Title: Fight The Egyptian's Future
Author: alex6169
Written: December 2006
Rating: PG-13 language, violence, blood and gore.
Disclaimer: If you have not seen any episodes about the black oil irus then be warned that this is what that is about.

Other Notes: Sequel to The End of All Things. PLEASE READ THAT FIRST because this continues right from that.

So without further ado I give you Fight the Egyptian Future!!

Cairo, Egypt

A shadow stood in the temple pyramid, resurrecting what he calls a god. "You have given me and my people life. You gave this desolate place a temple of worship. Now I ask of you one more favor. Will you please make us, the Egyptians, Gods like you?" he waited for a moment, then the ground shook and the openings to the outside disappeared. The man was in darkness when he heard a thud nearby. He reached out his hand and it brushed against something hard. A stone barrier was in front of him. Then another fell behind him. He turned as another fell to his right and left. He was trapped. Then he heard a hollow thud and a sliding sound as something fell into his cubicle. He knelt down and picked up grains of sand, which slid through his fingers. He stood and felt sand up to his waist, which was quickly growing up his shoulders. Then he realized that it was not sand at all; it was oil. He screamed as oil creeped up his neck and into his mouth. He stifled his scream and closed his mouth and eyes. When he opened his eyes again tiny black tadpoles swam in them, slowly mixing into a solid black color...

Washington D.C.

Deep Throat and X walked out to a lake as the survivors of the past events See The End of All Things left. "How can we continue life like this? Millions of Americans have become a mere thousand," Deep Throat asked. "We will find a way," X said before turning and walking away. Deep Throat turned his back on the lake as a man came out of it. "You should have died a long time ago," he whispered as he held up a gun. Before Deep Throat could turn, the man shot. Deep Throat hit the ground, blood draining from his head. The man laughed and walked away...

X sat in the chair yelling protests as a man stepped toward a switch. "I did not kill Deep Throat." "You were the last one who saw the man alive and that was minutes before we found him dead," The man said as his hand hovered over the switch. At that moment a man rushed in. "He's innocent don't throw that switch." The man wore a ski mask and held a gun. The other man grasped the switch anyway and pulled it up. Electricity flowed through the chair and X gritted his teeth. "NO!" The man ran toward the executioner but was held back. "It was him. He went under the alias X and was running from the police for years." The man shot at the switch, it ricotched off, and hit the executioner's hand which he brought down on the switch. The buzz of electricity slowed to a halt and X lay limp. The man holding the intruder pulled out a gun but the intruder was faster. He shot the arm holding him back and broke free as the executioner went for the switch again. He shot and the executioner's legs buckled as he slumped to the floor. Another man went to shoot the intruder but the intruder shot out the light and the man couldn't see. By the time the place was visible again, lit by an old oil lamp, X and the intruder were gone and sitting in the chair was a bomb. Someone ran toward it but it was too late. It went off and the whole place went up in flames...

"The jail's on fire!" Mulder called out for anyone to hear. Some men came running with hoses and began dousing the flames. When it was over there was nothing left...

The man brought X down at the top of a hill. He checked his pulse, and small tumps occured rythmetically. He breathed a sigh of relief. Then he pulled off his ski mask. Underneath it was the face of Alex Krycek...

Agent Alex Brannan fingered through the remaining X-Files. Eventually he fell onto a page filled with a mix of English, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, and an alien language. He read the English. It read: Cairo, Egypt 1990. File 67760. Seth Dro, 24, dies in Egyptian pyramid on January 7, 1990. He was found buried up to the ceiling in sand. Later analysed by United States FBI agents ounces of oil were found scattered within. No cause of the falling sand has been found. Marked-Accident Alex read the next news clipping below:

June 7, 1990. File 67760. Seth Dro's body goes missing from mourge in Washigton D.C.


Alex skipped down. There were two more occurences at the same place on the same date on different years. Alex took the file and put away the rest. This was important...

Scully and Doggett sat in the basement of the FBI building. They did their best to rebuild their office. Then Alex came rushing in. "Look at this." He walked over and placed the opened file and the headline of yesterday's paper on the desk. "Look, in 1990 a man died and six months later his body disappears. Then the next year the exact same
thing happened. And again the next year. Now, i think it is happening again." The headline of the paper read "Man Dies, Buried in Oil and Sand"...

Mulder climbed atop a hill to rest after the fire and was surprised by company. He saw two men a couple yards away. He began to walk toward them...

X came to next to Alex Krycek. "Krycek!" He rolled to his feet. "You are dead." "I'm here aren't I." "I didn't kill him, Deep Throat." "I know," Alex said. "I did." Then he turned...

One man turned as Mulder came closer. The man fumbled for something in his coat pocket and brought out a gun...

"Now look who it is, Mulder. You too should have died a long time ago." Krycok slipped his finger over the trigger as Mulder drew his gun as well. Krycek closed his right eye to aim and shot...

Mulder took out his gun as he saw the man point his gun at him. The man shot as Mulder held up his gun. Mulder hesitated before shooting. The man's bullet wizzed past Mulder's head as he jumped at the last second. Mulder's bullet hit the man in the shoulder. The man slumped down and Mulder shot again...

Krycek swore as pain shot down his arm. He lifted his gun in one hand at Mulder. "Ah Shit." He said as another bullet came at him. He shot at Mulder one more time before the bullet hit him square in the chest. A blood stain grew on his shirt as he started breathing irregualarly. He fell to the ground and lay limp...

The bullet came at Mulder before he knew what hit him. He fell on the ground and looked down. His shirt was bloody and his vision was distorting. He dropped his head back and closed his eyes...

Location Unknown

"Mulder," a voice trailed inside his head, calling to him.

"Sam?"hHe asked. "Samantha is that you?"

"Mulder?" he turned around.

"Mom, dad, Sam?" he saw his family together for the first time in years.

"It's been so long, Mulder," His mother said.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"Waiting for you but now that you are here we can go home."

Home?" His father pointed up and Mulder followed it. A glorious, silver city trailed above him. He smiled and said. "Let's go home." They turned and began walking but as they did Mulder slumped to the ground and passed out...

Washington D.C., January 10

"We have a pulse," said a surgeon pulling a stretcher. The man on the stretcher started coughing and wheezing. They pulled him to a room and heaved him on a table. The man started shaking violently. The surgeons held him down. The man was Mulder. A nurse drew back the curtain as they settled Mulder down. In the bed next to Mulder was Alex Krycek...

Cairo, Egypt, January 8

A man walked in the temple pyramid. The shrine of the gods just a tunnel forward. The man got there surprised. There was a solid wall in front of him. He took out his staff and started banging the wall. After a while it dented and after that cracked. A rip appeared in the stone. He put a palm on either opening of the rip and pulled. Dust and rock fell into his face. He brushed it away and kept at it. The opening grew and sand fell everywhere. He sidestepped as sand flooded the corridor. Then a man fell onto the floor. The living man screamed. He ran to get help. Little did he know that he now carried a deadly virus. Little dots of oil, tadpole shaped liquid, crawled up his leg...

Washington D.C., January 12

After a day of intensive care, Mulder was finished suffering. He was alive, just barely. He lost a lot of blood and fractured half of the bones in his body. He slipped in and out of consciousness throughout the night they brought him in. He screamed random phrases as he did so, ranting about aliens and the future, pil and viruses. After that he didn't regain consciousness. He was recorded comatose...

On the bed next to Mulder lay Krycek. He was also barely alive. Once he recovered the FBI would take him away. The room was now heavily guarded by armed agents. A crash was heard from inside and the guards rushed in. Mulder's heart rate was unstable. One guard called for a nurse as the other pushed through the blue dividing curtain. The bed was unmade and empty, the window smashed. The guard stepped toward it and wind brushed in his face. Alex Krycek was gone...

FBI Building, Wahsington D.C., January 13

Scully and Doggett searched a map of the land surronding the county hospital. Next to it lay photos of the hospital at different angles. "Krycek was on the twelve floor there is no way an injured person could scale down a building and run away before anyone saw him," Doggett exclaimed, frustrated. Then Agent Brannan rushed in.

"Guys we have a situation." He said, exasperated...

"Man Dies of Strange Illness After Finding The Body of Seth Dro" the headline read. Alex stood waiting as the other two read the article. As they finished he jumped and began talking.

"It's the black oil isn't it? You know the stuff on the oil rig that infected all those people and almost killed Mulder. That's the illness isn't it?"

"It's possible but in Egypt?" Scully said.

"Yeah it was in the tomb."

"Wait if it got out of teh tomb and into the hospital...They send bodies here for examination all the time. It could spread throughout the U.S," Doggett said. Scully's face was frozen in terror.

"We got a body from there three days ago."...

Washington D.C. Morgue

A woman pulled out a drwer and removed the cloth. A mans face was revealed. The woman pulled up the man's eyelid. His eye was pitch black. The woman suddenly choked. Her eyes bulge as she coughed for breath but none came. Then black dots began forming in the whites of her eyes. Then she fell. Then black wriggled on the floor around her body and began crawling out the door...

Washington D.C., January 14

Mulder was conscious again. He was ready to leave. As he walked out the door, however, He fell to his knees. Two nurses rushed to his aid and pulled him back in. As they did, men in quarantine suits rushed in and grabbed the three. He injected serum into them and dragged them away...

Cairo, Egypt, January 15

Men and woman lay in the sand. Black oil slithered around. A jeep pulled up and three men walked out. One man circled around the jeep and screamed. The other two men wrapped around to check on him. He was on the ground. One man ran to him and checked his pulse.

"He's dead." The man said in a heavy Scottish accent. "We have to help him."

"It's too late, let's go." The other man said in a British accent as he opened the door of the car. The Scottish man followed and the Brit started driving before the Scot closed the door. He leaned out the door and screamed. The Brit pulled the Scot by the hair and saw that his eyes were pitch black. He kicked the Scot out of the car and closed the door. Then he drove off faster. As he reached the dock he flung open the car door and rolled out. The jeep ran off the dock and into the sea. The man then got into his boat and drove off across the sea and into Europe, little black dots crawling around the boat...

Washington D.C. Hospital, February 13

Mulder opened his eyes, After three days in a coma, he was awakened after his heart rate dropped below 20 points. Once revived, he awoke. He was now sitting in his hospital bed, getting ready to check out. He was alone in the room, the door closed. He packed his briefcase and looked over at the door. He didn't notice it but a small amount of The Black Oil Virus was sneaking through the crack in the door...

Washington D.C. FBI Basement Office

"Cairo, Egypt's population is completely desolate, it's completely empty!" Agent Brannan exclaimed. "The virus got to them and has spread. It's all over..."

London, The United Kingdom, January 17

A man ran out on the dock towards the boat. "Erikson, you better have brought back some Ancient Egyptian artifacts," the man called in a heavy Scottish accent.

He got to the boat, but Erikson was not there, there was only the dead body of a dead Brit. The man flashed his flashlight around the rest of the boat but it was too late. The virus had already climbed onto the dock. He screamed, but nobody heard him...

FBI Basement Office, Washington D.C., January 18

Agent Brannan read the headline of the World News section of the paper. "Virus Kills Thousands in London Unexpectedly, Spreading Rapidly" it read. He grimaced and threw the paper away...

January 18 Headline

"Virus Spreads Around Europe, Evacuation Started"

January 19 Headline

"Virus Infected Individuals Placed Under Quarantine, Others Evacuated"

January 20 Headline

"Quarantine Failed. Doctors, Scientists, and Patients Die"

January 21 Headline

"Evacuees Sent to Asia, Hoping for Relief"

January 22 Headline

"Asia Catches Disease"

January 23 Headline

"Evacuees Continue to Flee, Entering Africa"

January 24 Headline

"No Escape to Refugees, Virus Hits Africa"

January 25 Headline

"The Few Survivors of Killer Virus Rush to Mexico"

January 26 Headline

"Virus Survivors Denied Entrance at Mexico"

Agent Brannan stopped and read the article with interest.

Guards stationed at Mexico's ocean border denied entrance to the desperate survivors of the killer virus that has been dubbed the "Black Oil Virus" today. The guards stated that they would not risk infection of the terrible virus They stayed stationed at a safe distance while speaking to the refugees. Hosea Alejandros, a guard from the border, had this to say: "We couldn't risk it," he said. "We couldn't risk them getting in and infecting the country. It had to stop somewhere. I still pray for them nonetheless." The
refugees are currently trying to go south to South America.

July Smith


Brannan smiled. "Finally someone has taken action." He spoke to himself.

"Someone is smart enough to stop the virus. Now the rest of them need to die. It is the only way..."

February 1 Headline

"Quarantined Continents Re-Populated, Virus Killed Out."

February 4 Headline


Somewhere In Transit Between Europe and Washington D.C
1600 Miles Above The Atlantic, February 12

The plane was under heavy turbulence. That was what the flight attendant had said. The truth was that the co-pilot had been infected by the Black Oil, and the pilot was grabbing for a parachute. The virus was currently leaving the room, and entering first class. It was also crawling up the pilot's legs. He was making an emergency landing on a docking ship fifty miles off the east coast of the United States. Then the screaming began...

Docking Ship, 50 Miles Off the Coast

Two people rushed to the plane. They had tried to make contact with it with no avail. They were hoping for the best. The ship was heading to the coast, they were already on there way. One of the people, a woman, opened the door. It swung open and she screamed. The sight was horrific. Everyone was dead.

"What is it," The other person, the man said. There was no response. He went closer and turned her around. She was ghastly pale, and her eyes were slowly
swirling into a pitch black color. She fell out of his hands and fell to the ground.

"Stop the ship, don't travel to the coast. I repeat don't travel to the coast," He instructed to the captain through a transceiver. There was no response, only static. He rushed to the front of the boat, but fell to the ground halfway there. The virus had traveled up his body, and infected him...

Washington D.C., February 13

The ship had entered the country, and the plane was being towed to the airport.

The captain of the ship was the only one still alive, but he didn't know that. He was about to put his foot on dry land when he ran out of breath. The virus cut off his lungs and entered his brain. They cut that off to and he died instantly. He fell to the ground and millions of tiny oil particles wriggled into the country...

Washington D.C. Airport

People were walking in the airport as if nothing was wrong. Well that was not true. The plane had been towed to the station, and opened up. Then the virus had spread into the whole airport, exposed to over 100,000 people...

Washington D.C. Hospital

Mulder opened his eyes. After three days in a coma, he was awakened after his heart rate dropped below 20 points. Once revived, he awoke. He was now sitting in the hospital bed, getting ready to check out. He was alone in the room, the door shut. He packed his briefcase and looked at the door. He didn't notice it but there was a small amount of the black oil virus sneaking through the crack in the door. Mulder got up and walked to the door, dropping his briefcase to open the door. He didn't realize the impact that action would have. Because the virus was now entering his briefcase...

FBI Building

Mulder dropped is briefcase on his desk and took off his coat. Alex was reading the headlines, as he had done everyday since the epidemic began. Alex looked up for a second. "Open your briefcase," He said. Mulder snapped it open, confused. Brannan pulled out his gun and shot at the briefcase as it opened. The case popped up and paper flew everywhere.

"What the hell was that?" Mulder yelled. Brannan just handed him the paper and left. The headline read: "Virus Enters the U.S. First Spotted in Washington Hospital". Mulder looked at the briefcase. A pool of black liquid sat in it...

The White House, February 30

"I have ordered this conference to bring breaking news," The president was saying. "The government have controlled the Black Oil Virus. Sadly, before we were able to stop the disease, we lost four-hundred sixty-two men and woman to it. Let us bow our heads in memory of the innocent victims to the virus, here in the U.S., and all over the globe."

The press and spectators bowed their heads and remained silent.

"Thank you, that will be all." The president said, and stepped down from the podium. But as he walked away there was something wrong. A microorganism was slowly inching its way up the president's leg...

The End

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