Title: Before They Were Stars
Author: Who Cares
Written: March 1999
Rated: PG-13 or R, ?k
Category: TR - Adventure/Romance
Spoilers: Pilot
Keywords: Mulder/Scully romance, Pre-XF

Note: I'm one of those people who believe Scully should drive more. And I noticed something about the character of Scully; she doesn't have expressions unless it's a 'look'. She pouts. Her face is almost always in a pout. It's not a bad thing, I just noticed that.

I also noticed from a lot of other FanFic that they make Scully too mean. Why? In my stories she only gets that means when she is drugged, on her monthly cycle and Mulder pisses her off, or because she isn't really Scully...nevermind. Read my stories and you'll get what I mean. What I mean is, WRITE THEM INTO CHARACTER BETTER!!! (boy, aren't I just mommy's little hypocrite)

Also, they make Mulder too...perfect. No offense. He is one good-looking man. Better than that. But, his CHARACTER (not th genuine DD) isn't perfect. He isn't some casanova like other people make him to be. Not everybody makes him like that, but some (and you KNOW who you are) do, and it makes me sick to my stomach.

Basically, I'm just being a complaining little...freak.

Disclaimer: ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH The X-FILES LEGALLY IS, sorry to say, NOT MINE. IT BELONGS TO The ALMIGHTY X-FILE PEOPLE, which have no reason to sue me.EVERYTHING, except my own creations, BELONGS TO SOMEBODY ELSE LEGALLY, unless, of course, you WANT to give me Mulder. No objections here. Make sure he come with his glasses and sweater though, k? Kewl. Now, on with the story...


Scully's House
Oct. 31, 1990


"I'm having trouble with the zipper!" Dana yelled back to her friend, Kristen, in the other room. She was in a tight, black dress, which was half-zipped. Her face was covered with makeup. You couldn't even recognize her, especially when she put the wig on, that covered her red hair completely.

Kristen walked in to Dana's bedroom saying, "Well, let me help." Dana turned her back towards her so her friend could see what happened to the zipper.

"Ah ha." Dana turned her head around to see if she could see what Kristen saw, but she couldn't. Then Kristen said "Got it."

Dana felt the black dress get tight, then turned around. "How do I look?" Dana said.

"Great. Me?" Kristen asked back. Dana looked at her friends French Maid costume. It fit her good, Dana would have dressed like that for a costume ball, but she was a little shy. Dana then replied, "What a maid shouldn't look like."

Kristen hung her head and looked at Dana in a friendly-cocky way, "Funny," she said sarcastically. "Now, get your wig on and let's go, we are already late."

"Pass me it," Dana said. She grabbed the wig in mid-air and put it on. Then Kristen stated, "You should have gotten a date, then you could have a groom to go with you."

Dana looked at her friend. "Sure, get some guy to dress up as Frankenstein for me. Great first date."

Kristen smiled. "It would be. It'll be fun. Let's go." Kristen grabbed Dana's hand and was partly pulling her out the door. Her tight, black, Elvia-like dress make it a little hard to walk to her car, but she managed. "I'm driving," Dana called out.

"Not in those heels you're not," Kristen said back, smiling.

"Fine, and you know what else sucks about these shoes then not being able to drive," Dana said, now walking to the passenger side of the car. "I'm still not as tall as you."

Kristen laughed a little and knelt her 5'6 structure into the car. She adjusted the seat so she could fit in, then started the car, Dana was already in and buckled.

Kristen said the first thing to come to mind on their way to where the Halloween party was. "You think there will be any cute guys there?" she asked, smiling.

Dana clicked her tongue and looked at her friend. "Come on Kristen." She paused to make sure Kristen took it has an immature remark that Kristen had made, then added, "Why do you think I choose this dress." Kristen laughed and so did Dana. They speed away giggling to themselves and talking about what might happen at the party.


Dana and Kristen looked around at all the familiar faces, and the unfamiliar faces. Dana didn't even know half the people Kristen knew. She once said to Dana "Dana, you need to get out more. Stop studying for one night and come have fun." That's how Scully ended up at a bar for a Halloween Costume Party. Besides, she was through with studying, especially after her medical tests.

She started to feel uncomfortable, and not because her dress was pushing her boobs practically in her face. She nudged Kristen. "Hey, I shouldn't be here. I have to study, and my FBI course is coming up."

Kristen looked at her friend in a 'no-way' expression. "You are to serious sometimes. Have fun. Mingle, or I will have to set you up with someone."

Dana shook her head and looked around again, smiling. Loud music came on and everyone was bumping into her all of a sudden.

Dana thought to herself *This is a big party. I bet the person throwing it doesn't even know half the people here.* Dana was interrupted by Kristen nearly tearing off her arm.

"Kristen, ow." Dana was being pulled through the crowd, and she could hear Kristen giggling. She stop all of a sudden and Dana bumped into her. They were out of the crowd, and by the bar.

"Dana. Dana, look over there," Kristen said, pointing at something. Dana tried to find what she was pointing to, but couldn't.

"What. What Kristen."

Kristen nudged her again and said, "The Frankenstein."

Dana then saw him. He was sitting at the bar, turned toward the crowd talking to some guy sitting next to him. She saw a girl walk up to the Frankenstein, flirting, but was turned down. The girl, who was dressed as Cat women, walked away, after cleverly flipping him off.

"I don't know if any guy who would turn down a Cat women, maybe he's gay," Dana said.

They both laughed and Kristen said "Only one way to find out. Introduce yourself."

"And be turned down like pussy-cat over there? No thank you."

Kristen nodded in the guys direction and said, "They are pointing at you."

Dana turned around quickly and saw Frankenstein turn away from her quickly.

"Go now or I will have to kick your ass," Kristen said, part kidding, part not.

"Fine, I'll go." Scully started walking towards Frankenstein, and saw his friend walk away. 'Franky' turned towards the bar, sat on the stool, and waited for Dana to approach. She got to him, stood by him, and asked "Seat taken?"

'Franky' looked up smiling and said "No. Be my guest."

Dana took a seat, ordered a drink and 'studied' the man next to her. He was sitting down, but she could tell he was tall. He had a boyish look, but strong not doubt. He was attractive. His costume consisted of two bolts on his neck, black suit, and boots. Hair nothing special, and no makeup. Still, he was attractive.

"So, what's your name?"

The man looked up again right at her and answered "Call me Mulder."

Dana knew that name from somewhere, but she couldn't put her finger on it. "Dana, nice to meet you." Dana outstretch her hand and shook Mulder's. He wasn't really the talkative type, so Dana continued.

"How do you know the person throwing the party?"

Mulder laughed to himself and answered. "I don't. I ended up here. You?"

"Friend dragged me." They smiled at each other and looked down at their drinks. Finally, Mulder talked up.

"What do you do for a living?"

Dana sighed and said. "Right now I'm studying for a medical doctor." She left out the part of the FBI, she didn't want him to think she was too strong or something. "You?"

Mulder hesitated, then answered "I work at the FBI."

Dana eyes widened and Mulder looked confused. That's where she knew the name Mulder, he was Fox 'Spooky' Mulder.

"Something wrong?" Mulder asked.

Dana saved herself quick. "Oh, no. I think it's great. I know someone training for it right now."

"Really?" Mulder said, not meaning it as a question. "So, what do you look like under all that make-up?" Mulder asked, trying to make a joke.

Dana tried to flirt a little. "I have no complaints yet." She smiled. So did Mulder.

"What's your first name?" she asked, playing up to the part that she didn't know him.

Mulder laughed a little out loud and said "Nah, it's okay."

Dana still played up. "It can't be that bad." It really wasn't, she actually kind of liked it.

Mulder nodded and said "Fox."

Dana nodded, smiling. She was glad that he had told her, Then she started thinking that he looked young to have such that high reputation that he had.

Fox shook his head, smiling at his drink. They were finishing and ordering drinks quickly, and they could barely hear each other over the music, but they were doing fine. They both talked about things and nothings for twenty minutes. She started to like him, his personality, then they heard a crashing and both turned their heads towards the noise. Dana face fell and Fox started smiling. Dana turned back to Fox, who said "Isn't that your friend."

Dana then smiled and said, "Yeah."

"Want to go somewhere calmer?" Fox asked. Dana got a little nervous.

"S-Sure." She sheepishly said. Fox got up and outstretch his hand, offering it to Dana. She took it and got up. She knew it was against protocol for agents to be together, but she wasn't an agent yet. They started walking still holding hands. They passed by Kristen, who yelled "SCORE!" at Dana, who blushed. Fox and Dana walked out the back in hope to talk in quiet. They saw a couple 'couples' around, doing more than talking, so they walked back in. They talked out a plan quickly, then started walking towards the front.

They got out into the cool night air and Dana inhale slowly. She loved the night sometimes. Mulder tugged on her hand and she followed. They walked around a corner, then Dana said "Where are we going?"

"Somewhere to talk without 'Monster Mash' ringing in my ears," Fox replied smiling, looking at Scully doing the same.

She smiled and they continued walking. They walked down the street Dana parked on, and when they passed it, she said so. "That's my car."

Fox stopped again and paused. "Then we don't have to walk any further. We can talk here."

Scully paused then looked through her purse for her keys. She pulled them out and unlocked the passenger door, then went to the driver side and went inside. Fox was already in and settled. After about two minutes of uncomfortable silence, Fox spoke up.

"Who do you know that is training?"

Dana hesitated then answered. "I am."

Fox was surprised. "Serious?"

Dana laughed to herself and said "Yeah."

Fox said "Wow. How are you doing?"

Scully smiled at Fox. "Good, I think. Today is my day off. And actually, I'm already a doctor."

"You do know that it would be against protocol for agents to work together and be in a relationship," Mulder said, seeing what she would say to that, but not meaning to push her away.

"I'm not an agent yet." Scully smiled, "And besides, what makes you think we'll go that far?" she teased.

Mulder thought *Touché* and they continued their conversation, which went from their jobs, to their past, to past romances. Fox did leave a little part out that he thought his sister was abducted. He really liked this woman, and didn't want to scare her away. After about an hour and a half of talking, Fox started flirting himself.

"What color is your hair?"

"What?" Dana said smiling because no idea what he meant, even though it was obvious.

"What color is your hair? Or is your hair always like Bride of Frankenstein?"

Scully, still smiling, took off her wig and undid all of the bobby pins and clips in her hair. It was partially long, to the middle of her shoulder blades. She was planning to get it cut soon as well. Fox smiled when he saw her fiery-red hair fall over her shoulders. She blushed a little.

*Curse of the red-heads* he thought, as Fox took his finger to take a small piece of hair off of her face.

"You are really beautiful," he said right out.

She blushed a little more, and sorta hid behind her hair. "Thanks. I think you are handsome and sweet too."

Fox lifted up her head with one of his hands softly and her hair fell off her face. Her blushing has gone down, but not all the way. Fox smiled which made her melt. She smiled back and they both looked deeply into each other eyes. They both advanced toward each other slowly, closing their eyes. Fox's hand went to her cheek, leading her soft face to his. They were so close now that Dana could feel Fox's warmth. A loud banging shook them both and interrupted them, the shocked Dana pulled away.

*Damn.* Fox thought. *So close*

Scully looked out the windshield and saw Kristen practically on the hood. A man was holding on to her arm, both were smiling. Kristen yelled threw the windows as she stopped banging on it.

"I don't need a ride home. Thanks." Kristen disappeared as quickly as she came. Dana noticed that she was holding her breath, and let it out slowly. Fox sighed and looked over at Dana, who was looking at the floor, tapping her fingers.

"You alright?" Fox asked.

She looked up at him and nodded her head. "Yeah, just a little shooken up."

Fox's lips went tight and he nodded to, turning his head to the front of the car. They sat in a uncomfortable silence, looking at each other once in a while, but never at the same time. Finally they're eyes met again and they both smiled. They both went to each other again. One of Dana's hands balanced herself on the seat. The other went to Fox's cheek. Both of Fox's hands went to the back of Dana's head. The kissed for a few seconds. They came apart, breathed a little quickier for air, and looked at each other again. Dana took her keys and started up the car, without taking her gaze off of the attractive man next to her. She started off the car and drove off.

Dana was drunk, but not that drunk, she just had a couple of drinks, she had come a long way from collage party days. Same with Mulder. She drove to her apartment safely, but she was drunk. Normally, she wouldn't do this, bringing a practical stranger to her house. But here she was. Doing just that. She looked at the lanky man next to her. Then she looked back to the road. He was so handsome. He was drunk too, and she could see that. She knew him for about three hours now, and she knew what he looked sober, sad, happy, drunk, and disappointed. She stopped at a red light and looked right back at him, who was looking at her. She threw him a flirty smile and he responded. There was a loud horn honk from behind them and they broke out of their little trance. Dana stepped on the gas and drove on. About five minutes later, they were right out front of Dana's place.

"Nice place," Fox said.

"Thanks," Dana responded, as they both got out of the car.

Fox followed Dana until they were right in front of Dana's door. She had moved there since she knew she would be working in Washington. She quickly slipped off her heels and held them in one hand by the straps. Then he reached out and grabbed Dana by the waist, turned her around, and pulled her close. She was shocked, but smiled up at him. He smiled back down at her.

"Can I get a little mushy right now?" Dana asked.


"I haven't even known you for half a day, and I feel like I can trust you."

Fox smiled. Dana was happy that it made him smile, but there was something else in the smile.

As Fox smiled down at her, he thought that that was something he wanted. Just someone who trusted in him, and someone he could trust in. "Me too," he replied. "And you know what else?"

"What?" Dana said, enjoying being close to someone.

"You seem a lot shorter now," he said, teasing.

Dana gave him a playful nudge and turned around to unlock the door. She walked inside and held the door open for Fox. He walked in and Dana turned to the door to lock it again.

"Afraid I might escape?" Fox said.

Dana turned around to see him leaning against a wall. She smiled and said "I don't want to be disturbed." She smiled a seductive smile and walked towards him, dropping her purse on her way.

Fox stood straight up, then leaned on one his left foot. Dana was just about to reach him when she turned sharply down the hall. Fox followed.

She walked into what looked like a bedroom, then turned to him. "Let me get all this makeup off, then I'll be back," she said.

Fox nodded as watched her walk away, escaping into the bathroom, in that tight dress. *Damn* He thought. *She looks good*

Dana looked at herself in the mirror, white and black makeup off. She went through one of her drawers and took out mouthwash and lip gloss. She used both and looked at herself again. She had already taken off her dress, and was now in just her pjs, whichwas just a silk nightie. She had to admit to herself, she was definitely shy when it came to her 'personal' life. The nightie was almost to her knees. *This won't do* She thought. She looked around her drawers, almost frantic, and found what she wanted. She took out small scissors and started cutting. The nightie was now right on her hips. It looked like it belled out now. *Sexy* She heard a faint cursing and a small crash. She rushed out of the bathroom and saw Fox holding his leg, sitting on the bed. He was only in his boxers and white shirt.

"You okay?" she asked

Fox looked up and saw Dana standing there in her slip. The bathroom light from behind her made her face glow and look even more beautiful. He didn't feel his leg any more and he didn't answer, he just stared. Dana loosened up and walked over to him saying "You okay?"

They looked into each other eyes. They quickly interlocked lips. Fox picked her up and laid her down. She giggled a little, they interlocked their lips again.


The next morning Dana woke up and found Fox walking out of the bedroom, fully dressed. She grabbed her robe and followed after him, quietly. She thought he would sneek out the front door, but instead, he sat down on the couch. He just sat there. Thinking. Scully tighten her robe and walked in there to him.

"Hi," Dana said.

Fox looked up and smiled "Good morning."

Dana walked over to him and sat down on his lap. She was about to say something else when there was a knocking on the door.

"Probably Kristen," she said. Fox helped her up and watched her walk to the door. *She is so beautiful. And smart. I think this could be more than a one-night-stand*

As Dana walked over to the door, she thought *I hope Kristen doesn't throw a damn party because I had a one-night-stand. But maybe it could be more*

Dana opened the door and looked outside. Her eyes widen, she gasped, then she saw nothing.

Fox saw Dana collapse and ran over to help her. When he reached the door he saw men in black, then nothing.

About five men, all in black, walked in. They searched the place over, making sure that no memory of Fox William Mulder was left behind. They injected both Dana and Fox with the same substance, which, not even the doctors who were giving it to them knew what it was. A elderly man, holding a cigarette, over-looked the entire thing. He knew what would happen if Scully was assigned to Mulder to debunk him as planned. She couldn't know him, that would get in the way. This was completely necessary, he kept telling his conscience. He told them to be gentle with Mulder, but they didn't listen to them at that part, and he would have to punish them for that. In a matter of ten minutes, they were in and out. Mulder already being dressed helped them a lot. All they had to do was put Scully in her bed, like nothing happened. The cigarette-smoking man was the last one out, knowing that neither of them would remember anything of the past 48 hours.


Edger J. Hoover Building

Agent Dana Katherine Scully walked out of the elevator towards where her new office would be. Here she was, an FBI agent, and they were sending her into the basement. The only thing that made her feel better was that one of the best was going to be down here too. Except, the 'one-of-the-best' had the nickname 'Spooky' at the Academy. At least she was in good hands.

She knock on the door and heard a faint, "Nobody down here but the FBI's most unwanted." She walked inside the basement office, not knowing what the next six years with this man would bring her.

X~*~X~*~X~*~X~*~X~*~X The END X~*~X~*~X~*~X~*~X~*~X

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