Halloween Humor

Aliens on Asylum by abracadabra
A spooky outing.

All Hallow's Grave by Humbuggie
On All Hallow's Eve, Mulder finds himself to be the centre of a situation that is not so much a case file but resembles nothing more than his eternal grave.

Blind as a Fox by joan the english chick
Our Heroes dress up for Halloween. Can you figure out who they're going as before the last line of the story?

Cheap Trick by Romantique
Mulder suffers the consequences of Halloween. Takes place prior to Season 6.

Cover-ups of the Third Kind by Jori
Halloween in DC

The Creepy-Scary Things Project by Goudess
In October of 2000, two bored X-Files agents kinda-sorta disappeared in the woods near the woods near Vancouver, Canada. This is their footage.

Don't Mask, Don't Tell by Nina
A little trifle for the Halloween Mask Challenge.

[External Link] Fine As Wine by Frangipanidownunder
This is ridiculous nonsense. Halloween fun. Silliness on a page. Don't judge me.

Full Moon, Near-Death, and Things Left Unfinished by Jaime Lyn
Some people dress up. Mulder and Scully become X-Files.

Fun With Grammar 2: Happy Halloween by Barenaked Bostonian and Bonkers Bostonian
Fun with grammar is fun, and fun. It is quite fun to have fun with grammar...funness!

A Halloween Confection by Syn
A Halloween X-File mystery in the office.

Halloween Eve by Girlie_girl7
Mulder's paranoia takes over on Halloween.

Halloween Story by Cathy
Agent Pietruszki throws the best Halloween parties.

Halloweenie by Emily Bate
It's Halloween and Mulder is trying to uncover the biggest conspiracy of all.

The Mad Hatter and The Queen of Hearts by xphilernj
What do you get when you cross a cat, a snowman, Halloween, Alice in Wonderland and an enchanted frog?

Mask of the Green Death by KaiSteph
Very silly Halloween stuff involving a mask

The Haunting of the Hoover Building by Halrloprillalar
Mulder seeks proof that their office is haunted. Scully doesn't believe him.

Lucky by Helen Wills
Mulder repents past misdeeds at Hallowe'en

Puff by JadeCrow
Little bit o' nothing about Scully and Mulder and "Puff the Magic Dragon"

Sweet Dreams, Mulder by Chait
Mulder intentionally loses a bet with Scully? What does he lose? He attends a costume ball at a haunted mansion. Mulder as Gomez Addams? It could happen!

The Thirteenth Agent by Shirlock
A younger, less experienced agent watches our dynamic duo and collects funny material. Do not try to read in between the lines or look for clues. Just sit back, relax and enjoy.

Trick? or Treat? by Drovar
Mulder tricks Spender -- or is that treats?

Trick or Treat by FlyingCamel
It was a dark and stormy night.

Trick or Treat by MagsRose
This is in response to a challenge that Meghan posted in October 2004

Trick or Treat by Star Tracer
Mulder, Scully, Xena and Hercules costumes....oh yeah, and some killer bear-shaped lollipops...don't forget a special appearance by...KIERA!

Trick or Truth by Liz Salandrea
Mulder tries to get Scully into the Halloween spirit

Waiting by Hestia01
It's Halloween, and Mulder has dragged Scully off with him for a holiday ritual, without telling her what it is yet.

The Worst Halloween Ever by Linda Fayne and Alisha
It was a dark and stormy night...

XF Halloween Challenge: Mulder's Halloween Challenge by Anonymous
I'm taking up this Halloween challenge and make this up during my accounting exam because it is impossible. The story sort of uncontrollably evolved itself and the mask now only plays a little part of the story. Mind you, this is very very silly.

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