Title: The End of All Things
Author: alex6169
Written: September 2005
Feedback: alex6169@sbcglobal.net
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This story has all characters I can think of. Dead or alive.
Spoilers: None unless you don't know whose dead and whose alive. This will go throughout the series.

Mulder hit the cement pavement hard, cracking his skull.

He reached for his gun on the ground feet away, but he was knocked back and thrown against the alley wall. By now Mulder's back was bleeding like crazy, his head hurt like hell, and he had nothing to defend himself with. He felt like yelling out for Scully but he knew it wouldn't help. Even if Scully could help him it would be to late. But of course Scully wasn't there to help.

Agent John Doggett stood in Skinner's office with a grim face. "Assistent Director, we need to do something," he insisted.

"About what, Agent Doggett?" Skinner sniped back.

"About Agents Mulder and Scully. Without them the X-Files are history."

"What does that matter. The X-Files have been in jeopardy many times before."

"But not like this. Skinner, Mulder's gone, who will work on the X-Files."

"You will, John. You and Reyes."

"Assistant Director Walter Skinner!" he said sharply. "Me and Agent Reyes can't do an ounce as good as Agents Scully and Mulder."

"Fox and Dana can and will be found. Until then you and Reyes will start work on the X-Files. Effective immediatly." Skinner dismissed him and he began to walk out. "And Doggett, there's a file that will help you with Agents Scully and Mulder." He handed him a file and sent him out.

"So your helping them keep the X-Files up, aren't you Skinner." Sitting in the swival chair, back was Cancer Man. He took out a pack of cigarettes.

"Can I see the pack?" asked Skinner.

"I thought you didn't smoke."

"Never too late to try." He took the pack of cigarettes from Cancer Man. Slowly Skinner reached under his desk, brought his hand back, and took a cigarette. Cancer Man took it and lit the last cigarette in the box.

Suddenly a shot was fired. There was a soft thud as a body hit the ground.

Skinner's secretary entered the room. She gave a shrill scream and fainted on the spot.

Mulder threw the shadowed figure against the wall, and reached for his gun. He slammed into the figure and shot him. He put the figures hands around his back. He started cuffing him when he was shot in the back and fell in a crumpled heap on the ground. The last thing he saw was a hint of green where he had shot the figure.

"Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Mulder. Mulder. Mulder." Krycek held him up high in the moonlight. He could see Mulder had a fractured skull and left leg, his kneecap was out of place, his back was shredded, and he had no sign of waking up. Perfect.

"Throw him down. It is over." The figure stepped into the shallow moonlight. "He will not survive if he is not found in time," he said.

"Right...Pilot." Alex threw him into the alley.

The bounty hunter climbed out into the open. "Go human, before the FBI come."

As Alex left the bounty hunter took Mulder's gun and put it in its owners hand.

Doggett heard a scream and headed to the source. Others heard it to and followed him. Skinner's office had a few other agents in it.

Including Reyes.

"What's happened?" he asked.

I don't know."

They shuffled through the bustling crowd into Skinner's office. There was a body on the floor. Skinner's secretary lay in the doorway. "She's only fainted. She'll be okay," Reyes said.

Suddenly the secretary awoke with a start. "The cigarettes!" she yelled suddenly.

"What?" Doggett moved to the cigarette pack. It was empty. Right next to it was a lit one. He sniffed it. Suddenly he pulled his head back. "Poison." Then he spotted Cancer Man on the floor. On the other side of the desk he found a shot Skinner.

Mulder lay in a hospital bed. He was barely awake "Where...am I?" he asked.

"Your in a hospital. It's okay." There at the side of the bed was someone Mulder couldn't believe seeing.

"Whe...Where's Scully?" Mulder asked "Don't you remember, Mulder. Scully disapeared three months ago," Deep Throat said grimly.


"Scully where are you!"

"Scully?" Mulder walked over to her.

"Mulder," she said.

"Mulder. Take this." She handed him her cross necklace.

"No. Your going to get through this.".' "It's to late Mulder."

"NO!" Then there was a sound, the ground shook, and a flash of light was seen all around them. An invisable force threw Mulder back. He hit the ground, rolled back, and stopped on his knees. He slowly fell to the ground. Mulder could taste blood in his mouth and he could feel his broken out of place legs. Then the light was gone. "scully" He said weakly. Mulder crawled over to the spot of the flash. But all that was there was Scully's necklace.

"May I see Agent Mulder?"

"Take the hall to your left. Second to your right." The nurse answered.

"Thank you." Doggett walked toward the room. Then he stopped and listened to the conversation.

"You're dead." Mulder's voice.

"At this current time and place it doesn't matter." Another voice. It was unfamiliar.

"But...How?" Mulder.

"You found in an alley with your gun in your hands. Some suggest you threw yourself against the alley walls and shot yourself in attemped suicide."

"Why would I kill myself?"

"Because you couldn't handle the truth."


"I didn't say it." At this point Doggett walked in.

"Hello, Mulder. Feeling better?"

"Yes I'm fine," he said.

Skinner was in a hospital bed down the hall.

"How are you feeling?" Reyes asked.

"I am fine. Agent Reyes, Cancer Man he..."

"Was taken away."

"No he wasn't that was..."

"An alien colonist. Very good Skinner." A voice from behind. Reyes started for her gun.

"No need for that, Agent Reyes. Besides, resistance is useless."

"IT's resist or serve and I'd rather resist." She turned, but to slowly. She got one bullet to the chest.

A thundering gun shot was heard. Doggett grabbed hos gun and shot out the door. No sooner then he had stepped out into the hallway then he was shot. In came Cancer Man. One shot at Deep Throat, two, and then three. Finally he fell out of his chair. On his knees he said "Mulder your gun." He tossed it to him. Deep Throat was shot down.

Mulder shot at him three times He didn't even flinch. But his blood was surprisingly green.

Scully ran to a large circular room. She ran to the middle where a stone pedestal stood. She reached out and grabbed her gun off it.

Suddenly lights flashed on everywhere. She shot blindly at five figures stooping around her. One stuttered but didn't fall. Another couple shots and he did fall. Two grabbed her from behind. She shot down another one before her gun was taken. The figure left in front of her limped. Scully kicked his bad leg and then kicked him down.

He didn't get back up. She threw one over shoulder., freeing her right arm. She grabbed her gun and shot herself free. She shot the one on the floor to keep him down and ran. The last figure was faster. Scully turned and shot once, twice, three times, CLICK, CLICK. She had no more bullets. Scully backed up against the wall and threw the gun at him. She looked all over for a place to run.

She didn't know why she got herself into this.

Cancer Man stood across from Krycek, Crew Cut Man, and another Cancer Man. One of the Cancer Man's changed into the Alien Bounty Hunter.

"Scully is terminated." He replied.

"So is Deep Throat." Crew Cut Man said.

"X got away, but he won't survive." Krycek exclaimed.

"And I took care of Doggett and Reyes," Cancer Man said "Now we call the colonists in." He exclaimed. "Let the end of all things begin.".

Scully lay on the ground where she was when she was taken. Mulder was at her side. "Scully, you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Suddenly, Mulder shot up. Scully slowly got up as well. "Scully, behind you!" He tore out his gun and fired twice past Scully's shoulder. Scully turned and moved to a person on the ground.

She flipped the man over, and pulled back into someone. The person knocked her out. Lying on the ground beside Scully was another Mulder.

X was the first to see the UFO, but he was not the last. Everyone was going wild at the site of the craft. There was a brilliant flash of light from the craft before it dissapeared Three more came. In unison they gave a flash of light and left. More came. Each one flashing a beam of light before they left. They didn't stop either. Some people went to see what the UFO's were doing. They didn't come back. X went to check it out, gun in hand. He saw men and woman. He knew they weren't really people, though. They weren't even human. He shot at one. Green blood, just as he thought. He shot another one. Only this time it was red blood. Somehow the colonists have mixed themselves with real people. Now it all seemed hopeless.

Krycek was running fast. Skinner hot on his trail. He pulled out his gun and began rapidly shooting. Krycek didn't stir until three shots.

He didn't fall till six. He even got back up. Skinner didn't get a chance to get a chance to shoot again. Krycek turned the corner.

Skinner rounded the corner seconds later. Panting, he shot at Krycek only this time it wasn't him. Green blood oozed everywhere. The alien turned, changed into his own form, and held up his hands. Just behind him where thousands of people. Skinner knew they weren't even human. He shot one. Green blood. Another one. Red blood. On the other side of the mess of people was X. Alex Krycek turned the corner behind Skinner and shot.

Mulder was up before Scully. He wasn't alone. Four aliens stood around him. "We can help you." One said.

"Come with us." Another added. They lifted him up and started heading away. Mulder gave a final glance at Scully before leaving her. About an hour and ten miles later they came to an old warehouse.

"Follow." One alien said. Of course he knew to follow because of the fact that he was doing that exact thing for an hour. In the warehouse was a computer and some hi-tech machinery. "This is what you will need." They handed him a gun and a file.

"You dragged me ten miles for a damn gun that is exactly the same as the one I have. And I have hundreds of files in my office." Mulder screamed furiously.

"Calm down Mr.Mulder the gun is not what it seems. It has the only thing that will stop the aliens. As for the file, The X-Files are in danger as it is. They may even be gone by now."

"Why do you want to help anyway. You are part of there colony."

"Because they will bring the end of all things. You are the only hope. You must fight." Mulder left the warehouse with the gun in his holster and the file under his arm. Now to get back to Scully. Oh no Scully, he thought.

X saw Skinner get shot and ran to get him. He took the gun out of his holster slowly. Krycek was talking.

"Now that the threats are out of the way, lets get the end started." He said. "Correct. let us go now," the alien said. They started heading toward the corner. X walked in front of them and shot repeatly. Krycek fell hard to the ground. X shot him one more time to make sure he was dead. He shot the green-blooded alien until his round of bullets was empty. The alien took out a stilletto. X threw his gun at it and the alien dropped it. The alien reached for it but X kicked him out of the way. X grabbed the stilletto instead and stabbed the back of the aliens neck. Now that that was over, he pocketed the stilletto and walked away.

When Mulder got back to where Scully had been she was gone.

"Scully!" he called.

"Scully!" He looked everywhere. No one, let alone Scully, was anywhere in sight. Then he suddenly felt dizzy and very tired. He dropped to the ground, a tranquilizer in his neck. Crew Cut Man stood over him. He must die sometime, he thought. He picked Mulder up and slung him over his right shoulder. That time is now, Crew Cut Man thought again.

By now people had scattered everywhere. Running for cover, or toward the UFO's. Many were being killed, or wounded. They had nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. Everyone was doomed, or they would be if Mulder didn't show up with that gun. He couldn't use it, though.

What was this world coming to.

X was taking his stilletto and stabbing every alien fiend he could find. He even killed a couple humans on accident. He couldn't possibly do this alone.

Mulder shot at a couple alien colonists. They fell dead immediatly. Than he had an idea. He shot a UFO. It blew right out of the sky. This was the only thing that could stop the aliens.

"Did Mulder escape?" Cancer Man asked.

"Yes sir," answered the Crew Cut Man.

"Good," Cancer Man replied. "Now we can kill him with the implant that we put in him. Along with the gun and the file."

"Speaking of files, I should call the Alien Colonists to destroy the X-Files." The Alien Bounty Hunter said.

"No. I will do that," Cancer Man said. "We can't lose now, anyway.

Doggett climbed out of the hole, pulling Reyes with him. He checked her pulse. None.

Aliens and humans marched the street. The alien colonists took the humans as prisoners. Bodies lay everywhere. And UFOs were everywhere. One lay trashed on the ground. The only one Mulder got to hit. The X-Files were destroyed, Mulder was dead, and there's no hope anymore.

Scully lay in the destroyed FBI headquarters. There was an alien at her side! "Mulder is dead, Ms. Scully. You must find his body and get his gun. It is all that stands in the colonists way."

"Mulder? No. NO!!" She scrambled away from him and run. She ran until she got to the burned X-Files. There she saw Mulder. Dead on the ground.

X saw a UFO flying low. It was going to land soon. He ran as fast as he could to stay in sight. Than, it disappeared over a mountain. He climbed to the top of the mountain and crouched low as not to be seen.

He watched the UFO dock. And then he saw the other hundreds that were docked there as well.

The alien colonists were destroying everything. Buildings, mailbox's, trash cans, bus stations, buses, gas stations, and even whole cities and towns with their UFOs. Nothing on earth stood a chance now.

Doggett checked Agent Reyes' pulse again, hoping that she was alive.

No pulse on her wrist, or on her neck, and no heartbeat. It was hopeless. Monica Reyes was dead.

Deputy Director Kersh walked out on an incredibly destroyed street. He was staring in shock and awe. It was unbelievable. He thought they didn't exist, and that the X-Files were a jock. Now the X-Files were gone, and aliens were rampaging the streets, destroying everyone and everything in their way. He knew now that it was a terrible mistake to not believe the X-Files. He had to find them. Maybe others would be there. Maybe they could help.

X got in one of the ships. He knew what he had to do. He had to short circuit the ships so when they were turned on they would explode. He had done one already.

And he was surprised at how easy it was. He finished the modifications by changing a red wire with a green wire. One to the next. He went through the steps again. Take out the orange wire first. It burnt the first time he did it. Second, connect blue wire with bright yellow wire. Third, unscrew knob on the top right corner.

And last, switch the red and green wires. He was getting better at this. He entered the next ship down the line. He had only done the first two steps before something happened. The UFO jerked and he was thrown back. He heard a swoosh and he felt a little dizzy. He looked out a window and saw that he was thirty feet in the air. The ship had taken off.

Scully had the alien gun in her holster and she was Reading the file.

There were a lot of letters in an alien language. And others were translated by the alien who had been by her before. He was next to her now.

"There is hope Scully. That gun has a metabolic structure that can rip through any being with a skin and bone mechanism. It might take a while to explain all this so why don't you sit down and let me explain. The colonists can't get us here. That is a letter from the alien colony's federal base chief. He is on there planet," he said as she picked it up. This was going to take a long time, Scully thought, and sat down.

Kersh entered the FBI building, or what was left of it at least. He looked around. Papers, and files flying everywhere. Chairs, and desks askew or toppled over completely. Agents everywhere. Dead.

Cold and dead. He saw the office where the X-Files where and headed there. When he got closer he saw a figure of a woman and another that looked like a pale man. He got there and saw it was Scully, and an alien.

"Agent Scully, watch out!" He warned.

"It's okay Deputy Director. He's on our side."

"Who's that?" He spotted a heap on the ground.

"That's...that's Mulder," Scully said weakly. Her eyes got teary.

She held her hand to her eyes, and started choking up. Kersh went over to comfort her. "Why Mulder." Scully asked. "Why did it have to be him.".

Agent Doggett walked into the FBI building right after Kersh. He carried Reyes on his back. He was intent on making sure he did everything he could to save her. He knew he knew Kersh went to the X-Files office. And he thought others would be there, too. He walked over to the office. An alien, Deputy Director Kersh, and a sobbing Scully. Then he saw Mulder. "Oh-no not Mulder, too." He laid Reyes down next to Mulder. "Scully.

It will be okay."

"No it won't! How do you know! You don't care about Mulder! How can you say it's fine when every damn person I've seen is dead, and aliens are taking over the world!" Scully yelled.

She began to sob harder. She had a point there, Doggett thought.

X, frantic to escape from the ship, ran to the back. The walk ramp was closed, but there was a tiny opening barely enough for him to slip through. He slid through the opening, scraping deep into his skin.

He held onto the opening as he got out. He would certainly die if he fell now. He began climbing back into the opening, but a hand shot out an grasped him. He was thrown back in and taken away.

3,000 or more UFOs were everywhere around the world now. By now everyone was dead but a small group of people. Scully, Doggett, Kersh, and the alien were in the FBI building conversing. Then there was X. There was also another person. Crawling down the street he tried to stay hidden. He had broken both of his legs in a plane crash. It made a nosedive into a building that was already smothered in flames. He was the only survivor of the crash and the building.

He was an FBI agent. His name was Agent Brannan.

Scully and Doggett wanted to go right in the street and shoot blindly to get back for killing Reyes and Mulder. The alien said that they were already to outnumbered and they would die instantly. He suggested they go to the docking bay of all the UFOs, say you were prisoners, and go to their planet. It was a long shot but it just may work.

X was in an old rusty cell. He had handcuffs on. They weren't really handcuffs. It was a stick with two circular lights on them. But they were strong. There were no windows, or doors. Just a box in the corner. It was a loudspeaker. A voice came from it.

"Now approaching home planet." Sure enough, they hit land quickly. An alien came to take him away. X was taken by the arm firmly. He kicked the aliens hand. He let go. X took the key from him and unlocked his handcuffs. He checked his pocket, sure enough... His stiletto.

Agent Brannan saw the docking bay. He was shocked. He didn't know there were that many UFOs. He crawled over to one. What should he do? Get in it? Destroy it? Get away as soon as possible? He took a moment to think. Then he eased himself up on his bad legs and climbed onto the ramp of the UFO. He couldn't run from his duty as an FBI agent. He climbed into the ships cockpit and started to turn it on.

Scully saw the docking bay first. "Over here." She called to the others. They came over. Doggett saw the UFO take off.

"One is taking flight now," he said.

"That isn't any alien flying that ship. It isn't being controlled right."

"How do you know, Kersh?"

"Agent Doggett, have you ever seen a UFO wobble?" Sure enough, the ship took a deep dive before stumbling to a hover.

"Hey! Hey Wait!" Scully yelled to the UFO.

"What are you doing, Agent Scully? Kersh asked.

"Getting a lift." She answered.

Brannan saw a person down below. No. He saw four people. They were waving for him to come in. But he couldn't take a chance. What if they were aliens? Then he took a closer look. Deputy Director? Doggett? And Scully? What were they doing here. He unsteadily brought the ship into landing position.

X stealthily walked the corridors. He turned a corner to see another alien. He threw the other at it. It fell. He stabbed it a couple of times to make sure it was dead. He left and came to the off ramp.

Three aliens were there. He tiptoed to one, stabbed it's neck, and threw it at the others. That gave him time to get to the other side of the room and stab them. He started down the ramp. There were thousands, no millions of aliens there. But there weren't just colonists. There was also the alien hybrid super soldiers. And there were aliens who carried the black oil virus. This wasn't the alien colonists home world. It was the home planet of all the aliens against the planet earth.

Scully and Doggett told Agent Brannan about the plan. "Most of it is history now but at least we still have a UFO," Scully said.

"And I think I should take the controls of this UFO," the alien said.

Brannan sheepishly backed away from the controls.

"So Alex, what's your plan?" Doggett asked.

"I don't really have one. I was just trying to survive." Brannan answered. "Your legs. They're awful. But I think I can help you." Scully said and ushered him away. "Now what. We can't just blow it up. The aliens might have taken civilians up there." Kersh exclaimed.

"You are right. We have to check it out first," the alien replied.

"We will search for refugees first.

X knew he was beat. He could not overpowered all of these alien races. He fell to his knees and cried out.

"Why!! Why Does It Have To Be Me!!" He fell to the ground.

The UFO was in the planets orbit now. They activated the tracker and started circling the planet. Everyone looking at the tracker now.

Suddenly, about half way around the planet, there was a raging beep from the tracker. They began to head in.

Skinner lay on the ground at the bottom of a deep rock quarry. He lay motionless for a second. And then his eyes opened wide and he choked for breath. Where was he? He wondered. What happened to Cancer Man? Is he dead or did he kill Reyes, Doggett, even Mulder? He crawled to a space and grabbed the rocky wall of the rock quarry. He took a look at the sky and saw two UFOs coming down in the distance. He slumped to a small cove and began to wait.

Cancer Man stood at the window of the UFO. He looked over the landscape. Trees, hills, and a rock quarry beneath them. He took it all in before they destroyed it. What was that? He asked himself.

Movement? No, it couldn't be. Everyone was dead by now. He lit a cigarette and walked away. But down in that quarry there was movement. There was a person. An FBI agent to be exact. A certain Assistant Director Walter Skinner. A new threat.

The UFO had picked up 23 refugees. They were scared and wounded. Agent Brannan sat in a wheelchair looking grim. It didn't look good that there were only 27 people left in the world alive. These people were too scared to make a difference anyway. What was the point.

X saw the UFO go in and out of the planet searching for survivors. Searching for prisoners. He couldn't let it get him. He dived under a dead aliens body. It passed and he got up. He wasn't going to get caught. He was to far to get caught. Unless.

Skinner examined his wounds. He had scars all over his body. He had been unconscious for a long time. His cuts had already became scars. He lifted his hand to his face. Sweat on his brow, cut on his lower lip, nose broken, glasses cracked in the left lens, and a gash on his cheek. The touch to his cheek stung. He looked down. left arm broken. His leg lay limp. He was missing a shoe so he took off his sock to find three toes bent back and broken as well as his ankle being twisted 360 degrees around. How did he get this way.

Agent Brannan wheeled his wheelchair out of the room. He entered a side room with two armchairs facing a desk. Behind the desk was a window and three file cabinets. He wheeled toward it and pulled the handle. The cabinet wouldn't budge. He pulled them all expecting them to all by locked. But the final drawer slid open so unexpectedly that Alex wasn't even paying attention and the drawer slid into his wheelchair, knocking it over. Alex held his pain in and crawled to the wide open file cabinet. There was about five hundred files in the drawer.

He took the first file. The tab read in bold letters: THE X-FILES.

X searched every ship. He was planning to get off this dump and blow the hell out of it. He hadn't found one without alien bastards in it. He held his stiletto ready as he entered a sixth ship. No one in the main hall. Or the escape pod bay or jail cells. Nothing in the cockpit or lurking in the corners. What the hell, he thought as he entered the pilot's seat, this is my chance. Let's go.

Skinner braced himself, grabbed his ankle with both hands, and twisted quickly. He let out a yell of pain as his ankle jerked into its original position. He rested his head on a boulder, sighed in relief, and tilted his head up. A black shoe was right in front of his face. He stood up and saw that it was hanging by it's shoelace.

It was as if it was caught in a fall. He stared and wondered.

Alex searched the contents of the cabinets with a key he found in the keyhole of the bottom drawer in the third cabinet. One cabinet had about half of the X-Files piled in it. They were unorganized as if they had just been quickly stuffed in there a little while ago. They had taken these from the basement office before burning the X-Files. He took them all and placed them on the desk. He tilted his wheelchair upright, sat down, and began to read.

X was high up in the air now. Just exiting the atmosphere. He began rapidly punching at a keyboard on the dashboard. He turned a knob once and a word popped up. AUTOPILOT. He typed another word. As he did they appeared on the screen. It now said: AUTOPILOT: EARTH. That's when everything changed for better and for worse.

One of the UFOs that was hovering over Skinner dipped down for a landing. The UFO docked fifty yards from Skinner. He tried his best to hide himself. A ramp extended from a door which opened, revealing three men. The first one was Cancer Man, a fresh cigarette in his mouth. The other man was one of the elders that worked with Cancer Man. The other man Skinner didn't recognize. He walked forward until he was only ten feet from Skinner.

Skinner was shaking now, beads of sweat streaming down his forehead. But suddenly, the man was started shaking as well. He arms flew from side to side and it looked as if he was having a seizure. He was thrown onto his hands and knees by some invisible force. Skinner stood up to see what was happening, forgetting all about Cancer Man and the elder. The elder began whispering to Cancer Man. He took out the cigarette from his mouth and tossed it to the ground. He tilted his head and locked his eyes with Skinner's. He began walking toward Skinner's position.

Cancer Man saw Skinner. They met eyes and then Cancer Man saw the Super Soldier. The alien was stupid enough to fall for a trap set by an FBI agent. A dying one at that. But Skinner wasn't dying as he would soon find out. He was actually in a strong state of mind and physical strength. Put that is not important now. What is important is what Cancer Man saw next. He saw the alien pulled right into the quarry.

The Assistant Director saw the man get pulled into the wall of the quarry. He wasn't a man at all actually. Skinner knew what he really was because Scully once made a field report on a quarry. A quarry where an alien was thrown into it and destroyed by a mysterious metal inside the quarry. This was that quarry. And that was a Super Soldier.

A lot happened before and after X realized something was wrong.

The UFO that had kept going in and out of the planet headed inland once more. Landing and quickly setting off again. They spotted him and let out a stream of blue laser bolts straight at him. He dodged them only to be in the line of different fire. To the east was another craft. This one was after both him and the other one next to him. X glanced at the first craft. It was boarded with humans but it was piloted by an alien.

He didn't understand. The bolts charged the ship at full speed. The UFO shoke and X fell to the ground. There was a warning signal flaring all over the cockpit.

X scrambled to his feet and saw the shield monitor depleting. It was gone by the time the second wave of bolts came. The screen changed from: AUTOPILOT: EARTH to: WARNING: THRUSTERS DAMAGED to: WARNING: ENGINES SEVERELY DAMAGED and: WARNING THRUSTERS UNDETECTED. The craft was thrown from side to side out of control until a blast knocked X to the ground.

"He's going down!" Scully exclaimed.

"Try communication." Doggett demanded.

"Nothing. No reading. Something is either blocking the signal or it is destroyed," The alien said.

"Well which one. Is it being used or is it damaged?" Agent Doggett asked.

"I don't know how it can be used but it says that it is at full charts," the alien said, puzzled.

"Well does this ship have a tractor beam or something?"

"No but we can try and blast them," the alien answered.

"How the hell is that going to help?" Doggett asked.

"The blasts before are sending him to the planet's surface, which will explode in T minus 12.3 minutes. The drop may hit the bomb with enough force that it will cause an early explosion, which will be devastating. We could hit him with a blast with enough force to knock him back to earth," the alien explained.

"Then do it," Doggett said.

"But it may kill him..."

"JUST DO IT!" Doggett demanded. The alien pulled a trigger, sending a wave of yellow light toward the bow of the UFO. They could see the cockpit door of the other craft being blasted open, the wave of light destroying everything in its path. The ship spun out of control as it hurtled toward earth's atmosphere. Now they had to take care of the other UFO in less than ten minutes.

X was almost dead now. He heard one thing before he lost control of his brain's function. It was the words "Help me" in a crackly voice. X lost it at that point. His eyes rolled back into his head. His limbs went limp and his breath ceased. But the transmission went on. It came from the communication box at the on the side wall. It said "Anyone copy. I am on the planet earth requesting human contact. I have gathered the last remaining human survivors. We have about four hundred refugees.

My name is Deep Throat..." and then the transmission cut off.

Cancer Man held a transceiver to his mouth and began to spoke into it. Skinner knew that Cancer Man was going to stop something that could help him and he knew it.

Skinner gathered his strength and charged at Cancer Man. Before he knew what hit him he was tumbling on the ground, the transceiver flying in an ark in the air. Skinner caught it and spoke into it in a voice that slightly resembled Cancer Man's: "Everything is going according to plan."

Back on the alien's planet hundreds of thousands of UFOs were being boarded and lifted up into the air as they started up. They left the planet's atmosphere and toward the planet earth. The UFO ready to take down the refugees craft turned and followed the others.

"We got lucky," Doggett proclaimed.

"We should follow them. We may be able to blend in," Scully announced.

"Let's go. They have found a landing zone on earth," the Alien said grimly.

X's UFO spiraled out of control; heading down to earth's surface. He was in earth's atmosphere now. The hull of the ship was burning up. Now it was a ball of flame. X was still unconscious. The UFO hit ten minutes later; on top of another craft by a rock quarry.

"Do you know what you have just done?" Cancer Man choked out of his mouth.

"No but I will now," Skinner answered, his foot on Cancer Man's chest. Suddenly a UFO, bursting in flames, hit the craft right by them. Next came many other ships, not on fire. They docked and were opened. Each one carried at least twenty passengers.

"No! NO! Abort the mission!!" Cancer Man screamed the orders but it was to late.

Bodies were thrown this way and that, all of them landing with a thump against the quarry. Soon enough every alien was dead. "No! This can't be happening. It is ruined! After years of preparation it is all ruined!!!" Cancer Man said. Skinner lifted his foot and brought it down upon Cancer Man's head. It cracked as it hit. Cancer Man was finally dead.

The refugees met up with Skinner. They found X and pulled him out of his destroyed craft. Then they searched for stray aliens or survivors. That is when they found Deep Throat and the four hundred, at least, refugees. Then everything bad that happened was drowned out by happiness.

X saw Deep Throat and shook hands.

"Nice to meet you, X," Deep Throat said.

Scully sulked among the happy people, Alex beside her.

"It's alright. He died nobly. He was a good man and he is in a better place now," he said reassuringly.

"Who died?" a familiar voice said.

Scully and Alex turned to see Mulder standing in front of them. "Mulder, you're alive," Scully said emotionally. It was a miracle.

"Sure I am. What did I miss?"

Mulder and Scully hugged. And when they were done Alex spoke: "It is good to finally meet you, Mr. Mulder. It's an honor."


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