2018 Halloween Challenge

2018 Abandoned "Baby" Halloween Challenge

Your challenge:

Write a story set on any Halloween night that is about a case of mistaken identity. Specifically a person has called the police, claiming to have seen or heard an abandoned baby. The X-Files crew are called in to assist the police when it turns out not to be a human infant. Instead it's [insert one of the beasties featured on this site]. Was it a case of a simple mistake on the part of the reporter, or something more sinister? And more importantly, what was it, and what do the X-Files characters do with it?

Note I: Crossovers are allowed

Note II: While normal human babies are not allowed, your creature can be a baby whateveritis

No word count, no genre requirements, and please send your fic, or a link to it on AO3, FFnet, Tumbler etc, to xfbumpinnight@mulderscreek.com by the time the clock strikes midnight your-time on October 30. Wips okay for linked stories. No word count requirements.

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