TITLE: Four Days: XF/Buffy crossover
AUTHOR: Sister Moon
WRITTEN: July 2000
KEYWORD: MSR, Crossover with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (this is actually more of a guest appearance by Buffy than a full-blown melding of the two shows' characters-don't wanna mislead ya!)
ARCHIVE: Yes, but please let me know where it's going
DISCLAIMERS: All X-files and Buffy characters belong to Fox not me; I'm doing this for fun, not for profit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This story is set not long after the XF episode "Detour", so Buffy is still in high school. The rest of XF's season 5 and seasons 6-7 in their entirety do not exist in my world of denial <g>, so I suppose this should be taken as "alternate universe"

Thank you for the inspiration, Mairead. This one's for you.........

The doorman at the Bronze nightclub eyed Mulder and Scully suspiciously as he let them in. Mulder heard Scully groan as they studied the impossibly young looking crowd inside.

"Mulder, we've got at least fifteen years on everyone in this place."

"Well if you'd worn a shorter, tighter skirt and higher heels like I suggested, you wouldn't be standing out like a sore thumb," he teased her.

Scully glanced at Mulder's dark blue business suit and sedately patterned tie. "Oh yeah, you blend right in, Mulder," she replied sarcastically.

The band on stage started playing a loud, disjointed fusion of rock and hip hop, and the teenage crowd gyrated to it enthusiastically.

"Wanna dance?" Mulder joked.

"Ask me again when they play some actual music."

Mulder leaned down to her. "You are *such* an 'L7', Scully." He saw her biting her lip to hide her smile.

A slender, petite blonde girl walked up to them. "Can I help you two, you look ...........lost."

The auburn-haired girl next to her added timidly, "In a 'fish out of water' kind of way."

"We're here looking for a young woman," Mulder answered.

"You've come to the right place," the young man standing with the two girls muttered to himself.

"What's this young woman's name? Maybe I know her," the blonde asked helpfully.

"We don't *know* her name," Scully said wryly, shooting Mulder a look.

"I'll know her when I find her," Mulder said confidently. "But thank you anyway."

The blonde girl shrugged. "No problem. Good luck." She and her two friends walked off.

"Mulder, this is crazy, how are we supposed to find this alleged 'vampire slayer' when we don't know her name or even a vague description of what she looks like?"

"She's here, Scully. My sources tell me that she's here---"

"Who are these 'sources'?"

"'Secret' sources," Mulder whispered to her melodramatically.

"Of course." Scully rolled her eyes, then her attention was distracted by someone in the crowd. "Wait a minute, Mulder.........I think I might see your girl. Check out 'Vampira' over there."

Mulder followed Scully's gaze and saw a black-haired Amazon of a girl standing by the bar. She was as young as the others in the club, but was wearing a bizarre black leather bodysuit and spiked heels which made her nearly a head taller than all the girls in the place and many of the guys. He felt Scully poking her elbow in his ribs.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you it's impolite to stare, Mulder?"

The hairs on the back of Mulder's neck raised when the girl turned and looked directly at him and the corners of her lips turned up in a smile.

She sauntered towards them, turning the eye of every male in the club as she sashayed by. When she reached Mulder and Scully, she stood directly in front of Mulder, meeting his gaze head on; she was as tall as he was.

"You lookin' for somethin', honey?"

"I might be," Mulder said evenly as he discreetly flashed her his I.D.. "I'm Special Agent Mulder----this is my partner, Agent Scully."

The girl smirked at Scully condescendingly and turned her attention back to Mulder. "And that concerns me-*how*?"

"We're investigating a series of suspicious deaths around Sunnydale that have shown signs of vampirism, and we're asking around the area to see if anyone can give us any insights---"

The young woman burst out laughing. "*Vampires*? Mister, you've been reading too many comic books. You *are* joking, right?"

"I'm afraid not, miss. You haven't heard anything about it? It's gotten a lot of local press recently."

"No, I haven't," she answered abruptly. "I'm new around here. I can't help you. Sorry." She walked back over to the bar and was immediately surrounded by eager admirers.

Mulder stared after her. "She's lying, Scully........even if she's not the Slayer, she knows something she's not telling. Keep an eye on her, will you? I've gotta hit the men's room. Don't let her out of your sight."

"I won't."

When Mulder came out of the restroom a few moments later, both Scully and the girl were gone.

After thoroughly searching the club and going as far as peeking his head in the women's restroom and calling Scully's name, he still hadn't found her. He headed outside to the parking lot to look further. Just as he reached his and Scully's rental car and peered inside to find it empty, the black-leather clad girl walked up to him.

"Hey Charlie Brown-you lookin' for the little red haired girl?" she teased.

"I'm looking for my *partner*," Mulder replied without amusement.

"Don't worry about her, Chuck. See, I have a partner too and he's gonna take real good care of her---"

The girl ducked her head down, and when she raised it again, her face had morphed into a monstrous grimace. Her lips peeled back to reveal two sharp fangs.

"Like I'm gonna take care of *you*."

Mulder sucked in a startled breath and reached immediately for his gun. The girl smacked it out of his hand and pushed him against the car, holding him there easily with one palm against his chest.

"Danny's probably gonna be sorry he chose her-she's a puny little thing, barely a snack. *You* on the other hand........." Her gaze traveled down to his feet and back up again to his face. "You're a feast."

"Tell him to let her go then."

"This ain't fishing, Chuck; we don't throw the small ones back. We take whatever we can get."

Mulder kept his voice steady with false bravado. "Just let her go and you can do whatever you want with me. Take me to her."

"Awww. Now *that's* touching. That's true love. That gets me right here." She thumped herself on the chest, then leaned closer to him. "You're gonna be sorry you asked for that, Chuck. Cuz now I *am* gonna bring you to her-and I'm gonna make you *watch*."

She took hold of his arm and the back of his jacket with a vise-lip grip and pushed him roughly along with her. Someone stepped directly into their path, stopping them short. Mulder realized it was the small blonde girl he'd spoken to inside the Bronze.

"Is there a problem?" she asked lightly.

"No problem," the vampire smiled coolly, her face returned to its normal human form. "Just out with a friend. Wanna join us?"

"Oh yeah? I'm out with a friend too." She reached into the handbag at her waist and pulled out a pointed wooden stake. "His name's Mr. Pointy...we go everywhere together." The vampire shoved Mulder towards the girl and backed away in fear. The girl adeptly stepped around Mulder and grabbed the hissing vampire by the shoulder. "Say hello to the nice lady, Mr. Pointy," she said as she forcefully stabbed the stake into the vampire's heart, reducing her to instant ashes.

Mulder looked at her with his mouth agape. "*You're* The Slayer?"

"Yeah, well, you can't judge a book, yadda yadda yadda," the girl said dryly as she nonchalantly dusted vampire ashes off the stake and returned it to her bag. "Is that who you were looking for in The Bronze?"


"Well you found me. What do you want?"

Mulder pulled out his I.D. to show her. As the girl's eyebrows raised, she muttered in bewilderment, "Feds?"

"I don't have time to explain," Mulder said tensely, "One of them has my partner."


"I'm not sure, but this one was taking me to them in this direction."

As they headed towards a park across the street, both of them snapped to alert attention when they heard sounds of a struggle behind a cluster of bushes and they hurried towards it.

Mulder's heart sank into his stomach in horrified shock when he saw a tall, gaunt male vampire holding Scully upright as he sucked from a bleeding wound at her neck. Scully was still conscious, her eyes wide with fright. Her fingers clutched at her throat and one of them hooked around the gold chain there and pulled her cross free from under her blouse. Mulder saw her touch the cross to the vampire's chin, sending him reeling back from her with a cry of pain.

Mulder ran to Scully and caught her swaying body before she could hit the ground. He sat her down gently, crouching next to her, and pulled out his handkerchief to dab at the two raw looking puncture marks on her neck. He heard the Slayer scuffling with the vampire behind him, but he kept his attention focused on Scully. She was staring at him dazedly, her lips moving without sound. Mulder brushed her hair back from her pale face. "Scully, are you alright? Do you know who I am?" When her eyes started to flutter closed, he slapped her face lightly. "Don't do that, Scully, stay with me.......Scully?"

The confusion in her eyes cleared, then tears welled in them. "Mulder? He *bit* me..........oh my God." Mulder moved closer to Scully and wrapped his arms around her, rocking her comfortingly while she clung to him tightly.

The Slayer knelt down next to them and touched the bloody wound at Scully's neck gingerly. "Is she gonna be alright?" Mulder whispered to her, feeling sick with fear. He swallowed heavily when the young girl met his eyes and he saw the pity in her look.

"Don't talk about me like I'm not here," Scully sniffled against Mulder's chest, then raised her head to look at the girl. "I remember you---we met you inside the club."

"She's the Vampire Slayer," Mulder told her, then turned to the girl. "I didn't get your name----"

"I didn't give it. It's Buffy," she answered as she slipped a chiffon scarf from around her neck and tied it loosely around Scully's, hiding her wound. Scully murmured, "Thanks."

"'S okay."

"You really exist. I didn't believe it was possible," Scully stated weakly.

"Until a year ago, I wouldn't have believed it either," Buffy smiled sympathetically.

"You've had a lot of experience with this kind of thing, then."

"More than I care to remember."

"Then you can tell me what's going to happen to me."

When Buffy lowered her eyes to the ground, Scully added, "Tell me the truth. I need to know what to expect. Am I going to become........one of *them*?"

"Honestly, I can't tell you for sure; I don't know how much blood he took before we reached you. The fact that you're still conscious is a good sign. But if he was able to get enough of it..........." her voice trailed off in unspoken affirmation.

Scully's voice was trembling when she spoke again. "When will I know for certain?"

"The symptoms are usually gradual over the first couple of days........your senses would become powerfully heightened, almost overwhelmingly so. You would see and smell things you'd never noticed before. You might become feverish and restless at night. The most pronounced symptom is sensitivity to sunlight. The full change would take four days to complete. If you've become one of them, and you're exposed to sunlight on the fourth day after you've been bitten......it will be fatal."

Mulder felt Scully's body sinking further against him, and he tightened his hold on her. "It's *not* gonna happen, Scully," he murmured in her ear.

"During the next four days, I'd recommend that you're not alone at night. Someone should be with you the whole time."

"She won't be alone," Mulder said firmly. "I'm not gonna leave you," he whispered to Scully. He pressed his lips into her hair and held onto her protectively.

Mulder was in Scully's motel room sitting on her bed when she came out of the bathroom, freshly showered and wrapped in a bathrobe. There was a small gauze bandage on her neck. She had refused to go to a hospital, asking Mulder to take her to a drugstore instead where she'd bought first aid to treat herself.

She walked over to Mulder and held out a closed fist. When she opened it, he saw her gold cross necklace lying in her palm. "I want you to wear this, Mulder."


"I need to know that you'll have some protection against me----if it should come to that."

"It won't."

"Just in case it does, Mulder. Turn around."

He turned his back to her and she fastened the clasp around his neck. He felt her fingers rifle through his hair, then he heard her say softly, "Don't take it off, no matter what happens, okay?"


She sat down on the bed next to him, her head lowered. "I have to ask you for something else, Mulder. I don't want to ask it, but it's important."

"What is it, Scully?"

She covered his hand with hers. "I need you to promise me, that if I start to become one of them and I try to attack you or anyone else, you will use the stake that Buffy gave us----and stop me."

Mulder swallowed a painful lump in his throat. "Scully----"

"Mulder, I know how much I'm asking of you and I'm sorry. I wish more than anything that I didn't have to. But I can't bear the thought of living like that. I would rather die. Please, Mulder. Promise me you'll help me."

He stared miserably at their joined hands, wanting to refuse her but knowing he couldn't. He decided right then that if he *did* have to kill Scully, he wouldn't have to live with his guilt and grief for very long. He intended to eat his gun immediately afterwards if it came to that.

He looked up at her. "I promise."

She rubbed his hand. "Thank you, Mulder." Her voice sounded shaky with relief.

They sat side by side in silence until Mulder asked Scully if she wanted to fly home on the next plane they could get.

She shook her head. "There's no one to fly home *to*. My mom's touring Europe and you're here. There's no one else I'd want to be with right now."

Mulder put his arm around her shoulder and hugged her. "What did you have in mind then?"

A wistful look came over Scully's face. "I was just thinking while I was in the shower. Ever since my cancer went into remission, I've told myself I was gonna start living a little, but I haven't. I went right back to work instead of taking some time off to relax and just have fun. So I want to do that now, while I still have the chance."

"What would you like to do?"

"Let's drive down to San Diego in the morning. There's a hotel there I've wanted to stay in ever since I saw "Some Like It Hot" when I was a little girl."

"The Coronado."

"Yes! That's it. I think you'd like it Mulder," she teased him gently, "It's reputedly haunted."

"My kinda place," he smiled weakly. "I'll call and book us a couple of rooms. Better yet, I'll book one room with two double beds---I want to stay close enough to keep an eye on you." He stood up and walked over to the telephone and picked up the receiver. He felt Scully come up behind him and place a tentative hand on his back.

"Ask if they have a room available with a king-sized bed," she said.

He dropped the receiver back in its cradle and turned to Scully in surprise.

"There's something else I've wanted for a long time---if it's alright with you," she said quietly, bringing her hand up to caress his cheek. The heated look in her eyes was unmistakable.

Mulder caught her hand in his and kissed her palm, then rubbed her hand against the side of his face. "It's alright with me," he answered simply.

They arrived at the Hotel del Coronado the next morning and checked into an ocean front room with a balcony and a king-sized bed. They spent the next three days exploring the hotel's gigantic complex and playing for hours in the ocean outside it----swimming, jet skiing and sailing. At Scully's insistence, they also played tourist at the famous local attractions, the San Diego Zoo and Sea World. Mulder discovered a completely new side of Scully--she was like an eager child at Sea World, pulling him by the hand excitedly from one exhibit to the next. He remembered that she'd once mentioned an interest in marine biology, but she'd never shown her enthusiasm openly before this.

Each night they went back to their room and made love until Scully fell into a fitful sleep. Mulder would prop himself up on one elbow and watch her sleep, looking intently for any symptoms that she might be changing. He saw none; ironically she looked healthier than he'd ever seen her, her fair skin freckled and glowing from their hours in the sun. The marks on her neck were apparently healing, and kept well hidden with make-up.

The only indication of anything wrong was that she awoke several times a night in a panicked sweat, trembling from nightmares that she refused to tell him about. She would lie silently shaking in his arms until she fell back asleep again.

On their third evening at the Coronado, they crashed a lavish, high society wedding reception in the hotel's Grand Ballroom. After they'd stuffed themselves on filet mignon and Cristal champagne, Mulder stood up and held out his hand to Scully.

"Is this music 'actual' enough for you?" he teased, as the band began playing "The Way You Look Tonight."

"Oh yeah." She stood up and moved into his arms to dance. They stood so closely together they were more swaying than dancing. Mulder ran his open palm over Scully's bare back; she was wearing a cocktail dress with a daringly low cut back that she'd bought earlier that day. "I love this dress, Scully," he breathed into her ear as his hand roamed her warm skin.

"Mmmmm. Thanks."

He bit Scully's earlobe gently and she let out a sigh, then he kissed his way down her throat. When he started venturing lower, Scully raked her fingernails into his hair with a moan. "Mulder?"


"What do you say we swipe a bottle of Cristal and take this party back to our room?"

"We don't need the Cristal," he murmured against her skin.

"Yeah. We do," she whispered in his ear. "I want you to lick some of it off of me."

"Jesus, Scully." He covered her mouth with his and kissed her deeply, nearly whimpering out loud at the vision she'd just put in his head.

As soon as they got on the elevator to return to their room, Mulder pressed the button for their floor then backed Scully into a corner and started kissing her again. The stolen bottle of champagne hidden in his jacket fell to the carpeted floor and rolled away unbroken.

They were so lost in each other that Mulder didn't know they'd arrived at their floor until he heard a loud gasp and he and Scully turned to the open elevator door to see two elderly women gaping at them in appalled shock. When Mulder saw Scully's face flushing in embarrassment, he realized what a spectacle they were making. One of his hands was cupping Scully's breast and the other was on her thigh, inching up her dress; while both of Scully's hands had a firm grip on his ass.

They released each other and Mulder casually reached down and picked up the bottle of champagne. He took Scully by the hand and led her off the elevator, winking at the two women as they passed by them. "Evenin', ladies," he smiled at them. Mulder's eyebrows raised in surprise when one of them smiled at him and winked back.

Mulder was still awake at sunrise the next morning. It was the fourth day since Scully had been bitten. The heavy curtains at the window kept the room dim, but he could see thin bars of sunlight peeking in through the sides and the bottom.

Scully was asleep, her naked body draped across his like a blanket. When he ran his fingers down her back in a light caress, she let out a sigh against his chest then raised her head to look at him. "Hey," she smiled softly, leaning down to kiss him good morning. When they broke apart, Mulder saw her smile fade instantly as she looked over at the curtained window.

"Sun's out," she said somberly.

"It's gonna be okay, Scully." He wished he felt as convinced as he sounded.

Scully laid her head back down on his chest and hugged him. "I'm scared, Mulder," she said in a tiny voice.

"Don't be. Look at me, Scully."

When she raised her head again, he picked up the gold cross around his neck and held it between his fingers. "You've been lying on this all night---have you felt any pain?"

She shook her head "No."

"Turn on the lamp."

She stretched over and turned it on, then faced him again. He touched her face.

"And I don't see a mark anywhere on your face---the cross would have burned your skin if you were one of them. You haven't shown *any* of the symptoms the Slayer told us about."

"Sunlight is the best way to tell for sure though. I have to know. I'm going out on the balcony."

She sat up on the bed and reached down to the carpet, picking up the white t-shirt Mulder had worn under his suit the night before and slipping it over her head. She wrapped her arms around herself and stared at the window pensively.

Mulder sat up and put on his boxer shorts, then pulled Scully onto his lap and hugged her. "Know what *I'm* gonna do?"

"What?" Scully's reply was muffled against his neck.

"I'm going out to the balcony with you. And when you're convinced that you're okay, I'm gonna come back in here and make love to you, and then I'm gonna order us every breakfast item on the room service menu.......and then I'm gonna sleep for about two days."

"Oh, Mulder." Scully raised her head and brushed her thumbs along the dark circles under his eyes. "You haven't slept this entire time---have you?"

He shook his head. "I had a job to do, Scully."

"*Thank you*." She laid her palm on his cheek affectionately and pressed her lips to his.

When Mulder tasted salt water on Scully's lips, he pulled back from her and saw tears running down her face. "Oh Scully, don't. You're going to be fine. I promise."

She bit her lip hard and nodded and he saw her square her shoulders. "Okay," she said. "Let's go."

When they reached the balcony door, Mulder took Scully's hand, tangling his fingers with hers.

"Mulder, let go. I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't."

"You know what could happen when I go out there. You could be badly burned."

Mulder had seen what the sun did to vampires first hand during the Trinity case. He'd lain awake for the last three nights tormented by the possibility of it happening to Scully. But he wouldn't let his worry for her show, for her sake. "I'm not afraid, Scully. I'm not letting go," he said calmly.

She squeezed his hand. "I love you, Mulder."

He could tell by her tone that she thought she was saying it to him for the last time. He was afraid his voice would betray him if he spoke, so he leaned over and gave her a long kiss in answer.

Scully pressed her forehead against his and released a shaky breath before saying, "I'm ready."

Still gripping Scully's hand, Mulder reached over and opened the balcony door and they stepped through it into the sunlight.


END NOTE: Yep, that's it. The end. You will have to decide for yourself what happened next. I have my own thoughts about it of course, which anyone who's read my other fanfics can easily guess <g>

If you'd like to see the Hotel del Coronado's website, here is a link to it; and yes, it really *is* alleged to be haunted (check out the website's "History" in the General Information section): http://www.hoteldel.com

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