360 Maple Grove by Riva
A present-day case causes Scully to remember a childhood experience with an apparition of evil.

Acima Das Estrelas by Spooky Jr.
Mulder and Scully follow a case, which leads them to Colorado. When their plane crashes, they are left stranded and hurt on a mountain in the middle of a blizzard. A young girl who supposedly survived the crash is found seemingly unharmed. Toughing it out with the agents, it's now a fight for their lives. But there's something about this young girl the agents are unaware of...

After I Have Dreamed by Tara Avery
The agents investigate a missing persons case only to realize that the nightmares Scully has been suffering from may be an X-File in their own right.

All Hallowtide by Tess
"Promise me, we'll never go to another haunted house. It never turns out well for us."

Amaranthine by Marcia Elena
Everything dies. Or does it?

Angel by Humbuggie
A love affair can often turn into something ugly. When it does, Mulder and Scully are called in to resolve a possible ghostly case file and get caught in the crossfire. Very much so.

Anthony: Book II by Clare Skinner
Anthony and Walt Skinner slowly adjust to life without Clare. But as Walt struggles to regain his equilibrium, will he lapse into complacency and fail to remember the danger that still abounds?

Anthony: Book V by Clare Skinner
This time, Walter Skinner knew he was in hell -- and as far as he was concerned, it was his own fault. His worst nightmare had come to pass ... and he had no more than two weeks to find the abducted, cherished members of his family before they would suffer certain, horrifying death.

Apparition by Mystic
You can guess, it's a ghost story, by the title.

Apparitions by sandee
Scully gets a visit.

[External Link] At A Loss For Words by Karen Rasch
A relationship tale with an XFile included.

Backlash by Joann Humby
Mulder and Scully are still on the run but time's running out.

Basketball Therapy by Kel
Set shortly before Tithonus, this story explores life in the bullpen, where tedium and background checks are the order of the day. When Scully gets drawn into an investigation at a Maryland hospital, Mulder gets trapped in a deadly hostage situation.

Bloody Mary by Alcott
"You've always thought I didn't believe in the supernatural, Mulder," she said. "The truth is, I just...deny it."

The Blue Boy by Carol Ann
Mulder and Scully investigate the ghost of a small boy who might date back to civil war days.

Bootleggers by adhokk7
It's 2021 and for the last ten years no one has seen or heard from Fox Mulder... Until now.

Broken Glass by Annette Gisby
A Halloween romance, or is it?

Bump in the Night by MystPhile
A Halloween/Birthday/Ghost/Love story

Call of the Wild by Tammy P.
Krycek becomes part of an X-File that has nothing to do with the Conspiracy.

Cassadaga by Foxy
Casefile about a real town in Florida called Cassadaga. Mulder and Scully visit a town of mediums to investigate a series of bizarre murders. In the process, Scully meets the spirit of someone from her past, and does some soul searching.

Cats by Humbuggie
Notes by agent Fox Mulder.

Cats and Cross-dressers by beduini
A Halloween tale within the Hurricane Season Universe.

[External Link] Change of Venue by Orithain
Not even finding a house is easy for Mulder and Krycek.

Chantilly Lace by Corinne Hansen
A haunting and recurring nightmare of Mulder's death causes Scully to think she's losing her mind.

Chindee by hozra
Mulder combines a 'vacation' with investigating reported sightings of ghosts and people disappearing without a trace and ends up finding more than he bargained for. When the trip turns deadly and Mulder fails to appear for work, Scully and Skinner must find him before time runs out.

Clara's House by C. L. Hutchins
The haunted home of a queen of the silent screen comes under scrutiny when declared a historical site, and it is Mulder and Scully who must investigate the numerous deaths which have occurred in the house's history.

Cows and Cell Phones by Megan Reilly and Mystic
Scully leaves the X-Files and buys a haunted house.

The Curse by Jessica Zyvarek Taylor & eponine119
Mulder house-sits for a family friend.

Daisy Mae by Myriss
Friendship transcends any boundaries.

Dancing In The Shadows by Mort
How do you tell the truth from the lies, when the truth is the biggest lie of all? KF W YR

The Dare by Neoxphile
Set in theOnly Broken Universe. William's younger brothers find more trouble than they bargained for Halloween Night 2016.

Dark Places by Michelle Blankenship
Mulder and Scully investigate the death of an FBI trainee and find themselves drawn into a conspiracy. (X-Files/The Shining)

Dark Walks by Sara Laipis
An answer to the Halloween ghost challenge. Krycek is visited.

Daughters by Donna
Scully tries to help someone else's daughter.

Day of the Dead by Megan E. Kennedy
Mulder takes shelter in a mysterious church on thewrong night of the year...

Dead Man's Curve by tabulaxrasa
Halloween. Snickers. Ghost stories. Dead Man's Curve.

Deus ex Machina by Obfusc8er
A dark entity threatens an unconditional love triangle.

The Devil House by Angharad
Mulder and Scully travel to Kansas to investigate reports of satanic rituals at the 'Devil House' but the House holds an unexpected surprise.

A Dispirited Occupation by Cincoflex
We Came, we Saw, We Kicked its Ass!

Do You See Them? by Humbuggie
Mulder is the only one who can see them. But is he willing to sacrifice anything to help them?

Don't Go Down There by D Agnew
Mulder and Scully investigate a house where it's Halloween year round, and Scully reveals a secret she's been hiding for years.

Dragons of The Pale by Sheryl Martin
Yep, it's Halloween... so curl up tight with your favorite person and sit around the fire, folks... and dibs on the rice krispie squares...

Draw Down the Moon by Jeana Tooms
A good man cannot be defeated by temptation. Can he be defeated by despair?

Dungeons by Donna
A little Halloween gift, after visiting the Provost's Dungeon in Charleston, South Carolina.

El Dia Muerta by fran58
Midnight callers, a dead assassin, and things that go 'boo' in the night.

En Veritae by mimic117
Scully's still missing and Mulder's lost in a snowstorm looking for her. Is his shelter from the storm all it seems?

Evil Will Walk Once More by Xfairy
Anyone know Phantasmagoria? Mulder and Scully encounter an ancient and evil spirit...

Excuses, Excuses by shabby chic
Mulder and Scully stop over at an old hotel that is rumored to be haunted by aphrodisiac spirits.

Even Thieves and Scoundrels by Barmaid
Waking in the middle of the night, Marita finds herself lured by thoughts of a simpler life.

Faith in Believing by J. Ackerson
Mulder goes to church during a crisis of faith and receives a visit from a higher power.

Faith in Believing Too by J. Ackerson
Still reeling from recent events, Scully goes to church and receives a visit from a higher power.

A Faith Lost by Joylynn Wing
Mulder and Scully are on the hunt for an elusive X-File. However, in the end, they learn that they are searching for a lot more than just a ghost.

The Family G-Man series by FelineFemme and Neoxphile
What if Mulder could go back and change things, save the son one lost and give the other the family she wanted- Could it keep them safe?

Fantome: The Curious Case of the Bureau Ghost by Beagle
Scully's strange waking visions lead Mulder, Skinner, TLG and many more in pursuit of the semi- legendary "Bureau Ghost," a mysterious evil genius with a special interest in Dana Scully. All this, and Scully gets her own office too. Just who is that masked man, anyway?

Fear by Gen
Kris retells a Halloween horror story involving the ghost of a madman.

Fear is Not the End of It by Humbuggie
A year ago, Mulder arrested a serial killer who died since. Now his wife is found brutally murdered. Did the killer's ghost come back, or is there a more down-to-earth reason for the murder?

Finding Zuzu's Petals by Katvictory
Even when he knows it will bring him trouble, Mulder cannot ignore a call for help.

Flesh Belonging by Beguile
Doggett and Reyes are pursued by a dangerous spirit prepared to kill them.

Flight of the Spirits by Megan D

The Forsaken by Foxglove
Legend has it that whenever a full moon falls on the anniversary of the Siena's sinking, several lights can be seen out in the dark waters off Prince Edward Island. These lights are nearly always a precursor to some misfortune befalling the descendants of the surviving crew." Can M&S stop the curse?

Friendly by Tick
A crossover...

The Fright House by Audrey Roget
When the legendary White House spectres start acting up, who ya gonna call?

[External Link] From Starlight by Discordia
First there were ghosts, but no bodies. Now there are bodies.

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by Jenna Tooms
Scully comes to Mulder with a wound only he can heal.

Genius Loci by RedMuseum
While investigating an unusual haunting in Louisville, Kentucky, Mulder and Scully find themselves in the middle of a battle between heaven and hell. Meanwhile, as the smoke clears from the fifth season openers, the Corsortium enlists a bizarre man to remove some loose ends.

The Girl Under the Bridge by Donna
Can a ghost's family help them?

The Ghost and the Darkness by Kristyn Collins
A ghost decides to talk the agents into a little romance.

[External Link] The Ghost Files by DarkPoltergeist
Mulder needs a special favor and is convinced that only a powerful spirit can help him with what he needs; but first he has to prove that spirit exists in the form of one Captain Daniel Gregg; formerly of Schooner Bay, Maine. And what happens if he finds the ghost?

The Ghost in the Corner, or Moving On (For Real, This Time. I Promise) by Clementine

Ghost of a Chance by LavenderJade
After 'Avatar, ' Skinner moves into a new apartment, but a previous resident hasn't quite moved out yet.

The Ghost of Millcreek Inn - book I by Jacquie LaVa and Tess
She felt the familiar, haunting ache of her loss and the renewed stirring of a love stolen from her too soon.

The Ghost of Millcreek Inn - book II by Jacquie LaVa and Tess
Home from their ill-fated vacation, Mulder and Scully must find a way to deal with the emotional fallout of their encounters with Molly Sullivan or lose each other forever.

The Ghost of Ringwood Manor by Gothic Spook
A missing person. A haunted Manor. A history of haunting and a paranormal team working with the X-Files agents. A simple investigation turns into a nightmare beyond all belief.

Ghost, A Love Story by Jenna Tooms
The dead are always with us.

A "Ghost" Story by Cnsprcygrl

The Ghost of Christopher Robin by Patti Murphy
A good old-fashioned ghost story, where the spook in question may be the ghost of someone who was blessed with a famous literary name.

Ghostbusting by Susan O.
Mulder drags Scully along for some more ghostbusting.

Ghosted by Another by waterfall
While on their way to an assignment, Reyes recalls an incident from a few years before. You'd think that she'd have scarier stories to tell, but she's driving.

Ghostly Reminders by Jennifer Lyon
A series of strange deaths bring Mulder face-to-face with some very painful memories, and forces him to lay some very personal ghosts to rest.

Ghosts by Myriss

Ghosts by P. C. Rasmussen
After getting a new partner, Scully and Mulder go on a ghost hunt in a haunted house. Things don't turn out the way the expect and naturally, Mulder ends up getting hurt.

Ghosts by Viki G.
Our dynamic duo are headed to Halifax, Nova Scotia to work on a case for Skinner-of course, there is some revelations along the way...

The Ghosts of Thurmere Hall by Stephen Greenwood
A quiet vacation in England begins with a ghost hunt as Mulder and Scully investigate the paranormal activity at Thurmere Hall.

Ghostwriter by Erica M
Scully gets a visitation from a ghostly apparition and Mulder gets some sex. Could there be a connection?

Goblins and Ghosts by Jess
Mulder and Scully investigate a series of mysterious deaths affecting a family of kids, which finds Scully pensive and Mulder concerned. No real smut, lots of Mulder angst.

God! Stop Following Me Around! by Neoxphile
Mulder and Scully are convinced that there's something, anything, paranormal about my life. They pester me about it. Frequently.

Golden Chances by Gina Rain
Mulder. Scully. Atlantic City. Gambling. Disorganized crime. Psychics. Spirits. Soul mates. Take your pick. It's all in there.

Gray Fine Line by sqira a.
I wanted to believe.

Gray Ghosts by Keleka
Mulder and Scully do some ghost-busting at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Oh yeah, and then there's the romance. :-)

The Great Baseball Prodigy of Caribou Cove by Susanna Starz
William moved through a nightmarish landscape of a world onthe brink of madness, feeling like a stranger to his own history.

[External Link] The Guilt Won't Haunt You Forever by genderqueer_batman
When a 15-year-old boy is haunted by the poltergeist of his dead sister, the only way he can find them both peace is to confront his grief and the guilt that he caused her death. Alternatively, in which a favor for a friend forces Mulder and Scully to actually talk about their feelings for once in their goddamn lives.

Halloween by kawaiidragonfoe821
This is a little Halloween-themed one shot following Mulder and Scully's adventures when they are invited to go on a ghost hunt with a group of paranormal researchers.

Handprints by Tami
The little child shall lead them.

Hannah's House by dtg
A stormy night, a ghost story and herb tea.

Haunted by Spooky
A serial killer vows vengeance from beyond the grave, entangling Mulder in a fight for his life against an enemy he cannot see.

Haunted by TearsOfTheHeart
This is a piece based on a made up character named Darien who can see spirits. Some of them aren't too happy. They use her. Mulder and Scully are given the case. Mulder becomes close to the girl.

Haunted House by Analise
Mulder and Scully find themselves taking shelter from a storm in a storybook haunted house.

Haunted Spirit by Traveler
Mulder and Scully find they're not the only residents in their shared townhouse.

[External Link] The Haunted Tale by zephiey
Skinner and Scully are drawn by ghostly forces to a haunted house to unravel a 100 year old mystery and to finally acknowledge their feelings for each other.

Haunting by GhostlyAddiction
"I think that for now, I just want to sleep. But, if anything happens tonight you can come over tomorrow, and play ghostbuster."

Here's To You, Mrs. Robinson by Amy
A headtrip with everyone's favorite Oedipal scapegoat, Mulder's mom! (Close your jaw.)

Heart by PirateAngel1286
An X-Files/POTC Crossover. The agents have a week off and are spending it in the Caribbean. There they discover the ghost of a beautiful lady waiting to be with her husband.

The Hitchhiker by Olivia
Road trips and an X-File of the non-alien kind.

Home by the Sea by Virtie
Mulder investigates a haunted house with Diana at his side, but Scully isn't far behind.

The House of Hope is Built on Ash by M. Sebasky
Marita is stuck in a moment and she can't get out.

How the Ghosts Stole Christmas by Kindli
What if... it was really Krycek with Mulder at the haunted house on Christmas eve, and not Scully.

[External Link] And if I make my bed in Sheol by threeguesses
Mulder becomes his own X-File.

Into the Coming Night by Sheena
Fox Mulder has an obsession.

Just Like Old Times by Christine Francis
On an investigation, Scully meets an old school friend who has a haunting problem. Mulder offers to help, but ends up getting "haunted," too.

Last Light by Agents Haines and Willis, Marmalade Squad
After being injured in a car crash, Mulder and Scully realize that the cabin they found might not be the safest place to stay.

The Light of the Soul by Snark
Can the souls of the dead heal those of the living?

The Lost Boy by Hbradley
Scully plans a solitary weekend. She uncovers a ghost and learns that some mysteries can't be resolved alone.

Lucky Lizzy by analise
As Mulder and Scully's relationship takes a turn for the worse, they are called up to Colorado on a case where nothing seems quite solid.

Megan II: I Don't Know by Gilly-Bean
Megan raised her head to the sky, her mouth opening. She kept whispering things none of them understood. Saliva started to roll down her chin and Mulder cleaned it....Megan convulsed two more times then collapsed, her eyes still opened and unfocused closed and she swallowed...

Mercury Falling by cslatton
It's 1988 and Wheeling, West Virginia has serial killer on the loose. One who kills to attract the attention of a very exclusive audience: a young, hotshot profiler named Fox Mulder. But that's not Mulder's only problem for the moment. In fact, the killer may just have to get in line...

The Mercy Seat by Bonetree
Months after the events of "City of Light," Mulder and Scully investigate a haunting by an entity that stalks a troubled woman and her husband. But what is this thing that haunts her? And haunts us all?

Monet is Melting by Politic X
If life is art, then Mulder's Chagall dances merrily through kaleidoscopes of emotion, while Scully's Monet struggles to retain passion.

Moonlight Becomes You by Jamie Greco
Mulder and Scully investigate a house along the coast of Michigan where a number of men have disappeared over the last fifty years without a trace of foul play.

Much Abides by Maggie McCain
I remember his rare, wide smile, his eyes, full of love and joy and heartwrenching trust. I will not betray those eyes.

Mulder's Creek: 09. Three Strange Days by Neoxphile
A ski trip goes off course, and strange events make everyone wonder if they're alone in building they pick to shelter them from a blizzard.

Music Box by Sara Dobie
Mulder and Scully investigate a series of suspicious deaths in which the only causal link is a number of beautiful dolls.

[External Link] A Nice Trip to the Forest by Vickie Moseley
Mystical woods, rampaging creatures, just another day in the X-Files division.

Nightwatch by Alysswolf
Mulder does a favor for an old friend with a problem -- the pirate ship the friend dug up from the ocean floor may have come with a ghost.

Non Fidelis by Kestabrook
Mulder and Scully investigate in Probity, NY, where naughty men suffer!

[External Link] October Air by Christine Leigh
Post-series. About three years or so down the road.

October Skies by Oracle
"We'll be partying all night long, anyway," says Mulder, planning to take her home as soon as she yawns. "Right?" "You got it."

Otherworldly Violins by Foxhunt2blue
Written for the IWTB Halloween challenge October 19, 2002.

The Outsider by Alyssa Fernandez
Four brutal murders in a rural Pennsylvania county are linked by one common thread: in each case, the suspect was demonstrably elsewhere when the murder occurred. Could clones be responsible--or are the killings the work of something even more sinister? The search for answers leads Mulder to an unsettling encounter.

A Parenthesis by Aris "TGD" Merquoni
Demona tries to summon Cthulhu. Mulder and Scully travel out to the back-end of nowhere to try and stop her. Sequel to "Life Sucks, Bite Me," "Ruby," and "She's a Diamond."

Partners by LastScorpion
Did you ever notice how ghosts seemed to like Scully, and go out of their way to help her? I always figured her late father had guys looking out for her.

Past or Present? by Tamara A

The Phantom by LadySlypr
Mulder takes Scully on an assignment dealing with a ghost haunting a community recreation center.

Phase 2 by Char Priolo
Phase 2 of The project.

Possession by Dantzi Jean
Mulder and Scully go to a southern plantation to investigate some hauntings while discovering a lot about themselves.

The Power to Save Ourselves by Satina
The dead are not lost to us.

Prison of Innocents by jrfpatton
Mulder returns from an assignment to find a disoriented Scully pleading to a felony. Her imprisonment leads the agents on the torturous trail of ghostly robbers and forces them to confront demons that have always separated them.

Ravenous by Audrey Roget
Mulder has cravings, too.

The Redemption by Jude W
Mulder is possessed by the spirit of Medora Hoffman who seeks revenge for the death of her husband 150 years ago.

Refuge by Humbuggie
Mulder and Scully investigate the strange deaths of a few people in a small town, while exploring new lengths in their own relationship. When the case turns into a spooky tale, Scully is forced to face the facts that she might forever lose her partner if she's not willing to look into the paranormal.

Resurgam by Ophelia
Something very angry is haunting a tiny graveyard on the Vineyard.

Return to The House on Haunted Hill by Cheri
Mulder and Scully investigate the house on haunted hill after the disappearance of two teenagers.

Ring the Bells by Humbuggie
Ring ring the bells/Wake the town/Everyone is sleeping/ Shout at the crowd/Wake them up/This anger's deeper than sleep -- James

[External Link] Room 217 by pearlydewdrop
Mulder convinces Scully to go with him on a romantic weekend the famous haunted Stanley Hotel in Colorado.

Shades by CiCi Lean

Schreck Mansion Blues by P.C.Rasmussen
On Halloween, Mulder goes exploring on his own and Scully ends up having to face some pretty strange things to save him from certain doom.

Seeing Is Believing by Gothic Spook
The agents are young college students and Mulder takes the four of them to a haunted house to scare them. Things don't quite go as planned.

[External Link] Shady Rest by Kestabrook
Mulder and Scully journey to an upstate NY town to solve a mystery -- is a ghost plaguing an old hotel?

Silent Hill by Rose Campion
In the unsure hand of a child, crude loops and wavering lines was scrawled a note. "Daddy," it read,"You said someday we could go back to Silent Hill but we never did. Now I'm here all alone. Luke."

Soulbound by Wildafox0619
Written for the Die Another Way Haven 500 words challenge

Soul Eater by Xenith
Excerpt from Scully's Journal, found abandoned in the woods: I am leaving this book inside my backpack and will mark it with a fabric flag in the hope that someone will find it. I have never been so afraid. I am going after Mulder and will save him if I can. If I can. To whoever finds this, there is a terrible entity in these woods which I cannot fully describe, but its touch is madness and it eats souls. Be careful of it. If you do not find us, may God protect you in this terrible place.

The Sound of Laughter by Rebecca Rusnak
When Samantha returns, Mulder finally has something to laugh about.

Spirit 01 - A Spirit of Fun by Lycana
A young woman's ghost decides that Mulder needs to straighten up.

Spirit 02 - An Ancient Spirit by Lycana
Mulder and Scully go down to Texas, only to meet up with Jessica once more.

Spirit 03 - A Spirit of Christmas by Lycana
On Christmas Eve, three spirits visit Mulder.

Spirit 04 - A Spirit of Wonder by Lycana
Mulder has a dream of majestic proportions.

Spirit 05 - Spirits and Aliens and Scully, Oh My! by Lycana
Scully visits the land of Oz.

The Spirit Can Overrule Logic by Delirium
Mulder and Scully investigate a rash of murders in Charleston involving the Historical Ghost Tours. Beliefs are tested, a strange weapon is used, and a new category in the X-Files might need to be developed.

SPOOX by The Tana-Tink Scribes
Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate a mysterious murder where the victim's insides where sucked out by what Mulder believes to be an ancient Celtic folk tale. But the agents must hurry in the investigation before this entity wipes out the whole town of Krensdale, Ohio.

Standing Guard by Patty Hayes
Mulder and Scully help an old friend of Mulder's with a problem involving ghosts and psychics.

Starkweather: In The Spirit by Scully3776 and Spookykat
What drove Special Agent John Doggett to enter into a career of public service, and how did that drive shape his choices in life? And how do all these choices fit into the redemption of the Holiday season?

Stone Drunk by rlchurch
FBI Agent uses a mystical spirit in attempts to win Scully's heart.

Strange Encounter by Chuck

Suitor by Stephanie R
A Halloween Vignette

These Walls by Sophie Skinner
Dana Scully stuck in a haunted house with John Doggett

[External Link] The Three Lost Children by Baroness_Blixen
Mulder takes Scully to an abandoned house that's said to be haunted. Scully doesn't believe in that sort of thing but then things start to get spooky.

The Third Wheel series by DavidB226Morris
After the events at El Rico Air Force Base, Mulder and Scully are reassigned to the X-Files. The catch is that another agent has been reassigned to them

Those Who Love by Sheryl Clay
Mulder believes that three deaths in Connecticut may be the work of local ghosts, and Scully contemplates the consequences of unacknowledged love.

Through Walls by bardsmaid
Trapped in a colonist holding pen, Mulder must face the only likely way out.

Torment by Piper Sargasso
Mulder and Scully investigate a home haunted by malevolent spirits.

Touched By An Angel by Agent X

Touching Eternity by Dreamshaper
Scully is either haunted or insane...and forced to make a confession

Unintended by Aenaria
They were supposed to die. All they wanted was to be at peace finally after their short, but eventful lives. For Regulus Black and Samantha Mulder, things didn't quite work out as they had intended. A Harry Potter/The X-Files crossover, set in a universe defined by Good Omens, Life on Mars, and Ashes to Ashes, and the sequel to "The Consequences of Bloody Manchester" (currently found on, but will be posted here eventually).

Unquiet Grave by mimic117
"Death in itself is nothing; but we fear to be we know not what, we know not where." - John Dryden

Vacation At Hall Manor by Kathy Foote
Mulder and Scully enjoy a restful vacation at Hall Manor...or do they?

The Vardoger by Corinne Hansen
"I'm inclined to think we are all ghosts--every one of us." ---Henrik Ibsen

Vicious Aloysius by Allison J.
Scully and Mulder chase down a vengeful ghost in wintry Northern Montana.

[External Link] Warden by Pita1013
The renovation of an abandoned prison is halted by the disappearance of the workers. Maybe the jail is not as empty as they thought.

Watcher by Kris in Seattle
A young blind/deaf/mute girl is able to communicate with her dead twin sister.

Wa-a-ay Out There by Gozer
Mulder and Scully and the Real Ghostbusters meet in the swamps of New Jersey, investigating… swamp gas?!?

We Have Always Lived In The Castle by Speed and Junior
Mulder goes ghost hunting and finds much more than he bargained for.

A Week in the Country by Xenith
Mulder and Scully take some needed time off after a rough case and find more than they expected in an old house.

What is Essential by Emma Brightman
Halloween, 1997. "What is essential is invisible to the eye."

Whistlewood by Deb Longley
Trapped in a decrepit house on Halloween, Mulder witnesses the events of its horrific past.

Winterlong Series by Neoxphile
On December 22nd, 2006 the invasion starts, resulting in many dead and an endless winter. These are the stories of those who survive to raise the generation left behind.

The X-Files First Cases - Ghost Hotel!!! by HMR Blockhead
The first episodes of the X-Files you never saw.... because they were horribly embarrassing. Suffice to say, the writer was fired and Chris Carter has made the X-Files what we know today.

Familiar Spirits

Again - A Ghost Story by CiCi Lean
"We're fine." If I'd known those were going to be my last words...I should have done better.

Always by Aoife
The aliens have finally come to invade the world. Told from a different point of view than normal. Follows from Closure.

Always and Forever by Jenny Chism
Mulder's death forces Scully to come to terms with her beliefs.

Apparition of Life by J.M.Brazil
An image appears to Mulder after Scully's death to help him through the ordeal.

At Arms Length by Tirduj
A childhood friend of Luke Doggett's becomes the center of a case for Monica and John.

Bearing Crosses by SueBee
There is a thin line between joy and pain. Sometimes, both are felt at the same time.

Black and White Make Red by Jenna Tooms
Familiar elements make an unexpected equation.

But The Kite-String Broke by Neoxphile
The Lone Gunmen discover that being heroes only began with their deaths. Heaven has plans for them...

Chez Scully by Livia Balaban
After Spender's unexpected visit in "Closure," we discover that Scully has finally accepted the role of unwelcome intruders into her life. And home.

Conversations With the Dead by Lisa DaFoe
Scully receives a visit from Mulder's ghost twenty years after his death. There is a small element of M&S romance.

Coventry Carol by Neoxphile
"And ever morn and day/For thy parting neither say nor sing/By, by, lully, lullay."

Emily by Jack10

Existence-Challenged by RhymePhile
Sam and Dean Winchester get called to the FBI offices to investigate the claim that a very familiar one-armed ghost walks the halls.

Forever Morning by TexxasRose
We had the funeral yesterday morning.

Ghost Series: 01. The Ghost in Her Life by Joyce
An accident radically changes the partnership between Mulder and Scully while opening Scully up to extreme possibilities.

Ghost Series: 02. The Ghost At Her Side by Joyce
Scully gets a new partner while trying to cope with the ghost of her old one.

Ghost Series: 03. The Ghost in the Dark by Joyce
Mulder celebrates his first Halloween as a ghost.

Ghost Series: 04. The Ghost Who Came in From the Cold by Joyce
Mulder and Scully face a serial killer who just won't quit. An old friend shows up to help.

The Ghost in My Bed: An X-Files Tale by xfactore
Warning: Mulder is dead in this story

Ghost of a Chance Avalon and Marie Endres
A phone call from his estranged wife forces Agent Doggett to confront his demons, dragging Mulder and Scully along with him into the abyss.

Ghost of a Chance by Megaera
Sequel toKrycek and Mulder (Deceased).

Hallowe'en Spirit by Josan
Skinner has a "spirit"-ual experience.

Goshen by Bonetree
A harrowing night in the Virginia mountains makes Mulder and Scully relive parts of their past and rethink their future.

Hallowe'en Spirit by Josan
Skinner has a "spirit"-ual experience.

[External Link] The Haunting of Dana Katherine Scully by Sarie_Fairy
FICTOBER Day 24 - Prompt: “sometimes you can even see”

Having the Time of My Afterlife by livengoo
Sitting here in the morgue with a hole in his chest. He didn't want to think about what he was remembering but he did know that this was not the run of the mill shooting in Washington, DC.

How Does A Real Fairytale End? by Rev. Anna
Given Skinner, an apple, a highway of my own choosing, Mulder PTSD, a haunting, April 2003, cognac and fairytale in the title, what else would my response to X-OK's first challenge be but a Skinner to the rescue?

I See Dead People by XFWRITER
Meet Sean, a young, and disturbed little boy who can see dead people. Among them are John and Monica. They don't know that they are ghosts until no one else can see them. But are John and Mon dead?

If Only in Spirit by Christine L
Scully must accept that Mulder is really dead. Or is he?

I'm Your Angel by Mandi K.
Mulder and Scully ignore their moody 7-year-old daughter and she finds a heavenly friend.

In My Secret Life
A boy and his ghosts.

Inheritance by Sheryl Martin
On Halloween, anything can happen...

Krycek and Mulder (Deceased) by Megaera
Mulder dies in the first few paragraphs of the story, then spends some time irritating Krycek.

Melissa's Christmas by Megan Reilly
Scully tries to deal with the loss of her sister Melissa during the Christmas holidays.

Metaphorically by Flutesong
October 31, 2003 Nick Zone: Halloween/Dia de los Muertos challenge

Miss the Dance by Diana W.
Mulder copes with the death of his wife - with help. Is it her ghost or his imagination?

Not-Quite Daughter by Gwinne
She's not surprised to see Emily bouncing at the foot of her bed, asking if she can have pancakes for breakfast.

Not Your Typical Fairytale Ending by
"Visits from the dead? You mean ghosts? You can't be serious..."

Now That I'm Dead by Megadee
Pendrell is granted a few hours on earth to tie up some loose ends.

Open Fields by Kailee W.
Picks up where Closure left off: Mulder shows Scully where he saw Samantha.

Our Hearts Will Go On: The Ghost And Mrs. Mulder by Jessye

the Resurrection series by Neoxphile
Not everyone who dies stays dead.

Samantha's Closure by Lakota
Mulder had his closure but did Samantha have hers?

Scully and Clyde by MystPhile
Despite herself, Scully is drawn into discussion with an apparition.

The Seamy Side of Fairytales by M. Sebasky
Our dead do not rest, Scully.

[External Link] Silver Bells and Cockle Shells by threeguesses
William meets a girl in the garden.

Snow Angels by Angel

Soft You Tread by Karrren
Mulder reflects at Scully's grave when things take a supernatural turn.

Spirit Being by kirsten_xf
Being dead isn't what it used to be...

Starkweather's Creek by Scully3776 and Neoxphile
Mulder Leary finds himself somewhere he never imagined- the X-Files office, where no one has ever heard of Capeside. How will he get home if no one believes his home exists? Starkweather and Doggett have their theories... and Fox Mulder has *his*.

Stories For Dead Children by Neoxphile

Telephones by cucumberspy

Ten Steps to Wellness by Dana Katherine Scully

Things to Do in the FBI When You're Dead by Pyrephox18
Spender reflects on life and death.

This is my Life by crookshanksthe1st

An Unexpected Surprise by xphilernj
*I can't breathe.* As he looked into her glistening eyes, the only thought was, *I can't breathe.*

Unfinished Business by StrBuck99
As a spirit, Mulder makes a promise to remain with Scully until he can let her know just how he feels.

Vision by Kati Spinelli
Scully gets a late night visitor.

[External Link] Waiting In Tangier by Deslea R. Judd
"He says that he loves her, but maybe it's just the breeze."

Why Aren't You Here? by Cadi K
In the distant future, Mulder blunders through life without his partner to guide him.

Winter Dreams by Ruuger
Reyes after the world has ended. A post-colonization ghost story.

Without You by MJ
A little boy sits up in bed. His face is calm and patient as he cries out,"Mommy!" but his mommy doesn't come.

The Worst Halloween Ever by Linda and Alisha
It was a dark and stormy night....

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