Haunted Places (not houses)


Adeline by Sara Dobie
While Scully's out with a cold, Mulder follows up on a haunted castle case.

Beyond the Mirror by Gill, Jr.
Mulder and Scully unlock the secrets of a castle in Ireland.

Castling by The Pimpernel
Things go bump in the night at a ghost ridden castle - surprise.

Dragons of The Tower by Sheryl Martin
St. George is offered a new job and takes her friends along to check it out...

Vortex by Truthwebothknow
"Scully looked at his face carefully, noting that the familiar Mulder excitement glittered in his eyes like fireflies. Relieved beyond belief to see something in him she hadn't seen in a while, certainly not since his enforced medical leave after the terrible accident 3 months ago."


Cognac and Roses by Paul Wartenberg
Waiting in a graveyard to witness a mysterious ritual, Mulder begins to tell Scully stories about Edgar Allan Poe...

The Cry of the Truth by A.I. Irving
As their love affair unfolds, Scully reveals to Mulder a painful secret relating to her abduction. Mulder's reaction tests their bond and eventually leads Scully to discover a few truths about herself.

The Dare by Neoxphile
A Halloween story from The Only Broken Universe. William's younger brothers run into the unexpected Halloween night, 2016.

Immortal Beloved by Lark
A Halloween story...a little ghost hunting, a little romance...gotta have romance!

Resurgam by Ophelia
Something very angry is haunting a tiny graveyard on the Vineyard.

The Sustenance Of Two by Michele Tucker
After Scully is reassigned out of the X-Files and into VCS, both sections are called out to Illinois to investigate a series of murders in Chicago's most haunted cemetery.

The Veiled Lady by Viola
Set during Season 2, Mulder and the Lone Gunmen spend the night in a haunted cemetery.

Churches and Monasteries

Catacomb by Deslea R. Judd
A haunted monastery. A demented mystic. Another agent's mess. A hell of a lot of bodies.

Day of the Dead by Megan E. Kennedy
Mulder takes shelter in a mysterious church on thewrong night of the year...

Dragons of The Faith by Sheryl Martin
A visit to the Scully's church proves to be a haunting experience...

Faith in Believing by J. Ackerson
Mulder goes to church during a crisis of faith and receives a visit from a higher power.

Faith in Believing Too by J. Ackerson
Still reeling from recent events, Scully goes to church and recieves a visit from a higher power.

Religious Background by Kris "Beast" Abel
While on a side trip in NY, Scully visits a church for the first time in months and meets someone who counters her religious beliefs.

Colleges and Dorms

Allegra by Jocelyn Tomkinson
Mulder and Scully investigate a series of mutilations at a private school dorm and discover that being in the 'in crowd' isn't always a good thing.

The Blue Boy by Carol Ann
Mulder and Scully investigate the ghost of a small boy who might date back to civil war days.

Ghostbusting by anotherweasley
Mulder gets Scully to do a little ghost hunting with him.


Ghosts of the Past by Ayame2004
Mulder and Scully investigate a haunted Sanatorium where an estimated 63,000 people died. Will they find evidence of the paranormal or will their minds play tricks on them again?

A Night at Waverly Hills by Vickie Moseley
Waverly Hills is considered one of the most haunted places in North America. No wonder Scully would pick it to spend a night near Halloween -- after all, it was a hospital.

Room 209 by Neoxphile
During the last week of October Scully is asked to take over the case of a comatose little boy. Strange things begin to happen in Our Lady of Sorrows soon after. WIP


Warden by Pita1013
The renovation of an abandoned prison is halted by the disappearance of the workers. Maybe the jail is not as empty as they thought.

Malevolence by aka "Jake"
When ex-ISU Chief Bill Patterson is found dead in his prison cell with his face slashed and his eyes cut out, Mulder and Scully pick up the hunt where they left off five years ago. Still convinced the killer is not a man but an evil spirit, Mulder pursues his own investigative methods, bringing him to the brink of insanity for a second time. Meanwhile, Scully is desperate to solve the case before she loses Mulder to his demons forever. (Written for I Made This! Productions Virtual Season 9)

The Third Wheel 4: No Place Like Home by DavidB226Morris
The X-Files team joins forces with a Staten Island policeman to investigate a series of violent deaths that they discover may be linked to a riot at a maximum security prison.

Hotels, Motels, Inns

Excuses, Excuses by shabby chic
Mulder and Scully stop over at an old hotel that is rumored to be haunted by aphrodisiac spirits.

The X-Files First Cases - Ghost Hotel!!! by HMR Blockhead
The first episodes of the X-Files you never saw.... because they were horribly embarrassing. Suffice to say, the writer was fired and Chris Carter has made the X-Files what we know today.

The Ghost of Millcreek Inn - book I by Jacquie LaVa & Tess
She felt the familiar, haunting ache of her loss and the renewed stirring of a love stolen from her too soon.

The Ghost of Millcreek Inn - book II by Jacquie LaVa & Tess
Home from their ill-fated vacation, Mulder and Scully must find a way to deal with the emotional fallout of their encounters with Molly Sullivan or lose each other forever.

Inn Hell by NedR
Mulder and Scully are forced to babysit a newbie agent while investigating a strange hotel in Boston.

Promise by Carrie
Mulder and Scully investigate a haunted hotel.

Shady Rest by Kestabrook
Mulder and Scully journey to an upstate NY town to solve a mystery -- is a ghost plaguing an old hotel?

The Worst Halloween Ever by Linda and Alisha
It was a dark and stormy night....

Office Buildings

The Case of The Haunted Basement by Beautiful Evidence
Six years of investigating the paranormal and Mulder and Scully thought they had seen everything. But who would’ve known that Halloween evening would hold the ultimate horror story for them?

Ghost Tears by Sorceress
Mulder and Scully go to Boston and meet Ally and Co., a ghost, and someone even more spookier - Ling.

Spirit's Rumble! by kakashidiot
In the Scranton branch, strange things are happening... Is it Jim's fault? Michael's? Or really a restless ghost? Mulder and Scully investigate!


Adrift by Dana Doggett
Doggett and Scully investigate what could be a haunted yacht.

An Albatross Around Her Neck by philefic
Mulder and Scully continue to navigate their way through the complexity's of their work and relationship. An undercover assignment investigating a haunting on a luxurious cruise liner offers new challenges and big surprises.

Cruise by Madeleine Partous
A series of mysterious deaths aboard its ships leads a cruise line to contact the FBI as rumours of a vengeful ghost begin to fly. Is the killer striking from beyond the grave?

Eyes of Texas by Laurie D. Haynes and Katvictory
Mulder and Scully go to Galveston, Texas during Mardi Gras to investigate sightings of a Civil War ghost ship. They take the time to enjoy the festivities and Mulder takes the opportunity to try to get closer to Scully.

The Forsaken by Foxglove
Legend has it that whenever a full moon falls on the anniversary of the Siena's sinking, several lights can be seen out in the dark waters off Prince Edward Island. These lights are nearly always a precursor to some misfortune befalling the descendants of the surviving crew." Can M&S stop the curse?

Lost At Sea by Kogo Shuko
When Doggett and Scully board the Queen Mary to investigate a body found near the ship, things begin to get a bit eery and ghostly. There's a little bit of Doggett/Scully in here, but not enough to consider it DSR. It's strictly an investigation.

The Ghost Train by Thecanadianstranger
Mulder and Scully go to Canada as a favour to Skinner and find out things about a ghost train and themselves that they had never thought possible. (WIP)

Haunted Train by Donna
MSR-Smut Tenth Anniversary Challenge!

The Newfoundland Bullet by Dollypony
Mulder and Scully go to Newfoundland, Canada to solve the mystery of the Ghost Train the Newfie Bullet

Stores & Factories

Bath XII: Godiva Dreams by KMS and Whitney Cox
Mulder and Scully hunt for a ghost in a factory.

Broken Glass by Annette Gisby
A Halloween romance, or is it?

Hershey Nightmare by KMS and Whitney Cox
Mulder and Scully hunt for a ghost in a factory and find unexpected company.

Safe as Houses by Neoxphile
What's the worst trouble Dana and Charlie could get into while visiting a toystore Halloween day?

Spooky by bcfan
A Hallowe'en trick and treat.


Dragons on The Mark by Sheryl Martin
A haunted theater leads to a special performance

The Family G-Man: Chapter 122. The Red Carpet by FelineFemme & Neoxphile
Mulder, Scully, and their middle daughter, April, travel to Roswell, NM to attend the Saturn Awards, held in a theater rumored to be haunted.

London Tours by JKerry
Agent Doggett and Reyes take a break from the X Files and go on a weekend break in London. Reyes, fascinated with the paranormal, takes Doggett to a play in a haunted theatre. Will Doggett open his mind to the paranormal beings in the audience?

The Scottish Play by hellogoodbye57
The fourth in my series. Mulder is assigned a new partner and investigates some strange happenings in a theater.

Towns & Cities

Closer by Crowdreamer
After Scully is attacked in Milagro, the agents get sent on an assignment to a creepy town in Florida filled with mediums to investigate a series of murders, and Scully meets some people from her past. Meanwhile, the malevolent forces present in the town become more and more powerful, and the agents get trapped until they can track down an evil medium.

Primal Fear by Kilroy-M
Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate a town in which the residents all seem to be all dying of fright. Why? And will the agents themselves make it through the ghost town alive? (Cue Ominous Music.)

Silent Hill by Rose Campion
In the unsure hand of a child, crude loops and wavering lines was scrawled a note. "Daddy," it read, "You said someday we could go back to Silent Hill but we never did. Now I'm here all alone. Luke."

This Town by MySilentLullaby
Mulder has dragged Scully to an old ghost town called Silent Hill. Although warned by a concerned survivor of the town's darkest relms, Mulder wants to see this town for himself. Will the agents survive the town's underlying dark relm, or perish in hell? (WIP)

Wa-a-ay Out There by Celeste Hotaling-Lyons
Our two favorite FBI agents get to meet & have an other-worldly adventure with the characters from an animated show called "The Real Ghostbusters.


A Faith Lost by Joylynn Wing
Mulder and Scully are on the hunt for an elusive X-File. However, in the end, they learn that they are searching for a lot more than just a ghost.

The Hitchhiker by Olivia
Road trips and an X-File of the non-alien kind.

Shades by DBKate

Lighthouses, Islands, and Bodies of Water

Croatoan by Beautiful Evidence
There was something on the island, always lurking, always hunting for its next victim. Whether it was a spirit from the Lost Colony or simply another addition to the government’s Conspiracy, even Scully wouldn’t deny it’s existence on Roanoke Island.

Keeper of the Rock by Riptide
Mulder and Scully travel to Maine to investigate strange weather disturbances. A remote lighthouse seems to hold the key to both the investigation and Mulder's recurring nightmares.

The Lighthouse Keeper by Kalynn
Mulder and Scully investigate a haunting in St. Augustine, Florida. While Mulder has disturbing dreams that might be somehow related to the case.

Night Marchers by Paranoid Patty
Mulder and Scully travel to the Aloha State to investigate a death that may be linked to the spirits of ancient Hawaiian Warriors.

Winter by Branwell
Mulder finds an X-file to distract him from the pain of Thanksgiving memories and Scully unexpectedly agrees to join him in investigating it. It turns into more than the simple diversion they planned. A darker mystery presents itself and threatens to expose more of their own emotions than they want to reveal. This experience starts a change in the Mulder and Scully relationship

The Woods

Burkittsville by eponine119
There's something in the woods...

Chindee by hozra
Mulder combines a 'vacation' with investigating reported sightings of ghosts and people disappearing without a trace and ends up finding more than he bargained for. When the trip turns deadly and Mulder fails to appear for work, Scully and Skinner must find him before time runs out.

Dragons of The Pale by Sheryl Martin
Yep, it's Halloween... so curl up tight with your favourite person and sit around the fire, folks... and dibs on the rice krispie squares...

Formerly Blair by Cornflake Girl
Mulder and Scully go looking for the three college students who disappeared in 1994.

The White House

A Dispirited Occupation by Cincoflex
We Came, we Saw, We Kicked its Ass!

The Fright House by Audrey Roget
When the legendary White House spectres start acting up, who ya gonna call?

Misc. Places

Double-Decker by The Warfarine Dealer
Mulder and Scully investigate a haunted camp and get a little surprised when faced with the accomodations...

Elevator Music by Char Chaffin
A haunted elevator? Maybe... maybe not.

Geisteskrankenheit by vampireduck86
When Mulder and Scully investigate a series of hauntings surrounding a rock band, Mulder gets more than he bargened for

Goshen by Bonetree
A harrowing night in the Virginia mountains makes Mulder and Scully relive parts of their past and rethink their future.

The Phantom by LadySlypr
Mulder takes Scully on an assignment dealing with a ghost haunting a community recreation center.

Sycamore Hill - A Halloween Tale by Philiater

Haunted Objects

The Case of the Haunted Toilet by ps2princess2004
Mulder and Scully's next case involves a haunted toilet.

Chantilly Lace by Corinne Hansen
A haunting and recurring nightmare of Mulder's death causes Scully to think she's losing her mind.

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