Title: A Djinn and a Witch
Author: Samantha Mulder (no kidding, honestly and truly)
Written: July 1998
Rating: G
Classification: Vignette
Spoilers: Redux2, Demons, Fire
Keywords: Samantha
Disclaimer: Scully, Mulder, and Samantha are NOT MINE. They are Chris Carter's, and the demigods Darin Morgan and James Wong. Don't sue me, all you'll get for it is a lousy $10 and lots of XF books. It's really not worth it, guys, trust me. (Listen to me: saying "trust me" to the inventors of TRUSTNO1!)

Summary: Scully practices her witchcraft, visits Samantha, and . . .what's a djinn?

"Finally five o'clock," Scully murmured to herself. The whole week had been a torturous forty hours of paperwork, paperwork, and when you thought you were done, more paperwork. Not very nice when Mulder's office was about 110 degrees in the heat, since he had no air conditioning. His spirits had been at an all-time low, and even prospects of the Meeting tonight had done nothing for Scully's own mood.

Mulder mumbled something about staying late. "Geez, in this heat? You're going to have heat stroke and die in this oven, Mulder," Scully chided.

"God, Scully, it's not like I have no sense," he retorted -- a little too defensively, he realized.

"Okay, okay. No offense." She raised her hands in front of her in defeat and backed off.

"Sorry," he sighed. "Long week. You know how it is." Without meaning to, he glanced at a particular folder on his desk, hoping that Scully hadn't caught it.

She'd caught it.

"Right. See you on Monday." She ignored the glance at the file as she walked out. She hadn't bothered asking about it; she knew what it would say: Samantha Ann Mulder. BI 1964, Disappeared in 1973. She pursed her lips as she got into the car -- she had to tell this to her contact at the meeting tonight.

The sky was still light as she pulled up to her apartment building, but she could clearly see a full moon against the blue. Actually it wasn't quite full, one day away from full to be nitpicking, but the contact wouldn't care if Scully's astrological calculations were off a day or two. She changed into more comfortable jeans and a T-shirt, and sat on the couch thinking as the sun set, staining her apartment red and gold.

When the moon had risen enough to light the room without any artificial lights, she got up and walked to the windowsill in the kitchen, picking up the white candles and willow wand. She'd left them there charging in the sunlight all day, and as she touched them she felt the cool tingle of energies wash over her. Perfect.

She went into the kitchen and pushed back the table and kitchen stool, clearing a space about five feet across on the floor. She traced a circle on the floor with the wand and lit a candle at each of the four cardinal directions, chanting, "Our Goddess is a Goddess of Love. At her blessing and desire, the sun brings forth life anew." Once all the candles were lit, she recited, "The circle is sealed, and I herein am completely and totally apart from the outside world, that I may glorify the Lady whom I adore. Blessed Be!"

She pulled a picture of Mulder from her pocket. He'd kill her if he ever found out she'd copied his ID for the picture, but he would never know. Anyway, it wasn't like she was hexing him or anything; that went against all her principles, even for a Catholic-turned-Wiccan. She needed the picture to summon her contact. She laid the picture in the center of the circle and intoned, "Fast-darting, daring brother, come. Quick-thinking, knowing sister, come. Message-bearing, active being, come!"

A shimmering in the air before her, a parting of universes like a curtain drawn apart, and the contact was present. Scully recognized her from the file in Mulder's office -- brown-haired, hazel eyes, freckles, the works. Missing in action, her memory supplied, though she knew that wasn't the case, and had known for more than five years now.

"Blessed Be, Samantha."

"Blessed Be, Dana. So how's my brother doing? Still chasing UFOs?"

Scully nodded ruefully. "You can't blame him, you know. When the other djinns arrived for you, they appeared in forms that looked a lot like aliens. When he was hypnotized, he honestly thought they were aliens."

Samantha laughed, a tinkling sound like wind chimes. "I keep telling my brothers not to play those kinds of jokes on humans. They know better. They traumatized Fox, poor thing."

Poor thing? "Tell me about it. He nearly flew off the handle when you kept giving him those dreams when he was on that electroshock-whatsis," Scully chided. "And when you appeared to him in the cafe and told him to stop looking for you, he just about fell apart."

Samantha's laughing eyes grew serious. "That bad?"

"Samantha, you're the only reason he's here, you know that. When you told him to stop looking for you, his will fell apart for a while. It was sad, really it was."

"I was only trying to help," Samantha pleaded. "You know how he's been practically killing himself these days looking for me. So I thought I'd give him some reassurance that I'm still around and not dead."

"The reassurance only made him think you hated his guts," Scully broke in. "You should've seen him the first few days after I came back to work -- he was ready to fall apart each time you were mentioned, I could see it."

"I saw it too," Samantha sighed. "You didn't tell him about me yet, did you?"

"No. I'm leaving that to you." After a moment, Scully spoke up again. "Isn't it time for Mulder to join you yet? You've been testing him for how long now? Six years?"

"Five years, ten months, and thirteen days," Samantha corrected. "The tests are almost done. He's passed every one he's taken with flying colors, but we need to see how he'll handle his powers."

"Powers?" Scully echoed blankly.

"Yes. He has inherited the ability to control fire."

Scully suppressed a grin. Mulder controlling fire -- that would be a blessing and a laugh, depending on who looked at it. "Good luck training him for that. You know his phobia."

"Right. We have ways to get rid of that, but we need you to get him to use it once in a while."


Samantha rolled her eyes. "It's not that hard. Expose him to it once in a while, and not just a lighted match, I mean fire as in bonfire."

"I did that already. You know what happened that time, he fell apart on me."

"That was different. Start small this time, don't throw him in the middle of a burning building."

Scully nodded, sighing. The djinns had given her several strange orders by now, and this was no exception. If Mulder was to join his sister, not in space as he had thought -- hoped -- she would be, but in a parallel universe inhabited by the djinns, she had to help him and the djinns prepare him for the jump across the cosmos.

Samantha had been taken young, so the shock had not been so bad for her. But Mulder, now 37, would have a harder time crossing, and Scully needed all the help she could get.

"All right then. No more appearances in cafes, though, okay? He's bad enough as it is without you telling him not to look for you anymore."

Samantha nodded. "Will do. Merry part, Dana."

"Merry part, Samantha."

The shimmering figure of Samantha Mulder -- now Aradia of Laja in the djinns' universe -- faded and disappeared. One by one the candles winked out, leaving Scully standing in the middle of her Circle, staring at the face of her partner on the floor, candle smoke drifting in front of her vision and giving Fox Mulder's face in the photo a spooky appearance.

"Thrice round this place to weave, thrice blessing in thy dance, thrice cleansing in thy fire," she softly chanted to close the Circle. She stowed the candles and wand in the closet until two weeks from tonight, when she would meet with Samantha again. Heaving a breath, she suddenly realized how late it was -- 12:30. Time had a way of flying by when she was working in Circle. Without bothering to take a shower, change into her pajamas, or even turn down the cover of her bed, she collapsed on the mattress and sank into a dark dreamless sleep.

Mulder awoke with a start, nearly falling off his narrow couch. It was one of those dreams again, the ones where Samantha was standing in a circle of lighted candles, looking as young and innocent as the day she was taken, talking with Scully -- of all people, Scully! -- about some people named Jinns. Who were Jinns, for heaven's sake? He sighed and remembered something else.

Isn't it time for Mulder to join you yet? You've been testing him for how long now? Six years?

He's passed all his tests with flying colors. We need to see how he'll handle his powers.


Yes. He has inherited the ability to control fire.

Join who? What was this about tests, and controlling fire? He'd have to see what Freud had to say about this one. He turned over on the couch and held the image of Samantha in his mind as long as he could, until he fell asleep.

The End

End Note: I apologize if I got any Wicca ceremonies wrong. Please don't sue, I'm a good little girl, really I am. Hope nobody minds taking away the UFO factor. Dont' E-mail me, I'm as paranoid on the 'Net as Langly and Frohike.

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