Title: Adventures in Sunnydale - An X-Files/Buffy Crossover
Author: Angel Brown Written: December 1999
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: X-Files, "The Jersey Devil", "3", "Bad Blood", "One Son". Buffy, the episodes where Angel turns "bad".
Disclaimer: The characters of the X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer are not mine. I'm just a big Fan of both shows.

Summary: A crossover between X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Okay, I'm more of an X-Files fan, I admit it. But, I wish there really could be a crossover episode of the two series.

May 4,1999

Dana Scully entered the X-Files basement office in the Hoover Building at 7:55 am.

Mulder was already sitting with his feet propped up on the desk, drinking coffee, totally absorbed in reading a thick file. "Hey, Scully, you should see this. Lots of abnormal corpses being found in a little town called Sunnydale . Very interesting. Definitely an X-File."

"Mulder, don't you ever say 'Good morning'?"

"Mornin', Scully. Take a look at these autopsy reports."

"You're hopeless! Give me the file," she said putting on her glasses.

"And I was even gonna pour your coffee..."

"Stop whining, Mulder. I can get my own coffee. Is this stuff fresh, or did you just warm it up from yesterday?"

"It's fresh. I made it at 5:30 this morning."

"5:30!!! What are you doing in here at 5:30?"

"I couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd come over and read some of the new stuff Skinner gave us."

The petite redhead sat down with her steaming coffee and began to examine the file.

Her partner watched her read with a look of anticipation on his face.

"Well...?" he inquired eagerly.

"Okay, Mulder, it looks like an X-File. When do we leave?"

"Now. I'll take you back to your place so you can pack your bags."

"Aren't you going to pack a suitcase, Mulder?"

"Already have, Scully. It's in the car."

"It figures. Why didn't you just save some time and call me this morning to tell me to bring my suitcase?"

"We're partners; I wanted your input."

May 4, 1999, 1:15pm
Sunnydale Police Department

The two FBI agents walked up to the main desk and flashed their badges simultaneously. "Hi, I'm Special Agent Fox Mulder and this is my partner..."

"Dana Scully," Scully said with a look of exasperation. She was so tired of Mulder introducing her as if she was his date.

A fat-bellied officer smiled nervously and asked, "Well, what can I do for the FBI?"

"We're here to investigate the recent rash of murder victims being found around Sunnydale," Mulder said with a smile.

Scully intervened, "I'm a forensic pathologist. There have been reports that a few unusual corpses were found in the area. I'd like to examine the bodies."

"Ah...sure. You can take a look at them, but there's not much left of 'em," the officer said hesitantly.

"What do you mean, '...there's not much left of them'?" Scully inquired.

"Ah, well, Ma'am, they just sort of disappear after awhile."

"Disappear? How can a corpse just disappear?" Scully asked with a look of dismay.

Mulder began to smile as his curiosity peaked.

"Well, Ma'am, they just do. We tag 'em and bag 'em, and they start to disintegrate by the time we get 'em back here."

Scully looked perplexed. She knew there had to be a rational explanation for this unexplained phenomenon. "May I see the bodies, now?"

"Sure thing, Ma'am. You two just follow me."

"Uh....I think I'll wait here, Scully. You go on ahead." Fox Mulder had a weak stomach and hated the thought of looking at decomposing bodies. Once inside the morgue, Scully donned a pair of surgical gloves and peered into the first body bag.

It was practically empty.

"There's nothing here but dust," she stated.

"Yes, Ma'am," replied Officer Mullins. "That's what I tried to tell you; the bodies just disappear."

"Are the other three in the same condition as this one?" Scully asked.

"No, Ma'am. This here's the first body we discovered ten days ago. Those two over there we found last week - there's a little more left of them. The one we found the other day is in the best shape, but you still won't find much but bones."

Scully scrapped dust samples from first body into a little vial.

She placed bone fragments from the three other bodies into their own separate vials. Finally, she finished her examination by taking photos of the skull of the last body.

"Officer Mullins, by any chance did all four bodies show signs of deformity before they began to decompose?"

"Why, yes. Yes, they did. All their heads were misshapen; kind of like those "Klingons" you see on TV."

"Have there been any other bodies found that look like these?"

"Oh, maybe one or two over the past couple a years."

"Then, why didn't you report them?"

"Well, Ma'am, things were a little hectic at the time. Lots of unexplained property damages goin' on. By the time I got around to making a formal report, there wasn't nothin' left of the bodies. I just figured people would think I made it all up."

"Okay, Officer. I appreciate your help here. I'll send these samples over to the lab. My partner and I will be staying over at the Motel 6. If you can think of anything else that might be of help to our investigation, don't hesitate to call."

"Yes, Ma'am. I'll do that."

Scully found Mulder sitting in a stiff, little chair reading a Sport's Illustrated magazine.

"All finished, Scully?" he asked glancing up from the article he was reading.

"For now. I'll have to wait until I get the forensic report back from the Bureau."

"Good. We still have time to get over to Sunnydale High School before 3:00."

"What's over at Sunnydale High School?" Scully asked.

"Rupert Giles, a local authority on the paranormal. He's the librarian at Sunnydale High."

"Oh, Mulder, must you always involve the 'Local Yokels' wherever we go? Haven't you learned by now the opinions of community members are always colored by local legends?"

"Come on, Scully, not everyone in a small town is an idiot. Rupert Giles is a well-educated man. He is an international authority on the paranormal."

"Then, what is he doing here in Sunnydale?"

"That's what *I* want to know, Scully."

Sunnydale High School
3:00 PM

The ending bell was ringing as Mulder and Scully were opening the main door of the school building.

They were immediately bombarded by a wave of boisterous teenagers eager to escape. The two agents clung to the wall to prevent being knocked down. Mulder was grinning ear to ear. Scully was frowning in dismay.

After the crowd dissipated, the two agents made their way to the main office.

"Hi, we're here to see Rupert Giles. Do you know where we can find him?" Mulder said smiling at the aging secretary.

"You can find Mr. Giles in the library, right around the corner," the secretary replied blushing.

"How do you do it, Mulder?" Scully asked incredulously.

"Do what?"

"Charm every woman you meet."

"Ah, Scully, that's not true. I haven't charmed you yet," he said with a sly grin.

"If only he knew..." Scully thought.

They entered the apparently empty library. "Halloo!" Mulder called. "Mr. Giles? Anybody here?"

A distinguished looking man with graying temples and wire-rimmed glasses appeared from behind a book- shelf. "Can I help you?" the man asked with a pleasant British accent.

Scully spoke up, "Hello, I'm Dr. Dana Scully and this is my partner, Fox Mulder. We're special agents with the FBI sent here to investigate what seems to be a series of murders in Sunnydale." Mulder turned his head and gave Scully a look of surprise.

Usually, he made the introductions for the two of them. "What's up with Scully?" he thought to himself.

"The FBI," the Englishman stated thoughtfully. "Am I the suspect in a murder investigation?"

"Oh, no, Mr. Giles," Scully quickly responded.

"We just thought you might know something about them," Mulder chimed in.

"Why would you think that, Agent Mulder?" he inquired.

"Well, the corpses do show signs of abnormality...and...you're an international authority on the paranormal. I just thought you might have some clues for us," Mulder said.

"Oh, I see..."

Just then two young girls bounded through the library doors. "Hey, Giles, I found Buffy for you!" the slightly frumpy redhead exclaimed.

"Oh, I see you have company," the slender blond said. "We'll come back later."

"No, no, you can stay. Agents Mulder and Scully meet Willow Rosenburg and Buffy Summers, my two best library aides."

"Agents? Did you say, 'Agents'?" Willow asked, wide eyed.

Mulder smiled, "Yes, we're with the Federal Bureau of Investigations, X-Files Division."

"Wow!" Willow responded in amazement.

"Nice to meet you," Buffy said in an icy tone.

"Ah, the X-Files. I've heard of your work," stated Giles.

"Well, then," said Scully, "maybe you could help us out. We know that you are an international expert on the paranormal."

"I'm flattered that you've heard of me, Agent Scully. However, I really don't think I could be of any help in tracking down a serial killer," Giles replied with a smile.

"What makes you think the murders were done by a serial killer?" asked Mulder.

"You said you were investigating a series of murders. I just assumed you thought they were committed by a serial killer."

"Mr. Giles, the corpses from the murders showed signs of abnormality," Scully stated.

"We were hoping you may be able to give us some insight into what these abnormalities might indicate."

"I'd be happy to be of service to you. I'll be glad to help you look for literature to help you identify these abnormalities. However, I don't think it will do you much good. I am an 'authority' on the paranormal in the historical sense. I can provide you with information regarding myths and legends, but I don't see how that can help you solve a murder case."

"Well, Mr. Giles," said Mulder, "you just share your knowledge with us and we'll decide how much help it can be."

"Very well," said Giles. "Let me speak with my library aides for a moment, and I'll be happy to help you in anyway I can."

He walked over to Buffy and Willow and spoke in a low voice, "Buffy, I'd really like to go over a few things with you, but as you can see, I am occupied for the moment. Meet me back here at 6:00 and we'll talk then."

"Okay, Giles," Buffy responded.

"Oh, and Buffy, do be careful," Giles called as the girls left the room.

"Nice pentagram," Scully said under her breath to Mulder.

"Ahhhh, what was that Scully?" Mulder asked preoccupied with watching the young women exit.

"I said, 'nice pentagram'".

"Oh, I didn't notice."

"Of course you didn't, Mulder. You were too busy checking out the blonde's navel ring,"

"That obvious, huh?"

"What did you say?" inquired Giles as he returned to the partners.

"Ah, we were just saying what nice girls they are," stammered Mulder. Scully rolled her eyes.

"They are indeed very nice girls," Giles responded amicably.

"Mr. Giles..." Scully started.

"You can call me Giles; everyone calls me Giles."

"Oh, great!" Scully thought, "Another guy who likes to be called by his last name; just what I need.!" She smiled sweetly, "Giles, do you have any information about substances used after sacrificial rituals that will cause the body to decompose into dust?"

"Erm...substances used in ritual sacrifices...let's see; I have several books on sacrifices over there. Let's take a look."

Mulder and Scully glanced at one another and followed Giles to a large bookcase filed with old tomes in the back of the library.

"Ah, yes, this three volume set is the best reference I have on ritual sacrifice. I'd be happy to loan it to you while you're in town."

Mulder looked skeptical. "This is the best you can do?"

Scully intervened, " Giles, I think Agent Mulder was hoping you might look over the autopsy reports and give us your expert opinion."

"Oh, I see... well, perhaps some other time. I do have a prior commitment after school today."

"What about tomorrow?" Scully asked eagerly.

"Umm...tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow would be better," Giles smiled. "Say around lunch time? I could meet you at the little café around the corner."

"That would be fine," purred Scully

Sunnydale High School Library

Buffy and Willow walked in the dimly lit library with their friend Xander.

"What's up with the FBI people, Giles?" Buffy asked.

"They have come to Sunnydale to investigate the deaths of the four most recent vampires you've slain," he replied matter -of- factly.

"How'd the FBI find out about them?" Xander asked in a bewildered tone.

"Apparently, the newly made vampires do not decompose as rapidly as other vampires when you slay them."

"So what am I supposed to do?" asked Buffy.

"Well, I think you should at least hide the bodies for now. It really wouldn't hurt to bury them if you have time," Giles responded.

"Great! Like I have time!" Buffy sulked.

"Well, maybe your friends can help you," the Englishman suggested.

"Wonderful...," remarked Willow unenthusiastically.

"I don't know," Xander pondered, "I think I could get into it."

"You would," responded Buffy with a dour expression.

"Hey, it's almost 6:30," said Willow, "we promised Oz and Cordelia we'd meet them at the Bronze for a pizza."

"You and Xander can go ahead. I'll stay here and help Giles figure out what we're going to do about the FBI."

"Buffy, you really don't have to stay. I'm already working on a plan."

"Oh? What kind of plan?" she asked raising a pretty eyebrow.

"Agent Scully wants to believe these bodies have been used in some sort of sacrificial ritual. She thinks some sort of chemical compound was used to make them disintegrate rapidly to erase evidence they were used in a ritual. All I have to do is go through my books and find something plausible to back up her theory. They'll be gone as soon as I can confirm her suspicions."

"Hmm... that might work for Nancy Drew, but I don't think it will work for her partner. He looks to me like he isn't used to taking the easy way out."

"Erm... you may have a point there, Buffy. He does seem a little suspicious. Maybe you can figure out a way to keep him distracted. However, I'm sure there is nothing you could do this evening. Why don't you go along with the others? I'll be fine here."

"Hey, we could bring you back some pizza," offered Xander.

"No, that's not necessary. But, thank -you just the same."

Motel 6, Scully's room
6:30 PM

"Hey, Scully, want to go out for dinner or order in?" Mulder asked walking through their adjoining doors.

Scully looked up from the heavy leather bond volume she was reading and took off her glasses. "Let's go out - I feel like my butt is growing attached to this chair!"

The Bronze 6:45 PM

"Mulder, couldn't you have picked a more suitable place for dinner than this," Scully whined.

"I think this is a great place! It must have very good food; it certainly is crowded."

The redhead gave a heavy sigh. "This place is full of kids. I'd say we're the only people here over the age of twenty-five."

"Yes, just the sort of hang out teenagers involved in Satanic rituals might frequent," Mulder said with a catty grin.

"Oh, I see your point," Scully said looking around.

"Hey, aren't those two girls over there the same ones we saw in the library?"

"I think they are! Let's go see them!"

"Mulder..." she began to protest as he swiftly exited the booth they were seated at.

Her partner continued walking toward a big corner booth filed with teenagers as if he didn't hear her.

"Hi, I'm Fox Mulder," he said with a boyish grin when he got to their table.

"You're Buffy Summers and Willow Rosenburg, aren't you? I believe we met at the library earlier today."

Willow beamed, "Yes, yes we are! You're really good with names!"

Buffy shot her friend a concerned warning glance.

"I have an eidetic memory. I remember everything."

"Gee, that must be an advantage in your line of work," Buffy said rolling her eyes.

"Actually, it is very helpful," Mulder replied. "May I join you?"

"Sure!" Xander replied enthusiastically.

Buffy stared at him as if he were insane.

"Thanks," Mulder said as he slid into the booth next to Xander.

"I'm Xander. This is Cordelia and Oz."

"Nice to meet you," the older man responded.

The teenagers just nodded their heads in acknowledgement.

Buffy gave him a steely glare, "Where's your partner?"

"Over there," he said smiling at the beautiful blonde. "She's shy."

"Is she," Buffy said as a statement instead of a question.

"She doesn't get out much."

"And I suppose you do," she remarked with an expression of teenage boredom.

"For an old guy, I still get around," he replied enjoying the verbal repartee.

"Agent Mulder is here in Sunnydale investigating some murders," Willow informed her friends. They all looked contemplative.

"Any leads, Agent Mulder?" Oz inquired.

" A few..."

"Mulder, our food's here," Scully interrupted putting a hand on his shoulder.

"You must be the partner!" Xander offered.

"Yes, I'm Special Agent Dana Scully."

Xander introduced everyone at the table.

"Well, I guess I'd best be getting back to our own table. Good to see you again," Mulder said excusing himself to follow the retreating Scully.

"Wow! I didn't know FBI agents looked like that," remarked Xander appreciatively as he watched the attractive woman walk away.

Cordelia elbowed him in the ribs.

"Me neither!" agreed Oz.

Scully sat down at their table and gave Mulder a dour expression. "What?" Mulder asked sticking his lower lip out into a pout.

"Well, for starters, you should act your age," Scully replied.

"Huh?" Mulder seemed genuinely confused.

"That girl is almost half your age. You're making a fool out of yourself drooling at her."

"Was I drooling, Scully?" Mulder asked amused.

"I believe you were, Mulder," Scully smiled. "She is a lovely girl."

"She is, isn't she?"

"Notice I said 'girl', Mulder. I'm sure she is underage. Just remember, you can look, but you can't touch."

"Why, Scully, I didn't know you cared! Do I note a hint of jealousy in that statement?"

"No, you do not!" Scully snapped. "Mulder, you are a Federal Agent here to investigate a case. It is unwise of you to get involved with a suspect, especially one young enough to send you to jail if you do anything with her."

"Suspect. Scully, you think that sweet-looking girl had anything to do with these murders?"

"Sweet-looking is not how I would describe her. Cautious. Evasive. But not sweet-looking. Mulder, her friend is wearing a pentagram. They're probably all witches."

"Witches? Scully, I'm surprised at you."

"I don't see why. If they aren't witches, they are probably all cult members."

"You really think so? They're just high school kids."

"Yes, Mulder, I do. Lots of high school kids get drawn into cults. You said it yourself when we walked in this place - these kids could be the cult murderers we are looking for. And, I think that librarian knows something he's not telling us. I think he is protecting those kids. Hell, he may even be the master of their coven."

"Scully, I think you've had enough wine with dinner; you're not your usually skeptic self here. I don't think Rupert Giles has enough balls to be a leader of anything."

"He knows something, Mulder. I just feel it. They all know something. I can see it in their eyes. I know there is no logical basis for my instincts on this case, but I just have a gut feeling that these "kids" are involved in these murders. And I know Giles is involved in this to. It is not normal for a group of teenagers to hang around a British librarian no matter how charming he is."

"Charming, huh?

I thought you liked him!"


"Hey, Scully, Buffy is leaving alone. I think I'll follow her and see what she's up to."

"I'm coming with you."

"No, you're not. You stay here and finish your pizza. I'm going out on foot. If I need you, I'll call and you can drive over to save me. Okay?"

"Remember, Mulder, she is underage. She may be a murderer," Scully said as her partner quickly headed for the door.

8:15 PM

Fox Mulder stealthily followed Buffy Summers through the dark alleyways of Sunnydale. Somehow That name didn't quite fit with the town. There was something dark and mysterious about this place. Scully was right in her feelings, but Mulder also knew instinctively that the blonde teenage girl was not one of the bad guys. She was a pensive, brooding girl, but she was not evil.

8:50 PM

Back at the Bronze, Scully finished her wine and the last slice of pizza. Fox Mulder had left her to pay for the check. Again. He had a way of absentmindedly walking away from paying for dinner more times than she cared to remember.

With a sigh, she walked to the cashier and paid for their meal. Oh, well, the pizza was good here.

Scully slid behind the wheel of the rented Taurus heading back to the hotel. On the way back she noticed a light on in the school library. What was a light doing on in the library at this hour of the evening? She decided to check it out, turned off her lights and slowly eased the car into the school parking lot.

Someone was in there. She could make out a shadow of a man close to one of the library windows. Was he a custodian? No, he didn't appear to be cleaning anything - he was sitting quietly at a desk.

Scully parked her car on the street and stealthily walked by the library window.

She held tightly to her sig saur and cautiously peeked in.

Rupert Giles was sitting at his desk reading an old leather bound book. She strained her eyes attempting to read the title of the book to no avail.

She settled for observing the man read his tome.

The librarian was handsome, tall and slender with graying brown hair.

Scully thought his British accent gave him a particularly debonair quality. As she watched him, the female agent's pulse quickened and her breathing rate increased - not from fear, but from desire.

He was intelligent and charming. It had been a long time since Dana Scully had spent any time alone with a man - not since her fateful encounter with Ed Jerse.

Of course, there was her ever present partner, Fox Mulder, to consider. But, she was growing tired of his sexual innuendoes and sidelong glances.

Mulder was a flirt and nothing more. He was too immature to have a meaningful intimate relationship with. He was more interested in his PlayPen magazines and adult videos than he was in real women. On the other hand, Rupert Giles was definitely an acceptable prospect.

She watched him take off his glasses and rub his eyes wearily.

Scully sighed, put her gun away and tapped on his window.

Giles looked around, startled. She tapped again and said, "Over here!"

The man frowned, put his glasses back on walking over to the window.

"Oh, Agent Scully, it's you! Do come in! I'll go 'round and get the door for you."

Scully felt apprehensive about being alone with the mysterious man ( he just might be a killer). Despite her concerns, she graciously met him at the library entrance. Giles smiled sincerely at her, "What an unexpected pleasure to see you again so soon, Agent Scully." His striking blue eyes made her melt.

She really hoped this man was not dangerous Giles escorted her into the library office and offered he a cup of tea. They drank the pleasant warm liquid.

"Earl Gray, very British indeed," she thought with a smile.

"Agent Scully, what brings you here at this hour?"

"Please, call me Dana. I was driving back to my hotel and saw your light was on. I thought I'd take a chance and see if you were in."

"Agent Mulder is not with you?"

"No. He had a few errands to run. I'm out on my own tonight."

The librarian smiled endearingly, "Splendid!

It is my good fortune that you drove by at just the right time."

Was it her imagination or was he giving her the once over? "The right time?" she inquired.

"Yes, I was growing fatigued with my studies. My eyes needed a rest and then you came along providing me with a pleasant diversion."

Scully felt the heat rising in her cheeks. "Thank-you," she murmured with a smile.

She met his gaze straight on; blue eyes locked with brown ones.

Scully looked down to regain her composure. "So, Giles, what were you studying so intently?"

"Werewolves, actually."

"Werewolves? You mean Lycanthropy?"

"No, I mean Werewolves."

You surely don't believe in them? Do you?"

"Yes, I do. Don't you?"

"No, I do not. There is no substantial evidence to prove the existence of such creatures. Werewolves are mythological beings."

"Ah, I am surprised that you would think so, Dana. I thought surely after your contact with the Jersey Devil and that Native American fellow that you would believe in them."

Scully was shocked. "You know about them?!"

"Of course. Why shouldn't I? I am an expert in paranormal studies. I've read about all of your X-Files cases thanks to the Freedom of Information Act."

Dana Scully felt vulnerable, exposed.

This fascinating man knew all about her work. He had apparently read her official reports.

She knew very little about him - nothing really.

His knowledge of the X-Files gave him an unfair advantage over her.

The hairs stood up on the back of her neck. Her self-preservation instincts warned her to stay away from him.

She was frightened of him, yet, strangely aroused by him. Adrenaline coursed through her veins, her pupils dilated, her pulse quickened.

"...fascinating," she heard the man say.

"What?" Scully asked, startled from her inner thoughts. She hadn't realized he was speaking.

"Your work; it's fascinating."

"Yes, I guess it is. I enjoy the challenge of finding plausible answers for 'unexplained' phenomena," she remarked.

His gaze was intent, unnerving.

Her cheeks flushed with heat.

"You really don't believe in the paranormal, Dana?" he asked with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"Damn! He was so much like Mulder," she thought.

She licked her lips nervously, feeling like a caged bird.

"Let's just say, I tend to believe more in the paranormal now than I did when I was first assigned to the X-Files. Is that fair?"

"You're a cleaver woman, Dana Scully. I like that very much. I don't often meet women of your caliber."

The woman felt a slight moistening in her panties.

He was obviously attracted to her.

The feeling was mutual.

She lowered her eyes in embarrassment, then, slowly looked up at him demurely. "Thank-you," she whispered.

He stepped closer to her.

She felt his warm breath on her hair.

He was so close to her.

His masculine cologne permeated her senses.

She wanted to kiss him, wanted to melt in his arms. Rupert Giles was a handsome, intelligent man, filled with subdued virility.

It had been so long since she had been with a man. Her body ached with longing.

The librarian caressed her cheek with his soft fingers. His touch was gentle, exquisite.

He tilted her face toward his and leaned down to softly kiss her.

His mouth was warm; she eagerly parted her lips to receive him.

His tongue urgently explored her open mouth. She reveled with the taste of him. He enveloped her with his strong arms.

She collapsed, trembling in his embrace feeling his engorged manhood pressed against her belly.

They floated together, suspended in a sea of desire.

Suddenly, the FBI agent realized she was passionately kissing a stranger!

Her body stiffened in fear.

This man could be a murder, the leader of a Satanic cult or witches coven, and she was kissing him!

Rupert Giles felt the petite redhead stiffen in his arms.

"Dana, are you alright?" he asked, stepping back to look at her.

Her normally pale skin was crimson.

"Uh...yes...I'm fine...I'm sorry. I ... uh...don't usually behave this way," she explained, backing away from him, embarrassed, cautious, slightly fearful.

"Erm...I'm sorry too, Dana. I didn't mean to be so forward. I'm really not in the habit of forcing myself upon beautiful women. I just thought..."

"It's okay...really... ah...I guess I should be going now," Scully said, heading for the door.

"Dana, don't go. Come, sit with me. I'd really like to get to know you better. I promise I'll behave myself."

The agent hesitated, turned and walked back to the wounded looking man. "Look, Giles, I'd like to get to know you better too. But, I really think it is for the best that I go now. I'll stop by and see you tomorrow afternoon."

"You promise?"

"I promise," she said with a smile.

"Well, then, I'll be looking forward to it. Good night, Dana."

"Good night."

9:00 PM

Meanwhile, Fox Mulder stealthily followed Buffy Summers to the town cemetery.

Why would the beautiful blonde teenager be going to a cemetery at this hour?

Maybe she was a member of a witches coven or Satanic cult. The FBI agent peered around the corner of a large tombstone for a better look.

The girl was pacing as if she were on patrol.

He could see the tension in her shoulders and the keen look of concentration on her face.

What was she looking for?

Then, suddenly, from out of nowhere, the figure of a large man accosted the girl.

She swiftly pummeled him with a series of blows to the face.

Mulder could tell that she was a trained fighter. Still, he ran to help her.

His unexpected presence shocked Buffy and she lost her concentration. The attacker dove for her legs, knocking her to the ground.

Mulder was on him in a moment!

He grabbed the man by the hair and pulled him backwards away from Buffy.

Oh, my God, this was no ordinary man!

His face was deformed, misshapen.

The man-creature snarled at Mulder revealing a set of sharp fangs.

A vampire!

This man was a vampire!

Just then, Buffy shoved a fallen tree branch through the creature's heart!

It fell back, writhing in pain.

Mulder watched in fascination as the creature began to smolder and decompose before his very eyes!

Buffy looked down at the dying monster, her breath coming in hard, rapid gasps.

"You... idiot! What do you think you are doing here? You could have gotten us both killed!" she spat the words at Mulder venomously.

"I...ah...wanted to help you," he stammered, not knowing quite what to say.

"HELP ME? Why are you even here? Were you following me?" the enraged girl demanded.

"I was just doing my job! I was sent here to investigate a series of bizarre, cult -like murders. I was concerned for your safety when you left The Bronze all by yourself."

"Concerned for MY safety?" Buffy laughed.

"Yes, I was," Mulder defended.

"Young girls walking around by themselves late at night can get killed you know. Sunnydale has a high rate for unsolved murders and missing persons reports."

The girl nodded.

"Well, as you can see, I can take care of myself. So, you can stop following me!"

"I can tell you're a trained fighter. You were prepared for an attack. You looked like you were patrolling the cemetery. It was almost as if you were expecting an attack," Mulder observed.

She glared at him with silent contempt.

"You're a Vampire Slayer, aren't you?" he inquired.

"No shit, Sherlock!" she said through clenched teeth.

Mulder smiled trying to ease the tension.

"So, how long have you been a Slayer?"

"Since my Freshman year."

"You look like you're pretty good at it."

Buffy grimaced.

"Thanks," she said as she began walking away.

Mulder followed close behind her. "I've fought with a vampire before."

She made no response and kept walking.

"I even dated a vampire once," he added hoping to regain her attention.

It worked.

She stopped walking and turned to face him, "So what happened?"

"She burned herself up in a fire."


Buffy was silent for awhile.

"I used to date a vampire myself," she said sadly.

"I don't understand. You're a Slayer. Didn't you know he was a vampire when you went out with him?"

"Yea, I knew. It didn't matter," she said sinking forlornly to sit on the mausoleum steps.

Mulder sat next to her. "Did he mesmerize you?"

"Nope. Angel wasn't like that."

Mulder raised an eyebrow in an unspoken question.

"Angel was different. He was given back his soul by the gypsies as punishment. He was sweet and sensitive. The gypsy curse made him feel remorse for all of the deaths he caused in the past. It really tortured him."

"How interesting," he remarked.

They sat in silence for awhile. "So, why aren't you still together?"

"He lost his soul again. He went back to being evil."

"How'd that happen?"

Tears welled up in the young girl's eyes. "We were... intimate. A jealous witch cursed him."

"I'm sorry," he said reaching for her arm.

She jerked away from his touch. "I don't need your pity," she said rising from her seat.

"I don't pity you. I empathize with you. There's a difference," he called after her.

"Excuse me, Professor. I hope you don't mind if I skip the lecture. I get enough of them from Giles," she replied, walking away.

Mulder quickly followed behind her. "Rupert Giles is a Watcher, isn't he?"

"Oh, you ARE smart!" Buffy responded sarcastically.

"And you're a Smart Ass," he said under his breath.

She spun around to face him, "I heard that!"

"Good! You needed to hear it! You need to lose the chip on your shoulder."

The girl's nostrils flared in anger. "How dare you tell me what I need to do! You don't know a thing about me! You know nothing of what it is like to be a Slayer!"

Mulder grabbed her shoulders, "I know what it is like to be lonely...to feel different from everybody else.

They make jokes about me at the Bureau; they call me 'Spooky Mulder'. It's not fun being the odd man out."

"What about your partner?"

"Scully? She's okay. She doesn't always agree with me, but she tries to be nice."

"You're not involved?"

"No," he laughed, she's my partner. We're friends. Nothing more."

"It appears to be more - the way you look at each other."

Mulder smiled, "I know. Guys at the Bureau tease me about that too. She's a beautiful woman. I can't say I haven't thought about it. But no, we're not involved. She has a nickname at the Bureau too: 'The Ice Princess."

"Yeah? She looks a little cold," Buffy agreed.

Her body began to relax under his touch.

Their eyes locked.

Fox Mulder felt a brief stirring in his groin. He wanted to take the woman-child into his arms and kiss her.

She recognized the desire in his eyes. "I haven't been with anybody but Angel," she offered.

Mulder swallowed hard. "That's okay.

I don't mind," he said reaching down to kiss her soft, young mouth.

She responded eagerly.

They were lost in a sea of passion.

His hands were all over the girl rubbing, squeezing, kneading her supple flesh.

She was wet with desire grinding her hips against his swollen member.

The experienced older man eased her down to the soft grass in front of the mausoleum steps.

She rolled him over, straddling his hips and pulled off her tee-shirt and sports bra in one swift movement. Her nipples hardened immediately in the crisp night air. She was lovely, perfect.

Mulder eagerly pulled her toward him cupping one of the firm orbs in his palm while engulfing the other one with his mouth.

She ran her fingers through his soft brown hair, moaning in pleasure. He wasn't Angel, but he was good. Mulder placed his hands on her hips and began rocking her pelvis against his hard cock.

He wanted this little girl!

Buffy responded to his rhythm, her breath coming in hard gasps as she was overcome during the first throws of orgasm.

She whimpered softly as she came. He rolled the girl onto her back and yanked off her jeans. Her firm young thighs were glistening with moisture.

He unzipped his pants, his erection springing free from the confines of his boxers. His penis was weeping with need.

He plunged deeply into her tight, sticky core.

He rode her violently, growling low in his throat as he bucked his hips against her over and over. She wrapped her legs around the small of his back clinging to her new lover, desperately clawing at his shirt.

She wailed in wanton delight, coming hard. This was better than any video in his library! Quickly, the man pulled out of her, his organ convulsing spilling his seed onto her flat stomach.

She looked up at him in dismay. "Why'd you do that?" she gasped.

A look of shock crossed his face. "I thought you wanted it!" he defended.

"I did! But, why'd you pull out?"

"Ah...sorry... I realized I wasn't wearing a condom. I didn't want to get you pregnant." His face flushed with embarrassment.

"Here, I'll help clean you up," he said pulling a handkerchief from his trouser pocket.

She looked pissed.

"Thanks. I'm on the pill."

"Oh, sorry," he smiled sheepishly.

Buffy got up and put her clothes back on in silence.

"Well, I guess I should be going," she said finally.

"I'll walk you home," he offered.

"That's okay. I'm a Slayer, remember?" she said with a wry smile. " I can take care of myself."

"I guess you can!" he said with a wide grin.

The young girl began to walk away leaving him in the cemetery.

He called after her, "I'll see you tomorrow at school!"

She turned around, smiled, and blew him a kiss.

Motel 6
11:21 PM.

Dana Scully lay alone in her hotel bed.

She heard her partner enter his room next door. Where had he been all this time?

Had he been with the sexy blonde teenager?

A wave of jealousy swept over her.

She saw the way he looked at her with lust in his eyes. When would he ever look at her that way? Why couldn't he see that she loved him?

Tears stung her eyes.

Damn Fox Mulder and the X-Files!

She hadn't had a life of her own since 1993!

She heard the shower running in Mulder's room.

Her mind drifted back to the time they were forced to shower together at an abandoned military base under the guise of being decontaminated from an "alien virus".

She thought of how good he looked, his muscles glistening through the beads of water. She hungrily remembered when he turned around to face her in their mutual shame, water streaming from the bell-shaped head of his circumcised penis.

His organ stiffened when he noticed how hard her nipples were in the freezing water.

She had turned away from him, embarrassed, as his gazed shifted to take in the wet thatch of auburn curls between her legs.

What would have happened if she hadn't turned from him?

What if she had met his gaze with her own hungry eyes and gave him a welcoming smile?

Would he have come to her, thrown his arms around her in a protective yet passionate embrace?

Would they have finally become lovers, partners in every sense of the word?

Her body ached for him.

What if she could go to him now - join him in his late night shower?

She slowly slid her hand into her silk panties and began massaging her swollen clit.

She imagined the feel of his warm hot lips on her throat, traveling down to her breasts.

Imagined the feel of his moist tongue swirling around her areola, his teeth grazing

her nipple.

At this thought, she began tugging at her nipple with her free hand. She rolled onto her side, burying her face into the pillow to muffle her cries as she climaxed.

Motel 6
6:02 AM

Fox Mulder awakened refreshed; he slept better than he had in years.

He felt hungry.

Good sex always gave him an appetite.

He thought of the diner just one block away.

He quickly slipped on jeans, a tee shirt and running shoes, then hurried out to feed his growling stomach.

Motel 6
7:35 AM

Mulder opened his adjoining door to Scully's room.

He stood there for a moment watching her sleep. She was a vision of loveliness lying on the be

wearing a silk turquoise night shirt, her vibrant red Hair tousled on the white pillows, her pouty mouth opened in sleep. Damn! She was a beautiful woman!

His cock stiffened as he looked at her.

What he wouldn't give to fuck her! He would love to ravage her in that bed.

He remembered the few times he had seen her naked. Her soft, gentle curves looked so inviting. Unfortunately, he was never in a position to do anything with her during those rare opportunities: once he was saving her life in an alien spacecraft, the other time they were showering in a decontamination facility.

Neither were very romantic situations and Dana Scully was not the kind of woman you used as a quick fuck. No, indeed.

She was the kind of woman you took your time with, wined and dined, waiting for the right moment to arise. She was a lady; she needed to be courted. He remembered the time they spent together in Arcadia Acres posing as a married couple. It was nice "playing house" with Dana; he just wished it would have included sharing her bed too!

Was he in love with her? Maybe. No, probably.

Then, what was he doing banging a 17 year old girl last night?

Having a fucking good time, that's what! That was sheer need taking advantage of a good opportunity.

Buffy Summers was a delicious piece of ass and she wanted him last night. Why shouldn't he fuck her? It wasn't like Dana Scully ever gave him any encouragement. Just when he thought he might have a chance with her, she always clamed up. "Ice Princess" was a proper nickname for her alright!

He was tired of jerking off to magazines and videos. He needed real flesh every once in awhile.

His partner stirred in her sleep, the movement brought his thoughts back to the present.

He came to her room this morning to bring her breakfast: coffee w/cream no sugar, wheat toast, and fresh strawberries. He kicked at the door frame with his foot.

"Room service for Dana Scully!" he called out to her.

She bolted upright, "What?!!"

"I brought you breakfast, Scully," he said with his best boyish smile.

"Oh...thanks," she said absently.

Mulder began spreading her breakfast out on the little table next to her bed.

She eyed the strawberries. "Oh, these look great!" she said picking one up with her fingers and plopping it into her mouth.

I thought you'd like them," he smiled.

"Oh, I love 'em! Where'd you get them?"

"At the little diner down the street."

"Aren't you eating anything?"

"I already ate a big breakfast there. Spanish omelet, hash browns, biscuits with honey, and coffee."

"Sounds full of cholesterol," she said making a little face to show her disapproval.

"You didn't get any strawberries for yourself?"

"No, I got them for you."

"Oh, Mulder, you should try them!" she said reaching to put one in his mouth. He opened his mouth to receive the sweet, juicy, red fruit.

She shuddered slightly as his lips touched her fingers. Their eyes locked for a brief moment.

She pulled away from him and began munching her toast in silence.

"Did you attempt to do anymore studying last night?" he asked in an attempt to make small talk.

"A little," she answered as she sipped her coffee.

"Any new insights, Dr. Scully?"

"What about werewolves, Mulder?

"What?! Werewolves! Scully are you talking in your sleep? You don't believe in werewolves!"

"Well, maybe I should believe in werewolves. You do."

"Scully, did someone give you a brain transplant last night?"

"No, I'm just trying to be open to extreme possibilities. Besides, do you have a more plausible theory?"

"As a matter of fact, I do."

"Okay, let's here it."

"Vampires," he said with a self-satisfied grin on his face.

"You're kidding, right? You're just saying that to make fun of me because I suggested werewolves."

"No, no! I'm serious. I thought about it a lot last night.

I think the bodies are the remains of slain vampires."

"So why didn't we find any stakes in their hearts? For that matter, why didn't we find any hearts?" We didn't even find any vital organs left."

"I don't get it, Scully. Wouldn't slain werewolves have vital organs left?"

"That's just the point, Mulder. There are no vital organs left. That, to me, suggests they were eaten. The 'leftovers' we are finding are the victims of werewolves - not the werewolves themselves."

"Why do you think that? What evidence do you have to support it? Did you go back to the morgue last night? Did you find something you forgot to tell me about?"

"No, I didn't go back there last night. I just have a hunch this thing involves werewolves somehow."

"Scully, you don't get hunches. This isn't like you. You have logical, scientific theories, but never hunches."

"I don't care, Mulder! We go chasing after your gut feelings all the time."

"And when have I ever been wrong, Scully?"

She flopped back against the headboard of the bed and sighed loudly. She studied her partner in silence. He knew more than he was telling her.

So, why wouldn't he share it with her? He shared everything with her. He hadn't said a word about what he did last night.

What did he find out when he was following that girl? Was she a witch? Did she cast some kind of spell over him? Did Mulder know she was mesmerizing him and think she was doing it because she was a vampire?

Maybe she wasn't a witch at all, maybe she drugged him.

"It's the girl, isn't it, Mulder?"


"You think she's a vampire."

"No, Scully, I don't."

"Yes, you do. You think she's a vampire and you're protecting her for some reason."

"Buffy Summers is not a vampire."

"Well, at least we agree on something. Now, are you going to tell me where you went last night? You left to follow her. Where did she go?"

"She went to the cemetery."

"Did she go to sleep in a coffin?"

"No, I told you she is not a vampire."

"Then, what was she doing all alone in a cemetery at night?"

"She was on patrol."

"On patrol? What the Hell is that supposed to mean?"

"She was on patrol waiting for vampires to attack."

"Oh, God! Mulder, she told you that? She caught you tailing her and she gave you a lame story about being a vampire hunter?"

"No, she didn't catch me tailing her. I'm better than that. Give me a little credit here, will ya?"

"So, how do you know she was 'on patrol waiting for a vampire to attack'?"

"I saw a vampire attack her."

"Now, you're going to tell me you just stood back and watched some guy drink her blood?"

"No, you know me, I would never stand by and let some become Dracula's dinner."

"So, what'd you do, Mulder? The suspense is killing me," she said in her best dead pan tone.

"I attacked the vampire..."

"Don't tell me you drove another stake into some kid's heart!"

"No, I didn't."

"She did! That's why you're being so evasive. Blondie murdered some guy in the cemetery last night and you helped her! Oh, Skinner is gonna love this one!"

"Wait, you're jumping to conclusions. It wasn't like that at all. This vampire was no normal guy. His face was all misshapen, deformed looking. Just like the scull fragments you examined. He was a vampire - he had fangs. But, he started to disintegrate when she staked him. Buffy is a Vampire Slayer. When she kills these guys, they just sort of decompose rapidly."

"I don't believe you."


"I think she pours acid on these guys after she kills them. Nothing just disintegrates on its own."

"Well, at least you don't think these bodies are the victims of werewolves anymore."

"Mulder, go away. I need a shower. I need time to process all of this."

Sunnydale High School
7:35 AM

Buffy burst through the library doors.

"Giles, we have to talk!"

"Ah, Good morning, Buffy."

"Fox Mulder knows everything."

"What makes you think so?"

"He followed me into the cemetery last night. He helped me slay a vampire."

"Oh, dear. This does complicate things a bit."

"I'll say!"

"Well, how did you explain what happened?"

"I didn't need to. He knew. He knew I was a Slayer and he knew you were a Watcher. It was scary. It was like he could see into my soul. Like Angel."

"You don't think he's a vampire, do you?"

"No, although he did say he dated one once."

"You talked with him, then?

Discussed being a Slayer with him?"

"Yes, I guess you could say that."

"Well, then, I guess Agent Mulder will have to file a report about this with the FBI"

"He wouldn't do that!"

"That's his job, Buffy. The man investigates paranormal events and reports his findings to the government."

Buffy looked crushed.

"What are we going to do, Giles?"

"I don't know. I'm meeting his partner for lunch today. Maybe I will think of something good by then. You should go on to class now, you're late already. I'll write you a pass."

Motel 6
9:38 AM

Dana Scully knocked on Fox Mulder's door frame and peered in.

"I'm going back over the sheriff's Office to have another look at those bodies.

Hopefully, the Bureau will have faxed over a complete chemical analysis of those bone fragments.

Wanna come along?"

"Sure, why not?" he said holding his hand out for the car keys.

"I'll drive," she said.


"Scully, are you mad at me?" he asked once they got into the car.


"Then, what's wrong?"

"There has to be a logical explanation for all of this. She had to have poured acid on her victims after she killed them. Traces of acid will show up in the chemical analysis."

"I told you, she didn't pour acid on the guy - he just disintegrated."

"I think she drugged you. I think she's a serial killer and she intends for you to be her next victim."

"Scully, that's ridiculous!"

The red head pulled the car over to the side of the road.

"Okay, Mulder, you say she staked a vampire and he disintegrated. I believe you. I want you to take me to the cemetery and show me where it all happened."

"What about the chem report at the Sheriff's Office?"

"It can wait. Besides, I want to scrape up any materials that might be left from the body."

"Okay, have it your way. But, there's nothing there to scrape up."

Sunnydale Cemetery
10:05 AM

"Okay, Mulder, where'd she kill him?"

"Over there, across on the road in front of the mausoleum."

Scully knelt down in the road looking for any traces of bone fragments. She found nothing. "Are you sure this is the right place?"

"Yes, I'm sure. I was watching her from behind that tombstone right over there."

"Did you help her move the body afterwards?"

"No. There was nothing to move. The body just smoldered and vanished."

"And then what happened?"

"She started to walk away and I followed her."

"Where did she go?"

"We sat on the steps of the mausoleum and talked."

The woman walked up mausoleum steps, carefully looking around. "What are you looking for, Scully?"

"Drugs, alcohol, sedatives. She had to have given you something."

"I didn't drink anything. I didn't eat anything. I didn't sniff anything."

She turned to walk back down the steps and saw something shimmering in the grass.

She began to snap on rubber gloves as she went down the stairs.

"You see something, Scully?"

"I think so," she said heading for the spot in the grass where he got laid the night before.

"Oh, shit!" he thought remembering his ejaculation.

Scully was squatting down, collecting semen from the grass and placing it in a little vial.

Mulder slowly walked over to her.

"What do you think it is?"

"I'm not sure. I'll take it over to the Sheriff's Office and see what I can make of it."

"It's probably nothing. Raccoon snot or something. Why don't we skip the Sheriff's Office and go over to the high school. You can ask Buffy about last night for yourself."

"Mulder, is there something you're not telling me?"


"Well, if its all the same to you, I want to take a look at this little sample in the lab."

Sheriff's Office
11:25 AM

Mulder was pacing in front of the lab.

Scully appeared in the doorway.

"Well?" he asked.

"Our little sample appears to be human sperm."


"When you said the vampire attacked Buffy you didn't mention anything about rape."

"He didn't rape her. He jumped out at her. They fought. I helped. She staked him. He disintegrated."

"You didn't notice anyone else in the cemetery?"


"Well, I'm going to send what's left of the sample to the Bureau to see if they can match it with any known felons."

"Why do that?"

"I'm sure Skinner would want me to be thorough while I'm here."

"Well, if you're done, I'd like to go on over to the high school and talk to Buffy some more."

"You go right ahead. I'll stay here and read the reports they faxed over about the bone fragments."

Sunnydale High School

11:45 AM

Fox Mulder swaggered into the crowded cafeteria looking for his new friend.

He spotted her companions from the night before, but she was not with them. He walked over to their table. "Hi! I'm looking for Buffy. Has anyone seen her lately?"

"She's in the library with Giles," Cordelia offered.

"Thanks. I think I'll go talk to them."

He found his way to the library easily enough. Giles and Buffy stopped talking as he entered. He interrupted what appeared to be a heated conversation.

"Hi! I was in the neighborhood and thought I'd stop by," Mulder said with a charming grin.

"Hello, Mr. Mulder," the librarian responded.

"Hi," Buffy said with a slight blush.

"What can I do for you?" Giles asked.

"Oh, I just stopped by to talk with Buffy. I thought we might have lunch together."

"I'd like that," Buffy said.

"Is Agent Scully with you?"

"No, she is at the Sheriff's Office working on the case."

"Oh," Giles said with a slight look of disappointment.

"So, Buffy, can you go out to lunch?"

The teenager looked at Giles. He nodded at her. "Yeah, I can go. There's a Burger King down the block. Is that okay?"

"Sounds great! Let's go!"

Sunnydale High School Library
12:15 PM

Special Agent Dana Scully entered the library. "Giles?" she called.

"Hello, Dana," he said as he came around the corner of a large bookcase.

She smiled at the use of her first name.

"Agent Mulder should be back soon. He stepped out to lunch with Buffy about a half an hour ago."

"I didn't come here looking for Agent Mulder. I came to see you."

He smiled. "I was afraid after last night you wouldn't want to see me again."

"You're a very intriguing man. I know you know more about this case than you're telling me. I know you are protecting Buffy Summers. Mulder is too. I just can't figure out why."

"You're a smart woman. Tenacious. I like that."

"I'm glad. It makes things easier. Let's cut to the chase, shall we?"

"Alright. What do you want to know?"

"Are the bone fragments in the Sheriff's Office the remnants of werewolf attacks?"


"Is Buffy Summers a witch?"


"Is she a vampire?"

"Certainly not!"

"Is she a Vampire Slayer?"

He sighed. "Yes, she is."

"How are you involved in all of this?"

The librarian walked over to his office. "Care to have a seat?"

"Thank you," the redhead said sitting in a small leather chair.

Rupert Giles sat, leaning an elbow on his desk. He rubbed his temple. "I am a Watcher. I act as Buffy's mentor and trainer."

"You train her to be a Vampire Slayer?"

"Yes and no. Buffy is a natural born Slayer. I just help her hone her skills."

"You teach her to kill people."

"No. I train her to defend herself and slay vampires."

"You teach her to kill people."

"Vampires are not people. They are former human beings who have become undead monsters."

"You expect me to believe that?"

"I know it's hard to believe, but it is the truth."

"You sound just like Mulder."

"I get the impression you didn't mean that as a compliment."

"I didn't."

"Look, Dana, would you believe it if you saw it?"

"I don't know. I've seen a lot of things that others believe are paranormal. I can usually arrive at a more acceptable hypothesis than the existence of monsters. "

"Would you like to accompany Buffy on patrol tonight?"

"Yes, I would."

"I will arrange it if you have dinner with me."

She raised an eyebrow. "You drive a hard bargain, Rupert Giles."

"I'll pick you up at your hotel at 6:30, then?"

"I'm looking forward to it." She headed for the door, smiling happily.

Sunnydale High School Front Entrance
12:30 PM

Buffy Summers walked up the steps with Fox Mulder by her side. She stopped and turned at the door. "Look, I gotta go to class. I had a good time at lunch."

"Can I see you again after school?" he asked wearing his most charming grin.

"I have to train with Giles after school," she said with a look of disappointment.

"Hey, maybe I could train with you. I mean, I have a lot of hand to hand combat training with the Bureau."

"I don't know if Giles will go for it. He's not very happy that you know I'm a Slayer."

"Well, I don't see what sparring with you will hurt. I already know what you do. I'd really like to spend more time with you while I'm here. I'd like to go on patrol with you tonight. I think it would be good if we practiced together."

She smiled.

"Mulder, I really like your company. Last night was great, but I don't know if we should do it again."

"Hey, who said anything about doing it? I just want to spend time with you. I think the Slayer thing is really exciting..."

"And dangerous," she added.

Just then, Dana Scully walked out the front door. "Mulder! There you are!" she exclaimed with a look of surprise.

"Uh, Hi, Scully." Mulder looked as if he had just been caught with his hands in the cookie jar.

The female agent looked at the blonde teenager. "Buffy, I'm glad I ran into you. Giles tells me I will be accompanying you on patrol tonight," she said with a self-satisfied grin.

Mulder beamed. "Well, that settles it. If Giles invited Scully to go on patrol with you, I'm sure he won't mind if I come along too. After all, Agent Scully is my partner."

Buffy scowled. "Like I said, I gotta go to class now. See ya later, Mulder." She slipped through the door and hurried off.

"What was that all about," the redhead inquired.

"I was just asking Buffy if I could join her on patrol again tonight. She wasn't sure Giles would go for it."

"Gee, Mulder, maybe she was just trying to give you the slip," his partner smirked.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means you are obviously making a fool of yourself tagging along after her everywhere. You're too old for her Mulder. She is not interested in you. Leave her alone."

"Why Scully, I do believe I detect a hint of jealousy."

"There's nothing to be jealous of," she responded walking to their rented Taurus.

Sunnydale High School Library
12:45 PM

"Giles! What the Hell do you mean by inviting that witch to go on patrol with me?!!"

"Witch? ...Oh, you're referring to Agent Scully?"

"Yes, of course! What were you thinking?"

"Erm... I really didn't think you'd mind. After all, Agent Mulder went with you on patrol last night. They are partners," Giles responded sincerely.

"Giles, sometimes you are such an idiot!"

"I take it you are not pleased that I invited her along?"

"No, I'm not!" the teenager exclaimed, scowling.

"Buffy, I really don't see what the harm is. Dana Scully is a trained fighter, maybe not as good as a Slayer, but she could be useful."

"Useful?!! Her partner almost got me killed last night!"

"But you don't seem to mind Agent Mulder," Giles stated, a look of confusion forming on his face.

"Ugh!" Buffy fumed. "I'm late for class!" she said as she stormed out of the library.

Inside the rented Ford Taurus
1:57 PM

"So, Scully, what did the reports on the bone fragments say?"

"Nothing much, really. Most of the evidence had disintegrated. Only one of the vials had anything left in them by the time they reached the lab."

"How interesting! So, what did that vial show?"

"The findings were faulty; tainted somehow. The only thing left was dust. The dust indicated that the corpse had been dead for at least two months before it was found."

"Like maybe, they could have been from a two month old fledgling vampire, Scully?" Mulder teased with a raised eyebrow and a self-satisfied grin.

"You know, Mulder, I knew you were going to say that. That's why I didn't mention the results earlier."

"You hate it when I'm right!"

"I don't believe in Vampires. You do. You will turn every shred of evidence I share with you into 'proof' that your theories, no matter how absurd, are correct. I don't know why I even bother to give you my point of view anymore. I should know better after all these years," she spat out with a tone of disgust.

"You'll change your tune tonight after you see the 'proof' with your own eyes," he challenged playfully.

"Oh, right, Mulder! Just like when I saw Ronnie Simms?"

"You don't think that kid was a Vampire?" he asked incredulously.


"Then, what was he, Scully?"

" I can't say for sure. His whole neighborhood disappeared. I didn't really get a chance to examine him. Look, let's not argue. We waste too much time arguing."

"Gee, Scully, I didn't realize discussing a case was wasting your time."

His lower lip stuck out in a childish pout.

"Mulder, I didn't mean to be so dismissive. It gets unproductive after a certain point, that's all."

"Yeah, okay. I'll back off."


Sunnydale High School
6:30 PM

"I want to show you something," the handsome librarian offered.


"You'll see, " he replied unlocking the library doors.

Willow Rosenburg was sitting at a table reading Hamlet.

She looked up with a startled expression. "Giles! What are you and Agent Scully doing here?" She inquired in a worried tone.

"I brought Agent Scully here to observe Oz's transformation."

"You didn't!"

"Transformation?" Scully looked up quizzically at her companion.

"Erm...yes, I brought you here to witness Oz turning into a werewolf."

"A WHAT?!!"

"A werewolf, " he responded matter of factly.

"You can't be serious, Giles! You can't let her watch Oz!" interjected Willow.

"This is crazy!" exclaimed Scully.

The man and the girl ceased their arguing and stared at the woman.

"I assure you, Dana, it is not crazy," he replied earnestly. "I brought you here to provide you with undeniable proof that 'monsters' really do exist."

"Oz is not a monster!" protested Willow.

"I know, Willow. I was just using a figure of speech," he explained apologetically.

"Okay, so where is he?" asked Scully.

"Oz is locked in a cage in my office. Would you like to see him now?"

"Hey! She can't go in there! Oz is naked!" protested the girl.

"I'm a medical doctor. Believe me, I won't be seeing anything I haven't seen before." Scully smiled reassuringly.

Willow looked very unhappy.

She grumbled under her breath, "But you haven't seen Oz."

The woman touched her shoulder. "I take it that Oz is your boyfriend?"

Willow acknowledged this by shaking her head.

"I promise you, I will be watching Oz with clinical, scientific detachment. Okay?"

"Okay," the girl reluctantly agreed.

And with that, Dana Scully, the scientist, entered Rupert Giles' office.

She immediately observed the naked, fair skinned, young man with wiry red hair pacing to and fro in a 6'X8'X6' iron cage. Suddenly, as if on cue, a howl erupted from Oz's throat and his face contorted as if in pain.

The backs of his hands began to sprout hair, his fingers tensed and spread, his fingernails became sharp claws.

The boy fell to his knees, doubling over and grasping his abdomen.

Scully could see the reddish brown hair rapidly covering His back, shoulders, and thighs.

The howling grew in intensity causing the woman to cover her ears with hands. Oz rolled back and forth on the floor of his cage.

The agent caught a glimpse of his face and her eyes opened wide in dismay - the boy's face had become a furry muzzle.

The transformation was completed in a manner of minutes. Oz began running in his cage, jumping at the bars. By all appearances, the young man really was a werewolf!

Willow Rosenburg walked up to her.

"Seen enough, Agent Scully?"

The woman shook her head and walked out of the office.

She was greeted by the steel blue eyes of the man that brought her here.

"Do you believe what you have seen with your own eyes?"

" I don't know. I'm not sure," she responded with a dazed look on her face.

Two Blocks from the Cemetery
8:30 PM

Rupert Giles pulled his BMW off the side of the road a few blocks away from the cemetery. His copper-haired passenger looked quizzically at him.

"Its best that we walk the remainder of the way."

They exited the vehicle and walked together in silence.

In a few minutes they were at the designated meeting place in front of the mausoleum.

Buffy Summers and Fox Mulder were no place to be seen.

"I wonder where they could be?" Scully mused aloud.

"The blood suckers are probably just waiting for the rest of the smorgasbord to arrive," Fox Mulder's cheerful voice responded as he appeared from behind a large diamond-shaped tombstone.

"Mulder! How long have you been hiding here?"

"About half an hour," he smiled ruefully.

"I got a little head start on the vampire hunting."

Rupert Giles scrutinized the younger man.

"And Buffy is not with you?"

Mulder looked around evasively.

"I'm sure she's around her somewhere."

"You haven't seen her, then?"

"Not lately."

Scully absorbed the verbal repartee.

Her partner was definitely hiding something.

He was cagey.

What was he covering up for Buffy Summers? She would get to the bottom of this; she was sure of it.

"Hey, Giles, what's up?" the girl in question asked casually as she sauntered up to the small group of adults.

The cemetery

The group had been patrolling the cemetery for what seemed like an eternity to Agent Scully.

This Was nothing like a normal stakeout, sitting in a car with Mulder, drinking iced tea and making small talk. This was more like an awkward double date.

It was obvious that Buffy and Mulder were quite taken with each other.

Scully thought it was rather disgusting: Mudler throwing himself at the teenage girl while she pranced around like an alley cat in heat.

And Rupert Giles kept trying to make her laugh with his offbeat British humor.

At any other time, she might have found him humorous and charming, but not tonight. She was miserable.

Just when Dana Scully thought she would literally go insane from boredom, a woman's high pitched scream filled the silent night air.

She automatically pulled out her Sig Saur and headed where the noise had come from.

"Scully! Wait!" Mulder shouted from behind as he ran after her, his own gun at the ready.

Buffy's sleek form bounded past both of them.

She reached down and tore the male creature off the poor woman trapped underneath him on the ground.

She quickly threw him against a tombstone.

"Get the Hell out of here and never come back!" she yelled at the cowering man.

Scully and Mulder arrived together at the scene.

"FBI!" the shouted in unison.

"I didn't do nothin'!" protested the man.

"Like Hell he didn't! He tried to rape me!" protested the woman getting to her feet.

Scully was already cuffing the man and giving him his Miranda Rights. "Oh, this is great, just great!" Buffy said sarcastically.

The female agent's eyes blazed and she gave Buffy full extent of her wrath.

"Great? You think this is great? A man tries to rape a woman and you act like it is unimportant! Listen, Little Girl, I don't know what you spend your evenings doing in this cemetery and I really don't care! My job is to uphold the law. I am making an arrest and taking this creep to the Sheriff's office. You and Agent Mulder can stay out here and play 'Ghosts in the Graveyard' all you want!"

"Scully!" her partner protested.

"Let her go!" the teenager said through clenched teeth.

"Giles, take us back to town," the redhead commanded.

"Certainly. I have no desire to argue with an angry Irish redhead."

Motel 6
11:15 PM

"I'm sorry tonight was so unproductive. I really thought there would be a lot of activity tonight."

Rupert Giles offered as he walked the petite agent to her motel room door.

"Well, maybe they were intimidated by the FBI and went into hiding," she said with a smile.

"You still don't believe in any of this, do you?"

"No, I'm sorry, I don't."


"Yes, Giles?"

He stepped closer to her and stared into the deep abyss of her blue eyes. "You're a beautiful woman.

I find you immensely attractive," he whispered as he cupped her chin in his hand, leaning down to kiss her.

Her eyes closed, Dana Scully opened her mouth to receive his kiss.

She could feel his clove scented breath on her skin as he drew nearer.

As his lips brushed against hers, she opened her eyes, knowing she could not complete this act.

She pulled back. "Giles, I can't."

She looked at him with the helplessness of a wounded bird.

"I'm sorry. I just can't."

The tall Englishman looked down at her with understanding.

He swallowed hard. "Its okay, Dana." He smiled compassionately, "I guess it just wasn't meant to be."

The diminutive woman made a feeble attempt to return his smile.

"Thanks for understanding."

Her would be lover gently kissed the top of her head.

"Good night, Dana," he said softly as he turned to go.

Agent Scully leaned against her motel room door, her eyes closed. Rupert Giles was a nice man, but he wasn't the right man for her.

She could wait.

She could deny the aching in her body.

Suddenly, she heard

a loud thumping noise next door!

She heard it again!

Mulder! Something bad was happening to Mulder! Automatically, she pulled her Sig Saur and burst through their adjoining door.

"FBI! Don't move!" she shouted as the door crashed open.

"Scully!" Mulder exclaimed.

Dana Scully's mouth dropped open at the sight of Fox Mulder, butt naked, in coitus, doggy-style with an equally nude Buffy Summers.

She stood there frozen, her eyes wide in disbelief. "Mulder?" she managed to squeak.

Her partner disengaged himself from the blonde, and pulled a sheet over his exposed groin.

"Scully, It's okay. I'm fine," he said, his cheeks flushing crimson with embarrassment.

The red head slowly lowered her gun and backed up into her own room. Her face was an opaque mask of shock.

Mulder followed her, dragging the sheet with him.

She stared at him as if she didn't recognize him. Who was this naked man coming out of Mulder's room?

This was not her Fox Mulder.

This could not be the man she had loved and waited for all these years.


You alright?" the handsome imposter asked.

Tears welled up in her sapphire eyes.

She shook her head in dismay.

He reached out and touched her shoulder.

There was no mistaking that touch.

This was no imposter.

This really was Fox Mulder, her friend, her partner, the love of her life. Her betrayer.

Shock turned into anger, her numb body flooded with warmth.

"How dare you?! How dare you jeopardize this case by jumping into bed with a teenage girl? A suspect! How could you, Mulder?!!!"

"Ah...she...was... so alone...so vulnerable that night in the cemetery..."

"That night in the cemetery? You mean tonight was not the first time?" Realization struck her like a knife. "The semen sample I sent to the lab, that was yours, wasn't it?"

Mulder looked down at the faded green carpet and shook his head. "Yeah, Scully, it was mine."

The woman clenched her jaw and returned her gun to its holster.

She looked at the man with hatred in her eyes.

"I quit. I'm going home," she said turning her back to pack her suitcase.

"Okay, that's fair. I don't blame you for walking off the case..."

"You don't get it, Mulder. I quit. I've had enough of you, you're paranormal theories, the X-Files, everything. I quit. I'm tired of wasting my life in the basement of the Hoover Building."

"You don't mean that Scully! You're just upset right now..."

"No, Mulder, I do mean it. I'm going to ask for a transfer back to Quantico."


"Get out, Mulder! Get out of my room! Get out of my life!"

Washington D.C.
The Basement of the Hoover Building

Dana Scully put the last of her things into a cardboard box.

Funny, how she spent six years of her life In this little basement office and all she had to show for it fit neatly inside a 12"X18" box.


No, it was sad.

The door opened.

Her ex-partner stepped inside the office.

Their eyes locked for a brief moment. Waves of emotion swept over the two of them: love, fear, shame, pain, regret, anger.

She picked up the box and headed for the door.

"Scully, don't do this," he begged.

She did not say a word; she just kept on walking to the door, out of his life, forever.

He grabbed her arm, "For God's sake, Scully, don't leave me like this!"

She spun around and looked at him with a ferocity that scared him, "Agent Mulder, let go of my arm."

"No. I won't let you go."

In an instant she threw the box down and slugged him with a hard right cross that connected with his left eye.

He stumbled backward, but did not fall.

His eyes began to water. He was not sure if it was a natural reaction from the punch or if he was crying from grief.

She bent down to retrieve the box.

He started toward her. "Leave me alone!" she commanded sternly.

"Scully, can't we talk this out?"

"There's nothing to talk about."

"I love you!"

"You? Love me? Oh, that's good, Mulder," she laughed.

"I mean it, Scully!"

"Sure you do! You love me so much you just had to fuck a minor we were sent to investigate! You're so full of shit, Mulder!"

She rested the box against her hip as she reached to turn the doorknob. He wedged himself between her and the door.

"Get out of my way, Mulder!"


"Damn it, Mulder! Don't make me hit you again!"

"You can't leave!"

"Oh, yes, I can!" She tried to push him aside and the sudden movement sent the box on her hip tumbling to the ground.

He grabbed her roughly by the shoulders and pushed her.

She tripped over the spilled contents of the box and landed on the floor with a thud.

She felt a deep, bruising pain in her left hip.

She scrambled to get up.

He rushed over to help her.

"Scully, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"Get away from me, You Bastard!" she shoved him hard.

"How can you walk out on me after all we've been through together? Don't I mean anything to you?"

"Not anymore, Pal."

The tears flowed down his cheeks now.

She really was leaving him.

The only person he ever cared about other than Samantha was walking out of his life.

How could he go on without her?

She was all that really mattered to him.

The X-Files had long ago taken a backseat to his feelings for her.

He could give up on chasing aliens and trying to find his sister, but he could not give up on her.

Even now, as she stared at him with hatred, he loved her, desired her.

She was the most beautiful creature on earth.

How could he have ruined everything by fucking someone else?

All he ever wanted was her.

"Scully!" he sobbed.

"Mulder, you're pathetic. I don't know how I ever could have thought I was in love with you."

He looked up at her through his tears. "You ... loved me?"

"No, Mulder. I thought I was in love with you, but I was wrong. I just felt sorry for you."

His emotional pain overwhelmed him.

He became angry.


"You love me! I know you love me!"

"You're wrong, Mulder.

You're theories are always wrong."

He grabbed her by the shoulders again and shook her.

"You love me! I've always known it!"

"You're wrong, Mulder. I've never loved you!" she taunted as tears welled up in her own eyes.

"Damn you, Scully! I'm tired of all the lies! I'm tired of pretending we don't have feelings for each other! I love you! I want you to love me! I'll make you love me!"

He threw her down roughly on the desk and began tearing at her pantyhose.

She struggled violently but she could not shake him. She tried to knee him in the groin, but she caught his hip bone instead sending a Wave of pain up her own knee. She tried to claw at him but he grabbed both her wrists in his hand pinning her tightly to the desk. He ripped her silk panties from her.

She felt his stiff organ pushing against her tight opening. "Fox! No! No! Don't do this!" she screamed.

"Shut up!" he yelled as he tried to cover her mouth with his own. She bit him.

He tasted the salt of his own blood.

"You Bitch!" he cried as he slapped her face.

She was really crying now.

She couldn't believe this was happening. She felt deep, searing pain as he Thrust his engorged cock inside her.

How could this have happened?

How could the man she loved be Hurting her this way?

He was huge.

She knew he would be.

He was large even when he was flaccid. She felt him pounding against her cervix, pushing her pelvis painfully against the desk. Relax. Relax, she told herself.

Shut your eyes.

It won't hurt so much if you relax. It will be over soon.

Try to focus on something else. Think pleasant thoughts. Well, at least she loved him. It wasn't like a stranger was raping her.

He said he loved her.

Could that be true? Why couldn't they have had a relationship and made love like normal people? Why did it have to end this way?

"No, not this way. Fox, not this way," she cried softly. "I didn't want our first time to be like this."

He wasn't thrusting as hard anymore.

Maybe he was getting tired or realized he was hurting her.

She opened her eyes and looked at him. He was staring at her, his hazel eyes full of emotion.

"I love you, Scully," he said tenderly.

She licked her lips.

"I love you too, Mulder."

"Oh, Scully," he moaned into her mouth as he kissed her.

She opened her lips to receive his tongue. She returned his kiss with ardor and passion.

She had always wanted to kiss him like this. She felt her body giving way to the rhythm of his strokes.

She wrapped her legs around his hips. He released his grip on her wrists.

She placed one hand in his hair and the other against his chest.

They moved in unison, whole, as one being.

They were finally making love.

Fox Mulder rode Dana Scully through the crescendo of her orgasm, and spent himself when she had finished. He collapsed onto her, his body trembling.

Droplets of blood from her scratch wounds on his chest fell onto her tattered shirt. He covered her face with kisses.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry," he murmured over and over.

Finally he stood up. She sat on the desk and leaned against his chest. He tenderly stroked her back. "Oh, Scully, I never wanted to hurt you. I've loved you for years. There's no one else in the world for me. That kid didn't mean anything to me - I swear.

It's always been you."

"Then why didn't you ever tell me before now?"

"I wanted to. I really did, but I wasn't sure how you'd feel about me. I thought it would ruin everything if I told you. I was afraid you'd leave the X-Files and I knew I couldn't live without you."

"Oh, Mulder, I've loved you since that first weekend we spent together in Montana. I was so hurt when you didn't try anything with me when I was laying in my underwear on your bed. It made me feel so unattractive. And then later, when I found out about your relationship with Diana Fowley, I just knew you would never find me attractive. You like tall, leggy women and I knew I could never measure up."

He gently took her face in his hands.

"Oh, you're wrong. They could never measure up to you. Your hypnotic ice blue eyes, your fiery red hair, your milky complexion, your tiny perfectly proportioned body. You are the hottest woman I've ever seen.

I got a boner the first time you walked into the Office in your little gray suit.

And when you took off your robe in my motel room that night, it took every ounce of my strength to keep from rubbing my hands all over your hot little body. I wanted to fuck you so bad!"

"Why didn't you?"

"My reputation at the Bureau was bad enough without adding sexual misconduct to the list of the offenses I had already committed."

"Oh, Fox, we really are pathetic," she sighed as she kissed him lovingly.

"We have wanted each other for so long, so afraid we would be rejected. All those lonely nights in musty old motel rooms, we could have been together making love."

"Skinner would have found out. He would have separated us. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't know what just happened here."

"Fuck Skinner!"

"Hey, Scully, you're my girl now!" he teased as he devoured her jaw line with kisses.

"Let Skinner find his own girl."

Giggling, she wrapped her leg around his buttocks and pulled him back down onto the desk. "Mmm...," she moaned as he trailed kisses down her neck to her exposed cleavage.

He palmed her breasts until the nipples were rigged, then began slowly kneading the stiff buds between his thumbs and index fingers. She closed her eyes enjoying the sensations created by this man. He brought one hand down between her legs and began stroking her slippery core. She sighed deeply.

"Look at me, Scully, I want to see your eyes when I make you cum again."

His request was rewarded with an intense sapphire blue gaze.

His long slender digits slowly dipped in and out of her vagina.

He spread her juices around the throbbing pink clit.

She arched her pelvis, encouraging him to penetrate her deeper with each thrust.

The rhythm of his fingers increased and her breathing became rapid and shallow.

Their eyes were locked in an embrace all of their own.

Her climax began as a series of low whimpers and built to a prolonged outburst of "Mulder,Oh, MULDER, OH, MULDER, OHHH...!"

He smiled in triumph as he withdrew his fingers.

"Now, I'm going to taste you," he announced in victory.

"Oh, Fox, I don't think I could stand it if you did," she protested weakly.

"Mmm, I'm willing to find out," he teased as he bent his head between her thighs.

The sight of her damp auburn curls was almost more than he could bare.

He really wanted to fuck this tight pussy all over again, but he knew he should tenderly make love to her as an apology for the brutal way he had just behaved. He began licking the moisture from the soft flesh of her legs.

She giggled in response twitching at the tickling sensation of his tongue.

He opened his mouth and kissed her cunt lips.

"Oh, ohh...you're ...good," she purred as his tongue slipped into her hole. He cradled her buttocks in his hands and slowly rocked her hips, his tongue flicking back and forth tasting the honey of her little pink flower. "Foxxx...", she moaned, running her fingers through his hair, pulling his head closer, forcing his nose against her clit.

He took the hint and began message her with his nose.

"Mmm...Mmmm," she whimpered.

He pulled back for a quick gulp of air, then brought his mouth down on the little bud, sucking it deeply.

He thrust two fingers inside her vagina. "God... Foxxx...Ohhh...", she cried.

He quickly slammed the middle finger of his other hand into her anus. "Ahh!" she yelped. He continued sucking and thrusting with both hands.

"Ahh...ooh... ohhh...ohhh,"

Dana Scully squealed uncontrollably as she experienced the greatest orgasm of her life.

When he was finished, she lay back on the desk as limp as a rag doll. Her chest heaved as she recovered.

Her body was drenched in sweat and her crotch was sodden from her many orgasms and Mulder's semen.

He stood there gazing at her, admiring the effect his sexual skills had on his lover.

"Wow," she sighed, looking at him with love in her eyes.

He leaned over and slowly kissed her open mouth.

"You wanna come over to my place and try out the water bed?"

"I'd love to, but I don't think I can get up."

"I'll carry you!"

"It's a deal!"

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