Title: Charming X-Files
Author: Caleigh R.
Key Words: XF/Charmed Crossover. Mulder/Scully Romance
Distribution: Sure, as long as my name, disclaimer and e-mail keep with it.
Disclaimer: I do not own X-Files, or Charmed. They rightfully belong to Aaron Spelling and Chris Carter. I have no money, and I am definitely not making any off of this. So please do not sue. I hope I don't cause any trouble by writing this.

Summary: Mulder and Scully go to San Francisco to get information on a certain Prue Halliwell that Special Agent Andy Trudeau apparently protected by destroying evidence. There, they find the Charmed ones.

San Francisco Airport
2:34 p.m.. Saturday

"Mulder, are you insane? This is stupid! We are not going to find anything paranormal about three sisters living together in a suburban neighborhood! You know why they call rumors rumors? Because they are made up. Not real! I can't believe you dragged me out here on my weekend."

Scully was really pissed off. She knew Mulder thought he could find something out, but she just knew they were going to come up dead empty, as always.

Mulder just ignored her, as usual. "Oh, there are our bags," he mumbled.

He picked his up, and Scully got hers. They were silent as Mulder got them a car at the rental place, and silent still while they walked to the car. But once their luggage was in the trunk and they were inside the car, Scully finally spoke again. "So, which hotel?"

"Well, I hear there is a Best Western a couple miles from here."

"Fine. Then where after that?"

"We are going to the police station where Agent Trudeau used to work, before he was mysteriously killed in the Halliwell residence. Then, we are going to their house."

"Okay then. You know where we are going?"

"Yup, I looked at a map when we were on the plane."

Scully didn't know that he had, because since it was such a last minute plan, they couldn't sit together on the plane, because there were only two seats left, one in business class and one in coach. Mulder had told Scully to take the business class one, because he didn't like the business like feel of it. Scully had told him no, but he urged her into her seat, and before she could do anything, he had gotten to the back of the plane. Scully sat back and relaxed into her seat, while Mulder started driving the car.

Mulder was glad Scully had decided to come on this case with him. Often he was afraid she wouldn't come, so he wouldn't ask her, just go. He knew that annoyed her, but she always forgave him eventually.

He found a parking spot in the hotels small and crammed lot, and Scully immediately unbuckled her seatbelt. She jumped out of the car, and immediately fell, grabbing onto the car. "My foot's asleep."

Mulder jumped out of the car, and ran to her side of the car. He lightly picked her up, and lifted her onto the hood, getting whiff of her baby powder smell. Then he got their luggage out of the trunk. By the time he had done that, Scully had gotten off the hood, and her foot had woken up. He smiled slightly, and she took her suitcase, and slowly they walked towards the hotel.

Inside the hotel's lobby, Mulder was at the front desk, while Scully gazed around the cozy room. It had mahogany walls, and hardwood floor. There were about five large green leather couches, and a rack full of pamphlets for tourists. It wasn't much, but she found it quite pleasant all the same.

At the front desk, Mulder was having a problem. "We would like two adjoining rooms please."

"I'm sorry sir, we only have one room left."

"Well, I suppose that will have to do."

"It is going to be a bit more pricey though sir. It's the Honeymoon Suite."

Mulder looked at the petite brown haired desk clerk and then at Scully, who was paying no attention. He smiled, and told the desk clerk, "That will be fine." Then he handed her his credit card, grabbed his suitcase, then Scully's arm, and started heading to the elevator.

When they reached their floor, Scully followed Mulder with her heavy rollerboard dragging behind her. When he stopped at a door, she looked around for her room. When she didn't see it immediately, she looked at Mulder, with his mischievous face, he looked as adorable and pathetic as ever, like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"You couldn't get two room, could you?"

"Nope. I hope this will do." Mulder opened the door, and Scully gaped at what she saw inside. It was a gorgeous room, with lace everywhere and it was huge. It only took Scully about two seconds to realize it was the honeymoon suite. She hit Mulder on his shoulder with the back of her hand. "Mulder! Was this the only room left?"


"This must have cost a fortune!"

"Actually, they gave me a couple hundred off because it was the only room left."

"But still!"

"Come on Scully, who else am I going to spend the money on? I don't really have any family, and it's not like I am going to take you or Skinner out to any fancy place. This is nothing compared to what I have stored up!"

"Fine. Let's get going, okay?"

"Right. First, we'll go to the police department where Andy Trudeau used to work. Then, we are going to the Halliwell residence."

"Lead the way."

"Phoebe! I told you not to leave the milk out on the counter overnight! Look, it's gone sour!"

"So? We'll buy more Prue. It's not that big a deal."

"Well, it is since Piper quit her job, and mine is always on the line!"

"Fine, I'll remember next time." Phoebe couldn't stand having this petty argument again. They always argued about things like this.

Just then, Piper came into the kitchen. "Look, Phoebe, Prue, I found some old alphabet from the fridge. An X. Must have fallen off and been kicked into the living room after that last--" Piper stopped short, looked down and avoided Prue's eyes. She knew that Prue felt guilty about Andy, and she was still mourning for her lost love.

Then Piper started again. "Uhh, Phoebe, can you put this on the fridge for me?"

Phoebe took the letter, when suddenly she had a premonition. She saw a woman with red hair on the floor, with blood coming out of her head. A man with brown hair was holding her in his arms, sobbing. The man was screaming, "Damn the X-files!", and behind him was the grandfather clock in their house, that was bolted to the floor. It said 4:35 pm.

Phoebe recovered from her premonition and looked up at Piper and Prue. "There was a man, and a woman, with red hair, in this house, today, the woman was dying! Her head was bleeding. The clock said 4:35.......and the man kept screaming damn the X-files.

"Are you sure it was meant or today Phoebe?" inquired Prue.

"Of course! I could tell!"

"Okay, we need to figure this out. Phoebe, look in the book of shadows for anything about them or the X-files. Piper has to look for a job and I have to go to work. Make sure that if that man or woman come to the door, you don't let them in. Got it?"

"Yeah, got it."

"Okay, bye, we'll both be back around four."

Phoebe was looking in the book of shadows. She hadn't found anything about the women with red hair, the man or the X-files, whatever they were. Suddenly, she heard the doorbell. She looked up at her watch, and realized it was already 2:30. She rushed downstairs, and looked through the peephole. Not to her surprise, it was the man and woman she had seen in her premonition.

Phoebe slightly opened the door, and peered out at the man and woman. "Who are you" she asked.

The petite red haired woman spoke up. "Are you Ms. Prue Halliwell? We are Agent Dana Scully and Agent Fox Mulder from the FBI. We have to come to ask you a few questions about Agent Trudeau, of whom we are both sure you know, seeing how he was murdered in your living room."

"No, I'm Prue's sister, Phoebe, and yes, I know Andy, and why do you need to talk to us?"

The handsome tall man finally spoke up. "Because we believe you have supernatural powers, and have to do with the X-files."

"Way to be subtle Mulder." spoke the red haired woman. "I am afraid you can't come in."

"Why not, Ms. Halliwell?"

"First, I have seen no identification." They simultaneously flashed their badges. Phoebe knew she was trapped. "Fine, come in." She ushered them into the living room.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a man with dark clothing had appeared. "Well, Ms. Halliwell, and her delightful sister, now you must be killed. You have murdered my warlock brother, and now, you both must die. The third charmed one will most definitely die without you both, won't they?"

The man rubbed his hands together, and out of nowhere, a fireball hit Phoebe, knocking her unconscious. Mulder and Scully sat dumbfounded, while the man looked at Scully, waiting for her reaction.

Scully couldn't believe what was happening. Suddenly, she was clinging to Mulder, as the man looked at her.

Suddenly, two brunettes came running through the door of the house. "Phoebe!" one called. "The grandfather clock is two hours behind, remember?"

Seeing the two strange men and a red haired woman in the room, they acted fast. One brunette whipped the man dressed entirely in black across the room, with what seemed like just her hands.

Suddenly, the man in black pulled out a gun, pointed it at the general direction of where the four people were standing, and shot one fire, before evaporating without a trace.

The bullet seared through Scully's ear painfully. Then she blacked out. Mulder was holding her in seconds, rocking her back and forth. "Call an ambulance! NOW!" He barked at the two brunettes.

One rushed out of the room, while the other ran towards the other unconscious girl of whom he had met first. She woke up groggily. "Ugh, I told you this would happen. I can't believe it would happen two hours earlier though."

"The grandfather clock is fast, remember? Prue and I remembered when we were talking on the phone about what to do. We got here as soon as we could."

"What about the Dana Scully? The one who's shot?"

"Prue is calling 911."

Scully was losing blood rapidly, and Mulder sat stupidly holding her, like a little boy who had found his mother dead. He kissed her blood soaked head. He couldn't tell where she had been shot. There was blood everywhere. He couldn't stand it.

"Scully, you can't die now! I can't survive without you! I love you!" He was sobbing uncontrollably now, he felt as though somebody was choking him, his throat had a sticky lump in it. He heard the ambulance coming. He didn't pick Scully up and take her out the door to the ambulance, he didn't have the strength.

The paramedics busted in the door, and pulled Mulder away from Scully. They quickly took her away.

Suddenly, he remembered something like this happening before. His apartment hallway flashed through his mind, and Scully crying, the near kiss that he had wanted so badly- he screamed, "Where are you taking her?!?!?!?!"

"St. Catherine!"

Mulder felt relived, because he knew that was the closest hospital. He had passed it driving here. But suddenly, he felt his knees grow weak, and he started to fall.

The two brunettes pulled him up. They dragged him to the couch. "Phoebe, let's just leave him here, and we can go look in the book of shadows for...... you know what."

"Right Piper. Come on Prue."

Mulder sat on the couch, staring at the ceiling. He couldn't move, he felt paralyzed. He couldn't stop thinking about Scully.

"This attic really is dingy," Phobe complained.

"Yeah, tell me something I don't know, Phoebe," Piper snapped.

"Relax Piper! I am just trying to get calmer."

"Okay, Piper, Phoebe, am I missing something?" Prue asked.

"We are going to see if there is a spell to make that red-haired woman tell the other guy her true feelings."

"Uhh, okay, why?"

"Because they love each other, but that girl is afraid to admit it."

"So, the Truth Spell? That ended in DISASTER!"

"Well, it won't this time because they both love each other! That guy told her just then!"

"But wasn't she unconscious?"

"Phoebe had a premonition of him telling her he loved her before. And she was awake. She covered it up by saying it was because he was on morphine."

"Uhh, okay, I won't ask."

"Excellent, let's find that Truth spell, shall we?"

"I still don't know about this Phoebe......"

"Oh well, to bad for you. Let's go, Piper I want to get these two to admit there true feelings."

These three strange girls had dragged Mulder to the hospital. He didn't want to move, just sit and think about how awful he was to Scully and how she deserved so much more. The three girls had disappeared into Scully's room, leaving him outside for about three minutes. Then they came out, and shoved him in there.

"Hey Mulder," Scully greeted him tiredly from her hospital bed.

"Scully! Are you okay? I was so worried! I wanted to die!"

"I'm okay. I fainted from the pain and surprise, mostly. The doctors just took off half my ear," she explained. "They had to take some cartilage from my other ear to even them out. I am going to have really small ears!"

"Oh, god Scully, are you okay! I can't believe this happened again! Oh, god Scully, you don't deserve this! I love you so much--"

"I love you too Mulder." She couldn't believe the words had come out of her mouth. But she didn't regret it.

Mulder looked surprised at first, then had a much more serious look on his face while he walked over to her. "Scully, I have waited so long to hear those words from your mouth."

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small velvet box. He sat down on one knee and took her hand in his. He flashed the box open to reveal a diamond and a ruby on a gold ring, close together, but with a few emeralds in between them. "Will you marry me?"

Scully looked at him, smiled, and started crying. She nodded as she did, and Mulder smiled happily. He stood up, sat on the edge of her bed and slid the ring on her left ring finger. He kissed her cheek, right near where the bandage was. He wrapped his arms around her, and held her tightly, as if he would never let go.

Outside the room, three sisters watched them through the open doorway.

"Wow, we are good!" Phoebe exclaimed.

"I have to hand it to you two, it did work!"

"Yeah, wasn't it sweet?"

"He reminded me of Andy." Prue sighed.

"I know he did, Prue."

"Oh well, that's over with. But I did love him, so much."

"We know."

"Well, doesn't that just suck? We have the worst luck with men!"

"Yeah, Piper, you and Prue really have trouble. I can't even FIND any!"

"That's okay, I am never bored."

"How could we be?"


End Note: CORNY! I know, but give me a break, it's my first attempt. I would like to dedicate that to all the other fan fic writers in the world.

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