Title - Driven By You
Author - Katrinka
Written: May 2000
Rating - PG
Category - SRA - Story/Romance/Angst
Spoilers - Millennium
Keywords - MSR, A/U
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Summary - Mulder gets into trouble after confronting someone whom resembles Krycek.

The case had begun on a cloudless winter evening. The agents had just arrived at their hotel in Oklahoma City. Skinner had been called to help the local FBI on a case, and he had wanted Mulder to come along to help. Scully had insisted on joining them.

It had been six weeks since Mulder had kissed Scully. Six long weeks, in which the FBI agents had pretended the kiss never, happened. But it did happen. He could still remember the feel of her lips pressed against his. She hadn't given into the kiss, at the same time, she hadn't fought it. New years always brought new things, but this New Year had only brought more of the same. At least his partner hadn't laughed at him. Scully had just treated the kiss like a one-off. Something that only happened because it was knew years. She had no idea Mulder's true feelings. Mulder checked into the hotel, and they carried their bags to the room they would share. Scully looked around the room. It had two beds. "I suppose better go and get a room for me."

"If you want." Mulder tried to sound non-committal. "Then we can get something to eat."

"I wonder if the hotel restaurant is any good." "There's only one way to find out."

"Let's get going." Scully picked up her bag. Mulder put a hand on top of hers. He looked into her eyes. "Why don't we move your bags after we get the room."

"All right." Scully put the bag down. Mulder fought down the urge to go further. To kiss Scully, to hold her. //I can't risk trying. Scully would just laugh at me. Then I would lose her.//

//I know she doesn't feel that way towards me.//

//So why can't I stop my feelings?//

Fifteen minutes later, the partners sat in the hotel restaurant. Mulder watched his partner eat a salad. He couldn't help but stare. The way her hand held the fork, the way she brought the fork to her lips. The slight parting of her lips as she put the food in her mouth. Never touching the fork to her skin. Every once in a while she would run her tongue slowly over the fork. Dana Scully was the only person Mulder knew that could make eating a sensuous act. Scully put the fork down. Her eyes flashed. "You're staring at me."

"Am I?" Mulder looked down to his untouched salad. //You'd laugh at me if I told you the truth. That I like watching you because your beautiful.//

//Because I love you.//

A silence lapsed between them. Mulder began chew at the salad. Pretending that he wasn't sitting across from Scully.

Scully was the first to speak. "So tell me about the case."

"I'm not supposed to discuss it." "I know that. I also know that it's only a matter of time until you ask for my help."

"Why would you think that?"

"We've been partners for seven years. In that time, if your sent away to a case. Four out of five times you call me for help. You make me involved."

"You mean I shouldn't depend on you so much."

"I didn't say that." Scully reached out, touching Mulder's hand. Mulder looked up at her. She smiled and rubbed his knuckles. "This time I'm going to be here waiting."

"What if I don't need your help?"

"Then I'll consider this trip a vacation."

Mulder cocked an eyebrow. "In Oklahoma?"

"I happen to like Oklahoma." She gave Mulder another smile. Mulder eyes caught sight of a man whose presence chilled him to the bone. It was Krycek! The man had just walked out of the hotel's sports bar. Mulder watched as Krycek kissed a woman good bye. Then he left the hotel. It took all of Mulder' self control not to go across the room and punch the man. He found himself getting to his feet. He didn't need to get Scully involved in this. He would have to follow the man.

"What's wrong?" Scully asked. "I need to step outside a minute."

Dana Scully thought that Mulder was acting very strange. For the past few weeks he had been staring at her with a little puppy love grin. That made her wonder if Mulder did love her. Mulder wasn't the type to hide his feelings. He would have told her wouldn't he? The kiss at New years had taken her by surprised. Mulder hadn't pushed it further then that. Scully waited for five minutes. Still no Mulder. Something might have happened. She got up, paid the restaurant bill. She left the hotel, looking around for Mulder. She asked a porter if she had seen anyone that looked like Mulder. She told Scully, that he had gone to the parking garage across the street. Scully waited until traffic had passed. Then she crossed the street. Scully walked to the attendant. "Have you seen a tall man, with dark hair. He wore a Grey shirt?"

The attendant shrugged. "He came in here about ten minutes ago."

"Has he left yet?"

"Not so far."

"Thanks." Scully went into the garage. The first floor was packed. She went to the second floor. That had fewer cars. It took her several minutes to search that floor. Then she went to the third floor. In an out of the way corner, Fox Mulder sat against a wall, his nose bleeding. On the ground, was an unconscious man. He had been shot twice, in the chest.

Scully noticed a pentagram on a chain on the ground beside her partner. She knelt down and picked it up. It belonged to Mulder; she slipped it into her pocket. "Mulder, what happened?"

Mulder reached up, scratching his head. "I can't remember."

Scully knelt down to examine the man. He had a large bump on the back of his head. She felt for a pulse. He had a strong one. She turned him over. Scully gasped. The man bore a striking resemblance to Krycek! Scully could tell even with a brief exam, that the man wasn't Krycek. She felt for some kind of Identification. In his pants was a police badge. Scully opened it. "His name is Larry Golightly. He's a lieutenant in the Oklahoma City Police department."

"Oh shit," Mulder swore slightly.

"You got into a fight with a police officer!" Scully tried hard to control her temper.

"I don't know. I can't remember." Scully examined the man more. "Mulder where's your gun?"

Mulder reached for it, but didn't find it. "I don't know."

"This is great! You shot a cop!" "I don't remember." "Where did you put your gun?"

"I told you, I don't remember!"

Scully took out her cell phone and called 911. She was surprised to find Mulder getting to his feet. "What are you doing?"

"I need to get out of here."

"You're in no condition to go anywhere!"

"I can't just sit here, and be arrested." Scully tried to hold her patience. "How do you know there will be an arrest?"

"I shot a cop." Mulder tried to leave. He swayed. Scully went to his side, helping him walk. "You don't have to do this." "I'm your partner." Scully half-drug half-helped Mulder to the rental car. She knew this wouldn't help the problem, probably only hurt it. But this was her partner. She helped him get into the back seat. Mulder began protesting again. "Shut up Mulder!"

Mulder lay across the back seat of the rental car. Scully had tossed him a package of tissues that had been in the front seat. He pressed one against his nose. His whole face ached. He just wished he could remember what happened. He was waiting for Scully. The car sat in the round at the front of the hotel. His partner had disappeared into the hotel. Mulder could hear the wail of sirens. Mulder watched the police cars, and the ambulance enter the garage. //Hurry Scully.//

Just as he thought that, Scully came back to the car. She was overloaded with suitcases. She put them in the trunk. She then got into the car. "Keep your head low." "I am." Mulder dunked his head. Scully started the car, and began to drive. She turned on a local talk radio channel. They had only ridden about ten minutes when the report came over the radio. A police officer had been attacked and left for dead. The parking garage attendant had given a description of a possible attacker. One that sounded like Mulder.

"OH great! You're wanted!" Scully sounded annoyed.

"What are we going to do?" "I'll take you to a hotel and clean you up." "And then what?"

"We'll discuss it then."

"You won't turn me in?" Mulder got a fresh batch of tissues. He would soon run out of tissues. His nose wouldn't stop bleeding. He wondered if it was broke.

"Of course I won't." Scully drove for another thirty minutes. The driving made Mulder sick to his stomach. Every turn made his stomach lurch. Again reminding him why he always wanted to drive. He didn't get carsick when he drove. Finally the car stopped. Scully got out of the car. "I'll get us a room. You don't move!"

"I don't feel like moving," he confessed.

Title - Driven By You

Author - Katrinka Mulder lay on a hotel room bed. Nice room, at least the ceiling was nice. Scully had made him lay down as soon as they arrived. This room wasn't anything to complain about. His nose was. It was still bleeding. "Do you know how much that nose will cost us?" Scully handed Mulder a towel.

"What do you mean?" "That blood is very bad for a car interior. We'll be lucky if we're not sued."

"Oh," Mulder looked away from his partner, feeling a bit embarrassed about what happened.

His partner checked him over with clinical detachment. Her fingers running over the bump on his forehead. Then she put a finger out. "Follow my finger." she ordered. Mulder did as he was told. Scully's face was a mask of concern. "How am I doing?"

"Besides the black eye, spilt lip and concussion?" "Yeah,"

"You have a broken nose."

Mulder tried to sound up beat. "There goes my hansom appearance."

"You think you're hansome?" Scully's words cut like a knife.

Mulder tried to hide the tears as he turned away from her. "Of course I'm not."

"Golightly didn't even look like Krycek."

"They could have been twins."

"No, they couldn't have been! This man has two arms, Krycek doesn't!" Scully shouted.

"He might have grown it back."

"Listen here! You can't go around punching people because they bear a slight resemblance to Alex Krycek!"

"Krycek killed my father."

"Your not the only person who had family killed by him." Scully reminded Mulder. She took a deep breath and let it out. "There has to be another way."

"Krycek deserves more then just punching."

"Why do you and Krycek have to get into it every time you see each other?"

"I'm not sure."

"He's a two faced son of a bitch right?" Mulder couldn't keep the surprise out of his voice. "Who told you that?"

Scully looked into his eyes. "You did."

"I'm sorry I drug you into this."

Scully reached out and gently stroked his face. He winced as her fingers hit his bruised eye. "I need to take you to the hospital."

"No, I don't need to go," Mulder insisted.

"I'm a doctor, and I say you need to go."

"I'm not going anywhere."

"I could carry you."

"Perhaps you could, but you won't."

"Why wouldn't I?" Scully still looked angry.

"Because I am wanted for assaulting that police officer. I'll be found if I'm in a hospital." He put his hand on top of hers. "If you're with me, I feel safer."

"You feel safer." Scully repeated slowly.

"I love you."

"Your head injury is making you goofy." Scully turned suddenly from him. She got up from the bed. Scully bustled around the room. She took something off the bathroom counter. "I'll be right back."

//Damn, I told her that I loved her!// Mulder thought.

//Damn, damn, damn.//

Mulder's nose wouldn't stop bleeding. He sat up, hoping that the blood would stop flowing. Wishing that he hadn't drug his partner into this. Mulder reached down to touch his ever-present pentagram. It had been a present from his grandmother. His good luck charm. His fingers couldn't find the pentagram. //Oh brother. I'm stuck somewhere without a pentagram. //

//It's a good thing the full moon isn't for a week. //

//I wonder what Scully would say if she found out that I'm afraid of full moons? // He mused.

Mulder watched the television. The sound had been turned down, and he watched the soundless images flicker on the screen. The screen showed a sketch of a person who looked like him. Then there was film of someone talking to the parking attendant. Then it showed the sketch again, and $200,000 reward was flashed on the screen.

//Great, I'm wanted by the police. //

//Scully's sticking by me. //

//I love her. She doesn't love me. I know that. //

//Can't get to close. She'll find out...//

Someone was at the door. Mulder reached for his gun before he realized he didn't know where it was. Then the door opened. Scully came in, holding an ice bucket. Mulder released a breath he didn't know he was holding. Scully locked the door. Then she went into the bathroom. There was a familiar clink of ice cubes. Scully came back into the room, and sat down beside the bed. "Put this on your nose."

Mulder looked at the towel wrapped plastic sack. "Will it hurt?"

"Does it hurt now?"

"Yeah," he admitted. Scully took the blood soaked towel from him. Then she gently placed the ice pack against his broken nose. Mulder was surprised that it didn't hurt. In fact, the cold made his nose feel better. //I can't tell Scully that the ice helps. //

//She might stop caring for me. //

Mulder suddenly realized he didn't want his partner to stop caring for him. It felt good for her to help him stop his nose from bleeding. To feel her anger. Knowing that her anger masked her caring. //Why am I afraid to tell you I love you? //

//What am I going to do with you Mulder? // Scully asked herself. It was almost midnight; Mulder had finally fallen into a fitful sleep. It had taken several hours to get his nose to stop bleeding. It was still swollen and misshapen. Mulder's gun was missing. There was only two ways that the gun could be missing. Mulder had hidden the gun, or it had been stolen. If it had been stolen, then Mulder could be innocent. It didn't help that he couldn't remember the attack. Scully wasn't sure what she would do with him. His nose was broke. He really needed to be checked over at the hospital. Only he refused. His stubbornness drove her crazy. Scully didn't know why she just didn't call an ambulance. Before, during a case, she would have fought with him. Now she realized that this wasn't really a case. This was really just them. There hadn't been much time when it was just the two of them and not work. They didn't spend their off time together. If asked, she wouldn't say he was really a friend. But Mulder trusted her. He told her she was the only one he did trust. She couldn't betray that trust. That made a tie stronger then a friendship. //Why do you only tell me you love me when you have a head injury? //

//Is it because you really don't love me? //

Mulder looked like a sleeping child. He turned over, moaning "Dana" in his sleep. //Perhaps I'm scared of what will happen if you really tell me you love me. //

"Cold, so cold," Mulder said in his sleep.

Scully needed to go to bed herself. She looked at the other bed. She could sleep in it, but her thoughts would be on Mulder. Scully took off her clothes, and put her sleep shirt on. She slid into bed beside her partner. Mulder moved close to her, "Dana."

Scully put her arms around him, putting his head on her shoulder. She stroked his hair. "Sleep Mulder."

"I am asleep." he murmured, he put his arm around her waist. His body pressed against hers. She could feel his hardness. "Love you Dana."

He called her Dana in his dreams. Scully wondered what that meant. She kissed his forehead. "I love you too."

Mulder woke to the smell of blood, his own blood. There was a sharp pounding in his head. He could hear the sound of a talk show on the radio. Some woman was nagging other people about morals. How you should never sleep with someone before marriage. "Ring and date" she kept saying. //What would happen if I gave you a ring Scully? // Mulder could see in his mind's eye what would happen. His partner would throw it back in his face.

Then he remembered her whispering she loved him. Was it a dream? It had to be a dream. He slowly opened his eyes. Scully was sitting curled up in a chair, reading a very thick book. She had a large mug of coffee sitting on the table. It hurt to breathe. Every breath an effort. It felt as if his whole side had caved in. Mulder needed to go to the restroom. He started to get out of bed. He felt dizzy. He swayed, trying to catch himself on the bedside table. He was surprised when Scully dropped her book, and went to his side. She helped Mulder out of bed. Her thin arms went around his waist. He should have told her that he could walk on his own. If only the room would stop turning. If the pain in his side would go away.

Mulder didn't want Scully to let go of him. He found himself putting his arm around her shoulder. They didn't say anything as she walked him to the bathroom. She helped him into the small bathroom, then turned away from him. He kept his hand on her shoulder, as he used the restroom. Scully moved to help him back into the main room. That was when Mulder got his first look at his face. His nose, large misshaped. His lip puffy split. His eye, almost swollen shut. He turned away from the mirror. Scully guided him to the bed. The sheet was soaked in blood. Her blood-soaked nightshirt lay on that bed. Scully went past the bed, and set him down on the made second bed. So his memory had been right, she slept with him. "How are you feeling?" Scully's face looked concerned.

"I hurt all over." he gasped. Scully looked him over, her hands going to his face. The slim finge went over the bump. She smiled at him. "Are your up to some coffee?"

Mulder couldn't help but smile back. "I think I could try."

He watched as Scully poured him coffee, putting in the cream and sugar that he preferred. //She knows what I like in coffee. // He marveled. Scully handed him the cup. Her fingers were touching his. "Try and drink it slowly."


"Can you remember the attack?"

"No, I can't. I don't want to talk about it." Mulder concentrated himself on his coffee. Title - Driven By You Author - Katrinka Time: Thirty minutes after part two. Mulder took a sip of his second cup of coffee. He began to cough. Scully quickly took the cup from him. Mulder's cough sounded like a barking seal. //Something's wrong with him, // //Very wrong. // Scully thought. Mulder sat up, reaching for his cup. He winced, and grabbed his right side. He sat there for several seconds, trying to regain his breath. Mulder was pale, far paler then his usual coloring. "Do your ribs hurt?" she asked him. "I'm fine." he took the cup from her. Mulder sat back on the bed. Even when sitting up, his breathing had a hollow, weazing sound to it. "I want to see them."

"I'm okay. I just need some coffee."

"Coffee isn't going to make your side stop hurting." She pointed out. "I said I was fine!" Mulder yelled. "Prove it! Let me see your ribs."

"If you insist." Mulder sighed. He let Scully take the coffee away from him. Scully unbuttoned Mulder's bloodstained shirt. Then she helped him pull off his soaked T-shirt. The shirt was red from blood. She had assumed that the blood had come from his nose. It hadn't. There was a large bruise that covered the right side of Mulder's ribs. Scully couldn't help but notice that it was swollen. The thing that was causing the blood was the small amount of bone that protruded through his skin. //Why didn't I see this earlier?// //Why did I only think he had a broken nose?// "See? I'm fine." Mulder lied, she could tell he was lying. Scully couldn't control her temper. She was angry-mad at herself. "You have a compound fracture! You're not fine! You need a doctor to take care of it!"

"You're a doctor. *You* take care of it," Mulder insisted. "You need to go to a hospital." She countered. "No!" Mulder began to cough again. "I'm not going anywhere."

"Why don't you want to go to the hospital?"

"I don't trust them." Mulder looked into her eyes. "I trust you."

"Trust can only get you so far." She pointed out. "You need medical help, X-rays."

"No, please Scully understand."

"I don't understand." Scully tried to contain her temper. "What would you do if I called 911?"

"I would never trust you again." Mulder's eyes flickered shut. Mulder trusted her. Scully didn't want to betray that trust. She knew that her partner needed help. She took his pulse. It was very jumpy. That could mean something far worse then just a broken rib. Scully had to decide. Mulder might never trust her again, but she would have to get him the treatment he needed. She loved her partner. Cared for him enough to risk his life. With trembling fingers she took out her cell phone.

"One! Two! Three!" Mulder woke to someone picking him up, then almost dropping him onto a gurney. Mulder groaned. "Ouch! Watch it!" Mulder opened his eyes. A female police officer walked into site. "Fox Mulder, you have the right to remain silent."

"Scully, are you here Scully?" Mulder frantically began to look for his partner. How did the police find them? "I'm here." Scully tried to push past the officer. Two more officers stopped her. Mulder couldn't help but notice that she was wearing handcuffs. Her clothes stained with blood, his blood. The officers shoved her hard against a wall. She landed with a thump. "Why did you arrest her?"

"She's an accomplice." The officer told him. "Mulder needs medical help!" Scully insisted. "She's right. We need to get him to an ambulance." The paramedic agreed. "Just a minute." The officer took out some handcuffs. She slapped it onto his wrist. Then she put the other on the gurney. "He's in no condition to run!" Scully told the officer. "This will make sure of it."

"We're FBI agents."

"Sure you are!" The officer snorted. "FBI agents obey the law! If you where really agents, you would have called the authorities when this happened!" One of the officers holding Scully told her. "Now shut up!"

"Scully is an agent." Mulder groaned. "She keeps her ID in her jacket pocket." The officer beside Mulder found Scully's jacket. She took out Scully's ID. "This could be a fake."

"It's real," Mulder insisted. The paramedics pushed Mulder out of the room. He looked at Scully puzzled. Then it dawned on him. Scully must have been the one that turned him in. "You betrayed me." he accused.

"I had to." Tears ran down Scully's face. "You're my partner. I couldn't sit there and let you die!"

Mulder hated this hospital. Hated being x-rayed. Hated the fact that the hospital seemed to take a perverse pleasure in seeing him in pain. Then an orderly had shoved his gurney into an out of the way corner. That had been over two hours ago. Mulder could hear the whispers of the people around him. "Cop Killer" he was called. Did he kill the Krycek look-alike? He wished he could remember. His mind felt confused. As confused as he had been when he realized Scully had betrayed him. Scully said she loved him. If she really loved him, why did she turn him in? "Where is Fox Mulder?" He could hear a familiar voice ask. Mulder looked towards the voice. A man walked towards his stretcher. //Great goddess, Skinner! // He thought. The officer assigned to watch him stood up. He blocked Skinner's way. "This man is a prisoner. He is not allowed visitors." Skinner gave the man his most withering look. "I am Assistant Director Skinner of the FBI. If I need to, I will take it up with your superiors." The officer sighed. "All right, talk to him." Skinner came into view. "How are you feeling?"

"Terrible." Mulder had trouble talking. "Have you seen a doctor yet?" Mulder shook his head. "No."

"Your blue." Skinner looked concerned. "Am I?" Skinner reached out, touching Mulder's forehead. "You're burning up." Mulder didn't say anything. It hurt too much to talk. Skinner walked away from Mulder. He grabbed the arm of the first Doctor he saw. "When will this man get care?" The Doctor pulled away from Skinner. "The cop killer is last on our list. It will be several hours before he can be seen." Skinner pulled out his badge. "I want to talk to whom ever is in charge." The woman didn't flinch. "Dr. Morris is busy."

"You are only a few blocks from the new FBI headquarters. It would be very sad if your hospital is banned from treating FBI agents." Skinner's voice was low, threatening. "You can't try and extort me."

"It's not an attempt in extortion. It's a promise." Skinner told her. "Come with me." The woman walked away.

"Get him to a room stat!" A Doctor came into view. "We need a tube team!" Two orderlies grabbed Mulder's gurney and pushed it into a room. The room soon filled up with orderlies, a doctor and a couple of nurses. One nurse held a tube. "Get him on his left side!" The Doctor ordered. Every person in the room grabbed Mulder; they shoved him on his left side. "Hold him!" The nurse ordered. Several people litterly laid down on Mulder. Three on his legs, one on his head. Two people holding his hands. Mulder couldn't move even if he wanted to. Something cold was rubbed over his ribs. Then there was a stabbing pain. Mulder's lips screamed. "You're trying to kill me!" The knife was withdrawn, only to be plunged in deeper. Then Mulder felt a finger enter the cut, shoving his ribs apart. Mulder's mouth couldn't stop the screaming. He used all his strength to get away from them. The only problem was there was way too many people holding him. Mulder had no choice but to lay there and suffer. "Put the tube in." The Doctor ordered. Mulder felt a tube being shoved into his side. It hurt goddess it hurt. Tears poured down his face. He felt something wet flow out of the tube and onto his jeans. Blood, his blood. "They stopped bleading people in the middle ages!" Mulder said softly. "Suture." The Doctor ordered. Mulder began to sob as he felt his skin being sewn. //Scully, why?// Mulder could feel the people restraining him get off of him. Then he watched as the orderlies left the room. He could feel the blood from his wound spill onto him. A nurse helped him roll onto his back. She put a drainage pan under the tube. "What the hell are you doing to him?" Skinner demanded. "Mulder has Pneumothorax." The Doctor said simply. "We had to give him an emergency chest tube."

"Why?" Skinner did not look pleased. "It was for the drainage of pleural effusion." The doctor took his bloodstained gloves off. "Why couldn't you anesthetize him?"

"There was no time. If we had waited, the patent would have died."

"I see." Skinner said very slowly. "This was an emergency situation. He will thank us later."

"If you had taken care of him when he was first brought in, none of this would have happened!" Skinner was still upset. "If I had been given the x-rays, I would have made sure he had been treated." The Doctor explained. "I am going to make sure there is an investigation of this hospital!" Skinner promised.

You wanted to see me," Anglelica said, as soon as Barnubus arived. "Tell, me what is your argument against Dana Scully?"

"Whose Dana Scully?" she asked, pretending ignorance. "Mulder remembers you taking Scully."

"How could he do that?"

"So its true, Heather is Scully." Barnubus said. "I want to know why did you do that?"

"That is my business." Angelque said firmly. "You don't even know her, but you want revenge."

"I don't want revenge on Dana Scully, I want to protect her!"

"Why would you do that?"

"YOu wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"Try me," Barnubus said levely. "When you left me in martiqunic, something happened that I didn't tell you about."

"What has that got to do with Scully?"

"Simple, you left me alone and pregnant. When Josette was brought to America, I alowed a neighbor to adopt her. Dana Scully is our desendent."

"Why didn't you tell me about a child?" The vampire demanded. "Would it have changed anything between us?" she asked. When he didn't answer, she smiled. "You see, it wouldn't have."

"So what are you protecting her from."

"The great grandson of Quenton Collins, Fox Mulder!"

"So you want to preventMulder from being happy?" he couldn't believe his ears. "Exactly, when Mulder gives up and goes back to his time, then history will change."

"For good or for bad."

"That is my business," she said firmly, and with that, she was gone.

Quentin has first been enraged when he saw Heather kissing Mulder. But all it had been was a kiss, nothing more. Then he saw the pentagram he wore. He went over and over it in his mind. It was a rare night, not spending it with a woman. His favorite thing on earth. When suddenly someone appeared in his study. Barnubus. "What do you need Barnubus?" Quentin asked with a sigh. He hated his cousin's ability to suddenly appear in the room. Barnubus put something on Quentin's desk. Quentin picked it up, he looked at it. He couldn't believe the dates on it, but wouldn't revel that to Barnubus. "So he's from the future."

"Did you know he wears a pentagram at all times?"

"Many people wear pentagrams." he tried to sound non-chanlant. "Did you know that his parents named him fox to try to apease the spirt of Magda?"

"Why would I care if his parents wanted to do something like that?" Quentin was begining to think his cousin was insane. "His mother is your grandaughter." Quentin looked back down to the photo. His eyes, Mulder had eyes that looked so much like Quentin's mother. "Lets say he's my great grand son. Heather has nothing to do with him."

"Angelique has given you Heather as a gift, haven't you wondered what she wants in return?" the vampire persisted. "Why do you think she wants something in return?"

"Angelique always wants something in return." Barnubus countered. "What do you really want?" Quentin demanded. "The truth, not these games!"

"When Angelique is finished with heather, she will be destroyed."

"I can't let her do that," Quentin gasped. "Then help us protect her, help us return her to her own time."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Just destract Angelque tonight,"

"You'll take care of the rest." Quentin said. "When Anglique finds out, she will be angry with me, not you."

"I love Heather," Quentin admitted. "If you really loved her, you would give her up. Let her go back to her own time."

"It's going to be hard, I hate Angelique." Quentin mused. "But she has been begging me to spend the night with her."

"Just close your eyes and pretend shes someone you want." Barnubus tried to smooth. Quentin realized that his cousin was right, but he really didn't want to become involved. "All right, I'll distract Angelique, but don't tell me anything else, I don't want to be held accountable for it."

"Agreed." barnubus said.

It was just after dark. Heather Beard stood outside on the porch, she could see, in the distance, her husband Quentin, with Angelique. He pulled her to him, kissing her passionatly, then picking her up. Carrying her into a cottage. Tears stung at her eyes. She wished that it could have been Mulder carrying her off. Making love to him had made even more of her memories return. "Mrs. Collins, it doesn't mean anything to him." Beth said behind her. "Then why does he do it?"

"Quentin has a way with woman." Beth said softly. "I learned that long ago."

"You and him?" it wasn't a question, not really. "He comes to me sometimes." She admited. "He doesn't love me, I know he doesn't."

"But that doesn't stop you from loving him." she turned to the woman. "I know, I am a fool. Our baby won't be loved by him, I know that."

"Your pregant?"

"It's what happens to us mistresses." another tear fell down her cheek. "Why do I have to fall in love with him?" Heather went over to the woman, putting her arms around her. "We're sisters in a way, letting Quentin Collins use us."

"Can I talk to Heather?" She heard an almost familur voice asked. Beth pulled away from Heather. She turned around. Standing there was Mulder, his nose swollen from where Quentin had punched him. "He broke your nose." She coudln't help it, she walked nearer to him. "It doesn;t matter now." Mulder came up to her, he pulled the chain from around her neck. Then he threw it to the ground, and stamped on it, breaking it. "My mother gave that to me..."She said almost by rote. The man came up to her, putting something around her neck. She looked up to him. And she remembered, remembered the past. Remembered who she was. Dana Scully. "Mulder?"

"Yes, it's me. Can you remember your real name?"

"I'm Dana Scully. Isn't Skinner going to be ticked that we've been gone so long?" she asked. "I mean how long have we been here?" She was surprised when the man impuslvly hugged her. "That doesn't matter now. You can remember us."

"You've got to leave." beth said from behind them. "Quentin might find you." Mulder pulled away from Scully. "We've got to go, are you up to it?" Scully nodded at Mulder. "If it's with you, yes."

As they walked through the woods, Scully had a very hard time trying to keep up with Mulder. She had trouble breathing with the corset, and with the shoes she was wearing, it was almost imposible to walk fast. "Mulder, wait for me, please." Mulder stopped, and she ran to his side. She stood there for a moment, trying to catch her breath. "Why the hell did woman wear clothes as awful as this?"

"I have no idea." he seemed preoccupied. She reached out to him, touching him gently on the cheek. "I want to thank you for rescuing me."

"We're not safe yet." he reminded her. "When we're safe, I'll take you into my arms and hold you like you've never been held before."

"Can you slow down a bit?"

"Sure," he took the hand that was on his cheek, and they began to walk.

Mulder knocked on the front door of the old house. The door was opened by a Gypsy woman. She looked over Scully, and she could tell that this woman *knew* her secret. "You must be Scully, you better come in." Scully went into the house, followed by Mulder. The woman locked the door behind them. "Were you followed?" Barnubus asked. "No, I made sure," Mulder said. "Good," Barnubus went over to Scully. "I am sorry about what happened. I'll try to get you back to 1998."

"You know I'm from the future." Scully asked, it wasn't a question, not really. "I am like you, from the future." Barnubus explained. "Unlike you, I am from 1970."

"Barnubus can be trusted." Mulder tried to reasure. "He was my mentor at Oxford."

"If you say so," Scully said. "What do you want us to call you, Mrs. Collins?" Barnubus asked. Scully felt sick at her stomach. "Call me Scully."

"All right, Scully," Barnubus smiled. "Magda, Scully must be hungry, why don't you get her something to eat?"

"Mulder, I have a secret, something I should have told you from the begining," Scully told Mulder when they where finally able to be alone. Her hosts seemed nice enough, but never seemed to leave. "What secret?" Mulder asked. "When I was a child, no matter were my father was stationed, my sister and I were sent to spend summers with a woman I was told was my great-aunt. She taught us majic. She said I was the strong one, but I hated it. When I was old enough, I decided I didn't want to go down that path, especally when I found out the truth."

"What was the truth?" mulder asked. "My great aunt wasn't really my great aunt. She was something else. She's an imortal, and her majic passes down to her female decendents. I thought if I denyed the truth, it would go away. But it didn't."

"Do you think you could defeat Angelique with your magic?" there was hope in Mulder's voice. "Magic is evil," she said firmly. "What if it isn't? what if it's like electricty? It isn't evil, but it can be used to kill someone. That same electricty can save a life." there was belief in Mulder's voice, for the first time, scully realized that believed in her, uncondtionally. "My ansister taught me a lot. I think I can help us get back to the staircase."

"Are you going to kill Angelique?"

"If I did that, I would be as evil as her." She thought for a second. "I know of a binding spell, I could render her powerless until we got away."

"What do you need for teh spell?" Mulder asked. "Herbs, does this place have a kitchen?" Mulder smiled. "I'll show you where it is."

Dana looked around the kitchen, a stack of dishes were beside the sink. there was a small ice box, and shelves with spices. "Now that I know your secret, you have a right to know mine." Mulder told her. "You have a secret," she said slowly. "One that I've always been ashamed of."

"Then why tell me?' she asked. "It's something that I sould have told you when we first got involved.," Mulder reached into his shirt, pulling out his pentagram. "It's why I wear this, why I asked you to tatoo yourself."


"I have a curse that has been handed down to all male members of my family. A punishment given to one of my anisster who killed his wife."

"Who gave him the curse?"

"The woman's sister, a gypsy by the name of Magda."

"You mean Barnubus's servant?" Scully gasped, she got a cold feeling in the pit of her stomach. "Yes," Dana was angry with him, for not telling her the truth. "Who is your ansistor?"

"it doesn't matter,"

"Damn it, it does matter!" she spat. "My great-grandfather is Quentin COllins."

"You've decended from that monster? He's a werewolf!"

"I know, that's my curse." Mulder looked away from her. "Do you think I would have become involved with a werewolf if I had the choice?" He turned his face away from her, but not before she could see the tears that stung his eyes. The bruse that had begun to form on his cheek. "I know you wouldn't have. What's worse, I'm a vampire now."

"How did that happen?" she asked. "Barnubus crossed me over. I took your blood, don't you remember that."

"YOu had no right to take my blood!" Scully slaped him hard across the face. "How many people have you killed when we were together?"

"My only kill as a vampire came right after I crossed over." He explaned. "None as a werewolf. The pentagram prevents me from changing. I've worn it all my life."

"So you've never changed?" I did once," he admitted. "Even with your pentagram?"

"I was at oxford, and involved with Pheobe Green. She thought my pentagram was evil. She took it f rom me when I slept. It was a night of the full moon. I turned...the next thing I could remember was waking up. There was a girl beside me. She was dead, he r blood was on me."

"Is that when you broke up with Pheobe?"


"You took my blood against my will. Killed innocent people. I don't know if I can forgive you."

"It's okay, I don't know if I can forgive myself." Dana looked back at her work. "There are thing I need to do the spell, will you go into Collinsport and get them for me?" Mulder nodded, she gave him the list, and with one long look at her, he left. As soon as Mulder left, Scully realized that she had been wrong in loosing her temper. Mulder had been more then understanding with her secret. He had believed in her. She wished she could have been brave enough to tell him the full truth, who her ansistor was. he was a werewolf,a vampire. She needed to procect him. She looked around the kitchen, there was the right herbs to make a charm for him. If something happened to her, angleque couldn't touch him. But first she had to do something for someone who helped her.

There was a small tapping at the back door. Scully went over to it and looked out. Beth was standing there. Scully opened the door. "Hello Heather, I came by to see how you where doing." Beth said. "Come in, please." Beth came in, and she shut and locked the door behind her. "I hope you didn't mind me coming by, I had to see if you where safe."

"I'm all right, really."

"Where's Mulder?"

"He's fine, he went to get me some herbs." she told Beth. For a moment her friend looked pale. "Why don't you have a seat?" Beth nodded. She sat down on a chair. her hand breifly touching the small bulge that she was trying to hide. "When's the baby due?" Scully asked. "In the winter, around christmas."

"You still have time to make a choice." she told beth, then kicked herself, in this time in history, woman didn't have a choice over their bodies. She would have to have this baby. "I've already made my choice. I can't stay here. Quentin will never comit to me fully, and I don't want this baby growing up as the bastard offspring of the collins," she said, "My sister lives in Boston, I've already contacted her. We're going to preten d that I am a widdow."

"I hope everything turns out all right."

"I do too, I just hope that Quentin will let me go." she seemed haunted for a moment. "if he finds out, he'll try to stop me." Scully turned back to her work, and took the cigar box that she had filled with materials. She placed it in front of her firend. "I have something for you." She opened the box. "I don't understand."

"You helped me get away, I'm paying you back. This is an illusian spell. The instructions are inside it. All you have to do is follow them, and you'll be able to get away." she explained. "Can you promise me something Heather?"

"Sure, anything."

"Take care of Mulder for me, make sure that he stays safe."

"I don't understand, why do you care so much for Mulder?" Scully asked. "He's my future." her hand touched her stomach again. "Mulder's my great-grandson.He looks so much like my father..."

"On my goddess," she said, realizing what this woman said was true. "I promise you, I'll take care of him. If you can promise me you'll take care of yourself." Beth got up. "I will, promise." Scully hugged the taller woman. "I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too. Thanks for giving me a new future." With that, Beth left.

Mulder brought the materials Sculy had asked for into the kitchen. Scully was working as hard as she would have in her lab. She had changed into a skirt and a man's shirt. he was afraid she was still angry at him. Not that she had every right to be angry.

He had lied to her. "Scully, I have your things,"

"all ready?" she didn't look up. "Beth told me where I could find them."

"Great," she said almost dismissingly. he realized he was in the way. "I'll see you later," Scully looked up to him, she put her hand on top of his. "Why don't you stay?"

"Are you sure?" he searched her face, as if he could find the answer there. "I'm positive,"

She picked up something, a small cloth bag on a thong. She went over to him, and slipped the thong around his neck. Her hands stayed on his shoulders, and she looked up into his eyes. Something almost eletric went between them. "Wear this, it will protec t you."

"What it is?" he asked, wondering if she felt the same spark. "Just some herbs." Her hand went down his shirt, tracing the outline of the thong. "I lost my temper with you, I shouldn't have, can you forgive me?"

"But I lied to you."

"How could you have told me? I wouldn't have believed you."

"From now on, we'll be honest with each other."

"You've got a deal." she smiled at him, and for the first time in a long time, he smiled. Mulder had an overwelming urge to kiss Scully. Which he did. he was surprised when she pulled away from him. "How can you forgive me for what I did with Quentin?"

"I love you," was all he could say. "But I'm married....." a tear fell down her cheek. "Heather's married, not you." he reached up, whiping the tears from her cheek. "You were under a spell. What happened was Angeliques fault, not yours!"

"How can you forgive me?"

"The same way you can forgive me for my curse, my vampirism." the tears didn't stop. "When I thought about marrage, I always thought I would marry you."

"When we get back, we'll get married, promise." he kissed her. This time her arms a went around him, and she kissed him back. He tried to keep his hunger for her out of the kiss. He didn't want to frighten her, not now. His lips left hers, he held her close to him, marviling about how small she was. He whispered. "Ma rry me Dana?" He felt her nod against him as she cried, then she looked up to him, and even though she was crying, she smiled at him. "How can I not say yes?" he kissed her, as he did, his fingers went over her body, touching her, for the first time realizing she was no longer wearing her corset. She was braless. It excited him. His fingers went to the front of her shirt, finding her nipple, kneeding it. She pulled away from him a bit. "Won't barnubus walk in on us?"

"He's in town." Mulder lied. "Magda?"

"She went into town with Brnubus."

"We're alone then?" she sighed softly. "Don't let go of me, I feel so safe in your arms. Please, make this nightmare go away, make love to me."

"Your wish is my comand," he kissed her again, picking her up in his arms, carrying her to the kitchen table, setting her on it. "Do you want me to take off my clothes?" she asked. "no, you're so sexy in them," he pulled up her skirt, reveling bare legs. "I love you," he murmered, as his fingers snaged the top of her underwere, pulling it down. She helped him take it off. His fingers went up her legs, she split them. his fingers found her bud and began to stroke. Dana groaned. "You're so sexy like this.' Scully's fingers found his pants, opening up the fly, reaching in, finding his cock, stroking it. Mulder let out a sharp gasp as his teeth grew. Trying to keep his eyes from hers. He didn't want to frighten her with his eyes. "Do you like that?" she asked, the pressure on his cock increased. "Please Dana, let me make love to you, before i come over the table." he gasped. In responce, her fingers left his cock, and she pulled him on top of him. He tryed to be slow as he entered her. He wanted to make it good for her. He stood there for a moment, not moving, trying to fight down his excitement. Trying not to look at her. He felt a hand on his chin, and she turned his head. "Don't look at me, I'm a monster." he tried to move his head away. "I love you Mulder, all of you. Even the vampire side." He looked at her, letting her see his eyes. "Please don't hate me."

"I don't hate you." Then he felt her fingers around his ass. pushing him into her. His sences left him, and he began to thrust with abandon. He could feel her legs wrap around him, encouraging him. Thrusting in time with him. her body arched back, as his fingers pulled her shirt up, finding her nipple, stroking it, carressing it. Then he replaced the fingers with his lips. Finding the veign in her breasts. Licking it up and down with his tounge. Then he bit down softly. Letting her blood fill his mouth. Savoring it. "Fox!" she screamed as she came. His body responded to the feeling of her channel spasming around his cock. Mulder came, hard. After he came, he pulled her back into his arms. Kissing her lips. "I love you."

"I love you too," she said softly.

"Mulder I must talk to you," Barnubus said. Catching him alone in the livingroom. "What about?" Mulder's intrest was piqued. "Your relationship with Scully. I know you've taken her blood."

"My relationship with Scully is my business."

"There is something about being a vampire that you don't know. You can't take Scully's blood more then twice." Barnubus told him flatly. "If you do you will make her your slave, or cross her over."

"My slave?"

"She'll exist only to serve you. Do you really want that for her?"

"No of course not!" Mulder said firmly. "I love her, I couldn't do that to her."

"What about crossing her over?"

"I can't do that either....to give her this curse."

"Then you're going to have to explain to her that you can't take her blood anymore."

"I hope she understands."

"Scully loves you, I think she would."

"You can't take Scully's blood more then twice." he could still remember Barnabas telling him. "If you do you will make her your slave, or cross her over."

"What's bothering you?" Scully asked him. He had gone to visit her in the kitchen. he hunger he felt for her reminded him of something. "I can't taste from you anymore. If I take your blood again, I will cross you over. I can't do that to you."

"There's nothing else you could do?"

"I could make you my slave, and I really don't' want to do that." he reached out and took her hand. "please Dana, try and understand. I don't want to cross you over."

"I see," she said slowly. "I know I can't ever take your blood, but there can still be an us?" Mulder asked. There was trepadation in his eyes. The End

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