Title: Halloween Story
Author: Cathy
Written: 1998
Rating: PG
Classification: Humor!!!!!!

Summary: Agent Pietruszki throws the best Halloween parties.

**Halloween** "Finally!" Agent Pietruszki sighed. She'd been sitting by the clock countign down the seconds til the weekend. 10....9...8...7...6...5...4...3 2 1! "Yeeeeeeeeees!" she screamed as she grabbed her bag and ran like a bat outta hell towards the door.

Along the way, she bowled over her partner, Agent Glassgow. "Sorry!" she yelled behind her.

But she didn't slow down. She had stuff to do. It was only 2 days to Halloween, and she was planning her annual bash. It rocked. everyone said it did. It flat-out kicked ass.

She jumped into her car and did about 85 mph to get to Party City, mowing over several of the elderly in the process. "Damn old bats, why do they get in the way of my car?" she wondered aloud. Finally, she made it to the store.

After checking that no one was looking, she parked her car on the sidewalk and prayed that no one would notice. They usually did, so that's why she had a fake handicapped sign in her windowpane. "Out of my way, you spawn of Satan!" she screamed as she knocked down a procession of schoolchildren selecting their costumes.

She finally saw the costumes that she wanted, and began piling them into cart. She also piled on plates, napkins, candles, and freaky-ass decorations. She wheeled her cart into the express lane, using her FBI id to cut to the front of the line "Ha ha!" she laughed at the people behind her.

She charged all the stuff on Goverment expense. 'After all' she thought, 'it is going to be a party for the fibbees.'

She began unpacking like mad when she got home to her apartment.

Agent Glassgow dropped in for a candle lit supper she'd prepared for them. "Hi sweetie" he said as he walked in, giving her a peck on the cheek. She kissed him back. After the meal, they snuggled on the couch.... and shared breakfast.

'Ah, Halloween.' Agent Pietruszki thought. 'The day when Satan is worshipped and children dress like ghouls all in the name of sugar.' She stopped dead in her tracks. 'Then again, I'd dress like a ghost every day of the year for a Mars bar.'

There was a knock at the door. She lit the candle in the shape of a cofin and answered the door. It was Agent Cathy Fryszczyn, with Agent Krycek. They were both dressed as vampires. Not ala Dracula; more in the dark, evil sense. They contrasted sharply with Kristen's Raggedy Ann and Ed's Raggedy Andy.

Cathy and Krycek took one look at them and burst out laughing. "Quiet, or I'll ram my giant candy cane up your ass," Kristen hissed. "I bought the wrong costume. The package was mismarked, and they had nothing else left at the store when I checked today, except for...."

"Except for what?" Cathy asked. Kristen cleared her throat. "Hanson costumes."

"Oh" Cathy said , before dying of laughter with Krycek.

The party was really beginning to pick up. The music pulsed, while guests where either dancing, chatting, drinking, or staring at the unusual decorations. Or, in Cathy and Krycek's case, *ahem* necking. Black crepe streamers where everywhere. So where skulls that dripped 'blood', skeletons, and hideous hags' masks.

Everyone talked and laughed and drank. Finally, after about 7 hours, the party ended. Everyone congratulated Kristen for throwing such a kickass affair. The only downside was when Skinner had tried to breakdance and ended up breaking Kristen's lamp.

'Just keep smiling, and remember: he writes your paychecks' she told herself when he left.

She flopped down on the couch and sighed when they were all gone. "Where's Cathy and Alex?" Ed asked.

She heard muffled sounds. Cathy and Krycek rose form behind the sofa. "What were you doing back there?" Ed asked.

They merely looked at him. Cathy pulled some crepe paper out of her hair.

"Never mind." Kristen muttered. They left.

With a sigh, Ed plopped down next to her. "That was kick ass, wasn't it sweetie?" he asked.

"Yes, my little master of the night."

"Come here, my little Elvira, mistress of the night." He led her into the bedroom, where they howled at the moon.

The End

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