Title: Here We Are
Author: Lauren
Written: 1998
Rating: PG
Category: S, R
Spoilers: None
Keywords: Mulder/Scully Romance
Disclaimer: (I stayed up all night thinking about this one!) I don't own 'em. (I think we *all* know by now who does.)

Summary: Mulder and Scully get stranded in a cabin in the woods.

"I can't believe I ever agreed to..."


"Well, Mulder, you said that we were going on a nice hike through the woods. 'We won't even be gone an hour, Scully.' It's been three hours!"

"Scully, don't exaggerate," said Mulder slyly. "It's only been two hours and forty five minutes."

She couldn't help smiling at his last remark. Unfortunately for her, he chose that moment to turn around.

"Ha, ha, Scully! Made you laugh!"

"I wasn't laughing at you."

"Then what were you laughing at?"

"A, um, joke I heard a few days ago." *That* was lame,> she told herself.

"Oh, really? What was the joke?"

"Uh, I...don't remember."

"Well, then how..."

"Drop it, Mulder."

They walked in silence, Mulder in the lead, for ten minutes.

Suddenly, he stopped. Scully, who hadn't been paying attention, ran right into his back.

"Mulder, why did you..."

"Scully," he said teasingly, "If you're going to be a good FBI agent, you must always be alert."

She let out a sigh. As they started to walk again, she began staring at the back of his head. She loved being alone with him. Even if it was in the middle of nowhere on what seemed to be the world's longest trail.

She let out another sigh, and Mulder turned around and saw her staring.

"Ah, Scully, that look reminds me of the good old days at Oxford when the girls would stare at me with that same glazed-over look..."

"Mulder," she interrupted, "you're-"

She didn't have a chance to finish because there was a crash of thunder, a flash of lightning, and rain started coming down in sheets.

Mulder saw a cabin up ahead. He pointed at it, and they both started to run. Mulder yelled something back at her, but she didn't hear it because of the thunder. Seconds later, she fell into a hole about four feet deep. She felt her ankle twist sharply. Mulder turned around, ran back, and pulled her out of the hole. She tried to run, but her ankle hurt too much. Mulder picked her up, and carried her to the cabin.

He burst through the door, put Scully down, and slammed the door shut. Luckily, he found a matchbook in his jeans pocket. He took out a match and lit it. The cabin only had one room. He found a candle on a small table, and he lit it. The only other thing in there was a cot. It could fit two people, he noticed. Snap out of it, he argued with himself. You have more important things to think about.

"Mulder?" said a faint voice.

He almost jumped, he was so startled. "Hmmm?"

"I-I'm cold."

He inwardly scolded himself for having left her on the floor. "Just a second, Scully." He picked her up off of the floor and sat her on the cot. He asked, "Are you okay?" as he tenderly ran his hand over a bruise on her cheek.

"Fine, I guess." She slowly reached up and grabbed his hand, and held on to it tightly.

He gently pushed her back onto the bed, and pulled the blanket over her. "Go to sleep," he said softly. Then he went into a corner of the cabin and tried to fall asleep.



"Where are you?"

"Sitting in th-the c-corner."

"Mulder, you'll freeze!"

"I-I'm fine. Re-really."

"Mulder, you can sleep up here with me."

"You trust me, Scully?"

"I didn't say *that*," she smiled. "But seriously, get up here." He crawled under the blanket next to her. She buried her head in his shoulder.

"'Night, Fo...Mulder," she caught herself.

"'Night Dana," he said as he lightly kissed the top of her head.

Neither one of them ever woke up again.

Alone, anyway.

~~The End~~


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