepped into her hallway, his eyes never leaving hers, his hands tenderly wiping away the last tears on her face. "We've waited long enough Scully."

"How..." She didn't know what to say.

"I love you Dana, we've been living in the past long enough. We can't let go again. We've lost enough already, I can't lose you again." He looked at her.

She was crying again. "I love you too Fox, and I.... I want back what we had."

That was the answer he had been waiting for. He pulled her in his arms, feeling the need to be close to her again, they had had to do without for too long. He lifted her chin, to look deeply into her eyes, before he leaned down and kissed her tenderly. Her arms found their way around his neck. After the kiss, she leaned with her head against his chest and heard him whisper "We will get back what we had, I promise."

"I know," was all she answered, before he pulled her even closer in his arms. Everything was going to be alright again, they would finally be able to close the chapter of the past and think back to it with a smile, knowing their love had survived time. They were starting to learn how to live again.

The End


Okay this one was really short, look at it as an interlude.

Title: Incidents and Accidents 6: The Past, the Future and the Truth
Author: Tanja
Rating: PG
Keywords: MSR, Mulder and Scully Angst
Disclaimer: Mulder and Scully and all the others (except for Randi and Rob) do not belong to me, they are all from CC, 1013 and Fox Network. But enjoy the story anyway!

Summary: Mulder and Scully finally found their way back to each other. They are able to love again, but what if their new found happiness is disturbed by something they never expected to happen?

Author's notes: Great thanks go to Melina, who gave me a really great suggestion for this story. Thanks Melina!

Joey thanks so much for the quick beta-reading, you're the greatest friend in the world!

It had taken time, eight years to be exactly, for them to be able to live again. Time in which they had fought to move on, struggled to survive in a world of hurt. A world of pain and memories, without each other. There had been times when they had asked themselves what kept them going every day. Knowing that it was the knowledge that they would meet again some day. And they had met again, four years after their decision to say goodbye, when they were put together as partners.

It was what had saved them. For four years they hadn't been able to get out of their world of hurt. Being in each other's presence helped to heal the wounds. They did not get back together on the day they met. It took them another four years to find the whole way back home, but in the end they had found it.

After they got back together, they took a few weeks off. Taking time to talk, to close the chapter of the past, starting a new future, together, with the memories of Sam on the background, always in their minds, only this time they could remember them with a smile, without pain.

Some people take love for granted, see it as something normal, but it's not. Love is a gift, that needs to be cherished or it'll die. The people who do realize are the few lucky people who have that love. They had it and although they had almost lost it through the years, they still had it. As strong as it had always been ,maybe even stronger now, because they realized what they had lost in the past.

The decision to get married again had been easily taken. It had been only the two of them, a silent ceremony, to seal their new found happiness. And now they were back again and it was their first day back at work. First thing on their agenda was a meeting with Skinner.

Their boss welcomed them with a smile. He was happy for them. Happy that they were able to love again, he knew about their past and hoped that their future would be better for them. If there were any people who deserved happiness, it were those two.

"Sir." They nodded in union, standing in front of him, hand-in-hand.

"Agent Mulder, Agent Scully, please sit down," he told them.

As they did he asked "How was your holiday?"

"It was good, thanks for giving us time Sir," ...... said.

"You're welcome, I'm just glad everything worked out. You two deserve some happiness after all that happened." His eyes fell on the golden bands on their fingers. "I see it'll be Agent Mulder & Mulder from now on?"

Scully blushed and smiled, while looking at Mulder. "Yes, it will."

"Congratulations, I'm really happy for you two." They knew he meant it, their boss had become more than just their boss in the last few weeks, maybe even a good friend. Knowing about a past, not many people knew about.

The meeting continued, Skinner gave them a new case and as they left, he said once again how happy he was for them.

Six Months Later

Dana Mulder-Scully was sitting behind her computer, at home. Finishing up the report on one of their cases. Mulder was out, picking up some groceries. It was six months after the day they had gotten married again. A month after the marriage, they had found out Dana was pregnant.

In the beginning it had scared them, they knew they could do it. After all they had done it before and that had been when they were much younger. What did scare them was that this new baby would bring back old memories. In the end they had realized that maybe it would, they would never forget Sam after all, but this would be a new baby, one that would never know his or her little sister in reality. But they would tell him or her about the little girl that had been so important in their lives. This new baby would grow up with the memories of his or her little sister that died so many years ago.

Dana smiled as she heard the car pull up in front of the house and heard Mulder opening the door. "I'm home!" He yelled from the hallway. She got up, to see if she could help him with the groceries. Arriving in the kitchen he had already started to put them away. He smiled when he saw her and greeted her with a kiss. "Hi."

She smiled back at him "Hi, need some help?"

"No, you just sit down." She laughed. From the moment she had found out she was pregnant, Fox had been treating her like porcelain. It was not like she would get hurt from cooking dinner or something like that, like she had told him several times. But he didn't care. He kept treating her the same way and in the end she had learned to accept it, because she knew that would be much easier than fighting it.

A Few Weeks Later

They were at home, Maggie Scully was there and so was Walter Skinner. They had invited them over for dinner. Actually they had been socializing a lot with their boss lately. They were getting along really well and Skinner seemed to get along very well with Dana's mom too. Maybe a little too well they had teased both of them.

They were sitting in the living room, laughing and talking, when the phone rang. Mulder got up to pick it up. "Mulder" than "Hey Rob, wow that's been ages, how are you doing?" Dana looked up in surprise when she heard Rob's name.

She hadn't seen Rob in a long time. The last time she had seen him had been five years ago, one month before she had been partnered with Mulder. He had been in Washington for a few days and had come to visit her, together with Randi. Dana's best friend in college and also Rob's wife now. They had met and they had been worried about her. She still didn't look like the old Dana, seeing the pain she tried to hide behind her smile. It hadn't worked, they knew her better than that.

They had tried to convince her to go talk to Fox, but she had told them she couldn't, not yet. Had said that she would go talk to him when she was ready. They had left saying they hoped she would be ready soon, before it would really be too late.

After that she hadn't seen them again. Not because she didn't want to, but because she had been so caught up in work, caught up in working with Mulder and all the feelings that came with it. She knew Mulder had seen them every now and than, after all Rob was still his cousin, but he had never talked about it. Not wanting to bring up the past.

Rob and Randi still lived in England. Randi was working there in a hospital and Rob was working as an investigator for the police department of Oxford. They had been introduced to each other by Dana and Fox and in the end had turned out to be a perfect match. They had double-dated for a while, but in the end they had been the one who made it and Dana and Fox had gone their separate ways. Of course Rob and Randi had tried to help them, but soon they had realized they couldn't help them. No matter how much they wanted to, this was something they had to do on their own. They could listen and talk, but they couldn't take their decisions.

Now Dana realized she would love to see them again. Maybe they could come over for a visit some time soon or maybe she and Fox could go for a visit to England, after the baby was born. She looked at Mulder's face and saw the smile on his face fading away as all the color drained from his face. Everybody looked at him, worried, wondering what could be wrong.

"Are you really sure?" Mulder asked for the fifth time in 5 minutes, being followed by "But how?". He nodded and they finished the conversation, after Mulder promised to be in contact again as soon as possible. Hanging up the phone he turned around to look at them, his face still drained from all color.

"Honey what's wrong?" Dana asked alarmed, than "Oh God, no please don't tell me.... Is Ran alright?"

"Ran is fine," he quickly assured her, slowly sitting down, still trying to take in the news that Rob had just brought to him. It was something he had never expected, he wondered how he was ever going to tell this to his wife.

"Fox?" It was a name she didn't use very often. She did use it when they were in college, but after that the name had become a painful reminder of the past, but lately she had been using it more and more again.

"Yes?" He looked as if he hadn't seen her before.

"Are you alright?"

Maggie and Skinner looked at him, also worried, something had to be really wrong.

"I..." He tried "My God, Dana I have no idea how to tell you this. I have no idea how this could have happened, no idea how we could have missed it, but it happened and I...." He stopped, not knowing how to break the news.

She frowned, not knowing what he was trying to tell her. "Fox listen, I know Rob must have told you something really shocking, but I have no idea what you are trying to tell me, maybe you should try and start with the beginning?"

"Okay, I will." He breathed in deeply. "Rob called because he needed to tell us something important. For the last year he and his team have been working on a case."

"What case?" she asked softly.

"A year ago there was a woman who was pregnant, she went into labor and was brought into the hospital. Not everything went as planned, and in the end the doctors decided to go with a cesarean to save the baby's life. They told her husband and her that this had to be done under general anesthesia, because there were reasons for that."

Scully listened in silence. She knew what the woman must have felt like, wanting to do it on her own, but not able to do that. The same had happened to her when Sam was born.

"The cesarean went perfectly fine. When she woke up, they had a healthy daughter."

"And?" Dana knew that was not all, there had to something more, otherwise her husband wouldn't have been so shocked.

"You'd say that everything went completely normal, but it didn't." He paused for a moment.

"Why not?"

"Because she wasn't pregnant with a baby daughter. The woman was expecting twins and when she came out of her anesthesia, she was told there was only one baby daughter."

"Oh my god." Dana's hand went to her stomach, thinking of her own baby. She wouldn't know what she would do if ....

"But that's not all yet."

"It wasn't?"

"No it wasn't. Normally you would think that the doctors had made a mistake. After all these things do happen, they could have seen it wrong on the echo. But she was convinced she was pregnant from twins, she even had a photo of the sonagram to prove it. In the hospital they told her she was wrong, but being convinced of her right, she went to the police. At first they didn't want to listen to her either, until there was another woman who was telling the same story. Also a cesarean, also expecting two babies, but only getting one."

Everybody was listening in silence, wondering where this story was going to.

"They investigated the case?"

"Yes, after those two stories, they decided to investigate the case. And the more they found out, the more they realized that this must have been going on much longer than they had expected. First they went through the birth records from the last year, but that was not all yet. At that moment they were able to arrest the persons behind the kidnapping. And talking to them, they discovered they had been right, this went much deeper than they had expected, it wasn't a matter of the last year, it was a matter of years. Through this they found more children. Children nobody even knew they existed. All twins, some have been adopted, some of the children are living in a foster home."

"Oh my God, how on earth can somebody do something like this," Scully said shocked.

Dana didn't say anything at all. She had the feeling there was more to come. "Fox?"

He looked at her, waiting for him to finish the story. "Yes?"

"There's more isn't it?"

"Yes there is," he answered honestly, he couldn't lie to her, he had to tell the truth. She would find out sooner or later anyway.

"You can tell me."

"I know, it's just that I don't know how. I don't even what to do with this myself."

"Please Fox, I want to know the truth."

"Okay." He got up from his place on the couch and kneeled down in front of her, taking her hands in his, looking deeply in her eyes before he found the courage, to tell what needed to be told.

"Rob told me they traced down the children that were taken away when they were born. They did DNA tests, so that they could find the children's birth parents."

"They found all the parents?"

"Yes, they did. There will be some difficult situations, some children have been living with their adoption parents since they were born, they don't know better than them being their parents. Some children were living in foster homes, a couple of them have already been reunited with their parents and twin sister or brother. There was one girl, she has been living in foster homes for a long time already, they checked her birth records and she's ..." He paused for a moment "Ours," he finished softly.

There was a deadly silence in the room, while everybody tried to understand the meaning of his words. Mulder looked at his wife, worried how she was going to take the news. Her face was pale, she looked at him in shock, tears in her eyes, trying to understand. "But how....?"

"I don't know, I wish I knew Dana, I wish I knew. All I know is there's a little girl out there, Sam's twin and until today we never knew there were two babies." He sat down on the couch, next to her and pulled her in his arms.

"Where is she now?" Dana sat up straight, suddenly determined. This was her daughter, she wanted to see her, wanted to have her with them.

"Rob and Randi took her home a few days ago, she's staying with them now."

"I want to see her."

"We will, I promise, I promised Rob to call him back as soon as possible."

They were so lost into the whole story that they didn't even realize Maggie and Skinner were still there. Until Skinner spoke. "How could this have happened?" he asked.

They looked up at their boss. "I don't know, Sir, but it must be true. When Sam was born, there were some difficulties. In the end the doctors decided to do a cesarean, because it would be better for Dana and the baby. They told me they had to do it under complete narcoses and didn't allow me in the operation room. We didn't know there were two babies, otherwise...." He didn't have to finish, everybody understood what he meant.

Dana sighed, it seemed like every time things were going well for them, something had to come in between. The discovery they had just made was shocking of course, it was not every day that you discover you were supposed to have two babies, instead of one, so many years ago. How different would their situation have been if they would have had the twins?

There was no doubt in their mind, that they would bring their daughter home, where she belonged with the rest of her family. But it wasn't fair. People had taken something away from them and from her. The right to grow up with her own parents, with her own sister. A sister she would never know, she would be able to live with her parents again, to be loved, but a part had been taken from her, done by people from love of mischief, people who hadn't had the right to do what they had done. It hadn't stopped them, and now all they could do was bring the girl home and hope that everything was going to be alright again.

Two Days Later

It was two days later when they were on their way to England. After that night, they had called back Rob and discussed the situation with him. He had told them the girl, who was called Jennifer, was doing alright. If you looked at the situation, that was. Of course she was confused, scared, afraid what was going to happen, but they had told her about her parents and had tried to explain what had happened. She seemed to understand and was eager to meet them and go back home with them.

Jennifer was 10 years old now, the first five years of her life she had been living with the people who adopted her. She was happy there, until the day came that her safe little world had fallen apart. Her adoptive mother died in a car accident and the father wasn't able to handle that. He was torn apart by the loss of his wife, and was not able to take care of his daughter anymore, she lived with family for a while (where she wasn't really welcome), but after a year she was placed in a foster home. The last four years she had been going from one foster home to the other.

Dana had insisted on taking the plane to England, as soon as possible. At first Fox had refused. He had said that it was not safe to fly in her condition, he didn't want anything to happen to her or the baby. She had told him she was doing perfectly fine and that she was allowed to fly until at least the 8th month of her pregnancy. Seeing she was only 5 months pregnant, she was perfectly capable to fly. In the end he had given in. Nothing was going to stop her, and if she was going to England anyway, he'd rather be right with her to take care of her. They landed in England, after a quiet and easy flight. Rob was already waiting to pick them up. Randi and Jennifer had stayed home. They had all agreed it would be better to have the meeting in a more quiet place than the airport.

Rob welcomed them warmly. He was truly happy to see Dana again after all those years. And what made him even more happier was seeing how happy they were and how good she was looking. Pregnancy agreed with Scully, she was 5 months pregnant, and looking healthier and happier than she had in years.

It was a 3-hour drive to Oxford and they talked about the case and Rob explained everything again, also how what happened could have happened. They learned about the other families whose children were taken away and what happened to those children.

When they arrived at the house, Randi immediately came walking out to welcome them. She fell upon Dana's neck, than let go and said, "Wow, you're looking great, D.!"

Dana smiled. "Thanks Ran, how are you doing?"

"I'm okay, but we can talk about that later. Why don't you two go in to meet Jennifer first."

They smiled thankfully. Those two knew them better than anybody else. Slowly they made their way into the house. Jennifer was in the living room, watching television. Dana grabbed Mulder's hand as they saw her for the first time. When she heard footsteps, the girl turned around to look at them. They stood there for a moment, suddenly realizing that this was what Sam also would have looked like when she would still be alive. After all the girls were identical twins.

Jennifer slowly stood up and made their way to them, until she stood in front of them. There was no doubt this was their daughter, the girl looked exactly like Dana. Long red hair, same face, the only thing she hadn't inherited were her mother's eyes. She had the same hazel brown eyes as her father. "Hi," she said hesitantly.

"Hi Jennifer," Dana said, smiling, overwhelmed by the whole situation.

"Are you my mom and dad?"

"Yes we are," Fox answered, also smiling.

"Will you take me home with you?" The girl looked at them expectantly, in her young life so many people had left her, that she was a little afraid for their reaction, even though she knew this were her real parents. What if they didn't want her either?

"Only if you want that."

She thought of that for a moment, than nodded. "I think I would like that very much."

That was the sign for Dana to lean down and hug her closely. Fox looked at it, tears in his eyes. When he looked at Rob and Randi he saw that they also had tears in their eyes. At that moment he knew that everything was going to be alright. They would never get Sam back, but now there was this girl to take care of. It was their task to tell her about the sister she would never know, to make her feel safe and happy. And he was convinced that it would take time, time to build up what they had missed for 10 years, but they would make it. Together they would be able to do anything.


The End

Ehm okay this is not the last part after all.


Title: Incidents and Accidents 7: Answering Questions
Author: Tanja
Rating: PG
Keywords: MSR, Pre-xfiles, Mulder/Scully Angst
Spoilers: none
Archiving: Gossamer and the Souls Entwined Archive always, anywhere else is no problem, although I would like to know before you archive my story.
Disclaimer: Mulder and Scully, Skinner and Maggie Scully aren't mine. Rob and Randi are! They belong to CC, 1013 and Fox Network.

Summary: A little girl is asking questions and her mommy answers them for her.

Author's notes: This isn't really a Mulder/Scully romance story, it's mostly about a little girl that has questions, that her mother is answering for her.

Joey thanks for the beta-reading.


Dana Mulder-Scully looked up from the book she was reading and smiled when she saw her daughter standing in front of her. The girl was smiling hesitantly, and stood there waiting, as if she was waiting for permission to sit down on the couch, Dana thought with sadness.

It had been 2.5 months since the day Jennifer had come home. Where she belonged, where she should and would have been her whole life, if it hadn't been for people who had taken that right away from her, from them.

The last months hadn't been easy, it was not like they had expected that it was all going to be like home sweet home, from the day they would be back in Washington, however they had not expected either that it was going to be so difficult.

Time had taught them that the past five years of Jennifer's life hadn't been easy on her. In the beginning Jennifer hadn't want to talk about it, she simply walked away when the subject came up. For a girl of her age, she was very wise. She had nightmares, which told them more than she did. After a few weeks she had finally started to open up a little bit. One night she had woken up with a scream, from another nightmare and had come to her parents bed room, looking for comfort. That night she had fallen asleep between her parents, a smile on her little face, feeling safe and loved.

After that night Jennifer started to tell them more, although it was only in bits and pieces. Slowly the picture started to become clearer. Jennifer had lived with her adopted parents until she was five years old. When she was 5, her adopted mother had died. Her adopted father couldn't accept his wife was dead. He started drinking and wasn't able to take care of Jennifer any longer. Jennifer moved in with the family of her mother's sister, where she wasn't really welcome, because the family had never accepted the man their daughter had married.

Two months later the family decided that they couldn't take care of her and she had to go to a foster home. From the foster home she went to her first foster family and six months later to another one. The last five years she had been living in 7 different foster families. Some where she had felt safe and where people cared, but she had also been living with families that didn't care, families that shouldn't have been allowed to have the care for a foster child.

These years were the cause of her nightmares and her fear to get attached to new parents, to let them in and be loved again. How was she supposed to know that they weren't going to leave her? That this time it was going to be different. She was only 10 years old, and already her trust and faith in people had been brutally destroyed. She knew too much and had gone through too much for a girl of her age, but time would heal the wounds, they would do everything to make her feel safe, loved and give her back the trust that had been taken away from her. Eventually they would get there, and already they were so much further than they had been, but they knew that it was going to take some time and patience.

She smiled at her daughter. "Yes honey?"

"Can I ask you something?"

"Of course you can, sweetheart." Dana grabbed her daughter's hand and pulled her next to her on the couch. Jennifer didn't stop her when she moved an arm around her, to pull her closer.

"How did you and daddy meet?"

Dana smiled at that memory. The first time she and Fox had met each other hadn't been very successful. Her husband always claimed that it had been love at first sight, but she still found that hard to believe, since she had been yelling at him when they first met, struggling with her luggage and very angry, she couldn't see how that had made him fall in love with her, but he kept saying that he had immediately known that she was the one.

"We went to the same college, in England. The first time I met him was at the airport. Your dad came back for his second year and it was my first year at Oxford. I had brought too much luggage with me. My parents, your grandparents, already told me I was taking too many books with me, but I was stubborn and insisted on taking them all with me. I realized that was a mistake, the moment I had to pick up my suitcases and found out how heavy they were exactly. I had to go to Oxford by train and was struggling to get all my luggage with me and at that moment I bumped into your father. It was my fault of course, I wasn't looking where I was going, but at that moment I didn't care, I was very tired after a long flight and I had had it with everything and everybody. I believe I gave him a very angry look and he did the in my eyes inexcusable thing, he started to laugh instead of offering me to help. That made me even more angry and if looks could have killed he wouldn't have been here today. I just left him standing there and struggled to the train with my luggage." She laughed, their first meeting had been far from perfect, but now she could laugh about it.

"But Dad told me he fell in love with you, the first time he met you."

"He told me he loved me from the day he looked into my eyes for the first time. I'm still not sure if I should believe that, but he has always claimed he did."

"And you?" Jennifer was listening very interested.

"Well the first six months I hated him, or at least I told myself I did. Fate however made us bump into each other a lot. And every time we met, I got angry with him, but in that time I fell in love with him, although of course I wouldn't admit that to myself. It all changed when I went home for Thanksgiving, my parents weren't home so I joined a friend, Uncle Rob, who was going to visit his family. What I didn't know, was that Uncle Rob's cousin was your father. Of course we had another fight and I ran out of the house. Rob followed me and told me that I was acting like I did, because I was in love with your father. I told him he was crazy, but decided that I could at least be a little nicer to your dad, but I still didn't want to admit that I loved him. The next day we decided to go into town, Rob, me and your dad. We were involved in a car accident, your dad and I only had some bruises, Uncle Rob had to be operated on but after a couple of weeks everything was back to normal again. The night Uncle Rob was operated on, was also the night I realized I loved your daddy. Uncle Rob was doing better after a few days already and your dad and I went back to England, together."

"When was Sam born?" Jennifer asked, speaking in the one-person, not talking about herself.

"A month after we went back to England I found out I was pregnant."

"Were you scared?"

"Yes, I was. I didn't know what to do and had no idea how your dad was going to react. I told him and half expected him to get angry or run out on me. He didn't, he told me that everything was going to be alright as long as we were together. From that moment a lot of things changed. We got married, against the will of our parents. Everybody told us we were too young, that we were making a mistake, but we knew we weren't. We were young, but in love and happy."

"Is that when Sam was born?"

"Yes, Sam and you," Dana corrected her. Jennifer still couldn't and wouldn't see herself as half of a twin.

Scully understood why, it was difficult. How could you see yourself as part of a twin, when you had never met your twin sister? Jennifer only heard the stories, but would never have the chance to meet Sam in reality. The chance to feel, live and act as a twin had been taken away from her.

"What.... what happened when we were born?" Jennifer asked, surprising Dana with the 'we'. It was the first time she had actually called herself and Sam a 'we'. And Dana knew that this was also the reason why Jennifer had come to her, she was finally ready to hear what had happened in the past.

"We didn't know I was expecting twins, that's also the reason why we didn't suspect anything. There were some problems when you and Samantha were born, in the end the doctors told your father that it would be better for me and the babies to do a cesarean. After that everything went so quick and the next thing I remember is that I woke up in the recovery room and your dad was there, holding Samantha. We were so happy, when we would have known what was really going on, we would have...." Dana's voice broke when she thought how they hadn't know better than that there was one baby. Nobody had ever told them she was expecting twins. It wasn't their fault, other people had done this, but still, she felt guilty. As if she had been the one who had taken away a part of Jennifer's past.

Suddenly she felt a little hand slipping in her hand and a little voice saying "It's okay mommy, you and daddy didn't know."

Dana smiled. "Thanks honey. I know that it's not our fault, but sometimes it still feels like it is. Sometimes I just wish we could go back in time and do it all over again, only this time the right way."

She felt two little arms go around her neck and Jennifer hugged her. Dana hugged her with tears in her eyes. A few minutes later she let go and smiled at her daughter. They sat in silence for a while, until Jennifer broke the silence "Mom?"


"Why do you think these people took me away from you and daddy?"

That was a question Dana had been asking herself a lot of times. Why had they done what they had done? How could they have done it to all those families, breaking up families that belonged together. She hadn't found an answer to the question, because some things were unexplainable. The only thing she could come up with, was that those people were bad people, otherwise they couldn't have done what they had. The rest would probably always be left unexplained. After getting arrested, the kidnappers had been convicted to a life-long stay in prison.

"I don't know Jennifer. I wish I had the answer for you, but I don't. Some people don't know what love is. Maybe they grew up without it."

"You think their mom and dad didn't love them?"

"I think so, people who grow up without love often don't know what it is like to give love and be loved themselves."

Jennifer looked at her with a sad look in her eyes "That's sad for them, isn't it?"

Dana looked at her in surprise. After everything she had been through, Jennifer still hadn't lost the ability to trust, love and feel sorry for other people. "Yes, that's very sad for them, and they don't even realize what they are missing, because they don't even know what it's like."

The girl thought of that for a moment, then said with a wisdom far beyond her age "I once heard somebody say that it's sad to have lost love, but that it's even more sad when you've never lost it, because than you've never experienced love either."

"I think you're right sweetheart." Dana smiled at her, looking at Jennifer she could tell her daughter still had some questions left. "Is there anything else you would like to know Jenn?"

She hesitated, not sure if she wanted to ask that question, because she didn't want to make her mother sad. Dana saw her hesitation and knew why she was hesitating to ask the question she wanted to ask. "You want to know something about Samantha?"

Jennifer nodded slowly.

"It's okay honey, it's alright to talk about her you know."

"Do you miss her?"

"Yes, always. The pain was much worse in the beginning, after Samantha died, over the years the pain became less, it found its own place in our lives and we learned to love again, but that took a long time."

"Did you and daddy break up?"

"Yes we did. We couldn't help each other, because we were both hurting too much. I went back to America and your father stayed in England. He returned to America one year later, he was recruited by the FBI and joined them. Two years later I was recruited with the FBI too."

"Did you know that dad was working there?"

"I did."

"Was that when you got back together?"

"No, I taught at the Academy for the first two years. After that I got a transfer and became your dad's partner."

"So that's when you got back together?" four years was a long time in the eyes of a little girl, but her mother had to disappoint her.

"No, we didn't. It took us another four years to get where we are know."

"That long?" Jennifer wondered what on earth had taken them so long.

"Yes, we were both a little scared to talk about the past again. So we didn't for a long time. Actually uncle Walter gave us a little hand. He told your father that we had lost enough already and should talk with each other. We did and that is how we got where we are now."

"Were you sad when you found out about me?" It was a question that had been worrying Jennifer for a long time already.

Dana was shocked at the question. "Of course not honey, we were shocked, because we never knew you existed, but it didn't make us sad. We were so happy to have you with us, the only thing we were sad about is that we never knew until the moment uncle Rob called us."

"Do you think Sam would have liked me too?"

"Of course she would. She would have loved you just as much as we do and just as much as you will love your new brother or sister."

"I love you mommy." Jennifer put her arms around her mother again and hugged her.

Dana smiled and hugged her back "I love you too honey." They were going to be alright again, step by step, day by day.


The End

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