2018 Halloween Challenge

2018 Abandoned "Baby" Halloween Challenge

Your challenge:

Write a story set on any Halloween night that is about a case of mistaken identity. Specifically a person has called the police, claiming to have seen or heard an abandoned baby. The X-Files crew are called in to assist the police when it turns out not to be a human infant. Instead it's [insert one of the beasties featured on this site]. Was it a case of a simple mistake on the part of the reporter, or something more sinister? And more importantly, what was it, and what do the X-Files characters do with it?

Note I: Crossovers are allowed

Note II: While normal human babies are not allowed, your creature can be a baby whateveritis

No word count, no genre requirements, and please send your fic, or a link to it on AO3, FFnet, Tumbler etc, to xfbumpinnight@mulderscreek.com by the time the clock strikes midnight your-time on October 30. Wips okay for linked stories. No word count requirements.

Challenge fics

Something by Frangipanidownunder
Written for the 2018 Abandoned “Baby” Halloween Challenge.

Halloween Howlers by WildwingSuz
Though no longer with the FBI, Mulder finds out about a Dogman in northern Michigan and you know he just has to drag Scully along to check it out.

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