Title: Aliens on Asylum
Author: abracadabra
Date: October 2001
Spoilers: Nope!
Rating: PG-13 for some references to mature fun.
Keywords: PWP, MSR
Disclaimers: 1013, Mulder, Scully, David, Gillian, Fox, are not mine.
Archive: Sure. Just tell me where, please.
Summary: A spooky outing

"Aliens, Mulder?"

"Aliens, Scully!"

He ushers her inside the Asylum Avenue Warehouse seasonally known as Aliens on Asylum, nearly knocking her over in his boyish enthusiasm to gain entrance.

She, of course, notices his inner child bidding her to come play with him. Her inner child has long since left for parts unknown, but its sibling, 'inner teen' is quite ready for some fun.

Eerie, ghoulish sounds. Monster Mash remix. Wisps of dry ice smoke. Unbelieveable apparitions weaving, bobbing, darting from above, in front, behind, overhead.

"This is your idea of a haunted house?" Laughter plays on her ruby stained lips as orange and silver flashes of light reflect the blue of her eyes.

"*This* G-woman, is my idea of a ready-made Halloween celebration. Valk vit me... the aliens are this vay." His hands are everywhere, pointing, gesturing, scooping her in a sideways bear hug in his pre-alien enthusiasm. She holds onto his arms in an attempt to remain upright while he makes no efforts to curb his delight.

The Wall of Horrors precedes The Alien Alcove. The Wall is comprised of small cubbies which contain 'oddities' for exploration. They call to the two intrepid explorers of all things 'odd'. The first stop is lit only from high above, casting the cubby in murky darkness. The small placard positioned above the item reads, 'Touch and Taste if You Dare'; the fine print noting for hygiene reasons that the container is changed after each explorer.

"Oooooo, Scully, haven't you ever wanted to stick your hands in the unknown?"

"I do that all the time on our job Mulder." Her deadpan elicits a snort from him.

"Ok, then you go first." She is in front of the Wall; her ghoulish partner frames her, his hands above her head on the Wall. She turns to tell him 'no way', but he leans in to tell her 'yes, way'. Taking her hand, his palm to the back of hers, he laces their fingers. Before she can object, he plunges their hands into the large container.

"Oh! Mulder! This is sooo gross!"

His feigned surprise is obvious. "Why Dr. Scully, surely you've had your hands in much worse?" His question accompanies the squooshing of her fingers into the gelatinous, creamy, sticky substance filled with what appear to be large round grapes.

Her recovery is nothing short of remarkable...in its falseness. "Of course I have. It's just that I wasn't expecting this and don't have my latex on."

She is trying to back away and withdraw their hands, but he is having too much fun at her expense. To ensure that *they* will continue their investigation of the spooky substance, he moves closer to her, wrapping his other arm around her waist. "Do you remember that the sign mentioned 'tasting', Scully?'

She is all arms and legs and laughter and energy. "Oh no, you don't, Mulder! There is no way I'm tasting this...this...stuff."

"How very scientific, 'stuff', but I--," his hand wars with hers, "think--," she pulls his hand back down, " you will." He succeeds in bringing their hands out of the container; the ooey-gooey mess is globbed and dripping between them.

But it is she who succeeds in quickly twisting in his grasp and shoving their fingers into his mouth, their hands all over his face. She now faces him completely. He has backed himself into the Wall of Horrors, not from fright, but in a feeble attempt to dislodge his much too clever partner's hand as it spreads the glop on his skin.

"Ok, smarty pants, tell me what your exploration shows. Is this indeed a horror? Is it an organic substance? Is it edible?"

"One qwuhesschon at a tim, Scuhmm". He believes he can identify the source of his speaking difficulties, but decides that he will not work too hard to remove her slippery fingers from his mouth. Instead, he will further the research on the blueberry flavored mixture. He holds her wrist and pulls her hand back just far enough to allow her fingers to slide over his lips and out of his mouth. His face; a face only a mother and his partner could love, is inches from hers as he laps up the blue goop from each of her fingers. "It *is* edible, Scully and it's not horrific. As a matter of fact, I'd like to share my findings with you, show you they're reproduceable. Just to show you I can follow scientific procedure, of course."

"Muhl...no, that's ok. Let's check out the Alien Alcove..." She has learned a few things working with this man, her partner, her occasional date and much more often lover. One thing she has confirmed beyond a ghost of a doubt is that in all his roles, he is quite willing to at least try to prove himself. However, she has yet to figure out how to remember this fact when she is faced with his more playful side.

Her face is now covered with MulderFace in all its blueberry-flavored, gelantinously ooey-gooeyness. While at first, it proves to be a startingly squeamish sensation, she suddenly realizes that there is more than one way to interpret what she is feeling.

Although the texture is initially odd, the slip-sliding heat and soft firmness of his lips on hers followed by the very warm, slightly rough, decidedly probing feeling of his tongue parting her lips to further their investigation is indeed wonderful.

His jean clad hips provide a very nice hand hold as she leans into him. She is almost unconcerned about the stickiness in her hair as his one glop-covered hand joins his clean one to cradle her head to deepen their explorative kiss.

She is quite sure that the All Hallow's Eve full moon has bewitched them.

Until her decidedly and lovingly frustrating partner pulls away from her lips with a wet smacking sound and manages to yank on her hair as he tries to unstick his goopy fingers.

Realizing that he will incur her wrath, Mulder more carefully extracts his fingers, foregoing any explanation of the abrupt end to what was turning out to be a rather promising kiss. Instead, he wipes said hand on his jeans, takes Scully's hand in his other and sets off to parts unknown.

'Not unlike many other nights' she muses as she involuntarily, but not unhappily, follows him toward the Alcove of Aliens. Rolling her eyes toward the goblined sky, she smiles and licks her still blueberry flavored and probably blue tinted lips.

"Check this out, Scully." Mulder has stopped dead outside a room that appears dark and devoid of anything...but 4 walls. He runs one hand through his hair as he tugs on the hand he is holding.

"I'm looking, Mulder. I'm checking *this* out. Exactly what am I supposed to be seeing?"

He looks over at her with what she will swear is mischief...very serious mischief...and then pulls her one step into the room.

All hell and aliens break loose.

Gray and green and white and glowing 'aliens' of all sizes, shapes and genders and non-genders burst forth. They burst from above and in front and behind and up and down and sideways along with small spaceships and assorted flying saucers. A extraterrestrial greeny glow light flits from one corner to the next in a staccato pattern that is never the same twice, highlighting the florescent stars and celestial bodies on the walls and ceiling.

He pulls her in front of him, his arms wrapped around her from behind, alternating pointing and gesturing while squeezing her back against the trick or the treat he seems to be saving for her. She personally feels it's rather tricky of him to withhold his treat from her, but she is patient and will wait until they've shared this alien experience.

"Follow me, Scully."

"We can see them fine from here, Mulder."

"Trust me, Scully."

In all ghoulish spookiness, she *does* trust him with her life, but she's not quite sure about trusting him in a room full of careening rubbery aliens.

As they move forward, the floor begins to dance. It misses the beat a little to the Time Warp, but sure makes her feel as if she's about to pass through one. She stops to steady them.

"But Scully, the moving floor is half the fun." He pushes her forward, never losing right up close and personal contact with her very witchy ways.

"I prefer the ground beneath me to be still." She halts their progress.

"That's not what you said when you told me I made the earth move for you." As if to remind her, his tongue darts into her ear and then his lips caress it.

With a series of false stops and starts, then move to the far corner in their quest for the discovery of more aliens.

Mulder is not sure about that particular quest. He has discovered just how nicely Scully and him compliment each other in lots of ways...lots and lots of ways. However, foremost in his mind and foremost in his body and foremost in the forefront; with emphasis on 'front', is just how nicely she fits every time the floor shifts her back into him in the corner of the room with the aliens on all Hallow's Eve.

Alone in their galactic corner, Scully shows him the meaning of their little corner of the universe. And the stars above and around them glow in appreciation.

The End

End Notes: The title is the name of a yearly haunted house in Hartford, CT, my state's capital.
Thanks: To my ever faithful beta readers, Kim and Denise.

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