Title: Ferotica
Author: Holmes

Summary: M/Sk/Sc threesome delights in a magical AU


They were surrounded by every shade, every nuance of green. It was in the shiny, blue green leaves of the bromeliads, in the iridescent emerald feathers of the sacred quetzal, in the powdery, pastel green scales of the tree boa twining around perfectly color coordinated vines, and in the yellow and green mosses and lichens upon the trees and rocks. So lush. So peaceful. So beautiful.

They noticed none of these things. They were too busy batting away insects, and pulling their damp clothing away from their sticky bodies. He turned and saw the exhaustion and resentment in her face from trying to keep up with his longlegged, restless pace, and smiled, motioning for her to rest at the ruins of an ancient, massive, gray stone pyramid. She nodded, and wearily plopped down on the moss-covered steps. He stared admiringly as she shut her eyes and leaned back, using her sleeping bag as a pillow. With her auburn hair sunstreaked with gold, and cream and strawberry skin, she was a lonely ruby sparkling in a sea of emeralds. He sat down beside her, and gently brushed her wet, auburn curls off her neck with his long, elegant fingers, and counted, "3..2..1"

"Mulder what the hell are we doing here?" Scully said irritably batting his hand away. "Skinner's missing, and all you can think about is an XFile! I think your quest has warped you so much that you aren't even human any more."

//Right on time!// "Then I've come to the right place to devolve, haven't I?" Mulder grinned. "It was either here, or Kansas, so."

"Damn it, Mulder, don't you dare make a joke out of this!" Scully snapped, energized by her anger. "I just don't understand you! How can you come here on some ridiculous case in the middle of nowhere when the man you love could be lying somewhere, hurt, maybe paralyzed. Why aren't you looking for him?"

"How the hell do you know I'm not!" Mulder said, getting up and pacing, trying to cage his fury. "After all you've seen, after all we've been through together, how can you think that I'd.Oh fuck it! I'm sick of mouthing the same goddamned words to the same goddamned argument. Get a transfer if I'm such a worthless piece of crap."

She watched him as he paced, astonished at the hurt and rage in his voice. Mulder had a temper, and didn't sugar coat his words, but that snarling command wasn't like him at all.he'd changed. It struck her suddenly that here, Mulder didn't stand out here at all. His face and lips were soft and boyish, but his eyes were the shades of the jungle foliage, greens, and blues, and bluegreens, and just as wild as the jungle itself. His legs were long and his body lean and muscular, like a predator's who was used to tracking his prey for days before he got the least scrap to sustain him.

"Mulder, I'm just worried, and I just need to know what's going on," Scully said soothingly. She trudged over, and patted him on the back. "Don't shut me out. Talk to me. Are you suggesting that Skinner's here? What aren't you telling me?"

Mulder turned and grabbed her by the shoulders, gazing intensely into her eyes. "I discussed this case with him before I left, Scully. It changed him. You should have seen him afterwards. You know how he is at work. He's the most uncommunicative, undemonstrative man in the FBI, but he couldn't stop talking about this case. He was actually burbling. I've never seen the man so excited by an idea in his life. I'm sure he's here! I'd stake my life on it."

"And mine too, apparently, " Scully said dryly, her lips twitching with amusement. "So what you're actually telling me is that Skinner ditched you to investigate an XFile?"

"Yeah," Mulder said gravely, "That's the reason."

She began to snicker, then giggled helplessly, and he held her while she laughed against his chest, propping his chin on her head, a smile curving his soft, sensual lips as he waited for her to wind down.

Finally she looked up at him impishly, wiping the tears from her aquamarine eyes. "I think I'm in love with Skinner too. Better treat that man of yours right, Mulder, or he's mine."

Mulder grinned-a refreshingly, engagingly, human grin-and let Scully go. "That's right, laugh while I suffer," he said fondly.

"So tell me about this XFile," Scully said, leading Mulder back to the temple. "Since you dragged me all the way out here, I'd like to at least know what you two found so earthshatteringly fascinating about this temple. I can't believe it's the thrill of scientific discovery." She plopped down again, and patted the step beside her.

He sat down, and leaned back lazily on the pyramid steps, looking up at her, serious once more. "This temple is not just another ruin, Scully. It's utterly unique. Although the architecture is similar, it was not made by the Aztecs, or the Mayans, or the Tolmecs, or any other known tribe. This information hasn't been released to the general public, but according to the latest and most reliable carbon dating methods available, the age of this temple has been estimated to be somewhere between 95,000 to 150,000 years old, and those are just the conservative estimates."

"Oh my god," Scully said, clasping a hand to her mouth. "Do you realize what you're implying? Why hasn't this been released to the public? Can we be sure that these scientists are reputable men and women?"

"As reputable as they come, Scully," Mulder said sitting up excitedly. "Marsden, Johanssen, Siegal, Crawford."

"Mulder!" Scully said sitting up with as much excitement. "You could be reading the list from the "Who's Who In Science and Archeology! Why haven't they published this?"

"Partly because what they've discovered here strikes at the heart of both science and religion, and they aren't ready to face the consequences," Mulder said, "and partly because they lost interest in."

"You can't be serious!" Scully said, as she jumped up, and started pacing, "They have hard evidence that would reshape all our ideas about civilization, and how it developed. This is a career-making discovery we're talking about! Hell, it's more than that.it would put them in the history books. That they could turn their backs on such an opportunity is not only incredible, it's unbelievable."

"I know, I know," Mulder said, grabbing her as she whooshed by, and tugging her back down beside him, "but there's more to it than just the scientific evidence, even as fantastic as that is. Strange things have happened here."

"What kind of strange things," Scully said, leaning forward, intently watching his face.

"Things that scared these scientists so much that the survivors are afraid that they would cast doubt on everything they've found, despite all the hard, scientific evidence," Mulder said gravely. "Things that they would draw attention to the missing men, making it necessary to testify to the incredible. That's why one of them contacted me."

"Survivors!" Scully exclaimed. "Oh my god, what did he say happened? Did Skinner run off to rescue them, and we're here to rescue Skinner?"

"You're about to see for yourself," Mulder said, rising and tugging her up, the wild look returning to his eyes. "Follow me up the steps."

"Mulder, you're scaring me," Scully said, struggling to get away. "Let's call in the authorities. I said LET GO, DAMN IT!!!!"

"Come on, Scully," Mulder laughed, "it's not like you to be afraid of anything."

"No that's YOU, Mulder," Scully said kicking at him, "You don't have sense enough to be afraid.

"Don't you want to see what's going to make me give up the XFiles, and my quest forever," he said with a malicious grin.

Scully stopped struggling immediately, her mouth going dry. "I know I'm beginning to sound like a broken record, but what the hell are you not telling me?"

"There's no point in telling you, come on," he said motioning for her to follow. "This is our last case, the last ridiculous thing you have to do in your life."

"Mulder," Scully said, tears filling her blue eyes. "Don't joke about something like that! I didn't mean to hurt you so much. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

She broke down sobbing, and Mulder held her again, kissing the top of her head. He tucked two fingers under her chin, and tilted her face up.

"Just remember, no matter what happens, not everything is about you," Mulder said gently, and kissed her tears. "Someone a lot smarter than me said that once, and she was right."

"She was just pissed off," Scully said, sniffling. "I'll follow you. You know I always do."

Mulder said nothing, but smiled and nodded, and hand in hand they went up the pyramid. "Imagine, Scully, living exactly as who and what you are, no compromises, no worries.just taking life as it comes, by instinct. That's part of what this place is about."

"You do that more than most people already, so I don't see why you think that living the life of an archeologist would give you more freedom. Don't romanticize their lives, Mulder" Scully lectured. "You would be bored to tears within fifteen minutes digging up bones and pots. It's a lot like collecting evidence at a crime scene, and you know how impatient you get."

Mulder let her babble on, nodding and squeezing her hand at appropriate moments. It would be good for her to get it all out of her system. He jolted out of his reverie when they reached the top. "Here we are, Scully! This is where it all begins."

She smiled uneasily, and stood there by him as they both caught their breaths and looked around at the temple platform. The platform itself was a work of art, made of flat stone tiles inlaid with emeralds and seashells, surrounded by sinuous carvings of birds, jaguars, and snakes, and the panoramic view of the jungle was spectacular.

"It's beautiful, but I know you didn't bring me here for the view either," Scully said impatiently. "When are you." "He'll be here at nightfall," Mulder said as he shrugged off his backpack. "We'll wait here."

"Who? Skinner? Has he been in communication with you?" Scully said. "How?"

"I've just got a theory, one that you'll have to see to believe," Mulder said, and he turned to unpack, refusing to talk any more about the subject. He was intent on his preparations, and would neither see nor hear anything that didn't pertain to them.

Scully gave up, and walked around the platform, admiring the view, consoling herself that this was as close to real science as she was likely to get. For the first time, she was overwhelmed by the beauty of the place, and began to enjoy herself. Butterflies fluttered up at the jungle in iridescent whirls of blue, and eagerly she watched to find out what had caused them to rise so suddenly.

She didn't have to wait long. A flock of Scarlet Macaws flew up, chasing them, and grabbing them, chattering wildly. They were evidently just playing with something bright and shiny, since they invariably let their captives go, only to catch them again. She watched transfixed at the aerial ballet of these beautiful creatures. To her delight, one broke rank to circle around her and drop a flower at her feet. It was such a deliberate, touching, unavian gesture that she couldn't breathe. It flew up, and around and around her as if inviting her to join him.

"I want to, but I can't fly," she said pleading with it, feeling stupid as she did so. "Don't go away," she said, stretching her arm up, inviting it to join her.

The bird flew down and settled on her hand, tolerating her as she brought him to her lips and kissed his feathered head. The macaw cocked his head, and peered up at her. "You could fly if tried hard enough," it said sadly, and flew away to rejoin his flock.

She stared where he had been for an hour, aching for the Macaws to return. When the sun descended into the trees, and the birds were nowhere in sight, her thoughts turned reluctantly back to Mulder and the XFiles. Still not able to tear her eyes away, she stared off into the distance, and called to her partner, "Mulder, are you sure Skinner's going to show up here? Maybe he's hurt.Mulder? Mulder?"

She turned and screamed the soundless scream of someone trapped in a nightmare who can't wake up.

Over Mulder's prone, unmoving, nude body, stood the biggest, most beautiful panther that she had ever seen in her life. Judging from the claw marks, the beast looming over him had used his long sharp claws to shred all of her partner's clothes.

The panther's satiny, plush ebony fur glistened in the moonlight, highlighting the massive muscles in its gorgeous athletic body, its sable brown eyes tracking her every move. She wanted to pull away, certain that it was a hallucination, but couldn't. She shook her head, hoping that the disturbing vision would go away, but it only got worse. Her mouth dropped wide open as she saw the panther change before her eyes into a man.a beautiful, sleek, powerful, unselfconsciously naked man, who came in all the shades that big cats come in.all sleek, well toned, honey gold flesh, and rich ebony and sable eyes.

"Skinner," she croaked out.

He leapt fifteen feet into the air, and landed at her feet, making her backpedal so hard she fell on her ass, paralyzed with fear. He pinned her down, let out a roar that reverberated throughout the jungle.

"Easy boy," she said in a shaking voice, "I'm not going to take your mate away from you. I was worried about you, so Mulder brought me here to see that you were okay."

Skinner turned into a panther again, and rubbed back and forth against Scully, until she relaxed enough to reach out a shaky hand, and petted his fur. It was so soft, so plush, and smelled so good, that she hugged the big cat, reveling in the sensations. She heard a rumbling sound from his chest, and laughed delightedly when she realized he was purring. "I like you too, big fella," she said, laughing again as Skinner licked her nose with his rough pink tongue.

He sniffed all over her body, growled happily, and turned back into a man, abet one with a long, velvety black tail.

"You're right," she said, running her fingers over his sleek skull. "I'm turned on."

She slowly began to unbutton her blouse, but he pushed her down on flat on her back, nipping gently at her fingers until she giggled and stopped. "Okay, I guess you weren't turned on! I can take a hint!"

He growled again, and pulled her head down with hands that morphed into huge paws, until she was faced with a truly impressive erection. His cock was obscenely large. She licked out at it with her little pink tongue, put he pushed her down again, nuzzling her breasts until they popped out of their bra, and sucking them through her damp cotton blouse. He smiled up at her as the little nipples pebbled up from his attentions.

"Oh, god," she moaned. "It's good to be wrong for once."

He licked and sucked his way down to her clit, sucking her through her pants, making her grow slicker and saltier with each nibble, which made him suck even harder.

She moaned and came, and screamed at him scratching at his back. "MORE! FUCK! MORE!"

He rose up, slit a hole in her pants with a swipe of a claw, and roughly spread her legs apart, snubbing his cock into her folds.

"YEEESSS!" She yelled happily, come dripping down her legs in anticipation.

He pounded in to her, twining his tail around, placing steady, teasing pressure on her clit with it. The double stimulation sent wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure thoughout her body, breaking down all barriers and ties with the earth. Something broke inside of Scully, something that had needed breaking for a long time. Joyously she stretched out her arms, and they were instantly covered with the most beautiful red, blue and yellow feathers that she could imagine. She leapt up, and she was flying..at last she was flying! She did barrel rolls, and loop the loops, and rapturously took off into the night, her blue eyes glowing.

Skinner watched her flying into the night sky, and morphed back into his panther form. Contentedly, he licked his fur into place with delicate laps, and settled down for a nice, post coital nap. Yawning, he twirled his tail around to his nose and purred as her caught her scent. His Beloved would be pleased with him. She had fallen into the trap they had set for her, and now she would be here with them always. Now maybe His Beloved could forget The Place with the Big Buildings.

As he fell to sleep, he wondered why was The Place with the Big Buildings so important? He frowned, trying to remember. He conjured up chaotic pictures of himself surrounded by noise, and people wanting things from him he couldn't give, and of his head and stomach hurting all the time from it. He could ask His Beloved who remembered such things far more clearly than he did, in spite of undergoing The Transformation first, but it seemed pointless. He jerked, and grew hard in his sleep as he remembered the first time His Beloved had appeared to him in his true form. He'd carried him naked and screaming into the air.half roaring/half laughing as they passed the craft of the astonished Reticulans, because he had just given them their first UFO experience. He had brought Skinner here, to this, their den, and.

A roar roused Skinner from his dreams. He sniffed the air. His Beloved had returned. He turned over onto his back, and batted at his muzzle with a big paw, submitting to him.

He was the most beautiful jaguar he'd ever seen. His Beloved's legs were long like a runner's and his body was sleek and powerful like a hunter's, his face still faintly kittenish. He was covered with fur so golden, so silky, that Skinner spent every moment he could curled up next to him. His Beloved gazed at him with eyes made from all the colors that jungles were made of.

"Mulder," he growled, his vocal chords strained at having to make human sounds.

His Beloved sniffed him delicately, rubbing his cheek against his. "Scully," he purred. "Where?"

Skinner looked up into the sky, purring, and licked Mulder's nose, before morphing into human form. "Now that she's one of us, you'll stay here?"

Mulder morphed back into human form too, and opened his arms, and Skinner laid his head on Mulder's chest. "Everything I want is here," Mulder said, as he held him, purring even in human form.

After their embrace, Mulder morphed back into jaguar form, curling his sinuous tail around his Skinner's back, caressing it, giving his permission to leave. Skinner padded away, looking seductively over his shoulder, his muscled back and ass displayed to perfection, growling softly, human though he was at that precise moment. He saw Mulder's cock jutting out, and laughing, turned to run.

Mulder roared and pounced, pushing him to the ground, and pinning down his puny human hands with gigantic paws.

He shivered as Mulder grasped the scruff of his neck with his mouth, and sunk in his fangs in, shaking him roughly. He felt his own cock growing hard, as Mulder alternately licked his salty skin with his rough tongue, and caressed him with soft, velvety fur, growling with lust. His beloved's tongue was everywhere, on his ears, his neck, teasing down his spine, and over the globes of his firm ass, and into his cleft, licking the tight hole, making him ready. Skinner reared up on his hands and knees, rocking back and forth impatiently, until he felt Mulder's throbbing cock snubbing in and slamming deep inside, delighting in the sensation of silky fur against his satiny smooth human skin flicking at every erogenous zone he had.

"You're mine," Mulder growled into his ear. "Say it when you come."

That pushed Skinner over the edge. "I'm yours," he cried out, and spurted his come over the pyramid.

Mulder roared and came inside Skinner, "Mine! Mine! Mine!" he bellowed, collapsing on top of him. He rolled over on his side, pulling his human/cat/lover close to him and they both slept, loud purrs rumbling through their bodies.

Strange tales spread about the pyramid and the jungle as the years passed.

Some said staying there for any length of time caused you to be transformed into an animal that reflected your true self, and that you would never be able to return to human society. Others would sagely agree, remembering the ten scientists who disappeared there.

The Indians told tales of a parrot with sparkling blue eyes, far more beautiful than her kindred, swooping down to pluck at the tails of a jaguar and a panther, and flying away, laughing with her ten brethren, "You can't catch me! No one can!"

Some told of seeing a titian haired beauty, walking through the jungle nude and fearless, a jaguar on one side of her, and a panther on the other.

Some told of a smoking man (though some claimed it was a one-armed man) who tried to shoot the parrot, only to be devoured alive by the panther and the jaguar.

Others told of two beautiful men leaping thirty feet into the air, and making love in the tree tops, first one morphing into a jaguar, then the other into a panther.

Most agreed that these animals were best left alone, even though they were gentle animals who only attacked in self-defense or in defense of each other. They were just too full of mischief to be trusted.

The barrel-chested panther especially was fond of playfully nipping the inattentive wanderer on the ass and running away chuckling. The jaguar was fond of lying beside a victim who was camping out under the stars, and purring loudly until he awoke, delighting in his terrified screams when he wished him a cheery good morning, often stealing his breakfast. As for the naughtly little parrot, she was fond of stealing chocolate and the occasional radio from tourists, and singing dirty limmericks at the top of her lungs whenever a priest or a nun crossed her path.

All of those who told the tales agreed on one thing: the three of them were happiest creatures on earth. And so they were.

The End

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