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Title: Coming Together
Author: DKScully
Written: November 22, 1997
Spoilers: ReduxII
Keywords: Thanksgiving
Disclaimer: Mulder, Samantha, Dana Scully, Margaret Scully, Bill Jr. Scully, and Charles Scully do not belong to me, they belong to CC, 1013, and FOX.

Summary: After the good news of Scully's remission, her family strives to have the most wonderful Thanksgiving ever and it may mean many revelations for everyone.....including Mulder.

Scully packed her things, standing in her hospital room in one of her business suits. She wore a genuine smile which had been rare as of late. Her heart was light and full of hope. It was more than that. She was full of love and faith too. She softly hummed to herself as she tossed the last of her belongings into her suitcase, thinking of how Mulder had stuck by her. Everyday he would visit her, reassure her and kiss her gently.

The emotion she felt in his kisses went beyond friendship. They were short and soft, but much lie beneath the surface. She felt all of his anguish, his sorrow, his hope and caring. But what she felt most, what comforted her most was the love in his kisses. His lips brushed her so softly as if he was afraid of breaking her. She smiled again and picked up her bag, turning to go.

She jumped on her heels when she saw Mulder waiting in the doorway, then smiled shyly, wondering if he had heard her humming.

His smile beamed at her as he walked to her side. "You know, Scully, you should quit the FBI and start a singing career, you have a beautiful voice."

She smiled softly, blushing a little. He took her hand in his and reached to carry her suitcase in the other but she tugged it away, smiling. "I can do it."

He shrugged with a lopsided grin, gave her hand a squeeze, and lead them out to his car. On the way to her mother's house, they sat quietly, not needing to talk, each others actions expressing how they felt. His hand rested atop hers, and he glanced at her every so often with a soft smile.

Her cancer was a horrible, terrifying experience, but it had brought them so much closer together. She could feel it in his essence. It seemed everything was looking up now. Her family was all getting together for Thanksgiving, even Charlie was coming. She was excited to see her younger brother who had been away in the Navy for years.

She gazed out the window as they neared the Scully house and her heart sank. She knew Mulder had nowhere to go for Thanksgiving and she was bursting to ask him but she held back afraid something would come between Mulder and Bill, knowing the tension that lay between the two.

Mulder walked her to the door, a guiding hand on the small of her back and a small smile across his lips. As the door opened, Scully was embraced by three people all at once, her mother, and her two brothers. She laughed joyfully and tried to hug them all back. They pulled her inside with her luggage and Mrs. Scully beamed at her daughter. "Oh, Dana, I'm so glad you're home."

Scully smiled and answered, "I'm happy to be home, Mom."

Mrs. Scully's gaze turned to Mulder and her smile softened. "Fox, won't you please stay for Thanksgiving dinner?"

He drew back from the doorway and smiled warmly but mumbled something like "I really can't," then Bill stood behind his mother and looked down at her with a little anger in his eyes. "Mom, no. He put her in the hospital in the first place, he shouldn't be here. This is for family."

Mulder looked down, his heart streaking with guilt then he looked up to meet Mrs. Scully's gaze, but not Bill's, a little afraid. "That's ok, Mrs. Scully, really..."

Margaret Scully shot her son an ice cold glance. "Bill, Fox had nothing to do with Dana's cancer, and don't you ever accuse him of that. He stood by her through everything and he's very important to her, you know that," she snapped. She turned back to Mulder, smiled sympathetically, and held out her hand to him. "Please Fox. With all this family's been through, I won't let it fall apart now. You're part of this family. Please?"

Looking into her eyes he could see his staying really meant a lot to her so he stepped forward slowly taking her hand, and nodded with a soft smile.

With everyone at the table Mrs. Scully lead a small beautiful prayer, and everyone bowed their heads in silence. After that Maggie glanced around the table and paid close attention to everyone's faces. Dana looked radiantly happy sitting by Fox, and though no one else could see, she knew they were holding hands beneath the table because she had seen it when she dropped her fork. She smiled for a moment then looked to Fox's face. It was shy and she knew he felt out of place with Bill's words.

Bill's face was solemn, and she could see a light trace of anger and resentment there. She bit her bottom lip gently and looked to Charlie. She couldn't help smiling, he was eyeing the food like a vulture, but contained his hunger with a small grin. His bright auburn hair shined in the light like Dana's and his blue eyes sparkled. She knew he was happy to be home. She had to say something, relieve the tension that lay between Bill and Fox.

"I have an idea, before we eat why don't we share what we're thankful for? I know we have a lot this year. I'll start. I'm thankful Dana's cancer went into remission and that the whole family is here for Thanksgiving. Dana?"

"Well...I'm thankful my cancer has gone into remission also. I'm glad I have all of you and Mulder here with me. You've all been so supportive to me and I love you very much. Mulder?"

He smiled at her. "It's, it's ok. You can call me Fox.

She raised her eyebrows, he nodded and she smiled at him.

"I'm thankful that you're sitting here beside me today Dana, and I hope you're by my side for many years to come. I'm also thankful that you've let me share this experience with you, it truly means a lot to me." He looked down softly and nodded towards Bill.

"I'm thankful that my sister is getting better because she's so important to me." He looked at Dana as tears shone behind his eyes but he wouldn't let them fall. "I love you shortcake, and I won't let anything happen to you. I do and say things sometimes only because I worry about you. I'm so scared that I could lose you..." He choked up and couldn't finish, bowing his head and rubbing his eyes.

Dana looked to her brother with love in her eyes and comfort. "Oh Bill," she tried to soothe him.

Mulder felt himself about ready to cry. Ever since the conversation in the hospital he felt like he was walking on Bill's territory, like he was taking something that wasn't his, and listening to this endearing statement made his heart ache.

"I'd like to say I'm thankful, of course for Dana's health, and also for you, Fox," Charlie interrupted. "Dana wrote me every month in the Navy. Her letters always spoke of how she admired you, how highly she thought of you and how she felt this need to defend you, keep your trust and your respect."

Mulder looked to Charles, a little awe showing on his features, and along the table Mrs. Scully and Bill were listening intently. "You're very important to my sister, Mr. Mulder. If you are so important to her, you're important to me too. I know Mom has said you're like another son to her, and beneath all Bill's bull, he appreciates what you've done to help Dana. He'll never say it, but I know he does."

Charlie looked to Bill and nodded as if saying 'You know I'm right.'

Bill looked down and nodded slightly. Mulder smiled softly and took Dana's hand in his above the table and squeezed it softly. "Dana is very important to me too, and so are all of you. Mrs. Scully, you've been like a second mother to me and I can never express how thankful I am to you. Bill, I don't know you too well, but your friendship means a lot to me. I know you're worried about your sister, but maybe it would help if you knew that I need her more than I need anyone in my life, and I don't plan on letting her go anywhere. Charles, I just met you, but you sound like a pretty nice guy and I hope we can be friends."

Charles and Bill nodded at Mulder. It was a simple gesture, but instantly all tension dissolved in the room. Everyone was forgiven. With this sudden solace, a warm smile spread over everyone's face and they started eating their Thanksgiving meal. With all that had happened in their lives they had overcome it together and found that coming together was what they needed all along.

The End!

I know this seems kinda choppy, sorry about that. There was so much I wanted to do with this, but it would be incredibly long if I did so I'll just make another fan fic. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!

The End

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